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Full text of "Appleton's new Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary (successor to Velázquez's abridged dictionary) containing more than four thousand modern words and twenty thousand acceptations, idioms, and technical terms not in the latest edition of any similar work; with a pronouncing key and the fundamental tenses of irregular verbs"

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Espanol-Ingles t Ingles- Espand 
DE Appleton 









Spanish- English and English- Spanish 








Copyright, 1908, 

Copyright secured in Great Britain and in all the 
countries subscribing to the Berne Convention 

La propiedad de esta obra estd protegida por 
la ley en varios paises, donde se perseguird 
& los qtie la reproduzcan fraudulentamente. 

%^eda hecho el depdsito que ordena la ley, 
para la proteccion de esta obra, en la Repik' 
iiica Mejicana. M^ico, 1903. 

Printed in the United States of America 




Digitized by tine Internet Archive 

in 2007 with funding from 

IVIicrosoft Corporation 


In" the compilation of this work the endeavour has been to 
produce in a compact volume that may be conveniently used by 
students, travellers, and business men, a complete and accurate 
vocabulary of the Spanish language. 

With this end in view, and for the purpose of including all 
the modern words with which the language has been enriched 
through a general advancement in human knowledge and activ- 
ity, the thirteenth edition (1899) of the Dictionary of the Koyal 
Spanish Academy — which is the latest and highest authority in 
Spanish lexicography — has been adopted as a ground-work, and 
every word, every acceptation, every idiom contained in that 
dictionary, with the exception of those that have become archaic, 
is defined in this volume. 

Furthermore, many words and acceptations have been added, 
which, while not purely Castilian, are in general use in Spanish- 
American countries and in the Philippine Islands, and also a 
great number of technical terms that are frequently used in 
commercial intercourse between Spanish- and English-speaking 
countries. Indeed, this rapidly increasing intercourse, and the 
ties that now bind to the United States several million people 
whose vernacular is the Spanish language, have been kept 
steadily in view during the preparation of the work, which is in- 
tended to be as helpful to the American or English student of 
Spanish as to the great number of Spaniards who are now study- 
ing English. 

To accomplish this purpose, a radical departure has been 
made from the practice adopted in many dictionaries of giving 
long explanations in English of the meaning of a Spanish word, 
instead of supplying the student with the English equivalents. 
A bilingual dictionary, like a good rule, should work both ways, 
and to do this it should give equivalents rather than definitions. 


Numberless examples might be cited here to show the labori- 
ous task implied in the search for correct equivalents, especially 
as regards technical terms, many of which are either omitted or 
erroneously translated in other dictionaries. 

All the dictionaries of the Spanish and English languages, 
and especially those by Velazquez, Gray and Iribas, Lopes and 
Bensley, Ponce de Leon, Bustamante, Tolhausen, Wellesley and 
Girones, have been frequently consulted and compared in the 
course of compilation, and acknowledgment is hereby made for 
valuable suggestions found in them. 

Many new features, however, and thousands of words and ac- 
ceptations not found in any similar work, have been introduced 
here, as any one may verify by careful comparison of a single 
page of this book with the corresponding page in any other dic- 
tionary. As illustrative examples of the exhaustiveness of this 
compilation, the reader is referred to such words as a, de, con, 
por, que, le, se, nos, ese, uno ; dar, hacer, coger, estar, correr, 
echar, ser, salir, seguir, poner, tirar, ver, venir ; Have, medio, 
fuerza, ropa, tiro, titulo, viga, vida. 

One special feature will no doubt commend itself to students 
as a help toward the proper use of irregular verbs. The funda- 
mental tenses of such verbs, from which other modes are formed, 
are given with each infinitive, as well as the literal mutations 
that some regular verbs undergo in some tenses. 

In order to save space for more important matter, the pro- 
nunciation usually given for each word has been dispensed with, 
except in a few cases where some difficult word occurs ; but as 
the Spanish pronunciation is simple, the few rules given in the 
following pages, explanatory of a comprehensive key placed at 
the foot of each page, should enable the student to pronounce 

any word correctly. 

Arturo Cuyas. 
New York, July, 1902. 



The Spanish vowels are a, e, i, o, u, and occasionally y. 
Each vowel has one invariable sound. 

The sound of a is full, open, as in far ^ father^ farm^ alarm. 

The sound of e is an intermediate sound between long a in 
mate and short e in met,, as in eli ! weight. 

The sound of i is the same as in police^ machine. 

The sound of o is as in /or, order^ lord, form. 

The sound of u is the same as short oo in wool, or u in bull, 
pull, push. 

All vowels should be clearly and distinctly sounded in all 
cases, except u in the syllables gue, gui, que, qui, when it is 
usually silent. When sounded in gue, gui, it is marked with a 
dieresis, thus : giie, gili. 


B, b, has a softer sound than in English, produced by joining 
the lips, without pressure. 

C, 0, before a, o, u, or before another consonant, has the 
sound of the English k, as in carro (car), costo (cost), cubo 
(cube), close (class), crema (cream), acto (act). 

C, c, before e, 1, has the sound of th in theft, thin, as in 
Ciceron (Cicero), pronounced thie-thay-ron'. 

Ch, ch, like the English oh in cheese, riches. It never has 
the sound of k, nor of ch in machine. 

D, d, is softer than in English. It is sounded by touching 
the edge of the upper teeth with the tip of the tongue, and the 
sound resembles that of th in this, that. 

F, ff the same as in English. 

G, g, before a, o, u, or before a consonant, has the sound of 
English g, as in gas (gas), goma (gum), guano (guano), gloria 
Iglory), gracia (grace), ignorante (ignorant), etc. 


Before e, i, it has a harsh aspirate sound, as that of English 
h in hey, he ; as geologia (geology), pronounced hey-o-lo-he'-a. 

H, h, is always silent. 

J, j, has the harsh aspirate sound of English h in hat, hot, 
hood: same as Spanish g before e, i. 

K, k, as in English. 

L, 1, as in English. 

U, 11, is a Spanish digraph, and sounds always like the Eng- 
lish 11 in million, brilliant. 

M, m, as in English. 

N, n, as in English. 

N, n, like ny in caiiyon^ ronyon. 

P, p, as in English. 

d, q, as in English. 

E, r, between two vowels has the sound of English r in 
caramel. When it begins a word, or is preceded by 1, n, s, or 
when doubled, rr, it has a rolling or trilling sound, produced by 
vibrating the tip of the tongue by a strong expulsion of breath. 

S, s, has the sound of English s in sassafras, and no other. 

T, t, differs from the English sound of t in that it is sounded 
by placing the tip of the tongue between the teeth. 

V, V, as in English. 

X, X, sounds as ks or gs, never as sh. In some old Spanish 
words it is pronounced as Spanish j (aspirate h), as Mexico, 
pronounced May'-he-co. 

Y, y, when a consonant, sounds as in the English word year, 
young. When it stands alone as a conjunction (meaning and), 
or is at the end of a word, it is a vowel, and has the sound of 
Spanish i (English long e). 

Z, z, has the sound of th in thick, thatch, thought : same as 
Spanish c before e, i. 

The Key to Peonunciation 

In a line at the foot of each page will be found a key giving 
the sounds of letters in Spanish that differ most from the equiv- 
alent English letters. Those who make themselves thoroughly 
conversant with the simple rules given above will find little 
difficulty in pronouncing Spanish words. When a word occurs 
that is not covered by the Key, the pronunciation is given in 


EuLES FOR Spanish Accentuation 

1. Place the inflection on every vowel that has the graphic 
accent ; e. g., cantara, cantara, haul, corazon, alegria, esdrujulo, 
pagaselo, castiguesemele. 

2. On words not accented, ending with a vowel, or with an n 
or s, place the inflection on the penultimate syllable ; e. g., can- 
tara, cataclismo, ordinario, caramelos, contradicen (accent thus : 
•janta'ra, cataclis'mo, ordina'rio, carame'los, contradi'cen). 

3. On words not accented, ending with a consonant (except 
a or s), plav^e the inflection on the last syllable; e. g., principal, 
contemplad, conocer, albornoz, occiput (accent thus : principal', 
contemplad', conocer', albornoz', occiput'). 

Irregular Verbs 

The fundamental modes of irregular verbs are given with 
each infinitive, and likewise the mutations of letters occurring 
in some regular verbs — a feature not heretofore presented in 
any dictionary of the Spanish language. 


a. . . 

\P \ 

(anat.) . 
(api.) . 
(arch. ) , 
(arm.) . 
art. . . 
(arti.) . 
(ast.) . 
aug. . . 
(b. b.) . 
(biol.) . 
(bot.) . 
(C. A.), 
(car. ) . 
(carp.) . 
cf. . . 

ichem. ) 
coll.) . 
com.) . 
comp, , 
conj. . . 
(cut.) . 
def. . . 
d^ect. . 
(dent) . 
dim. . . 
(dipl.) . 
(eccl.) . 
(elec.) . 
(eng.) . 
(ent.) . 

(f/a.) : 

(falc.) . 
(far.) . 
(fenc.) . 
(fort.) . 
fut. . . 
(geoL) . 

(gl.). . 
(hat.) . 
(her.) . 
(hum.) . 
(hyd.) . 
(icht.) . 
imp. . . 
impers. . 
ind. . . 
indef. . 
inf. . . 
interj. . 
(iron.) .. 
irr. . . 
(jeweL ) 
(joum. ) 
(Xat.) . 
(lith.) . 
(log.) . 





( Spanish) Americanism. 














Central America. 



confer (compare). 















ecclesiastical term. 





fine arts. 












hat manufactory. 




ichthyology, fishes. 








irregular or irregalarity. 








va. . . 
( Venez. ) 
Vd. . . 
(vet.) . 


(zool. ) 

. machinery. 
. masonry. 
. mathematics. 
. mechanics. 
. medicine. 
. metaphorical. 
. Mexico. 
. military. 
. milling. 
. mining. 
. mineralogy, 
. music. 

mutation of letters. 
. metal work. 
. nautical. 
. neologism. 
. neuter. 
. obsolete. 
. optics. 
. ordnance. 
. ornithology, birds. 

present participle (active), 
. paper-making. 
. personal. 
. pharmacy. 
. Philippine Islands. 
. philosophy. 
. photography. 
. physics. 
. physiology. 
. pictorial art. 

. poetry. 
. politics. 
. Porto Rico. 

. past participle. 
. preposition. 
. preterit. 
. printing. 
. pronoun. 
. provincial. 
. pyrotechnics. 
. reptile. 
. rope-making. 
, railway. 
. South America. 
. saddlery. 
. sewing. 
. shoemaking. 
. singular. 
. Spanish America. 
. subjunctive. 
. superlative. 
. surgery. 
. tailoring. 
. tannery. 
. telegraph. 
. theatre. 
. theology. 
. Vide, see, 
, verb. 

. verb active (transitlTe). 
. Venezuela. 
, (usted) you. 
, veterinary. 

. verb neuter (intraMsitiye). 
. verb reflexive. 
. vulgar, low. 
. West Indies. 
. zoology. 


espa:n'ol t inglEs 


a, first letter ; invariably pronounced as Eng- 
lish a in alarm. 

ii,prep. to, at, on, by, in, up to, according to, 
as, like, if, for, against, with, toward, upon, 
until, of, etc. ; according as it denotes ac- 
tion, motion, direction, limit, manner, time, 
place, number, height, etc., i. e.: escribo 4 
mi madre, I write to my mother : & mediodia, 
at noon : & la paerta, at the door : & pie, on 
foot : & bordo, on board, aboard : paso k paso, 
step by step : i sangre y faego, by fire and 
sword : k oscuras, in the dark : 4 pesar de, in 
spite of: con agua & la cintura, with water 
up to the waist : i ml gusto, according to my 
taste : i lo que parece, as it seems : sabe 4 
limdn, it tastes of lemon : & ser cierto, if it 
be true: k beneflcio de, for the benefit of: 
adosado k la pared, placed against the wall : 
k disgusto, with displeasure: fueron k il, 
they went toward him : k fe mla, upon my 
honour; used also in adverbial forms: 4 
sabiendas, knowingly : 4 hurtadillas, stealth- 
ily ; 4 la verdad, truly ; it coalesces with 
article el, forming al, viz. : al hombre, to 
the man. 

aa, contraction for autores, authors ; and A. 
for Alteza, Highness, or for approval. 

Aar6n, m. V. barba. 

ababa, /. ababol, m. red poppy. V. ama- 


abac^, m. (hot.) pla'it of the banana family, 
common in the Philippines ; fiber of this 
plant, called Manila hemp ; stuflFmade with 
the said fiber. 

abaceria,/. retail grocery. 

abacero, ra, m. &f. retail grocer. 

abacial, a. abbatial. 

&baC0, m. (arch.) abacus, plate on a capital ; 
calculating frame; (min. ) washing-trough. 

abad, m. abbot. 

abada,/. female rhinoceros. V. bada. 

abadejo, m. codfish ; pollack. V. bacat^ao. 
Spanish fly or blistering beetle ; (orn.) king- 
let or golden-crested wren. 

abadengo, ga, a. abbatial. 

abadernar. va. (naut.) to fasten with the 
rope called baderna. 

abadesa,/. abbess. 

abadia,/. abbey. 

abadiatO, m. dignity of an abbot. 

abajadero, m. down-hill, slope. 

abaiador, m. stable-boy in mines. 

abajefl.0, ila, a. (Amer.) lowlander. 

abajO, adv. under, underneath, below : venlrse 
abajo, to fall. 

abalanzar, va. {pret. abalanc^ : subj. aba- 
lanck) to balance ; to dart ; impel. — vr. to 
rush impetuously ; to venture. 

abalaustrado, da, a. v. balaustrado. 

abaleador, ra, a. grain cleaner or separa- 

abalear, va. to clean or separate grain from 
chaff after winnowing. 

abaleo, m. (agr.) act of cleaning or separat- 
ing grain. 

abalizar, va. {pret. abalic^: : suhj. 
(naut.) to lay down buoys. — vr. (naut.) to 
take bearings. 

abaloriO, m. glass bead ; bead-work. 

aballestar, va. (naut.) to haul a cable. 

abauar, va. to ventilate with fans. 

abandalizar, va. V. abanderizar. 

abanderadO, m. colour-sergeant; standard- 
bearer.—^/), of ABANDERAR. 

abanderar, va. to register a ship. 

abanderizador, ra, m. &f. ringleader. 

abanderizar, va. {pret. abanderice: subj. 
abanderice) to organize in bands. — vr. 
band together. 

abandonadO, da, a. helpless ; forlorn ; prof- 
ligate; slovenly.— jap. of abandonar. 

abandonamientO, m. forlornness ; sloven- 
liness ; lewdness, debauchery. 

abandonar, va. to leave ; forsake ; to give 
up. — vr. to despond ; to give one's self up to- 

abandono, m. v. abandonamiknto. 

abanlcar, va. {pret. abaniqu:i& : subj. abani- 
que) to fan. 

abanicazo, m. stroke with a fan. 

abaniCO, m. fan ; anything fan-shaped, as a 
peacock's tail; (coll.) sword: en abanlco, 
fan-shaped; (naut.) derrick; crane; sprit- 
sail: (arch.) fan-light; (min.) ventilator. 

abaniquerO [ahbah-nee-kay'-ro], m. fan-maker; 


abano, m. fan ; hanging-fan ; ventilator. 

abanto, m. African vulture. 

abaratar, va. to cheapen ; to abate. — vn. to 
fall in price. 

abarca, /. sandal worn by Spanish peasants. 

abarcado, da, a. sandaled ; embraced, con- 
tained.— pp. of abarcar. 

abarcador, ra, m. &f. clasper ; monopolist. 

abarcadura, /. v. abarcamiento ; m. em- 
bracing, comprising. 

abarcar, va. {pret. abarqu^ : subj. abak- 
que) to clasp, embrace, contain ; to com- 
prise ; to monopolize. 

abarc6n, m.. a pole-ring in carriages ; large 
iron clamp. 

abarloar, va. (naut.) to bring alongide a ship 
or wharf. 

abarqii6, abarquemos {irr. from abarcar). 

abarquero, ra, «. maker or seller of abarcas. 
abarquilladO, da, a. rolled up ; curled up. 
abarquUlamientO, m. curling up into a roll. 

a as in far ; e in eh I ; i in police ; o in for ; u in bull ; c (before e, i) and z as th In thick ; b and d, soft ; 
S (before e, 1) and J as h in hot ; h. silent ; 11 in brilliant ; fi, ny in canyon ; r (Initial) and rr trlUed ; s, hissed. 


abaXqUillaX [ah-bOT-keel-lyar'], va. tO CUrl Up; 

shape into a roll. 

Abarracarse, vr. to go into barracks. 

abarraganarse, vr. to live in concubinage. 

abarrancadero, m. heavy road ; precipice ; 
difficult business. 

abarrancamientO, m. fall into a pit ; em- 

abarrancar, va. {prei. abarranqu^ : mbj. 
abakranquh) to aitch ; form a ravine. — vr. 
to fall into a pit ; to become embarrassed. 

abarredera, /. broom, carpet-sweeper ; any- 
thing that sweeps and cleans. 

abarrotar, va. to bar ; to strengthen with 
bars ; (naut.) to stow a cargo ; to overstock. 

abarrote, m. (naut.) a small package for fill- 
ing up ; stop-gap ; (Mex.) retail grocery. 

abarrotero, ra, m. &/. (Mex.) retail grocer. 

abarse, vr. {defective, used only in the impera- 
tire : ABATE ; ABAOs) to go ; move aside ; 
get away. 

abastamientO, m. providing; supplying 
with provisions, stores, etc. 

abastar, va. v. abastecer. 

abastecedor, ra, m. & f. caterer, provider, 

abastecer, va^ {ind. abastezco : subj. abas- 
tezca) to purvey ; supply. 

abastecimientO, m. providing, provisions, 

abastionar, va. (fort.) to construct bastions. 

abastO, m. supply of provisions ; (met.) any- 
thing abundant ; (com.) supply. 

abatanar, va. to beat or full cloth. 

abate, m. abbe. 

abatidamente, adv. dejectedly. 

abatido, da^ a. dejected; spiritless ; faint; dis- 
mayed ; discouraged ; crestfallen ; abject, 
mean ; (com. ) knocked down.— ^^pp. of aba- 


abatimientO, m. depression, low spirits. 

abatir, 'a. to throw down, overthrow, knock 
down ; undo ; flatten ; to humble, debase ; 
overwhelm; discourage, dishearten; (mech. ) 
to depress ; lower ; lay down ; demolish. — 
t'w. to descend ; stoop. — vr. to be disheart- 
ened ; dismayed; depressed; (naut.) to 
have leeway. 

abaz6n, m. cheek-pouch of baboons. 

abdicacidn,/. abdication. 

abdicar, fo. {pret. abdiqu^: subJ. abdique) 
to abdicate. 

abdomen, m. abdomen. 

abdominal, a. abdominal. 

abdUCCibn, /. (logic) abduction ; (anat.) ab- 

abductor, m. (anat.) abducent muscle. 

abec6, m. the alphabet. 

abecedario, m. alphabet ; spelling-book, 

abedul, m. birch-tree ; birch. 

abeja, /. bee : abeja maestra 6 madre, the 
queen or queen-bee : abeja machlega, breed- 
ing-bee : abeja obrera, a worker-bee. 

abejar, m. bee-hive. V. colmenar. 

abejarr6n, abejorro, m. bumble-bee. 

abejaruco, abejeruco, m. bee-eater, a bird. 

abejera hu i)u,v-hay -rah], /. bee-hive ; balm- 
nun t or bee- wort. 

abejero, m. bee-keeper. 

abejilla, ita, juela, /. dim. little bee. 

abei6n, m. drone ; rustic game. 

abe orro, m. v. abejakron. 

abe, uno, na, a. relating to the bee. 

abelmosco, m. (hot.) abelmosk; musk-okra. 

abellacado, da, a. mean-spirited.— jip. of 


abellacarse, vr. to degrade one's self. 


abellotado, a. in the form of an acorn, 
aberenjenado, da, «. having the colour or 

form of the egg-plant ; lilac. 
aberracibn, /. aberration ; deviation ; wan- 
dering away ; (ast.) aberration. 
aberrugado, da, a. full of warts, 
abertal, a. earth easily cleft. 
abertura, /. aperture; outset; opening/ 

cleft ; crevice ; fissure ; gap. 
abestiadO, da, a. beast-like. 
abetal, m. place covered with silver firs. 
abete, m. hook for holding cloth while sheart 

ing it ; (hot.) silver fir-tree. 
abetinote, m. fir-tree rosin. 
abeto, m. (hot.) silver-tree; yew-leaved fir* 

spruce ; hemlock. 
abetuna, /. fir-tree sprout. 
abetunado, da, a. resembling bitumen, 
abetunar, va. v. embetunar. 
abey, m. (Cuba) hard-wood tree, jacaranda. 
abiertamente, adv. frankly, openly. 
abiertO, ta, a. open, clear ; sincere, candid, 

frank, outspoken ; full-blown.— ^^. irr. ol 

abigarrado, da, a. variegated, motley.— pp. 


ablgarrar, va. to paint with various ill- 
matched colours ; to fleck. 

ablgeatO, m. (law) theft of cattle. 

ablgeo, in. (law) cattle-thief. 

abigotado, da, a. having a heavy mustache. 

abiniclo (or ab initio, Lat.), from the begin- 

abintestato, a. (Lat.) intestate. 

abiselar, va. to bevel. 

abislnlo, a, a. Abyssinian. 

ablsmado, da, a. dejected, depressed; ab- 
sorbed in profound meditation. 

abismal, a. abyssal. — m. clasp nail, shingle 

abismar, va. to depress, humble, destroy. — 
vr. to think or feel deeply. 

abismo, m. abyss; gulf; immense depth; hell. 

abltadura, /. (naut.) a turn of tne cable 
around the bitts. 

abitaque, m. rafter or joist. 

abitar, va. (naut.) to bitt. 

abitas, (naut.) bitts: abitas del moU- 
nete, carrick-bitts. 

abitones, m. pi. top-sail sheet-bitts. 

abizcochado, da, a. in the form of a biscuit. 

abiuracion,./'. abjuration, recantation. 

abmrar, m. to forswear. 

ablaclon !aii-i.iaii-tiieH)u'i,/. ablation. 

ablandabrevas, m. &/. (coll.) a good-for- 
nothing person. 

ablandador, ra, m. &f. mollifier. 

ablandahigos, m. & f. (coll.) l'. ablanda- 

ablandamlento, m. softening, mollification. 

ablandar, ra. & vn. to soften, mellow, relent ; 
to loosen ; to assuage, mitigate, melt, soothe. 

ablandativo, va, a. mollifying. 

ablanedo, m. hazel-nut or filbert plantation. 

ablano, m. filbert-tree. 

ablativo, »«. (gram.) the sixth case ; ablative. 

ablucidn [aii-bioo-tiie-on'], /. ablution, lotion, 

abnegacion,/. abnegation, self-denial. 

abnegar, va. (ind. abniego : mbj. abniegue) 
to renounce, to deny one's self anything. 

abobado, da, a. stultified, silly.— ^. of abo- 


abobamiento, m. stupefaction, stupidity. 
abobar, va. to stupefy. V. EMBOBAR. — vr. to 

grow stupid. 
abocado, c mild, agreeable : applied to wine. 

—pp. of ABOCAR. 

a ai in far ; e in eb I ; i in poILce : o in for ; a in bull ; c (before e, i) and z ai th in tbick -, b and d, soft ; 




a'bocajniento, ■>». meeting, interview. 

aT)OCar, va. {pret. ABOQUE : snhj. aboque) to 
take or catch with the mouth : abocar arti- 
lleria, to bring the guns to bear : abocar tin 
estrecho, to enter the mouth of a channel or 
strait. — vr. to meet by agreement. 

abocardado, da, a. wide-mouthed, like a 

abocardar, va. to countersink ; to widen the 

abocardo, m. (min.) countersinking drill. 

abocliornado, da, a. out of countenance, 
flushed, mortified.— p/». of abochornar. 

abOChomar, va. to overheat; to shame. — 
vr. to blush. 

abofeteador, ra, m- &f. buflFeter, one who 

abofetear, va. to slap ; to insult. 

abogacia,/. profession of a lawyer or advo- 

abogada,/. mediatrix; counsellor's wife. 

abogadear, vn, to play the advocate : used 
in contempt. 

abogado, m. lawyer, advocate, counsellor, 
barrister ; mediator.—^, of abogar. 

abOgar, vn. {pret. abogu^: subj. abogue) 
to advocate, plead ; to intercede. 

aboleZLgO, m. ancestry, lineage ; inheritance. 

abOlicion, /. abolition, abrogation, extinc- 

abolicionista, vi. abolitionist. 

abolir, va. and defective {only those modes and 
persons are used having the letter i in their 
terminations) to abolish, annul, revoke, re- 

abOlsadO, da, a. puckered, purse-shaped. 

aboUado, a. & m. V, alechugado.— ^j?. of 


abolladura, /. unevenness, dent, emboss- 
ment, bruise. 

abollar, va. to emboss ; to dent ; to stun and 
confound ; to bruise. 

aboUonar, ra. to emboss. 

abominable, a. detestable, execrable, odious. 

abominacibn, /. abomination, detestation, 

abominar, va. to detest, to abhor. 

abonado, da, m. & f. subscriber, commuter, 
holder of a season-ticket. — a. creditable, 
rich; fit.— pp. of abonar. 

abonador, ra, m. &f. person who goes bail 
or surety. 

abonamiento, m. V. abono ; bail, security. 

abonanzar, vn. {impersonal verb : subj. abo- 
xanck) to grow calm ; clear up. 

abonar, va. to bail ; to insure ; to improve ; 
to guarantee, indorse, answer for ; to ma- 
nure ; to give credit; allow; (com.) to in- 
demnify, compensate, pay. — vr. to subscribe 
to; to buy a season-ticket (for a theatre, 

etc.).— ^n. V. ABONANZAR. 

abonar6, m. promissory note ; due-bill. V. 


abonO,m. security, guarantee; subscription ; 

allowance, discount, receipt, voucher ; mar 

nure, fertilizer. 
aboque, etc. {irr. from abocar). 
abordador, m. (naut. ) boarder ; intruder, 
abordaje, TO. (naut.) the act of boarding a 

abordar, va. (naut.) to board a ship ; to run 

foul of a ship. — vn. to put into a port. 
abordo, m. v. abordaje. 
aborigenes, m. pi. aborigines, the earliest 

native inhabitants of a country. 
aborrachado, da, a. high-coloured, flushed, 
aborrascarse, vr. to become tempestuous or 


aborrecedor, ra, m. &/. detester, hater. 

aborrecer [ah-boi^ray-therr'], va. {irr. ind. ABO- 

RREZco : subj. aborrezca) to hate, abhor ; 
to desert (of birds). 

abOrreCible [ah-bor-ray-thee'-blay], a. hateful ; 

detestable, forbidding. 
aborrecimientO, m. abhorrence ; detest^c 

tion, dislike, hate, grudge. 
aborrezco {irreg. V. aborrecer). 
abortamiento, m. abortion, 
abortar, va. to miscarry, abort ; to fail. 
abortivamente, adv. abortively ; untimely.- 
abortive, va, a. abortive ; producing abor: 

abortO, m. miscarriage, abortion ; a monster. 
abort6n, m. the abortion of a quadruped ; 

unborn lamb's skin. 
abomjar, va. to make lumps. — vr. to muffle^ 

abotagarse, vr. to become swollen, inflated. 
abotinado, da, a. shaped like a gaiter. 
abotonador, m. button-hook. 
abotonar, va. to button. — vn. to bud ; ger- 
abovedado, da, a. arched, vaulted.— ;fip. of 

abovedar, va. to arch, to vault. 
aboyado, da, a. farm rented, with oxen for 

ploughing.—^, of ABOYAR. 

aboyar, va. (naut.) to lay down buoys. 

abozalar, va. to muzzle. 

abra, /. bay, haven; cove, creek; dale, val- 
ley ; fissure, gorge. 

abrac6 {irr. v. abrazar). 

abracijO, w. dim. (coll.) an embrace, a hug.. 

abrahonar, va. (coll.) to hold one fast by' 
the garment. 

abrasador. ra, m. &f. burner ; inflamer. 

abrasamiento, m. act of burning; inflam- 
mation; excess of passion. 

abrasar, va. to bum ; fire ; to squander ; to 
provoke. — vr. to glow ; to be agitated by 
any violent passion. 

abrasiladO, da, a. Brazil-wood, colour. 

abrazadera, /. clasp, clamp, band, cleat; 
(print.) brace or bracket {. — a. V. sierra 


abrazador, ra, m. & f. embracer ; bolster 

used in the Philippines. 
abrazamlentO, m. embracing. 
abrazar, va. {pret. abrao6 : subj. abrace) 

to embrace, nug, caress ; to clasp, clamp, 

cleat ; to contain, comprise, surround ; to 

accept, follow, take charge of. 
abrazo, m. hug, embrace. 
kbregO, m. south-west wind. 
abrenunciO, int. (Lat.) far be it from me; 

abrevadero, m. watering-place for cattle ; 

abrevador,m. he who waters cattle ; waterer. 

V. abrevadero. 
abrevar, va. to water cattle ; to irrigate ; to 

soak skins. 
abreviaci6n, /. abbreviation ; abridgment ; 

shortening ; contraction ; reduction ; ac- 
celeration ; hastening. 
abreviadamente, adv. briefly, in short. 
abreviador, ra, «. one who abridges or 

shortens. — m, pontifical oflScer who issues 

briefs and bulls. 

abreviaduria, abreviaturia, /. office of 

the pontifical abbreviator. 
abrevlamiento, m. V. abreviaci6n. 
abreviador, ra, m. &/. abridger ; breviator ; 

pontifical officer. 
abrevlar, va. to abridge, cut short, contract, 

reduce ; to accelerate, hasten. 

g (before e, i) and j as h in hot; b, silent; 11 in brilliant; 1, ny in casyon; r (initial) and rr triUed; a, hissed. 



abrevlatura, /. abbreviation ; contraction ; 
shorthand : en abreviatura, in abbreviation ; 
(coll.) hastily. 

abribanaxse, vr. to become lazy, to loa£ 

abridero, m.. sort of freestone peach.— a. 
easily opened ; freestone, freeshell. 

abridor, m. (hot.) nectarine, peach-tree; 
opener, grafting-knife: abridor de liminas, 
engraver : abridor es haeco, die-sinker : 
abridor de guantes, glove-stretcher : abridor 
de latas, can-opener. 

abrigadero, m. sheltered place. 

abriga.tiO, m. shelter for cattle. 

abrigar, m. to shelter, protect ; to cover ; to 
warm: to lodge; to patronize; (met.) to 
nourish ; to cherish. — vr. to take shelter ; 
to put on a wrap. 

abrigO, m. shelter ; protection ; overcoat, 
wrap; aid, support; cover; (naut.) har- 
bour, haven. 

abril, m. April.— j?/. (met.) years: nifia de 
diez y seis abriles, sweet sixteen. 

abrillantar, va. to cut a diamond into fac- 
ets ; to make sparkle ; to impart brilliance ; 
to glace, polish, brighten. 

abriSnienio, m. opening. 

abrir, va. {pp. abierto) to open, unlock, 
unfasten, uncover^ unseal ; to begin, in- 
augurate ; to remove obstacles ; to engrave ; 
to expand, separate, distend ; to cut open, 
■cleave, rend, dig. — vn. to open ; unfold ; 
unclose ; extend ; display. — vr. to open, ex- 
pand; to chink, crack, cleave, yawn ; (met.) 
to communicate, unbosom one's self. 

abrocbador, m. buttoner ; button-hook. V. 


abrochadura,/. abrochamlento. m. lacing 

or buttoning on. 
abrochar, va. to clasp, buckle, button on, 

fa.stcn with hooks and eyes. 
abrogacldn,/- abrogation, repeal. 
abrogar, va, (pret. ABROGuft : subj. abrogue) 

to abrogate, annul, repeal. 
abrojal, m. thistly ground. 
abroiO, m. (bot.) thistle, thorn, prickle; 

frnil.) caltrop ; crowfoot; thorny appendage 

to a scourge.— p/. hidden rocks in the sea. 
abromado, da, a. (naut.) hazy, foggy; 

worm-eaten.— ;W>. of abromarse. 
abromarse, rr. (naut.) to be worm-eat«n. 
abroquelar (ah-broi.-kay-iar'], va. (naut.) to 

boxhaul.— rr. to shield one's self. 
abrotano, m. (bot.) southernwood. 
abrumado, da, a. weary, 
abrumador, ra, a. teaser ; oppressor ; weari- 

abnimar, va. to crush, overwhelm, oppress ; 

to weary, annoy. — vr. to become foggy ; to 

abrupto, ta, a. craggy, rugged, 
abrutado, da, a. brutish, bestial, 
absceso ai^-thay'-so], m. absccss. 
absclsion,/. (med.) incision, 
absentlsmo, m. absenteeism, 
^bside, m. &f. (arch.) presbytery, 
absit. inter}. (Lat.) God forbid! 
absolucldn la^so-ioo-tue on], /. absolution, 

pardon, acquittal, 
absoluta,/". dogma, universal proposition, 
absolutamente, adv. absolutely, 
absolutismo, m. despotism, 
absoluto, ta, a. absolute, unconditional, im- 
perious, despotic. 
abSOlutoriO, a, a. absolutory, absolving, 
absolver, va. (pp. absuelto: ind. ABsuEiy- 

vo : stihj. absuelva) to absolve ; to acquit 
absorbcCSn,/. imed.) absorption, 
absorbencla, /■ absorbing. 

absorbente, m. (med.) absorbent.—^, ol 


absorber, va. (pp. absorbido, absorto) to 

absorb ; imbibe. V. empapar. 
absorto, ta, a. amazed ; absorbed in thought. 

—pp. irr. of ABSORBER. 

abstemiO, mla, a. abstemious, 
abstenclbn,/. forbearance, self-denial 
abstenerse, vr. {ind. me ap.stengo : prvL MK 

ABSTUVE : subj. ME abstekga) to a'fls'wdn, 


abstergente, abstersivo, va, a. detergent; 

cleansing ; abstergent. 
absterger, va. to cleanse ; to sterilize. 
abstersi6n,/. abstersion, purification, 
abstinencia [abs-te-nen'-the-hai/. forbearance, 

abstinence : dia de abstinencia, fast-day. 
abstinente, a. abstinent, abstemious, 
abstracclbn [abs-trac-the-on'j /. abstraction, 


abstractivo, va, a. abstractive. 
abstractO, ta, a. abstract.—^, irr. of abs- 


abstraer, va. {pp. abstraido, abstracto: 
ind. abstraigo : pret. abstraje : subj. 
abstraiga) to abstract. — vn. abstraer de, 
to do without, leave aside. — vr. to con- 
centrate one's mind. 

abstraido, da, a. retired.— «p. of ABSTRAER 

abstraigo, yo abstraje (irr. from abs- 

abstruso, sa, a. abstruse, difficult 
absuelto, ta, a. acquitted.—^, irr. of ab- 
abSUelVO {irr. from absolver). 
absurdo, m. absurdity, nonsense. 
absurdo, da, a. nonsensical, absurd, 
abubilla, /. (orn.) hoopoe. 
abuela,/. grandmother. 
abuelO, m. grandfather ; ancestor, 
abllltado, da, a. bulky, massive, \Ag.—pp. ol 


abultar, va. to augment ; to enlarge. — vn, to 
be bulky or large. 

abundamiento, m. v. abundancia. 

abundancia, /. abundance, fruitfulness ; 
opulence, plenty. 

abundante, a. abundant, plenty. 

abundantemente, adv. abundantly. 

abundar, m. to abound, to have plenty. 

abundosamente, adv. abundantly, plenti- 

abundOSO, sa, a. abundant, plentiful. 

abufiolado, da, abu&uelado, da, a. fried 
eggs turned over ; shaped like a fritter. 

abufluelar, va. to turn eggs over in frying; 
to shape like a fritter. 

abur, interj. V. agvr. 

aburar, va. to bum ; scorch. 

aburelado, da, a. dark red. 

aburricibn, /. v. aburrimiento. 

aburrido, da, a. weary.— /jp. of aburbir. 

aburrimiento, m. annoyance ; tediousness ; 

aburrir, va. to vex, annoy, tire, perplex, 
weary, bore ; to venture, hazard, spend.— 
vr. to grow tired, weary of- to l^e bored. 

aburujado, da, d. pressed together ; per- 
plexed. — pp. of ABURt'JAR. 

aburiljar, ra. &. vr. to make lumps ; to clot 

aburujarse, vr. to muflfle up. 
abusar, vn. to abuse ; impose upon, 
abusibn,/. abuse; superstition. 
abusionero, ra, a. superstitious ; fortune" 

abusivamente, adv. abusively, 
abusivo, va, a. abusive. 
abUSO, m. misuse, abuse. 

a M in far ; « in eh I ; i in police : O in for ; • in bnll ; c (before e, i) and S as til iu thick ; b and d, soft; 


AbyecCivlXl [ab-yek-thton'j, /, abjection, abject- 

abyecto, ta, a. abject, dejected. 

aca, adv. here, hither, this way, this side : 
ide cuando ac4? since when? vcn ac&, come 
here : ac4 y all4, here and there. 

acabable, a. what may be finished, achiev- 

acabadamente, adv. completely, perfectly. 

acabado, da, a. perfect, complete, fault- 
less ; old ; ill-dressed ; dejected.— ^p. of aca- 


acabador, ra, m. &f. finisher, completer, 
acabaJar, va. to complete, to finish. 
acaballadero, m. time and place when horses 

cover mares. 
acaballado, da, a. like a horse.— pp. of aca- 

BALLAR, covered. 
acaballar, va. to cover a mare. 
acaballerado, da, a. gentleman-like.— f>p. of 


acaballerar [ah-cah-bal-lyay-rar'l, va. tO render 
genteel ; to make a person behave as a gen- 

acabamiento, m. end, completion, death, 

acabar, ta. & vn. to finish, end, conclude, com- 
plete, make up, achieve ; to determine, re- 
solve ; to harass, exhaust : acabar con, to ob- 
tain ; to destroy : acabar en, to terminate 
or end in ; to die ; consume ; extinguish ; 
lail : acabado de salir, just fresh from. — vr. 
to grow feeble or less ; to diminish : se acaba 
el pan, we are short of bread. 

acabellado, da, a. light chestnut colour. 

acabestrillar, vn. to fowl with a stalking- 
horse or ox. 

acabildar, va. to unite persons by persuasion 
to do something. 

acacia,/, acacia. 

acadeniia,/. academy; university; literary 
society : Diccionario de la Academia, Dic- 
tionary of the Royal Academy of Madrid ; 
nude study from lature. 

acad^micamente, adv. in an academic sense. 

academiCO, m. academician. — a. academical. 

acaecedero, ra, a. eventual, contingent. 

acaecer, vn. def. {subj. acaezca) to happen, 
to come to pass. 

acaeclmiento, m. event, incident. 

acahual, m. (Amer.) (bot.) sunflower. 

acal, m. Mexican canoe. 

acalabrotar, va. (naut.) to make a cable by 
intertwining three ropes containing each 
three strands. 

acalenturarse, vr. to be feverish. 

acalia,/. (bot.) marshmallows. 

acaloradamente, adv. warmly. 

acaloramiento, m. ardour, 'heat, excite- 

acalorar, va. to warm ; to inflame, overheat ; 
to urge on ; to forward, promote. — vr. to 
grow warm, excited. 

acallar, va. to quiet, hush ; to mitigate, 

acamar, va. to lay plants flat by storm. 

acaxnado, da, a. laid flat. 

acambrayado, da, a. cambric-like. 

acamellado, da, a. camel-like. 

acampamentO, m. (mil. ) encampment, camp. 

acampanado, a, a. bell-shaped. 

acampanar, va. to shape like a bell. 

acampar, va. to encamp. 

acampo, m. common pasture. 

d.cana,/. a hard reddish wood of Cuba. 

acanaladO, da, a. passing through a chan- 
nel ; striated, fluted, corrugated. — pp. oi 

! ACA 

acanalador, m. chamfering-plane, grooving. 

acanaladOS, m. pi. ridge of a horse's back, 
acanalar, va. to make a channel ; to flute, 

corrugate, groove, chamfer. 
acandllado, da, a. shaped like a three-cor- 
nered hat ; dazzled. 
acaneladO, da, a. cinnamon colour. 
acanillado, da, a. ribbed, striped cloth. 
acantalear, vn. d^. to hail large hailstones. 
acantilado, da, a. bold, steep : costa acan- 

tilada, approachable coast. 
acantO, m. (bot.) prickly thistle; (arch.) 

acanthus leaf. 
acantonamientO, m. cantonment 
acantonar, va. to quarter troops. 
acafiaverear, va. to wound with sharp- 
pointed canes. 
acailonear, va. to cannonade. 
acaparador, ra, a. monopolizer. 
acaparar, va. to monopolize ; to corner, coa- 

trol the market. V. acopiar. 
acaparrarse, vr. to close a bargain. 
acaparrosado, da, a. copperas-hued. 
acapizarse, vr. (coll.) to grapple; clinch, 
acaponado, da, a. capon-like. 
acaracolado, da, «. spiral-shaped, 
acaramelado, da, a. (coll.) spoonj.—pp. 

acaramelar, va. to make caramels. 
acarar, or acarear, va. to confront ; to face ; 

to brave. 
acardenalar, va. to beat black and blue. — vr. 

to be covered with wales, 
acareamiento, wi. faciug; confronting 
acariciador, ra, m. &f. one who fondles and 

acariciar, va. to fondle, caress, hug; to 

acarnerado, da, a. said of horses having the 

head shaped like sheep. 
&caro, m. (zool.) acarus: icaro de queso, 

cheese mite. 
acarralar, va. to skip a thread in weaving. 
acarrarse, vr. to seek the shade : applied to 

acarreadizo, za, a. portable. 
acarreador, ra, m. &/. carrier; porter. 
acarreamlento or acarreo, m. carrying, 

cartage. — pi. supplies : cosas de acarreo, 

acarrear, va. to carry, cart, transport, con- 
vey, forward; (met.) to occasion, cause. — 
vr. to bring upon one's self. 

acartonado, a. pasteboard-like. 

acartonar, va. to give a thing the appear- 
ance or consistence of pasteboard.— o-. 
(coll.) to become dried up by age. 

acasamatadO, da, a. (fort.) having or re- 
sembling a casemate. 

acaso, m. chance, casualty. — adv. bv chance, 
by accident ; may be, mayhap, perliaps. 

acastorado, da, a. beavered. 

acatable, m. &/. worthy of respect. 

acatadamente, adv. respectfully. 

acatamientO, m. esteem, veneration, re- 
spect, reverence ; obeisance. 

acatailte,i>a. one who respects. 

acatar, va. to respect, revere, do homage. 

acatarrarse, vr. to catch cold. 

acaudalado, da, a. rich, opulent.—^, of 


acaildalar, va. to hoard up riches ; (met.) 

to acquire a reputation. 
acaudlllador, m. commander of troops, 
acaudillamiento, act of commanding 

acaudillar, va. to command troops. 

g (before e, I) and j as h In hot; b, eHent ; 11 In brilliant ; ft, ny in canyon ; r (Initial) and rr trilled; «, 



acaule, m. &f. (bot.) short-stemmed. 

accedente, j>a. accediug. 

acceder, vn. to accede, agree, consent. 

accesible, o. accessible; attainable; ap- 

accesi6n, / accession ; accessory ; (med. ) 
paroxysm of a fever. 

acceso, m,. access; carnal communication; 
accession; (med.) access. 

accesoria, /. outbuilding. 
accesoriamente, adv. acct 

accesorlO, a, a. accessory, additional : obras 

accesorias, (fort.) outworks of a fortress, 
accessit m. (Lat.) second prize or award, 
accldentado, da, a. affected with fits.— ^. 


accidental, «. accidental, casual, fortuitous, 

accidentalmente, adv. accidentally. 

accidentarse, vr. to be seized with a fit 

accidente, m. accident, chance, hap-hazard ; 
sudden fit ; casualty. 

acclbn, /. action ; feat ; lawsuit ; gesticula- 
tion, gesture ; battle ; action in drama, 
plot; (art) posture; (com.) stock, share: 
acci6n de gracias, thanksgiving. 

accionar, va. to gesticulate. 

acclonista, m. stockholder, shareholder. 

acebadamiento, m. disease of animals sur- 
feited with barley. 

acebadar, va. v. encebadar. 

acebal, m. acebeda, /. acebedo, m. plan- 
tation of holly-trees. 

acebo, m. (bot.) holly-tree. 

acebollado, da, a. tree or plant damaged by 

acebolladura, /. damage to a tree from splity- 
tiug of the woody layers. 

acebuchal, m. plantation of wild olive-trees. 
— a. belonging to wild olives. 

acebuche, m. (bot.) wild olive-tree. 

acebucheno, na, a. belonging to the wild 

acebuchlna, /. wild olive. 

aceclnar, va. to salt and dry meat. — vr. to 
grow old, dry, withered. 

acecbador, ra, m. & /. one who lies in am- 
bush ; observer, lookout ; intruder, prier. 

acecbar, va. to waylay, lie in ambush, lurk ; 
to pry. 

acecbo, m. waylaying, lying in ambush : al 
acecho or en acecbo, a. in wait, in ambush. 

acecb6n, na, m. &f. (coll.) V. acechador. 

acedamente, adv. sourly, bitterly. 

acedar, va. to sour ; to displease, vex. 

acedera,/. (bot.) sorrel. 

acederaqiie, m. (hot.) bead-tree. 

acederilla,/. (bot.) wood-sorrel. 

acederbn, m. (bot) variety of sorrel. 

acedia, /. acidity, heart-burn, sourness; 
roughness ; asperity of address. 

acedO, da, a. acid, sour ; harsh, unpleasant. 

acefalia, /. acefalismo, m. acephalism: 

lack of a head. 
ac6falO, la, a. headless, acephalous.— ^pZ. 


aceitada, /. oil spilled : cake kneaded with 

aceitar, va. to oil ; to rub with oil. 

aceitazo, m. aug. V. aceit6n. 

aceite, m. oil ; essential oil : aceite de comer, 
olive, sweet-oil : aceite de ballena, train-oil : 
aceite de palo, balsam copaiba : aceite de car- 
b6n, aceite mineral, coal-oil, petroleum : 
aceite secante, seccative oil : aceite de vi- 
trlolo, sulphuric acid. 

aceitera, /. woman who sells ail : oil-jar, oil- 
cruet, oil-horn.— p/. aceiteras, casters. 

aceiteria,/. oil-shop. 

aceitero, ra, m. & /. oiler, oil-seller ; oil- 

aceitillO, m. (hot) satin-wood. 

aceitdn, m. lubricating olive-oil. 

aceitOSO, sa, a. oily, greasy. 

aceituna, /. olive : aceltuna gordal or de la 
Eeina, Queen olive: aceituna manzanilla, 
manzanilla olive : aceituna zorzalena o\ plcu- 
dilla, crescent olive : aceituna zofair6n, baby 
Queen olive : aceituna zapatera, stale olive. 

aceitunado, da, a. olive colour. 

aceltunero, m. olive-dealer. 

aceituni, m. arabesque work. 

aceitunil, a. olive-coloured. 

aceitunillo, m. (hot.) satin-wood. V. ACEI- 

aceituno, m. (bot) olive-tree. F, olivo. 

acelajado, da, a. showing clouds of various 

aceleraci6n,/. acceleration, haste. 

aceleradamente, adv. speedily, swiftly, 


aceleramiento, m. V. aceleraci6k. 

acelerar, va. to accelerate, hasten, hurry, 
rush, expedite. 

aceleratriz, /. a. fuerza aceleratriz, accel- 
erative power. 

acelga,/. (bot.) salt-wort 

ac6inila,/. mule, beast of burden. 

acemilar, a. belonging to mules and mule- 

acemileria,/. mule-stable. 

acemilero, ra, m muleteer. 

acemita,/. bran bread, Graham bread, 
acemite, m- tine bran, middlings ; pottage. 
acendradO, da, a. purified, refined, staix/' 

\e&s.^pp. of acendrar. 
acendrar, va. to purify or refine metals ; to 

free from stain or blemish. 
acensuar, va. to tax a property, 
acento lah-then'-to], TO. accent, inflection ; or« 

thoepic mark. 
acentuacidn,/. accentuation. 
acentuar va. to accentuate, 
acefla,/. water-mill. 
acefiiero, m. water-mill keepei-. 
acepar, vn. to take root 
acepcion,/. acceptation, meaning, 
acepilladura,/. planing; wood shavings. 

acepillar [ah-thay-iHl-lyar], va. tO plane, t« 

brush ; to polish. 
aceptabilidad,/. acceptability, 
aceptable, a. acceptable, admissible, 
aceptablemente, adv. acceptably. 
aceptaci6n lau thep-tah-tiie-on'], /. acceptation ; 

approbation; (com.) acceptance of a draft 
aceptador, ra, /«. &f. acceptor. 
aceptante,/>a. he who accepts. 
aceptar, va. to accept : aceptar una letra, 

(com.) to accept or honour a bill. 
aceptO, ta, a. acceptable, agreeable. 
acequia (aii-ttiay'-kia', /. canal, trench, drain, 

acequiado, da, a. intersected by canals. — 

pp. of acequiar. 
acequiador, m. canal or dike-maker, 
acequiar, va. to construct canals or drains, 
acequiero, m. canal or dike-keeper. 
&cer, in. (bot.) maple-tree. 
acera, /. sidewalk ; row of houses on either 

side of a street. 
acerado, da, a. made of steel.— pp. of ace- 
ra r. 
acerar, va. to steel ; to impregnate liquors 

with steel : to strengthen. 
acerbamente, adv. cruelly, rigorously, se. 

verely, harshlj'. 

a M In far : e in eb I ; i in police ; o in for ; n in bull ; c (before e, i) and z as tb in thick ; b anU d, toft] 


acerbidad, /. acerbity, asperity, harshness ; 

rigour, crueltj 
acerbo, ba, a. t^rf , Harsh, severe, cruel. 
acerca, prep, about, concerning : acerca de, 

with regard to. 
acercamiento, m, approximation, 
acercar, va. {fret, acerque : suhj. acer- 

QiE) to approach. — vr. to accost, to come 

near to. 
JLCere, m. maple-tree. 
acerico, acerlllu, in. pin-cushion ; small 

acerino, na, «. (poet. ) steel-like or of steel. 
acero, m. steel ; sword ; pointed or edged ami. 

— pi. (met.) spirit, courage; appetite: acero 

fundido, cast steel. 
acerola,/. azarole, haw. 
acerolO, m. (bot.) hawthorn. 
ac6rrimamente, adv. vigorously ; strongly. 
ac^rrimo, ma, a. sup. very vigorous and 

acerrojar, ta. to bolt ; to lock. 
acertadamente, adv. opportunely, fitly. 
acertado, da, «. fit, proper.— j:;^. of acertar. 
acertador, ra, m. &f. right guesser, 
acertar, va. {ind. acierto : subj. acierte) 

to hit the mark ; to hit by chance ; to suc- 
ceed ; to conjecture right. — vn. acertar &, to 

happen unexpectedly ; (agr.) to take root. 
acertljO, m. riddle, conundrum. 
aceruelO, m. small pack-saddle. 
acervo, m. a heap ; undivided estate. 
acescencia iahtiiayg-tiiane'-thie-ahj,/. acescence ; 

inclination to acidity. 
acet^bulO,"i. cruet; Roman measure; (anat.) 

acetatO, m. acetate. 
ac^tico, ca, a. acetic. 
acetin, m. (bot.) satin-wood. 
acetificar, va. to acetify, 
acetileno, m. gas acetlleno, acetylene gas. 
acetimetro, m. acetimeter. 
acetona,/. acetone. 
acetosa,/. (bot.) sorrel. 
acetOSidad,/. acidity; acetosity. 
acetosilla,/. v. acederilla. 
acetoso, sa, a. acetous, 
acetre, m. small bucket : holy-water j)Ot. 

acezar [ah-thay-tliar'j, vn. {pret. ACECK : Subj. 

acece) to pant. 

aCeZO [ah-thay'-thawl, m. pant. 

acezOSO, sa, a. panting. 

aclagO, ga, a. unfortunate, melancholy, sad, 

acial, aciar, m. barnacle, twitch. 

aciano, m. (hot.) corn-flower. 

acibar, m. aloes ; aloe-tree ; harshness, bit- 
terness ; displeasure. 

acibarar, va. to put aloes into anything ; to 

aciberar, va. to grind very fine. 

acicalado, m, act of polishing any weapon ; 

acicalador, ra, a. polisher, burnisher, fur- 
bisher.— m. burnishing tool. 

c-cicaladura,/. acicalamieuto m. burnish- 
ing; polish, glossiness. 

acicalai', va. to polish, burnish ; to dress, 
adorn, embellish. — rr. (met.) to dress in 
style, to make an elaborate toilet. 

acicate, m. long-pointed Moorish spur ; in- 

acicular, a. aciculate;. needle-shaped. 

aciche, m. paving-hammer ; brick hammer. 

acidez [ah-thie-death'], /. acidity, soumess, tart- 

acidia,/. laziness; weakness, 

acidimetro, m. acidimeter. 

acidiOSO, sa, «. lazy ; weak ; lax. 


acldificacibn,/. (chem.) acidification. 

acidificar, va. to acidify, 

acldo, m. (chem,) acid, — a. acid, sour, tart; 

acidular, va. to acidulate, make sour. 
acidulo, la, a. (chem.) acidulous, tart, 
acierto [au-the-er'-ro], m. a good hit ; ability ; 

tact ; knack ; dexterity, 
acierto, yo acierte {irr. from acertar). 
aciguatadO, da, a. jaundiced.-^fip.of acigua- 


aciguatarse, vr. to be seized with jaundice. 
acijado, da, a. copper-coloured ; of the colour 
of acije. 

acije, m. V. caparrosa. 

acQosO, sa, a. brownish. 

acimbOga,/. citron-tree. 

acidn,/. stirrup-leather. 

acionero, m. maker of stirrup-leathers. 

acipadO, da, a. well-milled : said of woollens. 

acirate, m. landmark, boundary. 

acitara, /. zither ; partition wall ; rail of 

bridge ; chair or saddle cover. 
acitr6n, m. candied citron, 
aclaxaacion, /. acclamation: por aclamacldu, 


aclamador, ra, m. & f. applauder. 

aclamar, va. to shout, applaud, acclaim. 

aclaracibn, /. illustration, explanation. 

aclarador, ra, a. explanatory. — m. comb in 

aclarar, va. to make clear ; to illustrate ; ex- 
plain ; to widen ; to clarify ; to rinse. — vn. 
to clear up ; to recover brightness. 

aclaratorio, ria, a. that makes clear. 

aclimataci6n, /, acclimation ; acclimatiza- 

aclimatar, va. & vr. to acclimatize, 

aclocado, da, a. stretched.—^, of aclo- 


aclocar, vn. (ind. ACLUECO : pret. ACLOQU^ : 
subj. aclueque) to brood, to hatch eggs. — 
vr. to stretch one's self, lie down. 

acobardar, va. to daunt, intimidate, ter- 

acobrado, da, a. copper-hued. 

acoceador, ra, a. horse that kicks ; kicker. 

acoceamiento, m. kicking. 

aCOCear [ah-co-thay-ar'l, va. tO kick, wince, 

flinch ; to oppress, ill-treat, debase. 
acocotar, va. v. acogotar. 
acOCOte, m. lon^ gourd, used in Mexico for 

extracting the juice of the maguey. 
acocharse, vr. to squat ; stoop down. 
aCOChinar, va. (coll.) to murder, I 

nate ; to humble ; to corner a checker. 
acodado, da, «. elbowed. 
acodadura, /. bending the elbow; (agr.) 

acodalamientO, m. (arch.) propping; stay- 
acodalar, va. to prop ; to shore ; to stay. 
acodar, va. to lean the elbow upon ; to plant 

cuttings; to implant; (arch.) to prop; 

to stay ; (carp.) to square timber. 
acoderamlento, m. (naut.) bringing the 

broadside to bear. 
acoderar, va. (naut.) to put a spring on a 

cable ; to bring the broadside to bear. 

aCOdlciar lah-co-de-tlie-ar'l, va. tO long for, CO- 

vet something. — vr. to become covetous. 

acodillar, va. to bend into an elbow or angle. 
— vr. to sink down under a burden. 

acodo, m. a shoot, scion. 

acogedizo, za, o. collected or gathered pro- 

acogedor, fa, m. &f. harbourer, protectoi. 

aCOger, va. {ind. ACOJO : stibj. acoja) to re- 

g (Jbefore e, J) and J as li in hot; h. silent • 11 in brilliant: ft, ny in canyon; r (Initial) and rr trilled; «, 


ceive, accept: (met) to protect, shelter. — 
vr. to take refuge, resort to. 

acogeta,/. shelter, cover, place of safety. 

acogida,/. reception; place of meeting, con- 
fluence ; asylum : dar acogida k una letra, 
(com.) to honour a draft. 

acogido, m. collection of breeding mares 

fiven to the owner of the principal steed, to 
eep them at a certain price ; temporary 
admission of flocks into pasture-ground, — 

pp. of ACOGER. 

acogimlento, m. V. acogida. 

acogollar, va. to cover up plants. — vn. to bud 

acogombradura, /. hilling of plants, vege- 
tables, etc. 

acogombrar, va. to cover plants with earth, 


acogotar, va. to kill by a blow on the neck. 
aconombrar, a. (agr.) v. aporcai;. 
acojlnamiento, m. (mech.) cushioning of 

the piston. 
acoiinar, va. (Mex.) to quilt. 
acolar, va. (her. ) to unite two coats of arms 

under the same crown, shield, etc. 
acolchar, va. to quilt ; (naut.) to intertwine. 
acdlttO, ni. acolyte, assistant. 
acolladores, m. ;>;. (naut.) lanyards. 
acollar, va. Und. ACUELLO : subj. acuelle) 

(agr.) to hill up earth around the base of a 

trunk ; (naut.) to caulk a ship. 
aCOllarado, da, a. pi^jaroB acollarados, birds 

having about their necks a ring of feathers 

of a different colour. 
acollarar, va. to yoke or harness horses, 

oxen, etc.; to couple hounds. 

acollonar, va. (coll.) v. acobardar. 

acombar, va. to bend ; to warp. 

acometedor, ra, a. aggressor ; enterpriser. 

acometer, va. to attack, assault ; to under- 
take ; to overtake. 

acometida, /. acometimiento, m. attack, 
assault ; outlet in a sewer. 

acomodable, a. easily arranged. 

acomodaclbn,/. accommodation. 

acomodadamente, adv. commodiously, suit- 

acomodadiZO, za, a. accommodating. 

acomodado, da, a. convenient, fit; rich, 
wealthy ; fond of comfort ; moderate, rea- 
sonable. — pp. of ACXiMODAR. 

acomodador, ra, m. & /. one who accom- 
modates : usher in a theatre. 

acomodamlentO, m. accommodation. 

acomodar, va. to arrange, to accommodate ; 
to set to rights, to place ; to reconcile, 
compound, compromise; to furnish, sup- 
ply ; to take in, shelter, lodge. — vn. to fit, to 
suit. — vr. to condescend, to conform one's 
self, to put up with. 

acomodaticio, Cla, a. accommodating, com- 

acomodo, m. employment, place, situation ; 

acompa&adO, da, a. accompanied, fre- 
quented. — m. assistant judge, surgeon, phy- 
sician, etc.— pp. of acompaSar. 

acompa&ador, ra, m. &/. chaperon, attend- 
ant; companion; (mus.) accompanist. 

aCOnipafi.aJIlieiltO, m. attendance ; retinue ; 
(mus.) accompaniment; supernumeraries 
at a theatre ; (tier.) ornament around a es- 

acompaflante, pa. v. acompaSador. 

acompallar, va. to accompany, attend, con- 
duct, follow ; to lead along; to join, unite, 
enclose ; (mus. ) to play an accompaniment. 
— vr. to hold a consultation. 


acompasadamente, adv. rhythmically. 

acoxapasado, da, «. measured by the com- 
pass ; (coll.) monotonous and slow in tone; 
of fixed, regular habits. 

acompasar, va. v. compasar. 

acomplexionado, da, a. of good complex- 

acomunarse, vr. to confederate ; to league 
for a common purpose. 

aconchabarse, t7-. (coll.) V. acomodarse. 

aconchar, va. to push to a place of shelter ; 
(naut.) to run aground. 

acondlcionadO, da, a. of good (or bad) dis- 
position (persons), or condition (goods). — 
pp. of acondicionar. 

acondicionar, va. to dispose, prepare, ar-. 
range, fix.— rr. to acquire a certain quality 
or condition. 

acongdjadamente, adv. with sorrow and 


aconi^ojar, ra. to vex, to oppress, to afflict. 

acbnito, m. (bot.) aconite. 

aconse^able, a. advisable. 

aconsejador, ra, w. &f. adviser, counsellor. 

aconsejar, va. to advise, to counsel. — vr. to 
take advice. 

aconsonantar, va. to make a word rhyme 
with another ; to use rhymes in prose. — vn. 
to rhyme. 

acontecedero, ra, a. eventual, probable. 

acontecer, v. impers. {subj. acoxtezca) to 
happen, come about, fare. 

acontecimiento, m. event, incident, casual- 
ty, occurrence. 

acontezca {irr. V. acontecer). 

acopado, da, a. shaped like a cup or vase.— 

pp. of ACOPAR. 

acopar, vn. to trim a tree in cup form ; to 

acopetado, da, «. tufted. 
acopiador, m. (com.) one who comers up 

acopiamiento, m. gathering goods. 
acoplar, va. to gather, store up, forestall, 

corner up, garner. 
acopio, m. gathering, storing, assortment. 
acoplado, da, a. fitted, adjusted ; coupled ; 

scarfed.— p/>. of acoplar. 
acopladura, /. (carp.) coupling; junction ; 

acoplar, va. to accouple, join, adjust, fit, 

connect ; to hitch, yoke ; to frame timber ; 

to settle differences. — vr. to make up mat- 
ters, to be agreed. 
acoqulnamientO, m. intimidation. 
acoquinar, va. to intimidate; terrify. — vr. 

to be afraid, timorous. 
acorar, va. to afliict, to cause grief. 
acorazado, m. armoured ship ; ironclad, 
acorazamiento, m. armouring, 
acorazar, va. ( prei. acorack : subj. acopace) 

to armour. 
acorazonado, da, a. heart-shaped, 
acorchaniiento, m. shriveMing. 
acorcliarse, vr. to shrivel ; to become stale 

(fruits) ; to become torpid. 
acordada,/. (for.) resolution, decision, 
acordadanieilte, adv. by common consent, 

jointly ; with mature deliberation. 
acordadO, da, a. agreed ; done with mature 

deliberation.— pp. of acordar. 
acordar, va. {ind. acuerdo : subj. acuerde) 

to resolve by common consent ; to agree ; 

to remind ; to tune musical instruments ; 

to dispose figures in a picture; to make 

flush, level, smooth. — tm. to agree, level. — 

vr. to remember, recollect ; to come to an 


a M in tar ; e in «h t ; 1 in police ; O in for ; n in bull ; c (before e, i) and S aa th in thick ; b and d, noft* 


acorde, a. cojformable, according; coincid- 
ing in opinion.— 7«. chord ; harmony of 
sounds or colours. 

acordelar, va. to measure with a cord. 

acordemente, adv. by common consent. 

acorde6n, m. accordion. 

acordonado, da, a. surrounded ; in the form 
of a cord.— pp. of acordonar. 

acordonamiento, m. act of lacing ; milling ; 
cording ; shirring. 

acordonar, va. to lace (shoes, corset, etc.) ; 
to mill a coin ; to cord, shirr, twine ; to 

acores, m. pi. (med.) achor, scald-head. 

acornar, or acornear, r«. to butt. 

acorneador, ra, a. butting beast; a but- 

acoro, m. (hot.) sweet flag. 

acorralamienio, m. corralling. 

acorralar, ra. to shut up cattle ; to corral ; 
to surround ; to intimidate ; to silence. 

acorrer, va. to help, succour. — vn. to run to ; 
hasten. — vr. to take shelter. 

acorrucarse, vr. v. acurrucarse. 

acortamiento, m. shortening; (ast.) differ- 
ence in the distance frohi the centre of the 
globe to the ecliptic and centre of a planet 
in its orbit. 

ACOrtar, va. to shorten ; lessen ; reduce ; to 
obstruct : acortar la vela, (naut. ) to shorten 
sail.— tT. to shrivel ; contract ; shrink ; to 
be bashful ; to fall back. 

acorullar, va. (naut.) to bridle the oars. 

acorvar, va. V. encorvar. 

acosador, ra, m. &f. pursuer, persecutor. 

acosamlento, m. persecution, molestation. 

acosar, va. to pursue close ; to vex, molest, 

acostado, da, a. stretched, laid down, retired 
in hed.— pp. of acostar. 

acostamiento, m. stretching or laying down ; 

acostar, va. {ind. acuesto : subj. acueste) 
to lay down, to put one in bed ; to approach ; 
(naut.) to stand inshore; (naut.) to lie 
along ; to have a list. — vr. to lie down ; to go 
to bed. 

acostumbradamente, adv. customarily. 

acostumbrar, va. to accustom, to use. — vn. 
to be accustomed, to habituate. — vr. to get 
used to. 

acotaci6n /. bounds, limit ; annotation, 
marginal note. 

acotamiento, m. limitation. 

acotar, va. to limit, set bounds ; to fix, to 
mark, make marginal notes; to accept for 
a certain price ; to witness ; to prune trees. 

acotillo, TO. sledgehammer. 

acoyundar, va. to yoke oxen. 

acre a. sour ; acrimonious ; tart ; hot ; mor- 
dant ; keen. — rn. an acre. 

acrecencia, /. acrecentamiento, m. in- 
crease, augmentation, growth. 

acrecentador, ra, m. &/. one that increases. 

acrecentar (ind. acreciexto: subj. acre- 
ciENTE), acrecer, ra. (ind. acrezco: .subj. 
acrezca) to increase ; to promote, advance. 

acredltado, da, «. accredited, distinguished. 

—pp. of ACRKDITAR. 

acreditar, va. to assure, affirm ; to verify, 
prove; (com.) to credit, to recommend, to 
answer for, to guarantee; to accredit, to au- 
thorize ; prove. 

acreedor, ra, a. meritorious, deserving. -^m. 
creditor.—/, creditrix, creditress. 

acremente, adv. sourly, bitterly. 

acrezca, co (irr. v. acrecer). 
acrlbador, ra, a. one who sifts. 


acribadura/. sifting.— pz. siftings. 

acribar, va. to sift | to pierce like a sieve. 

acriblllar, va. to pierce like a sieve; (met.) 
to molest, to torment. 

acriminacibn, /. crimination, accusation, 

acriminador, ra, m. &/. accuser, informer. 

acriminar, ra. to accuse, to impeach, to im- 
pute ; (law) to aggravate. 

acrimonia, /. acrimony, sharpness, sour- 
ness ; (met.) asperity. 

acrisoladamente, adv. in a pure way. 

acrisolar, va. to assay metals ; to refine, to 
purify, to cleanse ; (met.) to make evident 
by proof or witnesses. 

acristianar, va. (coll. ) to baptize, to christen. 

acritud, /. v. acrimonia. 

acr6bata, m. &/. acrobat. 

acrobatico, ca, a. acrobatic. 

acromatico, ca, a. (opt.) achromatic. 

acromatisnw), m. achromatism. 

acromatizar, va. to achromatize. 

acromio, TO. (auat. ) acromion. 

acrdnico, ca, a. acronycal. 

acr6poliS, TO. (mil.) acropolis. 

acr6stiC0, ca, a. acrostic. 

acrostollo, to. (naut.) acrostolium. 

acrotera,/. (arch.) acroterium. 

acta,/, act or record of proceedings ; certifi- 
cate of election.— />/. the acts or records of 
communities, chapters, councils ; papers, 
file, etc. : libro de actas, minute-book : acta 
notarial, notarial certificate : levantar acta, 
to draw up and execute an afl[idavit or cer- 

actinlCO, ca, a. actinic. 

actinio, to. actinium, metallic element. 

actinom^trico, ca, a. (opt.) actinometric. 

actinbmetro, TO. (opt.) actinometer. 

actitud,/. attitude, position, posture. 

activamente, adv. actively. 

activar, va. to push, make brisk, hasten, 
hurry ; rush. 

actividad, /. activity, quickness, liveliness, 
nimbleness, hustling : en actividad, in opera- 

activo, TO. (com.) assets, outstanding claims. 
— a. active, quick, diligent. 

acto, TO. act or action ; public function ; com- 
mencement in colleges, etc. ; act of a play ; 
thesis defended in universities ; carnal com- 
munication : acto continue, immediately 
afterward : en el acto, at once. 

actor, TO. performer, player ; plaintiff, claim- 
ant ; proctor, attorney. 

actora,/. parte actora, prosecution ; plaintiff. 

actriz,/. actress. 

actuacibn,/. actuation, moving. 

actuadO, da, a. actuated ; skilled, experi- 
enced.— 2:>/). of ACTUAR. 

actual, a. actual, present. 

actualidad,/. the actual or present state of 

actuaimeilte, adv. actually, at present. 

actuante, pa. defender of a thesis in col- 

actuar, vn. to act, to perform or discharge a 
duty ; to perform judicial acts ; to take the 
aflSrmative side in a university debate. — va. 
to put a thing in action. 

actuario, to. clerk of a court of justice. 

acuadrmar, ra. to collect or head a band of 
armed men. 

acuantiar, ra. to determine a quantity. 

acuarela,/. painting in water-colour. 

acuarelista, m. painter in water-colours. 

aCUarlO,TO. Aquarius (in zodiac) ; aquarium. 

acuarteladO, da, a. (her.) divided into quar- 

ters.^^. of ACUARTELAR. 

g (before e, i) aud J as h In hot ; h, silent ; 11 In brilliant ; S, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trlUe i ; ■, 




acuaxtelamiento, m. quartering the troops ; 

acuartelax, va. to quarter troops : acnartelar 
las velas, (naut.) to flat in the sails. 

acuartillar, imAo bend in the Quarters un- 
der a heavy load (beasts of buraen). 

acu^tico, ca, acuitil, a. aquatic. 

acubado, da, a. resembling a pail or bucket. 

acucla [ttb-coo'-the-ah], /. zeal, diligence, haste; 
longing, eagerness. 

acuciador, ra, va. stimulator. 

acuciamientO, m. stimulating, urging, has- 

acuciosamente, adv. actively ; diligently ; 

acuciar [ah-coo-the-ar'], va. to stimulate, to has- 
ten. F. CODICIAR. 

acucioso, sa, a. zealous, hasty, eager. 

acuclillado, da, a. cowering, squatting. 

acuclillarse, vr. to crouch, squat. 

acucharado, da, a. spoon-like. 

acuclllllado, da, a. slashed, stabbed ; (met.) 
schooled by practice and experience ; 
slashed, applied to garments.— f>p. of acu- 


acucMllador, ra, m. &f. a slasher ; a bully. 

acucMllar, va. to cut, hack, slash, cut open. 
IT. to fight with knives or swords. 

acudimiento, m. aid, assistance. 

acudir, va. to assist, attend ; to succour, sup- 
port ; to run to, repair to ; to apply to. 

acueducto, m. aqueduct. 

acuellO {irr. from acollar). 

^cueo, a., a. watery. 

acuerdado, da, a. constructed by line or 

acuerdo, m. resolution ; determination ; 
opinion, report, advice ; remembrance, rec- 
ollection ; concurrence, accord ; body of the 
members of a tribunal assembled in the 
form of a court: de acuerdo, unanimously. 

acuerdo, yo acuerde {irr. from acordar). 

acuesto, yo acueste {irr. from acostar). 

acuitar, va. to atflict, to oppress. — vr. to 

acular, va. (coll. ) to make a horse back up. 

aculebrlnado, da, a. in the form of a cul- 

aculla, adv. on the other side, vonder ; oppo- 
site : aqui y acalli, here and there. 

acumulacibn,/. accumulation, gathering. 

acumulador, ra, m. &f. accumulator; elec- 
tric storage battery. 

acumular, va. to accumulate, hea^ together, 
treasure up, hoard, lay up ; to impute, to 
upbraid with a fault ; to file records. 

acumulativamente, adv. (law) by way of 

prevention ; by way of precaution ; jointly, 

acullaci6n, /. coining, milling, minting; 

acu&ador, ra, m. & /. coiner ; wedger ; 

(print.) shooting-stick. 
acufiar, va. to com, mint ; to wedge, or fasten 

with wedges ; to key, lock ; (print. ) to quoin, 
acuosidad,/. wateriness. 
acuoso, sa, a. watery, aqueous, 
acupimtura, /. (surg. ) acupuncture, 
acurrucarse, vr. to fold one's self up, from 

cold, fear, etc. 
acusacibn, /. accusation, impeachment, 

acusado, da, a. defendant, 
acusador, ra, m. & /. accuser ; informer ; 

acusante, pa. accusing, prosecuting, 
acusar, va. to accuse, blame, criminate, 

charge, denounce, prosecute, indict; to 

acknowledge the receipt of; at cards, to hht 
uounce in due time that one holds certain 
cards that win so many points. — vr. to 
acknowledge sins to a confessor. 

acusatlvo, »*. accusative, fourth case of La- 
tin nouns. 

acusatorio, ria, a. accusatory. 

acuse, m. at cards, each of the cards duly an- 
nounced in certain games. V. acusar. 
acnse de recibo, acknowledgment of receipt- 

acusdn, na, a. (coll.) one who habitually 
accuses or denounces. 

acustlca,/. acoustics. 

acustico, ca, a. acoustic. 

acutangulo, cr. (geom.) acute-angled. 

achacar, ra. to impute ; to blame. 

achacosamente, adv. sickly. 

achacoso, sa, «. sickly, unhealthy. 

achaflanar, va. to chamfer, bevel. 

achantarse, vr. (low) to hide during danger. 

achaparrado, da, a. shrub-sized tree : hoxn- 
bre achaparrado, short and lusty man. 

achaque [ah-ciiah'-kay], m. habitual indisposi- 
tion ; monthly courses ; pregnancy ; sub- 
ject matter ; excuse, pretext ; frequent lapse 
or failing. 

achaquiento, ta, a. V. achacoso. 

acharolado, da, a. resembling enamel or 

acharolar, va. to japan ; enamel, 

achatamiento, m. flattening. 

achatar, va. to flatten. 

acMcadO, da, a. diminished. V. aniSado, 
childish.— p/>. of achicar. 

acMcador, ra, m. &f. diminisher ; reducer ; 
(naut. ) scoop for baling boats. 

acnlcadura, /. diminution, reduction ; 
(naut.) baling. 

acMcamiento, m. v. achicadura. 

achicar, va. to diminish, lessen ; to hum- 
ble, belittle ; to bale a boat or drain a 
mine : achicar nn cabo, to shorten a rope : 
achicar el agna del navio, to free the ship. — 
vr. to humble one's self; to feel small. 

acMcoria,/. (hot.) chicory. 

achicharrar, va. to fry meat too much ; to 

achicMnque [a-chi-chin'-kei, VI. (min.) scooper. 

acllinar, ra. (coll.) to intimidate; terrify. 

acMnelado, da, a. slipper-shaped. 

achiote, achote, m. (hot.) amotto-tree; 
(com.) annatto. 

acnique, m. scooping, baling or draining. 

acMspado, da, a. tipsy. 

acMspar, va. (coll.) to make a person tipsy., 
— vr. to get tipsy. 

achocadura,/. knock against an object. 

achocar, va. to throw one against the wall ; 
to knock asunder ; (coll.) to hoard monev. 

acholado, da, adj. half Indian ; half-breeiJ. 

achorlzado, da, a. slashed ; made into sau- 

achubascarse, vr. (naut.) to get squally and 

achuchar, achuchurrar, va. (coll. ) to crush 

with a blow ; to thrust ; push roughly ; 

achucllbn, m. (coll.) a push, a squeeze. 
achulado, da, a- (coll.) rough ; tough. 
adacilla,/. (hot.) variety of the panic-grass, 
adafina,/, stew used by the Jews in Spain. 
adagio, m. proverb ; maxim ; saying; (mu.s.) 

adagio, slow time. 
adala,/. (naut.) pump-dale. 
adalld, m. chief, chieftain, commandes, 

champion, leader. 
adamadO, da, a. effeminate. 
adamantino, na, a. adamantine. 

It u la far ; e in eh I ; i in police ; o in for ; a in boll ; c (before e. i) and z aa th In thick ; b and d, toft ; 




adamarse, vr. to become effeminate. 
adamascado, da, a. damask-like.— ^;>. of 


adamascar, va. to damask. 

adamiCO, ca, a. said of sand accumulated by 
the tide. 

adamita, m. adamite. 

Adan, -ni. Adam ; slovenly man. 

adaptable, a. capable of being adapted, ^ 

adaptacion,/. accommodation, adaptation. 

adaptadamente, adv. fitly, justly adapted, 

adaptante, i>a. adapter. 

adaptar, va. to adapt, fit, apply ; to fash- 
ion. — vr. to adapt one's self to ; get used to. 

adara^a, /. (arch.) projecting stones left to 
continue a wall. 

adarce, m. dry sea-froth. 

adarga,/. oval shield made of leather. 

adargar, *'«. to shield, protect, defend. 

adarguilla,/. small shield. 

adarme, m. half a drachm, sixteenth part of 
an ounce, 179 centigrams. 

adarvar, va. to stun ; to bewilder. 

adarye, m. flat top of a wall. 

adatar, va. to open an account ; to credit, 

adaza,/. (hot.) panic-grass. 

adecenamlento, m. forming by ten. 

adecenar, va. to form by ten abreast; to 
count by tens. 

adecentar, va. to render decent. 

adecuaci6n,/. fitness. 

adecuadamente, adv. fitly, properly. 

adecuado, da, a. adequate, fit, competent. — 

pp. of ADECUAR, 

adecuar, va. to fit, to accommodate, 
adefagia,/. voracity, 

ad^fagO, ga, a. voracious. 

adefeslo, m. (coll.) nonsense, absurdity; 

queer person, a guy ; ridiculous attire, 
adeflna,/. v. adafina. 
adehala,/. gratuity, perquisite, tip. 
adehesado, m. place converted into pasture. 

— ^p. of ADEHESAR. 

adenesamiento, m. pasturage. 

adehesar, va. to convert land into pasture. 

adelantadamente, adv. beforehand. 

adelantado, m. an appellation formerly 
given to the governor of a province. — a. 
anticipated, advanced, precocious, bold, 
forward ; early fruit or plants.— pp, of 


adelantador, ra, m. &f. one that advances, 
extends, or amplifies. 

adelantajnlento, m. progress, improvement, 
increase ; growth, furtherance ; cultivation; 
anticipation ; betterment, promotion. 

adelantar, va. & vn. to progress, advance, 
accelerate, forward ; to grow, to keep on ; 
to anticipate ; to pay beforehand ; to im- 
prove ; to go fast. — vr. to take the lead, to 
overrun, to oome forward ; to excel, outdo. 

adelante, adv. ahead; farther off; higher 
up; forward, onward: en adelante, de hoy 
•en adelante, or de aqui en adelante, hence- 
forth, in future, or for the future : i adelan- 
te ! go on ; or I understand, or come in, 

adelantO, m. advance, progress ; (com.) ad- 
vance peyment. 

adelfa,/. (hot.) rose-bay. 

adelfal, m. plantation of rose-bay trees. 

adelgazado, da, a. made slender or thin, — 

pp. of ADKT.GAZAR. 

adelgazador, ra, m. & f. one that makes 

thin or slender. 
adelgazamiento, m. slendemess, thinness. 

adelgazar lah-d«l-g«h-thar'], va. (pret. ADEL- 

GACT&: subj. adelgace) to attenuate, to 
make thin^ slender; to lessen; to refine; 

to taper; (met.) to discuss with subtil ty. — 

vr. to become slender. 
adema, /. ademe, m. (min. ) shore ; strut ; 

ademador, m. (min,) mine carpenter who 

places props. 
adem^n, m. gesture, look, manner ; attitude. 
ademar, va. (min.) to shore. 
adem&S, adv. moreover, likewise, further ; 

short of this ; besides. 
adenitis, /. adenitis. 
adenologia, /. (anat.) description of the 

adenoso, sa, a. glandular, 
adentellar, va. to bite, to catch with the 

teeth : adentellar una pared, to leave tooth- 
ing-stones or bricks to continue a wall, 
adentro, adv. within, internally, inside.—^/, 

the innermost thoughts. 
adeptO, 7)1. adept ; initiated. 
aderezamiento, A', embellishing; dressing. 
aderezar, va. {pret. aderec^ : subj. adere- 

ce) to dress, embellish, adorn ; to prepare ; 

to cook, season ; to dress salad ; to clean ; 

repair ; to mix drinks ; to blend wines ; 

to gum silk • to size stuffs. 
aderezo, m. dressing and adorning ; finery ; 

gum, starch, used to stiffen cloth with ; set 

of jewelry ; trappings or caparisons of a 

saddle-horse ; furniture ; hilt, hook, and 

other appendages of a sword, 
aderra,/. rush rope. 
adestrado, da, «. (her, ) on the dexter side 

of the escutcheon,— ^^, of adestrar, 
adestrador, ra, m. & /. teacher; censor, 

adestramiento, m. v. adiestramiento. 
adestrar, va. {ind. adiestro : subj. ames- 

tre) to guide, to lead; to teach; to train. 

— JT. to exercise one's self. 
adeudado, da, a. indebted.— pp. of adeu- 


adeudar, va. to owe ; to be dutiable ; (com.) 
to charge ; debit. — vr. to run into debt. 

adeudo, m. indebtedness ; custom-house 
duty; (com.) debit; charge. 

adherencia, /. alliance ; adherence ; rela- 
tionship ; friendship. 

adherente, a. adhesive, adherent. — m. fol- 

adherir, vn. {ind. adhiero : suM. adhiera) 
to adhere, to stick to. — vr. to stick fast. 

adliesidn, /. adhesion ; cohesion, attach- 

adhesivo, va, a. adhesive. 

adhiero, yo adhiera (from adherir). 

ad hoc, (Lat.) expressly. 

adiafa, /. tip given to seamen at end of a 

adiamantadO, da, a. adamantine. 

adicibn, /. addition, extension; remark or 
note put to accounts: adici6n de la heren- 
cia, acceptance of an inheritance. 

adicionaaor, ra, m. &f. one who adds. 

adicional, a. supplementary, additional. 

adicionar, va. to make additions, to add to ; 
to extend, prolong. 

adicto, ta, a. addicted, attached. 

adiestrador, ra, «. v. adestrador. 

adiestrar, va. V. adestrar. 

adiestro, yo adiestre {irr. from ades- 

adietar, va. to diet. 

adinamia,/. debility, prostration. 

adinerado, da, a. rich, wealth v. 

adintelado, da, a. (ar«h.) falling from an 
arch gradually into a straight line. 

adids, interj. good-bye, adieu. 

g (before e, I) and J as h In hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; ft, ny in canyon ; r (inltUi) and rr trilled ; ■, bisMd 




adipocira,/. adipocere. 

adipOSidad,/. adiposity. 

adiposo, sa, a. (med.) fat, adipose: tcjido 
adipoBo, adipose tissue. 

adlr, va. to accept an inheritance. 

adltamentO, m. addition. 

adiva,/- adive, w. jackal.— pi. adlvas, (vet.) 
vives, fives. 

adlyiiiaci6ii, /. divination. 

adivinador, ra. m. &/. diviner, soothsayer. 

adlvinaja,/. riddle, puzzle, conundrum. 

adivinajnlento, m. V. adivinaci6n. 

adiyinanza, /• prophecy, prediction; enig- 
ma, riddle, conundrum ; guess. V. adivi- 

adivlnar, va. to foretell future events, to 
soothsay ; to conjecture, divine, guess ; to 
solve a riddle. 

adivlno, na, rn. & f. soothsayer ; foreboder, 
fortune-teller; wizard- guesser. 

adjetivaci6n,/. concordin^, 

ad etivadamente, adv. adjectively. 

ad, etival, a. adjectival. 

ad etivar, va. to concord. 

adjetivo, va, a. (gram.) adjective. — m. nom- 
bre adjetivo, noun adjective : verbo adjetivo, 
any and all Spanish verbs, except ser: ad- 
jetivo calicafttivo, qualifying adjective: ad- 
jetivo comparativo, comparative adjective: 
adjetivo gentilicio, proper adjective : adjetivo 
determinatlvo, limiting adjective. 

adjudicacldn,/. adjudgment, adjudication. 

adjudicador, ra, a. adjudger, adjudicator. 

adjudicar, ra. to adjudge, adjudicate. — vr. 
to appropriate to one's self. 

adjudlcativo, va, a. adjudicative. 

adjudicatario, ria, m. &f. grantee. 

adluncidn,/. (law) adjunction. 

adjunta,/. (com.) letter inclosed in another. 

adjunto, ta, «. joined, annexed, inclosed, 
adjunct. — »n. adjective ; addition. 

adjutor, ra, a. & n. adjuvant ; helper, as- 

adminicular, t-a. (law) to increase the power 
of a thing by collateral aids. 

admlniculo, m. prop, support, aid, 

administraclbn, /. administration, man- 
agement ; office of an administrator : admi- 
alstracidn milltar, commissariat : administra- 
ci6n econdmica, treasury department : admi- 
niitracidn pdblica, public administration : 
por adminiitracidn, by the government: en 
administraclin, in trust. 

admlnlstrador, ra, m. & /. administrator, 
manager; steward, director, trustee: admi- 
nlBtrador de adnanai, collector of the customs. 

admlnlstrador ClllO, m. dim. a petty man- 

admlnlstrar, va. to administer, govern, 
manage ; to serve an office ; to apply a rem- 

admlnlstratlvamente, adv. administra- 

admlnlstratlvo, va, a. administrative; 

admlnlstratorlo, rla, a. (law) belonging to 
an administration or administrator. 

admirable, a. admirable, excellent. 

admirablemente, adv. admirably. 

admiracl6n,/. admiration, wonder ; point of 
exclamation, i !. 

admirador, ra, m. &f. admirer. 

admlrando, da, a, worthy of admiration. 

admlrar, va. to admire, marvel, contem- 
plate.— rr. to wonder. 

admlratlvamente, adv. admiratively. 

admlratlvo, va. a. admiring, wondering. 

adnxlsible, a. admissible. 

admlsl6n,/. admission, acceptance. 

admltlr, va. to receive ; to concede ; to ac- 
cept ; to admit ; to permit. 

admonlclbn, /. admonition, warning, coun- 
sel, advice. 

admonltor, m. monitor, in some religious 

adnata,/, (anat.) adnata, the external white 
membrane of the eye. 

adnato, ta, a. adnate. 

adobado, m. pickled pork. — a. pickled ; cur- 
ried, dressed.— /ip. of adobar. 

adObador, ra, m. &f. dresser, preparer. 

adobar, va. to dress, to prepare ; to pickle 
pork or other meat ; to cook ; to tan hides. 

adobe, m. unburnt brick dried iu the sun. 

adobera,/. mould for making bricks ; Mexi- 
can cheese. 

adOberia,/. brick-yard. V. TENERfA. 

adobio, m. front wall of a blast-furnace. 

aidobo, m. repairing, mending ; pickle-sauce ; 
dressing for seasoning ; ingredients for 
dressing leather or cloth ; pomade, cos- 

adocenado, da, a. common, ordinary, y\i\- 

ga.T.—^jp. ADOCENAR. 

adocenar, va. to count or sell by dozens ; 10 
depreciate, underrate. 

adoctrinar, va. to instruct. V. doctrinar. 

adolecente, adOleclente, pa. sutferer ; pa- 

adolecer, vn. {ind. adolezco : subj. adolez- 
ca) to be seized with illness; to suffer; be 
subject to. — vr. to condole. 

adolescencla,/. adolescence. 

adolescente, a. adolescent, young. 

adolezco {irr. from adolecer). 

adolorado, adolorldo, a. v. dolorido. 

adomlcillarse, va. V. domiciliarse. 

Adonai, «. one of the names of Deity. 

adonde,arft'. whither? to what place? where^ 

adondequlera, adv. wherever. 

addnlCO, adonlo, m. a Latin verse consist- 
ing of a dactvl and a spondee. 

Adonis, vt. Adonis, handsome youth. 

adopclbn,/. adoption. 

adopclonlsmo, m. adoptionism, ancient. 
Spanish sect. 

adopcionlsta, a. adoptionist, sectarian. 

adoptable, a. adoptable. 

adoptador, ra, m. &/. adopter. 

adoptante, pa. adopter. 

adoptar, m. to adopt, to father ; to embrace 
an opinion ; adopt a resolution. 

adopt! vo, va, a. adoptive. 

adoquin, m. paving-stone. 

adoqulnado, m. pavement. 

adoqulnar, va. to pave. 

ador, 7n. time for watering land, where water - 
is othcially distributed. 

adorable, a. adorable, worshipful. 

adoracldn,/. adoration, worship. 

adorador, fa, m. &f. one who adores ; wor- 
shipper. adorer; worshipper. 

adorar, t-c. to adore, worship, idolize, idola- 
trize ; to love excessively. 

adoratorlo, m. temples of idols in America ; . 

adoratrlz, /. nun of a religious order that 
befriend reformed women. 

adormecedor, ra, a. soporiferous, soporific. 

adormecer, vr. {ind. adormezco : subj. ador- 
mezca) to cause drowsiness or sleep ; to lull 
asleep; to calm, lull. — vr. to fall asleep; to 
grow benumbed ; (met.) to persist in vice. 

adormecldo, da, a. mopish; sleepish, drow- 
sy.— />/». of ADORMECER. 

« u in far ; • in eb 1 ; i In p«lice ; o in for ; u in bnll ; c (before e, 1) and s m tb in thick ; b and d, wfl ; 




AdorxnecilOieiltO, m, drowsiness, slumber, 
sleepiness, numbness, mopishness. 

adormezco {irr. from adormecer). 

adormidera,/. (bot.) poppy. 

adormilarse, vi: v. adormitarse. 

adormir, vn. to fall asleep. 

adormitarse, vr. to doze, drowse. 

adornado, a, a. ornamented, adorned. 

adornador, ra, m. &f. adorner, decorator. 

adornamiento, m. embellishment. 

adornante, pa. one who adorns or embel- 

adomar, va. to beautify, embellish, grace, 
decorate, ornament; to furnish, garnish; 
to accomplish ; adorn with talents. 

adornista, m. painter, decorator. 

adomo, m. adorning, accomplishment ; orna- 
ment, finery, decoration, habiliment ; gar- 
niture, furniture. 

adquirente, adquiriente, a. p. acquirer. 

adquiridor, ra, m. &/. acquirer, 

adquirir, va. {ind. adquiero : subj. adquie- 
ra) to acquire, to obtain, to get. 

adquisicibn [ad-key-see-thie-on'],/. acquisition ; 

adquisidor, ra, «. v. adquiridor. 

adqulsitiVO, va, adj, acquisitive. 

adra,/. turn, time, successive order; portion 
of the inhabitants of a town. 

adragantO, m. tragacanth. 

adrales, m. pi. hurdles in carts. 

adrazo, m. alembic for distilling sea water, 

adrede, adredemente, ado. purposely, 

adrian, m. bunion : nest of a magpie. 

adrizar, tja, (naut.) to right. 

adscribir, va. (pp. adscripto) to appoint a 
person to a place or employment. 

adscripcibn, /. nomination ; appointment ; 

adscripto, ta, irr. pp. adscript. 

aduana,/. custom-house : arancel de adtianas, 
tariff": corredor de aduana, custom-house 
broker : derecho de aduana, duty. 

aduanar, va. to enter goods at' the custom- 
house ; to pay duty. 

aduanero, ra, a. belonging to the custom- 
house. — m. custom-house oflScer ; revenue 

aduar, m. horde, a migratory crew ; village 
of Arabs ; horde of gipsies. 

aducar, m. coarse sort of silk from outer part 
of cocoon ; the stuff made from that silk. 

«,dUCCi6n,/. adduction. 

aducir, va. (ind. ADUZCO : subj. ADUZCA ipret. 
aduje) to adduce, to cite. 

ftductor, «i. (anat.) adductor (muscle). 

aduendado, da, a. ghost-like. 

adueSiarse, vr. to take possession of, to seize. 

adufe, m. timbrel or tambourine. 

adufero, ra, m. &f. tambourine-player. 

adugadas, adujas, /, pi. (naut.) coil or a 
coiled cable, 

adular, va. (naut.) to coil a cable. 

adma,/. v. dui-a. 

adulaci6n,/. flattery, fawning, coaxing. 

adulador, ra, m. & f. flatterer, fawner, 

adtQar, va. to flatter, soothe, coax, court, 
compliment ; to fawn, creep, crouch, grovel. 

adulatoriO, ria, a. flattering, honey- 

adulero, m. v. dulero. 

adul6n, na, a. gross flatterei'. 

adultera,.f. adulteress, 

adulteraci6n, /. adulteration, sophistica- 

adulterado, da, a. sophisticated, adulter- 
ated.— ^j). of ADULTERAR. 

adulterador, ra, m. & /. one who adulter- 
ates ; falsifier. 

adnlterante,pa. adulterating, 

adtllterar, va. to adulterate; to corrupt. — 
vn. to commit adultery. 

adulterinamente, adv. in an adulterou.s 

adulterino, na, a. adulterous • begotten in 
adultery ; adulterated, falsified, forged. 

adulterio, m. adultery. 

adiiltero, ra, m. &f. adulterer, 

adultO, ta, a. adult, grown up. 

adulzar, va. to render metals more ductible, 

adumbracibn, /. adumbration, shade in a 

adunar, va. to unite, join ; unify, 

adunco, ca, a. aduncous ; curved ; warped, 

adunia, adv. abundantly. 

adustO, ta, «. gloomy, austere, untractable, 

aduzco, aduzca, aduje (irr. from aducir). 

advenedizo, za, a. foreign, stranger, new- 
comer, immigrant ; parvenu. 

advenidero, ra, a. v. venidero. 

advenimiento, m. arrival ; advent. 

advenir, V7i. to come, to arrive. 

adventicio, Cia, a. adventitious, accidental ; 
(law) acquired by industry. 

adverbial, a. adverbial. 

adverbialmente, adv. adverbially. 

adverbiO, m. adverb, 

adversameute, adv. adversely, unfortu- 

adversariO, m. opponent ; antagonist ; foe. 

adversativo, va, a. (gram.) adversative, 

adversidad,/, calamity, misfortune, 

adverso, sa, a. adverse, calamitous, afflic- 
tive ; opposite, averse. 

advertencia, /. admonition, warning, ad- 
vice ; remark, notice. 

advertidamente, adv. advisedly, delibei^- 

advertidO, da, a. noticed ; skilful ; intelli- 
gent ; expert ; clever.—^/), of advertir. 

advertimlento, m. v. advertencia. 

advertir, va. {ind. advierto : subj. AD- 
VIERTA :pre<. kl advirti6) to take notice of, 
to observe ; to instruct, advise, give notice 
or warning ; to acq-uaint ; to mark, to note. 

adviento, m. advent, the four weeks before 

advierto, advierta, 61 advirtid {irr. from 

advocacibn, /. appellation given to a church, 
chapel, or altar, dedicated to the holy Vir- 
gin or a saint. 

adyacente, a. adjacent ; contiguous. 

aechadero, m. place where grain is sifted, 

aecbador, ra, m. &/. sifter; sieve. 

aechaduras, /./>/. the refuse of grain, chaff, 

aecbar, va. to sift grain. 

aecbo. m. sifting of grain. 

aeracibn,/. (chem.) aeration, charging with 
gas or with air; (med.) action of atmos- 
pheric air in the treatment of disease. 

aereo, rea, a. aerial ; (met.) airy, fantastic 

aerifero, a, a. air-conducting. 

aerlficar, va. (chem.) to gasify, aerify. 

aeriforme, a. (chem.) aeriform, gaseous. 

aerodln^mlca, /. aerodynamics. 

aerdforo, a, a. air-conducing. 

aerografla,/. aerography. 

aeroiitO, m. aerolite, meteoric stone. 

aerologia,/. aerology, 

aeromancla,/. aeromancy, 

aerom&ntlCO, m. professor or student of 

aerometria,/. aerometry. 

g (before e^ 1) and J as h In hot ; b, silent ; 21 in brilliant ; ft, ny In canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; «, 


aerbmetro, m. (chem.) aerometer. 

aeronauta, m. aerouaut. 

aeronautica,/. aeronautics. 

aeronautico, ca, «. aeronautic. 

aeroscopia,/. aeroscopy. 

aerostacion,/. aerostation. 

aerostatica,/. aerostatics. 

aerostaticOjCa, a. aerostatic. 

aer6statO, >n. aerostat, air balloon. 

aeta, »i. tribe of mountaineers in the Philip- 
pines ; their language. 

afabilidad, /. affability, graciousness, cour- 

afable, «. affable, agreeable, courteous, civil. 

afablemente, adv. aff"ably, good-naturedly. 

afaca,/. (bot.) yellow vetch. 

afamado, da, a. celebrated, noted, famous. 

af&n, in. anxiety, solicitude, eagerness. 

afanadamente, afanosamente, adv. anx- 
iously, laboriously, eagerly. 

afanador, ra, m. &f. eager for riches ; pains- 
taker; hustler. 

afanar, vn. & vr. to toil, to labour ; to be over- 
solicitous. — vr. to toil, etc., too much. 

afanita,/. v. anfibolita. 

afanoso, sa, a. solicitous ; laborious, pains- 

afarallonado, da, a. steep, cliffy. 

afasia,/. aphasia. 

afeador, ra, m. &/. one vrho or that which 
deforms or makes ugly. 

afeamientO, m. defacing ; ugliness. 

afear, va. to deform, disfigure, deface, to mis- 
shape ; to make look ugly ; to decry, to con- 

afeblecerse, vr. to grow feeble or delicate. 

afeccibn taii-fec-twe-on'l, /. affection, inclina- 
tion, fondness; (med.) chronic disease. 

afectacidniati-fec-ta-thie-on'],/. affectation, arti- 
ficial appearance, daintiness, finicalness. 

afectadameute, adv. affectedly. 

afectado, da, a. affected, formal, conceited, 
finical, foppish.— ^j?. of afectar. 

afectador, ra, m. &f. one who acts affectedly. 

afectar, va. to make a show of something, to 
feign, to affect, influence, make an impres- 
sion ; (law) to charge, impose, encumber. — 
IT. to be moved, to reel some emotion. 

afectjvo, va, a. affective. 

afecto, m. affection, love, fondness, fancy, 
concern : afectos desordenados, inordinate de- 
sires. — a. affectionate, fond, inclined ; (law) 
subject to some charge or encumbrance. 

afectuosamente, adv. fondly, affectionately. 

afectuosidad,/. fondness. 

afectuoso, sa, «. loving, fond. 

afeitar, va. to shave ; to beautify, embellish, 
make up ; to trim a plant or tree ; to trim 
the tails and manes of horses. — vr. to shave 
one's self; to use paints or rouge. 

afeite, m. paint, rouge, cosmetic. 

afelio, m. (ast.) aphelion. 

afelpado, da, a. plush or velvet-like. 

afeminaci6n, /. effeminacy, emasculation. 

afeminadamente, adv. effeminately. 

afeminado, da, a. effeminate.— ^p. of afe- 


afemlnamlento, m. v. afeminaci6n. 
afeminar, va. to effeminate, to unman, 
aferesis,/. (gram.) aphaeresis. 
aferrado, da, a.headstrong.— pp.of aferrar. 
aferrador, ra, m. & f. one that grapples or 


aferramlentO, m. grasping, grappling, seiz- 
ing or binding : aferramiento de las velaa, 
(naut.) the furling of the sails ; headstrong- 

aferrar, va. to grapple, to grasp, to seize 



fnaut.) to furl, to moor, to anchor. — it. 

(naut.) to grasp one another strongly; 

(met.) to persist obstinately in an opinion. 
aferruzadO, da, a. angry, irate. 
afestonado, a, a. festooned. 
afianzamlentO, m. security, guarantee, bail ; 

prop, support. 
afianzar, va. {pret. afiance : suhj. afiance) 

to become bail or security, to guarantee ; to 

prop ; to make fast, clinch. 
aficion [ah-fe-thie-on'], /. affection, fondness ; 

eagerness, attachment, 
aficionadamente, adv. fondly, with liking, 

aficionado, da, m. & /. an amateur.— pp. of 


aficlonar, va. to cause or inspire affection or 
fondness. — vr. to fancy, to grow fond of. 

afijO, ja [ah-fee'-hoe], a. (gram.) affix, suffix, 

afiladera,/. whetstone. 

afiladisimo, ma, a. sup. extremely sharp. 

afilado, pp. of AFiLAR. — a. sharp, keen. 

afiladura,/. sharpening, whetting. 

afilamlento, m. slenderness of the face, nose, 
or fingers. V. afiladura. 

afilax, va. to whet, grind ; to render keen ; 
to taper, sharpen. — vr. to grow thin. 

afiliado, pp. & a. affiliated ; adopted. 

afiliar, va. to adopt ; to affiliate. — vr. to join 
a bodj"^ or society. 

afiligranadO,da,«. filigree, fillgreed; (met.) 
slender, thin, delicate, neat. 

afillgranar, va. to make filigree work; (met. ) 
to polish, embellish. 

afilO, la, a. (bot.) leafless. 

afildn, m. steel, knife-sharpener, razor- 

afilOSOfadO, da, a. applied to the person who 
sets up as a philosopher or savant. 

aflll; a. close by, contiguous, adjacent. — m. re- 
lation by affinity. 

afinaCibn [ah-fe-na-tliie-on'], /. completion, last 
touch, refining ; tuning of instruments. 

afinadamente, adv. completely, perfectly. 

afinado, da, a. well-finished, perfect, com- 
plete ; well tuned. — pp. of afinar. 

afinador, ra, m. & f. finisher ; piano-tuner ; 
tuning key. 

afinadura, m. V. afinaci6n. 

aflnamiento, m. r. afinaci6n. Refinement. 


afinar, va. to complete ; to polish ; to trim 
(binding) ; to tune : afinar los metales, to re- 
fine metals. — vr. to become polished, civi- 

afincar, va. to buy up real estate. 

afine, a. related, affinal, adjoining. 

afinldad, /. analogy^ resemblance ; relation- 
ship ; (chem.) affinity. 

afino, TO. refinement of metals. 

aflrmacidn, /. affirming, assertion. 

afirmadamente, adv. firmly. 

afirmador, ra, m. &/. one who affirms. 

aflnnante,/>«. the person who affirms. 

afirmar, va. to make fast, secure, clinch ; to 
affirm, assert, contend. — vr. to hold fast> 
make fast ; to maintain firmly. 

afirmativa,/. v. afirmaci6n. 

aflrmativamente, adv. affirmatively. 

afirmativo, va, a. affirmative. 

afistolar, va. to render fistulous. 

aflechada, a. arrow-shaped ; said of leaves. 

aflicclbn/. affliction, sorrow, grief, anguish. 

afllctiVO, va, a. afflictive, distressing, griev- 
ous : pena afllctiva, corporeal punishment. 

afllctO, ta, pp. irr. of afligir. 

afligidainente, adv. grievously. 

a as in f ar ; e in eh I ; i In police ; o in for ; n in bull : c Cbefore «. i) and i as th In thick. ; b and i, son ; 

AFL 15 

Afli^ixaiento, m. V. aflicci6n. 

Afligir, Id. {ind. AFLIJO: s-iibj. aflija) to 
afflict, to cause pain. — vr. to grieve, lan- 
guish, repine. 

anojadura, /. aflojamiento, m. relaxation, 
loosening or slackening. 

aflOjar, va. to loosen, slacken, relax, let 
loose; to relent, debilitate: (naut.) afloJar 
loB obenqnes, to ease the shrouds. — vn. to 
grow weak, to abate. — vr. to grow cool in 
fervour or zeal ; to lose courage. 

aflorado, «. v. floreado. 

afloramiento, »J. (min.) cropping out, 

aflorar, vn. to crop out. 

afluencia,/. plenty, abundance ; fluency, vol- 

afluente, a. aflluent, copious, abundant ; 
loquacious. — m. affluent, a tributary. 

afluir, va. {ind. afluyo : subj. afluya) to 
congregate, assemble ; to discharge into an- 
other stream. 

aflujo, ni. (med.) afflux, Effluxion. 

afogarar, va. v. asukar. 

afollar, va. to blow with bellows. 

afondar, va. to put under water; (naut.) to 
sink, to founder. 

afonia,/. (med.) loss of voice. 

af6nlco, ca, afono, na, a. aphonic. 

aforado, a. privileged person.— pp. of afo- 

aforador, m. ganger, appraiser. 

aforamientO, m. gauging ; appraisement. 

aforar, va. to gauge, measure vessels or 
quantities ; to appraise ; to give privileges. 

aforisma, /. (farr.) swelling in the arteries 
of beasts. 

aforismo, m. aphorism, maxim. 

aforistiCO, ca, a. aphoristical. 

aforo, m. gauging; appraisement. 

aforrador, ra, m. &/. one who lines clothes. 

aforrar, va. to line clothes : aforrar una casa, 
to ceil a house ; (naut.) to sheathe : aforrar 
un cabo, (naut.) to serve a cable. — vr. to put 
on heavy underclothing ; to gorge. 

aforro* m. lining; (naut.) sheathing; (naut). 
waist of a ship. 

afortunadamente, adv. luckily, 
afortunado, da, «. fortunate, happy, lucky. 

—pp. of AFORTUNAR. 

afortunar, va. to make happy. 

afosarse, vr. (mil.) to defend one's self by 

making a ditch, 
afoscarse, vr. to become hazy, 
afrailar, va. (agr.) to trim trees, 
afrancesado, da, a. Frenchified, French-like. 


arrancesar, m. to Gallicize, to give a French 
termination to words. — vr. to imitate the 
French ; to be naturalized in France. 

afrecho, m. bran. 

afrenillar, vn. (naut.) to bridle the oars. 

afrenta, /. affront, dishonour, outrage, in- 
sult, abuse, infamy, disgrace, stigma. 

afrentar, va. to affront, to insult. — vr. to be 
affronted ; to blush. 

afrentosamente, adv. ignominiously. 

afrentOSO, sa, a. ignominious, outrageous. 

afretar, va. to scrub and clean the bottom of 
a vessel. 

afrlcano, na, or afro, a. African. 

ifrico, m. the south-west wind. V. abrego. 

afrisonado, da, a. resembling a Friesland 

afrodisiaco, «. aphrodisiac. 

afrontar, vn. to confront ; to face. 

afta,/. (med.) aphthae, thrush. 

aftOSO, sa, «. (med.) aphthous. 

afuera, adv. outside, outward, in public. — 


f. pi. suburbs, environs; lafaeral clear the 

afufa,/. (coll.) flight. 
afufar, vn. amfarse, vr. (coll.) to run away, 

to escape. 
afusidn,/. affusion, shower-bath. 
afUSte, m. gun-carriage: afuste de mortero. 

agachadiza, /. (zool.) snipe: hacer la aga- 

chadiza, (coll.) to conceal one's self. 
agachar, va. to lower, bow down. — vr. to 

stoop, squat, crouch, cower: agachar las 

orejas, (coll. ) to be humble ; to be dejected, 

dispirited, chopfallen. 
agalbanado, da, a. v. galbanoso. 
agalerar, va. (naut.) to tip an awning. 
agMocO, m. (Dot.) aloes wood, 
agalla, /. (hot.) gall-nut: agalla de cipris, 

cypress gall ; tonsils; wind-gallsof a horse : 

beaks of a shuttle ; the side of the head of 

birds corresponding to the temple.— pZ. 

(coll.) courage, cheek, gall. 
agalladO, da, a. steeped in an infusion of 

agallato, m. gall ate. 
agalliCO, a. gallic. 
agall6ll, TO. large gall-nut: agallones, pi. 

strings of hollow silver beads ; wooden 

beads put to rosaries. 
agalluela,/. dim. small gall-nut. 
agamitar, va. to imitate the voice of a fawn, 
agamuzado, da, a. chamois-coloured, 
agangrenarse, vr. to gangrene. 
agarbado, da, a. V. garboso.— ?>p. of agar- 


agarbarse, vr. to bend, stoop down, crouch. 

agarbillar, v. agavillar. 

agareno, na, a. Mohammedan. 

ag^rico, m. (bot.) agaric, fungus. 

agarrada,/. (coll.) altercation, wrangle. 

agarradero, m. hold, haft, handle; (coll.) 
protection, Wtronage ; (naut.) anchorage.' 

agarrado, da, a. miserable, stingy, close- 
fisted.— pp. of AGARRAR. 

agarrador, ra, a. one that grasps or seizes. 
— m. sadiron-holder ; catch-pole ; bailiff. 

agarrafar, va. (coll.) to grapple hard in a 

agarrama, /. v. garrama. 

agarrar, va. to grasp, seize, lay hold of; 
(coll.) to obtain; to come upon. — vr. to 
clinch, grapple, hold on. 

agarro, m. grasp. 

agarrochador, to. pricker, goader. 

agarrocbar, agarrocbear, va. to prick 
with a pike or spear ; to goad. 

agarrotar, va. to compress bales with ropes 
and cords. 

agasajador, ra, to. & /. officious, kind, ob- 
liging person. 

agasajar, va. to receive and treat kindly ; 
to fondle ; to regale ; to entertain. 

agasajo, to. graceful and affectionate recep- 
tion ; attention shown ; friendly present ; 
afternoon refreshment or collation, 

d.gata, /. agate, a precious stone. 

agavanzo, to. or agavanza, /. (bot.) V. es- 


agave, to. v. pita. 

agavillar, va. to bind or tie in sheaves. — vr. 
(coll.) to associate with a gang of sharpers. 

agazapar, va.{ coll.) to nab a person. — vr. 
to hide one's self. 

agenda, /. agency ; ministration, commis- 
sion ; agent's bureau, office ; diligence. 

agenciar, va. to solicit, promote, negotiate, 

agencioso, sa, a. diligent, active. 

agenda, /. note-book ; memorandum. 

g (before e, j) and J as h in hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; n, ny in canyon ; r (initUl) and rr triUed ; s, hisseC 




agenesia,/, (med.) impotence. 

agente, m. ageut, actor, ininisterj solicitor, 
attorney : agente de cambios, bill-broker : 
agente de negocios, promoter : agente fiscal, 
assistant attorney : agente de policia, police 
officer, detective. 

agerasla, /. old age free from indispositions. 

ag^ratO, m. (bot. ) sweet milfoil or maudlin. 

agestadO, da (blen 6 mal), a. well or ill fea- 

agibillbUS, m. (coll.) application and in- 
dustry to obtain the conveniences of life. 

ag^ble, a. feasible, practicable. 

agigantado, da, a. gigantic, extraordinary, 

agil, n. nimble, ready, fast, light. 

agilidad, /. agility, nimbleness, activity, 
lightness, liveliness, sprightliness. 

agilitar, va. to render nimble ; make active. 

agilmente, adv. nimbly, actively. 

agio, agriotaje, m. (com.) exchange of paper 
money for coin, or coin for bills ; premium ; 
stock-jobbing ; usury ; jobbing. 

agiotador, »«. v. agiotista. 

agiotista, m. money-changer , bill-broker, 
stock-jobber ; usurer. 

agitable, a, agitable ; that can be shaken. 

agitaci6n, /. agitation, flurry, flutter, fluc- 
tuation, fidget, fretting, excitement. 

agitador, ra, m. &f. fretter, agitator. 

agitanado, da, a. gipsy-like, bewitching. 

agitar, ra. to agitate, shake up, ruffle, dis- 
cuss. — ;■;•. to flutter, palpitate. 

aglomeracidn, /. agglomeration, heaping up. 

aglomerado, m. brick made with coal-dust 
and tar, used for fuel. 

aglomerar, va. to heap upon. 

aglutinacibn, /. agglutination. 

aglutinante, a. agglutinating.— ;ja. of AGLU- 
TiNAR. — m. (med.) sticking-plaster. 

aglutinar, va. to glue together, to aggluti- 

aglutinatiVO, va, a. agglutinative, 

agnaci6n, /. (law) relation by blood on the 
father's side ; from male issue. 

agnado, da, a. (law) related to a descendant 
of the same paternal line. 

agnaticiO, Cia, «. belonging to the agnado. 

agnici6n, /. (rhet.) recognition of a person 
in a poem or drama ; agnition. 

agnocasto, m. v. sauzgatillo. 

agnosticismo, m. agnosticism. 

agnbstico, ca, adj. agnostic. 

agnus-dei, m. agnus, wax cake blessed by 
the Pope ; part of the service of the mass ; 
ancient Spanish coin, of smallest value. 

agobiar, va. to bend the body down ; (met.) 
to oppress, grind. — vr. to bow ; to couch. 

agobio, m. bending down ; (met.) oppression, 
dejection, load. 

agojia, /. water outlet in mines. 

agolar, va. (naut.) to furl the sails. V. 

agolpamiento, m. crowding, a rush. 

agolparse, vr. to crowd, to rush. 

agonales, a. pi. games in honour of Janus. 

agonia, /. agony, pangs of death ; violent 
pain of body or mind j vehement desire. 

agonioso, sa, adj. anxious, eager. 

agonistica, /. athletics ; science of combat. 

agonizante, pa. a dying person; a monk 
who assists a dyin^ person ; in some univer- 
sities, he who assists students in their ex- 

agonizar, va. to assist dying persons ; (met.) 
to annoy, to importune. — vn. estar agonizan- 
do, to be in the agony of death. 

&gOra,/. agora, public place in Greek cities. 

I agorar, ra. to divine, to prognosticate. 

agorero, ra. m. & /. diviner. 

agorgojarse, vr. to be destroyed by grubs. 
applied to corn. 

agOStadero, nu summer pasture. 

agOStamientO, m. parching up. 

agOStar, ca. to parch. — vn. to pasture cattle 
on stubbles in summer. 

agostero, m. harvest-man ; religious men- 
dicant who begs corn in August. 

agOStiZO, za, a. person born in August ; colt 
foaled in that month ; weak. 

agOStO, m. August ; harvest-time, harvest. 

agotable, a. exhaustible. 

agOtamientO, m. exhaustion. 

agotar, va. to drain off waters; (met.) to 
oeat out one's brains ; to run through a for- 
tune ; to exhaust : agotar la paciencia, to 
tire one's patience. 

agracejO [aii-grah tiiay'-hoel, w. unripeued grapc; 
unripe olive that falls ; a kind of shrub. 
V. MAROJO, a Cuban tree. 

agrace&O, fla, laU-Kraii-thay'-nyo], a. resembling 

a^acera, /. verjuice cruet. — a. vine yield- 
ing unripening fruit. 

agraciado, da, a. graceful, genteel.— /tj?. of 
AGRACiAR.— ju. a grantee. 

agn^aciar, va. to adorn, embellish ; to favour ; 
to grace ; to give employment. 

agracillo, m. v. agracejo. 

agradabilisimo, ma, a. sup. most agreeable. 

agradable, «. agreeable, pleasing, pleasant, 

agradablemente, adv. agreeably. 

agradar, va. to please, gratify, humour ; to 
like. — vr. to be pleased. 

agnradecer, va. {md. agradezco : subj. agra- 
dezca) to acknowledge a favour ; to thank ; 
show gratitude. 

agradecido, da, a. acknowledged ; grateful, 
thankful.— p/». of agradecer. 

agradecimiento, m. gratefulness. 

agrradezco (*>?•. from agradecer). 

agrado, w«. affability, agreeableness, pleasure, 
liking : esto no es de mi agrado, that does not 
please me. 

agramadera, /. brake ; scutch. 

agramador, ra, m. &f. flax or hemp breaker. 

agramar, ca. to dress flax or hemp with a 

agramllar, va. to point and colour a brick 

agramiza, /. the stalk of hemp ; hemp, tow. 

agraudamientO, m. enlargement. 

agrandar, ca. to enlarge, aggrandize, in- 

agranujado, da, a. grain-shaped ; filled with 

agrario, ria, «. agrarian, rustic. 

agravacidn, f. aggravation. 

agravador, ra, »«. &/. oppressor. 

agravamiento, m. the act of aggravating. 

agravantemente, adv. aggravatingly ; with 

agravar, vn. to add to a load ; to oppress 
with taxes and public burdens ; to aggrieve; 
to exaggerate. — vr. to become "Jnore grave. 

agravatoriO, rla, a. (law) compulsory, ag- 

agraviadainente, adv. injuredly; in an 
offeuded manner. 

agraviador, ra, m. & f. injurer, wronger, 

agraviamiento, m. wrong, offence, injury. 

agraviante, pa. aggravating, ofteuding. 

agfravlar, va. to wrong, offend, injure, narm. 
— vr. to be aggrieved, piqued. 

a M In far ; e in eh I ; i in volice : o <n for ; q in ball ; c (before e, l) and z as th in thick ; b and d, aofti 

AGR 17 


agraviO, m. oflfence, insult, aflTront, injury, 
damage, harm. 

AgraviOSO, sa, «. offensive, insulting, aggra- 

agraz, m. unripe grape ; grape verjuice ; 
(coll.) displeasure, disgust; (bot.) red-ber- 
ried mistletoe : en agraz, adv. unseasonably. 

agrazada,/. 7erjuice-water, with sugar. 

agrazar, vn. to taste sour. — va. to disgust, vex. 

agraz6n, m. wild grape; (bot.) gooseberry- 
bush; (coll.) displeasure, resentment. 

agrecillo, m. v. agracillo. 

agregacion, /. aggregation, collection. 

agregado, m. aggregate ; congregation ; as- 
sistant ; supernumerary ; attache. 

agregar, va. to aggregate, collect, heap to- 
gether ; to nominate, appoint. 

agremiar, va. & «?•. to form a guild. 

agresibn, /. aggression, attack, assault. 

agresivamente, adv. aggressively. 

agresiVO, va, a. aggressive. 

agresor, ra, a. aggressor, assaulter ; (law) 
oue who tramples upon another's rights. 

agreste, a. rustic, country-like, wild ; (met.) 
rude, uncultured, uncouth. 

agrete, «. sourish, tartish. 

agriamente, adv. harshly, tartly, bitterly, se- 

agriar, va. to make sour or tart ; (met. ) to 
irritate, exasperate. — vr. to sour, turn acid. 

*agriaz, m. (bot.) bead-tree. 

agricola, a. & n. agricultural ; agriculturist. 

agnriCHltor, m. husbandman, farmer. 

agricultora, /. the woman who tills the 

agricultura, /. agriculture. 

agridulce, a. bitter sweet. 

agrietado, da, «. cracked, defective. 

agrietarse, vr. to be filled with cracks. 

agrifoliO, m. (bot.) holly-tree. 

agrilla,/. (hot.) v. acedera. 

agrillarse, w. V. grillarse. 

agrillO, 11a, a. dim. sourish, tartish. 

agrimensor, m.. land surveyor. 

agrimensura, /. art of surveying land. 

agrimonia, /. (bot.) agrimony, liverwort. 

agrio, ria, a. sour, acrid ; (met. ) rough, ap- 
plied to a road ; (met. ) sharp, rude, un- 
pleasant : una respvesta agria, a tart reply ; 
brittle, unmalleable : applied to metals. 

agrlO, m. acidity of some fruits.— j>/. agrios, 
sour fruit-trees. 

agridn, m. (far.) callosity in a horse's knee, 

agrisadO, da, a. grayish. 

agrisetado, da, a. flowered silks. 

agronomia, /. theory of agriculture. 

agrbnomo, m. a writer on agriculture. 

agropilaj yn. German bezoar. 

agrupacibn, /. cluster, crowd ; group. 

agrupar, va. to group, to cluster. 

agrura,/. acidity, acerbity ; orchard of sour 

agua, /. water, liquid, fluid, rain ; the sea ; 
(chem.) liquor distilled from herbs, flowers, 
or fruit; lustre of diamonds; (naut.) leak- 
(arch.) slope of a roof: agua rica, scented 
water, in Peru : agua llovediza, rain-water : 
agua dulce, fresh, drinking water : agua fuer- 
te, nitric acid ; an etching : agua da nieve, 
ice-water : agua viva, running water : ; hom- 
bre al agua ! man overboard.—^/, mineral 
waters in general ; clouds in silk and other 
stuffs ; gloss in feathers, stones, etc.; urine; 
tide; (naut.) agua del pantoque, bilge-wa- 
ter : agua del timon, wake of a ship : agua 
de cepas, (coll.) wine. 

aguacatal, m. plantation of aguacates. 

aguacate or agualate, m. (bot. ) the avocado- 

tree and its fruit; alligator-pear; pear-shaped 

agnacatillO, m. (bot.) variety of the avocado- 

agruacero, m. heavy shower. 

aguacibera, /. ground sowed when dry and 
then irrigated ; water used for such irrigar 

aguachar, m. pool ; puddle. 

aguachar, aguacliaruar, aguacMnar, va. 


aguachirle, /. inferior wine ; slipslop ; any 
Dad liquor. 

aguada,/. watering-station ; flood in a mine ; 
(naut.) water on board a ship: hacer agua- 
da, to water ; (art) water-colour ; aquarelle. 

aguaderas, /. pi. frames for jars of water 
carried by horses. 

aguadero, m. watering-place for cattle or 

aguadija, /. humour in pimples or sores. 

aguado, da, a. watered ; abstemious, like a 
teetotaller.— py). of aguak. 

aguador, ra, m. & f. water-carrier: (mil.) 
aguador del real, sutler ; water-wheel bucket. 

aguaducllO,m. water-course ; stall for selling 

aguadura, /. surfeit of water in cattle. 

aguafiestas, m. &f. one who mars another's 

aguagoma,/. gum-water. 

aguaitar, va. to spy, watch, detect. 

aguajaque [aii-gwah-iia'-kay], m. a sort ot am- 
moniac gum. 

aguajas, /. pi. ulcers above the hoofs. 

aguaje [ah-gwah'-iiay], m. tidal wave; (naut.) 
sea current or stream ; wake of a ship. 

aguamanil, m. water-jug, laver ; wash-stand. 

aguamanos, m. water for washing the 
liands ; wash-stand. 

aguamarina, /. precious stone, pale green ; 

aguamelado, da, a. washed over with water 
and honey. 

aguamiel, /. hydromel, honey and water, 
mead ; unfermented juice of the maguey. 

aguana, /. wood used in canoe-making in 
South America. 

aguanieve, /. magpie ; sleet, snow. 

aguanosidad, /. serous humours. 

aguanoso, sa, a. extremely moist. 

aguantar, va. to sustain, suffer, bear, en- 
dure, abide; to maintain ; (naut.) to carry 
a stiff sail. — vr. to forbear. 

agruante, m. fortitude, firmness ; patience, 
tolerance: (naut.) navio de aguante, a stiff 

aguafl6n, wi. constructor of hydraulic ma- 

aguapi^, m. small wine. V. aguachirle. 

aguar, va. to dilute with water; (met.) to 
mar pleasure. — vr. to be filled with water. 

aguardar, va. to expect, await; to grant 
time, extend^ e. g. to a debtor. 

aguardenteria, /. liquor-shop. 

aguardentero, ra, m. &f. retailer of liquors. 

aguardentOSO, sa, a. mixed with liquor ; 
narsh (said of the voice). 

aguardiente, m. spirituous liquor: aguar- 
diente de cana, rum : aguardiente de cabeza, 
the first spirits drawn from the still. 

aguardo, m. lurking-place for a sportsman. 

aguarr^S, m. oil of turpentine. 

aguatocha, /. pump. 

aguaturma, f. (bot.) Jerusalem artichoke. 

aguavientos, m. (hot.) yellow sag©-tree. 

aguaza, /. aqueous humour ; sap from trees. 

aguazal, m. marsh, fen. V. pantano. 

g (before e, i) and J as h in hot ; h, client ; 11 in brilliant ; fi, ny In canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; •, 




aguazarse, vr. to become marshy. 

aguazo, painting in gouache. 

aguazoso, sa, «. aqueous. 

agruazur, m.. kind of dark green large-leaved 
barilla plant. 

agudeza, /. sharpness, acuteness, subtilty, 
fineness ; witty saying, repartee ; smart- 

agudo, da, «. sharp-pointed, keen-edged ; 
smart, sharp ; high-pitched ; (met. ) acute, 
witty; brisk, ready, active; (med.) acute, 
of rapid development : palabra aguda, word 
accented on the last syllable. 

agtiera, /. trench for irrigation. 

agliero, m. augury, prognostication, omen. 

agriiero, yo agiiere {irr. from agorar). 

aguerrido, da lah-gay-rree'-cioc', a. inured to 
war; veteran.^pp. of aguerrir. 

agUerrir [ah-gay-rreer'], va. (defective) tO aCCUS- 

tom to war. 
agUijada lah-gle-ha'-dah], /. spur, goad. 

aguijador, ra, m. & f. one that goads or 

aguiiadura, /. spurring ; the act of exciting, 
aguijar [aii-Kie-har'i, va. to prick, spur, goad ; 

to incite, stimulate. — vn. to march fast. 
aguijatorio, ria, a. (law) stimulating. 
aguljdn [aii-gie-hon'], TO. Sting of a bee, wasp, 

etc.; prick, spur, goad; (met.) stimulus: 

dar coces contra el aguijdn, to kick against 

the spur or goad. 
agUljOnaZO [ah-gle-hoe-nah'-thaw], TO. thrust with 

a goad. 

aglUJOneadOr, ra [ah-gie-hoe-nay-ah-dor'], TO. & 

f. one who pricks or goads. 

agUljOnear [ah-gle-hoe-nay-ai-'j, va. tO prick, 

thrust. V. AGUIJAR, to incite. 

^guila [ah'-gie-iah], /. eagle ; Roman emblem ; 
a gold coin ; (astr.) constellation. 

aguilando, to. v. aguinaldo. 

agllileflO,na[ah-gie-iay'-nyo],a. aquiline; hawk- 

agUllilla [ah-gle-le«l'-lya], /. dim. V. CABALLO 


agnildn, to. boom of a crane. — aug. of Iguila. 

aguilucno, to. young eagle, eaglet. 

aguinaldo [ah-gie-uai'-<ioe], TO. New-year's gift, 
Christmas present ; reed (Cuba). 

aguja [ah-goo'-hah], /. needle, bodkin, hat-pin ; 
spire, steeple; needle-fish, horn-fish; needle- 
shell ; hand of a watch ; style of a dial ; 
switch-rail (r. w.) ; spindle; pin (in typog- 
raphy and in artillery) ; a brad ; graft.— pf. 
ribs of an animal. 

agujazo, »»• prick with a needle. 

agH erar, va. to pierce. V. AGUJEREAR. 

agu; erear, va. to pierce, bore, prick. 

agUjeriCO, illO, to. dim. small hole. 

agujero ah-goo-hay'-roi, TO. hole ; needle-maker ; 
needle-seller; dug-out. 

agrujeta, /. lace, string or latchet, tipped with 
ferrules.— />/. tip given to post-boys or driv- 
ers ; pains from fttigue. 

agujeteria, /. shop where agtjjetai are made 
or sold. 

agujetero, ra, m. & /. maker or seller of 

agu16n, TO. aug. a large needle. 

agujuela, ./". brad. 

aguosidad, /. lymph. 

agUOSO, sa, a. aqueous. 

agrur, adv. (coll.) adieu, farewell, good-bye. 

agusanarse, vr. to be worm-eaten. 

agustlniano, na, m. & /. v. agustino, be- 
longing to the order of St. Augustin. 

agusiino, na, to. & f. monk or nun of the 
order of St. Augustine. 

aguzadera, /. whetstone. 

agUZadero, m. haunt of wild boars. 
aguzado, da, «. sharp, pointed, keen.— f»p, 


aguzador, m. a. sharpener. 

agruzadura, /. whetting or sharpeniag. 

aguzanieve, j'. wagtail, a small bird. 

aguzar, va. {pret. aguce: subj. aguce) to 
whet or sharpen; (met.) to stimulate, ex- 
cite : aguzar el ingenio, to sharpen the wit : 
aguzar las orejas, to cock up the ears : agu- 
zar la vista, to sharpen the sight. 

aguzonazo, m. v. hurgonazo. 

j ah ! fall , i)i/f>rj. ah ! V. i AY ! 

ahetirado, da, a. thread-like, fibrous. 

ahelear, va. to gall, embitter. — vn, to taste 

aherro:)amiento, to. putting in irons. 

aherrojar, va. to chain, put in irons. 

alierrumbrar, va. to impart the taste and 
colour of iron. — vi: to have the taste and 
colour of iron (as water) ; to be ferru- 
ginous ; to rust. 

ahervorarse, vr. to be heated. 

aM [ah-ee'] adv. there, in that place ; yonder. 

ahidalgadO, da, «. gentlemanly. 

ahijadO, a, m. &/. godchild ; protege. 

aMjadOr, to. one who puts a young animal to 

Sibi^&T, va. to adopt; (met.) to impute. — vn. 
to bring forth young ; to bud ; shoot out.- 

ahilarse, vr. to be faint, weak ; to grow sour ; 
to grow thin. 

ahilo, TO. faintness, weakness. 

aMncO, to. earnestness, eagerness, ardoui. 

ahitar, va. {pp. aiuto) to surfeit, cloy, sa- 
tiate. — vr. to be surfeited. 

ahitera,/. (coll.) violent or continued indi- 

amtO, ta, «. gorged, satiated, full; (met.) 
disgiisted, bored. — pp. irr. of ahitar. 

aMtO, TO. indigestion, surfeit, repletion. 

ahOCicar, vn. (naut.) to pitch or plunge. 

sihocinarse. vr. to run precipitately (a 

ahogadero, m. hangmay's rope ; place diffi- 
cult to breathe in ; throat-band ; halter. 

ahogadizo, za, o. harsh, unpalatable: cam* 
ahogadiza, flesh of drowned animals. 

ahogado, da, «. suffocated ; drowned ; close, 
unventilated : carncro ahogado, stewed mut- 
ton : estar ahogado or verse ahogado, to be 
overwhelmed with business or trouble.— /»jo. 
of ahogar. 

ahogador, ra, to. &/. hangman, 

ahogamlento, to. suffocation. V. ahogo. 

abOgar, va. {pret. AHOGU^ : subj. ahogue) to 
choke, throttle, smother; to drown; (met.) 
to oppress ; (met.) to quench, extinguish • to 
water plants to excess; (naut.) to founder. 
— vr. to be suffocated ; to drown one's self, 
be drowned. 

ahogo, TO. oppression ; anguish ; pain ; severe 

ahoguijo [ah-o-gie'-ho], TO. (vet. ) quinsy, swelled 

ahoguio [ah-o-gie'-oii], to. oppression in the 

ahombradO, da, a. (coll.) mannish. V. HOM- 


ahondar, va. to sink. — vn. to go deep, pene- 
trate; (met.) to advance in knowledge; to 

ahonde, to. act of sinking; depth to which a 
mine ought to reach to acquire title. 

ahora, «<"■. now, at present : por ahora, fof 
the present : ahora bien, now, then : hasta 
ahora, hitherto. — conj. whether, or. 

ahorcadO, to. hanged man. — pp. of AHORCAB. 

a ab iu far ; e in eh I ; i in police ; o ia for ; u In bull ; c (before e, i} aii<i z a» th In thick ; b and d. •ofl» 



aliorcadura, /. tbe act of hanging. 

ahorcajarse, vr. to sit astride. 

ahorcar, va. (pret. ahorque : subj. ahorque) 

to kill by hanging. 
abormar, va. to fit, shape, adjust ; to break 

in shoes ; (met.) to bring one to a sense of 

his duty. 
ahornagarse, vr. to get parched or burned : 

said of young leaves. 
ahomar, va. to put in an oven. — rr. to be 

scorched in the oven without being baked. 

allOrqUilladO, da [ah-or-kee-lya'-doe , a. forked. 

'—pp. of AHORQUILLAR. 
ahOrquillar [ali-or-kee-lyar'], va. tO Stay, tO Jjrop 

up with forks. — vr. to become forked. 
ahorrado, da, «. unencumbered.— />7J. of aho- 


ahorrador, ra, m. &f. emancipator. 

ahorramientO, m. emancipation, enfran- 

ahorrar, va. to enfranchise, emancipate, free 
a slave ; to economize, save, spare ; to shun 
labour, danger, or difficulties. 

ahorrativa, /. (coll.) v. ahorro. 

allOrrativO, va, a. frugal, thrifty, saving. 

ahorro, m. parsimony, economy, saving: 
banco or caja de ahorros, savings-bank. 

ahoyadura, /. making holes in the ground. 

ahoyar, va. to dig holes for trees. 

ahucliador, ra, m. &f. hoarder, miser. 

ahuchar, va. to hoard up. 

ahuecamlento, m. hollowing. 

ahuecar, va.{prei. ahueque: subj. ahueque) 
to make hollow ; scoop out ; to inflate ; to 
loosen close pressed or matted things. — vr. 
to grow haughty, proud. 

aliue]iu6 or ahuenuete (hot. ) tree of Mex- 

ahmnadO, da, a. smoky, smoked.—/, smoke 
signal from the coast ; sea-fish. 

ahmnar, va. to smoke ; to cure in smoke. — 
vn. to fume ; to emite smoke. — vr. to be 
smoked ; to look smoky. 

ahusado, da, a. spindie-shaped.— ^I?. of ahu- 

ahusar, va. to make slender as a spindle. — 
vr. to taper. 

ahuyentador, ra, m. &f. scarecrow. 

ahuyentar, va. to drive away, put to flight ; 
(met. ) to overcome a passion ; banish care. 

aijada, /. goad. V. aguijada. 

airadamente, adv. angrily, in an angry 
manner, hastily. 

airado, da, a. angry, wrathful, furious. 

airamiento, m, wrath, anger. 

airar, va. to anger, to irritate, — vr. to grow 

Vire, m. air, atmosphere, wind ; briskness 
(of a horse); (met.) air, carriage, demean- 
our, gait, aspect, countenance, look ; musi- 
cal composition ; frivolity : aire colado, a 
cold draught : creerse del aire, to be credu- 
lous : al aire libre, in the open air, outdoors : 
4 qui aires le traen & Vd. por ac& 1 what 
good wind brings you here? tomar el aire, 
to take a walk : en el aire, in suspense. 

airear, va. to give air, ventilate ; to aerate : 
charge with gas. — vr. to take the air ; to cool 
one's self. 

aireciCO, llO, to, m. dim. a gentle breeze. 

airdn, m. aug. violent gale ; ornament of 

Slumes ; crest ; the crested heron, egret ; 
eep Moorish well. 
airosamente, adv. gracefully, lightly, 
airosidad, /. graceful deportment. 
%iroso, sa, a. airy, windy ; graceful, genteel ; 

lively ; successful. 
aisladamente, adv. isolately^ singly. 

alsladO, da, a. isolated.— p^, of AISLAR, 

aislador, ra, «. insulator. 

aislamiento, m. isolation ; (met.) loneliness. 

aislar, va. to surround with water ; to iusu. 

1 aja ! interj. aha ! also i ajaji ! 

ajada, /. garlic sauce. 

aqado, da, a. garlicky.— pp. of ajar. 

ajamiento, m. disfiguration, crumpling, 

ajaquecarse [ah-iia-kay-car'-say], vr. to have a 

a^ar, m. garlic-field. 

ajar, va. to spoil, crumple, rumple : ajar la va- 
nidad k alguno, to pull down one's pride, 

ajarafe, m. table-land. V. azotea. 

aje, i>i. chronic complaint. 

ajea,/. brushwood for fuel. 

ajear, va. to cry like a pursued partridge. 

ajedrea,/. (bot.) winter savory. 

ajedrez [aii-iiay-<ireth'], m. chess ; (naut.) net- 
ting, grating. 

ajedrezado, da, «. checkered, 

ajenabo, m. (bot.) wild mustard, 

ajenable, a. alienable. 

a^en^ibre, m. v. jengibre. 

ajenjo, vi. (bot.) wormwood; absinth. 

ajeno, na, a. another's ; foreign, strange ; ab- 
horrentj contrary to, remote ; ignorant : 
(met.) improper: aJeno de verdad, void of 

ajenuz, m. (bot.) field fennel-flower, 

ajeo, m. perro de ajeo, setter-dog. 

ajero, m. vender of garlic. 

aiesuitado, da, a. Jesuitical. 

a^ete, m. young garlic ; leek ; garlic sauce. 

ajetrearse [ah-lmy-tray-ar'-say], vr. tO become 

bodily fatigued ; to fidget. 
ajetreo, m. fatigue, agitation, 
aji [ah-hee'J, m. red dwarf pepper. V. chile, 

capsicum ; sauce made of the aji-pepper. 
ajiaceite [ah-he-ah-thay'-e-tayl, m. mixture of 

garlic and oil. 
ajiaco [ah-he-aii'-co], w. dish made of boiled 

meat and vegetables ; sauce made with aji. 
ajiCOla, /. glue made of kid-skin boiled with 


ajllimoje [ah-he-lee-mo'-hay] or ajilini6jili [ah- 

iie-iee-nio' -he-lee], m. sauce of pepper and garlic, 

a^illo [aii-heei'-iyo], tender young garlic. 

ajimez [au-he-meth'], m. arched window, with 
pillar in centre. 

ajipuerro, m. leek. V. puerro. 

ajironar, va. to put coloured pieces in cloths. 

ajo [ah'-ho], m. (hot. ) garlic ; garlic sauce for 
meat; (met.) paint for ladies; (coll.) 
crooked affair. 

a^Obar, va. to carry back-loads. 

ajobilla,/. common sea-shell. 

ajobo, m. a heavy load or burden, 

a^ofaina, f. V. aljofaina. 

ajolote, m. amphibian of Mexico ; axolotl. 

ajomate, m. (hot.) variety of sea-weed, 

ajonje, m. bird-lime. 

ajonjera [ah-iion-hay -raw, /. ajoiijero, in. (bot.) 
the low carline thistle. 

ajonjoli [ah-hon-ho-iee'i, aljonjoli, m. (bot.) 
benne, sesame. 

ajoqueso [ah-ho-kay'-soi, m. dish made of garlic 
and cheese. 

ajorca, /. Moorish bracelets and anklets. 

ajornalar, va. to hire by the day. 

ajuagas [ah-hoo-ah'-rasi, /. pi. malanders or ul- 
cers over the hoofs. V. esparavan, 

ajuanetado, da, a. bunion-like. 

a]Uar [ah-hoo-ar'], m. bridal apparel and furni- 
ture ; trousseau • household furniture. 

ajudiado, da, a. Jewish ; Jew-like. 


i) and j as h in hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; fi, ny in canyon ; r (initial ) and rr trilled ; •, 




ajuiciado, da, «. judicious, prudent.—^. 


ajuiclar [ah-Jioo-e-thie-ar'], vn. to become pru- 

ajustadamente, adv. justiv, rightly. 
ajustado, da, a. exact, right.; stingy ; close, 

tit,— pp. of AJUSTAR. 

ajustador, m. close waistcoat, jacket ; in a 
printing-office, justitier ; (mech.) adapter, 
titter, adjuster, coupler, adjusting tool. 

ajUStamientO, m. agreement ; settling of ac- 
counts ; receipts. 

ajustar [aii-iioos t«r'], va. to regulate, adjust, fit, 
accord, compose, guide, measure ; to justify 
type ; to concert, make an agreement, bar- 
gain ; to reconcile, heal ; to examine ac- 
counts ; to settle a balance ; to press close, 
oppress; to fit, fashion, accommodate; to 
adapt ; to size, make true ; to trim ; to en- 
gage (as an artist). — it. to settle matters ; 
to conform, combine ; to approach ; to en- 
gage one's self; to be engaged. 

ajuste, m. proportion of the constituent parts 
of a thing ; adjustment, fit ; agreement, con- 
tract, covenant, accommodation ; engage- 
ment ; settlement.— pZ. couplings. 

ajUStiClar lah-hooe-tea-thie-ar'], va. tO execute, 

put to death. 

a,l, art. (contraction of 4 and el) to the (fol- 
lowed by a masc noun) ; used also with the 
Infinitive of verbs : e. g. al amanecer, at the 
dawn of day. 

ala, /. wing; row, file; (mil.) flank, wing; 
brim of hat ; auricle of the ear : alas del co- 
razon, (anat.) auricles of the heart; fin of 
fish ; leaf of a door, of a table : ala de me- 
■ana, (naut.) a driver.— pi. (naut.) upper 
studding-sails : ala de gavia, main-top stud- 
ding-sails: ala de velacho, fore studding- 
sails : ala de sobremesana, mizzen-top stud- 
ding-sails : ala de proa, head of the ship.— p/. 
alas, protection, boldness : cortar las alas, 
to take one down a peg ; (poet.) velocity. 

Alii, in. Allah, Arabic word for God. 

alabadO, m. hymn in praise of the sacra- 
ment. -—pp. of ALABAR. 

alabador, ra, m. &f. applauder, commender. 

alabamiento, m. praise. 

alabancioso, sa, a. (coll.) boastful, ostenta- 

alabandilia» /. manganese sulphide ; alaban- 
dine, spinel ruby. 

alabanza, /. praise, commendation, glory. 

alabar, to. to praise, extol, glorify, com- 
mend.— yr. to praise one's self. 

alabarda, /. halberd. 

alabardado, da, a. halberd^shaped. 

alabardazo, m. a blow with a halberd. 

alabardero, m. halberdier ; clapper, hired to 
applaud in a theatre (recent). 

alabastrado, da, a. alabasWr-like. 

alabastrlna, .f. thin sheet of alabaster. 

alabastrine, na, a. (poet.) alabastrine. 

alabastro, m. alabaster. 

&labe, rn. drooping branch of an olive or 
other tree ; bucket, flier of a water-wheel ; 
mat used in carts ; cam. 

alabearse, vr. to warp. 

alabega, /. (bot.) sweet-basil. V. albahaca. 

alab«0, m. warping. 

alablado, da, a. lipped or ragged coins. 

alacena, /. cupboard, closet; (naut.) locker. 

alaclar, vn. v. enlaciae. 

alacrkn, in. scorpion ; ring of the bit of a 
bridle ; stop or hook, in organ-bellews ; 
chain or link of a sleeve-button ; swivel. 

alacranado, da, a. bit by a scorpion ; (met. ) 
infected with some vioe. 

alacranera, f. (bot.) scorpion-grass, 
alacridad, /. alacrity. 
alacba, alacbe,/. anchovy, v. haleche. 
alada, /. fluttering of the wings. 
aladares, /«. pi. forelocks, over the ten* 

aladierna, v. alaterno. 
alado, da, a. winged, feathered, 
aladrada,/. (prov.) furrow, 
aladrar, va. (prov. ) to plough the ground. 
aladro, m. plough ; ploughed land, 
aladroque [aU-la-dro'-kayJ, m. (prov.) UU^salted 

alafia, /. (coll.) pedlr alafia, to beg pardon. 
d,laga, /. a species of yellow wheat, 
alagar, va. to make ponds or lakes. 
alagartadO, da, a. variegated, motley. 
alaju, m. paste made of almonds, walnuts, 

honey, etc. 
alamar, m. frog and braid trimming. 

alamblcadamente, adv. with subtiity. 

alambicado, da, a. distilled ; pedantic, eu- 

phuistic ; (met.) given with a sparing hand. 

—pp. of alambicar. 
alambicamiento, m. distillation ; subtiity, 

euphuism of language. 
alambicar, va. to distil; to investigate 

alambique [ah-lam-be'-kay], m. still : por alam- 

bique, sparingly. 
alambor, m. (arch.) face of a hewn stone; 

(fort.) inside slope. 
alamboradO, da, a. having alambor. 
alambrado, m. wire netting, wire screen ; 

wire cover ; electric wiring. 
alambre, m. wire; in olden times copper, 

bronze : alambre de laton, brass wire ; sheep 

alambrera, /. wire netting; wire screen; 

wire cover ; (agr.) wire trellis. 
alameda, /. grove of poplar-trees; public 

walk, mall. 
alamin, m. clerk appointed to inspect weights 

and measures ; surveyor of buildings ; 

(prov.) farmer appointed to superintend 

alanuna, /. fine paid by potters for trans- 
gressing the law. 
alaminazgo, m. office of the alamin. 
alamirr^, m. musical chord. 
^laniO, in. (hot.) poplar: ilamo bianco, white 

poplar : ilamo temblbn, aspen-tree. 

alampar, va. alamparse, vr. (coll.) to long 

for; to crave, 
alamud, m. square bolt for a door. 
alanc«ador, vi. lancer, 
alancear, va. to dart ; to spear, 
alandrearse, vr. to become dry, stiff, and 

blanched (silk-worms). 
alan6s, m. kind of stag in New Mexico. 
alano, m. large mastiff. 
alano, na, a. belonging to the Vandals, 
alanzar, va. to throw lances, 
alaqueca [ah-u-kay'-kah], /. bloodstone. 

alaqUeqUeS [ah-la-kay-kaysj, TO. pi. V. ALA- 


alar, m. overhanging roof. V. alero ; snare 
of horse-hair. 

alar, va. (naut.) to haal. V. halar. 

alkrabe, alarbe, m. Arabian ; an unman- 
nerly person. 

alard*, m. review of soldiers, muster, parade ; 
ostentation, boaiitiug, vanity : hacer alarde, 
to boast or brag ; maaifestation. 

alard«ar, vn. to brag. 

alardOB«, sa, a. ostentatious, boastful. 

alarg«.4era, /. (chem.) nozzle, adapter; 
lengthening tube. 

a u Ir far : • in eh I : i !u police ; o in for ; a in biQl : e (befure , 1) Md i at th in tklek ; b and d, •<■» 




alargador, ra, m. & f. one who delays, or 
lengthens out a thing. 

alargamiento, m. lengthening out, prolong- 

alargar, va. (pret. alakgue: sxibu alar- 
«ue) to lengtnen, expand, extend ; (met.) 
to protract, nrolong ; to increase ; to reach 
or hand a thing to another: alargar el cabo, 
(naut.) to pay out the cable. — vr. to be pro- 
longed : se alargan los dia*, the days grow 
longer ; to drag, go beyond. 

alarguez [ah-iar-Kctii'', m. (bot.) dog-rose. 

alarla,/. potters' flat-iron ; plat cnisel. 

alarida,/. hue and cry. 

alaildo, m. outcry, shout, howl. 

alarifazgo, m. (obs.) oflSce of alarife. 

alarife, OT. (obs.) architect, builder (Arab.). 

alarijes, /. pi. large sort of grapes, V. arije. 

alarma, m. (mil.) alarm, notice of danger. 

alarmar, va. to alarm ; to call to arms. 

alarmista, m. an alarmist. 

alastrar, va. to throw back the ears. V. 
AMUSGAR ; (naut.) to ballast. — vr. to squat 

alaterno, m. (hot.) mock-privet. 

alatinadamente, adv. according to or in 
conformity with the Latin language. 

alatrdn, m. froth of saltpetre. Afronitro. 

alavanco, m. v. lavanco. 

alavense, alav^s, a. of Alava, Alavese. 

alaz^n, na, a. sorrel-coloured. 

alazo, rn. a stroke with the wings. 

alazor, m. (hot.) bastard saffron. 

alba, / dawn of day ; alb, white gown worn 
by priests : al alba, at daybreak. 

albacara,/. (fort.) round tower. 

albacea, m. testamentary executor.—/, exec- 

albaceazgO, m. executorship. 

albacora, /. fish resembling a tunny ; large 

fig. V. BREVA. 

albada,/. v. alborada; (Mex.) an attack at 

albahaca,/. (bot.) sweet^basil. 
albahaquero [aibah-ah-kay'-ro], m. a flower-pot ; 

a vender of sweet-basil. 
albahaqUilla (de rio) [al-bah-ah-kee'-lya], /. V. 

albaida, /. (bot.) the shrubby gypsophila. 

albaljl, m. & f. (obs. ) royal letters patent ; a 
public instrument. 

aluanega, /. hair net ; net for catching par- 
tridges or rabbits. 

alban68, esa, a. Albanian. 

albafial, albafLar, m. common sewer, gully- 

albaflil, tn. mason, bricklayer. 

olbaflileria, /. masonry. 

albaquia [ai-bah-kee-ah], /. remnant. 

albar, «. white. 

albarto, m. placard of apartments to let ; 
note of hand or other private instrument. 

albarazada, /. marble-coloured grape. 

albarazado, da, «. affected with white lep- 
rosy : pale, whitish; (Mex.) issue from 
Chinese and half-breed parents. 

albarazo, m. white leprosy. 

albarca, /. v. abarca. 

albarCOqUe [al bar-c«-k«y],m. r. ALBARICOQUE. 

albarcoquero [ai-bar-co-kay'-ro], m. apricot-tree. 

albarda, /. pack-saddle. 

albardado, da, a. different-coloured skin at 

the loins.— ^. of albardar. 
Albardar, va. to put 'on a pack-saddle; to 

lard fowls. 
albardela,/. small saddle. 
albarderia, /. a pack-saddle shop or trade. 
albaZ'dero, vi. pack-saddle maker. 

albardllla, /. small pack-saddie; coping; 

border of a garden-bed ; wool-tuft ; bard, 
albardin, m. (bot.) mat-weed, 
albardbn, m. pannel ; large pack-saddle- 
albardoncillo, «*. dim. small pack-saddle. 
albarejo, albarigo, vu species of wheat. V. 

albarela,/. (bot.) species of edible fungus. 

albareque [al-bah-ray'-kay^ m. fislling-net. 

albaricoque lai baii-re-co'-kay], m, apricoL 
albaricoquero, m. apricot-tree, 
albarillo, m. a tune on the guitar; white 

albarino, m. white cosmetic. 
albarrada, /. dry wall ; earth fence ; ditch 

for defence. 
albarrana, /. (bot. ) cebolla albarrana, squill : 

torre albarrana, watch-tower. 
albarranilla, /. blue-flowered variety of 

albarraz, ^.(bot.) v. albarazo ; louse-wort, 
albatoza,/. small covered boat, 
albatros, m. albatross. 

albayaldado, da, a. cerused. 
albayalde, m. white-lead, ceruse, 
albazano, na, a. of dark chestnut colour, 
albear, va. to whiten, v. blanqueab. 
albedrio, m. free-will, 
albeitar^ m. farrier ; veterinary surgeon, 
albeitena,/. farriery ; veterinary surgery. 
albell6n, m. V. alban'al. 
albenda,/. hangings of white linen. 
albendera,/. woman -who makes hanging? 

(met.) gaading woman. 
albengala,/. sort of gauze worn in turbarn*. 
alb^ntola,/. fine fishing-net. 
alberca, S. pond or pool ; reservoir, tan)i, 

mill-pond, vat. 
albercbn, m. aug. large pool or pond. 
alb6rcliiga or alb^rchlgo, m. & /. peach, 
alberchigueroiai bair cjii-Kay'-ro, jH.pea<;h-tree. 
albergador, ra, m. &/. one who shelters. 
albergar, va. {pret. at,bkrgve : subj. alber- 

GUE) to lodge, shelter, harbour; to keep 

lodgers. — vn. to take a lodging. 
albergue [ai-bair'-ghe], TO. lodging, shelter, 

den ; orphan asylum. 

albergUeria [al-bair-gay-ree'-al.], /. pOOr-bOUSe, 

sheltering place. V. posada. 

alberiCOqUe [al-bay-re-co'-kay], apricOt. 

albero, m. whitish earth ; dish-cloth. 
alberquero [ai-ber-kay'-ro], m. tender of soakinp 

alberquilla [ai-ber-kcei-iyah],/. dim. little pool- 
albicante, a. whitening, bleaching. 
albOiar, m. (bot.) ox-eye. 
albilla, /. alblllo, to. early white grape. 
albillO, a. wine of white grape. 
albin, TO. bloodstone ; carmine pigment. 
al^^na, /. marshy ground covered with nitra 
albino, na, a. albino. 

Albi6n,/. Albion, ancient name of England, 
albls, (met.) qucdane en alblB, to be disap 

albitana,/. fence to inclose plants; fnaut.) 

an apron : albitana del codaste, (naut.) innei 

albo, ba, a. very white (poetic). 
alboaire, m. glazed tile work. 
albOffalla,/. a kind of gall-nut. 
albogue, to. pastoral flute ; martial music. 
alboguero, ra taibo-gay'-roi, to. &f. maker or 

plaver of albognes. 
alboliol, TO. (bot.) red poppr. 
albdndij^,/. ball of forced meat with eggs 

and spice. 
alboai«ligUllla{«l-bon-<le-se«l'-Iy«h1,/. dim. small 

ball offorced meat. 

C (b«fot« e, i) aDd J as b iti hot ; h, eUent ; U In brilliant , ft. ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trC'o'i : s. btiww* 


albor, vi. (poet. ) whiteness ; dawn. 
alborada,, /. dawn of day; (rail.) action 
fougnt at dawn of day ; reveille ; morning 

watch. V. ALBADA. 

alborear, vn. to dawn. 

alborga,/- mat-weed sandal. 

albornia,/. large glazed jug. 

albomo, m. (bot.) alburnum. 

albornoz, m. coarse woollen stuff; Moorish 
cloak ; burnoose. 

alboronia, /. dish of egg-plant, tomatoes, 
pumpkins, and pimento. 

alDOroque ;ai bo-n/kayj, m. treat at the con- 
clusion of a bargain. 

alborotadamente, adv. noisily, confusedly. 

alborotadlzo, za, a7ui alborbtado, da, a. 
restless, thoughtless, agitated, restive, ex- 
cited, turbulent.— j9/>. oialborotar. 

alborotador, ra, a. agitator, rioter. 

alborotapueblos, in. mover of sedition; 
(coll.) good-natured person; promoter of 

alDorotar, va. to disturb, agitate, excite. — 
vr. to get excited ; fuss ; riot. 

alborotO, »». disturbance, tumult, riot ; out- 
cry, clatter, noisiness, hubbub. 

alborozador, ra, m. &f. promoter of mirth. 

alborozar, va. {pret. alborock : subj. albo- 
roce) to exhilarate, promote mirth. 

alborozo, m. merriment, exhilaration, gai- 
ety, Joy. 

albotm, m. V. terebinto. 

albricias, /. pi. reward for good news ; 
(Mex.) top-holes in casting-moulds: j al- 
bricias I {inierj. ) joy ! joy ! 

albudeca,/. (bot.) watermelon. V. sandIa. 

albufera,/. large lagoon by the sea, 

albugineo, nea, a. entirely white; (anat.) 

albugo, m. leucoma, a disease of the eye. 

albunera, /. fresh-water lake or reservoir. 

^bum, m. album. 

albumen, m. (bot.) albumen, 

albtunina. /, (chem,) albumin, 

albumlnoideo, a, adj. albuminoid. 

albuminOSO, sa, a. albuminous. 

albur, m. dace, river fish ; first draw at 
" monte" ; (meL) risk, chance : corremn al- 
bnr, to venture, chance, risk.— pi. albures, a 
game at cards, 

albura,/. whiteness; (bot.) V. alborno, 

alburero, m. player at albures. 

albumo, m. (hot.) v. alborno, 

alca, /, razorbill, a bird. 

alcaoala,/. excise : alcabala del vlento, duty 
paid by a visiting merchant, 

alcabalatoriO, m. book of alcabala rates; 

alcabalero, m. tax-gatherer, revenue officer. 

alcacel, alcacer, m. green barley. 

alcachofa, /. (bot.) artichoke; instrument 
to stop blood ; fluted mallets. 

alcacbofado, da, a. like an artichoke.— m, 
dish of artidaokes. 

alcachofal, m. artichoke-bed. 

alcachofera, /. artichoke-plant. 

alcacbofero, ra, a. producing or selling ar- 

alcabaz, m. large bird-cage. 

alcabazada, /. number of birds in a cage. 

alcabazar, ra. to shut up birds in the alcahaz. 

alcahuete, ta, m. &f. pimp, procurer, bawd. 

alcabuetear, va. t» bawd, pander ; to pro- 
cure wmnen. 

alcahueteria,/. bawdry, concealing persons; 
(coll.) dodge. 

alcalceria, /. raw silk exchange. 

alcaico, a. (poet ) alcaic verse in Latin, 

22 ALC 

alcaide, m. governor of a castle, jailer, war. 

alcaidesa, /. wife of a governor or jailer. 

alcaidia, /. office of a governor, warden, or 
jailer ; duty for passage of cattle, 

alcaldada, / abusive action of an alcalde. 

alcalde, m. mayor, justice of the peace ; 
leader ; game at cards : alcalde de barrio, 

alcaldear, vn. (coll.) to play the alcalde. 

alcaidesa, /. the wife of an alcalde. 

alcaidia, /. office and jurisdiction of an al- 

alcalescencia, /. (enem.) F. alcalizaci6n. 

alcalescente, a. (chem.) of alkaline prop- 

^Icali, m. (chem.) an alkali. 

alcalificable, a. changeable into an alkali. 

alcaligeno, na, a. alkaligenous, producing 

alcalimetro, m. alkalimeter. 

alcalinidad, /. alkalinity. 

alcalino, na, alcalizado, da, a. alkaline : ai- 

calizado, d&, pp. of alcalizar. 
alcalizacibn, /. (chem.) alkalization. 
alcalizar, va.'{pret. alcalice: subj. alca- 

lice) (chem.) to render alkaline. 
alcaloide, m. alkaloid, an organic base. 

alCaller [al-kaliMyen-'l, m. potter. 

alcam, m. (hot.) bitter apple. 
alcamonias, /. pi. various aromatic seeds for 
seasoning. — m. V. alcahuete, 

alcana,/, v. alheSa. 

alcance, m. reach ; overtaking ; balance ; 

arm's length ; range of fire-arms ; capacity ; 

ability ; fathom ; compass ; supplement, 

extra edition; postscript; (print.) copy. 
alcancia,/. money-box^ earthen balls stuffed 

with flowers for missiles; (mil.) inflamed 

combustible balls. 
alcanciazO, m. blow with an alcancia. 
alcandia,/. (bot.) Turkey millet. V. zahina. 
alcandiai, m. ground sown with millet, 
alcandora, /. beacon, bonfire ; white tunic, 
alcanfor, m. camphor, 
alcanforada, /. (oot.) a shrub that smells ol 

alcanforado, da, a. camphorated. 

alcanforar, va. to camphorate. 

alcanforero, m. camphor-tree. 

alc^ntara, /. cover for velvet in the loom. 

alcantarilla, /. small bridge; culvert; a 
drain ; sewer under ground. 

alcantarilladO; m. sewerage. 

alcantarillar, va. to make sewers, 

alcanzadizo, za, a. easily reached. 

alcanzado, da, a. necessitous, impecunious. 
— pp. of alcanzar. 

alcanzador, ra,"wi. &f. a pursuer. 

alcanzadura,/. (vet.) tumour in the pastern. 

alcanzar, va, {pret. alcance : subj. ALCANCE) 
to follow ; overtake, come up ; to reach ; to 
acquire, obtain, attain ; to comprehend ; to 
be creditor of a balance ; to be contempora- 
neous. — vn. to share ; to suffice ; to reach.— 
vr. to wound the pasterns with the feet. 

alcaparra, /. alcaparro, m. (bot.) caper- 

busn, caper. 
alcaparrado, da, a. dressed with capers, 
alcaparral, m. caper-field, 
alcaparrbn, m. aug. large caper, 
alcaparrosa, /. v. caparrosa, 
alcarav&n, w. (orn.) bittern, 
alcaravanero, m. havrk trained to pursu* 

the bittern. 
alcaravea,/. (bot.) caraway-.seed, 
alcarce&a,/. (bot.) bitter-vetch. 
alcarcefial, w. officinal tare-field. 

• u in far : •(■•hi; 1 in police ; o in for ; n in ball : c (before e. i) and s as tb in thick : b and 4, aeft} 




alcarracerb, ra, m. & f. potter ; shelf for 

alcarraza,/. unglazed and porous jar, 

alcartaz, m. v. cucurucho. 

alcatJfa,/. fine carpet or rug ; layer of earth. 

alcatraz, m. pelican. V. CUCURUCHO. 

alcaucil, m. wild artichoke. V. alcachofa. 

alcayata,/. spike, v. escarpia. 

alcSiZar, wi. castle ; fortress; (naut.) quarter- 

alcazuz, m. v. orozuz, licorice. 

alee, m. (zool. ) elk or moose ; "cut," at cards. 

alcino, m. (bot.) wild basil. 

alci6n, m. Chinese swallow. V. martin pes- 


alcista,/. bull (stock speculator). 

alcoba, /. alcove ; bed-room ; case for the 

tongue of a balance; place for public 

alcobilla, ita,/. dim. small alcove. 
alCOCarra,/. gesture, grimace. 
alcohol, m. antimony ; galena ; alcohol' spirit 

of wine ; cosmetic for pencilling eye-brows. 
alCOllOlaaO, da, a. of a darker colour around 

the eyes. ^pp. of alcohot^ar. 
alCOhOlador, ra, m. &/. rectifier of spirits. 
alCOholar, va. to paint or dye with antimony ; 

to rectify spirits ; to pulverize. 
alCOholera,/. vessel for antimony or alcohol. 
alcohblico, ca, a. alcoholic, 
alcoholimetro, m. alcoholimeter. 
alcoholismo, m. alcoholism. 
alcoholizacidn, /■ (chem. ) alcoholization. 
alcoholizar, va. (pret. alcoholice: siibj. 

alcoholice) to alcoholize. V. alcoholar. 
alcor, m. V. cerro, hill. 
Alcoran, w. the Koran, 
alcoranista, m. a Koran expounder, 
alcornocal, m. plantation of cork-trees, 
alcornoque ai-cor-no'-kay), m. (bot.) cork-tree; 

(met.) blockhead. 
alCOrnOqueiiO, fiia [al-cor-no-Uay'-nyo], a. be- 
longing to the cork-tree. 
alcorque [ai-cor'-kay], m. cork-wood clogs or 

soles ; hollow for water around trees. 
alcorza, /. sugar paste for frosting. 
alCOrzar, va. to frost with sugar. 
alcotan, m. lanner, bird of prey, 
alcotana. /. pickaxe, gurlet, mattock, 
alcotancillo, m. dim. young lanner. 
alerebite, m. sulphur, v. azufre. 
alcrlbis, m. tuyere ; tweer. 
alcubilla, /. reservoir; basin, mill-pond, 
alcucero, ra, m. &/. maker of tin oil-bottles, 

cruets, etc. — a. belonging to an oil-bottJe. 
alCUCilla, /. dim, small oil-can. 
alcuaa, alcurnia, /. ancestry, lineage. 
alcuza, /. oil-bottle or cruet ; oil-can, oiler. = 


alcuzada, /. oil contained in a full cruet. 

alcuzazo, m. blow with an oil-can. 

alCUZCUZ, m. balls of flour, water, and honey. 

alcuz6ll, m. aug. large oil-can. 

aldaba, /. knocker, clapper ; door-handle, 
latch ; cross-bar to secure doors and win- 

aldabada, /. rap with the knocker ; sudden 
fear ; stings of conscience. 

aldabazo, aldabonazo, m. knocking. 

aldabear, vn. to rap or knock at the door. 

aldabia, /. horizontal cross-beam. 

aldabilla,/. dlTn. small knocker, latch. 

aldab6n, m. aug. large knocker ; iron trunk- 

aldea, /. small village, hamlet. 

aldeana,/. villager, countrywoman, lass. 

aldeanamente, adv. in village style, coun- 
try fashion. 

aldeaniegO, ga, a. belonging to a hamlet 
aldeano, m. villager, a countryman, —a. 

rustic, uncultured. 
Aldebar^n, m. (ast.) Aldebaran or Bull's* 

Eye, a fixed star. 
ald'ehida, /. aldehyde, 
aldehuela, aldeilla,/. dim. little viJage. 
aldeorriO, ?«. small, unpleasant village. 
aldiza, /. small reed without knots. 
aldran, m. one who sells wine to shepherds. 
aleacidn, /. art of alloying metals ; alloy. 
aleador, m. alloy er. 
alear, vn. to flutter ; to move the arms quick' 

ly ; to recover from sickness or fatigue.-^ 

ra. to alloy. 
alebradO, da, a. hare-hearted.— p;i. ol ale- 


alebrarse, alebrastrarse, alebrestarse. 

rr. to squat ; to cower. 

alebronarse, vr. to be dispirited. 

aleccionar, va. to teach, instruct, coach. 

alece, )n. ragout offish-liver. 

alecrin, m. (Cuba) a fish. 

alectoria, /. stone in a cock's liver. 

alechigar, va. to soften. — vr. to turn milky. 

alechugado, da, a. curled like lettuce; 
fluted, plaited.— jop. of alechugar. 

alecbugar, va. to curl like the leaf of let- 
tuce, to plait, flute. 

aleda, /. cera aleda, propolis or bee-glue. 

aledafLo, m. & a. common boundary, border, 

alefanglnas, /. pi. purgative pills of spices. 

alefris, alefriz, m. mortise, rabbet. 

alefrizar, va. {pret. alefrice: subj. ALE- 
FRiCE) to rabbet, mortise. 

alegacidn,/. allegation, argument. 

alegar, va. {pret. aleguk: subj. alegue) to 
allege, affirm, quote, maintain, adduce. 

alegatO, m. (law) allegation. 

alegoria, /. allegory.' 

aleg6rlcamente, adv. allegorically. 

aleg6rico, ca, a. allegorical. , , 

alegorista, m. allegorist. 

alegorizar, va. {pret. alegorice : tiibj. alk 
gorice) to turn into allegory. 

alegrado, da, a. delighted.— j^p. of ai.egrar. 

alegrador, ra, m. &/. who or what causes 
merriment ; slip of paper to light cigars ; 
(mech.) reamer, riming bit. 

alegrrar, va. to make merry, gladden, com- 
fort, exhilarate; (met.) to enliven, to beau- 
tify ; (mech.) to round, make a bore, reara^ 
widen. — vr. to rejoice, congratulate ; to 
exult ; to get tipsy. 

alegre, a. merry, joyful, content, light- 
hearted, full of gaiety, gleeful ; lightsome, 
comic, ludicrous, facetious; gay, showy, 
fine : an cielo alegre, a clear, beautiful sky ; 
brilliant, pleasing : applied to colours ; 
lucky, fortunate, genial. 

alegremente, adv. merrily, gladly, gaily ; 
facetiously, mirthfully, laughingly, good- 

ale^ria, /. mirth, merriment, exhilaration, 
gaiety, glee, rejoicing, festivity, lightsome- 
ness, ecstasy, joy, pleasure ; (bot.) sesamum, 
oily grain, paste of sesamum and honey.— 
pi. rejoicings, public festivals. 

alegrlllo, a. sprightly, gay. 

alegro, m. (mus.) allegro, a sprightly motion ; 
a movement or division of a sonata. 

alegrbn, m. (coll.) sudden, unexpected joy ; 
a flash. 

alejamientO, m. elongation, removal to a 
distance, distance, strangeness. 

alejandrino, na, a. veno al^andrlno, Alexaa- 

g (before e, i) and J as h in hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; ii, ny in canyon ; r (Initial) and rr trilled ; s, hiss**- 




Alejar, va. to remove to a distance ; to sepa- 

alejijas. f. pi. porridge made of barley, 
cleaaed and roasted. 

alelarse, vr. to become stupid. 

aleli, »'• (bot.) the winter gilliflower; name 
for violets. 

aleluya, /. hallelujah, joy, merriment, East- 
er-time.— ju/. small prints thrown among 
the people on Easter-eve; (bot.) wood-sor- 
rel. V. ACEDERILLA.— p/. (coll.) dull, pOOr 

verses, doggerel. 

alema, /. allotted quantity of water for irri- 

alemim, na, «. & m. German ; German lan- 

alemana or alemanda, /. ancient Spanish 
dance of German origin. 

alemanisco, ca, a. Germanic ; cloth made in 
Germany ; huckaback ; damask table-linen. 

alenguamientO, m, agreement relative to 

alenguar, va. to agree respecting sheep-walks 
or pasturage. 

alentada, /. a long breath. 

alentadamente, adv. bravely, gallantly. 

alentado, da, a. spirited, courageous, valiant. 

—pp. of ALKNTAR. 

alentador, ra, m. & f. one who inspires 
courage. — a. encouraging, cheering. 

alentar, vn. {ind. aliento : subj. aliente) to 
breathe. — va. to animate, encourage, com- 
fort, cheer. 

alepin, m. kind of bombazine. 

alerce, m. (bot.) larch-tree. 

alero, m. projecting part of a roof; eaves, 
gable-end, corona; hood moulding; water- 
table ; splash-board of a carriage.— j»/. 
snares for partridges. 

alerta, /. (mil.) watchword. 

alerta, alertamente, adv. vigilantly, care- 
fully : estar alerta, to be on the watch. 

alertar, va. to render vigilant; to put on 

alerto, ta, a. vigilant, alert, guarded. 

alesna, /. awl. v. lesna. 

alesnado, da, a. awl-shaped, pointed. 

aleta, /. dim. small wing, fin of a fish : aletas, 

inaut.) fashion pieces; (arch.) aletta; 
mech.) leaf of a hinge, teeth of a pinion : 
sleta de la h^lice, blade of the screw. 

aletada, /. motion of the wings. 

aletargado, da, a. lethargic— p/i. of ale- 
ta rg a rsk. 

aletargamiento, m. lethargy. 

aletargarse, vr. to fall into lethargy. 

aletazo, m. stroke of the wing, flapping. 

aleteado, da, a. finlike, finned.-^_p. of ale- 

aletear, vn. to flutterj flap wings, flit. 

aleteo, m. clapping of wings. 

aletO, m. (orn.) (Peru) falcon. V. halieto. 

aletdn, m. aug. largo wing. 

aletria, m. (prov.J vermicellL V. fideos. 

aleudarse, vr. to become fermented. 

aleve, a. treacherous, perfidious, guileful. 

alevilla, a. white motn resembling the silk- 

alevosa,/. (vet.) tumour under the tongue 
of beasts. V. rInula. 

aleyosamente, adv. treacherously, guile- 

alevosia,/. perfidy, breach of trust. 

Alevoso, sa, a. treacherous. 

aleXif&rmaCO, ca [ah-lex-«-fsr'-mah-co], a. 
(med.) antidotal. 

alfa,/. alpha, first letter of the Greek alpha- 
bet; (met.) the beginning. 

alfi,bcga,/. r. albahaca. 

alfab^ticamentc, adv. alphabetically. 
alfab6tiC0, ca, a. alphabetical. 
alfabe'''>ista, m. one that studies the alphabet. 
alfabetO, m. alphabet. 
alfaguara,/. copious stream, 
alfanar, ^..Ifabarero, v. alfar, alfarero. 
alfahareria, r. alfar, ALFARERfA. 
alfajia,/. wood frame for windows and doors, 
alfajor, m. v. alaj^j. 

alfalfa./, alfalfe, m. (hot.) lucerne, alfalfa. 
alfalfal, alfalfar, -n. lueeme-field. 
alfana,/. strong and spirited horse. 
alfaneque [ai-rah-nay'-kay], m. white eagle ; tent 

or booth. 
alfanjado, da, a. shaped as a 
|e> m. hanger, crtlass. 
ieie, m. dim. small cutlass. 
azo, ni. wound with a cutlass. 
|6n, m. aug. large hanger or cutlass. 
Jonazo, w. a cut with a large hanger. 
alfaqUC, [al-fah'-kay], m. shoal or bar. 
alfao[Ui, lai-fah-kee'j, m, a Mussulman doctor of 

alfar, m. pottery. V. arcilla. — a. horse 

that raises the head too much. 
alfar, vn. to raise the forehead too much, 
alfaraz, a. Moorish horse for light cavalry. 
alfarda,/. (prov.) duty paid for the irriga- 
tion of lands ; thin beam. 
alfardero, m. (prov.) collector of duty for 

alfardilla, /. silk, now called galloon ; (dim. 

prov.) small tax for cleaning culverts. 
alfardon, m. (prov. ) washer of a wheel ; duty 

paid for irrigation. 
alfareria,/. the art of a potter ; pottery. 
alfarero, m. a potter. 
alfarje, in. lower stone of an oil-mill ; ceiling 

adorned with carved work ; waiuscot. 

alfarjia [al-far-hee'-ahi, /. V. ALFAJIA 

alf6izar, m. splay of a door or window ; em 

alfe&icado, da, a. weakly, delicate, 
alfefiicar, va. to frost with sugar. 
alfe&lcarse, vr. to become thin; (coll.) to 

aftect peculiar delicacy. 

alfefLique [al-fay-nyee'-kay], m. Sugar paste J 

(met. ) delicate i)erson. 
aiferecia,/. epilepsy. 

alf6rer, m. ensign. 

alfll, m. bishop in the game of chess. 

alfiler, m. pin, scarf-pin, jeweller's brooch : 
.-".Ifilcres de gancho, hair-pins : alfileres, pin- 
money : de veinte y cinco alflleres, in full 
dress, dressed in style. 

alfilerazo, m. prick of a pin ; large pin. 

alfllerera, /. alfileria, seed of the geranium. 

alfilerero, m. maker or seller of pins. 

alflletero, m. pin-case, needle-case, pin- 

alfitete, m. past« made of coarse wheat flour. 

alfoli, m. granary ; magazine of salt. 

alfolicro, alfolinero, m. keeper of a granary 
or magazine. 

alfombra, /. floor-carpet* (poet.) field 
adorned with flowers ; (med.) measles. 

alfombrar, va. to spread with carpets. 

alfombrero, ra, m. &/. carpet-maker. 

alfombrllla, /. small carpet, rug; (med.) 
measles. V. alfombra. 

alfbncigO, m. pistachio ; pistachio-tree. 

alfondoque, w. paste made with molasses, 
cheese, and ginger. 

alfonsearse, vr. (coll.) to mock, banter. 

alfbnsiETO, m. v. alf<5ncigo. 

alfonsin, no, na, «. belonging to the Span- 
ish kings called Alphonso. 

« as in far ; e in eh I : 1 in police ; O in 

n In bull ; c (before e, I) and S as tki in thick : b and d. soft ; 

ALF 25 


Alfonsina, /. solemn act held in the Alphon- 
sine college of Alcala. 

alforf6n, m. buckwheat. 

alforia,/. saddle-bag, knapsack. 

alforjero, m. maker or seller of saddle-bags ; 
lay brother who begs alms ; one who carries 
the bag with provisions ; sportsman's dog. 

alforjilla, ita, uela, /. dim. small saddfle- 
bag ; small knapsack. 

alforza,/. plait, tuck. 

alga,/, (bot.) sea-weed, sea-wrack. 

algadonera, /. (bot.) cudweed. 

algaida, f. ridge of shifting sand ; sand-dune. 

algaido/ac, a. (prov.) thatched. 

algalaba,/. (bot.) white briony, wild hops. 

algalia,/. civet, a perfume; catheter. 

algaliar, va. to perfume with civet. 

algara, /. thin integument which covers an 
egg, onion, etc. ; foraging party of cavalry. 

algarabia,/. the Arabic tongue ; (met.) gab- 
ble, jargon; (met.) confused noise; (bot.) 

al^arada, /. loud cry ; sudden attack ; an- 
cient battering-ram. 

algarero, ra, a. prating, chattering, talka- 

algarrada, /. driving bulls into the pen ; 
bull-baiting; battering-ram. 

algarroba,/. (bot.) carob bean* the honey- 

algarrobal, m. carob-tree plantation. 

algarrobera, /. algarrobo, m. (hot.) carob- 

algazara,/. huzza ; shout of a multitude. 

algazul, m. sea-weed which produces barilla. 

Algebra,/, algebra; art of setting joints. 

algebra! CO, ca, a. algebraic. 

algebrista, m. algebraist ; bone-setter. 

algidez,/. (med.) icy coldness. 

^IgidO, da, a. algid, icy. 

algO,/^/o. somewhat, something, aught. 

algO, adv. somewhat. 

algOdbn, m. cotton ; (bot.) the cotton-plant: 
algodon en rama, raw cotton : algodones, V. 
CEN dales; 

algodonado, da, a. filled with cotton. 

algodonal, m. cotton-plantation. 

algodonar, va. to cover or fill with cotton. 

algodoneria, /. cotton-factory ; cotton-trade. 

algodonero, m. cotton-plant ; cotton-dealei ; 
the Cottonwood poplar. 

algodonoso, sa, a. cottony, covered with 
thick down ; woolly ; tasteless (of fruits). 

algorin, m. place in oil-mills for receiving 

algorltmo, m. algorithm ; arithmetic. 

algOSO, sa, a. weedy, full of sea-weeds. 

alguacil, m. constable, peace ofl[icer, bum- 
bailiff; short-legged spider. 

alguacilazgO, m. office of an alguacil. 

alguarin, m. store-room ; flour-mill bucket. 

alguaza,/. (prov.) hinge. 

alguien lar-gie-en], pro. somebody, some one. 

al^tm, pro. V. ALGUNO : algan tiempo, some- 
time : algtn tanto, a little, somewhat. 

jiguno, na, «. some person, something, any 
one • alguna vez, sometimes, now and then. 

Silll&bega, /. (prov.) V. albahaca. 

9lliadidia, /. (chem.) saffron or burnt copper. 


alhaja [ai-ah-ha], /. jewel, gem ; showy furni- 

albajar, va. to adorn, to furnish, fit up. 

alhajuela,/. dim. little jewel. 

albamel, m. (prov.) a beast of burden ; a 
porter ; muleteer. 

amana,/. alhanna, Tripoli earth. 

albandal, m. (phami.) coloeynth, apple. 

aUiaraca, /. clamour ; angry vociferation, 
alliaraquiento, ta [ai-ah-rah-ue-en'-toe], o. noisy, 

clamorous, grumbling. 

aUi^rgama, alliarma,/. (hot.) wild rue. 
albasa, /. hydroa, disease of the skin. 

albeli [al-a-lee'], V. ALELI, gilliflower. 

alhe&a [ai-a'-nya], /. (bot.) privet, flower of 
privet ; privet powder. V. azumbar ; the 
blasting of corn. V. roya., va. to dye with privet. — vr. to be 
mildewed : applied to corn. V. arroyarsk. 

albola [ai-o'-ha],/. bird resembling a lark. 

alholva,/. (bot.) fenugreek. 

alll6lldiga, /. public granary. V. p6sito. 

aUlOndiguerO, m. keeper of a public gran- 

alhorma, /. Moorish camp or royal tent. 

alhorre [ai-or'-ray], m. meconium, first dis- 
charge from an infant's bowels ; eruption 
in the skin of infants. 

alhOZ [ai-oth'j, m. limit or lot of land. 

albucema [au-ioo-thay'-mah], /. (bot.) lavender. 


aUmmajo [ah-ioo-mah'-ho], TO. pine-needles. 

allabierto, ta, a. open-winged. 

aliac^n, m. jaundice. V. ictericia. 

aliacanado, da, a. jaundiced. 

ali^ceo, a, a. aliaceous : like garlic. 

aliado, da, a. &, n. ally, allied, confederate, 
leagued.—^, of aliarse. 

allaga,/. (bot.) furze, whin. 

aliagar, m. place covered with furze. 

alianza, /. alliance, league, coalition, con- 
federacy, consociation, agreement, conven- 
tion, covenant ; alliance by marriage. 

aliara, /. goblet made of a cow's horn. 

aliaria, /. (hot.) garlic hedge-mustard. 

aliarse, vr. to be allied, leagued, or coalesced^ 

alias, adv. (Lat.) otherwise, alias. 

alible, a. nutritive, nourishing. 

alica, ta, /. dim. small wing. 

alica,/. pottage of corn, wheat, and pulse. 

alicaido, da, a. drooping, weak, extenuated 
(met.) discouraged, depressed. 

alic&ntara,/. alicante, m. venomous snakit 

alicantina, /. (coll.) artifice, stratagem, cuu 

alicantino, na, a. of Alicante. 
alicatado, to. work inlaid with Dutch tiles, 
alicates, to. pi. pliers. 

alicientc, to. attraction, incitement, induce- 
alicuanta, a. aliquant. 

aliCUOta, a. parte alicnota, aliquot number, 
alidada,/. alidade, index of a quadrant, 
alienacibn, /. alienation (of mind) ; transfet 

of title to property. 
alienar, va. v. enajenar. 
alienista, to. alienist. 
aliento, to. breath, vigour of mind, spirii 

manfuiness, courageousness: de un aliento', 

in a single breath. 
aliento, aliente {irr. from alentar), 
alicr, TO. (naut. ) a rower ; marine on watch, 
alifaie, to. callous tumour on a horse's buck j 

(coll. ) chronic complaint. 
alifar, va. fprov.) to polish, to burnish, 
alifara, /. (prov.) collation, luncheon. 
alifero, ra, a. aliferous, bearing wings. 
aliforme, a. aliform, wing-shaped. 
aligacibn,/. alligation, tying together, 
aligamientO, to. alligation, binding together. 
aligar, va. {pret. aligue: stibj. aligtje) to 

tie ; to unite ; (met. ) to oblige : to lie down. 
aligeramientO, to. alleviation, lightening, 
aligerar, va. to lighten ; (met.) to alleviate,' 

to ease ; to hasten ; to shorten, 
aligero, ra, a. (poet.) winged, fast, fleet. 

g (before e, i) and J as h in hot; h, Bilent; 11 in brilliant; fi, n/in canyon; r (Initial) and rr triUed; M, blM««V 

ALI 2 

. tUjador, ra, m. &/. smuggler; (naut.) one 
M'ho lightens : lancbdn alljador, a lighter ; he 
who separates the seed from cottcn. 

telljdX, va. (naut.) to lighten ; to separate cot- 
ton from the seed ; to smuggle. 

alijar, m. waste, stony ground. 

alJoa-rar, va. to divide waste lands for culti- 

alljarero, m. sharer of waste lands to till. 

alijares, m. pi. royal pleasure resort of Gra- 

alijariegO, ga, o. relating to waste lands. 

al^O, m. (naut.) lightening of a ship: embar- 
cacidn de alijo, (naut.) lighter; alleviation; 
smuggled goods. 

alilla, /. dim. a small wing; fin of a fish. 

allmafi.a, /. animal which destroys game. 

alimentaclbn, /. act of nourishing ; nutri- 

alimentar, va. to feed, nourish, nurse, fat- 
ten ; to supply a person with the necessaries 
of life ; to nurture, fondle, sustain, foment, 
cultivate, tend, encourage. 

alimentario, alimentista, m. & /, one who 

enjoys a maintenance. 

alimenticio, cia, a. nutritious. 

alimentO, m. nourishment^ food, nutriment ; 
(met.) encouragement, incentive.—^/, al- 
lowance, pension, alimony. 

alimentOSO, sa, «. alimentary, nutritious. 

alimo, m. (hot.) V. orzaga. 

alimoche, m. bird of prey. 

alimonarse, vr. to turn yellowish from dis- 
ease, said of tree leaves. 

alindado, da, a. affectedly nice or elegant. — 

np. of ALINDAR. 

alindar, va. to mark limits ; to embellish ; 
adorn. V. lindar. 

allude, m. (obs. ) quicksilver for mirrors, 

alllieacl6ll, m. laying out a line. 

allnear, va. to lay out by line ; to fall in line. 

allflador, ra, m. & f. one who embellishes ; 
one who prepares, seasons, dresses victuals. 

allflar, va. to arrange, adorn ; to dress or 
cook victuals ; to season. 

allflO, m. dresSj ornament, decoration, clean- 
liness ; dressing or seasoning for victuals ; 

almoso, sa, a. dressed, decked out, deco- 

alioli, m. (proT.) V. ajiaceite. 

allonln, m. the blue-feathered duck. 

allpata, m. tree in the Philippines whose 
shade is harmful. 

alipede, a. (poet.) with winged feet, swift, 

alipedO, da, a. (zool.) cheiropterous. 

allquebrado, da, a. broken-winged ; de- 

allsador, ra, m. & f. polisher, planisher, 
smoothing-iron ; silk stick ; tool to make 
wax candles round and tapering. 

4llsadura,/. planing, smoothing, polishing. 

allsaduras, /. pt. shavings, cuttings. 

alisar, va. to plane, make smooth, polish, 
burnish, mangle. 

{lllsar, m. allseda, f. plantation of alder- 

allslos, m. pi. east winds, trade- winds. 

alisma,/. (hot.) water-plantain. 

allso, m. (hot.) alder-tree. 

alistado, da, a. enlisted ; striped.— j^p. of 

allstador, m. one who enrols or enlists. 

AllstamientO, m. enrolment, conscription, 

alistar, va. &vt. to enlist, enrol, recruit ; to 
get ready. 

5 ALM 

allteracl6n, /. v. paronomasia. 

allvlador, ra, m. &/. assistant; labour-sa\^- 
ing, helper ; spindle to raise or lower the 
running mill-stone. 

alivlar, va. to lighten, help, loose; (met.) to 
assuage, soothe, relieve, exonerate ; to has- 
ten ; to move with swiftness. 

alivlO, m. alleviation, ease ; mitigation of 
pain ; relief, improvement, comfort. 

allzace, m. trench for foundations. 

alizar, m. dado or wainscotting of tiles. 

aliaba,/. quiver. 

aljafana,/. v. aljofaina. 

aljama, /. assembly of Moors or Jews ; syna- 

allamia, /. (obs.) corrupted Arabic spoken 
by the Moors ; Moorish name of the Spanish 

aljarafe, m. roof or terrace. 

aJjarfa, /. aljarfe, m. aljerlfe, m. tarred net 

with small meshes. 

a]j6vena,/. (prov.) v. aljofaina. 

alqez, m. crude gypsum, plaster of Paris. 

alqezar, m. pit of gypsum. V. YESAR. 

aljezdn, m. gypsum, plaster of Paris. V. 

aljlbe, m. cistern, reservoir of water ; (naut. ) 
tank-boat for supplying vessels with water. 

aljlbero, m. one who' takes care of cisterns. 

al; Imlerado, a. shaved, trimmed. 

al; Ofalna, /. wash-bowl, basin. 

alj6far, m. misshapen pearl ; (met. poet. ) 
drops of water or aew. 

aljofarado, da, a. (poet. ) full of little drops 
or jpeaxls.— pp. of aljofarar. 

aljoiarar, va. to adorn with pearls ; to imi- 
tate pearls. 

al Ofifa, /. mop for floors. 

al, Ofifar, va. to rub with a cloth, to mop. 

al, onle, m. V. ajonje. 

al on, era, /. v. ajonjera. 

aljon, ero, a. v. ajonjero. 

aljoiuoli, m. V. ajonjoli. 

al or, m. gypsum in its crude state. 

aljorozar, va. to level, render smooth ; to 

aljorra, »i. (Cuba) a very small insect which, 
carried by the wind, destroys plantations. 

aljuba, /. Moorish garment. 

alina, /. soul, spirit, mind ; human being ; 
vigour and strength ; substance, main 
point, staff, frame; (mech.) attic ridge, 
scaffolding pole; (arm.) bore; core (ol 
rope, of a casting) ; (naut.) body of a mast ; 
ghost, phantom, apparition ; sounding-post 
m a fiddle, etc. : alma mia, mi alma, my dear, 
my love : alma de c&ntaro, silly fool : alma 
de Dios, good-hearted person : romperse el 
alma, to break one's neck in a fall. 

almac6n, m. store, shoo, warehouse ; maga- 
zine, naval arsenal, or aock-yard ; (naut. ) al- 
macto de agna, water-cask ; (naut.) almac^n 
de una bomba de agua, chamber of a pump. 

almacenado, da, a. warehoused, stored, 

almacenador, m. warehouseman. 

almacenaje, m. warehouse rent, storage. 

almacenar, ra. to lay up, hoard ; to store. 

almacenero, m. warehouse-keeper. 

almacenista, m. warehouse owner ; sales- 
man ; (Cuba) wholesale grocer. 

alm^clga, /. mastic ; nursery of trees. 

almacigado, da, a. perfumed with mastic. 

almacigar, ra. to perfume with mastic. 

almacigo, m. collection of plants for trans* 
planting ; mastic-tree. V. lentisco. 

alinaciguero, ra. a. relating to mastia 

almadana, ena, ina,/. stone-hammer. 

M in t»T ; e in eh I ; i in police ; • in for :' n in boll ; c (before e. 1) and t as th In thick : b and d, aoft ; 




almad6n, m. mine or mineral. 

almadia, /. canoe used in India ; raft. 

almadiero, m. a raft-pilot. 

almadraba, /. tunny-fishery ; ' net used in 
the tunny-tishery ; (obs.) brickyard. 

almadrabero, m. tunny-fisher. V. TEJERO. 

almadraoLue ai-mah-arair-kayj, TO. (obs.) quilt- 
ed cushion, mattress. 

almadre&a, /. wooden shoes or sabots. V, 


almaganeta, /. v. almadana or almadena. 

almagesto, m. almagesta. 

almagra,/. v. almagre. 

almagrral, m. place abounding in ochre. 

almagrar, va. to colour with red ochre ; 

(low) to draw blood. 
almagre, m. red ochre, red earth, Indian red. 
alTTiar73.I, aJmaizar, m. gauze veil worn by 

Moors ; sash worn by priests. 
alma1aneq.ue, m. (mil. ) battering-ram. 
almajara, /. (prov.) forcing-bed, hot-bed. 
almajO, m. sea^weed yielding barilla. 
almaleque [ai-mah-iay'-kay],/. long robe worn 

by Moors. 

alinaiiac, almanaque [ai-mah-nah'-kay],,m. al- 
manac, calendar: hacer almanaques, (met.) 
to muse, to be pensive. 

almanaquero [ai-mah-nah-kay'-ro], m. maker 
and vender of almanacs. 

almancebe, m. fishing-net. 

almandina, /. (min.) red garnet; alman- 

almanguena, /. v. almagre. 

almanta,/. space between rows of vines and 
olive-trees ; ridge between two furrows. 

almarada, /. triangular poniard ; needle for 
making rope sandals. 

almarcna, /. town on marshy ground. 

almario, m. v. arm arid. 

almarial, m. plantation of glass-wort; 
marsny ground. 

almarjO, m. (hot.) glass-wort. 

almaro, m. (bot. ) common clary. 

almarr^, m. cotton-gin. 

almarraja, almarraza, /. sprinkling glass 

alm^rtaga, alm^utega, alm^rtiga, /. 
litharge ; a sort of halter ; massicot. 

alnUlStlga, /. v. almaciga, mastic. 

almastlgado, da, a. containing mastic. 

almatrero, m. one fishing with shad-nets. 

almatriche, m. canal for irrigation. V. re- 


almazara, /. (prov. ) oil-mill. 

almazarero, m. oil-miller. 

almazarrbn, m. V. almagre. 

almea,/. Oriental poetess and dancer; bark 
of the storax-tree ; (bot.) star-headed water- 

annear, m. stack of hay, corn, or straw. 

almeja, /. mussel, shell-fish. 

almejar, m. mussel-bed. 

almejia,/. small cloak used by poor Moors. 

almena, /. merlon of a battlement. 

almenado, m. v. almenaje. 

almenado, da, a. embattled.— jip. of alme- 
na r. 

almenaje, m. series of merlons ; battlement. 

almenar, va. to crown with merlons. 

almenar, m. cresset. 

almenara, /. beacon ; channel which conveys 
back the overplus water in irrigation. 

almendra, /. almond ; kernel ; almond- 
shaped diamond ; cut glass drop ; fine co- 
coon : almcndras garapinadas, sugar al- 
monds : almendras confitadas, pralines : al- 
mendraa de cacao, cocoa beans ; chocolate 

almendrada, /. almond milk. 
almendrado, da, a. almond-like. 

almendradO, m. macaroon. 

almendral, m. plantation of almond-tr-ies. 

V. almendro. 
almendrera, /. almendrero, m. V. alm^n. 


almendrero, ra, a. almond salver. 

almendrica, ilia, ita,/. dim. small almond. 

almendrilla, /■ almond-shaped file: alnen- 
drillas, almond-shaped diamond ear-rings. 

almendro, m. almond-tree. 

almendrdn, m. a Jamaica tree and its fruit. 

almendruco, m. green almond. 

almenilla, /. dim. small merlon ; merlin- 
shaped fringe. 

almete, m. a helmet ; soldier wearing a hel- 

almez, almezo, m. lote-tree or Indian n( ttle- 

almeza, /. (bot. ) fruit of the lote-tree. 

almlar, m. haystack, 

almibar, m. simple sirup : almibares, pre- 
served fruit. 

almlbarado, da, a. (met.) soft, endearing, 
effeminate.— pp. of almibarar. 

almibarar, va. to preserve fruit in si/gar; 
(met.) to conciliate with soft words. 

almicantAradas, /. i>/. (ast.) circles pai illel 
to the horizon. 

almlddn, m. starch ; amylum, fecula. 

almidonado, da, a. starched ; (met. ) dressed 
with affected nicety ; spruce ; stiff.— y^. of 

almidonar, va. to starch. 

Hara,/. oil-tank (in the Almaden mines). 
arero, m. keeper of the almijara. 
la, /.under waistcoat; short militaiy 
jacket ; tenon ; breast of pork. 
almimbar, «i. pulpit of a mosque. 
alminar, w. minaret, turret of a mosqu \ 
almiranta, /. (naut.) vice-admiral's ship, 

flag-ship ; admiral's wife. 
•antazgo, m. (naut.) 
ty ; admiralty court ; admiral's dues ; duty 

almirantazgo, m. (naut.) board of admiral 
of an admiral. 

almirante, m. admiral, commander off fleet : 
contraalmirante, rear-admiral ; headgear for 
women ; swimming-master ; species of shell. 

almlrez, m. brass mortar ; wood-engraver's 
tool of tempered steel. 

almir6n, m. wild chicory. 

almizclar, va. to perfume with musk. 

almizcle, m. musk. 

almizclefia, /. (bot.) musk, grape-hyrx:inil. 

almizclefiO, fla, a. musky. 

almizclera, /. musk-rat. 

almizclero, ra, a. musky. — m. musk-deer. 

almo, ma, a. creating, vivifying ; venorablt^ 

almocad6n, m. commander of a troop o^ 

almocafrar, ra. to dibble. 
almocafre, m. gardener's hoe, dibble. 
almocirabes, almocarbes, m.pi. (arch, and 

carp. ) bow-shaped ornaments. 
almocatracia, /. duty on broadcloths and 

almoceda,/. impost on water for irrigation ; 

right of irrigation upon fixed days. 
almocela, /. ancient hood. 
almocrate, m. sal ammoniac. 
almocri, m. reader of the Koran in a mosque. 
almodi, m. v. almudI. 
almod6n. m. baking flour. 
almodrote, m. sauce for the egg-plant ; 

almofar, m. mail head-cover under helmet. 

g (before e, 1) and t as h in hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; &, &y in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; «. lUMed. 




almofia,/. v. aljofaina. 

almofrej, m. travelling canvas or leather bag 
for mattress. 

almogama, /. (naut.) stern-post of a ship. 

almogirabe, almogavar, yn. expert for- 
ager : almogivares, ancient light troops who 
harassed the Moors. 

alzaohada, /. pillow, bolster, cushion; pillow- 
case ; (naut.) piece of timber on which the 
bowsprit rests : dar almohada, court function 
when a lady of rank is presented to the 

AUnoliadilla, /. dim. small bolster or pillow ; 
working case ; sewing cushion ; pads of a 
harness ; projecting wall-stone ; callous ex- 
crescence on the backs of mules. 

almohadUlado, da, «. cushioned. 

ftlmoliadbll, m. aug. large cushion. 

almohatre, almojatre, m. sal ammoniac. 

almohaza, /. curry-comb. 

almohazado, da, a. curried.— f>p. of almo- 
haza r. 

almoliazador, m. a groom. 

alxaohazar, va. to curry with a curry- 

almojabana, /. cake made of cheese and 
flour ; cruller. 

almojarifadgo, almojarifalgo, or almo- 

JanfazgO, m. ancient duty on imports or 
almojarife, m. tax-gatherer for the king; 
custom-house officer. 

almojaya, /. putlog. 

almona, /. public stores ; shad-fishery ; soap- 
almbndiga, almondiguilla, /. V. alb6n- 


almoneda, /. public auction. 
almonedear, va. to sell by auction. 
Almoradux, m. (hot.) sweet marjoram, 
almoravldes, a. pi. ancient Moorish tribe. 
almorejo, m. species of grass. 
almori, almuri, m. sweetmeat or cake. 
almoronia, /. v. ALBORONfA. 
almorranas, /. J?/, (med.) piles. 
almorraniento, ta, n. suffering from piles, 
almorrefa, /. triangular tile, 
almorta,/. (hot.) blue vetch. 
almorzada, /. as much as may be contained 
in the hollow of both hands placed together. 


almorzado, da, a. one who has breakfasted. 

—pp. of ALMORZAR. 

almorzador, m. breakfast-case. 

Hlmorzar, va. {ind. ALMUERZO: pret. al- 

MORCK : subj. almuerce) to breakfast. 
Almotac^n, m. inspector of weights and 

measures ; inspector's office. 
almotacenazgo, m. office of an inspector, 
almotacenia, /. fee paid to the market-clerk 

or insi>ector. 
aimozarabe, m. Christian subject to the 

almud, m. measure of grain and dry fruit : 

almnd de tierra, about half an acre, 
almudada, /. ground which takes one almnd 

of seed. 
almudejo, m. each of the weights kept by the 


almudero, m. keeper of weights for grains, 
almudl, almudin, m. (prov. ) V. alhondiga ; 

mea.surR containing six cahic«i or bushels, 
almuecin or almuedano, m. muezzin. 
almil6rdagO, m. bird-lime. V. MUibRDAGO. 
almuertas, /. p/. duty on cereals sold. 
almuerza,/. double-handful. 
almuerzo, almuerce (from almorzar). 
almuerzo, m. breakfast, breakfast-cover. 

almunia, /. orchard, vegetable-garden. 

almutazaife, m. (prov.) v. ALuoTAciN. 

alnabi, m. Moorisn pr jphet. 

alnado, da, m. &f. step-child. V. HijASTRa 

alo, m. (Mex.) large cockatoo. 

aloarla, f. vault, v. pechina. 

alobadado, da, n. bit by a wolf; (vet.) la' 

bouring under morbid swellings. 
alobtmado, da, a. resembling a wolf lu 

alocadamente, adc. rashly, inconsiderately 
alocado, da, a. half-witted, cranky, wild. 
alOCUCion, /. allocution, address, speech, 

alodial, a. (law) allodial, free, exempt. 
alodio, m. possession not held by tenure. 
moe, m. (hot.) aloes-tree, aloes; palo &loe. 

alo6tico, ca, a. aloetic. 
alolna, /. aloin, active principle of aloes, 
aloia, /. metheglin, mead. 
alo^amlento, m. lodging, quartering sol- 
diers; (naut.) steerage. 
alojar, va. to lodge, let lodgings; to dwell, 

reside; to quarter troops. — vr. (mil.) to 

alojeria, /. metheglin canteen. 
alojero. m. metheglin mixer and seller ; box 

near the pit in theatres. 
alomado, da, a. having a curved back.— pp. 


alomar, va. to distribute equally the load on 

a horse ; to cover with a seed-ploujih. — vr. 

(far.) to grow strong and vigorous. 
al6n, m. plucked wing of any fowl, 
alondra,/. (orn.) a lark, 
alongadero, a. dilatory. V. LARGA. 
alongamiento, m. delay, 
alongar, va. to enlarge, prolong, stretch, ex« 

alonso, a. trigo alonso, bearded wheat, 
aldpata, m. allopath (ist). 
alopatia, /. allopathy. 
alop&tico, ca, a. allopathic. 
alopecia,/, (med.) alopecia, baldness, 
alopiado, da, a. opiate. 
aloque [ah-io'-kay], a. clear white wine, or mix 

ture of red and white, 
aloquin [ah-io-keen], m. stone inclosure in s 

wax bleachery. 
alosa,/. shad. V. siBALO. 
alosna,/. (hot. prov.) wormwood, 
alotar, va. (naut.) V. arrizar: alotar lai 

anclas, (naut.) to stow the anchors. 
alOtropia/. (chem.) allotropy. 
al0tr6plC0, ca, a. (chem.) allotropic. 
alpaca or alpaga, /. alpaca and llama ; 

febric made from the wool of this animal • 

alloy, white metal. 
alpaflata, /. piece of chamois-skin, 
alpargata, /. alpargate, m. sandals made 

of hemp. 
alpargatadO, da, a. wearing hempen san- 
dals.—/)/), of ALPARGATAR. 
alpargatar, va. to make hempen sandals, 
alpargatazo, m. blow with an alpargata. 
alpargateria, /. manufactory of hempen 

alpargatero, m. manufacturer of hempen 

alpargatilla, /. dim. small hempen sandal ; 

(met.) crafty, designing fellow. 
alpecMn, m. juice which oozes from a heap 

of olives. 
alpende, m. shed for mining tools, 
alpestre, alpino, na, a. Alpine. 
alpiCOla, «. growing in the Alps. 
alpiCOZ, m. (prov.) V. alficoz. 

-« as in far : e is eh I ; i in police ; o in for ; n in bull ; C (before e, i) and s as th in thick ; h and d, •oft{ 




aljpiste, m. canary-seed : quedarse alpiste, to 

be disappointed. 
elpistela, alpistera, /. cake made of flour, 

eggs, sesamum, and lioney. 
alpistero, m. sieve for canary-seed. 
alcLuequenje [ai-kay-kane'-imy], m. Barbadoes 

winter-cherry, used as diuretic, 
alqueria [ai-kay-ree'-ah],/, grange, farm-house. 
alquenues [ai-ker'-mes', m. kermes, cordial ; 

(pharm.) medicinal sirup. 
alquerque [ai-ker'-kay], m. place in oil-mills for 

laying the bruised olives. 
alQUez [ai-keth'i m. wine measure containing 

twelve cintaras. 
alqulbla [ai-kee'-biaiii, /. point toward which 

Mohammedans look when praying. 
alquicel, alqulcer [ai-ke-theri, m. Moorish 

cloak ; cover for bencheSj tables, etc. 
alquifol [ai-ke-forj, m. (mm.) alquifou, pot- 
ter's ore. 
alqUiladlZO, Za [al-ke-Uh-dee'-tho], a. that which 

may be let or hired, 
aquiiador, ra [ai-ke-uh-dor'], m. & f. one who 

lets coaches on hire ; hirer. 
jdqUilamlentO [al-ke-Uh-me-en'-to], m. the act 

or hiring or letting. 
llquilar [ai-ke-iar"], va. to let, hire, rent ; to fee. 

— vr. to serve for wages. 
alqililate [ai-ke-uu'-tay], m. duty paid in Mur- 

cia on sales. 
!Ll(miler lai-ke-ierr"], m. wages or hire ; the act 

of hiring or letting : alquiler de una casa, 

house-rent, rental. 
Olquildn, na [ai-ke-ione'], a. that which can be 

let or hired. 
al(]^Ullona [ai-ke-io'-nah), /. woman hired occa^ 

sionally for odd work. 
alqUimialal-kee'-me-ah],/. alchemy. 
alquimiCO, ca [ai-kee'-me-co], a. relating to al- 

alquimila [ai-ke-mee'-iah], /, (bot. ) ladies' man- 

alqUimlSta [al-ke-mees'-teh], to. alchemist. 

alquinal [ai-ke-nahr], TO. veil or head-dress for 

alqUitara [al-ke-tah'-rah]/. V. ALAMBIQUE. 
alquitarar [al-ke-tah-rar'l, va. to distil. 
alqUitlra [al-ke-tee'-rah],/. tragacauth. 

alquitr^n [ai-ke-trahn'l, TO. tar Or liquid pitch ; 
(naut.) stuff composed of pitch, grease, res- 
in, and oil : alquitr&n mineral, coaKtar. 

alqUitranadO [al-ke-trah-nah'-doi, TO. (naut.) 
tarpaulin, tarred cloth : cabos alqnitranados, 
(naut.) black or tarred cordage: alquitra- 

nado, da, pp. of ALQUITRANAR. 
alqUltranar [al-ke-trah-nar] va. to tar. 
alrededor, adv. around -. alrededor de, about. 

alrededores, to. pi. environs. 

alrota,/. coarse tow. V. arlota. 

alsaciano, na, a. Alsatian. 

alsine, m. (bot.) scorpion-grass. 

alta, /. sort of court dance ; dancing exer- 
cise ; fencing bout ; return of the effective 
men of a regiment ; certificate of discharge 
from a hospital, as being cured 

altabaque [ai-tah-bah'-kayj, 771. needle-work bas- 

altabaqUlllO [al-tah-bah-keer-lyo], TO. (bot.) 
small bind-weed. V. correhuela. 

altamente, adv. highly, strongly ; (met.) in 
a distinguished manner. 

altaneria, /. hawking ; (met.) haughtiness, 
loftiness, contcmptuousness. 

altanero, ra, a. soaring, towering; (met.) 
haughty, arrogant, proud. 

altar, to. stone for sacrifices ; altar, commu- 
nion taWle : altar mayor, main altar ; (ast.) 
-southern constellation. 

altarero, m. altar maker or dresser, 
altarreina, /. v. milenrama. 

altea,/. (bot.) marsh-mallow. 

altearse, vr. (naut.) to rise above the sur« 
rounding land. 

alterabilldad, /. changeableness, mutabil" 

alterable, a. changeable, alterable. 

alteracibn, /. alteration, mutation; uneven* 
ness of the pulse ; strong emotion ; disturb- 
ance, tumult, commotion. 

alteradO, da, a. alterative: caldo alterado, 
medicated broth.— ^pp. of alterar. 

alterador, ra, m. &f. alterer, 

alterante, ^Jrt. (med.) alterative. 

alterar, va. & vr. to alter, change, trans- 
form ; to disturb, stir up. 

alterative, va, a. alterative. 

altercacidn, /. altercado, m. controversy, 
contest, strife, quarrel, wrangle. 

altercador, ra, m. &f. one who argues ob- 

altercar, va. to contend, dispute obsti 
nately, debate, quarrel, bicker, expostulate, 

alteniaci6n, /. alternation. 

altemadamente, adv. v. alternativa- 


altemar, va. to alternate ; perform by turn* ; 

change one for another. — rw. to succeed rv 

alternativa, /. alternative, option, choice; 

service by turn. 
altematlvamente, adv. alternatively. 
altematiVO, va, a. alternate. — m. rotation 

of crops. 
altemo, na, a. alternate. 
alteza, /. elevation, sublimity, highness, 

height ; highness, a title. 
altibajo, TO. embossed velvet ; downright 

blow in fencing.— p/. uneven ground ; (met.) 

altillo, 11a, a. dim. rather high. — m. hillock. 
altilOCUencia, /. grandiloquence, 
altilocnente, a. (poet. ) pompous in language, 
altimetria, /. art of measuring heights. 
altimetro, tea, a. relating to altinietry. 
altisimo, ma, a. aug. extremely lofty. 
Altisimo, to. the Most High, God. 
altisonante, altisono, na, a. high-sounding, 
altitonante, a. (poet.) thundering, 
altltud,/. (geog.) V. altura, elevation, 
altivamente, adv. highly, loftily, haughtily, 
altivarse, vr. to put on airs. 
Sdtivez, altlveza,/. haughtiness, arrogance, 

altivo, va, a. haughty, proud, arrogant, 

lofty ; high-minded ; overbearing. 
altO.'ta, a. high, elevated: alta mar, (naut.) 

high seas; tall; (met.) arduous, difficult; 

(met. ) eminent ; enormous ; deep ; late : 

altai horas, late at night, 
alto, TO. height, elevation, hill, terrace ; story : 

caia de tres altoB, three-story house ; (naut.) 

depth or height of a ship ; (mil.) halt ; com- 
mand to stop ; place or time of rest : pasai 

por alto, to overlook, 
alto, inteH. alto ahi, stop there : alto de aqui 

move off. 
alto, adv. loud ; high : de lo alto, from above 

se me pasi por alto, I forgot. 
altozano, m. height or hill. 
altramuz, to. (hot.) lupine: altramuces, vot 

ing black balls. 
altiura, /. height, loftiness; summit; altir 

tude, tallness, stature ; (naut.) the latt 

tude; (met.) exaltation of spirits: altoraf 

the heavens. 

It (before e. i) and 4 as b In kot; h. lilent: 11 In brilliant; ft, ny in canyon; r (initial) and rr trilled; a, biaaed 




aluar or tomarpor la lua, vn. (naut.) to 

bring under the lee. 

alubia,/. (bot.) French bean. V. JUDfA. 

aluciar, va. to polish, burnish, brighten. 

alucinacidn,/. alucinamiento, w. halluci- 

alucinadamente, adv. erroneously. 

aluclnar, va. to deceive, fascinate, delude. 

aluc6n, m. the barn owl. 

alud, m. avalanche. 

aluda, /. (ent. ) winged ant or emmet. 

aludei, in. (chem. ) subliming pots. 

aludlr, vn. to allude, refer to. 

aludo, da, a. winged, large-winged. 

stluengar, va. v. alongar. 

alumbrado. da, a. aluminous, relating to 
alum; (coll.) flustered with vrine.—pp. of 


alumbradO, m. illumination : alnmbradoi, 
illuminati, a sect. 

alumbrador, ra, m. &f. lighter ; link-boy. 

alumbramientO, m. supplying with light ; 
(met.) child-birth. V. parto. 

alumbrar, va. to light, shed light, illuminate ; 
to enlighten, instruct ; among dyers, to dip 
cloth into alum-water ; to dig about the 
roots of vines. — vr. (coll.) to get tipsy. 

alumbre, m. alum : alumbre catino, alkali 
from glass- wort : alumbre de rasurai, salt of 
tartar : alumbre sacarino, alum-whey, 

alumbrera, /. alum-mine : alumbrera artifi- 
cial, alum-works. 

alumbrOSO, sa, a. having alum. 

alumina,./', (chem.) alumina or alumine, 

aluminado, da, «. (chem. ) mixed with alum. 

alumlnio, m. aluminium or aluminum. 

aluminita, /. aluminite. 

aluminoso, sa, a. aluminous. 

alunmo, na, m. & f. foster-child ; disciple, 
pupil, scholar, student. 

^lunado, da, a. lunatic ; spasmodic, jerky, 
from constipation (of horses) ; long-tusked 
vboar) ; tainted (meat). 

llusidn, /. allusion, reference, hint. 

alusivamente, adv. allusively. 

alusivo, va, a. allusive, hinting at. 

alustrar, va. to five lustre to anything. 

alutaci6n,/. (min.) stratum of grains of gold. 

alutrado, da, a. otter-coloured. 

aluvial, a. alluvial. 

aluvidn,/. alluvion, wash-out, 

alveario, m. (anat.) alveary. 

alveo, m. bed of a river. 

alveolar, a. alveolar 

alvbolo, m. alveolus, alveole, small cavity. 

alverja, alverjana,/. (bot.) common vetch. 

alvino, na, a. (med.) alvine. 

alza, /. piece of leather put round the last to 
make the shoe wider; instrument used in 
rope-walks ; advance, rise in price ; (typ. ) 
overlay, frisket sheet. 

alzacuellO, m. neck-stock. 

alzada, /. height, stature (of horses) ; ap- 
peal : Jnez de alzadat, judge in appeal causes. 

alzadamente, adv. for a lump sum. 

alzado, m. (arch. ) plan of a front elevation ; 
lump sum ; fraudulent bankrupt.— pp. oi 


alzadura, /. elevation. 

alzamlento, m. lifting or raising up ; higher 

alzapafl.0, m. curtain sash. 
alzapi6, m. snare, 
alzaprima, /. lever ; wedge ; (naut.) heaver ; 

(mech.) fulcrum. 
alzaprimar, va. to raise by means of a lever ; 

(naut.) to move with handspikes ; to incite, 

spur on. 

alzapuertas, m. dumb player ; supemumo 

alzar, va. {pret. ALC]& : suhj. alce) <o raise, 
lift up, heave ; to erect, construct ; 1o repeal 
a decree of excommunication ; to recall n-om 
banishment ; to carry off; to hide, lock up ; 
to cut the cards ; to gather up and arrange 
in order the printed sheets lor the binder ; 
to elevate the host, in mass; (naut.) to 
heave : alzar cabeza, to recover from a 
calamity or disease : alzar el codo, to drink 
much wine or liquor: alzar la casa, to 
break up house: alzar velas, (naut.) to set 
the sails ; (met.) to move off. — vr. to rise in 
rebellion ; to rise from kneeling ; to make 
a fraudulent bankruptcy ; to appeal : al- 
zarse con el dinero, to abscond. 

alzatirantes, harness straps to suspend 
the traces. 

all&, adv. there, in that place ; thither, or to 
that place ; anciently, of old. 

allanador, m. leveller ; gold-beater's book. 

allanamiento, m. levelling ; acceptance of 
judicial finding; (met.) aifability : suavity. 

aHanar, va. to level, make even, flatten | to 
remove or overcome diflSculties ; to pacify, 
subdue : allanar la casa, to break into a 
house. — vr. to abide by, acquiesce, conform 

allegadlZO, za, a. collected without choice. 

allegado, da, a. near, conjunct, related. — m, 
friend, ally.— pp. oi allegar. 

allegador, ra, m. &f. one who gathers or col- 
lects ; board for gathering thrashed wheat ; 

allegamientO, m. collecting, uniting, gather- 
ing; close friendship, union, relationship. 

allegar, va. (pret. allegu^ : subj. allegue) 
to gather, collect, unite ; to gather thrashed 
corn or wheat; to solicit, procure. — vr. to 
come near, to approach. 

allende, adv. beyond. 

alii, adv. there, in that place, thereto : de alii. 
thence, from that place ; at that moment. 

alloza, /. green almond. F. almendruco. 

allOZO, m. (bot. ) wild almond-tree. 

alludel, m. earthen water-pipe. V. aludki^ 

ama, /. mistress of the house, landlady, 
owner : ama de Haves or de gobiemo, house* 
keeper : ama de leche, wet-nurse. 

amabilidad, /. amiability, affability, loveli- 

amable, a. amiable, pleasing, lovely. 

amablemente, adv. amiably, lovely. 

amacayo, m. (Amer.) flower de luce. 

amacena,/. (hot.) damson plum. 

amaceno, na, a. Damascene. 

amacollarse, vr. to throw out shoots. 

amacrktiCO, ca, a. amacratic. 

amacbetear, va. to strike and cut with « 

amador, ra, m. &f. lover, sweetheart, suitoi-. 

amadrlgar, va. {pret. amadrigu^ : subj. ama- 
drigue) to receive well, especially one not 
deserving. — vr. to burrow ; (met.) to seclude 
one's sell. 

amadrinar, va. to couple ; yoke together ; 
(naut.) to join one thing to another; to act 
as godmother or bridesmaid. 

amadrOfiadO, da, a. resembling madr*fios. 

amaestrado, da, a. taught, tutored, schooled, 
trained, experienced : caballo amaestrado, 
horse completely broken in.— pp. of amaes- 


amaestrar, va. to instruct, break in, lead, 

train, coach. 
amagar, va. to threaten ; to show Bymptoma 

of a disease; (met.) to design, feign.— ^r. 

(aoll.) to hide. 

» M In far ; e iu eh I ; i in police ; e in for ; a in ball ; o (before e, i) and i as th in thick : b and d, wtttt 




amagO, m. act of threatening ; doing or say- 
ing something not realized ; symptom of 
disease which does not follow. 

djnsigo, m. bitter stuff found in some bee- 
cells ; (met.) nausea, loathing. 

amainar, va. (naut.) to lower the sails; to 

a-Tnaitlnar, va. to observe attentively. 

amajadar, vn. to seek shelter in a sheep-fold ; 
to secure sheep. 

amaleclta, m. Amalekite, 

amalgama, /. amalgam. 

amalgamacidn,/. amalgamation. 

amalgamar, va. to amalgamate. 

amamantar, va. to nurse, to give suck. 

amancebamlento, m. concubinage. 

amancebarse, vr. to live in concubinage. 

amancillar, va. to stain, pollute ; to offend, 
injure ; (met.) to tarnish one's reputation. 

amanecer, vn. {ind. amanezco : subj. ama- 
nezca) to dawn ; to arrive at break of day : 
al amanecer, at the break of day ; (met.) to 
begin to appear. 

amanerado, da, a. full of mannerisms. 

amanerarse, vr. to adopt a mannerism ; to 
become affected. 

amanojar, va. to gather by handfuls. 

amansador, ra, m. & /. tamer, subduer, 
soother, appeaser. 

amansamiento, m. the act of taming. 

amansar, va. to tame, domesticate, subdue ; 
(met.) to soften, pacify. 

amantar, va. (coll.) to cloak. 

amante, pa. & n. loving, lover, sweetheart. — 
pi. (naut.) ropes which form part of the 
running rigging of a ship. 

amantillar, va. (naut.) to top the lifts. 

amantillo, m. (naut.) lift. 

amanuense, m. amanuensis, clerk. 

amafiiar, va. to do a thing cleverly. — vr. to be 

ainaflO, m. clever way of doing a thing.— pZ. 
tools or implements ; (met. ) intrigue or 

amapola,/. (bot.) poppy. 

amar, va. to love, esteem, cherish, fancy. 

amaracino, a. angUento amaraclno, ointment 
of marjoram. 

am^raco, m. (hot.) marjoram. V. mejoraka. 

amarantO, m. (bot.) amaranth. 

amargado, da, a. embittered.— ^jp. of amar- 


amargaleja, /. bitter or wild plum. V. en- 


amargamente. adv. bitterly. 

amargar, va. (pret. amargu:^ : subj. amar- 

gue) to make oitter ; (met.) to exasperate, 

offend. — vn. to be bitter or acrid. 
amargO, ga, a. bitter, acrid ; painful. 
amargo, m. v. amargor ; sweetmeat made 

up of bitter almonds.— pZ. bitters. 
amargdn, m. (bot.) dandelion, 
amargor, m. bitterness, sorrow, vexation, 
amargosamente, v. amargamente. 
amargoso, sa, a. bitter. V. amargo. 
amargruillo, lla, a. dim. somewhat bitter. 
amargura, /. bitterness, acerbity ; sorrow. 
amaricado, da, a. (coll.) effeminate. 
amarilis,/. amaryllis. 
amarilla, /. gold coin, especially the onza ; 

vat ; liver disease of woolly flocks. 
amarillazo, za, a. of a pale' yellow colour, 
amarillear, vn. to incline to vellow. 
amarillejo, ja, a. dim. yellowish. 
amarillento, ta, a. yellowish, golden, 
amarillez,/. yellow colour of the body, 
amarillito, ta, a. dim. v. amarillejo. 
amarillo, lla, a. yellow ; gold-colour. 

amaxillo, m. jaundice; a disease of silk 

amarlnar, va. v. marinar. 

amariposado, da, a. (bot.) papilionaceous; 

amaro, m. (bot.) common clary. 

amarra, /. cable ; martingale : ; amarra ! 
(naut.) word of command, corresponding to 
the English belay, lash, or fasten. 

amarradero, m. post to which anyt^hing i» 
made fast; (naut.) mooring terth. 

amarrar, va. to tie, fasten, lash. 

amarrazones, pZ. (naut.) ground-tackle. 

amarrldo, da, a. dejected, gloomy, melan- 

amartelar, va. to enamour, court, make love ; 
to love devotedly. — vr. to fall in love. 

amartillar, va. to hammer, knock in ; t» 
cock a gun or pistol. 

amasadera,/. a kneading-trough. 

amasador, ra, m. &/. kneader. 

amasadura, /. act of kneading. 

amasamientO, m. the act of uniting or join' 
ing. V. amasadura. 

amasar, va. to knead; to mould; (met.) to 
arrange matters for an end. 

amasijO, m. dough ; the act of kneading ; 
quantity of mortar or plaster ; (met.) med- 
ley ; task, plotting agreement ; place where 
dough is made. 

amate, m. (Mex.) fig-tree, the milky juice of 
which is used as a resolvent. 

amatlsta,/. (min.) amethyst. 

amatividad, /. amativeness (phrenology). 

amatoriO, ria, a. amatory. 

amaurosis,/, blindness from disease of the 
optic nerve. 

amaurbtlCO, ca, a. amaurotic. 

amauta, m. a sage (among ancient Peru- 

amayorazgado, da, a. entailed. 

amayorazgar, va. to entail. 

amazacotado, da, a. heavy, thick; (met.) 
dull, heavy, clumsy (said of literary com- 

amazona,/. amazon; mannish woman ; large 
parrot of Brazil ; lady rider ; riding-habit. 

amaz6nlC0, ca, a. amazonian. 

amazorcado, da, a. flowers terminating in 
different colours. 

amba,/. (bot.) fruit of the mangrove. 

ambajes, m. pi. circuit ; circumlocution. 

ambagioso, sa, a. ambiguous. 

^mbar, m. amber. 

ambarar, va. to perfume with amber. 

ambariba,/. (bot.) sweet centaury. 

ambarilla,/. (bot.) amber-seed. 

ambarina,/. v. algalia. 

ambarlno, na, a. relating to amber. 

ambicibn, /. ambition ; covetousness. 

amblcionar, va. to pursue with anxiety ; t« 

ambiciosamente, ndr. ambitiously. 

ambiciOSO, sa, a. ambitious, aspiring ; cor- 
etous, greedy. 

ambldextro, tra, a. ambidextrous. 

amblente, m. the ambient air. 

ambigr^, m. luncheon, collatioa, spread. 

ambiguamente, adv. ambiguously. 

ambigliedad, /. ambiguity, double mean- 

ambigUO, gua, a. ambiguous, doubtful. 

d.mbitO, m. circuit, circumference, compass. 

amblar, va. to amble ; to pace. 

ambleo, w. short, thick wax-candle ; candle- 
stick for the same. 

ambligonlo, m. obtuse-angled. V. triIn- 

a/beforee.DandJ as h in hot; h, Bllent; H In brilliant; ft, ny In canyon; r (Initial) and rr trlUed; ■. bisseO. 




ambliopia,/- weakness of sight. 

ambo, in. combination of two numbers in 

ambbn, m. pulpit on each side of the high 

ambOS, bas, a. both: ambos k dos, both or 
both together. 

ambrosi^,/. ambrosia; (met.) any delicious 
viand or liquor: (bot.) ambrosia campestre,- 

ambroslano, na, a. belonging to St. Am- 

ambuesta,/. V. almorzada. 

ambulancia, /. field hospital ; ambulance. 

ambulante, a. ambulant; shifting; roving. 

ambulativo, va, a. of a roving turn ; shift- 
ing ; ambulatory. 

ambulatorio, a, a. ambulatory. 

amebeo, bea, «. dialogue in verse. 

amechar, *o. to put wick in lamps, etc. 

amedrentador, ra, m. &. /. threatener, dis- 
courager. — a. terrilying, frightening. 

amedrentar, va. to frighten, deter, dis- 
courage, intimidate. 

amelga, /. ridge between two furrows. 

amelgado, m. (prov.) mound to mark bound- 
aries. -^jj. of AMELGAR. 

amelgar, va. to open furrows ; to mark 
boundaries with mounds. 

auielO, m. (bot.) golden star-wort. 

amelonado, da, a. shaped like a melon. 

ani^Il, in. amen, so be it: amin de, (coll.) 

amenaza, f. threat, menace. 

amenazador, ra, m. &f. one who threatens. 
— a. threateninq;. 

amenaTSante, pa. menacing, threatening, 

amenazar, va. {prei. amekac^: subj. ame- 
nace) to threaten, menace ; to be impend- 

amencia,.?'. (ant. and Amer.) dementia. 

amenguainientO, m. diminution, shortage. 

amenguar, va. to diminish ; gro# short or 
less ; lo defame, vilify, disgrace. 

amenidad,/. amenity, agreeableness; (met.) 
pleasant strain of language. 

ameuizar, va. {pret. amenic^: subj. ameni- 
ce) to render pleasant or agreeable. 

ameno, na, «. pleasant, delicious; delight- 
ful, elegant. 

amenorrea, /. suppression of the menses. 

amentaceo, cea, a. (bot.) amentaceous. 

amentar, va. to lace shoes. 

amento, m. (bot.) ament. V. amiento. 

amerar, va. to mix wine or liquor with wa^. 
ter. — vr. to percolate ; soak. 

amerengado, da, a. like, or having, me- 
ringue ; (coll.) nice, prudish. 

americana,/. sack-coat. 

americanismo, m. Americanism. 

americanista, m. & f. person who studies 
and cultivates the languages and antiquities 
of America. 

americano, na, a. American, native of or 
belonging to the New World. 

ametalado, da, «. having the colour of brass. 

ametista, /. ametisto, »». v. amatista. 

ametralladora,/. rapid-fire gun. 

ametrallar, va. to shoot with grape-shot. 

amia,/". lamia, white shark. 

amiantO, m. (min.) amianthus ; asbestos. 

amlcislmo, ma, a. sup. most friendly, fond- 

amiento, m. leather strap to secure helmet ; 
shoe-lace ; leather string. 

amiga, /. female friend ; school-mistress ; 
kiudergarten ; concubine, mistress. 

amigable, a. friendly ; (met.) fit, suitable. 

amigablemente, adv. amicably. 

amigdala,/. tonsil. 

amigdallna, /. amygdaline (chem.) 

amigdalitis, /. tonsilitis. 

amigo, ga, m. & /. friend ; comrade ; lover / 

amigo, ga, a. V. amistoso and amigable, « 
amigote, m. aug. (coll.) dear old friend, 
amilaceo, a. starchy, 
amilanamiento, m. spiritlessness. 
amilanar, va. to frighten, terrify ; stupefy j 

to cow. — vr. to flag. 
amillaramiento, m. assessment of a tax. 
amillarar, va. to assess a tax. 
amillonadO, da, a. very rich. — m. a miL 


amimar, va. v. mimar. 

aminorar, va. to lessen ; to enfeeble. 

amir. m. Ameer. 

amistad, /. amity, friendship; commerce; 

gallantry; civility; favour; concubinages 

hacer las amlstades, to make up. 
amistar, va. to befriend. — vr. to reconcile, 
amistosamente, adv. friendly, familiarly, 
amistoso, sa, a. friendly, amicable, cordial, 
amito, m. amice, part of a priest's garment, 
amnesia, /. loss of memory, 
amnios./, amnion, fcetal envelope. 
amnidtlCO, ca, a. amniotic, 
amnistia,/. amnesty. 
amnistiar, va. to grant pardon, to amnesty. 

— vr. to receive amnesty. 
amo, m. master of a house, lord, proprietor ; 

foster-father ; overseer ; (vulg. ) boss. 
amoblar, va. v. moblar = amueblar. 
amodita, /. horned serpent. V. alicante. 
amodorrado, da, a. drowsy, sleepy.— /jp. of 


amodorrarse, vr. to get drowsy, 
amodorrido, da, a. v. amodorrado. 
amogotado, da, a. steep mountain with d 
fiat crown. 

amohecerse, vr. {ind. amohezco : subj. amo- 
hezca) to grow mouldy or rusty. V. enmo- 

amohinar, va. to irritate, annoy. 

amojamado, da, a. tasting like tunny-fish. 

amojamar, va. to dry and smoke ttinny-tisli. 

amojonador, m. one who sets landmarks. 

amojonamiento, m. setting landmarks. 

amoionar, va. to set landmarks. 

amoladera,/. whetstone, grindstone. 

amolador, m. grinder, whetter. 

amoladura,/. whetting or grinding. 

amolar, va. {ind. ^.muelo : stibj. amuele) to 
whet, grind, or sharpen. 

amoldador, ra, m. &./. moulder. 

amoldar, va. to mould, fashion, figure ; 
(met.) to adjust; (obs.) to brand cattle. 

amole, m. soap-root (Mex.) 

amollador, ra, m. &f. one who plays an in- 
ferior card, having a winning one. 

amoUar, va. (naut._) to ease off; to play an 
inferior card, having a winning one. 

amolletado, da, a. shaped like a French .roll. 

amomo, m. (bot.) grain of paradise. 

amondongado, da, a. (coll.) sallow, coarse, 

amonedacidn, /. monetization. 

amoncdar, va. to coin. 

amonestacibn, /. advice, admonition, warn- 
ing; marriage banns: correr las amonesta- 
ciones, to pul)lish the banns. 

amonestaaor, ra,.m. &/. monitor, admon* 

amonestar, va. to advise, admonish, correct ; 
to publish banns. 

* arin far ; e in eh I ; 1 in police ; o in : 

XL in bull ; C (before e, I) »nd z as th In thick ; b and d, soft « 



aznonlacal, a. ammoniacal. 

jtmoniaco, m. ammonia, NH3 ; ammoniac; 

amonita,/. (zool.) ammonite. — m. Ammonite 

amontarse, vr. to flee to the mountains. 

amontonador, ra, m. & /. heaper, accumu- 

amontonamlentO, m. heaping, accumulat- 
ing, hoarding, gathering ; lodgment. 

amontonar, va. to heap, pile up, accumulate, 
gather ; to hoard, lay up, congest. — vr. 
(coll.) to fly into a passion. 

iftinor, m. love, tenderness, affection, fancy ; 
the object of love ; a word of endearment : 
por amor de Bios, for God's sake : amor pro- 
pio, self-love, conceitedness. — m. & f. pi. 
gallantry ; amours : de mil amores, adv. with 
all my heart. 

amoratado, da, a. livid. 

amorcillo, m. dim. slight love, kindness. 

amordazar. va. {pret. amordac^: subj. 
AMORDACE) to gag, muzzle ; (naut. ) to fasten 
with bitts ; (met. ) to deprive of the liberty 
of speaking or writing. 

amofes, m. (hot.) red valerian. 

amorfia, f- organic deformity. 

amorfo, fa, a. amorphous. 

amorgado, da, a. stupefied from eating mor- 
ga or alpecUn. 

amorgar, va. to stupefy fish with morga or 

amoricones, (coll.) love-looks, flirta- 

amorio, w. love-making. 

amoriscado, da, a. resembling the Moors. 

amormado, da, a. having the glanders. 

amorosamente, adv. lovingly. 

amoroso, sa, a. affectionate, kind, loving, 
pleasing, gentle, mild, serene. 

amorrar, vn. (coll. ) to be sullen ; to muse. 
— vr. sulk. 

amortajar, va. to shroud a corpse. 

amortecer, va. {ind. amortezco : subj. amor- 
tezca) to deaden. — vr. to faint, to swoon. 

amortecimiento, m. swoon, fainting. 

amortezco (m-. from amortecer). 

amorti^acibn, /. amortiguamiento, m. 


amortiguar, va. to mortify, deaden ; to tem- 
per ; to soften colours. 

amortizaci6n, /. mortmain ; payment of 
debts : fondo de amortizacion, sinking fund. 

amortizable, a. inalienable ; redeemable, 

lUnortizar, va. {pret. amortick : subj. AMOR- 
tice) to render inalienable ; to entail ; to 
refund ; to provide a sinking fund ; to pay 
debts : amortizar ana renta, to sink a fund. 

amoscar, va. {pret. amosquk: subj. amos- 
que) to flap flies. — vr. to shake off the flies ; 
to become irritated. 

amosquiladO, da, a. tormented with flies. 

amostachado, a. wearing mustaches. 

amostazar, va. {pret. \uost\c± : subj. AMos- 
tace) (coll.) to exasperate, provoke. — vr. to 
be vexed, irritated. 

amotinadamente, adv. mutinously. • 

amotinado, da, a. mutinous, rebellious. — 

pp. of AMOTINAR. 

amotinador, ra, m. &f. mutineer. 
amotinamiento, m. mutiny, revolt, riot, 
amotlnar, va. to excite rebellion ; (met.) to 

disorder the mind. — vr. to riot. 
amover, va. to remove, to discharge. 
amovibilidad,/. possibility of being re- 

rnoved or revoked. 
amovlble, a. removable. 


ampac, m. (hot.) champak. 

ampara,/. (law) seizure of chattels. 

amparador, ra, m. &f. protector ; shelter. 

amparar, va. to shelter, protect, help, sup- 
port, guard, assist. — vr. to claim or enjoy 
protection ; to defend one's self ; to seek 

amparo, m. favour, aid, protection,- guard- 
ship, refuge, asylum, shelter. 

ampelita, /. eannel-coal. 

amperimetro, m. (electr.) ampermeter. 

amperio, m. (electr.) ampere. 

ampliacibn, /. enlargement. 

ampliador, ra, m. &f. amplifier. 

ampliamente, adv. largely, copiously, plen- 

ampliarj va. to amplify, enlarge, extend. 

ampliatlVO, va, a. amplifying, enlarging. 

ampliflcacidn, /. enlargement ; (rhet.) am- 

amplificador, ra, m. &/. amplifier, expa- 
tiator. enlarger. 

amplincar, va. to amplify, enlarge, extend, 
expand ; to dilate, expatiate. 

ampllO, 11a, a. ample, plentiful, roomy, ex- 
tensive, large ; handsome ; absolute. 

amplitud, /. extent, greatness, largeness, 
fulness ; (ast. ) amplitude. 

ampO de la nieve, snow-white. V. LAMPO. 

ampolla, /. blister on the skin ; decanter, 
cruet ; water-bubble. 

ampollar, va. to blister ; to make hollow, 
excavate. — vr. to bubble up. 

ampollar, a. resembling a blister, decanter, 
or bubble. ^ 

ampolleta, /. dim. small vial, cruet, hour- 
glass; (naut.) watch-glass. 

amprar, vn. (prov. ) to borrow. 

ampulOSidad,/. verbosity. 

ampulOSO, sa, a. pompous, bombastic. 

amputacibn,/. amputation. 

amputar, va. to amputate. 

amuchacliado, da, a. boyish, childish. 

amueblar, va. to furnish a house or a room. 

amueblo, amueble {irr. from amoblar). 

amuelo, amuele, etc. {irr. from amolar). 

amugamiento, m. V. amojonamiento. 

amugronador, ra, a. layer of vine-shoots. 

amugronar, va. to lay the shoot of a vine. 

amujerado, da, a. effeminate. 

amuieramiento, m. v. afeminaci6n. 

amularse, vr. to become sterile (mares). 

amulatado, da, a. coloured like a mulatto. 

amuleto, m. amulet. 

amunicionar, va. to ammunition. 

amuflecado, da, a. puppet-like. 

amura, /. (naut.) beam of a ship at one- 
eighth of its length from the bow ; part at 
each side of the ship that corresponds to 
that section ; tack of a sail. 

amiirada, /. (naut.) interior side of a ship. 

amurallar, va. to wall. v. murar. 

amurar, va. (naut.) to haul the tack aboard. 

amurcar, va. to gore with the horns. 

amurco, m. blow or stroke with the horns. 

amurillar, va. (agr.) to earth up. 

amusco, a. brown. 

amusgar, va. to throw back the ears ; to con- 
tract the eyes to see better. 

ana, /. an ell ; aune, kind of fox ; abbrevia- 
tion meaning equal parts. 

anabaptismo, m. anabaptism. 

anabaptista, m. anabaptist. 

anacarado, da, a. like mother-of-pearl. 

anacardina,/. anacardic preparation. 

anacardlno, na, «. anacardic. 

anacardo, m. (bot.) cashew-tree; cashew- 

T (before e, i) and J as li in hot ; h, silent ; U in brilliant ; fi, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr triUed ; », biMeA 




^/LB.Ct.'n. dress of Indian women in Peru 
and Bolivia; in Ecuador their hair-dress- 
ing, a single braid. 

anacoreta, m- anchorite, hermit. 

anacoretico, ca, a. anchoretical. 

anacreontiCO, ca, a. anacreontic. 

anacr6nicO, ca, a. anachronistic. 

anacronismo, m. anachronism. 

iLnade, m. &/. duck ; by extension, goose. 

anadear, vn. to waddle. 

anadeja,/. dim. duckling. 

anadino, na, m. &f. young duck. 

aiiad6n, m. mallard. 

anadoncillo, m. dim. grown duckling. 

anafalla or anafaya, /. thick corded silk. 

anafe or anafre, m. portable furnace. 

an^fora, /■ anaphora. 

anafrodisia, /. anaphrodisia. 

anafrodisiaco, ca, «. anaphrodisiac. 

anafrodita, <t. abstainer from sexualism. 

an^glifo, '". vase, vessel with relief figures. 

anagndrisis,/. v. agnici6n. 

anagoge, m. anagogia,/. anagoge. 

anag6giC0, ca, a. anagogical. 

anagrama, .^'. anagram. 

anagramatizador, m. anagrammatist. 

anal, a. relating to the anus. 

analectas,/. p/. analects. 

anal6ctiC0, ca, a. analectic. 

anal6ptiC0, ca, a. (med. ) restorative, 

analepsla,/. (med.) analepsis. 

anales, m. pi. annals. 

UialfabetO, m. illiterate person ; analphabet. 

an^llsis, m. &f. analysis; (gram.) parsing. 

analista, m. annalist. 

analiticamente, adv. analytically. 

analitico, ca, a. analytical. 

analizable, a. capable of analysis. 

anallzador, m. analyzer. 

analizar, va. {pret. analic^ : subj. analice) 
to analyze ; (gram.) to parse. 

anUogamente, v. anal6gicamente. 

analogia, /. analogy ; resemblance ; part of 

analbgicamente, adv. analogically. 

analbgico, ca, an&Jogo, ga, a. analogous. 

anamorfOSis, f. anamorphosis. 

anana,.r". or ananas, (bot.) pine-apple. 

anapelo, m. (bot.) wolfs-bane. 

anapestO, m. anapaest, a Latin verse, ^-'v^ — . 

anaquel [ah-nah-kei'], m. shelf or board to place 
things on. 

anaqueleria,/. shelving, case of shelves. 

anaranjado, da, a. orange-coloured. 

anarquia [ah-nar-kee'-ah],/. anarchy. 

an^rqulCO, ca [ah-nar'-ke-co], a. anarchical. 

anarquismo lah-nar-keys'-mo], m. anarchism. 

anarquista lah-nar-kees'-tah], m. anarchist. 

anasarca,/, (med.) general dropsy. 

anascote, m. woollen stuff like serge. 

anastasia, /. v. artemisa. 

anastomosis, /. (anat.) anastomosis. 

ankstrofe, m. (rhet.) inversion of words. 

anata, /. annats, yearly income. 

anatema, anatematfsmo, m. & f. excom- 
munication ; malediction, imprecation. 

anatematizar, va. {pret. anatematic^: 
»ubj. an'atkmatice) to anathematize, ex- 
communicate ; to curse. 

anatista, rn. officer for the half-year's annats. 

anatomia, /. anatomy; (med.) vivisection; 
(art) study of the structure of the human 

anatdmicamente, adv. anatomically. 

anat6mico, ca, a. anatomical. 

anatomista, m. anatomist. 

anatomizar, va. {pret. anatomic^: subi. 
ANATOMicE) to anatomize or dissect ; (art) 

to draw carefully the bones and muscles in 

statues and figures. 
anavajado, da, a. having knife scars, 
anca, /. haunch, 
ancado, m. (vet.) contraction of muscles oi 

the hind legs. 
ancianldad, /. old age; antiquity, 
anciano, na, n. old, stricken in years, 
ancla, /. anchor: echar anclag, to anchor: 

levar anclas, to weigh anchor: ancla de la 

esperaaza, sheet-anchor. 
ancladero, m. (naut.) anchorage, anchoring- 

anclaje, m. casting anchor ; anchoring- 

ground : derecho de anclaje, anchorage dues, 
anclar, vn. to anchor. ""^ 

anclote, m. stream-anchor, kedge. 
anclotillo, m. kedge-anchor. 
anc6n, m. anconada,/. open road, a bay. 
ancora, v. ancla. 
ancoraje, m. V. anclaje. 
ancorar, v. anclar. 
ancorca,/. yellow ochre, 
ancorel, m. large stone to secure nets, 
ancoreria,/. anchor-forge. 
ancorero, m. anchor-smith, 
ancusa, /. (bot. ) common alkanet. 
anchamenie, adv. widely, largely. 
ancharia,/. (obs.) width of cloth. 

ancheta,/. small amount of goods rentured 

in trade ; profit in a bargain, 
anchlcorto, ta, a. wider than long, 
ancho, Cha. a. broad, large, 
ancho, anchor, m. V. anchura 
anchoa, anchova,/. anchovy. 
anchuelO, la, a. dim. somewhat wide. 
anclXUra,/. width, largeness, extensiveness ; 

latitude ; laxity. 
anchliroso, sa, a. large, spacious, extensive, 

broad, wide. 
anchusa,/. (bot.) alkanet. 
and6,l)ata, m. andabata. 
andada,/. track, trail, pathway ; thin, hard- 
baked cake : andadas, trail of game. 
andaderas,/.i>/. go-carts. 
andadero, ra, a. easy ground ; runner. 
andadO, m. step-child. V. ALNADO. 
andado, da, a. beaten, trodden ; worse foi 

use, threadbare ; common, ordinary / 

elapsed.— jsp. of andar. 
andador, ra, a. fast walker or runner J 

swift. — m. messenger of a court; (naut.) 

fine sailer ; leading-string ; garden-walk. 
andadura, /. gait ; pacing ; amble, 
andaluz, za, a. Audalusian. 
andaluzada, /. boasting; exaggeration; 

(coll.) fish story, yarn, 
andamiada, /. scaffolding. 
andamlo, m. scaffold, platform, footgeai j 

(naut.) gang-board. 
andana,/. row, line, tier: llamarse Andana, 

(coll.) not to fulfil a promise. 
andanada, /. (naut.) broadside; grand 

stand for spectators ; reproof, reprimand ; 

andaniflo, m. go-cart in which children learn 

to walk. V. pollera. 
andante (pa. of andar) , m. walking; (mus.) 

andantesco, ca, a. belonging to knight-er- 

andantino, m. (mus.) andantino. 
andanza,/. (obs.) occurrence, event: bnena 

or mala andanza, good or bad fortune. 
andar, va. {pret. anduVe: mbj. imp. 2d and 


re) to walk, pace, go, come, move along; 
to act, behave; transact; to elapse, pass; 

a M In far ; e in eh t ; 1 la police ; o in for ; n )a bnll : c (before e. i) and % as th in thick ; b and d, loft ; 


to ivn (machines) ; to be; 
andar en coche, to ride. 



to get along; 

andar, m. V. andadura. 

I andar ! interj. all right, go ahead. 

andaraje, m. the wheel of a well. 

andariegO, ga, a. restless, roving ; fast 
walker, runner. 

andarin, m. professional walker, runner. 

andarivel, m. ferry-cable; safety-ropes on 
board ships. 

andarriO, m. (om.) the white wagtail. 

'eindas, /. pi. stretcher, litter, bier with shafts. 

and^n, m. horse-path in a mill or canal ; side- 
walk by a road, wharf, or bridge ; platform 
of a railway station. 

andero, m. litter-bearer, bier-bearer. 

andilll, m. shoemaker's burnishing-stick. 

andino, na, «. of or belonging to the Andes. 

^nditO, m. gallery or path around a building. 

andolina, andorina, andarina, /. v. go- 


andorga, /. (coll.) belly: llenar la andorga, 
to gorge. 

andorra, andorrera,/. street-walker. 

andorrear, vn. to gad about. 

andorrero, m. gaddish, rover, tramp. 

andOSCO, ca, a. two years old (sheep). 

andrajero, ra, m. &/. rag-picker. 

audrajO, vi. rag, tatter; despicable person. 

audrajosamente, adv. raggedly. 

andrajOSO, sa, a. ragged, in tatters. 

andrlna,/. sloe. V. endrina. 

andrino, m. (hot.) sloe-tree, blackthorn. 

andr6ginO, m. hermaphrodite, androgyne. 

androide, m. automaton, shaped as a man. 

andr6mina,/. (coll.) trick, fraud, artifice. 

androsemo, m. (bot.) parkleaves. 

andularlOS, m. pi. (coll.) long wide gown. 

andullO, m. (naut.) canvas shield on harp- 
ings and blocks; plug tobacco (Cuban). 

andnrriales, m. pi. by-roads, retired places. 

anduve, anduvlera, etc. (im from andar). 

anea,/. (hot.) cattail. V. ESPADANA. 

aneaje, m. alnage, ell measure. 

anear, va. to measure by ells. 

aueblar, va. {ind. anieblo: subj. anieble) 
to cloud, darken, obscure. 

an6cdota,/. anecdote. 

anegacl6n,/. overflowing, inundation. 

anegadizo, za, a. liable to be overflowed. 

anegadO, da, a. overflowed : navio anegado, 
(naut.) water-logged ship.— pp. of anegar. 

anegamlento, m. v. anegacion. 

anegar, va. to inundate, flood ; to submerge ; 
drown. — vr. to be inundated ; to drown, sink. 

anegoclado, da, a. full of business. 

anejln or anejir, m. popular proverb which 
may be sung. 

anejo, m. church depending on another. — a. 
annexed, joined. V. anexo, xa. 

anel6ctrlco, ca, a. non-electric 

an^lido, m. (zool.) anelid. 

anemia,/, (med.) anxmia. 

an^miCO, ca, a. anaemic. 

anemografla,/. anemography. 

anemogriflco, ca, a. anemographic. 

anem6grafo, m. one who studies anemog- 
raphy ; anemoscope. 

anemometria,/. anemometry. 

anem6metro, m. anemometer. 

an^mona or anemone, /. (bot) anemone 
or windflower. 

anemoscqpio, m. anemoscope. 

aneplgr&nco, ca, a. without title or inscrip- 
tion. V. medalla. 

anequin (6,) or de anequin [«h-n«y-veen'], 
adv. so much a head (shearing of sheep). 

aneroide, a. &m. aneroid ; barometer. 

anestesla,/. anaesthesia. 
anest^SiCO, ca, a. anaesthetic. 
aneurisma, m. &. f. (med. ) aneurism. 
anexar [ah-uek-sar'], va. to annex, join, unite. 

aneXidadeS [ah-nek-Bee-dah'-<ieB], /. pi. annexes, 


anexl6n [ah-nek-seon'],/. annexion, union ; an- 

anexionista, m. annexationist. 

aneXO, xa [ah-nek'-8<)\ a. V. AKEJO, JA. 

anfibio, bia, a. amphibious. 
anfibOlOgia,/. amphibology. 
anfibOl6gicamente, adv. amphibologically 
anfibOl6giCO, ca, a. amphibological. ^ 
anfibraco, m. (poet.) amphibrach, --^ — v_-. 
anfimacro, m. (poet.) amphimacer, — -_^ — ^ 
anfi6n, m. opium. 
anfisbena, anfislbena,/. amphisbaena. 

anflSCiOS, m. i^^ amphiscli. 

anfiteatro, m. amphitheatre. 

anfitri6n, m. (met.) host. 

anfitrite,./". amphitrite (poet, and zool.). 

knfora/. amphora. — pi. cruets. 

anfractUOSidad, /. crookedness.—/, (anat.) 

anfractuOSO, sa, a, sinuous ; unequal. 

angaria, /. ancient servitude ; forced delay 
in the sailing of a ship. 

angarillas, /. pi. hand-barrow; panniers; 
cruet-stands. V. aguaderas. 

angarill6n, m. large wicker basket; large 

angaripola, /. calico : angarlpolas, gaudy or- 
naments on clothes. 

d.ngarO, m. beacon. 

^ngel, m. angel, spiritual being ; fish resem- 
bling a ray : &ngel custodio or de la guarda, 
guardian angel ; good, kind, benevolent per- 
son ; pretty girl. 

angelica, /. (bot. ) garden angelica : angelica 
carlina, (bot.) carline thistles: angelica pa- 
lustre, wild angelica; (pharm.) purgative 

angelical, ang61iC0, ca, a. angelical or an- 
gelic ; heaven-born ; kind, benevolent. 

angelicalmente, adv. angelically. 

anf elico, itO, m. dim. little angel. 

angel6n, angalonazo, angelote, m. aug. 

large figure of an angel placed oa altars; 

fat child. 
&ngelU8, m. the angelus. 
angina,/ pharyngitis, 
angla,/. cape (of land), 
anglicanismo, m. Anglicanism. 
anglicanO( na, a. Anglican : igleslaanglicana, 

the established church of England, 
anglicismo, m. Anglicism. 
anglO, gla, a. Angle ; English. 

angloamericano, na, a. Anglo-American. 

anglomania,/. Anglomania. 

angl6mano, m. Anglomaniac. 

anglosajbc, na, a. &. n. Anglo-Saxon. 

angol&n, m. (hot.) alangium, East India tree 

angOStamente, adv. narrowly. 

angostar, va. to narrow, to contract. 

angOStO, ta, a. narrow, close ; insufiicient. 

angostura,/ narrowness: strait; distress. 

angra,/. small bay, cove. 

angrelado, o. (her.) ingrailed, serrated. 

anguarina./ loose coat with long sleeves. 

anguila,/. (zool. ) eel : anguila de cabo, (naut.) 
port-rope to flog sailors : angnilas, launch- 
ing ways. 

anguilazo, m. stroke with a port-rone. 

anguilero, ra, m. &f. basket for eels. 

anguina,/ (vet.) the vein of the groins. 

angula,/. the brood of eels. 

angulado, da, a. having angles. 

f (belbre e, i) and J at h In hot; b, ailect; U in brilliant; fl, ay in canyon; r (iultial) and rr Crtllea: B, l><*«t^ 




anjftQAT, a. angular : piedra angular, corner- 

angularmente, adv. angularly. 

anfftilema, /• hemp stuff.— pi. (coll.) fulsome 
flatteries. V. ZALAMERfAS. 

^gulo, m. angle ; corner, nook. 

angulOSO, sa, «. angular, cornered. 

angustia, /■ anguish, afliiction, pang. 

angustiadamente, adv. painfully. 

angustiado, da, «. painful, worried, sorrow- 
ful ; (iiK't. ) narrow-minded, miserable.— p/>. 


angustiar, va. to cause anguish, afliict, wor- 
ry, distress. 

angUStiOSO, sa, a. full of anguish ; causing 
anguish or worry. 

anhelacWn,/. panting; longing. 

anhelar, vn. to breatne with difficulty ; to 
desire anxiously, long, covet. 

anhelitO, m. difficult respiration. 

anhelo, m. vehement desire ; eagerness. 

anlielOSO, sa, «. anxiously desirous. 

anhidrico, ca, a. v. anhidro. 

anhldrlta, /. anhydrite. 

anMdro, dra, a. anhydrous. 

anhlnga,/. (orn.) aquatic bird, called darter. 

ani, m. (orn.) (S. A.) pretty creeping bird. 

anidar, vn. to nestle; (met.) to dwell, re- 
side : to cherish ; shelter. 

aniebiar, va. to darken, obscure ; mystify. 

anilina,/. (chem.) aniline. 

anilla,/. curtain ring- hoop. 

anilladO, da, a. annulated.— p^. annelids. 

anillar, va. to form rings or hoops ; to fasten 
with rings. 

anillejo, anillete, m. dim. small ring. 

anillO, m. small hoop, finger ring ; circlet ; 
ring of a turbine; circular band; (naut.) 
hank or grommet : venir como anillo al dedo, 
to come in the very nick of time; (arch.) 

inima,/. soul. v. alma ; (mech.) bore of a 
gun : anlmas, ringing of bells at sunset. 

anlmable, a. susceptible of animation. 

antxnacidn,/. animation ; bustle. 

anlmado, da, a. lively, animated ; manful. 

—pp. of ANIMAR. 

animador, ra, m. &f. one who animates or 

anlmadyersl6n, /. animadversion, remark. 
animal, m. animal, rational or beast ; 

brute : (met.) dunce, blockhead. — a. animal, 
anlmalizacion, /. animalization. 
anlmalizar, va. to animalize. 
animalazo, anlmalote, m. aug. big animal. 
anlmalejO, iCO, illO, m. dim. small animal, 

animalucllO, m. nglj, hideous animal, 
anlmar, va. to animate, enliven, comfort, 

revive ; to incite, excite | to give power or 

vigour to Inanimate things. — vr. to grow 

lively ; to feel encouraged, energetic. 
anime or goma anime,/. resin resembling 

aniinero, m. one who asks charity for the 

souls in purgatory. 
animismo, m. animism, Stahl's doctrine, 
^mimo, m. spirit ; courage, valour, fortitude, 

manfulness : hardiness ; mind, intention, 

meaning, will ; thought, attention : \ 4iiimo! 

— inter), cheer up ! 
animosamente, adv. courageously, 
animosldad, /. animosity, valour, courage; 

active enmity. 
anlmoso, sa, a. brave, spirited, courageous, 

amfladamente, adv. in a childish, puerile 


anlfiado, da, n. childish. 

anlflarse, vr. to grow childish. 
aniqullable LHi'-i'ee-kee-uii';, a. annihllable, 

aniqullacidn [at.-me-kee-lah-the-on'],/. annlhUa* 

tion, extinction. 
aniquilador. ra, m. &f. destroyer, 
aniquilamiento, m. v. aniquilaci6n. 

aniquilar lah-nee-kee-lnrr'], va. tO annihilate, 

destroy, overthrow, crush, ruin. — vr. to de* 
cline ; decay ; humble ; consume. 

anis, m. (bot.) anise, anise-seed; sugar- 
coated anise-seed. 

anisadO, da, a. anise-seed spirit : agiiardient« 
anisado, cordial. — pp. of anisar. 

anlsar, va. to tincture with anise. — m. patch 
sowed with anise-seed. 

anisete, m. anisette. 

aniversariO, ria, a. annual, yearly.— m. an- 
niversary ; holiday ; annual funeral service. 

anjeo, m. coarse linen. 

ano, m. the anus. 

anoche, adv. last night. 

anochecedor, ra, a. person who retires lat<.' 
at night. 

anocliecer, vn. {ind. anochezco : subj. ano 

chezca) to grow dark : al anochecer, at 
nightfall. — vr. (poet. ) to grow dark. 

aXLOCheclda, /. dusk, nightfall. 

anodinar, ?'a. to administer an anodyne. 

anodino, na, «. (med.) anodyne. 

^nodo, m. (electr.) positive pole of a bat- 

anomalia, /. anom'*ly; (ast.) distance of a 
planet at its aphelion. 

an6inalO, la, a. (gram. ) anomalous. 

an6n, w. (bot.) custard apple-tree. 

anona, /. annona or custard-apple ; store of 

anonadacl6n, /. anonadamiento, m. an- 
nihilation ; self-contempt. 

anonadar, va. to annihilate; (met.) to dU 
minish. — vr. to humble one's self. 

an6nimain.ente, adv. anonymously. 

andnimo, ma, a. anonymous ; nameless. 

anormal, a. aonormal. 

anotaci6n,/. annotation, note. 

anotador, ra, m. &f. commentator. 

anotar, va. to write notes ; to comment. 

anquera [an-kay'-r«hi,/. (Mex.) round cover- 
ing for the hind quarter of a horse. 

anqueta [an-Uay'-taU] : estar de media anqneta^ 
to be incommodiously seated. 

anqulalmeildradO,da,a. having an almond- 
shaped croup. 

anquiboynno, na [an-ke-bo-yoo-no], a. having 
a croup like an ox. 

anquilosis [an-ke-io'-eis],/. fanat.) stiff joint. 

anqulrredondo, da, a. navlng a rounded 

anqniseco, ca [an-ke-8*y'-coi, a. lean crouped. 

ansa, /. commercial bond among the free 
cities of Germany. 

^nsar, m. goose : iniar macbo, gander. 

ansareria,/. place where geese are reared. 

ansarero, m. goose-herd. 

ansarino, na, a. (poet.) belonging to geese. 
— m. gosling. 

ansaron, m. v. Insar. 

anse^tlco. ca, a. Hanseatlc. 

ansi, (obs.) V. Asf. 

ansia, /• anxiety, anguish, eagerness, ardent 
desire ; longing, hankering ; greediness. 

ansladamente, adv. anxiously, earnestly. 

ansiar, va. to desire anxiously ; to long ; to 

ansledad, f. state of anxiety. V. ansia. 

ansiosamente, adv. anxiously, eagerly. 

a aa m far ; e in eh I ; 1 In police ; o in for : n in ball : c (before e, i) and z as th in thick : b and d, soft | 




AnsiOSO, sa, a. anxious, eager, greedy ; hot. 

anta, /• elk; obelisk; needle.— pi. (arch.) 
antes, pillars of a building. 

a,ntaceo, m. (icht.) large sturgeon. 

antagallas,/./>/. (naut. ) sprit-sail reef-bands. 

antagoniCO, ca, a. antagonistic. 

antagonismo, w. antagonism, antipathy. 

jMltagOnista, m. antagonist, opponent ; com- 
petitor ; opposer, foeman. 

B-ntana, llamarse antana, V. ANDANA. 

antaflazo, adv. (coll.) a long time since. 

antaflO, adv. last year ; long ago. 

antartico, ca, a. antarctic. 

ante, m. elk. V. ANTA ; dressed buck or buf- 
falo skin, buckskin, chamois ; spicy bev- 
erage in Peru ; first dinner course. 

ante, prep, before : ante mi, before me, in my 
presence : ante todo, above all. 

anteado, da, a. buff-coloured, 
antealtar, m. chancel, 
anteanoche, adv. night before last. 
anteanteanoclie, adv. three nights ago. K 


anteanteayer or anteantier, adv. three 
days ago. V. teasanteayEr. 

anteayer, adv. day before yesterday. 

antebrazo, m. fore-arm. 

antecama, /. carpet laid in front of a bed. 

antecamara, /. antechamber ; lobby ; hall. 

antecapilla, /. room before a chapel. 

antecedente, m. antecedent. 

antecedentemente, adv. previously, before- 

anteceder, va. to precede, go before. 

antecesor. ra, m. & f. predecessor, forefa- 
ther : antecesores, ancestors. 

anteco, ca, a. antlscii. 

antecoger, ta. (ind. anteco jo: subj. ante- 
coja) to forereach ; to gather in too soon. 

antecolumna, /. (arch.) column of a porch. 

antecoro, m. entrance leading to the choir. 

AntecristO, m. Antichrist. 

antedata, /. antedate. 

antedatar, va. to antedate. 

antedecir, va. (for in: v. decir) to predict, 

antedicho, cha, a. foresaid. 

ante diem, (Lat.) the preceding day. 

antediluviano, na, a. antediluvian. 

anteflrma, /. address before the signature. 

anteiglesia, /. porch of a church ; parochial 
church and district in Biscay. 

antelaci6n, /. precedence in order of time. 

antemano, adv. de antemano, beforehand. 

antemeridiano, na, a. in the forenoon. 
antemural, m. antemuralla, /. or ante- 

muro, m. fort, rock or mountain, which 
serves for the defence of a fortress ; (met. ) 
a safeguard. 

antena,/. (naut.) lateen yard ; (ent.) antenna 
or feeler of insects.—;?/, antennae. 

antenallas, /. pi. pincers. 

antenoche, adv. night before last. 

antenombre, m. title before a proper name. 

antenula,/. antennule. 

antenupcial, a. before marriage, 

anteojera,/. spectacle-case; eye-flap. 

anteojero, m. spectacle-maker. 

anteojo, m. spy-glass ; eye-glass ; telescope ; 
opera-glass.—^/, spectacles ; goggles ; ,wink- 
f ers. 

antepagar, va. to pay beforehand. 

antepasado, da, a. passed, elapsed. 

antepasadOS, m. pi. ancestors, predecessors. 

antepecho, m. balcony, bridge-rail, sill, rail- 
ing ; breastwork, parapet, battlement : foot- 
f step of a coach ; poitrel (harness) ; breast 

roller of a loom. 

antepentiltimo, ma, a. antepenultimate, 
anteponer, va. {for irr. v. poner) to prefer j 

to place before. 
anteportada, /. fly-leaf bearing the title 

only of a book. 
anteportal or antep6rtico,?rt. vestibule or 

anteproyectO, m. preliminary plans for aa 

architectural or engineering work, 
antepuerta, /. portiere; (fort.) anteport. 
antepuertO, in. (naut.) anteport. 
antera,/. (bot.) anther. 
anterior, «. anterior, former. 
anterioridad, /. priority ; preference, 
anterlormente, adv. previously. 

antero, m. worker in buckskin. 

antes, prep, before, ahead of: antes de or antes' 

que, before, prior to. 
antes, a*>. first, before, beforehand ; hereto- 
fore : antes que, sooner than, rather than, 
antesacristia, /. room before the sacristy, 
antesala, /. antechamber: hacer antesala, to 

dance attendance in an antechamber, 
antestatura, /. (mil.) small intrenchment 

of palisadoes and sandbags. 
antetemplO, m. portico of a church, 
antever, va. (for irr. V. ver) to foresee, 
antevispera,/. two days before. 
a:itia,./'. mutton-fish. V. LAMPUGA. 
antiafrodisiaco, ca, a. anaphrodisiac. 
antiapoplectico, ca, a. antapoplectlc. 
antiapbstol, m. &f. antiapostle. 
antiaro, m. the upas-tree. 
antiartritiCO, ca, a. (med.) antiarthritic. 
antiasmiitlCO, ca, «. (med. ) antasthmatlc. 
antlbaquiO, m. antibacchic, poetic foot. 
antlbillOSO, sa, a.antibillous. 
anticardenal, m. schismatic cardinal, 
anticimico, ca, a. antizymotic. 
anticipaci<in,/. anticipation, foretaste, 
anticipada, /. (fenc.) unexpected thrust, 
anticipadamente, adv. prematurely, 
anticipador, ra, m. &f. anticipator, 
anticipamiento, w. V. anticipaci6n. 
anticipante, pa. (med.) anticipant. — m. 

anticipar, va. to anticipate, forestall, take 

up beforehand, advance. 
anticipo, m. advance ; money lent ; advance 

anticlimax, TO. &/. (rhet.) anticlimax, 
anticonstitucional, a. unconstitutional. 
anticosm6tico, ca, a. anticosmetic. 
anticresis, /. agreement to yield the fruit* 

of a farm until a debt is paid, 
anticresista, m. the creditor in anticresis. 
anticristiano, na, a. antichristian. 
anticritiCO, m. an opponent to a critic, 
anticuado, da, a. antiquated, out of use.— 

pp. of ANTICUAR. 

aniicuar, va. to antlquate, outdate. 
anticuario, to. antiquarian. 
antldisent6rico, ca, a. antldysenteric. 
antidoral, a. (law) v. remuneratorio. 
antidotario, to. pharmacology; place in a 

pharmacy for antidotes, 
antidote, m antidote, counterpolson ; (met.) 

preventive against vice or error. 
antiem6tiC0, ca, a. (med.) antemetic. 
antiepileptico, ca, a. (med.) antepileptic. 
antier, adv. (coll.) day before yesterday; a 

contraction of anteayer. 
antiescorbutico, ca, a. antiscorbutic, 
antiescrofuloso, sa, a. antiscrofulous. 
antiespasmbdico. ca, a. antispasmodic, 
antifaz, m. veil which covers the face ; mask, 
antifebril, a. (med.) antifebrile, 
antifebrlna, /. antifebrine. 

% (belore e, i) and J m h in hot; h, silent; 11 In brilliant: ft, oy In canyon; r (inltUl) and rr trlUed; ■, hisawl 

ANT 38 

antiflOgistlCO, ca, a. (med.) antfphlogistic. 
antifona,/. antiphony, authem. 

antifonal, antifonarlo, m. antiphonai, 

book of anthems. 

antlfoiiero, m. precentor. 

antifrasis,/. antiphrasis. 

antigualla, /. monument of antiquity ; an- 
tique ; antiquity; ancient custom or object. 

antiguamente, adv. anciently, formerly, 

antiguar, vn. to obtain seniority. 

antigiiedad, /. antiquity, oldness ; ancient 
times ; the ancients j antique. 

antigUO, glia, «. antique, ancient, old. 

antlgUO, m. aged member of a commun- 
ity ; senior of a college : antiguos, the an- 

antilielinintico, ca, a. anthelminthic. 

antilierpetico, ca, a. (med.) antiherpetic. 

antillisteriCO, ca, a. (med.) antihysteric. 

antilogia, /. apparent contradiction. 

antildgiCO, ca, a. illogical. 

antilope, m. antelope. 

antlllano, na, a. native of or relating to the 

Antillas,/. pf. West Indies, Antilles. 

antiministerial, a. antiministerial. 

antimon^rquiCO, ca, «. antimonarchical. 

antimonial, a. antimonial. 

antimoniO, m. antimony. 

antinacional, «. antinational. 

antinefritico, ca, a. (med.) antinephritic. 

antinomia, ./". (law) conflicts between laws or 
parts of a law. 

antipapa, m. antipope. 

antlpapado, m. unlawful dignity of anti- 

antipapal, a- antipapal. 

antipara, /. screen; legging covering the 
front part of leg and foot. 

antiparras, /. p^. (coll.) spectacles. 

antipatia,/. antipathy. 

antlp^tiCO. ca, a. repugnant, displeasing. 

antiperistaltiCO. cd, a. antiperistaltic. 

antiperistasis, / antiperistasis. 

antiperist6,tiC0, ca, a. belonging to anti- 

antipestilenclal, a. (med.) antipestilential. 

antlpirina, /. antipyrine. 

antipoca, /. (law, prov. ) agreement to lease. 

antlpocar, va, (law) to execute a lease. 

antipodas, m. pi. antipodes; (met.) persons 
of contrary dispositions. 

antiputrido, da, a. antiseptic. 

antiquislino, ma [an-te-kee'-se-mo], a. sup. very 

antlrrevolucionarlo, ria, a. antirevolu- 

antlrrlno, m. (bot.) snap-dragon. 

antisepsia, /. (med. ) antisepy. 

antis6ptlco, ca, a. antiseptic. 

antlsinlitiCO, ca, a. antisyphilitic. 

antisocial, a. opposed to society and order. 

antisocialista, m. an anarchist. 

antistrofa, /. antistrophe. 

antitesis, /. (rhet.) antithesis; (phil.) oppo- 
sition in two assertions. 

antit^tico, ca, a. antithetical. 

antit6xico, caL, a. (med.) preventing poison. 

antitrinitario, m. antitrinitarian. 

antdfaffO, ga, a. anthophagous. 

antojadizo, za, a. capricious, whimsical, 

antojado, da, a. anxious, longing.—^, of 


antojarse, vr. to long, fancy, desire ear- 
nestly ; (met.) to imagine, 
antojera,/. V. anteojera. 


antOJO, m. whim, caprice, fancy, vehement 

desire, longing, hankering ; surmise, 
antojuelo, m. dim. slight desire, 
antologia, /. anthology. 
antonomasia, /. (rhet.) antonomasia. 
ailtOnoiS^StiCO, ca, a. antonomastic. 
antor, m. (law) vender of stolen goods. 
antorclia, /. torch, flambeau, taper; cresset 
antor chero, m. cresset. 
antoria, /. (law, prov.) right against th« 

seller of stolen goods. 
antracita,/. anthracite coal. 
^ntrax, m. (med.) anthrax, 
antro, m. (poet.) cavern, den, grotto; (med.) 

antropofagia, /. anthropophagy. 
antrop6fagO, m. a cannibal. 
antropografia, /. anthropography. 
antropologia, /. anthropology. 
antropolbgico, ca, a. anthropological, 
antropologo, m. anthropologist, 
antropomorflsmo, m. anthropomorphism, 
antropomorfita, «t. &/. authropomorphite. 
antropomorfo, la, a. anthropomorphous, 
antroposofia, /. anthroposopny. 
aiLtruejar, va. (prov. ) to play carnival tricks, 
antruejo, m. the three days of carnival, 
antuerpiense, m. &/. from Antwerp, 
antuviada,/. (coll.) blow or stroke, 
antuvlar, t'a. to forestall, anticipate; to oe 

first in striking or attacking. 
antuvidn, m. (coll.) sudden, unexpected 

stroke or attack : d^ antuyi6n, unexpectedly. 
anual, a. annual, yearly. 
anualldad, /. annual recurrence ; annuity, 

yearly pension or rent. 
anualmente, adv. annually, yearly. 
anuario, m. year-book ; trade directory, 
anubada, /. v. anOteba. 
anubarrado, da, a. clouded. 

anublado, da, a. overcast, clouded, dim, 
mistful.— jap. of anublar. 

anublar, va. to cloud, darken, overcast; to 
obscure. — v?'. to be blasted, withered, mil- 
dewed ; to fall through, fall off. 

anublo, m. V. aSublo. 

anudar, va. to knot; to join, unite. — vn. t« 
wither, fade, pine away : anudarse la t«z, 
(met. ) to be speechless. 

anuencia,/. compliance, consent. 

anuente, a. condescending. 

anulable, a. that can be annulled. 

anulaci6n,/. cessation, abrogation. 

anulador, ra, m. &/. repealer. 

aniQar, va. to annul, make void, frustrate ; 
to cancel ; rescind. 

anular, a. ring-shaped : dedo anular, the ring 
or fourth finger. 

aniQatiVO, va, a. having the power of mak- 
ing void. 

anmoso, sa, a. annular. 

anunciacibn, /. announcement; annuncia- 
tion. Catholic festivity. 

anunciador, ra, m. &/. announcer. 

anunciar, va. to announce, proclaim ; to 
forebode ; to advertise. 

aniincio, m. announcement, notice ; omen, 
forerunner; advertisement; (com.) advice. 

anuo, ua, a. V. anual. 

anuteba, /. V. anCbada, call to war. 

anverso, m. obverse. 

anvlr, m. (South Amer.) liquor from fer- 
mented leaves of tobacco. 

anzolero, m. fish-hook maker or dealer. 

anzuelo, m. fish-hook; (met.) allurement, 
incitement; fritters: caer en el anzuelo, to 
l)e tricked or defrauded : tragar el anzuelo, 
to swallow the bait. 

a M In far ; e in ell I ; i in police ; O in for ; U in bull ; C (before e, i) and E as th in thick ; b and d. 


afi.a,/> hyena. 

afl.acal, «*. wheat-carrier t« mills; baker's 

board to carry bread. 
afi.ada, /. good or bad season in a year; 

moiety of arable laud. 
afLadidO, m. hair-switch. 

aaadidura, /. afladimiento, m. addition. 

afiadir, va. to add, join ; to exaggerate, 

afl.afea,/. papel de anafea, brown paper. 

afl.afi.1, m. Moorish musical pipe. 

afLafilerO, m. player on the anafil. 

aflagaza [aii-nyah-gah'-tiiaii], /. call, hire, or de- 
coy ; (met. ) allurement, enticement. 

a&al, «. annual : cordero anal, yearling lamb. 

aflal, m. anniversary funeral. 

a&alejO, m. ecclesiastical almanac. 

a&ascar, va. ( pret. anasquk : subj. anasque) 
(coll.) to collect by degrees small trinkets. 

a&ejax, va. to make old. — vr. to grow old ; to 
become stale. 

a&ejo, ja [ah-nyay'-ho], a. old. Stale, musty. 

aMcos, m. pi. bits or small pieces of any- 
thing: haccrse anlcos, to take too much 

afi.ll, ra.. (hot.) indigo plant; indigo dyestuflf; 
ina?50 blue ; ball-blue. 

afiilar, va. to blue laundry clothes. 

afiilena, /. indigo plantation. 

afilnero, m. dealer in lambskins. 

SLfiinos, m. pi. the fleecy skins of yearling 
lambs ; lamb's wool. 

afiO, m. yean- ; cavalier ; valentine drawn by 
lot on New-year's day ; crop.— p/. birthday ; 
long ago ; old age : ano bisiesto, leap-year : 
ano economico, fiscal year : estar de buen ano, 
to be healthy and fleshy. 

afiojal, m. fallow land. 

afiOJO, ja, m. &f. yearling calf. 

afioranza, /. homesickness. 

afiOSO, sa <^- old, stricken in years. 

afiubladO, da, a. blindfolded.— />p. of aSu- 


afiublar, afiublarse, v. anublar. 

afiublo, m. mildew. V. tizon. 

afiudador, ra, m. &/. one who knots or ties. 

afi.Udar, va. v. anudar, to make fast, knot, 
unite, tie close. 

afiUSgar, vn. to choke; (met.)' to be dis- 
pleased, vexed. 

aojado, da, a. bewitched, hoodooed.— pp. of 


aojador, ra, m. &f. hoodoo, evil-eyed. 
aojadura, /. aojamiento, vi. witchcraft, 

lascination, evil-eye. 
aojar, va. to charm, bewitch, hoodoo. 
aojO, m. bewitching, fascination, evil-eye. 
aoniO, nla, a. relating to the Muses. 
aoristO, m. (gram.) aorist, past tense. 
aorta,/, (anat.) aorta, 
aorteurlsmo, m. aneurism of the aorta. 
a6rtico, ca, a. aortic. 
aovado, da, a. oviform, in the shape of an 

egg.— pp. of AOVAR. 

aovar, va. to lay eggs. 

aovillarse, vr. to crumple one's self up into 
a knot or like a clew. 

apabllar, va. to trim the wick of a candle. 

apabullar, va. (coll.) to flatten, crush. 

apacentadero, m. pasture, 

apacentador, m. herdsman. 

apacentamlento, m. the act of tending graz- 
ing cattle ; pasturage. 

apacentar, va. (ind. apaciento: stibj. APA- 
ciente) to tend grazing cattle; to graze; 
(met.) to t«ach, instruct spiritually ; to in- 
flame the passions. 

apacibllidad, /. affability, mildness, meek- 

39 APA 

apacible, «. affable, meek, gentle, inoffen- 
sive ; placid, still, quiet ; pleasant, calm. 

apaciblemente, adv. mildly, gently. 

apaciento, apaciente (from apacentar). 

apaciguador, ra, m. &f. pacifier. 

apaciguamiento, m. pacification. 

apaciguar, va. to appease, pacify, calm, 
compose. — vn. (naut.) to abate. 

apacbeta, /. (Amer.) devotional heap of 
stones on hills : hacer an apacheta, to have 
made a fortune ; to make one's " pile." 

apacburrar, va. (Amer.) to crush, squeeze, 
flatten. V. despachurrar. 

apadrinador, ra, m. & /. patron, defender, 
protector ; second, in a' duel. 

apadrinar, va. to act as second in a duel ; to 
act as godfather ; (met.) to support, favour . 
patronize, protect. 

apagable, a. extinguishable, quenchable. 

apagado, da, a. humble-minded, submis- 
sive, pusillanimous; dull, faded (colours) 
— pp. of apagar. 

apagador, m. one who extinguishes ; dampei . 
extingui.sher : damper (in pianos). 

apa^aiUCendlOS, m. fire-engine, fire-extin- 

apagamientO, m. extinguishment. 

apagapenoles, m. pi. (naut.) leech-ropes, 

apagar, va. {pret, apague: subj. apague) 
to quench, put out, extinguish ; (met. ) to 
efface, destroy ; (art) to soften coL^urs ; 
(mech.) to deaden: apagar la cal, to*slake 
lime : apagar la voz, to put a mute on musi- 
cal instruments : apagarse la lumbre, la luz, 
to go out. 

apag6giC0, ca, a. apa^ogical. 

apainelado, da, a. elliptical arch. 

apaisado, da, a. painting or frame broader 
than it is high. 

apalabrar, ra. to agree by word of mouth ; 
to bespeak, to engage beforehand. 

apalancar, va. {pret. apalanqu^: subj. 
apalanque) to move with a lever. 

apaleador, ra, m. &/. cudgeller. 

apaleamiento, m. drubbing, beating. 

apalear, va. to cane, drub, cudgel, maul, 
Deat ; to horsewhip. 

apaleo, m. moving or shovelling grain. 

apalmada, a. (her.) mano apalmada, 
stretched palm of the hand. 

apanalado, da, a. honeycombed. 

apancora, /. the sea-hedgehog. 

apandar, ra. (coll.) to pilfer, to steal, rob. 

apandlllar, va. & vr. to form a league, a 
party, or a faction. 

apanojado, da, a. (hot.) paniculate. 

apantanar, va. to flood ; to inundate. 

apantuflado, da, a. shaped like a slip- 

apafiado, da, «. resembling woollen cloth In 
Dody ; dexterous, skilful; (coll.) suitable. 
—pp. of apaSar. 

apafiador, ra, m. & f. one who grasps or 
seizes ; pilferer. 

apafiadura,/. the act of seizing, snatching; 
trimming on counterpanes. 

apaflamlento, m. v. apano., va. to grasp or seize ; (met.) to carry 
away ; to pilfer ; to dress, clothe ; to fit 
close, wrap; to patch, mend. — vr. (coll.) to 
be handy at something. 

apafi.0; m. act of seizing or grasping ; knack 
of doing a thing ; patch, mending, repair. 

apafiuscador, ra, m. & /. (coll.) one who 

crumples a thing. 
apafl.U8Car, va. {pret. APASusQtrfi : svij. apa- 
nusque) to rumple, crush, crumple. 

g (before e, 1) and J as b In hot : h. silent : 11 lu brilllaat ; fi, ny in canyon : r (initial) and rr trilled ; s, hissed 


apapagayado, da, a. parrot-like ; aquiline 

aparador, m. side-board, cupboard, dress- 
er ; workshop of an artisan ; show-window. 

aparadura, /• (naut.) garbel, garboard- 

aparar, va. to stretch out the hands or skirts 
for catching anything ; (agr. ) to dress 
plants ; (shoe) to close the uppers ; to pre- 
pare, arrange ; to dress with an adze, dub : 
aparar un navio, (naut.) to dub a ship. 

aparasolado, da, a. (hot.) umbelliferous. 

aparatado, da, a. prepared, disposed. 

aparatO, m. apparatus ; preparation ; pomp, 
ostentation, show • circumstance ; signs, 
symptoms ; elaborate scenic display ; appli- 
ance, engine, machine ; collection of surgical 
instruments ; number of associated organs. 

aparatOSO, sa, a. pompous, showy. 

aparceria,/. partnership. 

aparcero, m. partner, associate. 

apareamiento, m. matching, mating. 

aparear, va. to match, mate, form couples.— 
vr. to be paired, matched, mated, 

aparecer, vn. & vr. {md. aparezco: subj. 
aparezca) to appear, show up, turn up. 

aparecidO, m. ghost. — aparecldo, da, pp. of 


apareclmientO, m. apparition, appearing. 
aparejado, da, a. apt, fit, ready.— ^ja. of apa- 


aparejador, ra, m. &/. one who prepares or 
gets ready ; overseer of a building ; (naut. ) 

aparelar, va. to get ready ; to saddle or har- 
ness norses; (naut.) to rig a ship; to fur- 
nish ; to size work before painting or gild- 
. ing ; to prepare the timber and stones for a 
building. — vr. to get ready, to equip. 

aparejO, m. preparation, disposition ; har- 
ness, gear; (pict.) sizing canvas or board ; 
(naut.) tackle and rigging on a ship ; furni- 
ture : apareJo real, main-tackle ; pack sad- 
dle.— p^. apparatus, tools, instruments or 
materials necessary for a trade. 

aparejiielo, m. dim. small apparatus. 

aparentar, va. to make a false show. 

aparente, a. apparent, not real ; convenient, 
fit, suited ; conspicuous, evident. 

aparentemente, adv. apparently, outwardly. 

aparlcl6n, /. apparition. 

aparlencla, /. appearance, outside; face, 
looks, likeness, resemblance ; vestige ; out- 
ward show ; pageant ; probability, Conjec- 
ture'.— o/. scenic effects. 

aparrado, da, a. shrubby, vine-like. 

aparroq,UladO, da, a. parishioner.— ;)p. of 


aparroquiar, va. to bring customers. 

aparta^6n,/. (chem.) separation of compo- 
nent parts. 

apartadamente, adv. privately, apart. 

apartadero, m. parting-place, cross-roads, 
crossway, side-track, siding, railroadswitch ; 
shunting ; sorting-room. 

apartadljo, m. small part, share, or portion. 

apartadlZO, m. recluse ; small room ; parti- 

apartado, da, a. separated ; distant, retired ; 
distinct, different.— /)p. of apartar. 

apartado, m. retired room ; smelting-house ; 
mail separated for early or special delivery : 
P. O. letter-box ; separation of cattle ; board 
of cattle ranchers. 

apartador, ra, m. &f. one who divides or 
separates ; sorter in paper-mills ; separator 
of cattle : apartador de metales, smelter. 

apartaxnientO, m. separation ; retirement ; 



distant, retired place or room ; apartment, 
flat, habitation ; formal renunciation of a 
claim, right, or action. 

apartar, va. to part, separate, divide ; to dis- 
suade ; to remove, to dislodge ; to sort let- 
ters. — vr. to withdraw, hold off; to divorce; 
to desist from a claim, action, or plea. 

aparte, m. break in a line, paragraph; 
(theat.) an aside. 

aparte, adv. separately ; aside (on the stage). 

aparvar, va. to heap grain for thrashing. 

apasionadamente, adv. passionately. 

apasionado, da, a. passionate ; affected with 
pain ; devoted, passionately fond. — pp. of 
apasionar. — m. admirer. 

apaslonamiento, m. inspiring or suffering a. 

apasionar, va. to inspire a passion.— rr. to 
Decome passionately fond : apasioaarse de, 
to dote upon. 

apasturar, va. to pasture, forage. 

apatan, m. (Philip.) dry measure, .094 litre. 

apatia,/. apathy. 

apatiCO, ca, a. apathetic, indifferent. 

apatUSCO, m. (coll.) ornament, dress. 

apea, f. rope fetter for horses. 

apeadero, m. landing, alighting-place, horse- 
block ; small railway station. 

apeador, m. land surveyor. 

apeamiento, m. V. apeo. 

apear, va. to alight, step down, dismount ; to 
measure lands, tenements, buildings ; to set 
landmarks ; to fell a tree ; to block or scotch 
a wheel ; (arch.) to prop a building ; to take- 
a thing down from its place ; to dissuade ; 
(met.) to remove difficulties; to shackle a 
horse. — vr. to alight. 

apechugar, va. {pret. apechuguS: subj. ape- 
chugue) to pusn with the breast ; (met.) to 
undertake with spirit. 

apedazar, va. {pret. apedac^ : subj. apeda- 
ck) to patch, mend, repair. 

apedemalado, da, a. flinty. 

apedreadero, m. place where boys stone each 

apedreado, da, «. stoned, pelted; variegated; 
pitted with the small-pox.— />p. of ape- 

apedreador, m. thrower of stones. 

apedreamiento, m. lapidation. 

apedrear, va. to stone ; to kill with stones. 
^—vn. to hail. — vr. to be injured by hail. 

apedreo, rn. stoning. 

apegadamente, adv. devotedly, 
apegarse, vr. to attach one's self to. 
apegO, m. attachment, fondness, 
apelable, a. appealable, 
apelacion,/. appeal. 

apelado,da, a. (law) successful in an appeal : 
of the same coat or colour (horses).—^, of 


apelambrar, va. to steep hides in lime-water.- 

apelailte,pa. appellant. 

apelar, m. to appeal, have recourse to ; to be 
of the same colour ; to match a pair of horses. 

apelativo, a. (gram.) nombre apelativo, ap- 
pellative name. 

apeldar, vn. (coll.) to flee, run away. 

apelde, m. (coll.) flight, escape. 

apelmazado, da, a. compressed, compact.— 

jrj). of APELM.\ZAR. 

apelmazamiento, m. compactness. 
apelmazar, va. {pret. apelmac6 :*?(&/. apel- 

MACE) to compress ; to render less spongy, 
apelotonar, va. & vr. to form ballb. 
apellar, ra. to dress leather, 
apellidado, da, a. named.— ^p. of apelli- 


a as in far ; e In eh t ; i in police ; o In for ; v in ball ; e (before e, i) and z aa til in tUck ; ■» and d, toft; 

APE 41 


apeUidamieiltO, m. giving a name. 
apoUidar, va. to call one by his name ; to 

proclaim ; to call to arms. 
apellidO, m. surname ; peculiar name given 

to things ; nickname, epithet. 
apenar, va. to cause pain, grief, sorrow. — vr. 

to grieve. 
apenas, adv. scarcely, hardly ; with trouble ; 

no sooner than, as soon as. 
a.peiicar, vn. {pret. apexque : subj. apenque) 

to accept with repugnance. 
ap6ndlce, m. appendix^ supplement. 
apenino, na, a. Apennme. 
apeo, m. survey, mensuration of lands or 

buildings; props, stays, etc., put under a 

building during repairs. 
apeonar, va. to walk or run swiftly (birds). 
apepsia,/. (med.) apepsy, indigestion. 
aperadof, m. farmer; wheelwright; foreman 

in a mine. 
aperar, va. to carry on the trade of a wheel- 
apercibimiento, m. the act of providing or 

getting ready ; arrangement; order, advice, 

warning; summons. 
apercibir, va. to provide ; get ready ; to 

warn; advise; (law) to summon. 
aperci6n,/. opening. V. abertura. 
apercollar, va. (coll.) to collar ; to snatch. 
aperdigar, va. V. perdigar. 
apergaminado, da, a. dry and yellow like 

aperitive, va, a. aperitive. 
apernador, m. dog which seizes the game by 

the legs. 
apernar, va. {ind. apierno : subj. apierne) 

to seize by the ham. 
apero, m. implements used on a farm ; tools 

necessary for a trade ; sheep-fold. 
aperreadO, da, a. harassed.-^, of ape- 

aperreador, ra, m. &f. (coll.) importunate ; 


aperrear, va. to throw to the dogs. — vr. to 

toil, overwork. 

apersogar, va. (Mex. ) to tether. 

apersonarse, vr. (law) V. comparecer. 

apertura, /. calling to order of assemblies, 
corporations, etc. ; reading of a will. 

apesadumbrado, da, a. anxious, vexed, 
mourn (ul.^pp. of apesadumbrar. 

apesadiunbrar, va. to vex ; to cause afflic- 
tion. — vr. to grieve. 

apesaradamente, adv. mournfully, griev- 

apesarar^ va. V. apesadumbrar. 

apesgamiento, m. sinking under a burden. 

apes|;ar, va. {pret. apesgu6: subj. apesgue) 
to sink under a load. — vr. to be aggrieved. 

apestado, da, a. pestered, annoyed ; sati- 
ated, full, overstocked.—^, of apestar. 

apestar, va. to infect with the plague. — vn. 
to emit an offensive smell; (met.) to cor- 
rupt, turn putrid ; to pester, cause displeas- 
ure, sicken, nauseate. 

apestOSO, sa, a. foul-smelling, sickening, 

apetalo, la, a. (bot.) apetalous. 

apetecedor, ra, m. &/. one who longs for a 

apetecer, va. {ind. apetezco : subj. apetez- 
ca) to long for ; crave, hanker. 

apetecible, a. desirable, 
apetencia, /. appetite, hunger ; desire, 
apetezco, ca {irr. from apetecer). 
apetite, m. sauce, appetizer, inducement. 

apetitivo, va, a. appetitive. 

apetito, m. appetite, hunger ; desire. 

"- -tit 

.Ox. h} 

JtOSO, sa, a. savoury, palatable. 
.^. tnado, da, a. nipple-shaped. 
■oe (iflar, vn. to tread firm on the hoof. 

a,^.'.;:dador, ra, m. &f. one who pities. 

apiadarse, vr. to pity, have mercy. 

apiaradero, m. shepherd's account of the 

apiario, a, a. bee-like. 

apicarado, da, a. roguish, knavish, impu- 

apicararse, vr. to become roguish. 

^pice, in. apex, summit, utmost height, top, 
pinnacle, ascent; (met.) small thing, insig- 
nificant point ; most intricate and pointed 
part of a question. 

apiculO, m. small, keen point. 

apilador, m. piler of the wool at shearing. 

apilar, va. to heap up, pile up. 

apimpollarse, vr. to germinate. 

t«,pinadO, da, a. pyramidal, pine-shaped. — 
]jp. of apinar. 

apifladura, /. apiflamiento, m. pressing 

together, crowd, jam. 
api&ar, va. to press together, join, unite. — vr. 

to clog ; to crowd. 
apiO, m. (bot.) celery. 
aplolar, va. to gyve a hawk ; to tie beasts by 

the legs ; (met. coll. ) to seize, apprehend ; 

to kill, murder. 
apiparse, vr. (coll.) to gorge. 
apiretiCO, ca, a. apyretic. 
apirexia,/. apyrexia. 
apisonar, va. to ram with a rammer, 
apitonamiento, m. putting forth the tender- 
lings ; passion, anger. 
apitonar, vn. to put forth the tenderlings ; 

to bud, germ. — va. to break with bill or 

horn ; shell. — vr. to abuse each other. 
apizarrado, da, a. slate-coloured, 
aplacable, a. placable. 
aplacacion, /. aplacamiento, m. appeas- 

ableness. — m. stay of execution. 
aplacador, ra, m. &/. one who appeases. 
aplacar, va. {pret. aplaque : subj. api^aque) 

to appease, pacify, mitigate, calm down, 
aplacer, va. {for irr. V. placer) to please. 
aplacerado, da, a. (naut.) level and not 

very deep ; (Amer.) open, cleared of trees, 
aplacible, a. pleasant, 
aplaciente, pa. appeasive. 
aplacimiento, m. pleasure, 
aplanadera, /. roller for levelling ; beetle, 

aplanador, m. leveller; (mech.) battledoor, , 

orusher, riveter ; ingot hammer ; cylinder 

roller ; (typ. ) planer, planishing mallet, 
aplanamiento, m. levelling. 
aplanar, va. to level, make even, flatten ; to 

terrify or astonish. — vr. to tumble down ; to 

weaken ; dismay, 
aplan^tico, ca, a. aplanatic. 
aplancbado, m. V. planchado. 
aplanchadora, /• v. planchadora. 
aplancbar, va. to iron linen, 
aplantillar, va. to adjust or fit stones, 
aplastado, da, a. caked ; dispirited.— f»p. of 

aplastar, va. to cake, flatten, crush, smash j 

to floor an opponent. — vr. to become flat, 
aplaudidor, ra, a. one who applauds, 
aplaudir, va. to applaud, extol. 
aplauso, m. applause, approbation, praise, 
aplayar, vr. to overflow the banks. 
aplazamientO, m. convocation, citation ; de- 
ferring, postponement. 
aplazar, va. (pret. aplac6 : subj. aplace) to 

convene, invest, concert, summon ; to dfv- 

fer, adjourn, postpone. 

t^ (before e, i) and J as h in hot; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; n, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled; ■, 


aplegar, va. {pret. apleguk : subj. aplegue) 

(prov.) to join, unite, 
aplicable, a. applicable. 
aplicaci6ll, /. application, assiduity, labori- 

ousuess, close study. 
aplicado, da, «• studious, industrious, labo- 

rioUS.^pp. of APLICAR. 

aplicar, va. (pret. APLiQui : subj. aplique) 
to apply ; to clap ; (met. ) to attribute or im- 
pute : (law) to adjudge. — vr. to study assid- 

aplomado, da, a. of the colour of lead, lead- 
en ; heavy, dull, lazy.^pp. of aplomar. 

aplomar, va. to overload, crush. — vn. to 
plumb. — vr. to tumble, fall to the ground. 

aplomo, >n. tact, prudence, self-possession ; 
(mus.) exactness in time; (pict.) due pro- 
portion.— a. plumb, perpendicular. 

apnea, /. want of respiration. 

apocado, da, a. pusillanimous, mean-spirit- 
ed, cowardly ; of mean, low extraction. — 

pp. of APOCAR. 

apocador, ra, m. &f. lessener, dirainisher. 
apocalipsl, apocalipsis, m. Apocalypse, 
apocaliptico, ca, «. apocalyptical, 
apocamiento, >». bashfulness, diffidence. 
apOCar, va. {pret. APOQUK : subj. apoque) to 

lessen ; to cramp, contract. — vr. to humble, 

undervalue one's self. 
apbcema, apdclma, /. (med. ) apozem. 

apOCOpar, va. to employ apocope. 

apocope,/, (gram.) apocope. 

apdcruamente, adv. apocryphally. 

ap6crifO, fa, a. apocryphal. 

apocrlsiarlo, m. Greek ambassador. 

apodador, m. wag, scoffer. 

apodar, va. to give nicknames, scoff. 

apodencado, da, a. pointer-like. 

apoderado, aa, a. empowered, authorized. 
^iw. of APODERAR. — m. proxy, attorney. 

apooerar, va. to empower ; to grant power 
of attorney. — vr. to possess one's self of a 

apodictiCO, ca, a. convincing. 

apodo, m. nickname. 

apodo, da, a. (zool. ) apodous, without feet. 

apbdOSiS,/. (rhet.) apodosis. 

apbfise, ap6fisis, /. (med. ) prominent part 
of bones. 

apoflegmAtlCO, ca, a. apophlegmatic. 

apogeo, m. apogee ; highest degree of gran- 
deur, power, etc. 

apdgrajO, m. apograph, transcript. 

apoilllado, da, a. moth-eaten, worm-eaten. 

—pp. of APOLILLAR. 

apolllladura, /. hole eaten by moths. 

apolillar, va. to gnaw or eat clothes. — vr. to 
oe moth-eaten. 

apolinar, apolineo, nea, a. (poet.) belong- 
ing to Apollo. 

apolinarista, m. Apollinarian. 

apolog^tiCO, ca, a. apologetic, excusatory 

apologia,/- apology, defence, eulogy. 

apol6glCO, CS^ a. relating to an apologue. 

apologlsta, m. an apologist. 

ap610gO, m. apologue, fame, moral story. 

apoltronarse, vr. to grow lazv ; to loiter. 

apomazar, va. {pret. apomace: subj. apoma- 
CE) to glaze ; burnish with pumice-stone. 

aponeurosis,/, (med.) aponeurosis, fascia. 

aponeurbtico, ca, a. aponeurotic. 

apoplelia,/. apoplexy. 

apoplelico, ca, a. apopletic. 

aporcadura,/. hilling around plants. 

aporcar, va. {ind. apuerco: pret. APORQufi: 
subj. apuerque) to hill plants. 

aporisma, m. (surg. ) ecchymosis. 

aporismarse, vr. to become an ecchymosis. 



aporracear, va. (prov.) to pommei. 

aporrar, vn. (coll.) to stand mute.—;/-. (coll.| 
to become importunate. 

aporreado, da, a. cudgelled ; dragged along 
—in. Cuban dish.— yyv. of aporrk.\r. 

aporreamientO, m. beating or pommelling. 

aporreante, ;v'/. (coll.) cudgeller. 

aporrear, v<i. to beat, cudgel, knock, mauL 
—(•/•. to study with intense application. 

aporreo, m. the act of beating, pommelling, 
or cudgelling. 

aporillarse, vr. to swell in the joints. 

aportadera, /. chest for stores on a horse. 

aportadero, m. place where a ship or person 
may stop. 

aportar, vn. to make a port, to arrive ; to 
reach an unexpected place; (law) to con- 
tribute as a share to a sooial capital. 

aportillar, va. to breach a rampart ; to break 
down, break open. — vr. to tumble aown. 

aposentador, ra, m. &f. one who lets lodg- 
ings ; usher in a theatre. 

aposentamiento, m. the act of lodging. 

aposentar, va. to lodge. — vr. to take lodg- 

aposentO, m. room or apartment; temporary 
habitation ; inn ; box in the play-house. 

aposesionar, va. to give possession. — vr. to 
take possession. 

apOSici6n,/. (gram.) apposition. 

apdsito, m. external medicinal application. 

aposta, apostadamente, adv. designedly, 
on purpose. V. adrede. 

aposiadero, m. station for soldiers; (naut.) 
naval station. 

apostador, m. one who bets. 

apostal, m. good fishing-place in a river. 

apost&leos, m. pi. (naut.) thick planks foi 
gun platforms. 

apostar, va. {ind. APUESTO : subj. apueste) 
to bet, lay a wager ; to place relays ; to post 
soldiers. — vr. to emulate, rival, compete. 

apostasia,/. apostasy. 

apostasis, /. (med.) metastatic abscess; ex- 
foliation of bone. 

apbstata, m. apostate. 

apostatar, vn. to apostatize, abjure, forsake. 

apostema, /. abscess, tumour. 

apostemacibn, /. (med.) forming an abscess. 

apostemar, va. to form an abscess. — vr. to 
get an abscess., m. bistoury. 

apostemilla, /. dim. small abscess, gum-boil 

apostemoso, sa, a. relating to abscesses. 

apostilla, /. marginal note, annotation. - 

apostillar, va. to make marginal notes. — vr. 
to break out in pimples. 

apbstol, m. apostle.—^/, (naut.) hawse-pieces. 

apostolado, m. apostleship ; the twelve apow 

apostdlicamente, adv. apostolically. 

apostblico, ca, a. apostolical, apostolic. 

apostrofar, va. to apostrophize. 

ap6strofe, /. (rhet.) apostrophe. 

apbstrofO, m. apostrophe. 

apostura, /. gentleness, neatness. 

apotegma, m. apothegm, maxim. 

apoteosis,/. apotheosis, deification. 

apotrerar, va. to take horses to pasture. 

apoyadero, m. prop, support. 

apoyadura,/. now of milk in nursing. 

apoyar, va. to favour, protect, patronizo, 
abet, countenance ; to bear upon tne bit ; tt 
confirm, prove, corroborate, hold Uft 
ground, found. — vr. ^o lean upon. 

apoyatura,/. (mus.) appoggiatura. 

apoyo, /«. prop, stay, support, fulcrum j 
protection, patronage', help, maintenance. 

a M Id fftr : e in eh I ; 1 In police : o in for : n In bull ; c (before e, i) and z aa tb In tblrk ; b and d, tott, 

APE 43 

apreciable, a. valuable, respectable, worthy 

of esteem ; that can be priced ; saleable. 
apreclacl6n, /. estimation, valuation, appre- 


Apreciadainente, adv. valuably. 

apreciador, ra, »». &/• estimator, appraiser. 

l,preciarLah-pray-the-ar':, va. to appreciate ; ap- 
praise, estimate, price, value ; to esteem. 

'ipreciativo, va, a- appreciative. 

apreclO, m. appraisement, appreciation, val- 
uaiion ; esteem, approbation, regard. 

aprehender, va. to apprehend, seize ; to 
fancy, conceive, imagine. 

/ipreliensi6n, /. seizure, capture, apprehen- 
sion, aciiteness; fear, misapprehension. 

fipreliensiVO, va, a. apprehensive. 

Aprehensor, ra, m. & f. one who appre- 

upremiador, ra, m. &f. compeller. 

apremiante, a. urgent, pressing.— ^a. of 


apremlar, va. to press, urge, compel, oblige. 

ApremiO, m. pressure, constriction, con- 
straint ; (law) judicial compulsion. 

jiprendedor, ra, a. one who learns. 

aprender, va. to learn. 

aprendiz, za, m. &f. apprentice. 

ftprendizaje, m. apprenticeship. 

aprensador, m. presser or calenderer. 

uprensar, va. to dress, press, calender ; to 
vex, crush, oppress ; (naut.) to stow. 

aprensibn, /. apprehension, scruple ; un- 
founded fear of contracting disease ; mis- 
trust, suspicion. 

ApreusivO, va, a. apprehensive, fearing ill- 

apresador, ra, m. & /. privateer, cruiser ; 

apresamlentO, m. capture ; clutch, hold. 

apresar, v-a. to seize, grasp; (naut.) to cap- 
ture an enemy's ship. 

aprestar, va. to prepare, make ready. 

apresto, m. preparation, accoutrement. 

apresuracidn, /. acceleration, haste. 

apresuradamente, adv. hastily. 

apresurado, da, a. brief, hasty, acting 

(]Uickly. — pp. of APKESURAR. 

apresufamiento, m. eagerness, hastiness, 

forwardness. V. apresuracion. 
apresurar, va. to accelerate, hasten, hurry, 

forward. — vr. to make haste, 
apretadamente, adv. tightly, closely, fast. 
%pretadera, /. strap or rope to tie with : 

tpretaderas, pressing remonstrances. 
apretadero, m. truss for ruptures. V. BRA- 


apretadillO, 11a, a. dim. somewhat con- 
strained ; in danger. 

apretadizo, za, a. easily compressible. 

apretado, da, a. tight, difficult, dangerous ; 
mean, close-fisted.— ;)p. of apretar. 

apretador, m, one who presses ; presser, 
rammer, quoin-wedee ; waistcoat ; soft stays 
for children ; broad bandage for infants ; 

apretadura, /. compression. 

apretamiento, m. crowd, jam, crush ; con- 
flict ; closeness. 

apretar, va. ( ind. aprieto : mbj. apriete) to 
compress, tighten, press down, crowd, con- 
strict, contract ; to constrain, clutch ; to 
distress, harass, vex ; to act with more 
vigour ; to urge. 

apret6n, m. pressure ; struggle, conflict ; 
short run ; gripes. 

apretuiar, va. (coll.) to squeeze, press re- 

apretlljbn, m. tight pressure. 


apretura,/. crowd, crush ; narrowness ; dis 
tress, anguish ; straits. 

aprlesa, adv. in haste, in a hurry. 

aprieto, m. crowd, crush ; stringency, diffi- 
culty ; cramp, gripe. 

aprieto, apriete {irr. from apretar). 

aprisa, adv. swiftlv, promptly, fast. 

apriscar, va. to collect the sheep in the fokl 

apriSCO, m. sheei^fold. 

aprisionar, va. to confine, imprison ; to bind. 

aproar, vn. (naut.) to turn the prow. 

aprobacidn, /. approbation, concurrence : 
consent, approval. 

aprobador, ra, m. &/. approver. 

aprobante, pa. approver, examiner. 

aprobar, va. {ind. apruebo : subj. apruebe) 
to approve ; to like. 

aprobatorio, ria, a. approbative, approving. 

aproches, (mil.) approaches. 

aprontar, va. to prepare with despatch. 

apropiaci6n, /. appropriation. 

apropiadamente, adv. fitly, properly. 

apropiado, da, a. appropriate, tit.— ^. oi 

apropiador, m. appropriator. 

apropiar, va. to appropriate, assume ; to ac- 
commodate, fit, apply. — vr. to possess one's 
self of. 

apropincuaci6n,/. approach. 

apropincuarse, vr. (coll.) to approach. 

aprovechable, a. profitable, serviceable. 

aprovecbado, da, a. improved ; made of ; 
sparing, parsimonious.-^pp. of aprovechar. 

aprovecbamiento, m. profit, utility, advan- 
tage ; progress : aprovechamiento de aguai, 
water-supply. V. propios. 

aprovecbar, vn. to become useful, profita- 
Dle ; to progress favourably. — va. to profit 
by ; make good use of. — vj: to avail one's 
self of a thing. 

aprOXiinaci6n, /. approximation. 

aproximadamente, adv. nearly, about. 

aproximar. va. to approximate,' approach. 

aproximativo, va, a. approaching. 

apruebo, apruebe {irr. from aprobar). 

aptamente, adv. fitly, aptly. 

d,pterO, ra, a. (ent.) wingless. 

aptitud, /. aptitude, fitness, ability. 

aptO, ta, a. apt, fit, able, capable, competent. 

apuerco, apuerque {irr. from aporcar). 

apuesta,/. oet, wager. 

apuesto, ta, a. elegant, genteel, spruce. 

apuesto, apueste {irr. from apostar). 

apulgarar, va. to force with the thumb.— i-r. 
to be spotted by moisture (linen). 

apuncbar, va. to cut out the teeth of a comb. 

apuntacidn, /. annotation, note, memoran- 
dum, memorial ; musical notation. 

apuntado, da, a. pointed at both ends.— pp. 


apuntador, m. observer, one who notes or 
marks; (naut. ) gunner ; prompter. 

apuntalamiento, m. propping up. 
apuntalar, va. to prop; (naut.) to shore a 

apuntamiento, m. note, abstract, summary, 

judicial report. 
apuntar, va. to aim, level; point out, mark ; 

to note ; to hint ; to sketch ; to stitch ; to 

begin to appear ; to sharpen ; to prompt. — vr. 

to oegin to turn (wine). 
apunte, m. v. apunxamiento ; annotation, 

memorandum ; rough sketch ; prompt-book ; 

stake in games. 
apufiadar, va. (prov.) to strike with the 

apufialado, da, a. shaped like a dagger. 
apu&aJar, va. to thrust with a dagger. 

( (.before e, i) and J as h in hot ; h, silent ; 11 iu brlUiant ; n, ny in canyon ; r (initial ) and rr trilifd ; >, 




apuiiar, va. to seize with the fist. — n. to 
tighten the fist. 

ap'QL&eax, va. (coll.) to strike with, the fist. 

apuracasOS, m. caudle-safe ; save-all. 

apuracldn, /. investigation. V. apuro, 
trouble, misfortune. 

apuradamente, (uiv. at the nick of time, 
punctuallv, exactly ; with difficulty. 

apuradO, da, a. needy, exhausted ; difficult, 
dangerous.—/)/), of apurar. 

apurador, m. refiner, purifier ; candle-safe. 

apuramientO, m. research, inquiry, verifica- 
tion, purification. 

apurar, va. to purify ; to clear up, verify, in- 
vestigate minutely ; to consume, drain, ex- 
haust ; to tease, push, hurry, annoy. — vr. to 
worry, fret, grieve ; to exert one's self. 

apurativo, a. (med.) detersive. 

apuro, m. want, strait, stringenQy;, anguish, 
affliction ; gripe. 

aquejar i«ii-kay-har'], va. to complain, lament, 
grieve ; to fatigue, afflict. 

aquel, m. aquella, /. aquello, neul [ah-ker, 

ati-kel'-ly«h, ali-kel'-lyol, pron. derti. he, she, 
that.—/)/, aqnelloi, m.,»<iu«llaB,/. those. 

aquelarre [ah-kei-iar'-rayi, m. witches' Sabbath. 

aquende [aii-ken'-day], adv. on this side. 

aqUerenCiarse [»h-kay-ren-the-ar'-8«y], vr. to be- 
come fond of a place or person. 

aquese, m. aquesa,/. aqueso, neut. [ah-kay- 

»<iiy, etc.', pron. dem. that.— pi. aquesos, m. 
aqnesas,/. those. 

aqueste, m. aquesta, /. aquesto, mut. [ah- 
kess'-tay, etc.i, pron. dem. this, that,—/?/, 
aqueatoi, m. aquestas,/. these. 

aqui [aii-kee'l, odv. here, hither ; now ; then. 

aqUieSCencla [ali-ke-es-then'-the-ahj,/. (law) ac- 
quiescence, consent. 

aquietar iah-ke-ay-tar'], I'fl. to quiet,1ull, pacify, 
hush, allay. — vr. to grow calm. 

^quila-alba,/. corrosive sublimate. 

aquilatar, va. to assay : to examine closely. 

aquileaah-ke-iay'-ah],/. (W.) milfoil, yarrow. 

aqUllefl.a[«h-ke->ay'-nyahl,/. (bot.) columbine. 

aquilifero, m. Roman standard-bearer, 
aquillno, na [ah-ke-iee'-no], a. aquiline. 
aqtlil6n [ah-ke-ion' I, m. north wind, north point. 
aqUllOnal, aqUilOnar (ah-ke-lo-naW, ah-ke-lo- 

iiar'i, a. northern, northerly. 
aquillado, da lah-keeiiyatr-doi, a, keel-shaped, 
aquistar (au-kees-tar", va. to acqliire. 
ara,/. altar, communiou table. 
iralie, arkblgO, m. Arabic, Arabian, 
arabesco, m. arabesque, moresquer^oyk. 
ar^blco, ca, w go, ga, a. Arabi»o.^ 
arabiga,/. stone resembling spotted ivory, 
arablsxno, m. Arabism. 
arabista, m. &f. Arabian scholar^ 
aracacha, /. plant of Colombia having an 

edible root. 
aracnidO, da. a. (zool.) arachnid, 
aracnoides,/. (anat.) arachnoid membrane, 
arada,/. (agr.) ploughed ground, husbandry. 
arado, m. plough. 

arador, m. ploughman ; (ent.) harvest mite. 
aradro, m. (prov.) v. arado. 
aradura, f. the aet or practice of ploughing ; 

land ploughed in a day. 
aragonds, esa. a. Aragonese. 
aragonitO, m. aragonite. 
arambel, m. rag, tatter. 
arana,/. imposition, trick ; Cuban grass. 
aranata,/. prairie dog. 
arancel, m. tariff of duties, fees, etc. 
arancelarlO, ria. «. referring to the tariff. 
arandanedo, m. cranberry patch. 
ar^dano, >n. (hot.) cranberry. 
arandela,/. the socket-pan of a candlestick ; 

(mech.) wa.sher, axle-guard; rivet-plate, 
collar-plate ; guard around the statt of s» 
lance ; nave-box of a gun-carriage ; (naut.) 
half-ports ; glass candelabrum. 

arandlllO, m. bird ; (prov.) hip pad. 

aranero, ra, a. deceitful, tricky. 

aranzada, f. measure of land. 

arafla,/. (ent. ) spider ; (zool.) common wea- 
ver; chandelier, girandole, sconce; (bot.) 

araflador, ra, m. &/. scratcher, scraper. 

ara&amientO, m. the act of scratching. 

ara&ar, va. to scratch, claw, scrabble ; to 
scrape up (as money). 

araiiazo, /«. aMg. long, deep scratch. 

arafi.0, m. scratch, nipping. 

arafl.uela,/. dim. small spider ; flower plant. 

arafLuelO, m. small spider ; fold-nei. 

arapende, m. ancient measure : 120 sq. feet* 

arar, va. to plough, labour. 

arar, m. African coniferous tree. 

araucaria, /. araucaria, a tall pine. 

arau^a,/. (Brazil) creeping plant. 

araza, m. (Uruguay) fruit-tree. 

arbalestrllla, /. surveying instrument. 

arbelldn, m. (prov.) gutter to drain roads. 

arbitrable, a. arbitrable. 

arbitraclbn, /. arbitration. 

arbitrador, ni. arbitrator, umpire, referee. 

arbitradora, .r. arbi tress. 

arbitraJe, arbitramento, arbitramien- 

to, m. arbitration, arbitrament. 

arbitral, a. v. arbitratorio. 

arbitrar, va. to arbitrate, adjudge ; to aet 
unharaplered ; to contrive ways and means, 
arbitrariamente, adr. arbitrarily. 

arbitrariedad, /. arbitrariness. 

arbitrario, ria, arbitrativo, va, a. arbi- 
trary ; (law) arbitral ; arbitrative. 
arbitratorio, ria, a. arbitral. 

arbitriO, m. free will ; means, expedient -^ 
arbitration, bond, compromise. — pi. arbl- 
trios, excise taxes. 

arbitrista, m. schemer, projector, contriver. 

Iirbitro, m. arbitrator, arbiter. 

krbol, )". (bot. ) tree ; (uaut.) mast. V. palo -. 
in machines, upright post; (mech.) arbor, 
upright shaft, wheel, .spindle, drill ; body 
of shirt ; crown post of winding stairs. 

arboladO, da, a wooded ; woodland ; mast- 
ed.—/)/), of ARBOLAR. — m. Woodland. 

arbOladura, /. (naut.) masts and spars. 

arbOlar, va. to hoist ; set upright : arbolar el 
navio, (naut.) to mast a ship. — vr. arbolarse, 
to rear on the hind feet. 

arbolario, m. v. hkrbolario, madcap. 

arbolecico, arbolecillo, arbolico, arbo- 

litc, m. dim. arboret, small tree. 

arboleda,/. grove, plantation of trees. 

arb0l6l0, m. dim. small tree. 

arbolete, »«. branch to fasten lime-twigs on, 

arbolillo, »i. side of a blast-furuace. 

arbOlista, »». arborist. 

arbOll6n, m. flood-gate, sluice, outlet. 

arb6reO, rea, a. relating to trees. 

arborescencla, ./. arborescence. 

arborescente, a. arborescent. 

arboricultura, /. cultivation of trees. 

arboriforme, a. tree-like in shape. 

arborizado, da, a. stones having the appear- 
ance of foliage. 

arbotante, «». vault-supporting arch. 

arbUStO, m. shrub. 

arbUStillO, m. dim. small shrub. 

area,/, chest, safe, coffer ; tempering oven for 
blown glass : area cerrada, a reserved per- 
son : area de agna, reservoir, cistern. 

arcabucear, ra. to shoot a criminal. 

a M In far ; • in eh I ; 1 In police ; o in for ; n in bnll ; c (before e, 1) and z •« th in thick : b and d, Xk; 

ABC 45 

arcabuceria,/. troop of harquebusiers ; num- 
ber of harquebuses ; fusillade of harque- 
buses ; factory of harquebuses. 

axcabucero, m. harquebus-maker. 

arcabuco, m. (Amer.) craggy spot. 

arcabUZ, m. harquebuse. 

arcabuzazo, m. harquebus-shot, anc. the 
wound intiicted. 

arcacil, m. (bot.) species of wild artichoke. 

arcada,/. retching; (arch.) row of arches. 

arcade, a. Arcadian. 

arcadio, dia, a. Arcadian. 

arcaduz, m. conduit or pipe ; bucket ; (met.) 
. channel for obtaining a thing. 

arc&iCO, ca, a. archaic, ancient, antiquated. 

arcaismo, m. archaism. 

arcaizar, it. to use archaisms. 

arcaugel, rn. archangel. 

arcang^lica, a. archangelical. 

arcano, m. arcanum. — a. secret, recondite. 

arcar, va. v. arquear. 

arcaza/. aug. large chest. 

arcazon, m. arbuscle, osier, willow-plot. 

arce, m. (bot.) maple-tree. 

arcedianatO, m. archdeaconshlp. 

arcediano, m. archdeacon. 

arcedo, m. maple-grove. 

arcen, »i. borcfer, brim, edge. 

arcilla,/. argil, clay. 

arcilloso, sa, a. clayey, argillaceous. 

arciprestazgo, m. archpriesthood. 

arcipreste, m. arch priest. 

arco, m. arc, arch, bridge ; bow, fiddle-bow ; 
hoop : arco Iris, rainbow. 

arcbn, m. aug. large chest, bin, bunker. 

archi-, arch-, a prefix. 

archicofradia,/. privileged brotherhood. 

arcbidiacono, m. archdeacon. 

archiducado, m. archdukedom, archduchy. 

arcbiducal, «. archducal. 

arcbidiiq.ue iar-che-doo'-kay], m, archduke. 

archiduquesa,/. archduchess. 

archilaud, //*. large lute. 

arcbimandrita, m. Oriental abbot. 

arcbimillonario, ria, a. multimillionaire. 

arcbipampano, m. imaginary dignity. 

arcbipielago, m. archipelago. 

arcbivar, va. to file ; deposit in an archive. 

arcbivero, archivista, ~^. archivist. 

arcbivo, m. archive, archives. 

arda, /. squirrel. V. ardilla. 

ardalear, va. to make thin. V. ralear. 

ardea,/. bittern. V. alcaravan. 

ardentia,/. heat ; phosphorescence; blink. 

ardeola,/. small kind of heron. 

arder, vn. to burn, blaze, glow ; to be agitated 
by any passion. 

ardero, ra, a. squirrel-hunter, do^. 

ardld, /». stratagem, artifice, cunning. 

ardido, da, a. heated.— jo;?. of ARDER. 
ardiente, pa. & a. ardent, flagrant, burning, 
passionate, hot, fervent, fiery, feverish. 

ardientemente, adv. ardently, flagrantly, 
fervidly ; fearlessly. 

ardilla,/. (zool.) squirrel. 

ardimiento, m. conflagration ; undaunted 

ardincillO, m. (vet.) inflamed swelling on 

the back. 
ardite, m. ancient coin of little value. 
ardor, m. great heat, hotness, flagrancy ; 

valour, vigour ; fieriness, fervency ; life. 
ardoroso, sa, a. fiery, restless. 
arduamente, adv. arduously. 
arduo, dua, a. arduous, difficult. 
d.rea, /. area ; are, square decametre. 
areca, /. palm-tree of the Philippine Islands, 
arefaccion, /. act of drying ; extenuation. 


arel, m. large sieve. 
arelar, va. to sift corn with the arel. 
arena,/, sand, grit; arena, circus. 
arenaceo, ea, «. arenaceous, gravelly. 
arenal, »*. sandy ground, sandy beach. 
arenalejO, m. dim. snmll sandy place. 
arenar, va. to sand ; to rub with sand. 
arencar, va. (prel. arenque :*«6/. arenque) 

to salt and dry sardines, etc. 
areiic6ll, m. aug. large herring. 
arenero, m. dealer in sand ; sand-box. 
arenga,/. harangue, speecu, address. 
arengador, »t. speech-maker. 
arengar, vn. {pret. arenguk: mbj. AREK.> 

GUE) to harangue, deliver a speech, 
arenilla,/. moulding sand: powder to dry 

writing.-^/, granulated saltpetre, 
arenisca, /.(miner.) sandstone. 

arenisco, ca, arenoso, sa, a. sandy, grav- 
elly, gritty. 

arenque [aii-reir-kay], m. herring. 

ar6ola,/. areola, circle around the aipple. 

aredmetro, m. areometer. 

areopagita, m. Areopagite. 

areopagO, m. Areopagus. 

are6stiIo, m. arseostyle. 

areotect6nica, /. areotectonics. 

arepa,/. (Amer.) griddle-cake- pancake. 

arepita, /. (Amer.) maize and cheese pan- 

arestin, m. (vet.) fmsh. 

arestinado, da, a. afflicted with frush. 

arete, »i. ear-drop, ear-ring. 

arfada,/. (naut.) pitching of a ship. 

arfar, vn. (naut. j to pitch (a ship). 

argadijO, argadlllO, m. reel, bobbin, wind- 
er. V. DEVANADERA ; (met. ) blustering, 
noisy, restless person ; large wicker basket. 

argado, m. prank, trick, artifice. 

argal, m. argol, crude tartar. 

argalia,/. v. algalia. 

argallera, /. saw for cutting grooves ; fork- 
staff plane, reed-plane. 

argamandel, m. rag, tatter. 

argamandijo, m. collection of trifling im- 

argamasa, /. mortar, cement for building. 

argamasar, va. to make mortar ; to cement. 

argamasdn, m. large dry piece of mortar. 

argamula,/. (bot. prov.) golden starwort. 

^rgana,/. £rgano, m. (mech.) crane. 

arganas, /. pi. wicker baskets on a horse. 

arganel, m. ring in an astrolabe. 

arganeo, m. (naut.) anchor-ring. 

argano, m. monk's woollen cloak. 

argel, a. horse whose right hind foot is white, 

argelino, na, a. Algerine. 

argema, argembn, m. (med.) argema. 

argemone, / (bot.) prickly or horned poppy. 

arg^n, m. (her.) white or silver colour, ar. 

argentada,/. ladies' cosmetic. 

argentado, da, a. silvered ; slashed shoes.— 
pp. of argentar. 

argentador, m. silversmith. 

argentar, va. to plate, to adorn with silver ; 
to polish like silver. 

argentario, argentero, m. silversmith,- 
master of the mint. 

arg6nteo. a, a. silvery ; silver-plated. 

argenteria, /. embroidery in gold or silver. 

argentifero, ra, a. silver-bearing. 

argentlfodina,/. silver-mine. 

argentina,/. (bot.) satin cinquefoil. 

argentlno, na, a. silvery, argentine ; belong- 
ing to the Argentine Republic. — m, Argen- 
tine gold coin. 

argento, m. (poet.) silver. 

g (before e, i) and J ae h in hot ; b, silent ; U In >>Tilliant ; fi, ny in canTon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; 





argentOSO, sa, a. mixed with silver. 

argila, argilla,/. clay. V. arcilla. 
argiritas, m- pi. marcasites, white pyrites, 
argolla, ;". large ring, collar, staple, hoop ; 

riug iu bowling game ; pillory, 
argolleta, ica, ita, /. dim. small staple, 

small ring. 

argoUdn, m. aug. very large ring, large staple. 

irgoma,/. (bot.) furze. V. aulaga. 

argomal, m. furzen plantation. 

argombn, m. aug. large prickly furze, gorse. 

argonauta, m. one of the Argonauts. 

ArgOS, in. (myth.) Argus; (met.) a very ob- 
servant person. 

argUCia./. subtilty, sophistry. 

argiie ar'-gway], m. windlass, capstan. 

argiiellarse, vr. (prov.) to be emaciated. 

argtiello ar-swa\ r-iyoi, m. lack of health. 

arguenas, argue&as,/. jp^. v. angarillas. 

arguerita lar-gay-ree'-tah;,/, (miner.) argyrite 
or argeutite. 

argiilr, vn. {ind. arguyo : stibj. arguya) to 
argue, dispute, oppose. — va. to infer, imply. 

argumentacl6n, /. argumentation. 

argumentador, ra, m. &/. arguer, reasoner. 

argumentar. vn. to argue, dispute. 

argumentativo, va, «. argumentative. 

argumentillo, >n. dim. slight argument. 

argumentO, m. argument ; plot of a play ; 
summary ; indication, sign, token. 

arguyente, pa. arguer ; opponent. 

aria,/, (mus.) song for a single voice. 

aribar, va. to reel yarn into skeins. 

aribO, m. reel for making skeins. 

aricar, va. to plough across sown ground. 

arldecer, va., vn. & vr, {ind. aridezco : subj. 
aridezca) to render or become arid. 

arldez,/. drought; barrenness, aridity. 

^rldO, da, a. arid, dry, barren. 

arienzo, m. an old coin of Castile. 

Aries, m. Aries, sign of the zodiac. 

arieta,/. dim. (mus.) arietta, short tune. 

ariete, m. battering-ram. 

arietlno, na, a. resembling a ram's head. 

arlgue lah-ree'-gayj. m. Philippine timber. 

arijO, ja, a. (agr.) light, easily tilled. 

arulo, m. dim. ear-ring ; neck-stock frame. 

arlmez, m. extension oi a building. 

arindajo, m. (om.) jay. 

ario, ia, a. Aryan. 

arisblanco, ca, a. white-bearded wheat. 

arisaro, m. (bot.) wake-robin. 

arisco, ca, a. churlish, shy, cross, surly. 

sirisnegro, arlsprieto, a. wheat with black- 
ish beard. 

arista, /. beard or awn grains; (geom.) in- 
tersection. — pi. (mil.) salient angles. 

aristado, da, a. awned, bearded. 

aristarco, m. severe censurer. 

aristocracia, /. aristocracy. 

aristdcrata, m. aristocrat. 

aristocrktico, ca, a. aristocratical. 

aristoloquia, /. (hot.) birth wort. 

aristOSO, sa, a. having many beards or awns. 

ari8tOt61iCO, ca, a. Aristotelian. 

aritmancia, /. arithmancy. 

aritm^tica, /. arithmetic. 

aritm6ticamente, adv. arithmetically. 

aritm^tiCO, m. arithmetician, accountant. 

aritm6tiC0, ca, a. arithmetical. 

aritmo, a. (med.) arrhythmic. 

aritm6metro, m. calculating machine. 

axior^, m. (bot.) V. ciclamor. 

arlequin, m. harlequin, buffoon ; mixed ice- 
cream, called Neapolitan. 
irlequinada, /. harlequin's trick or joke. 
rlo, m. (bot.) barberry. 
iXlOta, /. tow of flax or hemp. 

arma, /. weapon, arms; (rail.) technical di. 
vision of military forces; arma de infanteria, 
infantry : arma de caballeria, cavalry, etc. : 
arma falsa, false alarm : arma arrojadiza, 
missile weapon : arma de fuego, fi re-arm s_ 
gun : arma bl.inca, steel arms.— p/. troops', 
armies; annorial ensigns, coat of arms: 
armas de agaa, (Mex.) water-proof skins for 
riding : hombre de armas, military man : 
maestro de armas, fencing-master : pasar por 
las armas, to shoot a criminal; (met.) 
means, power, reason. 

armada, /. the navy ; fleet, squadron. 

armadera, /. (naut.) main timber of a ship 

armadia,/. raft, float. 

armadijO, ni. trap, snare for game. 

armadillo, m. (zool.) armadillo. 

armado, da, a. weaponed, armed; (mech.| 
mounted, set.— pp. of armar. 

armado, m. man in armour in processions. 

armador, m. outfitter, ship-owner ; priva- 
teer, cruiser ; one who outfits whale-boats ; 
(mech.) framer, adjuster, fitter, jacket. 

armadura,/. armour ; framework, shell of a 
building; (mech.) setting, fitting; truss; 
armature (elec.) ; skeleton, frame of a roof; 
framing, mounting, trestle. 

armajal, m. moor, bog. v. almarjal. 

armamento, m. armament, warlike prepara- 
tion, equipment, accoutrements. 

armar, va. to arm ; to man ; (carp.) to bind ; 
mount; truss; put together; (mech.) toad- 
just, set, frame, piece, mount, make true, 
rig up ; (naut.) equip, fit out, put a ship in 
commission : armar en corso, to privateer : 
armar caballero, to knight. — vr. to prepare 
one's self; to arm one's self: armarse de pa- 
ciencia, to prepare one's self to sutfer. 

armario, m.. clothes-press, cabinet, book- 
case, wardrobe, closet. 

armatoste, «t. hulk; unwieldy machine; 
cumbersome piece of furniture. V. arma- 
DiJO ; corpulent, worthless person. 

armaz6n, /. framework, skeleton, frame ; 
hulk of a ship. — m. skeleton of body. 

armelina,/. ermine skin. 

armella, /. staple, box staple, screw-eyes. 

armelluela,/. dim. small staple or ring. 

armenio, nia, a. >xmenian. 

armeria, /. armory, arsenal ; gunsmith trade 
or shop. 

armero, «». armorer, gunsmith ; keeper of 
arms ; (mil.) rack or stand for fire-arms. 

armifero, ra, armigero, ra, a. warlike. 

armilar, «. esfera armllar, annillary sphere. 

armilla,/. part of the base of a column. 

armiflado, da, a. trimmed or lined with er. 
mine fur ; ermine-white. 

armiliO, m. (zool.) ermine. 

armlpotente, a. (poet. ) mighty in war. 

armlsticio, m. armistice. 

armoisin, m. thin silk or taffety. 

arm6n. m. (ordn. ) limber. 

armonia,/. harmony; number, chord, con- 
cordance, concord, peace, friendship. 

arm6niC0, ca, a. narmonical. harmonious, 
proportionate, musical, rhythmical. 

armoniO, m. harmonium, reed organ. 

armoniosamente, adv. harmoniously. 

armoniOSO, sa, a. harmonious, sonorous, 
pleasing to the ear, consonous. 

armonlsta,/. harmonist. 

armonizacidn, /. harmonization. 

armonlzar, va. {prei. armonic£: suhj. ar.- 
MONICE) to harmonize. 

armuelle, m. (bot.) orach. 

ama, /. (prov. ) bee-hive. 

amachO, w». (bot.) rest-harrow. T. gatuSa. 

m In far ; • in eli I ; 1 in police ; o in for ; u in bull ; c (before e, 1) and z aa th in thick - b and d, soft; 




arn6s, m. harness ; coat of mail, armour.—;)/, 
arne-as, harness, trappings ; necessary tools, 
iite_.^ils, etc. 

Arnica, /. arnica, medicinal plant, 

arnilla, /. dim. (prov.) small bee-hive. 

aro, ni. hoop of wood or metal, staple, hoop- 
poles ; (hot.) V. YARO. 

aroma,/, flower of the aromatic myrrh-tree. 
— m. (chem.) volatile spirit of plants; any 
aromatic gum, balsam, wood, or herb ; per- 
fume, fragrance. 

aromaticidad,/. aromatic quality, perfume. 

aromatiCO, ca, a. aromatic, fragrant. 

aroiIiatizaci6n, /. aromatization. 

aromatizador, >n. aromatizer, atomizer. 

aromatizar, va. {pref. aromatice: subj, 
aromatice) to aromatize, perfume. 

aromo, m. (bot.) aromatic myrrh-tree. 

aromoso, sa, a. aromatic, fragrant. 

aroza, //'. foreman in iron-works or forges. 

arpa,/. (mus.) harp, lyre. 

arpado, a. serrated, toothed; (poet.) singing 
bird.^yp. of arpar. 

arpador, m. v. arpista. 

arpadura,/. v. arano. 

arpar, va. to tear to pieces, rend, claw. 

arpegiO, m. (mus.) arpeggio. 

arpella,/. (orn.) harpy. 

arpeo, m. (naut.) grappling iron. 

arpia, .f". (poet.) harpy; fiend; ugly shrew. 

arpillador, m. (Mex. ) packer. 

arpilladura, /■ packing with sack-cloth. 

arpillar, va. (Mex.^ to pack with sack-cloth. 

arpillera, /. sack-cloth. 

arpista, /". (mus.) harper, harpist. 

arp6ll, m. harpoon, harping-iron. 

arpouado, da, a. harpooned. 

arponear, va. to throw the harpoon. 

aponero, w. harpooner. 

arqueada [ar-kay-ali'-dah], /. stroke with the 

arqueador [ar-kay-ah-dor'l, m. shlp-gauger ; 

arqueaje rar-kay-ah'-hayl, m. gauging of a ship. 

arqueamlento, m. v. arqueo. 

arqnear [ar-kay-ar'i, va. to arch ; to beat wool ; 
(naut.) to gauge ships. 

arqueo iar-kay'-oi, m. the act of arching; (naut. ) 
tonnage or burden of a ship ; (com.) verifica- 
tion of money and papers in a safe. 

arqueologia [ar-kay-o-io-hee'-au],/. archaeology. 

arqueblogo :ar-kayo'-io-go], m. archaeologist. 

arqueria lar-kay-ree'-ah], /. series of arches ; 
(Mex.) aqueduct. 

arquero [ar-kay'-roi, m. treasurer, cashier ; 
archer, bow-maker. 

arqueta Jar-kay'-tah],/. dim. small chest. 

arquetipo lar-kay-tee'-poi, m. archetype. 

arquet6ll ^a-.-kay-tone'], m. aug. large chest. 

arquibanCO [ar-ke-bahn'-co], m. bench with 

arqUlepiSCOpal [ar-ke-ay-pls-co-pahr], a. archi- 
episcopal. V. arzobispal. 

arquifi.l6sofO, m. archphilosopher. 

arquilla, ita lar-keer-iyahi,/. dim. little chest. 

arqulllo [ar-keer-iyo], m. dim. small bow. 

arqulmesa [ar-ke-may'-sah], /. (prov. ) Writing- 

desk, escritoire. 

arqUisinagOgO [ar-ke-se-nah-go'-go], m. princi- 
pal in the synagogue. 

arquitecto ;ar-ke-tec'-toi, m. architect. 

ar quite ctbnico, ca, a. architectural. 

arquitectura [ar-ke-tec-too'-rau],/. architecture. 

arquitrabe ai-ke-trah'-bay], m. architrave. 

arrabal, m. suburb.—^/, environs. 

arrabalero, ra, a. suburban ; ill-bred. 

arrabio, m. cast-iron fused for making steel. 

arracada, /. ear-ring with pendant. 

arracimado, da, a. clustered.— p/.. of arsa. 


arracimarse, vr. to cluster. 

arracl^n, m. v. aliso, aider-tree. 

arr&ez, m. captain or master of a ship. 

arraigadamente, adv. fixedly, securely. 

arraigadas, /. i>;. (naut.) futtock-shrouds. 

arraigadO, da, owning real estate; fixed, 
inveterate ; rooted. 

arraigar, vn. to root; to pledge land. — m 
to settle down. 

arraigO, m. settling in a place ; landed prop- 

arraJar, vn. V. ralear. 

arraiublar,f a. to cover with sand and gravel; 
to sweep away. 

arranca-clavos, m. nail-puller. • 

arrancada, /. (coll.) sudden departure, vio- 
lent sally. 

arrancadera,/. leading bell for cattle. \ 

arrancadero, m. starting-point; thickest 
part of a gun-barrel. 

arraucadO, da, a. poor, penniless.— jo/>. of 


arrancador, ra, m. &f. extirpator. 

arrancadura,/. arrancamiento, TO. extir- 
pation, pulling out. 

arrancapinOS, m. nickname for little per- 

arrancar, va. (pret. arranqu^: subj. arran- 
que) to root out, extirpate, force out, wrest, 
pull out, draw out, carry off"; to force up; 
to start, begin ; (naut.) to set sail. 

arrancasiega, /. poor grain half mowed, 
half pulled up ; quarrel or dispute. 

arranciarse, vr. to grow rancid. 

arrancharse, vr: to mess together. 

arranque [ar-raim'-kay],??j. extirpation, wrench; 
fit of passion, impetuousness ; sudden start, 
sudden impulse ; springer of an arch. 

arrapar, va. (low) to snatch away, carry off. 


arrapiezo, arrapo, m. tatter or rag; (met.) 
worthless youngster. 

arras,/, pi. consideration of a contract ; coins 
which the bridegroom gives to the bride at 
thewedding; dowry; earnest-money, pledge, 
handsel : arras de la bodega, (naut. ) wings 
of the hold. 

arrasado, m. satin-face stuff.— ^. of arra- 


arrasadura, /. v. rasadura. 

arras amiento, m. demolition, levelling. 

arrasar, va. to level ; to destroy, raze, de- 
molish ; obliterate ; to fill up to the brim. — 
vn. & vr. to clear up. 

arrastradamente, adv. imperfectly ; pain- 
fully, wretchedly. 

arrastraderas,/.^/. (naut.) lower studd'ng- 

arrastradero, m. (naut.) careening-place ; 
road by which logs are dragged ; spot whence 
dead bulls are taken off. 

arrastrado, da, a. dragged along ; rascally, 
knavish; destitute; (coll.) harlot.— f>p. of 

arrastramiento, m. dragging along. 

arrastrante, m. claimant of a degree in col- 

arrastrar, va. & vn. to creep, crawl ; to drag 
along ; to convince ; to lead a trump. 

arrastre, m. dragging, haulage, drayage; 
leading a trump ; slope in a mining shaft ; 
claiming a degree ; (Amer.) mining mill. 

arrate, m. pound of sixteen ounces. 

arratonadO, a. gnawed by mice. 

arraykn, m. (hot.) myrtle. 

arrayanal, m. plantation of myrtles. 

g t.betore e, i) and j as h In hot; h, silent; 11 In brilliant; ii, ny !» canyon; r (inUi-l) and rr triUed; «, Wsbb* 




I axre ! interj. gee, get up ! 

arreador, m. muleteer. 

arreala,/- herdiug the grazing flock. 

arrear, va. to drive horses, mules, etc. 

arrebaflador, ra, m. &f. gleaner, gatherer. 

arrebanadura,/. gleaning, picking up. 

arrebafiar, ra. to glean, gather, scrape up. 

arrebatadamente, adv. precipitately, head- 
long ; violently. 

arrebatado, da, a. rapid, violent ; precipi- 
tate, rash, impetuous. ^fi;>. of arrkbatar. 

arrebatador, ra, rn. &f. violent snatcher. 

arrebatamientO, m. carrying away by vio- 
lence; fury, rage; rapture, ecstasy. 

arrebatar, va. to carry off: snatch; to at- 
tract (as the attention, etc.). — vr. to be led 
away by passion. 

arrebatma, /. struggle of several persons to 
snatch a thing, sculfie. 

arrebatO, /«. surprise, sudden attack, par- 
oxysm, lit, rage : rapture. 

arrebol, m. red sky or clouds ; rouge. 

arrebolar, va. to paiut red. — vr. to rouge. 

arrebolera, /.rouge-box ; rouge-seller; (bot.) 
four-o'clock or marvel of Peru. 

arrebollarse, vr. to precipitate; fall head- 

arrebozar, va. ( pret. arreboc^ : subj. ARRE- 
boce) to overlay meat with jelly. — vr. to 
muffle or wrap one's self up ; to swarm. 

arrebozo, m. v. rebozo. 

arrebujadamente, adv. confusedly. 

arrebujar, va. to jumble together ; to huddle. 
—vr. to wrap one's self up. 

arreclar, vn. to increase in strength or in- 
tensity. — vr. to grow stronger. 

arreciie, m. road paved witn stone; (naut.) 
reef of rocks. 

arreclrse, vr. to grow stiff" with cold. 

arrecbucno, m. tit of anger ; sudden and 
passing indisposition. 

arredllar, va. to fold the sheep. 

arredomado, da, a. v. kedomado. 

arredondar, arredondear, va. to round. 

arredramlentO; m. removing to a greater 
distance ; backing out ; fear. 

arredl'ar, va. to remove, separate ; to terrify. 
— 17-. V. atemorizarse. 

arregazado, da, a. with the point turned up. 
—pp. of arregazar. 

arregazar, va. {pret. arregack : subj. arre- 
GACK) to tuck up the skirts. 

BTregladamente, adv. regularly, orderly.. 

arreglado, da, a. regular, moderate.-^f»p. of 


arreglador, m. (com.) surveyor, valuer (of 

arreglar, va. to regulate, guide ; frame ; 
(com.) to arrange, settle, adjust. — vr. to 
conform to law. 

arreglo, m. rule, order ; (com.) arrangement, 
settlement : con arreglo i, according to. 

arregostarse, vr. to relish a thing. 

arrejaca, /. v. arrejaque. 

arrejacar, va.{pret. arrejaqu^ : suhf. arre- 
jaque) to plough across for clearing weeds. 

arrejaco, m. (om.) swift, martin. V. ven- 


arrelada,/. (agr.) paddle of a i)lough. 

arrejaq.Ue lar-ray-hacU'-ay], TO. fishing-fork with 
three prongs. 

arrejerar, va, (naut.) to make a ship fast by 
casting two anchors fore and one alt. 

arrel, arrelde, m. weight of four pounds. 

arrellanarse, vr. to sit at ease ; to be satis- 
fied with (H)e's employment. 

arremangado, da, a. lifted upward.— f>p. of 

arremangar, ra. {pret. arremangue: mbj. 

arremakgue) to tuck up the sleeves or 

petticoats.— r/-. to be determined. 
arremangO, m. tucking up the clothes, 
arremetedero, m. place through which a 

fortress may be attacked. 
arremetedor, //*. assailant, aggressor. 
arremeter, ra. to assail, attack. — vn. to 

launch forth ; to shock. 
arremetida, /. attack, assault, invasion ; 

start of horses. 

arxemolinado, da, a. whirled. 

arremolinar, ra. & vr. to eddy ; to form 3 

arrempujar, va. (obs.) v. rempujar. 

arrendaDle, a. rentable,farmable,tenautable 

arrendaci6n, /. renting, lease. 

arrendadero, m. ring to tie horses to. 

arrendadO, da, a. obedient to the reins ^ 
rented, leased.— jop. of arrendar. 

arrendador, m. landlord, lessor, hirer, ten- 
ant, lessee, holder ; farmer. V, arrenda- 

arrendadorcillo, m. dim. petty tenant. 

arrendaJO, m. mocking-bird ; (coll. ) mimic. 

arrendamlentO, m. renting, letting, hiring, 
lease, rental. 

arrendante, pa. lessor, renter. 

arrendar, va. {ind. arrien^o : mbj. arriex- 
de) to rent, let, lease, hire ; to bridle, tie a 
horse ; to train a horse ; to mimic. 

arrendatario, ria, m. &/. lessee, tenant. 

arrentado, da, receiving large rental. 

arreo, m. dress, ornament, decoration.— /j/. 
appendages, trappings. 

arreo, adv. successively, uninterruptedly, 

arrep^palO, m. sort of fritters or buns. 

arrepentida, /. reformed, penitent woman. 

arrepentido, da, a. repentant.— />p, of arre- 


arrepentlmientO, m. repentance, contrite- 
ness, compunction; lock of hair. 

arrepentirse, vr. {ind. me arrepiento: 
subj. me arrepiexta : pret. el se arrepix- 
Tio: subj. imp. me arrepintiera, tiesk, 
tiere) to repent, rue, regret. 

arrepistar, va. to grind rags into pulp. 

arrepistO, m. grinding or pounding rags. 

arreptlcio, cla, a. possessed by the devil. ' 

arrequeSOnarSe [ar-ray-kt-y-so-uar'-say], vr. to 

arrequife [ar-ray-kee'-feyj, TO, singelog-iron Id 
cotton gins. 

arrequiveS [ar-ray-kee'-ves^ m. pi. dreSS trim^ 
mings ; ornaments adornments ; circum- 
stances ; requisites. 

arrestado, da, a. intrepid, bold, audacious. 

— pp. ARRESTAik,. 

arrestar, va. to arrest, confine, imprison.— 

vr. to be bold and enterprising, 
arresto.wi. detention ; (mil.) prison, arrest ; 

spirit, enterprise, 
arretin, m. v. filipichin. 
arrezafe, »*. place full of brambles. 
arrezagar, va. to raise, v. arrehakoar. 
arria, 7. drove of beasts. 
arriada, /. (prov. ) flood, wash-out. 
arrianismo, m. Arianism. 
arriano, na, a. Arian. 
arrlar, va. (naut.) to lower, to strike : »rrl»r 

la bandera, to strike the colours. — vr. to l)« 

arriata, /. or arrlate, vi. border, edge in 
' gardens ; trellis ; causeway, 
anriaz, arrial, m. hilt-bar of a sword. 
arriba, adv. above, over, up, high, on high, 

overhead ; upstaifs ; (naut.) aloft : de arriba 

abajo, from head to foot. 

a M lu rar ; • in eh I ; i in ooltce ; o in for ; v in boll ; c (t>efore e, i) and s aa th In t^^k ; b and d. loft ' 



arribada, /. arrival: (naut.) de arribada, 
putting into a port by stress. 

arribaje, m. (naut.) arrival. 

arribar, vn. to arrive ; (naut.) to put into a 
harbour in distress ; to fall off to leeward ; 
to reach ; recover, convalesce. 

arribe&O, fia (Mex. ) highlanders. 

arrlbO, m. arrival. 

arricete, m. shoal, sand-bank. 

arriceses, m. pi. buckles of the stirrup- 

arriendo, m. v. arrendamiento. 

arriendo, arriende {irr. from arrendar). 

arrieria./. driving of mules. 

arrierico, illo, ito, m. dim. of arriero. 

arriero, m. muleteer. 

arriesgadamente, adv. dangerously, haz- 

arriesgado, da, a. perilous, dangerous, haz- 
ardous, risky ; daring.— jap. of arriesgar. 

arriesgar, va. {pret. arriesguk : subj. 
arriesgue) to risk, hazard, jeopard, jump. 
— vr. to be exposed to danger ; to dare. 

arrimadero, m. scaffold, stool, stand. 

arrimadillO, m. mat, wainscot, dado. 

arrimadizo, za, «. designed to be placed 
against or joined to a thing ; sponger. 

arrimado, da., pp. of arrimar. 

arrimador, »i. oack-log in a fire-place. 

arrimadura, /. approaching. 

arrimar, vn. to approach, place near, join 
one thing to another f (naut.) to stow; 
(met.) to lay a thing aside, put by, reject ; 
to lay down ; to fling, dismiss. — vr. to lean 
against ; to join others. 

arrime, m. proximity to the goal in bowling. 

arrimo, m. joining 'one thing to another ; 
staff, stick, crutch ; (met.) protection ; sup- 
port, help ; idle wall. 
irrim6n, ?». loafer, idler who leans against 
a wall : estar de arrim6n, to keep watch. 

arrlnconado, da, a. distant, out of the way ; 
neglected, put away, forgotten.— pp. of 


arrinconar, va. to corner, lay aside, put 

away, reject ; to remove one from a trust ; 

to neglect, forsake. — vr. to live secluded. 
arrifionadO, da, a. kidney-shaped, 
arriostrar, ra. to brace a frame, 
arriscadamente, adv. boldly, audaciously. 
arriscado, da, «. forward, bold, brisk, easy, 

free ; craggy ground.— ;pp. of arriscarse. 
arriscador, m. (prov.) olive-gleaner. 
arriscar, t;a. {pret. arrisquk: subj. arris- 

que) to risk. — vr. to be vain, conceited ; to 

plunge over a cliff (flocks). 
arritranca, .f. v. retranca. 
arrlzafa,/. v. ruzafa. 
arrlzar, va. {pret. arriciS: siibj. arrice) 

(naut.) to reef, stow, lash. 
arroba, /. weight of twenty-five pounds ; a 

quarter = 11.5 kilos ; liquid measure, thirty- 
two pints, about four gallons. 
arrobadizo, za, a. (coll.) feigning ecstasy. 
arrobado,pp. of arrobar. 
arrobador, ra, a. enchanting, entrancing, 
arrobamiento, m. ecstatic rapture, bliss, 

trance, ravishment, amazement, 
arrobarse, vr. to be enraptured, entranced, 
arrobero, ra, m. & f. weighing an arroba ; 

))aker for a community. 
arrobo, m. v. arrobamiento. 
arrocabe, m. wooden frieze. 
arrocero, m. rice planter or dealer. 
arrocinado, da, a. hack-like ; worn-out 

horse.— pp. of arrocinarse. 
arrocinar, ra. to brutify. — vr. to become 

foolishly enamoured ; to become stupid. 


arrodajarse, rr. (Costa Eica) to sit upon the 

arrodelado, da, m. of arrodelarse, bear- 
ing a round shield or buckler. 

arrodelarse, vr. to be armed with a buckler. 

arrodilladura, /. arrodillamiento, m. 

arrodillar, m. to make one kneel down. — vr. 
to kneel down. 

arrodrigar, arrodrigonar, va. to prop 

arrogacibn, /. arrogation ; child adoption. 

arrogador, m. one who claims arrogantly. 

arrogancia, a. arrogance, haughtiness ; 
valour, courage ; stately carriage. 

arrogante, a. spirited, haughty, proud. 

arrogantemente, adv. arrogantly, proud- 

arrogar, va. {pret. arroguk: subj. arro- 
gue) to adopt ; to arrogate. — vr. to usurp. 

arrojadamente, adv. audaciously, boldly. 

arrojadizo, za, a. easily thrown or darted", 

arrojado, da, a. rash, forward, dashing, bold, 
fearless.— pp. of arrojar. 

arroiador, m. thrower, flinger. 

arrojar, t^a. to dart, launch, fling, hurl, jerk, 
dash; to shed, emit; to shoot, sprout; 
(naut.) to drive or cast on rocks ; to make 
red-hot ; to turn away, dismiss. — vr. to 
launch ; to throw one's self; to venture. 

arroje, m. man who drops as counterweight 
to raise the curtain in a theatre. 

arroiO, m. intrepidity, fearlessness. 

arrollador, m. roller. 

arrollar, va. to roll up, roll round, wrap, 
twist ; to carry off, sweep away ; to defeat, 
rout, confound. 

arromadizarse, vr. to catch cold. 

arromar, va. to blunt ; to dull. 

arronzar, va. {pret. arronc^: subj. aerok- 
ce) (naut.) to haul a hawser. 

arropado, da, a. mixed with must.— ^. of 


arropamientO, m. wrapping, covering, dress- 
ing ; mixing with boiled wine. 

arropar, va. to cover, wrap, clothe, dress ; to 
mix with boiled wine. 

arrope, m. grape juice boiled to a sirup; 
boiled honey. 

arropea,/. irons, fetters, shackles. 

arropera,/. vessel for boiled must, etc. 

arropia,/. taffy, v. melcocha. 

arropiero, m. maker or seller of arropia. 

arrostrar, va. to set about dauntlessly ; to 
encounter— tr. to fight face to face. 

arroyada,/. arroyadero, m. valley ; chan- 
nel of a stream. 

arroyar, va. to inundate sown ground. — vr. 
to be affected with rust. 

arroyico, arroyuelo, m. dim. rill, brook. 

arroyo, m. rivulet, small stream, gutter. 

arroz, m. rice. 

arrozal, m. field sown with rice. 

arrozar {pret. arroce : stibj. arroce), to ic^ 
a liquid. 

arruar, vn. to grunt like a wild boar. 

arrufado, da, pp. of arrufar, sheered^ 

arrufadura,/. (naut.) sheer of a ship. 

arrnfaldado, da, a. with clothes tucKed up. 


arrufar, va. (naut.) to incurvate, to form the 

sheer. — vr. to snarl, 
amifianado, da, a. ruffianly, impudent. 
arrufo, m. v. arrufadura. 
arruga /. wrinkle, corrugation, rumple, fold, 

g (before e,l) and J as bin hot; b.sUent; 11 in brilliant ; 2, ny in canyon; r (initial) and rr trilled ; s, hissed. 


arrugacidn,/. axrugamiento, m. corruga- 
tion, wrinkling. 

amigar, va. {prel. arruguk : stibj. ARRU- 
GUE) to wrinkle, corrugate, constrict, crum- 
ple ; to rumple, fold, gather, crease, pleat : 
arrngar la frente, to frown. 

arrugia,/- (min.) goldmine. 

amigbn, m. decoration of carved work. 

arruinaaor, ra, m. & /. ruiner, demolisher, 

arruinamientO, m. destruction, ruin. 

amiinar, va. to demolish, ruin, destroy. 

arrullador, ra, a. luller, rocker, flatterer. 

arrullar, va. to lull ; to court, coo and bill. 

arrullo, '«. cooing and billing; lullaby. 

arruinaco, m. caress, fondling demonstra- 

arrumaje, m. (naut.) stowage of the cargo. 

arrumar, va. (naut.) to stow cargo. 

arrumazbn, /. (naut.) stowing ; horizon 
overcast. , 

arrnmbadas, /. pi. (naut.) wales of a row- 

arrum'bad.or, ra, m. & f. heaper, piler ; 

amunbamlentO, m. (naut.) relative bear- 

amimbar, va. to put away ; to range casks 
of wine in a cellar ; to refute ; to remove 
one from a trust ; (naut.) to steer the proper 
course. — vr. (naut.) to take bearings. 

arnuiflarse, vr. to have a flush of cards. 

arrurruz, m. arrow-root. 

ars^fraga,/. v. bkrrera. 

arsenal, m.ship-yard, dockyard, navy-yard ; 

arseniato, m. (chem. ) arseniate. 

arsenical, «. (chem.) arsenical. 

ars^nico, m. (chem.) arsenic; ratsbane. 

arsenlOSO, a. arsenious. 

arsenitO, m. arsenite. 

arsolla,/. v. arzolla. 

arta,/. (bot. ) English plantain ; rib-wort. 

artalejo, m. artalete, m. a sort of tart. 

artanica, artanita,/. (bot.) sow-bread. 

arte, m. &,/. art, skill, craft, cunning ; trade, 
profession ; artifice, machine ; intrigue ; 
fishing-net: bellas arteB, fine arts. 

artefacto, m. manufacture, handiwork. 

artejo, m,. joint or knuckle of the fingers. 

artemlsa, artemlsla,/. (bot.) mug-wort. 

artena,/. aquatic fowl. 

artera,/. iron bread-stamp. 

arteramente, adv. craftily, fraudulently. 

arteria,/. (anat.) an artery. 

arteria,/. artifice, stratagem, cunning. 

arterial, a. arterial. 

arteriografia,/. description of the arteries, 

arteriola,/. dim. small artery ; arteriole. 

arterioso, sa, a. v. arterial. 

arteriotomia, f. (anat.) arteriotomy. 

artero, ra, a. dexterous, cunning, artful. 

artesa,/. kneading-trough ; canoe. 

artesano, m. artisan, mechanic. 

arteslano, a. pozo arteslano, artesian well. 

artesilla, /. trough at a draw-well ; game on 

artesdn, m. kitchen tub; (arch.) carved 
panel on ceiling. 

artesonado, da, a. panelled (ceiling). 

artesuela,/. dim. small kneading-trough. 

art^tico, ca, a. arthritic. 

irtico, ca, a. (ast.) arctic, northern. 

articulacl6n, /. articulation ; ioint ; distinct 
pronunciation; (bot.) genicuiation. 

artiCUladamente, adv. distinctly, articu- 

artiCUladO, da, a. articulate. 



artlClQar, *«. to unite, join; to articulate; 
pronounce distinctly ; (law) to question, 
interrogate, examine. 

articular, artlculario, ria, a. articular. 

artiCUlista, m. &/. writer of articles. 

articnlO, m. article, section, clause, coudi- 
tion, stipulation ; word soj>arately defined 
in a dictionary ; plea; essay ; (gram.) arti- 
cle; (bot.) genicuiation ; (anat.) joint.— /.'. 
articles, things. 

artifice, >n. artificer, artisan, maker. 

artificial, «. artificial. 

artificialmente, odr. artificially. 

artificio, //*. workmanship, craft ; artifice, 
euuniug, cinitrivauce, device, trick, guile. 

artificiosamente, adc. artificially, craftily. 

artificiOSO, sa, «. skilful, ingenious ; artful, 
crafty, cunning. 

artiga,.r'. land newly broken up. 

artigar, ra. to break and level land. 

artillar; ra. to mount cannon. 

artillena, /. gunnery, artillery, cannon 
ordnance ; army corps. 

artillero, >». gunner, artillery-man. 

artimafia,./. trap, snare, device, stratagem. 

artimdn, m. (naut.) mizzen-mast. 

artina,/. fruit of the box-thorn. 

artista, m. artist, artisan, tradesman, crafts 
master, art student. 

artisticamente, adr. artistically. 

artistiCO, ca, a. artistic. 

artolas,/. p/. padnier; pack-saddle. 

art61itOS, m. concave spongy stone. 

artOS, m. species of thistles ; box-thorn. 

artritiCO, ca, a. arthritic, arthritical. 

artritiS, m. (med. ) arthritis, gout. 

artrografia, /. description of the joints. 

artrologia, /. (anat.) arthrology.. 

artufia,/. ewe whose lamb has perished. 

Arturo, m. (ast.) Arcturus, fixed star. 

arugas,/. (bot.) v. Matricaria. 

irula,/. dim. small altar. 

arufiar, ra. v. aranar. 

arufiazo, m. V. araSazo. 

anifio. m. V. araSo. 

ardspice, m. augurer, soothsayer. 

aruspicina, /. aruspicy. 

arveja,/. (bot.) carob-tree: the fruit. 

arvejal, arvejar, m. field of carob-trees. 

arve, O, m. (bot:) bastard chick-pea. 

arve] 6n, m. (bot.) chickling-vetch. 

arvejona,/. v. arveja. v. algarroba. 

arvense, «. any plant growing in sown fleldn 

arza,/. (naut.) tall of a tackle. 

arzobispadO, m. archbishopric. 

arzobispal, a. archiepiscopal. 

arzobispo, m. archbishop. 

arzolla, /. (bot. ) lesser burdock ; milk-thistle. 

arz6n, m. saddle-tree. 

as, m. ace ; Roman copper coin. 

asa,/. handle, haft ; juice from certain plants* 

asa dalce, gum benzoin. 
asacibn,/. (pharm.) decoction. 
asadero, ra, a. fit for roasting.— wi. (Mex.) 

small, flat cheese. 
asado, da, a. roasted ; dressed.— p;>. of asar. 
asador, m. spit, roasting-jack. 
asadura, /. entrails, chitterlings : asadnra d« 

pnerco, haslet. 
asaeteador, m. archer, bow-man. 
asaetear, va. to attack, kill with arrows. 
asaetinado, da, a. like satin, 
asaf^tida,./' asafoetida. 
asainetado, da, a. farcical, 
asalariar, ra. to fix a salary. 
asalmonado, da, «. v. salmonado 
asaltador, m. assailant, assaulter ; Highway 

A M Id far ; • iu eh 1 ; 1 In police ; o in tor ; n in bull ; c (before e, 1) and s an th in thick ; L .nd d. ■otb 

ASA 51 

asaltar, va. to assault, storm, assail, surprise ; 

to occur suddenly. 
asaltO, m. assault, violence: asalto de armas, 

I'eucing bout ; sudden gust of passion. 
asamblea, /. assembly, meeting, congress, 

junta, congregation, convention, gathering, 
asar, va. to roast. — vr. to be excessively hot. 

asarabacara, asaraca,/. (bot.) asarabacca. 

asarero, //*. (bot.) K endrino. 

asargado, da, a. serge-like, twilled. 

asarina,/. (bot.) bastard asarum. 

asaro, //«. (bot.) asarum. 

asatiVO, va, «. (pharm.) dressed or boiled in 
its own juice. 

asaz, adv. (poet.) enough, abundantly. 

asbestino, na, a. belonging to asbestos. 

asbesto, m. asbestos. 

ascalonia,/. (bot.) shallot. 

asc^rides,/. i)/. ascarides. 

ascendencia,/. line of ancestors, origin. 

ascendente, m. ascendant, ascending. 

ascender, vn. {ind. asciendo: subj. ASCIEN- 
DA) to ascend, mount, climb; to be pro- 
moted : ascender k, (com.) to amount to. 

ascendiente, m. & /. ancestor, forefather. — 
m. ascendency, influence, power. 

ascensi6n,/. ascension. Catholic feast, exal- 

ascensional, a. (ast.) ascensional. 

ascenso, m. promotion. 

ascensor, m. lift, hoist, elevator. 

asceta, m. ascetic, hermit. 

asceticismo, ascetlsmo, m. asceticism. 

ascetico, ca, a. ascetic. 

asciendo, ascienda (irr. from ascender). 

asciOS. i/ (geog.) ascii. 

asciro, /'*. (bot.) St. Andrew's cross. 

ascitis,/, (med.) ascites. 

ascitico, ca, a. (med.) ascitic. 

asclepiada, /. (bot.) swallow-wort. 

asclepiadeo, m. Latin verse of four feet. 

asco, III. nausea, loathing; despicable thing. 

ascua,/. red-hot coal. FI brasa. 

i ascuas ! interj. (joe.) how it pains ! 

aseadamente, adv. cleanly, neatly, tidy. 

aseado, dag a. clean, neat, tidy.— pp. of 

asear, va. to adorn, embellish, polish, clean. 

asecbador, rw. insnarer, wavlayer. 

asecbamiento, m. asecbanza, /. waylay- 
Jg, artifice, snare, trap, stratagem. 

asecbar, va. to waylay ; watch insidiously ; 
to ambush. 

asecboso, sa, a. waylaying, intriguing. 

asedado, da, o. silky.— pp. of asedar, 

asedar, va. to work flax soft as silk. 

asediador, ra, m. &f. besieger. 

asediar, va. to besiege, blockade. 

asediO, m. siege, blockade. 

aseglararse, vr. to secularize himself. 

asegundar, va. to repeat an act. 

asegurable, a. insurable. 

aseguracidn,/. insurance. 

asegurado, da, a. assured, guaratnteed, de- 
cided, fixed, anchored. — m. the insured. 

asegurador, ?«. insurer, underwriter. 

aseguramientO, m. securing, security ; in- 

asegurar, to. to secure, insure, fasten, fix ; 
to aftirm, assert; (com.) to insure.— it. to 
verify ; make sure ; hold fast ; get insured. 

aseidad!, /. self-existence, attribute of God. 

asemeiar, va. to assimilate ; to copy ; to re- 

asendereado, da, a. beaten ; frequented.— 


asenderear, va. to open a path ; to persecute, 
asengladura,/. F. singladura. 


asenso, m. assent, consent ; credence, 
asentada,/. session ; sitting. 

asentaderas,/. p/. buttocks, v. nalgas. 
asentadillas, /. pt. k asentadillas, adv. 

riding woman-fashion. 

asentadO, da, a. seated ; settled ; perma- 
neni.^pp. of asentar. 

asentador, m. razor-strop ; turning chisel. 

asentadura, /■ asentamiento, m. (law) 
possession of goods given by default ; estab- 
lishment, settlement, resideace. 

asentar, va. {pp. asentado : ind. asiento ; 
subj. ASiENTE) to seat, place, fix, secure, 
affirm ; adjust ; to stop at ; settle ; note 
down ; strike ; found ; establish ; hone ; es- 
timate. — vn. to fit ; sit down ; settle. — vr. 
(arch.) to sink ; settle. 

asentii]^ento, m. assent, v. asenso. 

asentir, vn. {ind. asiento : mbj. ASIENTE) 

to coincide, acquiesce, concede. 
asentista, m. contractor. 
aseo, m. cleanliness, neatness,*tidiness. 
asequible, a. attainable, obtainable. 
aserci6n,/. assertion, affirmation. 
aserradero, m. saw-mill, saw-pit, saw-horse, 
aserradizo, za, proper to be sawed. 
aserrado, da, «. serrate, serrated, dented. — 

pp. of ASERRAR. 

aserrador, m. sawer or sawyer. 

aserradura, /. sawing, kerf: aserradnras, 

aserrar, va. {ind. asierro : mbj. asierre) 
to saw. 

aserrin, m. saw-dust. 

asertivamente, adv. affirmatively. 

asertivo, va, a. assertive. V. afirmativo. 

aserto, vi. assertion, affirmation. 

asertorio, a. V. juramento, affirmatory. 

asesar, vn. to become prudent, brainy. 

asesinar, va. to assassinate, to murder. 

asesinato, m. assassination, murder. 

asesino, m. assassin, murderer, cut-throat. 

asesor, ra, m. &f. counsellor, legal adviser. 

asesorar, va. to give legal advice. — vr. to take 
legal advice, consult. 

asesoria, /. office, pay and fees of an as- 

asestador, m. gunner. 

asestadura, /. taking aim. 

asestar, va. to aim, point ; to strike ; to dis- 
charge, to fire. 

aseveraci6n,/. solemn affirmation. 

aseveradamente, adv. affirmatively. 

aseverar, va. to asseverate, affirm, assert. 

asfaltar, va. to asphalt. 

asfaltico, ca, a. of asphaltum ; bituminous. 

asfaltO, 7n. asphaltum ; kind of bitumen. 

asfictico, ca, a. asphyxial or asphyctic. 

asfixia,/. (med.) asphyxia. 

asfixiar, va. to asphj'xiate, suffocate. 

asfddelo, w. asphodel, day-lily. V. gam6n. 

asgo, tu ases, yo asga {irr. from asir). 

asi, adv. so, thus, in this manner ; therefore, 
so that, also, equally : asi, followed by h 
verb in the subjunctive mood, is translated, 
would that: asi, asi, so so; middling: asi 
qne, as soon as : asi como asi, any way. 

asiatico, ca, a. Asiatic. 

asidero. m. handle ; occasion, pretext : aii- 
deros, (naut. ) tow-ropes. 

asidO, da, pp. of asir ; seized, grasped. — a 
fastened, tied, attached. 

asiduamente, adv. assiduously. 

asiduidad,/. assiduity, assiduousness. 

asidUO, dua, «. assiduous, laborious. 

asiento, m. chair, stool, bench, seat; spot^ 
site ; solidity ; settling ; bottom ; sediment ; 
treaty ; contract ; entry ; registry ; judg- 

< (before e, i) ami J »8 h in hot; h, Bilent; 11 ia brilliant; fi, ny in canron; r (initial) and rr trilled; •, bisMd. 


ASI 52 

ment, prudence ; stability ; permanence ; 
mining district in South America; list, 
roll ; collar and cuff-band ; indigestion, 

aslento, yo aslenta {irr. from asentir). 

asiento, yo aslente {irr. from asentar). 

aslerro, yo asierre [irr. from askrrar). 

asignable, a. assignable. 

asigaacl6n, /. assignation ; distribution, 

partition ; destination. 
asignadO, m. assignat.— ^p. of asignar. 
asignar, vo. to assign, devote, appoint ; 

aslgnatura,/. curriculum, course of study. 
asilO, >n. asylum, refuge, harbour; (met.) 

protection, shelter, 
asilla, /. dim. small handle ; slight pretext. 

—pi. collar-bones, 
asiiaieilto, m. grasp ; attachment, affection, 
aslmilable, a. capable of assimilation, 
asimilacibn, /. assimilation, 
aslmilar, rn. to resemble.— ra. to assimilate. 
asimllatiVO, va, «. assimilating. 
asimlsmo, adv. exactly so ; likewise. 
aslmpladO, da, a. like a simpleton. 
asinaeton, m. (rhet.) asyndeton. 
asinlno, na, a. asinine ; ass-like. 
asintOta,/- (geom.) asymptote, 
asir, va. & vn. {ind. asgo : subj, asga) to 

grasp or seize ; to hold ; to take root. — vr. 

to dispute ; to avail one's self of. 

asirlano, na, or asirio, ria, «. Assyrian. 

aslstencia, /. actual presence ; reward ; as- 
sistance, favour, aid, help : asiBtencias, al- 
lowance ; alimony. 

asistenta, /• handmaid ; servant-maid to 
court ladies. 

aslstente, pa. & m. assistant, helper ; chief 
officer of justice at Seville ; orderly. 

aslstir, vn. to be present ; to assist ; to follow 
suit (cards). — va. to accompany ; minister, 
serve ; to attend a sick person. 

asma, /. asthma. 

asm^tico, ca, a. asthmatic. 

asna, /. she-ass, jenny.— jjZ. ^carp.) rafters. 

asnacho, m. (hot.) v. gatuna. 

asnada, /. foolish action. 

asnado, m. side-wall timber in mines. 

asnal, «. asinine; beastly. 

asnalmente, adv. foolishly ; mounted on an 

asnallo, m. (bot.) V. gatuSa. 

aanaU3llO, m. sharp pepper of South America. 

asneria, /. stud of asses : foolish action. 

asniCO, ca, m. &f. dim. little ass. 

asnilla,/. stanchion or prop. 

asnlllO, 11a, m. & /. dim. little ass ; (zool.) 

asnlno, na, a- resembling an ass ; asinine. 

asno, m. an ass ; (met.) ounce. 

asobarcar, va. {pret. asobarqu6: subJ. ASO- 
harqite) to take a bundle under the arm ; 
to tuck up the skirts. 

asoblnarse, vr. to fall down with the head 
between the fore feet. 

asocarronado, da, a. crafty, cunning, wag- 

asoclacidn, /. aBOCiamiento, m. associa- 
tion, fellowship, copartnership, union. 

asociadO, m. associate, comrade, partner. — 

pp. of ASOCIAR. 

asoclar, va. to associate, take a partner, con- 
join. — vr. to accompany, consociate, join, 
form a partnership. 

asolacibn, asoladura, /. desolation, devas- 

asolador, ra, m. &f. destroyer, desolator. 

asolamiento, m. depopulation, destruction, 


asolanar, va. to parch, dry up. 

asolar, va. {ind. ASUELO : subj. asuelk) to 
level, destroy, waste, harrow, pillage, devas- 
tate. — vr. to settle, get clear (wine). 

asoldar or asoldadar, va. (ind. asvfa.voi 
gubj. ASUELDE) to hire ; to fix wages. 

asolear, va. to sun. — it. to be sunburnt. 

asomadia, /. appearance, apparition, first 
point of view. 

asomado, da, «. fuddled.— pp. of asomab. 

asomar, vii. to begin to appear, peep. — va. to 
show, put out. — vr. to be flustered with 

asombradizo, za, a. timid, shy. 

asombrador, ra, a. shader; frightener; 

asombramiento, m. V. asombro. 

asombrar, ra. to shade, darken, obscure; 
to frighten, terrify ; to astonish, amaze.— i-r. 
to wonder. 

asombro, m. dread, fear, terror, amazement j 
astonishment, wonderment. 

asombrosamente, adv. amazingly, wonder- 
fully, marvellously. 

asombroso, sa, a. wonderful, wondrous, 
astonishing, marvellous. 

asomo, m. indication, sign, conjecture. 

asonada./. tumultuous crowd. 

asonancia, /. assonance, consonance, har- 
mony ; peculiar kind of rhyme. 

asonantar, ra. (poet.) to mix assonant with 
consonant verses ; compose agonaates. 

asonante, a. assonant word or verse. 

asonar, vn. {ind. asueno : subj. ASUENE) to 
be assonant ; to accord. 

asordar, va. to deafen with noise. 

asosegar, va. asosegarse, vr. v. sosegar. 

asctanar, va. to vault ; make cellars. 
aspa, /. cross ; reel ; wings of a wind-mill 

aspadera,/. (mech.) reel. 
aspado, da, a. having both arms extended 

—pp. of ASPAR. 

aspador, ra, m. &/. reeler.— m. reel. 

aspalato, m. (bot.) rosewood. 

aspalto, m. V. ESPALTo. 

aspar, va. to reel ; to crucify ; (met.) to vex 

aspavlento, m. exaggerated dread, aston. 
ishment, wonder. 

aspecto, m. sight, appearance, look, aspect, 
countenance; (arch.) outlook; (ast.) rela- 
tive position. 

Itsperamente, adv. rudely, harshly, gruffly. 

asperear, r?*. to taste acrid. 

asperete, m. v. asperillo. 

aspereza, asperidad,/. asperity, acerbity, 
gall ; keenness ; roughness, ruggedness, 
gniffness, harshness, snappishness. 

asperges, m. aspersion or sprinkling. 

asperiegO, ga, a. sour pippin. 

asperilla,/. (hot.) perennial plant. 

asperillo, w. sourish taste of unripe fruit. 

asperillo, 11a, a. dim. tart, sourish. 

asperjar, va. to sprinkle. 

&spero, ra, a. rough, rugged, craggeo^ 
grained, knotty, harsh, severe, rigid, gruff. 

asper6n, m. grind-stone ; flag-stone. 

asp^rrimo, ma, a. svp. of jtsPERo. 

aspersibn./. aspersion; sprinkling. 

aspersorio, m. water-sprinkler. 

6,spid, aspide, m. asp, aspic. 

aspillera.y'. loophole, embrasure, orenel. 

aspiracibn, /. aspiration ; desire ; inspira^ 
tion ; (miis.) short pause. 

aspiradamente, adv. with aspiration. 
aspirante,i>a. aspirant, neophyte, 
aspirar, ra. to inspire, draw breath ; aspire ; 
covet ; a.spirate. 

far ; • in eh I ; i in police ; o in for ; u in bull ; c (before t, i) and i ■• th In thick ; b and d, •oft«. 




ASQUear [ao-Kay-ar'], va. to loathe, to be nau- 

aSqUerOSamente [as-kay-ro-sah-men'-tay], adv. 
nastily, nauseously, foully. 

aSq,UerOSidad [as-kay-ro-se-dahd'], /. filthiness, 

foulness ; fulsomeness, mawkishness. 
aSC[Uer080, Sa [as-kay-ro'so], a. nasty, filthy, 

nauseous, loathsome, disgusting, 
asquiaiahs'-ke-ah],/. (icht.^ fresh-water fish. 
asta, /. lance; staff, pole, flagstaff; horn, 

antler; shank • shaft, spindle. 
kstaCO, m. crayfish or crawfish. 
astado, astero, m. Roman pikeman. 
astatico, ca, a. astatic. 
astenla,/. (med.') asthenia. 
ast^nlco, ca, a. (med.) asthenic, 
asteria,/. star-stone; cat's-eye. 
asteriaco.yn, asterisk (*) ; (hot.) oxeye. 
asteroide, m. asteroid." 
astll, handle of a tool ; shaft ; beam of a 


astilejos, m. pi. v. astillejos. 

astilla,/. chip, splinter. 

astillar, va. to chip. 

astillazo, m. blow ; stroke of a flying chip ; 

damage, injury, 
astillejos, m. pi. (ast.) Castor and Pollux. 
astillero, m. rack for lances, spears, pikes, 

etc. ; ship-yard, dockyard. 
astillOSO, sa, a. wood easily splintered. 
astrd,galO, m. (arch.) astragal; (mil.) 

moulding on a cannon; (bot.) milk-vetch; 

(anat.) astragalus ; round moulding; beads. 
astral, a. astral. 
astrancia, f^ (hot. ) master-wort. 
astriccl6n, astringencia,/. astriction. 

astrlctlVO, va, «. astrictive, styptic. 
astrictO,ta, a. contracted ; determined.—^. 

irr. of ASTRINGIR. 

astrifero, ra, (poet.) starry. 

astringencia,/. astringency, constriction. 

astringente, a. astringent. 

astringir, a. (ind. astrinjo : subj. astrin- 
ja) to astringe, contract, compress. 

astro, m. heavenly body, sun, moon, star. 

astro^afia, /. astrography. 

astroite, m. astroite, radiated fossil. 

astrolabio, m. astrolabe, sextant. 

astrolOgia,/. astrology. 

astrolbgico, ca, go, ga, a. astrological. 

astr61Og0, 771. astrologer. 

astrolbgicamente, adv. astrologically. 

astronomia,/. astronomy. 

astron6micamente, adv. astronomically. 

astrondmico, ca, a. astronomical. 

astrOnomo, m. astronomer. 

astrosamente, adv. slovenly, sluttish. 

astroso, sa, a. vile, loathsome. 

astucia, /. cunning, craft, finesse, sly- 

astucioso, sa, a. v. astuto. 

astxir, ra, or asturiano, na, a. Asturlan. 

asturidn, m. pony; (zool.) V. SOLLO. 

astutamente, adv. cunningly, craftily. 

astute, ta, a. astute, cunning, sly, crafty. 

asubiar, vn. to guard against the rain. 

asueldo, yo asuelde (17^. from asoldar), 

asuelo, yo asuele {trr. from asolar). 

asueno, yo asuene {irr. from asonar). 

asueto, m. school holiday, vacation. 

asumir, va. to assume ; to raise, elevate. — V7: 
V. arrogarse. 

asunci6n,/. assumption; elevation, ascent; 

asuntO,77i. subject ; affair, businesg.— pf, asun- 
tos, effects, business, stock. 

asnramiento, m. burning food when cook- 
ing ; parching. 

asurarse, vr. to bum in the pan ; to become 

asurcano, na, a, neighbouring. 
asurcar, va. {pret. asurquj^ : subj. asurqueV 

to furrow ; to plough. 
asustadiZO, za, a. easily frightened, 
asustar, va. to frighten, scare; to terrify.— 

vr. to be frightened. 
atabaca, /. (bot.) groundsel. V. olivard^ 
atabacado, da, a. tobacco-colour. 

atabal, m. kettle-drum. 

atabalear, vn. to clatter like kettle-drums. 

atabalejo, atabalete, atabalillo, m. dim^ 
small kettle-drum. 

atabalero, m. kettle-drummer. 

atabanado, da, a. spotted white. 

atabardilladO, da, a. of the nature of spotted 
fevers., m. small vent in water-pipes. 

atSbbemadO, da, a. retailed in taverns. 

atabillar, va. to fold cloth with seivages out. 

atabladera, /. roller to level sown land. 

atabl&r, va. to level sown land. 

atacadera,/. blaster's rammer. 

atacaxio, da, a. (met.) irresolute, undecided; 
close, miserable.—^, of atacar. 

atacador, m. aggressor ; ramrod or rammer. 

atacadnra,/. atacamiento, m. tightening.' 

atacamita, /. (min. ) native oxychloride of 

atacar, va. {pret. ataqu^: : subj. ataque) to 
button, close, fit tight; to ram, attack, as- 
sail, provoke ; to corner. 

atacir, m. (astrol.) divisioa of the celestial 
arch into twelve parts. 

ataderas,/. pi. ataderos, m. pi. garters. 

atadero, m. cord or rope ; place or object 
where a thing or an animal is tied to. 

atadijo, itO, m. dim. (coll.) ill-shaped parcel, 

atadO, m. bundle, parcel. — a. pusillanimous, 
good for nothing. --pp. of atar. 

a'to.dor, m. tier, binder j bonnet-string. 

atadnra, /. tie, fastening, binding; union, 
connection ; knot, loop, lace. 

atafagar, va. to stupefy: to tease. 

atafetanado, da, a. taffeta^like. 

atabarre, m. broad crupper of a pack-saddle. 

atabona,/. v. tahona. 

ataborma,/. (om.) osprey. 

ataifor, m. deep di^h ; Moorish round table. 

atairar. vc^ to mould panels and frames. 

ataire, n> moulding in panels and frames. 

atajadero m. sluice-gaie. 

atajadizo, m. partition. 

atajador, m. intercipient ; (mil.) scout; 
(min.) lad who tends the work-horses. 

atajar, vn. to go the shortest way. — va. to in- 
tercept, stop, overtake ; to partition off.— 
vr. to be confounded with shame or fear. 

atajea, atajia,/. v. atarjea. 

atajo, TO. short cut ; interception, stoppage. 

atalajar, va. to harness and hitch horses to 
a carriage. 

atalaje, m. breast harness ; draft. 

atalantar, v. aturdir. 

atalaya, /. watch-tower ; height.— m. guard ; 

atalayador, ra, m. &f. guard, sentry, look- 
out, prier. 

atalayar, va. to watch, guard ; to spy or pry. 

atalayero, m. advance scout. 

atalYina. /. v. talvina. 

atamienio, m. pusillanimity, meekness. 

atanasia,/ (hot.) costmary or alecost ; type 
named English (14-point). 

atanor, m. siphon, water-tube. 

atanquia, /. depilatory ; silk refuse. 

ata&er, v. imp. to belong, appertain. 

X (b^ore e. O and j as h In hot ; h, silent ; U in brilliant ; fi, n^ in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trlHed ; ■, hisMd 




AtaQUe fah-tah'-kayi, TO. attack, ODset ; trenches ; 
tit (of illness); wrangle. 

ataquiza i«ii-tah-kee'-thahj, /, layering or lay- 
ing a vine. 

ataquizar (ah-tah-ke-thar'i, va. to lay a vine. 

atar, va. to tie, bind, fasten, knot, lace ; to 
deprive of motion, stop. — vr. to be embar- 

ataracea,^'. marquetry, inlaid work. 

ataracear, oa. to checker ; inlay. 

atarantado, da, a. bitten "by a tarantula; 
restless ; wild ; astonished, amazed. 

a.tarazaiia,/- arsenal; spinner's shed. 

atarazar, va. to bite ; wound with the teeth. 

atareado, da, a. busied, occupied.—^, of 


atar ear, va. to task ; exercise. — vr. to be ex- 
ceed i ugly busy. 

atarjea,/. culvert; conduit; small sewer. 

atarO[Ulaar, va. to bemire. — vr. to be covered 
with mire. 

atarraga,/. (bot.) v. olivarda. 

atarragar, va. (farr.) to fit a horse's shoe. 

atarrajar, va. to form the thread of a screw. 


ataxraya,/. cast-net. 

atanigado, da, a.^pp. of atarugar. 

atarugamiento, m. wedging. 

atarugar, va. {pret. atarugue : subj. ATARU- 
GUE) to fasten; wedge; to plug, bung; 
(coll.) to silence. 

AtasaJadO, da, a. stretched across a horse. — 

pp. of ATASAJAR. 

atasajar, va. to "jerk" beef. 

fttascadero, atascamlento, m. deep miry 

place; obstruction; impediment, 
atascar, va. {pret. atasque : subj. atasque) 

to stop a leak ; to stop up, obstruct. — vr. to 

stick in mire ; to get stopped up ; to lose 

the thread of a speech. 
Atasco, in. barrier, obstruction. 
ataud, m. coffin, casket ; grain measure. 

ataudado, da, «. coffin-shaped. 

ataujia, /. damaskeening. 

ataujiaido, da, a. damaskeened. 

ataviado, da, a. ornamented, decked.— pp. 


ataviax, va. to dress out ; deck ; trim ; adorn ; 

ax^aviCO, ca, a. relating to atavism. 

atavlO, m. dress ; finery, gear. 

atavlBmo, m. atavism. 

Ataxia,/, (med.) ataxia, ataxy. 

atAxlcO, ca, a. ataxic. 

atedlar, va. to disgust. — vr. to be bored. 

ateismo, m. atheism. 

aieista, m. atheist, infidel. 

atele, m. hardwood tree (Cuba). 

atelaje, v. atalaje; also a team. 

atemorizar, va. {pret. atemoric^: subj. 
A tkmorick) to cause fear ; to daunt. 

atemperaci6n,/. tempering. 

atemperante, a. tempering, mollifying, 
soothiiif?, cooling. 

atemperar, va. to temper, soften, mollify, 
assuage, cool ; accommodate. 

atenacear, atenazar, va. to tear off the 
flesh with nippers. 

atenci6n,/. attention, heed; clyility ; kind- 
ness ; deal in wool.— p/. affairs, busi- 

Atender, vn. ( pp. atendido and atento : 
'nd. ATlENDo: subj. atienda) to attend, 
mind, heed, hearken ; to take care of. 

Atendible, a. meriting attention. 

ateneo, m. athenieum. 

ateneo, a, or ateniense, adj. Athenian. 

atenerse, vr. {ind. me atengo : pret. me 

ATTJVE : subj. me atenoa) to stick to; t« 
abide by. 

atenta,/. (com.) »u atenta, your favour. 

atentacion, /. (law) illegal'procedure 

atentadamente, adv. contrary to law. 

atentado, da, a. discreet, prudent, moder- 
ate ; noiseless.— pp. of atentar. 

atentado, m. (law) unwarranted proceeding, 
transgression, offence. 

atentamente, adv. attentively ; politely. 

atentar, ra. ( i?trf. atiento : subj. ATIEXTEi 
to attempt a crime ; to proceed illegally. 

atentatorlo, ria, «. contrary to the laws. 

atento, ta, «. attentive, listful, heedful ; po- 
lite, civil, courteous.— pp. irr. of atender. 

atenuaclbn, /. attenuation, extenuation, di- 
minution ; (rhet.) litotes. 

atenuante, a. attenuating ; extenuating (cir- 

atenuar, va. to attenuate, extenuate, dimin^ 
ish, lessen ; make lean. 

ateO, TO. V. ATEISTA. 

atepocate, TO. (Mex.) frog spawn. 
atercianado, da, a. afflicted with tertiaa 

aterciopelado, da, a. velvet-like. 
aterido, da, a. stiff with cold.— pp. of atk- 


aterimientO, m. growing stiff with cold. 

aterino, to. atherme, sand-smelt. 

aterirse, vr. {ind. me ATIERO : subj. me atie- 
ra) to grow stiff with cold. 

aternerado, da, a. calf-like. 

ateroma,/. atheroma. 

aterrador, ra, a. frightful, terrible, dread- 

aterrajar, va. to thread a screw ; to tap with 
tne aie. 

aterramientO, to. ruin, destruction, terror; 
(naut. ) landing-place. 

atierrar, va. {ind. atierro : subj. atierre) 
to destroy , pull down, demolish. — vr. (naut. ) 
to stand inshore. 

aterrar, va. {this verb is regular in the follow-' 
ing acceptations) to terrify, to awe, to ap- 
pal. — vr. to be tilled with terror, to be awed 
or appalled. 

aterronar, va. to clod.--vr. to grow lumpy. 

aterrorizar, va. to frighten, terrify. 

atesador, to. (meoh.) stretcher, line-tighten- 
er, tensor, take-up ; brace-pin. 

atesar, va. {ind. atieso: subj. atikse) to 
brace, tighten ; (naut.) to haul taut. 

atesorador, to. hoarder. 

atesorar, va. to treasure, hoard up, possess. 

atestacibn, /. attestation, testimony, affida- 

atestado, da, a. attested, witnessed. V. tes« 


atestados, to. pi. certificates, testimonials, 
atestadura, /. cramming or stuffing ; must 

for soaking casks. 
atestamiento, to. cramming, stuffing. 
atestar, va. {ind. atiesto : subj. ATIESTE) to 

cram, stuff, crowd; to fill up wine casks; 

attest, witness. 
atestiguacl^n,/. atestiguamiento, m. affi' 

atestiguar, va. to depose, witness, attest; 

give evidence. 
al^tado, da, a. mammiform.— pp. of atetak. 
atetar, va. to suokle. 
atetillar, va. to trench around roots. 
atezado, da, black.— pp. of atezar. 
atezamiento, to. bl-ackenia^ 
atezar, va. { pret. atec6 : "subj. atece) to 

blacken. — vr. to grow black. 
atlborrar, va. to stuff, cram, gorge. 

* aa iB far ; e in eh I ; i in police ; o in for ; u in bull ; c (before e, i) and c m th in thick ; b sad d, soft-* 




atlcismo, m. Atticism ; witticism, joke. 
atiCO, ca, «. Attic, elegant. — m. attic. 

atiendo, yo atienda {irr. from atender). 
atiento, yo atlente (tVr. from atentar). 

atierre, m. deals ; caving in ; run ; (mining) 
attle, heap of waste ore. 

atierro, yo atierre (i/r. from aterrar). 

atiesar, va. to stiffen. , 

atifle, ni. potter's trevet. 

atigradO, da, a. tiger-coloured. 

atildadura, /. atudamiento, m. punctua- 
tion, censure, tidiness, nicety. 

atildar, va. to put a dash or tilde over a let- 
ter ; to censure ; to adorn. 

atL'aadamente, adv. cautiously ; pertinently. 

atinar, vn. to hit the mark ; guess ; find out. 

atincar, m. tincal, borax. 

atinconar, va. (min.) to prop the side walls. 

atiplar, va. to raise the pitch of a musical 
instrument. — vr. to grow very sharp. 

atirantar, va. (arch. ) to truss, to stay. 

atiriciarse, vr. to grow jaundiced. 

atisbadero, m. peephole. 

atisbador, ra, m. &f. prier, observer. 

atisbaidura,/. prying, observing cautiousjy, 

atisbar, va. to scrutinize ; pry, watch. 

atisbO, m. V. atisbadura. 

atisuado, da, a. tissue-like. 

atizadero, m. atizador, ra, m. &/. inciter ; 
poker ; snuffer ; feeder. 

atizar, va. {pret. ATicfe: subj. atice) to 
poke; snuff; dress; trim; rouse; incite. 

atizonar, va. to riprap. — vr. to be smutted. 

atlantes, m. (arch.) atlantes or telamones. 

AtliintICO, a. Atlantic. 

atlas, TO. atlas, book of maps; (anat.) first 
cervical vertebra ; (com.) rich satin. 

atleta, m. athlete, wrestler, gymnast. 

atletiCO, ca, a. athletic ; robust. 

atlll6sfera,/. atmosphere, the air; space of 
influence ; measure of force. 

atmosferiCO, ca, a. atmospherical. 

atoaje, to. towage, warping. 

atoar, va. (naut.) to tow a vessel. 

atocinado, da, a. corpulent, fat, fleshy.— pp. 


atocinar, va. to cut up a pig j make bacon ; 
assassinate. — vr. to swell with anger and 
rage ; become violently enamoured. 

atOCha,/. tough feather-grass, bass-weed. 

atochal, atocnar, m. bass-weed field. 

atocliar, va. to fill with bass-weed. 

atochdn, to. panicle of tough feather-grass. 

atole or atol, to. gruel made of corn flour. 

atoleria,/. place where atole is sold. 

atolero, ra, a. maker and vender of atole. 

atolondrado, da, a. hare-brained, thought- 
less, giddy, careless.— :pp. of atolondrar. 

atolondramiento, to. confusion, perplex- 
ity, amazement ; giddiness. 

atolondrar, va. to confound, confuse, 
amaze, perplex, rattle. — vr. to be confused, 
giddy, rattled. 

atoUadero, to. deep miry place ; obstacle, 

atollar, vn. to fall into the mire ; to stick in 
the mud. — vr. to be involved in difficulties. 

atbmico, ca, a. atomic. 

atomismo, to. atomism. 

atomista, m. atomist. 

atomiatico, ca, a. atomical. 

^tomo, TO. atom ; corpuscle ; ace ; mote ; 
anything extremely small. 

atondar, va. to spur a horse. 

atonia,/. (med.) atony; debility. 

atbnlto, ta, a. astonished, amazed. 

^tono, na, a. unaccented ; a-tonic. 

atontadamente, adv. foolishly, stupidly. 

atontado, da, a. mopish, foolish, stupid.— 

pp. of ATONTAR. 

atontamiento, m. stupefaction. 

atontar, va. to stun, stupefy, confoundf 
confuse. — vr. to grow stupid, dull. 

atorar, va. to obstruct ; to jam ; to choke ; 
to cut branches for fuel. — vr. to stick in the 
mire ; fit the bore closely ; choke. 

atoimentadameute, adv. anxiously, tor- 

atormentado, da, a. painful, beset with af- 
fliction.— />p. of ATORMENTAR. 

atormentador, ra, to. & f. tormentor. 
atormentar, va. to torment, give pain, cause 

affliction, harass, rack, 
atornlllar, va. to screw. 
atorozonarse, vr. to suffer gripes or colic, 
atortolar, va. to confound, intimidate. — vr. 

to be intimidated. 
atortorar, va. (naut^) to frap a ship, 
atortujar, va. to squeeze, make flat. 
atosigador, w. poisoner. 
atosigamiento, to. poisoning. 

atOSigar, va. {pret. ATOSiGufe : subJ. ATOSI- 

gue) to poison, harass, press. 
atOXicar, va. to poison. 
atbxiCO, ca, a. poisonous. 

atrabancar, va. {pret. atrabanquk : stibj. 

atrabanque) to huddle ; perform in a 

atrabancO, m. huddling, acting hurriedlv. 

atrabiliario, rla, atrabilioso, sa, a. atra- 


atrabilis,/. black bile. 

atracable, «. approachable. 

atracadero, TO. (naut.) landing-place. 

atracar, va. {pret. atraquk : subj. atraque) 
(naut.) to overtake, approach; to cram; 
pamper. — vr. to be pampered. 

atraccidn,/. attraction. 

atracdn, to. over-eating, gluttony. 

atractivo, va, a. attractive, magnetic, en- 
gaging. — TO. charm, grace, inducement. 

atractrlz, a. fuerza atractriz, attractive power. 

atraer, va. {Ind. atraigo -. pret. atraje : 
subj. atraiga) to attract, draw, allure, in- 
vite, charm. 

atraiiagadO, da, a. much occupied ; labori- 
ous.— pp. of atrafagar; fidgety. 

atrafagar, vn. to toil, work hard. — vr. to fid- 
get, fuss. 

atragantarse, vr. to choke ; to be cut short 
in conversation. 

atraible, a. attractable. 

atraldorado, da, a. treacherous, perfidious. 

atraigo, atraje, atraiga {irregular from 

atraillar, va. to leash ; to follow game guid- 
ed by a dog in leash. 

atramento, to. black colour. 

atramparse, vr. to be trapped, snared; 
locked out ; choked ; blocked up ; involved 
in difficulties. 

atramuz, to. (bot.) lupine. II ALTEAMuz. 

atrancar,t'a. {pret. atranquf. -. subj. atran- 
que) to bar a door ; to obstruct ; to stride ; 
to read hurriedlv. 

atrapa-moscas,/. (bot.) Venus' s fly-trap. 

atrapar, va. to overtake, nab, catch, grab ; 
to trap, insnare, deceive. 

atris, adv. backward, behind, back ; past : 
hacerse atr&s, to fall back. 

atrasado, da {pp. of atrasar), «. short of 

means, poor ; behind. 
atrasar, va. to retard, delay, detain. — vn. to 

go slow (as a watch). — vr. to remain behind ; 

to be in debt, 
atraso, to. backwardness.—^;, arrears. 

g (before e, i) and J as h in hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; n, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; s, hissed. 


56 AUM 

atravesadO, da, a. squint-eyed ; oblique ; 
mongrel.^^>p. of atkavesak. 

atravesador, m. traverser. 

atravesafio, m. cross-timber ; cross-piece. 

atravesar, va. {ind. atbavieso : stibj. atra- 
viesk) to place across, lay athwart ; to run 
through, pierce; to cross over, go over, go 
through ; to bet, wager ; (naut.) to lie to. — 
vr. to be thrown, placed amongst or across ; 
to interfere, interrupt, mingle, dispute ; 
(naut. ) to cross the course of another vessel. 

atravleso {Irr. from atravesar). 

atrayeilte,i>«. atrahent, attractive. 

atreguado, da, a. foolish, deranged ; under 

atreguar, va. to conclude a truce; give an 

atrenzo, m. conflict, difficulty. 

atresia, f. (med.) atresia. 

atresnaiiar, va. to collect sheaves into heaps. 

atreverse, vr. to dare ; to venture. 

atrevidaiueilte, adv. audaciously, daringly, 

atrevidO, da, a. bold, audacious, daring, fear- 
less ; forward, insolent. — -pp. of atreverse. 

atrevimiento, m. boldness, audacity, effront- 
ery, insolence. 

atrlbucibn,/. attribution; attribute. 

atribuir, va. {ind. atribuyo : pret. 61 atri- 
BUYO : subj. atribuya) to attribute, ascribe, 
impute. — vr. to assume. 

atribular, va. to vex, afflict. — vr. to suffer 

atributivo, va, a. attributive. 

atributO, m. attribute. 

atribuyo, ya {irr. from atribuir). 

atrici6n, /. contrition ; grief for sin ; (farr.) 

atril, m. lectern, music-stand. 

atrilera,/. ornamental cover for a lectern. 


atrincherar, va. to intrench, mound. — vr. to 
intrench one's self. 

atrio, m. porch, portico, courtyard. 

atripedo, da, a. (zool.) black-footed. 

atrirrostro, tra, a. black-beaked. 

atrltO, ta, «. contrite through fear. 

atro, ra, a. (poet.) dark, black, obscure. 

atrocidad, /. atrocity, atrociousness, hein- 
ousness, cruelty, wickedness, excess. 

atrochar, vn. to go by cross-paths. 

atrofia,/. atrophy. 

atrofiarse, vr. to waste away. 

atr6fi.C0, ca, a. affected with atrophy. 

atrojarse, vr. (Mex. coll.) to be stumped. 

atrompetado, da, a. trumpet-like. 

atronadamente, adv. precipitately. 

atronado, m. blunderer ; wild. — a. precipi- 
tate.— ^^yj. of ATRONAR. 

atronaaor, ra, m. &/. thunderer. 

atronadura,/. crack or split in wood ; (farr.) 
tumour iu the pastern. 

^.tronaiuieilto, m. thundering, stupefaction ; 
(farr.) crepane or ulcer. 

fctronar, va. (ind. atrueno : subj. atruene) 
to thunder, stun, stupefy ; stop the ears of 
horses ; to kill a bull. — vr. to be thunder- 

Ittronerar, va. to make embrasures. 

atropado, a. grouped, clumped.— pp. of atro- 


atr.opar, va. to assemble in groups, 
atropelladamente, adv. tumultuously, hel- 
atropellado, da, a. hasty, precipitate.— pp. 


atropellador, ra, m. & f. trampler, trans- 
gressor, violator. 

atropellamientO, m. trampling under foot; 

atropellar, va. to trample under foot ; knock 

down ; push through ; insult ; to violate the 

law. — vr. to be very hasty. 
atropellO, m. trampling, upsetting; abuse, 

insult, outrage. 
atropina,/. atropyie. 
atrOZ, a. atrocious, cruel, inhuman, heinous; 

huge, vast, enormous. 
atrozar, va. (naut. ) to truss a yard, 
atrozmente, adv. atrociously ; excessively, 
atruendo, atuendo, m. pomp, ostentation, 
atruhanado, da, a. scurrilous, rascally. 
atrueno, atruene {irr. from atronar'). 
atufadamente, adv. peevishly, morosely. 
atufar, va. to vex, irritate, plague. — it. to 

fret (liquors) ; to be angry. 
atufo, m. vexation, annoyance. 
atun, m. tunny-fish. 
atunara, /. place where tunny-fishes are 

atunera,/. tunny-fish hook. 
atunero, m. tunny fisherman or dealer. 
aturar, va. to act judiciously ; to close tight, 
aturdido, da, a. hare-brained, giddy, rat- 
tled.— ;«>. of ATURDIR. 
aturdimiento, w. bewilderment, confusion, 

aturdir, va. to perturb, confuse, bewilder, 

amaze, rattle, perplex, stun. — it. to be 

dazed, bewildered, rattled, stunned. 
aturrullar, va. to confound, confuse, per- 
plex, bewilder. 
atusador, m. hairdresser ; one who trims 

atusar, va. to cut and trim the hair or the 

plants ; to comb and smooth the hair. — vr. 

to dress one's self with too much care. 
atutia,/. tutty. 
auca, /. goose. V. oca. 
audacia,/. audacity, boldness. 
audaz, a. bold, audacious, fearless. 
audible, a. audible. 
audiencia, /. audience, hearing, reception ; 

audience-chamber ; court of oyer and ter« 

auditivo, va, a. auditive, auditory. 
auditor, m. judge. 

auditoria,/- place and office of an auditor, 
auditorio, m. auditory, audience. 
auditorio, ria, a. auditory, v. AUDITIVO. 

auge, m. acme ; (ast.) apogee. 

augur, in. augur, augurer. 

auguraci6n,/. auguration. 

augural, a. augurial. 

augurar, va. to augur. 

augiirio, m. V. agOero. 

augusto, ta, a. august, magnificent. 

aula,/, lecture-hall; (poet.) palace. 

aulaga, /. furze, whin, gorse. 

&ulico, ca, a. aulic. 

aulladero, m. place where wolves howl. 

aullador, ra, »«. &/. howler. 

aullar, vn. to howJ, yell, cry. 

aullido, auUo, m. howl, cry of horror. 

aumentable, a. that may be augmented. 

aumentacibn, /. augmentation, increase; 
(rhet. ) climax. 

aumentado, da, a. increased, augmented. -« . 
pp. of aumentar. 

aumentador, ra, a. enlarger, amplifier. 

aumentar, *a. & vr. to augment, increase, 

aumentatiVO, va, a. increasing, enlarging. 

aumentO, m, augmentation, increase, en- 
largement ; access, accession ; growth : »«• 
mentoi, promotion, advancement. 

« M In far ; e in eh t ; i in police ; o in for ; n Iu bull ; c (before e, 1) and K as th in thick ; b and d, uottt 

AUN 67 

aim, adv. yet, as yet, nevertheless, notwith- 
standing. V. TODAvfA and tambi^n ; still, 
even, further. 

aunax, va. to unite, join ; assemble ; incor- 
porate ; mix. — I'r. to be united or confed- 

aunque, adv. though, notwithstanding, how- 

aupa, up, up (to children). 

aupar, va. to help a child get up. 

aura, /. vulture of Mexico and Cuba ; gentle 
breeze : aura popular , popularity ; (med. ) 
epileptic, aura. 

aurancl^ceo, ea, a. orange-like. 

&ureO, m. ancient gold coin ; weight ot four 

&TireO, rea, a. golden, gilt, gold: iureo nu- 
mero, golden number, the lunar cycle. 

atireola or aureola,/, aureola. 

auricalCO, m. aurichalcum ; brass. 

auricula,/, auricle; (bot.) bear's-ear. 

auriciQar, a. auricular ; auricularis. 

auriculato, ta, a. auriculate. 

aurifero, ra, aurigero, ra, a. auriferous. 

auriga, m. coachman; (ast.) charioteer. 

aurivoro, ra, «. avaricious of gold. 

aurista, m. aurist, specialist. 

aurora, /. dawn of day ; first appearance ; 
beverage; roseate hue; (naut.) morning 

aurragado, da, a, badly tilled and culti- 

auruspice, v. artjspice. 

auscultaci6n,/. (med.) auscultation. 

auscultar, va. (med. ) to auscultate. 

ausencla,/. absence. 

ausentarse, vr. to absent one's self. 

ausente, a. absent, distant. 

ausplcio, m. presage, prediction ; protection, 

austeramente, adv. austerely, frowningly. 

austeridad,/. austerity, severity. 

austero, ra, a. harsh, astringent, acrid; re- 
tired, mortified, and penitent ; severe, rigid. 

austral, austrino, na, a. austral. 

austriaco, Ca, a. Austrian. 

austro, m. south wind ; notus. 

aut6ntica,/. a certificate, attestation. 

autenticaci6n. /. authentication. 

autenticamente, adv. authentically. 

autenticar, va. (jpret. autentiquk : subj. 
autentique) to authenticate ; attest. 

autenticidad,/. authenticity. 

aut6ntlC0, ca, a. authentic, genuine. 

autillo, m. particular decree of the Inquisi- 
tion ; (orn.) the barn-owl. 

auto, ra. judicial decree or sentence ; writ, 
warrant ; edict, ordinance : auto de fe, pub- 
lit punishment by the Inquisition : auto 
sacramental, allegorical or religious play. — 
pi. autos, proceedings in a lawsuit. 

autObiOgrafia,/. autobiography. 

autobiograflco, ca, a. autobiographical, 

autocracia,/. autocracy. - 

aut6crata, m. autocrat. 

autocratico, ca, a. autocratical. 

aut6ctono, na, a. autochthonous. 

autografia,/. autography. 

autogr^fico, ca, a. autographical. 

aut6grafO, m. autograph. 

autbmata, m. automaton ; weak person. 

automatico, ca, a. automatical. 

automotor, ra, triz, a. & n. self-motor. 

autombvil, m. automobile. 

autonomia./. autonomy, home-rule. 

autonbmico, ca, a. autonomic. 

autonomista, m. & /. autonomist. 

autbnomo, ma, a. autonomous, free. 


autoplastic/, (surg.) autoplasty. 
autopsla,/. autopsy, post-mortem. 
autdpsldO, da, a. having a metallic lustre. 
autor, m. author, inventor, maker, composer, 

writer ; theatrical manager ; (law) perpe* 

trator or abettor of a crime, 
autora,/. authoress. 
autorciUO, m. dim. bad writer. 
autoria, /. business management of a theatre. 
autorldad,/. authority, power, merit, credit ; 

ostentation, display ; quotation. 
autoritariO, ria, a. assuming authority, or 

upholding it. 
autorizable, a. that can be authorized, 
autorlzacibn, /. authorization. 
autorizadamente, adv. authoritatively. 
autorizado, da, a. respectable, commend' 

able.— pp. of AUTORIZAR. 

autorlzador, ra, a. authorizer. 
autorizamiento, m. v. autorizaci6n. 

autorizar, va. {pret. autoric^: subj. AUTOr 
rice) to authorize, empower; to attest 
legalize ; prove bv quotation ; approve 
qualify, exalt, extol. 

autorzuelo, m. v. autorcillo. 

autumnal, a. autumnal. 

auxiliador, ra, a. helper, protector, saver. 

auxiliante, pa. helping, aiding. 

auxiliar, va. to aid, help, assist; attend a 

dying person. 
auxiliar, a. auxiliar, auxiliatory, helping^. 

auxiliatoriO, ria, a. (law) auxiliary. 
auxilio, m. aid, help, assistance. 
ava-ava,/. (bot.) kava. 
avacado, da, a. cow-like. 

avadarse, vr. to become fordable. 

avahar, va. to warm with breath or vapotw- 

— vn. to v?pour, fume. 
aval, m. (com ; indorsement. 
avalcntado, da, a. bragging, boasting. 
avalentonado, da, a. braggart. 

avalO, m. slight movement; earthquake. 
avalorar, va. to estimate, value, price ; to in- 
spirit, encourage. 
avaluacidn,/. valuation, rate, appraisement. 
avaluar, va. to value, appraise, estimate. 
avalUO, m. valuation, appraisement. 

avambrazo, m. armlet. 

avampi^S, m. spatterdashes. 

avance, m. advance, attack, assault ; (com.) 

payment in advance ; balance-sheet. 
avantr^n, m. limbers of a gun-carriage. 
avanzaAa,/. outpost, reconnoitring body. 
avanzado, da, a. advanced, onward.— /m>. oi 

avanzar, vn. {pret. avanc^ : subj. avance) 

to advance; attack; (coll.) vomit; have a 

balance in one's favour. — va. to advance, 

push forward, 
avanzo, m. (com.) balance-sheet, 
avaramente, adv. avariciously, miserably, 
avaricia,/. avarice, cupidity, 
avariciosamente, adv. greedily, covetously, 
avaricioso, sa, a., v. avariento. 
avariento, ta, a. avaricious, niggard, miser* 

ly, miserable, close. 
avaro, ra, a. V. avariento. 
avasallar, va. to subdue, subject, enslave.— 

vr. to become a subject, vassal. 
ave, /. bird, fowl: ave de rapifta, bird (A 

avecica, ilia, ita,/. dim. small bird, 
avecinar, va. & vr. to get near, approach, 
avecindamiento, m. citizenship. 
avecindar, va. to make a denizen — vr. to 

become a denizen ; to approach ; be neigh- 

g (before e, 1) and J as h in hot; h, eilent; 11 In brilliant; ft, ny In canyon; r (initial) and rr triUed; ■, hlasedi , 


avecllUCllO, m. ugly bird ; sparrow-hawk ; 

avejentado, a. old in appearance.— pp. of 


avejentar, va. & vr. to appear old. 
aveligar, i^a- to produce pimples ; blister, 
avellajia, /■ filbert, hazel-nut. 
avellanadO, da, o. nut-brown : coco avella- 

nad*, dry cocoanut.^pp. of avellanarse. 
ayellanador, m. countersink bit, rose-bit ; 


avellanal or avellanar, m. plantation of 


avellanar, va. to countersink. 

avellanarse, vr. to shrivel. 

avellaneda, /. avellanedo, m. plantation 
of hazels. 

avellanera, /. V. avellano. 

avellanero, ra, m. &/. dealer in filberts. 

avellanica, /. dim. small filbert. 

avellano, m. hazel-nut tree ; filbert-tree. 

avemaria, /. Ave Mary, the angel's saluta- 
tion ; rosary bead : al avemaria, at dusk. 

i Ave Maria ! interj. gracious goodness ! 

avena,/- oats; (poet.) pastoral pipe. 

aven^ceo, cea, a. oat-like. 

avenado, da, a. relating to oats ; lunatic. 
— ^p. of avenar. 

avenal, m. oat-field. 

avenamlento, »«. draining off water. 

avenar, va. to drain or draw off water. 

avenate, m. oatmeal-gruel ; fit of madness. 

avenenar, va. v. envenenar. 

avenencia, /. agreement, compact, bargain ; 
conformity ; compromise. 

aven^o, yd avine {trr. from avenir). 

aveniceo, cea, a. oaten. 

avenida,/. flood, inundation, freshet; coun- 
try road or lane ; concurrence, agree- 

avenido, da, a. agreed.— w>. of avenir. 

avenidor, ra, »*. &/. mediator. 

avenimientO, m. convention ; agreement. 

avenir, va. {ind-. avengo : pret. avine : subj. 
avenga) to reconcile. — vr. to settle differ- 
ences ; to join, unite, accord, agree ; com- 

aventadero, m. winnowing-place. 

aventado, da, a.— pp. of aventar. 

aventador, m. fanner, blowing fan, venti- 
lator ; (arch.) scutcher; (gas) bat-wing; 
(agr. ) winnower; pitchfork. 

aventadura, /. (vet.) wind-gall: aventadu- 
ra de estopa, (naut.) a leak. 

aventajadamente, adv. advantageously, 
conveniently, exceedingly well. 

aventajado, da, a. advantageous, profit- 
able, notable, remarkable; bettered.— pp. 


aventajar, va. & vr. to surpass, excel, ex- 
ceed ; to advance ; to give advantages, me- 
liorate, improve. 

aventamientO, m. winnowing, fanning. 

aventar, va. {ind. aviento : subj. aviente) 
to fan, air, winnow, expel. — tm. to breathe 
hard. — vr. to be inflated or puffed up ; 
escape, run away ; be tainted. 

aventura, /. adventure, event, incident, 
casualty, chance, venture, hazard, risk. 

aventurado, da, pp. of aventurar. 

aventurar, va. to venture, hazard, risk. 

aventureramente, adv. by chance. 

aventurero, m. adventurer ; knight-errant ; 

aventurero, ra, a. voluntary, undisciplined, 
adventurous. V. advenkdizo. 

avergonzar, avergoflar, va. (ind. aver- 

gCenzo : pret. AVEROoNcfe : subj. aver- 

58 AVI 

gOence) to shame, abash, confound.— rr. 
to shame, blush for. 

averia, /. aviary, poultry-yard; damage; 
average : averia grueia, general average. 

averiado, da, a. averaged, damaged.— pp. of 

averlarse, vr. to sustain damage. 

averiguable, a. investi^able. 

averiguaci6n, /. investigation, inquiry, in- 

averiguadamente, adv. certainly, surely. 

averiguador, ra, a. investigator, inquirer. 

averiguamiento, m. v. averiguaci6n. 

averiguar, va. to inquire, investigate, ascer- 
tain, find out. 

averio, m. flock of birds, aviary. 

avemo, m. (poet.) hell. 

averrugadO, da, a. having many warts. 

averrugarse, vr. to show warts. 

aversi6n,/. aversion, opposition, dislike, ab- 
horrence, loathing. 

avestruz, m. (orn.^ ostrich. 

avetado, da, a. veined, streaked. 

avetarda,/. v. avutarda. 

avezar, va. {pret. avec6 : subj. avece) to ac- 
custom, habituate. 

aviado, m. (Amer.) one supplied with money 
to work a mine. 

aviador, m. provider ; calking-auger ; one 
who supplies money to work mines. 

aviar, va. to provide articles for a journey, 
accoutre, prepare, furnish money ; to has- 
ten. — vr. to get readv. 

aviciar, va. to give bloom to plants. 

avldez,/. covetousness, avidity. 

4vid0, da, a. eager, anxious, covetous. 

aTiiejarse, vr. to grow old. 

aviento, m. pitchfork. V. BIELDO. 

aviento, aviente {irr. from aventar). 

aviesamente, adv. sinistrously, perversely. 

avieso, sa, a. crooked, irregular ; mischiey 
ous, perverse. 

avigorar, va. to invigorate ; revive. 

avilantez, avilanteza,/. forwardness, bold- 
ness, audaciousness ; insolence. 

avillanado, da, a. rustic, clownish, mean. — 

pp. of AVILLANAR. 

avulanar, va. to viUanize ; debase. — vr. to 

grow mean ; degenerate. 
avinadO, da, a. wine-coloured ; bibulous, 
avinagradamente, adv. harshly. 
avlnagrado, da, a. harsh, crabbed, peevish. 

—pp. of AVINAGRAR. 

avinagrar, va. to sour, acidulate. 

avio, m. preparation, provision ; money ad- 
vanced for working mines.— p/. avios de pea- 
car, fishing-tackle: |al avio I interj. make 
ready; hurry up! 

avidn, «i. (orn.) martin, martlet, swallow. 

avisadamente, adv. prudently. 

avisado, da, a. prudent, cautious, sagacious, 
clear-sighted: mal aviiado, ill-advised.— pp. 


avisador, m. adviser, adraonisher ; announ- 
cer, informer. 

avlsar, va. to inform, announce, give no- 
tice ; warn, advise^ counsel, admonish. 

aviso, m. information, intelligence, notice, 
announcement ; advice, warning ; prudence, 
care, attention ; (naut.) advice-boat. 

avispa,^/". wasp. 

avispado, da, a. lively, brisk, clever.— pp. 


avispar, va. to spur, lash, incite, rouse.— 
rr. to fret, worry. 

avispero, m. wasp's nest, comb ; (med.) car- 

avisp6n, m. hornet. 

. ft M In far : e in eb I ; i iu police ; o in for ; « lu ball ; c (before e, i) and Z as th in tbick ; b and A, loftj 


avistar, va. to descry at a distance. — vr. to 
have a business interview. 

avitar, va. (naut.) to bitt the cable. 

avitelado, a- vellum-like. 

avituallar, t'a. (mil.) to victual. 

avivadamente, adv. lively, briskly. 

avivador, ra, m. & /. enlivener ; hastener ; 
rabbet-plane ; fluting-plane ; perforated pa- 
per for raising silk-worms ; (arch.) quirk. 

ayivamiento, m. enlivening, quickness. 

avivar, va. to quicken, enliven ; encourage ; 
hasten ; to heat, inflame ; to vivify, re- 
vive ; to heighten colours ; to rabbet. — in. 
to revive ; cheer up : avivar el ojo, to be 

avizor, adj. ojo avlzor, sharp lookout, — m. 
one who watches. 

avizorador, ra, a. one who watches. 

avizorar, va. to watch : keep a sharp look- 
out ; to spy. 

-avo, va,TO. &/. termination denoting a frac- 
tion, as quinceavo, one-fifteenth. 

avocaci6n, /. avocamiento, m. (law) re- 
moving a lawsuit to a superior court. 

avocar, va. {pret. AVOQU^: subj. avoque) 
(law) to remove a lawsuit to a superior 

avoceta,/. avocet, a wading bird. 

avolcanado, da, a. volcanic. 

avucasta,/. widgeon, wild duck. 

avugO, m. very small, early pear. 

avuguero, m. kind of pear-tree. 

avulsibn,/. (surg.) forcible separation. 

avutarda,/. bustard, wild turkey. 

avutardado, da, a. bustard-like, 

axil [ak-eedrj, a. (bot.) axial ; (zool.) axillary. 
— m. axil. 

axila[ak-8ea'-iah],/. armpit; (bot.) axilla. 

axilar [ak-sea-iahr'], a. axillar ; (bot.) axillary. 

axinita [ak-sea-nee'-tah],/. axinite. 

axloma [ak-sea-oh'-mRh], m. axiom, maxim. 

axi01IlktiC0,ca[ak-fle-o-mah'-te-co], a. axiomatic. 

axibmetro [ak-eea-oh'-may-tro], TO. (naut.) axi- 

axis [ak'-sigi TO. (anat.) second vertebra; 
(zool. ) Indian deer. 

i ay ! interj. alas ! | ay de mi I woe is me 1 

aya,./". governess, instructress. 

ayate, m. stuff made of pita. 

ayer, adv. yesterday, lately. 

i ayni6 ! inteTj. V. j ay de Mf ! 

ayo, rn. tutor or governor ; teacher. 

ayocote, (Mex.) kidney-bean. 

ayocuantoto, to. mountain bird of Mexico. 

ayuda,/. help, aid, assistance, support, suc- 
cour : ayuda de parroqaia, chapel of ease ; 
injection, enema, or clyster; syringe; 
(naut.) preventer-rope: aynda de c4mara, 

ayndador, ra, m. &f. assistant, helper. 

ayudante, m. assistant; (mil.) adjutant, 

ayudar, va. to aid, help, favour, assist. — vr. 
to adopt measures to obtain success. 

ayuga,/. (hot.) ground-pine. 

ayimador, ra, a. ayunante, pa. faster. 

ayunar, vn. to fast. 

ayunas (en), adv. fasting before breakfast; 
without knowledge : quedarse en asrunas, to 
miss the point. 

ayuno, na, a. fasting, abstemious; unin- 
formed. — m. fast, abstinence. 

ayunque iahyoon'-kayl, to. anvil. V. YUNQUE. 

aytmtable, a. joinable. 

ayuntamientO, to. municipal government; 

carnal copulation : casa de ayontamiento, 

city hall, town-hall, 
ayustar, ra. (naut.) to splice. 



ayuste, m. (naut.) splicing; scarf, scarfing, 
azabachado, da, a. black as jet. 
azabache iah-tiiah-bah'-chayj, TO. jet : azabachei^ 

trinkets of jet. 
azabara,/. common aloe, 
azacan, m. water-carrier, 
azacaya,/. (prov.) water-pipe, 
azache, a. inferior silk, 
azada [ah-thah'-dah], /. (agr.)hoe; spade. 
azadada,/. blow with a hoe. 
azadica, ma, ita,/. dim. small hoe. 

azad6ll iah-tuah-don'], TO. large hoe : azadon d« 
peto 6 de pico, pickaxe. 

azadonada, /. blow with a hoe. 
azadonar, va. to hoe, to dig with a hoe. 
azadonazo, m. stroke with a hoe. 

aZadOnCillO (ah-thah-don-thier-lyol, TO. dim. Small 


azadonero, to. digger. 

azafata,/. lady of the queen's wardrobe, 
azafate, m. low, flat basket, tray. 
azafr^, to. (bot.) safifron : azafr&n del tim6ii, 
(naut.) after-piece of the rudder. 

azafranado, da, a. saffron-like.— /jp. of aza- 


azafranal, m. saffron plantation. 
azaftanar, va. to dye with saffron. 
azafranero, to. dealer in saffron. 
azagador, to. path for cattle. 
azagaya, /. javelin, spear, half-pike. 
azagayada,/. cast of a javelin, 
azanar, to. orange or lemon flower : agaa de 
azahar, orange-flower water. 

azainadamente, adv. perfidiously. 

azal^, m. Mohammedan prayer. 

azalea,/, (bot.) azalea, 

azamboa, /. kind of citron. 

azambOO, boero, m. zamboa-tree ; citron. 

azanahoriate, m. preserved carrot. 

azanca, /. subterranean spring. 

azanorla, azenoria, /. carrot, v. zanaho- 


azar [ah-thar"], TO. unforeseen disaster ; acci- 
dent ; disappointment ; losiug card or throw 
at dice ; impediment • hazard, chance ; cush- 
ion sides of a billiard-pocket. 

azarado, da, a. & pp. of azarar, coufused, 

azarar, va. to confuse, stagger, bewilder, 
rattle. — vr. to get rattled, bewildered. 

azarbe, m. trench for irrigation, 

azarbeta, dim. small trench for irrigating. 

azarcbn, to. minium ; orange-colour. 

azaria,/. kind of coral. 

azarja [ah-thar'-ha], /. instrument for winding 
raw silk, 

azarolla,/. (bot.) V. acerola. 

azarollO, to. true service-tree. 

azarosamente, adv. unfortunately. 

azaroso, sa, a. unlucky, unfortunate. 

azcdn, to, azcona, /. dart, javelin, 

^zimo, ma, a. azymous, unleavened, 

azimilt, TO. (ast,) azimuih, 

azimiltal, a. relating to the azimuth, , 

aznacbo, aznallo, to. Scotch fir ; species o1 

azoato, TO. nitrate, 

azoe, m, (chem.) nitrogen. 

azofaifa,/, v. azufaifa, 

azbfax, to. brass, latten, V. lat(5n. 

azogadamente, adv. quickly, restlessly. 

azogado, da, a. restless, trembling. 

azogasiientO, to. overlaying with quicksil- 
ver ; restlessness, 

azogar, va. {pret. AZOGui : snhj. azogue) t<? 
overlay, coat with quicksilver: azogar lb 
cal, to slake lime. — vr. to undergo a saliva-' 
tion ; become agitated. 

f (before e, i) and J as h Id hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; 2, ny in canvon : r (initial) and rr triUed; ■. hlsii^ 


azogue [ah-tho'-geh], m. mercury, quicksilver : 
azogues, ships whick carry quicksilver ; 

azogUQJO [ah-tho-geb'-ho], m. small market- 

azogueria/. amalgamating works. 

azoguero [ah-tiio-geii'-ro], TO. dealer in quick- 
silver; amalgamator. 

az6ico, ca, o. nitric ; (geol.) azoic. 

azolar, va. {ind. AZUELO : subj. azuele) to 
dress or hew timber. 

azolvar, va. to obstruct water-conduits. 

azolVO, TO. blocking of water-pipes. 

azomar, va. to bait animals. 

azor, m. (orn.) goshawk. 

azoramlento, to, trepidation, confusion. 

azorar, va. to terrify, confound. — vr. to be 

azorrado, da, a. drowsy, sleepy. — pp. of 
AZORRARSE ; (naut.) water-loggcd. 

azorramlento, m,. heaviness ot the head, 

azorrarse, vr. to be drowsy from heaviness. 

azotacalles, to, street-lounger, idler, 

azotado, to. variegated ; criminal publicly 
whipped; penitent,— po. of azotar, 

azotador, ra, m. & j. whipper. 

azotalna, azotina, /. drubbing, flogging, 

azotalengua,/. goose-grass. 

azotamiento, to, whipping, flogging, 

azotar, va. to whip, lash, horsewhip ; to flag- 
ellate, strike repeatedly. 

azotazo, to. aug. severe lash or spanking. 

azote, m. whip, lash with a whip, spanking ; 
(met.) calamity, affliction. 

azotea, /. flat roof of a house. 

az6tico, a, (chem.) azotic. 

azre [ath'-rrayl, TO. maple-tree. 

AZteca, o. & TO, Aztec. 

azua, /. beverage from corn. 

SLZUCar, to. sugar : azucar de pllon, loaf-sugar : 
azucar candi, rock-candy : azucar mascabado, 
muscovado: aaucar quebrado, brown sugar: 
azucar prieto or negro, coarse brown sugar : 
azucar tereiado or moreno, brown sugar : 
azAcar de plomo, calcined sugar of lead : azu- 
car y canela, sorrel-gray. 

B.ZUCaradO, da, o, sugared, sugary, sugar- 
coated : affable, pleasing,— ;>p, of azucarar. 

azucarado, to. cosmetic for ladies. 

azucarar, va. to sugar, sweeten ; soften ; coat 
or ice with sugar. 

azucarero, to. sugar-master ; sugar-bowl ; 
confectioner. — a. relating to sugar. 

azucarlllo, to. sweetmeat of egg-white, sugar, 
and a flavour. 

azucena, /. white lily. 

azuche, to, pile shoe, pile ferrule. 

azud, azuda, /, dam with a sluice ; irriga- 
tion water-wheel, 

azuela,/. adze: azuela de constmccibn, ship- 
wright's adze: azuela curva, hollow adze, 

azufaifa,/. jujube or jujubes. 

azufaifo, "azufelfo, to. jujube-tree. 

azufrado, da, «. fumigated with sulphur, sul- 
phureous, Bulphur-hued.— -wp, of azufras, 

azufrador, to. machine for drying linen ; in- 
strument for sulphuring vines. 

azufrar, va. to bleach ; to sulphur. 

azufre, m. sulphur, brimstone. 

azufrera, /. sulphur-mine, 

azufr6n, to. pyrites in powder. 

azufroso, sa, a. sulphureous, 

azul, a. blue: azul celeite, sky-blue: azul 
turqui, indigo. 

aztQado, da, pp. of azular. azured, bluish. 

azulaque laii-thoo-un'-kavi. to. v. zulaque. 

azular, va. to dye or colour blue. 



azulear, vn. to have a bluish oast. 

aZUlejado, da [ah-thoo-lay-hah'-<lo], a. tiled. 

aziQejO, TO. little bluebird ; glazed tile ; (hot) 

azulencj, ca, a. v. azulado. 
azulete, to, blue lining. 
azulino, na, a. bluish. 
azumar, va. to dye the hair, 
azumbrado, da, a. measured by azumbres-, 

(coll.) tipsy, 
azumbre,/. measure of liquids, half-gallon. 
azur. a. (her,) azure, 
azurita,/. azurite. 
azutero, to. sluice-master. 
azuzador, ra, m. & /. instigator. 

aZUZar [ah-thoo-tharr'l, va. {pret. AZVCil SUbj. 

AZUCE) to set on dogs ; incite. 


baba,/. drivel, slaver, spittle. 

bababui, to, mocking-bird. 

babada,/. v. babilla. 

babaderb, babador, to. bib, chin-cloth. 

babaza, /. slime : Umax ; slug, 

babazorro, w. clown, ill-bred man. 

babear, V7i. to drivel, slaver ; court, woo. 

babeo, to. drivelling or slavering. 

babera,/. beaver ©fa helmet; bib. 

babero, m. v. babador, 

baberol, to. beaver. V. babeea. 

babia,/. estar en babia, to be absent in mind 

bableca, m. ignorant, stupid fellow ; idiot. 

babilla,/. muscles about the flank of a horse. 

babllonia,/. crowd, uproar, confusion. 

babil6nico, ca, or onio, nia, a. Babylonian. 

bable, to. Asturian dialect. 

babor, to. (naut,) port, larboard: k babor 
todo, head a-port : de babor i estribor, 
athwart ship. 

babosa,/. slug, limax : young onion. 

babosear, va. to drivel, slaver. 

babOSllla,/, dim. small slugv 

babosillo, ilia, uelo, uela, a. dim. some- 
what drivelling or slavering ; spooney. 

babOSO, sa, «. drivelling, slavering, silly i 
spooney, over-affectionate, 

baDUCba,/, slipper, baboosh. 

baca, /. top of a stage-coach ; leather cover 
for' stage-coach, 

bacalao or bacallao, m. ling, poor-jack, 

codfish, V. ABADEJO. 

bacanales, /. pi. bacchanals. 

bacante,/. bacchante, 

b^cara, biicaris,/, great flea-bane, 

bacelar, to. arbor with grape-vines. 

bacera,/. (vet.) swelling of the belly. 

baceta,/, stock (card-playing), 

bacia [bah-twe-ah], /. metal basin, wash-pot; 

bd,ciga,/. game played with three cards. 

bacilar, m. &J. (mm.) of coarse fibre, 

bacilO, TO. bacillus, bacterium. 

baclllar [bah-thie-iyar'L TO. new vineyard. 

bacin [bah-thin'j, TO. high chamber-pot; des- 
picable man. 

bacina, /. poor-box, v. BAcf a. 

bacinada~/. filth thrown from a close-etool ; 
despicable action. 

bacinejo, to. dim. small chamber-pot. 

bacinero, ra, m. & /. person who carries 
about the poor-box in a church, 

bacineta, /, small, poor-box : bacineta d* 
arma de fuego 'pan oi a gun-lock, 

bacinete, to. head-piece worn by warriors; 

» •• in far ; • In ek I ; 1 In police r e in for ; u In boll ; C (before e, 1) «nd 2 as th in thick ; b »Qd d, aofti 




baclnica, / small chamber-pot. 

bacinilla,/- chamber-pot; alms-basia. 

bactriS, m. palm of South America. 

baculO, m. walking-stick, staff; support, re- 
lief, aid : b&culo pastoral, bishop's crosier. 

baehe, m. deep hole in the street or road ; 
sweating-place for sheep. 

bacbiller, w. bachelor (first degree) ; bab- 
bler, prater. — a. garrulous, loquacious. 

bacbillera, a. loquacious woman ; blue- 

bacbilleramiento, m. conferring or obtain- 
ing the degree of bachelor. 

bacbillerar, va. to confer the degree of bache- 
lor. — vr. to graduate as bachelor. 

bachillerato, m. baccalaureate. 

bachillerear, vn. to babble, prattle. 

bacbillerejo, m. dim. talkative little fel- 

bacbilleria, /. babble, prattle. 

badalada, /. stroke of the clapper ; idle talk. 

badalazo, m. aug. large clapper. 

bada; ear, vn. to talk nonsense. 

bada] 0,m. clapper of a bell ; idle talker. 

badamelO, m. dim. small clapper. 

badal, m. muzzle ; shoulder and ribs of 
butcher's meat ; (surg. ) mouth-opener. 

bad^n, m. trunk of a body. 

badana, /. dressed sheep-skin : znrrar la ba- 
dana, to give one a flogging. 

badazas, /. pi. (naut.) keys of the bonnets. 

bftdea, /. water-melon ; insipid musk-melon ; 
dull, insipid fellow. 

bad^n, m, channel made by rainfall ; catch- 
water, conduit. 

badiana,/. Indian anise-seed, badiana. 

badil, m. badila,/. fire-shovel. 

badilazo, m. blow with a fire-shovel. 

badlna,/. puddle. 

badomia,/. nonsense, absurdity. 

badulacada,/. (Peru) V. calaverada. 

badulaque [baii-doo-iah'-keh], m. cosmetic; ra- 
gout or stewed livers ; unreliable fellow. 

baga, /. rope to tie burdens on the back of 
beasts ; little head of flax. 

bagaje [bah-gah'-iiay], m. beast of burden ; bag- 
gage of an army. 

bagajero [bah-gah-hay'-ro], m. driver of military 

bagar, vn. to yield the seed : said of flax. 

bagasa,/. prostitute, harlot. 

bagatela,/. bagatelle, trifle. 

bagazo [bah-gaii'-thaw], m. bagasse ; oil-cake. 

bagre, m. delicious fish. 

baguio [bah-gie -oh], m. (Philip.) hurricane. 

I bah ! interj. bah ! 

bahari, m. sparrow-hawk. 

bahia,/. bay, harbour. 

bahorrina,/. slops; rabble. 

bahuno, na, a. base, vile. V. bajuno. 

baila,/. (icht.) sea-trout. 

bailable, a. danceable. — m. ballet. 

bailadero, m. public dancing-place. 

bailador, ra, m. &f. dancer. 

bailar, vn. to dance, spin. 

bailarin, na, m. Scf. dancer, caperer. 

baile, m. dance, ballet, ball ; rout ; bailiff. 

bailete, m. short ballet. 

ballia, /. bailiaago, m. bailiwick. 

bailiaje, m. commandery in the order of 

ballio, m. knight commander of Malta. 

bailotear, vn. (coll.) to dance frequently. 

balloteo, m. ungraceful dancing. 

baivel, m. bevel with a curved leg. 

baj^, m. pasha, bashaw. 

liaja [i«ar-hah], /. fall of price ; casualty ; var- 

bajada, /. descent ; slope; inclination of an 

bajado, da, a. pp. of bajar. 
bajalato, m. omce of a pasha, 
bajamar, /. low water, low tide, 
bajamente, adv. basely, meanly, lowly, 
bajar ibah-harr'], vn. to descend, come ddwa, 

fall ; lower, lessen, diminish. — va. to lower, 

let down ; reduce the price ; humble. — vi; 

to crouch, grovel. 
bajel, ni. (naut.) ship, boat, vessel. 
baielero, m. owner or master of a vessel. 
bajero, ra, a. lower, under, as s&bana bajera, 

under sheet. 
bajete, m. dim. short person ; (mus. ) bary« 

tone ; counterpoint exercise. 
baieza,/. meanness; lowliness, lowness. 
ba' ial, m. marshy place. 
bajillo, m. stand-cask for wine. 
bajiO, m. shoal, sand-bank, flat; obstacle. 
bai ista, m. (com.) bear, in stocks. 
bajO, ja [bah'-ho], a. low ; short ; abject, des= 

picable; common, humble; dull, faint j 

coarse, vulgar ; downcast. 
bajO, adv. under, underneath, below. V. 

ABAJO and DEBAJO ; low ; humbly : baJo 

mano, underhand, secretly. 
bajO,»i. ^mus.) bass (voice, score, singer, play- 
er and instrument) ; shoal ; sand-bank : baJo 

relieve, (sculp.) bass-relief.— p/. under-pet 

ti coats ; noofs. 
bajoca, /. string-bean ; dead silk-worm. 
baj6n, m. (mus.) bassoon ; bassoon player. 
bajoncillO, w. counter-bass. 
bajonista, m. bassoon player, 
bajorrelieve, m. bass-relief. 
bajovientre, m. hypogastrium. 
baiuno, na, a. vile, low, contemptible. 
bala, /. ball, bullet, shot; bale; wax ball; 

printer's inking-ball: bala rasa, cannon-ball. 

balada or balata,/. ballad, song. 

baladi, a. weak, frail, worthless. 
balador, ra, m. & /. bleating animal, 
baladrar, vn. to cry out, shout. 
baladre, m. (hot.) rosebay. 
baladrero, ra, a. shouter, crier, 
baladro, m. shout, outcry, clamour. 
baladr6n, m. boaster, bragger, bully. 
baladronada, /. boast, brag, bravado ; rho- 

baladronear, vn. to boast, brag, bully. 
balagar, m. haystack, hayrick. 
bklagO, m. grain-stalk, straw ; soap-ball. 
balaguero ibah-iah-gay'-ro], m. rick of straw. . 
balaj ibah-iach'], m. balass, spinel ruby. 
balance [bah-iahn'-thay], m. oalanciug, fluctua> 

tion, oscillation, rolling, recking, swing-? 

ing, see-saw; equilibrium; balance-sheet; 

(Cuba) rocking-chair. 

balancear [bahlan-thay-ar'], Vffl., vn. & vr. tO 

balance, oscillate, poise, roll, rock, waver; 
(com.) settle accounts. 

balanceo, m. balancing, oscillation, rocking 

balancero, m. V. balanzario. 

balancin [bah-ian-theen'i^ m. splinter-bar , swing! 
bar ; whipple-tree, single-tree, whiffle-tree ; 
(mech.) walking-beam, balance-beam} 
minting mill ; poy, a repe-dancer's pole : 
balancines, (naut.) lifts: balanciaes de la 
brnjula, (naut.) brass rings of the compass. 

balandra,/. (naut.) bilander; sloop. 

balandr^n, m. cassock. 

balandro, m. (Cuba) fishing-smack. 

balano, m. (anat.) balanus. 

balante, pa. (poet. ) bleating. 

balanza [bah-iahn-thah], /. scale; balance? 
comparative estimate, judgment. 

balanzario, m. weigh-m aster in the mint. 

% (before e, 1) and J m h In hot ,- h, nilent ; 11 in brilliant ; &. K" in o nyon : r ( ( nitinO and rr trilled ' a. 




balanzOn, m. (jewel.) eleaning-pan. 
balar. vn. to bleat : balar por, to crave. 
balasiar, va. to ballast a track. 
balastO, m. ballast, layer of gravel. 
balata, /. dancing song. 
balate, "*. terrace ; border of a trench ; slug, 
balaustra, tria,./". wild pomegranate, 
balaustrada, balaustreria, /. balustrade, 
balaustrado, da, tral, a. balustered, 
balaustre, >n. baluster. 
balay .uh-iie-], m. wicker basket. 
balazo [bau-lah'-thawj, TO. shot ; gunshot wound. 
balbucear [bai-boo-tiiay-«r'], vn. to speak indis- 
tinctly ; stutter, stammer. 

balbUCenCla Ibal-boo-then'-the-ahl, /, stuttering 

tialbaciente [bai-boo-the^n'-tay], a. stammering, 

balbUCir Ibal-boo-theer'], vn. V. BALBUCEAR. 

balcdn, m. balcony ; open gallery. 

balconaje, m. balconeria, /. range of bal- 

balconazo [bai-co-nah'-tiiaw], m. aug. large bal- 

balCOncillO [bal-con-theer-lyo], TO. dim. small 

balda,/ trifle. 

baldadura,/. or baldamiento, m. the effect 
of being crippled. 

baldaquin, baldaquino [bai-dah-keen'i, m. 
canopy, dais. 

baldar, va. to cripple ; trump ; obstruct. 

balde, ni. bucket : balde (de), adv. gratis, free 
■of cost: ea balde, in vain, to no purpose. 

bmldear, vn. (naut. ) to wash the deck. 

baldeo, «». (naut.) washing the decks. 

bald6s, m. soft dressed skin for gloves, etc. 

baldiamente, adv. vainly. 

baldio, dia, a. untilled, uncultivated ; unap- 

firopriated : los baldioa, the commons ; waste 
and ; idle, lazy ; vagabond. 
bald6n, m. affront, reproach, insult. 

baldonar, baldonear, va. to insult, affront, 


baldosa, .f- ancient string instrument ; fine 
square tile ; flat paving-stone, flag. 

baldoein, m. small square tile. 

baldnqne [bai-doo'-kay], m. narrow red tape. 

bale^co, ca, baleario, ia, a. Balearic. 

baleOj TO. round mat. 

balexia,/. (arti.) pile of balls or shot. 

balero, m. ball-mould. 

baleta, /. dim. small bale of goods. 

balido, m. bleating, bleat. 

balin, m. small bullet. 

balines, m. pi. mould-«hot, buckshot. 

baUsta,/. ballista. 

balistlca,/. (avti.) ballistics. 

balitadera, /. call, reed instrument for call- 
ing fawns. 

baliza, /. buoy. 

OalnearlO, riEL, a. pertaining to baths. 

bal6ll, m. large foot-ball ; game of foot-ball ; 
large bale ; bale of paper (24 reams). 

balota, /. ballot. 

balotada, /. balotade, leap of a horse. 

balotar, <•«. to ballot. 

balsa,/, pool; pond; (naut.) raft or float; 
ba!f a butt of wine. 

balsadera, f. balsadero, to. ferry, 
balsamera, /. flask for balsam, 
balsamerita, /. small flask for balsam, 
bals^unico, ca, c balsamic, balmv. 
balsamina, /■ 0>ot.) balsam-apple, 
balsamita mayor, (bot.) V. atanasia: bai- 

Bamit» menor, (bot.) maudlin, tansy. 
bUsamo, »«. balsam, balm ; (raed.') purest 
part of the blood. 

balsar, to. marshy ground with brambles. 

balsear, va. to ferry on rafts. 

balsero, to. ferry-man. 

balSO, TO. rope with loops for raising men or 

goods on board ship ; sling. 
balsopeto, to. large pouch carried neht the 

breast ; bosom. 
Biltico, TO. the Baltic Sea. 
b^lteo, TO. oflScer's belt. 
baluairte, to. bastion, bulwark ; defence, 
balumba,/. bulk, heap. 
baliunbo, balume, m. huge heap of things, 
ballena, /. M'hale ; train-oil ; whalebone ; a 

northern constellation. 
ballenato, to. young whale, 
ballener, to. ancient vessel, 
ballesta/. cross-bow ; ballista 
ballestada,/. shot from a cross-bow. 
ballestazo, w. blow from a cross-bow. 
ballesteador, to. cross-bowman, arballster. 
ballestear, va. to shoot with cross-bow. 
ballestera, /. loopholes for cross-bows. 
ballesteria, /. archery ; number of cross- 
bows or bowmen ; armory for cross-bows. 
ballestero, to. archer, arbalister, cross-bov- 

man ; cros.s-bow maker ; king's armorer ; 

mace-bearer ; king's porters. 
ballestilla, /. cross-bow ; small whiflae-tree ; 

fleam ; cross-staff; (naut.) fore-staff. 
ballest6n, w. aug. large cross-bow, arbalet. 
ballestrinque, to. (naut.) clove-hitch. 
ballico, TO., (bot.) rye-grass. 
ballueca, /. wild oats. 
bambalear, bambanear, vn. v. bambo- 


bambalina, /. fly in theatrical scenerv. 

bambarria, to. lucky stroke at billiards; 
fool, idiot. 

bambocbada, /. painting representing a 

bambocbe, to. (coll.) thick, short person with 
bloated face. 

bambolear, bambonear, vn. to reel, stag- 
ger, totter. 

bamboleo, bamboneo, m. reeling, stagger- 
ing, tottering. 

bambolla, /. (coll.) ostentation, boast, hum- 
bug, sham. 

bambtl or bambUC, m. bamboo. 

bambuco, m. a popular dance in Colom- 

banana,/, banano, to. v. plXtano. v. cam- 
bur. V. GUINEO. 

banas,/. pi. (Mex.) matrimonial banns. 

banasta, /. large basket. 

banastero, to. oasket-maker or dealer. 

banastO, m. large round basket. 

banca,/. form, oench : banoa dt plaza, mar- 
ket-stand ; washing-box ; Philippine canoe ; 
game of chance at cards ; (com.) banking. 

bancada,/. bench in cloth factories ; piece o£ 

bancal, m. oblong orchard or garden plot; 
terrace ; bench-cover. 

bancalero, m. weaver of bench-covers. 

bancariO, ria, a. banking; financial. 

bancarrota./ bankruptcy, failure. • 

bancaza,/. bancazo, m,aug. large bench. 

banco, to. form, bench ; settee ; pew ; (mech.) 
bed, table, frame, horse ; planing-bench ; 
bench for rowers ; cheeks of the bit of a 
bridle ; pedestal ; school of fishes ; shoal ; 
(com.) bank : banco de liqaidaci6n, clearing- 

banda, /. sash, scarf, ribbon ; band, party, 
gang, crew ; military band ; brass band ; 
covey; bank, border, edge ; side of a ship; 
felloe, of wheel; cushion (billiards). 

a aa hi far ; • in eh t ; i in police ; o in for ; « in bnll ; c (before e, 1) and Z as th In thick ; b and d, aoft | 

BAN 63 

bandada,/. covey ; flock of birds. 

bandarria,/. (naut.) iron maul. 

bandazo, m- (naut.) breaking of a wave on 
the side of a ship. 

bandeado, da, a. striped. 

bandear, va. to conduct. — rn* to band. — vr. 
to shift for one's self. 

bandeja,/. waiter, tray. 

bandera, /. banner, standard, flag, ensign, 
colours of a regiment ; infantry : bandera de 
popa, (naut.) ensign: bandera de proa, 
(naut.) jack: bandera blanca or de paz, flag 
of truce : arriar la bandera, to strike the col- 
ours ; surrender : con banderas desplegadas, 
with flying colours. 

bandereta, /. dim. banneret, small flag: 
banderetas, (mil.) camp colours. 

banderia, /. band, faction. 

banderica. ilia, dim. banneret, small flag. 

banderilla,/. small dart with a bannerol for 
baiting bulls : poner & uno una banderilla, to 
taunt, revile, vex. 

banderillear, va. to put banderlUas on bulls. 

banderillero, m. he who sticks banderlllas 
in a bull's nape. 

banderin, m. camp colours ; flag ; railway 
signal : recruiting post. 

banderizar, va. v. abanderizar. 

banderizo, za, a. factious, given to party. 

banderola, /. bannerol ; camp colours ; 
streamer, pennant. 

bandido, m. bandit, highwayman, outlaw, 

bandin, m. (naut.) seat in a row-galley. 

bandO, m. proclamation, edict ; faction, 
party : echar bando, to publish a law. 

bandola, /. bandolin, m. pandore, mando- 
lin; (naut.) jury-mast. 

banaolera, /. bandoleer ; bandit's wife. 

bandolero, m. highwayman, robber. 

bandolina,/. bandoline, hair fixative. 

bandol6n, m. mandola. 

bandullo, m. (vulg.) belly ; the bowels. 

bandurrla, /. banaurria, bandore. 

b^nova,/. bed-quilt, bed-cover. 

banquera [ban-keh' rahi, /. (prov.) open bee- 
house ; frame for bee-hives. 

banCLUero [ban-keh'-ro], m. banker, exchanger. 

banqueta [ban-keh'-tahi, /. three-legged stool, 
foot-stool ; (mil. ) banquette or footbank ; 
sidewalk: banqueta de cnrena, (arti.) gun- 
carriage bed: banqueta de calafate, (naut.) 

banquete [ban-keh'-tehi, m. banquet. 

banquetear, vn. to banquet, to feast. 

banqulUO [ban-Ueer-lyo], m. dim. little stool. 

banqUitO [ban-kee'-to], TO. dim. stOOl, footstool. 

banzo, m. cheek of an embroidering-frame. 
bafladera,/. (naut.) skeet; bath-tub. 
bafladero, m. puddle ; bathing-place. 
ba&ado, m. v. bacin.— /)p. of banar. 

bafi.ador, ra, m. & f. one who bathes : bana- 
dor, m. dipping-tub for candle-makers. 

bailar, va. to bathe, wash, lave, water, irri- 
gate ; dip : glaze, coat, ice with sugar. 

bafiera,/. bath-tub. 

bailero, m. bath-owner ; bath-keeper. 

baflil, TO. pool in which cattle bathe. 

baflista, m. bather in mineral waters. 

ba&O, m. bath ; bathing ; bathing-place ; 
bath-tub, foot-tub ; coat of sugar, wax, 
paint, silver, etc. ; (chem.) bath. 

ba&uelO, to. dim. little bath. 

bao, m. (naut.) beam, cross-timber. 

baptlsteriO, m. baptistery. 

baque [bah'-kehi, TO. blow in falling ; thud. 

baqueta [bah-keh'-tah], /. ramrod ; switch used 
in breaking in young horses.— pi. drum- 
sticks ; gantlet. 


baquetaZO [bah-keh-t«h'-thaw], m. blow with th« 

baqiieteado, da [bah-keh-teh'-ah-do], a. inured, 
habituated.— 7>p. of baquetear. 

baquetear [bali-keh-teli-ar], va. to inflict tht- 
punishment of the gantlet ; to vex. 

baquiano, na, a. mountain and road guide. 

b^quiCO, ca ibaii'-ke-co;, a. bacchanal. 

baquiO [bah'-key-o], TO. (poet.) metrical foot. 

bara1a[bah-rah'-hah],/. complete pack of cards ; 
decK ; game of cards. 

bara^adura,/. shuffling of cards ; dispute. 

"bSXa^AT [bah-i-ah-har'], va. to shufile the carda ; 
jumble together ; entangle. 

baranda, /. railing, banister; cushion of 
billiard-table : ecbar de baranda, to exagjjer- 
ate ; boast. 

barandado, daje, m. balustrade. 

barandal, m. upper and under-piece of a bal- 
ustrade ; railing. 

barandllla, /. dim. balustrade, small railing. 

baraXLgay [bah-rau-guy'J, Filipino vessel, 
worked with oars ; ward of fifty families* 
into which a Philippine village is divided. 

barangay&n, to. v. guban. 

barata, /. barter ; reduction sale ; bargain. 

baratador, m. barterer. 

baratar, va. to barter, traflSc. 

baratear, vn. to cheapen, undersell. 

barateria,/. barratry, fraud, deception. 

baratero, m. he who obtains money from 
winning gamblers. 

baratiias, /. pi. trifles, toys, trinkets. 

baratulero, m. peddler ; seller of second- 
hand goods or articles. 

baratiUO, m. second-hand shop ; cheap John ; 
bargain counter ; heap of trifling articles, 

baratista, m. barterer, tralficker. 

barato, ta, a. cheap, low-priced : de barato, 

barato, m. reduction sale ; bargain sale ; 
money given by winning gamblers to the 
bystanders. — adv. cheaply. 

baratro, m. (poet. ) hell, sheol ; abysm. 

baratura, /. cheapness, little value. 

baratmda, /. noise, hurly-burly, confus-on. 

barba,/. chin ; beard ; goat's whiskers ; first 
swarm of bees ; top of bee-hive ; player who 
acts old men's parts: barba cabruna, (bot.) 
yellow goat's-beard : barba de Aaron, (bot.) 
green dragon arum : barba & barba, face to 
face : en «ub barbas, to his face : por barba, a 
head, apiece.^9^. head of a comet ; slender 
roots • fibres ; rough edges of paper ; vanes of 
a quill : barbas de ballena, whalebone : barbai 
de gallo, wattle : barbaa honradas, honoura- 
ble man : hacer la barba, to shave : subirse 4 
las barbas, to fly in one's face : tener pocat 
barbas, to be young or inexperienced. 

barbacana, /. (mil.) barbican; a church- 
yard wall. 

barbacoa,/. (Amer.) barbecue. 

barbada, /. jaw of a horse ; bridle-curb ; dab, 
small flat fish. 

barbadamente, adv. strongly, vigorously. 

oarbado, da, a. bearded, barbed, barbated. 

—pp. of BARBAR. 

baroadO, m. full-grown man ; vine or tree 
transplanted ; shoot ; sucker. 

barbaja,/. (bot.) cut-leaved viper's grass.— 
pi. (agr.) first roots of plants. 

barbar, vn. to grow a beard; to rear bees; 
to strike root. 

b^bara, /. santabirbara, (naut.) powder-- 

b^rbaramente, adv. barbarously, savagelyj. 
rudely, coarsely. 

barb^icamente, adv. like barbarians. 

* (beiora e, 1) and J as h in hot ; h, ellent ; 11 In brilliant ; &, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; ■, blM«vli 

BAB 64 

barb^iriCO, ca, a. barbarous, barbarian. 

barbaridad, /. barbarity, barbarism, cruel- 
ty ; rashness, temerity ; rudeness ; wild ex- 
pression or action. 

barbarie,/. barbarousness, incivility of man- 
ners ; rusticity ; cruelty. 

barbSTismO, in. barbarism ; barbarousness. 
V. barbakie; (poet.) crowd oi" barbarians, 

barbarizar, va. {nret. barbaric]^ : subj. BAR- 
babice) to baroarize. — vn. to make wild 

bdxbaro, ra, a. barbarous, barbarian, fierce, 
cruel ; rash, rude, unpolished. 

barbarote, m. aug. great barbarian. 

barbato, ta, a. bearded comet. 

barbaza,/. aug. long beard. 

barbear, vn. to reacn with the chin ; to be 
almost as high. 

barbechar, va. to fallow. 

barbecbera, /. series of ploughings ; fallow- 
ing season ; act of ploughing. 

barbecbo, m. fallow. 

barbera,/. barber's wife. 

barberia, /. barber's shop or trade. 

barberil, a. pertaining to a barber. 

barberito, illo, m. dim. little barber. 

barbero, m. barber ; mutton-fish. 

barbeta, /. (naut.) rackline, gasket; (artL) 

barbiblanco, ca, a. gray or white-bearded. 

tarbicacllO, m. ribbon tied under the chin. 

barbicano, na, a. gray beard. 

barbiespeso, sa, a. having a thick beard. 

barbibechO, Cba, a. fresh shaved. 

barbilajnplfLO, fi.a, «. smooth-chinned. 

barbilindO, da, a. well-shaved and trimmed ; 
effeminate and pretty. 

barbilucio, Cia, a. smooth-faced, pretty, 

barbilla,/. point of the chin; (carp.) rab- 
bet : (vet.) tumour under the tongue. 

barbillera, /. tuft of tow ; chin bandage. 

barbineg^O, gra, a. black-bearded. 

barbiponiente, a. having the beard grow- 
ing: apprenticed. 

barbiauejo li)ar-be-keh'-ho], m. bonnet-string ; 
guard-riobon for a hat ; curb-chain ; (naut.) 

barbirrublo, bla, a. blond-bearded. 

barbimiciO, cia, a. gray-bearded. 

barbitabeilo, ila, a. having a rough beard. 

barblteaido, da, a. having a dyed beard. 

barbo, /«. (zool.) barbel, river fish. 

barbbn, »i. full-bearded man ; Carthusian 
lay brother ; buck. 

bar'boquejO [bar-bo-keti'-uo], m. chin-strap, hat- 

barbotar, vn. to mumble, mutter. 

barbate, m. beaver of a helmet. V. babera. 

barbudo, da, a. having a long beard. — m. 
vine transplanted with the roots. 

barbulla,/. loud, prattling noise. 

barbullar, vn. to talk loud and fast. 

barbullon, na, a. loud, fast prattler. 

barca, /. (naut.) boat, barge, bark: barca 
chata, ferry-boat. 

barcada, /. passage in a ferry-boat ; boat- 

barca,1e [bar-cah'-h«y], TO. ferriage. 

barcal, m. wooden vesseL 

barcarola, /. barcarolle. 

barcaza,/- barge, lighter; privilege of load- 
ing and unloading. 

barcelonds, sa [bar-tbay-lo-Qess'], a. of Barce- 

barceno, na, a. v, barcino. 

barceo [b«r-ttiay'-o], m. dry bass or sedge for 
mats, ropes, eta 


barcia,/. chaff". 

barclna,/. grass net ; large truss of straw. 
barcinar [Uar-the-nar'], va. to load with sheaves. 
barcino, na [bar-thee'-noj, a. ruddy, auburn. 
barco, m. boat, barge, vessel, ship; hot* 

barcolongo, barcoluengo, m. oblong boat 

with a round bow. 
barc6n, barcote, m. aug. large boat. 
barcMlla,/. measure for grain, 
barcbildn, m. hospital nurse. 
barda, /. bard, horse-armour; thatch; reed 
bardado, da, a. barded, caparisoned. 
b^dagO, m. (naut.) pendant. 

bardaguera [bRr-<iah-geh'-rah], /. willow. 
bardal, m. thatched wall or fence, 
bardana,/. burdock. 

bardanza [bar-dainr-thah],/. andar de bardamz% 
to go here and there. 

bardar, va. to thatch fences. 

bardilla,/. dim. small brushwood. 

bardiota, a. & m. Byzantine soldier. 

bar do, m. bard, poet. 

bardoma, /. filth, mud. 

bardoinera,/. brush carried off" by a stream 

bariO,OT. (chem.) barium. 

barita,/. (chem.) baryta or barytes. 

baritel, m. v. malacate. 

baritlna,/. barium sulphate, heavy spar. 

baritono, m. (mus.) barytone. 

barluleta, /. knapsack, haversack, tool-bag. 

barloar, vn. (naut.) to grapple for the pur- 
pose of boarding ; = abarloar. 

barloas,/. pi. (naut.^ relieving tackles. 

barloventear, vn. (naut.) to ply to wind*, 
ward ; beat about 

barlovento, 7H. (naut.) windward: costa d* 
toarlovento, weather shore : costado de barlo< 
vento, weather side : ganar el barlovento, to 
get to windward. 

barnacla, m. barnacle^ sea-goose. 

bamlz, in. varnish; japan, lacquer, gloss, 
glaze ; cosmetic for the face ; printer's ink. 

bamizador, ra, c. vamisher. 

bamizar, va. {pret. barnici£: subj. barni* 
ce) to varnish, gloss, lacquer, glaze. 

barom6trlCO, ca, a. barometrical 

bar6metrO, m. barometer. 

bar6n, m. baron: barones del tiin6ii, (naut) 
rudder pendants and chains. 

baronesa,/. baroness. 

baronia, /. barony ; baronage. 

baroto, m. small boat in the Philippines. 

barquear, vn. to go about in a boat. 

barquero [bar-keh'-ro], TO. bargeman, water* 
man, boatman, ferryman. 

barqueta ibar-keh-tah], /. barquete, to. dim, 

small boat. 

barqilicbuelO [bar-ke-choo^h'-lo], TO. dim. small 
bark or boat. 

barquilla [iwr-keei'-iyah], /. conical mould for 
wafers ; little boat, wherry : barqailla de la 
corredera, (naut.) the log. 

barquillero (bar-keei-iyeh'-roi, TO. maker Or sell- 
er of rolled wafers ; wafer-mould. 

barqulllo [bar-keer-iyo], m. cock-boat ; thin 
rolled wafer. 

barqUin [bar-keen'l, TO. baroUinera [tar-ko- 
nay'-rah],/. large bellows for furnaces. 

barqUlnaZO lUr-ke-nah'-thol, TO. V. BATACAZO. 

barquinero [»>ar-ke-neh'-roi, TO. bellows-maker. 

barqUlnO lbar-ke«'-iio], TO. wine-bag. V. ODRE. 

barra, /. iron crow or lever ; metal bar or 
ingot ; sand-bank at the mouth of a har- 
bour ; gross-spun thread in cloth ; mould 
for small candles ; (mech.) lever, rod, cross- 
bar ; ; shaft of a carriage, thill ; 
(her.) third part of a shield ; country gamo 

» ai In far ; • In «b I ; i In police ; 3 in for ; n in bull ; c (before e, i) and t as th in tliick ; b and d, toftf 

BAR 65 

in Spain ; (naut.) spar ; railing in a court- 
r«ova.— pi. mining shares. 

barrabasada, /. serious mischief ; bold ac- 

barraca,/. barrack, cabin, hut. 

barraco, m. boar ; spume of fermenting 
must : ancient ship gun ; snag. 

barrado, da, a. corded ; ribbed ; striped ; 
(her.) barred.-^pp. of barrar. 

barrag^n, 7«. barracan, camlet; waterproof 
woollen stuff; waterproof overcoat. 

barragana,/. concubine; morganatic wife. 

barraganeria, /. concubinage. 

barraganete, m. (naut.) top-timber, fut- 

barral, m. large bottle containing twenty- 
five pints. 

barranca, /. barrancal, m. deep hollow ; 
gorge, ravine. 

barranco, m. V. barranca; cleft, gorge, 
ravine ; great difficulty. 

barrancoso, sa, a. broken, uneven, full of 
breaks and holes. 

barranquera [bar-ran-keh'-rah], /. V. BARRAN- 
CA ; obstruction, embarrassment. 

barraquillo [bai-rah-keei'-iyoi, m. (arti.) short 
light field-piece. 

barrar, va. to daub, smear ; bar, barricade. 

barrate, m. little joist or rafter. 

barrear, va. to bar, barricade ; to cancel, 
cross off. — vn. to graze a knight's armour 
with a lance. — vr. V. atrincherarse. 

barreda, /. v. barrera. 

barrederas,/. pi. (naut.) studding-sails. 

barredero, ra, a. that drags along : redbarre- 
dera, drag-net. — m. baker's mop. 

barredura, /. sweeping.— pZ. sweepings, re- 
mains, residue, refuse, chaff. 

barrena, /. barrena grande, auger, borer : 
barrena peque&a, gimlet : barrena de gusano, 
wimble ; rock-drill : barrena de diminnci6n, 
taper auger : barrena de guia, centre-bit. 

barrenado, da, a. pp. of barrenar. 
barrenador, m. (naut.) auger or borer. 
barrenar, va. to bore, auger, drill : barrenar 

nn navio, (naut.) to scuttle a ship : barrenar 

ana roca or mina, to blast a rock or a mine ; 

to defeat one's intentions. 
barrendero, ra, m. &f. sweeper, dustman. 
barrenero, m. maker or seller of augers and 

drills ; blaster, driller, 
barrenillo, m. insect that gnaws through the 

bark of trees. 
barreno, m. large borer or auger; bored 

hole, blast-hole ; vanity: dar barreno, (naut.) 

to sink a ship. 
barrefia, /. barreflo, m. earthen pan ; tub. 
barrer, va. to sweep, carry off everything ; 

(naut.) to rake: al barrer, (com.) on an 

barrera,/. barricade, barrier, parapet, fence ; 

clay-pit ; mound of earth ; cupboard for 

crockery ; bar, toll-gate, turnpike. 
barrero, m. potter ; eminence ; ridge of hills ; 

barreta,/. small bar; shoe lining. 
barretear, va. to fasten with bars ; line a 

barretero, m. in mining, one who works with 

a crow, wedge, or pick, 
barrlada, /. city ward, district, precinct, 

suburb. • 
barrial, m. v. lodazal ; muddy spot. 
barrlca, /. cask containing sixty gallons, 
barricada, /. barricade. 
barrido, m. sweep.— ^. of barrer. 
barriga, /. abdomen, belly ; pregnancy ; 

belly of a flask. 


barrig6n, na, barrlgudo, da, «. big-belUed 


barrlguilla, /. dim. little belly. 

barril, m. barrel ; jug; (naut.) water-cask. 

barrllame, m. barrueria, /. stock of casW 
or barrels ; barrel factory. 

barrilejO, m. dim. rundlet, small barrel. 

barrilero, m. barrel-maker, cooper. 

barrilete, m, holdfast, dog, clamp; (naut.) 
mouse; (zool.) crab covered with prickles ; 
keg ; kite ; piece of a clarinet. 

barrilico, illo, ito, m. dim. keg, rundlet, 
small barrel, firkin. 

barrilla,/. little bar; rod; (hot) salt-wort,. 

barrillar, m. barilla plantation ; barilla-pits. 

barrio, m. city district or ward ; suburb. 

barrita,/. dim. small bar. 

barrlzal, m. clay-pit, muddy place. 

barro, m. clay, mud ; earthenware ; drink- 
ing-vessel made of sugar-clay : barro oocido, 
terra-cotta.— p/. pimples in the face ; (vet.) 
fleshy tumours. 

barrocbo, m. v. birlocho. 

barroso, sa, a. muddy, full of mire ; pim- 
pled ; reddish. 

barrote, m. short and thick iron bar ; (carp.) 
brace: barrotes, (naut.) battens, scantlings. 

barrotines, m. pi. barrotlnes de los baos, 
(naut.) carlines: barrotines de la toldilla, 
(naut.) carling knees. 

barrueco, m. pearl of irregular form. 

barmmbada,/. extravagant expense ; boast- 
ful saying. 

barruntador, ra, m. &/. conjecturer. 

barruntamiento, m. conjecturing, guessing. 

barruntar, va. to foresee, conjecture, guess. 

baminto, m. conjecture. 

bartola,/. & la bartola, carelessly. 

bartO''illO, m. three-cornered little meat pie, 

b^rtulOS, m. pi. household goods ; tools. 

baruca,/ artifice, cunning, deceit. 

barul^, m. upper part of the stockings roUecl 
over the knee. 

barnllo, m. confusion, disorder, tumult. 

barz6n, m. idle walk ; ring of a yoke. 

barzonear, vn. to loiter about. 

basa, /^ pedestal, base ; basis, foundation. 

basada,/. stocks for snip-bulldicg. 

basacula,/. locker of the thumb-plate in a 

basaltico, ca, a. basaltic, of basalt. 

basalto, m. basalt, basaltes. 

basamentO, m. (arch.) base and pedestal. 

basar, va. to fix, establish upon a base ; rest 
upon ; set up a theory ; start from a fixed 

bas^Ulde, /. (Mex.) bassaris, species of ra- 
coon. V. cacomixtle. 

basca,/. squeamishness, nausea; swoon. 

bascosidad, /. nastiness, filth. 

bascula,/. platform-scale. 

base, /. base, basis; ^ound, foot, footing; 
groundwork; base-line; (chem.) electro- 
positive element. 

basilica,/, royal palace ; public hall ; (anat.) 
basilica ; privileged church. 

basilic6n, m. (med.) basilicon, ointment. 

basiliO, lia, a. basihan monk or nun. 

basiliSCO, y.i. basilisk, cockatrice; ancient 

basquear [bas-keh-ar'], vn. to be squfcftmish or 

basquilla [bas-keei'-iyah], /. disease in sheep. 

baSqUiHa [bas-kee'-nyah], /. Upper skirt. 

basta, adv. enough ; halt, stop. 

basta,/. basting: bastas, mattress tufting 

bastaje [bas-taii'-hay], m. portcr, carrier. 

g (before e, i) and / as h in bot; h, eUent; 11 in brilliant; ft, ny In canyon; r (inlUal) and rr trlUed; >, hlsaed 




bastante, adv. sufl&cient, enough ; compe- 
'teul; not a little. 

bastailtear, va. (law) to acknowledge the 
validity of a power of attorney. 

bastantemente, adv. sufficiently. 

bastanteo, m. acknowledging a power of at- 

lt)aa*tantero, m. (law) officer who examines 
powers of attorney. 

bastar, vti. to suffice ; to be enough. 

bastarda,/- bastard file ; piece of ordnance ; 
(iiaut.) lateen main-sail. 

bastardear, vn. to degenerate : bastardize. 

bastardelO, m. notary's draft-c)ook ; blotter. 

bastardia,./*. bastardy; meanness. 

bastardilla, f. kind of flute ; (print. ) italic. 

bastardO, da, a. bastard, spurious, illegiti- 
mate ; (print. ) bastard type. 

bastardO, m. bastard ; a kind of snake ; kind 
of saddle ; (naut.) parrel rope. 

baste, m. stitch ; saddle-pad. 

bastear, va. to baste. 

bastero, m. maker or seller of pack-saddles. 

bastida, /. ancient warlike engine. 

bastidor, rn. embroidery-frame ; stretcher 
for canvas ; wing of stage scenery ; window- 
sash ; frame of a screw propeller ; (phot.) 
plate-holder.— pZ. bastidores, (naut.) frames 
ft>r canvas bulkheads. 

bastilla,/. hem. 

bastillar, va. to hem. 

bastimentar, va. to victual ; to provision. 

bastlmentO, m. supply of provisions ; build- 
ing, structure; mattress tufting; (naut.) 

bastibn, »». v. baluarte. 

basto, m. pack-saddle; pad; ace of clubs: 
bastos, clubs (cards). 

basto, ta, a. coarse, rude, unpolished ; gross ; 

bast6n, m. cane, stick, gad, truncheon ; staflf 
of command ; roller of a silk-frame. 

bastonada, /. bastonazo, m. bastinado. 

bastonclllo, m. small cane or stick ; narrow 
trimming lace. 

bastonear, va. to stir must with a stick. 

bastonero, m. cane-maker or seller; man- 
ager of a ball ; cotillon leader ; assistant 

basura, /. sweepings, manure, ordure, refuse. 

basurero, m. dustman ; dust-pan • dunghill. 

bata, /. dressing-gown ; smokmg-jacket ; 
wrapp<»r ; woman's frock ; refuse or silk. 

bata, ni. (Philip.) half-breed minor. 

batacazo, m. violent contusion from a fall. 

batabola, /. hurly-burly, bustle, clamour, 
clutter, hubbub. 

batalla, /. battle, contest, conflictj engage- 
ment, struggle, fight, combat ; fencing bout ; 
joust, tournament; (art) battle-piece. 

batallador, ra, w. & f. battler, combatant, 
warrior, fighter, fencer. 

batallar, vn. to battle, fight, combat, strug- 
gle, fence, contend, argue, dispute. 

batallola,/. (naut.) v. batayola. 

batallbn, m. oattalion, formerly troop. 

batallona, /. a. caestlon batallona, much de- 
bated question. 

batim, wi. fulling-mill : batanei, boyish play. 

batanado, da, a. fulled, milled.— ;>p. of ba- 

batanar, va. to full cloth. 

batanear, va. to drub, thrash, beat. 

batanero, m. fuller, clothier. 

batansa, /. bamboo outrigger In boats in the 
Philippine Islands. 

l^atata, /. sweet potato. 
latatin, m. dim. small sweet potato. 

bitavo, va, a. Batavian. 

batayola,/. (naut.) rail. 

batea, /. painted tray; foot-tub; flat-bot. 
tomed boat, punt. 

batebuela,/. dim. small hamper or tray. 

batel, m. small vessel. 

bateo, m. V. bautizo. 

batena,/. battery: bateria 4 barbeta, barbette 
battery : bateria enterrada, sunk battery : 
bateria 4 rebote, ricochet battery : bateria 
cmzante, cross battery: bateria *de cocina, 
kitchen metal utensils; (naut.) range of 
guns, broadside; (met.) repeated importu- 
nities ; battering. 

batero, ra, m. & /. mantaarmaker, dress- 
maker, laaies' tailor. 

batey, m. (Cuba) sugar-house and machin- 

batlborrillo, m. V. baturrillo. 

baticola,/. crupper. 

batida, /. hunting-party ; battue. 

batldera, /. beater, in masonry ; stirrer in 
glass-making ; batlet ; batting arm ; scutch- 
er ; flap of a churn ; instrument for cutting 

batidero, m. continuous striking or beating ; 
collision ; craggy ground ; (naut. ) wash- 

batido, da, a. shot, chatoyant (silks) ; beaten, 
trodden, as roads.— -«p. of batir. 

batido, m. batter of flour, eggs, etc. 

batidor, m. beater ; scout ; ranger ; life- 
guard rider before a royal coach ; out- 
rider ; leather-beater ; stirring-rod ; hair- 
comb ; hemp-dresser : batidor de oro 6 plata, 
gold or silver beater. 

batlente, »». jamb or post of a door ; leaf of 
a door ; port-sill ; damper of a pianoforte ; 
spot where the sea beats against the shore : 
batlente de la bandera, (naut.) fly of an 
ensign : batlente de un dique, apron of a 

dock.— pa. of BATIR. 

batifolla, m. v. batihoja. 

batiboja, m. gold-beater ; artisan who works 
metals into sheets ; warp. 

batiaiento, m. beating. 

batin, m. smoking-jacket. 

batlntin, m. Chinese gong. 

bationdeo, m. fluttering of a banner or cur- 

batiportar, va. (naut.) to house a gun. 

batlportes, m. pi. port-siiis. 

batir, va. to beat, dash, strike, clash, clout, 
clap ; demolish, raze, pull down ; flap ; 
pound ; stir ; comb ; adjust reams of pa- 
per ; vanquish ; reconnoitre : roll a drum : 
batlr banderaa, to salute with the colours : 
batlr moneda, to coin money : batir lai olaa, 
to ply the seas: batlr hoja, to foliate. — it. 
to fight ; engage in a duel ; lose courage ; 
decline in health. V. abatirse. 

batista, /. batiste, finest cambric. 

IsatO, m. rustic, simpletoo. 

batojar, va. to beat down the fruit of a tree. 

batOlOgia,/. battology, needless repetition. 

batraciOS, m. pi. batrachians. 

batnda, /. spring-board jumping contest 

baturrillo, m. hodge-podge, mash, salma- 
gundi ; pot-pourri ; medley. 

batuta, /. conductor's wand ; baton : Ucvar 
la batata, to lead ; preside: manage. 

batll, m. trunk, chest ; belly : bail maado, 
Saratoga trunk. 

baulito, m. dim. small trunk. 

bauprds, m. (naut.) bowsprit. 

baUB&n, na, m. & f. manikin, effigy; fool, 

bautismal, a. baptismal. 

'•• in far ; • in ek I ; i in police ; s in for ; n in bull ; c (.before e, 1) and s u th in tbick ; b and d, soft ', 

BAU 67 

bautismo, m. baptism, christening. 
bautisteriO, m. baptistery. 
bautizante, pa. baptizer or christener. 
bautizar, va. {pret. bautick : subj. bautice) 

to baptize, christen ; mix water with wine. 
bautiZO, m. baptism, christening party. 
bavaro, ra, a- Bavarian. 
baya, /. berry, any small globular fruit. 
bayadera, /. Oriental dancer. 
bayal, a. nax not steeped or soaked. 
baySjil, m. lever used in raising mill-stones. 
bayeta, /. baize, thick flannel ; blanket in 

typography : arrastrar bayetas, to claim a 

degree in superior colleges. 
bayetdn, m. coating, cloth for coats. 
bayo, ya, a. bay, yellowish white (horse). — 

VI. silk-worm butterfly used in angling. 
bayOCO, m. Italian copper coin ; unripe or 

withered fig. 
bayon, m. (Philip. ) sack of matting for baling, 
bayoneta, /. bayonet : bayoneta calada, fixed 

baybnetazo, m. bayonet thrust. 

bayoque Ibah-yo'-kay], m. V. BAYOCO. 

bayuca, /. tippling-nouse, tavern. 

baza Ibah'-thah],/. trick at Cards : no dejar meter 
baza, not to let one put in a single word. 

bazar [bah-thar'j, bazaar, market-place. 

bazo bah'-thoi, m. spleen or milt. 

bazo, za, a. brown inclining to yellow : pan 
bazo, brown bread. 

bazofia,/. offal, waste meat, refuse, remnants, 

bazucar, va. {pret. bazuqu]£ : suhj. bazu- 
que) to stir liquids by shaking ; to dash. 

bazudueo [bah-thoo-kay'-o], m. Stirring liquids 
by shaking ; jumble. 

be, m. baa, cry of sheep.— /. name of the sec- 
ond letter, B. 

beata, /. woman engaged in works of charity ; 
pious, devotee, bigot, fanatic, hypocrite. 

beateria, /. act of affected piety ; oigotry. 

beaterio, w. house inhabited by pious 

beatiflcacldn, /. beatification. 

beatificamente, adv. beatifically. 

beatlficar, va. to beatify ; to render respect- 
able ; to make happy. 

beatiflco, ca, a. (tlieology) beatific. 

beatJlla, /. sort of fine linen. 

beatisimo, ma, «. sup. beatlsimo padre, most 
holy father (the Pope). 

beatitud, /. beatitude, blessedness, holiness. 

beatO, ta, a. happy, blessed ; beatified ; wear- 
ing a religious habit for piety ; devout. — m. 
& f. pious person ; one who lives in pious 

beat6u, na, m. &f. hypocrite, bigot, 

bebedero, m. drinking vessel for domestic 
animals ; trough for beasts ; spout ; place 
whither fowls resort to drink.— ;p/. strips for 
lining clothes ; facing. 

bebedero, ra, bebedizo, za, a. drinkable. 

bebedizo, m. medicinal potion ; draught ; 
philter or love potion ; poisonous draught. 

bebedo, da, a. drunk, intoxicated. 

bebedor, ra, m. &/. tippler, toper. 

beber, va. & vn. to drink, swallow ; pledge, 
toast : beber i. la salad de algnno, to drink to 
another's health : beber los pensamientos k 
algnno, to anticipate one's thoughts : beber 
lo8 vientoi, to solicit with much eagerness : 
beber como una cuba, to drink as a fish. 

bebible, m. &/. pleasant to drink. 

bebida, /. drink, beverage, potion ; time al- 
lowed to workmen for drinks. 

bebido, da, pp. of beber. — a. intoxicated. 

bebistrajo, m. queer mixture of drinks. 


beborrotear, va. to sip often. 

beca,/. collegian's sash worn over the gown • 
fellowship ; pension ; fellow, alumnus, colle- 
gian ; tippet worn by dignitaries of the 
church : beca de merced, scholarship : becas, 
velvet or satin facings of cloaks. 

becabunga,/. (bot.) brook-lime. 

becada, j. woodcock, v. chocha, 

becafigO, m. (om.) fig-pecker : becafigo raro, 
(om.T red-headed linnet. V. papafigo, 

becardbn, m. snipe. V. agachadiza. 

becerra,/. (bot.) snap-dragon. 

becerril, a. bovine ; calf, as adjective. 

becerrillo, ilia, ito, ita, m. &f. dim. calf. 

becerro,raibeh-therr'-ro], m. &/. yearling calf ; 
calf-skin tanned and dressed ; church reg- 
ister ; various books in Spain, bound ia 
calf-skin : becerro marino, sea-calf, the seal. 

becoquin [ijeh-co-keen'J, m. cap tied under th«- 

becnadradO, m. first property in plain song;, 
or Gregorian mode. 

becuadro, m. (mus.) the sign t[, deaoting ai 
natural tone. 

bedel, m. beadle, warden. 

bedelta,/. beadleship, wardenship. 

bedelio, m. bdellium, an aromatic gum, 

bedulno, na, a. Bedouin ; harsh, uncivil. 

befa,/. jeer, scoff, mock, taunt. 

befabemi, m. musical sign. 

befar, va. to mock, scoff, ridicule, jeer, 
laugh at ; to move the lips, and endeavour 
to catch the chain of the bit (horses). 

befo, fa, a. blubber-lipped ; knock-kneed. 

befO, m. lip of a beast ; kind of monkey. 

begardO,aa,7n. &f. Beghard, ancient heretic. 

begonia,/, (hot.) begonia. 

begoniitceo, a, a. relating to the begonia. 

beguino, fia, m. &/. Beguin, ancient heretic. 

benetlla, /. town whose inhabitants were 
free from the subjection of any lord ; confu- 
sion, disorder. 

bejin, m. (hot.) common puff-ball, fuzz-ball ; 
whining, peevish child. 

bejinero, m. one who extracts oil from th« 

bejucal, m, place where reeds grow. 

bejUCO, m. tnin or pliable reed ; rattan ; fila- 
ments growing on some trees in America. 

bejUquillO [bay-hoo-key'-Iyo1, Mt. gold chain 

made in China; (bot.) ipecacuanha; thin 

belchO, m. (bot.) horsetail-tree. 

beldad, /. beauty : una beUad, a beauty, a 

belemnita, /. belemnites, arrow-head or fin- 

Bel6n, m. Bethlehem ; group of figures repre- 
senting the birth of the infant Jesus for cele- 
brating Christmas ; confusion, bedlam. 

bele&O, m. (bot.) henbane, poison. 

bel6riC0, m. (bot.) kind of myrobalan. 

beleZ, /. beleZO, m. [bay-leth', bay-Uy-tho'], jar 

for oil or wine ; furniture. 
belfo, fa, a. blob-lipped or blubber-lipped. 
belfo, m. thick under lip of a horse. 
belga, m. &/. Belgian. 

b61glC0, ca, a. Belgic, Belgian. 
b61lC0, ca, a. warlike, martial, 
beliCOSidad, /. warlike state. 


bellcoso, sa, o. warlike, martial, military ; 

quarrelsome, pugnacious, aggressive. 
beligerante, a. belligerent. 
beligero, ra, a. (poet. ) warlike, belligerent, 
belisono, na, a. with martial, warlike sound, 
belitre, «. low, mean, vile, vulgar '^ roguisk. 
bellacada, /. nest of rogues ; knavish act. 
bellacamente, adv. knavishly, roguishly. 

g (before e, i) and J as ta in hot; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; &, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr triUed; 8. hia 


liellACO, ca, a. artful, sly, cunning, roguish, 

deceitiul. — m. rogue, villain, swindler, 

feellacbn, na, bellaconazo, za, m. &f. aug. 

great knave, arrant rogue. 
beUacuelO, m. dim. artful, cunning little 

belladama, belladona, /. (bot.) deadly 

nightshade, belladonna, dwale. 
beUamente, adv. prettily, gracefully, fairly. 
bellaauear, vn. to cheat, swindle ; play 

knavish, roguish tricks. 

bellaqueria lbel-lyah-ka>-ree'-ah], /. knavery, 

roguery, cunning ; vile act or speech. 
'belleza, /. beaptyj fairness, handsomeness ; 

flourish ; decoration, ornament. 
bello, Ua, a. beautiful, handsome, fair, fine ; 

■bellorio, ia, a. mouse-coloured, 
bellorita, /. (bot.) primrose, cowslip. 
bellota, /. acorn ; carnation bud ; perfume 

bellote, m. large round-headed nail. 
bellotear, vn. to feed upon acorns. 
bellotera, /. season for gathering acorns. 
bellotero, ra, m. & /. one who gathers or 

sells acorns. — m. oak tree. 
bellotica, ilia, Ita, /• dim. small, acorn. 
bemol, ni. (mus. ) flat; the sign \}. 
'bemoladO, a. flat(ted), lowered a semitone. 
bemolar, va. (mus.) to flat. 
ben, bell6ll, m. fruit of the size of a filbert 

which yields a precious oil. 
benarri'za, ./". savoury bird, 
benclna,/. benzine. 
bendecidor, ra, a. one who blesses. 

bendeCir iben-<leh-th8er'J, va. {pp. BENDITO and 

imp. bendice: subj. bendiga") to bless, 
praise, exalt ; to consecrate. 
bendicidn [ben-de-the-on'],/. benediction, bless- 
ing. — pi. marriage ceremony. 

bendigo, bendije, bendiga {irr. from ben- 

bendito, ta, a. sainted, blessed; simple, 
silly : ei an bendito, he is a simpleton ; pray- 
er.— pp. in*, of BENDECIR. 

beneaicite, m. (Lat.) permission solicited 
by ecclesiastics with this word. 

benedicta, /. benedict, electuary. 

benedictinb, na, a. Benedictine. 

benefactor, m. benefactor. V. bienhechor. 

beneflCenCia [bay-nayfe-then'-the-ah], /. benefi- 
cence, kindness, charity. 

benefiCiacidn [bay-nay-fe-the-ah-the-on'], /. bene- 

benefiCiadO [bay-nay-fe-the-ah'-do], m. Curate, 

benefiCiadbr, ra (bay-nay-fe-the-ah-dor"], m. & f. 
benefactor ; improver. 

beneficial b«.v-nay-fe-the-ahi'], o. relating to ben- 
efices or ecclesiastical livings. 

beneficiar [bay-nay-re-tiie-ar'], va. to benefit; 
cultivate ; work and improve mines ; confer 
a sinecure ; purchase a place or employ. — 
IT. to make a profit. 

beneficiariO, m. beneficiary. 

beneficio [bay-nay-fee'-the-o], TO. benefit, favour, 
kindness, benefaction ; right belonging to 
one either by iaw or charter ; labour and 
culture ; utility, profit : beneficio bruto, gross 
profit : beneficio neto, clear profit ; benefice, 
ecclesiastical living. 

benefiCiOSO, Sa [bay-nay-fe-the-o'-«o], a. benefi- 
cial, advantageous, profitable. 

ben6flC0, ca, a. beneficent, kind, chari- 

benem^ritO, ta, a. meritorious, worthy : be' 



nemirito de la patria, well-deserving of the 

beneplacitO [bay-nay-plah'-the-to], TO. goodwill, 

approbation, consent. 
beneVOlenCia Ibay-nay-vo-len'-the-ah], /. benev- 

oleuce, goodwill, kindness. 

ben6volO, la, a. benevolent, kind, gentle, 

bengala,/. Bengal, tMn slight stuff; cane: 
luz de bengala, red liglit. 

bengali, m. native of Bengal, Bengalee. 

benignamente, adv. kindly, benevolently, 
favourably, graciously. 

benignidad,/. benignity , graciousness, kind- 
ness, piety ; mildness of the weather. 

benlgno, na, a. benign, merciful, gracious, 
kind; mild, temperate, gentle. 

benitO, ta, a. Benedictine friar or nun. 

benjui, to. benzoin or benjamin. 

beodez, /. drunkenness, intoxication. 

beodo, da, a. drunk, drunken. 

beori, w. American tapir.» 

beque [bay'-kay], TO. (naut.) head of the ship. 

bequebo [bay-Uay'-boi, m. woodpecker. 

berberechO, to. bivalve moUusk (Gallcia). 

berberi, isco, or bereber, a. belonging tc 
Barbary, Berber. 

berberis, to. (bot.) barberry, piperidge-bush. 

berbero, m. confection made of barberry. 

berbi, to. sort of woollens. 

berbiqui [ber-be-kee'j, in. carpenter's brace J 

berceria [ber-tuay-ree'-ah], /. green-market. 

bercero, ra [ber-thay'-ro', m. & /. green-grocer. 

berenjena,/. egg-plant. 

berenjenado, da, a. of the colour of an egg- 

berenjenal, to. bed of egg-plants; (met.) 
difliculties, troubles. 

berenjenaZO [bay-ren-hay-nah'-tho], TO. bloW with 

an egg-plant. 
bergamota, to, bergamot (frnit, essence, 


bergamote, bergamoto, to. (bot.) berga- 


bergante, m. brazen-faced villain, rufllan, 

bergantin, to. (naut.) brig or brigantine. 

bergantinejo, to. dim. small brig. 

bergant6n, na, to. & /. aug. brazen-faced, 
impudent person. 

bergantonazo, m. aug. most impudent ruf- 

berilo, to. beryl, precious stone. 

berlina,/. coupe, closed carriage ; front com- 
partment of a stage-coach or a railway car- 

berimes, sa, a. from Berlin. 

berlinga, /. clothes-line post ; (naut.) round 

berma,/. (mil.) berm, ground at the foot o£ 
the rampart. 

bermejear, bermejecer [ber-may-hay-ar*, ber- 
may-hay-tberr], vn. to be of a reddish colour. 

bermeJiZO, za (ber-may-hee'-tho , a. reddish. 

berme O, ja, a. of a bright reddish colour, 
berme 6n, na, a. reddish. V. bermejo. 
bermejuela, /. (zool.) red gurnard; (bot.) 

bermejuelo, la, n. dim. little reddish, 
bermemra,/. reddishness, ruddy colour, 
bermellbn. bermill6n, to. vermilion, 
bermudiana, /. (bot.) gra.s»-flower. 
bernardina,/. fanfaronade; boast. 
bernardo, da, «. Bernardine monk or nun. 
bernegal, to. cup with scalloped edges. 
bern6s, sa, «. relating to Berae. 
bernia, /. rug ; cloak made of rug. 

• in eh I : i in police ; o in for ; U in boll ; C (before e^ i) and e aa th in tUck ; b and d. ttAk. 

» as in far ; 

BEE 69 


"berra, /. strong water-cress plant. 

"berraza [bei-rah'-tiiaii', /. water-parsnip. 

"berrear, vn. to cry like a calf, low, bellow. 

1)617611011111, m. foaming, grunting of a wild 
boar ; cry of wayward children. 

■berrendearse, vr. to grow yellow (as wheat) ; 
to be tinged with two colours. 

"berrendO, da, a- tinged with two colours ; 
ripe wheat ; duskish Drown silk-worm. 

■berr6ra,/. (bot.) V. berraza comun. 

"berrido, m. bellowing of a calf. 

"berrin, m, child in a violent passion. 

■berrinche, m. anger, passion ; sulkiness, ap- 
plied to children. 

berrinchudo, a. passionate, sulky. 

berrlzal, m. place full of water-cresses. 

berro, m. (bot.) water-cress. 

berrocal, m. craggy or rocky place. 

b6IT0qU€fLa [ber-ro-kay'-nyah], a. piedra toerro- 
4ue&a, granite. 

b6rnieC0, m. rock ; pin ; disease of the eye. 

berta, /. kind of cape called bertha. 

berza [behr'-thah], /. (bot.) Cabbage: berza or 
col coman. Savoy-cabbage : berza lombarda, 
red cabbage : berza de perro, dog's-cabbage. 

b6rzaza Ibehr-thah'-thah], /. aug. large head of 

b68ador, ra, m. &f. & a. kissing; kisser. 

b6SalainailO, m. note with the abbreviation 
B. L. M. in the third person and unsigned. 

besamanOS, m. levee or court-day ; salute 
performed with the hand. 

besana,/. first furrow with a plough; series 
of parallel furrows. 

b6Sailte, TO. ancient Byzantine coin. 

besar, va. to kiss ; to touch closely : applied 
to inanimate things : besar la mano or los 
pies, expressions of courtesy and respect. — 
vr. to strike heads or faces together acci- 

b6SiC0, SillO, SitO, m. dim. little kiss : besi- 
cos de monja, (bot.) V. FAROLILLO. 

beso, m. kiss ; collision of persons or things ; 
among bakers, kissing-crust. 

bestezuela, /. dim. little beast. 

bestia, /. beast, quadruped : gran bestia, elk ; 
(met. ) dunce, idiot, ill-bred fellow. 

bestiaje, bestlame, m. assembly of beasts 
of burden. 

bestial, a. bestial, brutal. 

bestialidad, /. v. brutalidad. 

bestialmente, ad", bestially, brutally. 

bestiaza, m. aug. great beast ; big idiot. 

b68tiecica, cilia, cita, bestiezuela,/. dim. 
little beast ; ignorant person. 

bestidn, m. aug. large beast. 

b^stola, /. paddle for cleaning the coulter of 
the plough. 

b6sucador, ra, m. &f. kisser. 

b6BUCar,va. {pref. besuque : subj. besuque) 
to kiss repeatedly. 

b6suc6n, na, «. one who kisses repeatedly. 

b6SUgada,/. luncheon of sea-breams. 

besu^O, TO. (icht. ) sea-bream or red gilthead. 

besu^uera,/. pan for dressing besugos. 

b68Uguero, ra, «. fishmonger who sells 
breams. — to. fishing-tackle for breams. 

besugnete, m. (zool.) red sea-bream. 

besuquear, va. to kiss repeatedly. 

besuqueo [bay-Boo-kay'-o], TO. hearty and re- 
peated kissing. 

b6ta, /. bit or line of thread, tape ; beta, 
second letter of the Greek alphabet : betas, 
(naut.) pieces of cordage for all sorts of 

betarraga, betarrata,/. (bot.) beet. 

bet6l, TO. betel, Indian shrub. 

Bitica,/. ancient name of Andalucia. 

b^tico, ca, a. Andalusian. 
betlemita, m. (Sp. Am. ) Bethlemite, friar, 
betbn, m. hydraulic cement. 
betdnica,/. (hot.) betony. 
betim, m. bitumen, pitch, cement; shoe* 
blacking; coarse wax: betiin Judaico, V. AS- 


betunar, va. to pitch, tar. 

beuna, /. gold-coloured wine, made of a red 

grape of the same name. 
b6y, TO. bey, Turkish governor. 
bezaar, bazar, to. v. bezoar. 

b€Zant6 [bay-thahn'-tayl, TO. (her.) bezant. 

b6Z0 [bay'-tho], TO. blubber-lip ; proud flesh la 
a wound. 

bezoar [bay-thr,-ar'], TO. bezoar. 
beZQ^iCO, ca [bay-tlio-ah'-re-co], a. bezoaric. 
bezote Ibay-tho'-tay], TO. ring worn by Indians 

in their under lip. 
bezudo, da [bay-thoo'-do], a. blubber-lipped or 

biangular, a. biangulated, biangulous. 
biazas [be-aU'-thas], / pi. saddle-bags. 
bibaro, to. beaver, castor. 
bibero, to. sort of linen, from Galicia. 
biberdn, to. nursing-bottle for infants. 
Biblia,/. Bible, 
biblico, ca, n. biblical. 
bibli6fi.lO, TO. book-lover, bibliophile, 
bibliografia,/. bibliography. 
bibliOgT^CO, ca, a. bibliographical, biblio- 

biblibgrafO, to. bibliographer. 
bibliomania, /. bibliomania. 
biblidmano, na, to. &/. bibliomaniac. 
biblioteca,/. library ; collection of authors. 
bibliOtecariO, to. librarian, bibliothecary. 
bica,/. unleavened cake of maize, 
bicapsular, a. (bot.) bicapsular. 
bicarbonatO, to. bicarbonate. 
biceps, TO. (anat. ) biceps muscle. 
bicerra, /. wild or mountain goat. 

biCiCleta [be-thle-clay'-tah], /. bicycle. 
biCiCletiSta, biCiCliSta [be-thie-clay-tees'-tah, 
be-thie-clees'-tah], 7«. &f. bicyclist. 

biciclO, TO. bicycle. 
bicoca,/. small fort : valueless trifle. 
biCOlor, a. of two colours. 
bicbncavo, va, a. biconcave. 
biconvexo, a, a. double convex. 

biCOqUete [be-co-Uay'-tay], TO. biCOquin [be-co- 

keen'], TO. double-pointed skull-cap. 
bicome, a. (poet.) bicornuous, bicom. 

bicorp6reo, rea, a. bicorporal. 

biCOS, TO. pi. gold trimmings on skullcaps. 

bicromatO, to. bichromate or dichromate. 

bicuento, TO. (arith.) billion. 

bicuadr^tico, a. (alg.) biquadrate. 

bicha,/. (arch.) fantastic caryatid. 

bichero, TO. (naut.) boat-hook. 

bicho, TO. general name for small grubs or 
insects ; ridiculous fellow.— pi. vermin. 

bid6, TO. bidet, wash-tub. 

bidente, to. &f. having two teeth or prongs. 
— TO. two-pronged spade ; sheep. 

biela, /. brace-strut ; axle-tree, connecting- 

bielda, /. pitchfork with six or seven prongs, 
and a rack. 

bieldar, va. to winnow corn by means of % 

bieldO, bielgO, to. winnowing-fork. 

biempareciente, to. &/. good-looking. 

bien, to. supreme goodness ; object of love ; 
good, utility, benefit, welfare : el bien de la 
patria, thepublic weal.— p/. bienes, property, 
fortune, riches, land, estate: bienes muebles, 
goods and chattels : bienes de fortnna, world- 

g (before e, i) and J as h in hot ; h. silent: 11 in brilliant ; u, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; », bltseA. 




ly treasures : bienes dotales, dower : bienes 
r«icea, real estate : bienes semovientes, cattle. 

blen, adv. well, right, uprightly, happily, 
prosperously, willingly, readily, heartily: 
no bien, as soon as (just as) : bien que, al- 
though : si bien, though : ahora bien, now 
then : mis bien, rather : i y bien ? well, what 
of that? Joined to adjectives or adverbs it 
is equivalent to very, as bien rico, very rich ; 
and to verbs, much, as : 61 bebi6 bien, he 
drank much : tener k bien, to be kind 

bienal, «• biennial. 

bienamado, da, a. dearly beloved. 

bienandante, a. happy, prosperous. 

bienandanza, /. felicity, prospeTity, success. 

bienaventuradamente, adv. fortunately, 

bienaventurado, da, a. blessed ; happy ; 
fortunate, successful ; (iron.) simple, silly, 

bienaventuranza, /. beatitude ; prosperity, 
human felicity.— p<. the eight beatitudes. 

bienestar, m. well-being, comfort. 

bienfortunado, da, a. fortunate, successful. 

biengranada, /. (hot.) curl-leaved goose- 

bienhablado, da, a. well and civilly spoken. 

bienhadado, da, a. lucky, fortunate, happy. 

bienlieclio, cha, a. well-shaped, well-per- 

bienbecbor, ra, m. &f. benefactor. 

bienlntencionado, da, «. well-meaning. 

bienio, rn. term or space of two years. 

blenmandado, da, a. obedient, submissive. 

bienmesabe, m. meringue batter. 

bienquerencia [b«-en-kay-ren'-the-ah], /. good- 
will, affection, fondness. 
bienduerer il)e-en-kay-rerr'l, va. {irr. like QUE- 

•RER) to wish the good of another, to esteem. 

blenquerer, m. esteem, attachment, good- 

bienqueriente, a. p. well-wisher. 

blenquistar [be-«n-kee8'-tari, va. to reconcile. 

bienquisto, ta [be-en-keeB'-to^, a. generally es- 
teemed and respected.— /)p. of bienquis- 

TAR. . 

bienteveo, m. v. candklecho. 

bienvenida, /. safe arrival ; welcome. 

bienvlyir, vn. to live in comfort ; to live 

biforme, «. biformed, biform. 

bifronte, a. (poet.) double-fronted or double- 

biftec, m. beefsteak. 

blforcacidn, /. branch railroad ; junction ; 
bifurcation, forking. 

bifurcadO, da, a. forked, branched, bifur- 

bifUTCarse, vr. to branch off, as a river or 

biga,/. (poet.) team ; a biga. 

blgamia,/. bigamy, second marriage. 

bigamo, m. bigamist; (law) bigam, twice 

bigardear, vn. to live licentiously ; to gad. 

blgardia,/. jest, fiction, dissimulation. 

DigardO, m. licentious friar ; a lubber. 

bigarrado, da, a. v. abigarrado. 

bigaro or bigarro, m. large searsnail. 

blgato, ta, a. ancient coin. 

blgometa, /. dim. small anvil. 

bigomia,/. anvil. 

bigotazo, m. aug. large mustache. 

blgote, m. nustaohio, mustache ; block ; 
(typ.) dash rule. 

bi^otera, /. leather cover for mustacbios ; 
ribbon ornament worn by women on the 

breast ; folding seat in front of a Chariot f 

bow compass. 
blgotudo, a. having a large mustache, 
blja, /. (but.) arnotto-tree ; (com.^ anoattc 


bilateral, a. bilateral. 

biliario, ria, a. biliary. 

bilbaino, na, a. of Bilbao. 

bilingiie, a. bilingual. 

biliOSO, sa, a. bilious. 

bUis,/. bile. 

bilitero, ra, a. of two letten.. 

bilocarse. vr. {pret. biloqu^: subj. BILO- 

QUE) to be in two different places at the 

same time. 

biltrotear, vn. to gad. 

biltrotera, /. gadder, gossiping woman. 

billa, /. pocketing a ball after it has struck 

blllalda or blllarda,/. children's play. . 

billar, m. game of billiards : billiard-table. 

billete, m. anciently, an order of the king; 
note, brief letter ; love-letter ; theatre or 
railwav ticket ; lottery ticket : billete de 
banco, "bank-note. 

billetlco, m. dim. billet, love-letter. 

blll6n, m. billion. 

billonisimo, ma, m.&f.& a. billionth, on* 
of a billion equal parts. 

bimano, na, m. &f. & a. bimanous. 

bimembre, a. having two members. 

bimestral, a. lasting two months. 

bimestre, a. two months' duration.— m. two 
months' rent, pension, salary, or leave of t 

bina, /. second ploughing or digging. 

binador, m. digger, he who digs the same 
ground again ; weeding-fork. 

buiar, va. to dig or plough ground the second 

binariO, ria, a. binary. 

biuaz6n, /. digging or ploughing a second 

binocular, a. binocular. 

bindculo. m. binocle, dioptric telescope j ma- 
rine or held glasses. 

binomia, /. & a. binomial : raiz binomia, bi- 
nomial root. 

binza, /. pellicle, lining of the shell of aD 
egg ; any thin membrane. 

biodin^unica, /. biodynamics. 

biOgrafla, /. biography. 

biOgr&fiCO, ca, a. biographical 

bi6grafO. m. biographer. 

biOlOgia,/. biology. 

bi6l0g0, m. biologist. 

biombO, m. screen. 

bi6xido, m. bioxide. 

bipartido, da, a. (poet.) bipartite. 

bipedal, a. bipedal. 

bipede or bipedo, «. biped. 

bip6talO, la, a. (bot.) bipetalous. 

biribis, m. v. bisbis. 

biriCU, m. sword-belt. 

birimbao, ni. (mus.) Jews harp. 

birla,?. birlO, m. bowl for playing. 

birlador, m. one who makes a strike at bowl- 
ing ; pilferer. 

birlar, va. to bowl a second time from the 
>same place ; to knock down at one blow ; to 
kill at one shot ; to snatch away an employ- 
ment or sweetheart from another; to rob, 

burlibirloque, m. por arte de birlibirloqve, 
(coll.) by occult and extraordinary means. 

blrlOCha, /. paper kite. 

birlocho, m. two-seat light waggon without 

a M ta far ; • in ch I ; i in police ; o in for ; « in boll ; c (before e, i) and i u th In thick ; b 

and d, soft; 


6lrl6% TO. jack pin in bowling. 

birlonga, /. mode of playing ombre : i. la 

birlonga. carelessly. 
"birrectAngulO, a. having two rectangles. 
birreme, «. two-oared : applied to a bireme. 
■birreta, /. cardinal's red cap. 
birrete, ni. cap. V. gorro or bonete, 
birretina,/. grenadier's and hussar's cap. 
bia, f>iJ!, Latin word meaning twice. 
bisabuela, /. great-grandmother. 
bisabuelO, m. great-grandfather. 
bisaf^a, /. hinge ; shoemaker's box-wood 

polisher : bisagras y pernos, hooks and 

bisanuo, nua, a. (hot.) bisannual. 
bisayo, ya, a. native of or pertaining to the 

Bisayas Islands in the Philippines, 
bisbis, m. game resembling baccarat. 
bisblsar, va. to mutter. 
biseccidn, /. bisection. 
bisector, triZ, a. (geom.) bisecting. 
bisel, m. bevel, bevel edge, chamfer; (coop.) 

sloping tool. 
bisextil, bisiesto, a. bissextile. 
bisilabo, ba, a. consisting of two syllables. 
)islingua, /. (bot.) butcher' s-broom. 
bismuto, m. bismuth. 

bisnieto, ta, m. &f. v. biznieto. 

bisojO, ja, «. squint-eyed, cross-eyed. 

bisonte, m. bison. 

biSOftaaa, biSOfleria, /. rash and incon- 
siderate speech or action. 

bisoilO, iia, «. raw. undisciplined recruit, 
novice, tyro. 

bisp6n, m. roll of oil-cloth. 

bistOla, /. V. BESTOLA. 

bistorta, /. (bot.) great bistort, snake-weed, 
bisturi, m. (surg.) bistoury. 
bisulco, ca, «. bisulcous, cloven-footed, 
bisunto, ta, a. dirty or greasy. 
bitacora,/. (naut.) binnacle.' 
bitadura, /. (naut.) cable-bitt ; a turn of the 

bitas,/. pi. (naut.) bitts: contrabitas, stand- 
ards of the bitts. 
bitones, m. pi. (naut.) pins of the capstan. 
bitongo, a. m. overgrown boy. 
bitoque [be-to'-kay], m. bung, stopple. 
bitor, m. (orn.) rail, king of the quails. 
bltuminOSO, sa, a. bituminous. 
bivalvo, va, a. bivalve, bivalvular. 
biza [bee'-thah], /. fish belonging to the family 

of tunnies. V. bonito. 
bizantlno, na, a. Byzantine, 
bizarramente, adv. courageously, gallantly. 
bizarrear, vn. to act spiritedly, gallantly. 
bizarria ibe-thar-ree'-ahi, /, gallantry, valour, 

mettle, liberality, generosity, splendour. 
bizarro, rra [bo-thahr'-ro], a. gallant, brave, 

high-spirited, generous, liberal. 
bizaza li^-thah'-thah], /. saddle-bag. 
bizcacha [wtii-cah'-chah], /. rabbit-like animal 

in Peru. 
bizcar [buh-cai'], vn. {pret. bizque : mbj. biz- 

que) to squint. 
biZCO, ca Ibeetn -co], a. V. bisojo. 

bizcochada ibitb-oo-chah'-<iahi, /. biscuit boiled 
in milk ; long French roll. 

biZCOCbar [wtu-co-char'], va. to bake bread a 
second time. 

biZCOCberO (bltU-co-chay'-roi, m. biscuit-cask ; 
one who makes or sells biscuits. 

bizCOCbitO, m. dim. small bisciiit. 

bizcocbo [bith-co'-choi, m. biscuit, hard-tack ; 
sponge-cake ; whiting made of old plaster ; 

biZCOCbuelO [bith-co-choo-ay'-io], m. dim. sponge- 


biZCOtela, /. light biscuit with sugar icing. 

bizma [beetir-mah], /. cataplasm, poultice. 

blzmar [wth-mar'], va. to poultice, to apply a 

blzna [beeth'-nah], /. zest, membrane which 
quarters the kernel of a walnut. 

biznaga [wth-nah'-gah], /. (bot.) carrot-llkfl 
ammi, with sprigs used as tooth-picks ; use- 
less, worthless thing. 

biznieta,/. great-granddaughter. 

biznieto [buh-ne-a-to], TO. great-grandson. 

biZ<l'aear IbUh-kay-ar'], vn. to squint. 

blanca, /. old copper coin ; mite : no tener 
blanca, to be penniless; (orn.) magpie: 
blanca morfea, (vet.) alphos, white scurf, 
tetter, or ring-worm. 

blanca-esplna,/. hawthorn, white-thorn. 

blancal, a. & m. white wheat, 

blancazo, za, a. whitish. 

bianco, ca, a. white, blank, hoar, hoary ; 
fair ; honoured, respected. 

bianco, to. white star or spot in horses ; tar- 
get : dar en el bianco, to hit the mark ; blank 
left in writing; aim, goal- (print.) blank 
form ; interlude, interval ; white page ; 
(her. ) argent ; sizing : bianco de ballena, 
spermaceti : ropa blanca, linen -. de punta en 
bianco, cep-5-pie ; in full regalia : quedarse 
en bianco, to be frustrated, disappointed. 

blancor, to. blancura,/. whiteness, freedom 
from colour, hoariness : blancura del ojo, 
(vet.) white film on the eye. 

blandamente, adv. softly, mildly, sweetly, 

blandeador, ra, to. &/. softener. 

blandear, va. to soften, render mild ; make 
one change his mind ; brandish, flourish. — 
vn. to slacken, yield : blandear con otro, to 
fall in with another's opinion. 

blandengue, to. soldier, armed with spear la 
Buenos Ayres. 

blandiente, a. swaying, brandishing. 

blandir, va. &vr. to brandish, flourish, sway, 
swing, wave, hurtle, whirl round. 

blandO, da, a. soft, pliant, smooth, cottony, 
tender, mild, bland, gentle, grateful, pleas- 
ing, moderate, delicate, tractable, good-na- 
tured, kindly. 

blandbn, to. wax taper; large church can- 

blandoncillO, to. dim. small candlestick for 
wax tapers. 

blanducho, cba, Jo, ja, a. flabby, loose, 


blandura, /. softness, litheness, daintiness, 
delicacy, gentleness ; emollient application ; 
soft, endearing language; blandishing; 
white cosmetic ; mild temperature. 

blandurilla, /. sort of fine pomatum. 

blanqueacidn, /. blanching metals ; bleach- 
ing ; whitewashing. 

blanqueador, ra, to. &f. blancher, whitea- 
er, bleacher, whitewasher, kalsominer. 

blanqueadura, /. blanqueamiento, m. 
V. blanqueo. 

blanquear [bian-kay-ar'], va. to bleach, whiten, 
blanch, whitewash, kalsomine; to blanch 
metals ; to give coarse wax to bees in win- 
ter. — vn. to show whiteness. 

blanqueCedOr [Wan-kay-thay-dor'], TO. One who 
polishes coin in the mint. 

blanquecer [bUn-kay-therr'l, va. {ind. BI.AN- 

QUEZco : subj. blanquezca') to blanch coin, 
blanqneclmiento, to. blanching. 

blanquecinO, na [Wan-kay-thee'-no], a. whitish, 

blanqueo [Wan-kay'-o], TO. whitening, bleach- 
ing, whitewash, kalsomining. 

g (before e, I) and J as li in hot ; h, silent ; 11 In brilliant ; fi, ny in canyon : r (initial) and rr trilled ; b, hissed. 




blanqueria, /. bleaching-place, bleach-field. 
blanCLUeta iwan-kay'-teh],/. coarsB blanket, 
blanauete [Wan-kay'-uyj, TO. whitewash ; paint 

used by women. 
blanqUiCibn [Wan-ke-the-on'], /. blanching of 

blanquilla [Wan-keer-iyah], /. doit, Small coin ; 

long yellowish plum ; white grape, 
blanquillO, 11a [Wan-keer-lyo], a. dim. whitish, 

somewhat white. — m. fish of California, 
blanquimiento, m. bleaching-solution. 
blanquinoso, sa, «• ^- blanquecino. 
blanqnizal or blanquizar [bian-ke-thahi], m. 

whitish clay, pipe-clay. V. gredal. 
blanqUiZCO, Ca [Wan-keeth'-co], a. whitish. 
blao, a. (her.) azure, 
blasfemable, a. V. vituperable. 
blasfemador, ra, m. &/. blasphemer. 
blasfemamente, adv. blasphemously. 
blasfemante, ap. one who blasphemes. 
blasfemar, vn. to blaspheme ; to curse, 

swear, vituperate. 
blasfematorio, rla, a. blasphemous. 
blasfemia, /. blasphemy ; blaspheming ; 

gross verbal insult. 
blasfemo, ma, o. blasphemous.— m. & f. 

blas6n, m. heraldry, blazon, blazonry ; ar- 
morial ensigns ; honour, glory. 
blasonador, ra, m. & /. boaster, bragger. 
blasonante, pa. vainglorious ; boaster. 
blasonar, va. to blazon ; to draw armorial 

ensigns ; to boast ; praise one's self. 
bld,ste2na, m. (biol.) blastema. 
blavo, va, a. yellowish gray and reddish 

ble, m. hand-ball game. V. ple. 
bleao, TO. (bot.) wild amaranth: no me im- 

porta un bledo, I don't care a straw. 
blefarltis,/. (med.) blepharitis. 
blefaroplastia, /. (med.) blepharoplasty. 
blenda,/. (min.) blende. 
bleno, blino, m. (zool.) hake, blenny. 
blenorragia, /. (med.) blennorrhagia. 
blenorrea, f. (med.) blennorrhoea, gleet. 
blinda,/. biindas,;?/. (fort.) blindage. 
blindado, da, a. & m. iron-clad, armoured. 
blindar, va. to apply plates or armour ; to 

armour ; to protect with blindage. 
^llndaje, TO. (mil.) blind, blindage; (naut.) 

blocao, TO. (mil.) block-house. 
blonda, /. broad silk lace, blond lace. 
blond^a, /. narrow silk lace, narrow blond 

blondo, da, a. flaxen, light, blond, 
bloque [Wo'-kayi, TO. block of stone. 
bloqueador, ra, a. blockader. 
bloquear [bio-kay-ar'], va. (mil.) to lay siege; 

(naut.) to blockade. 
blotueo [bio-kay'-o], TO. blockade, 
blusa,/. blouse. 

boa [bo'-ahi, /. boa, large serpent ; tippet, 
boalaje, m. pasturage of cattle. 
boaroilia,/. v. buhardilla. 
boato, TO. ostentation, pompous show ; shout 

of acclamation. 

bobada,/. v. BOBERfA. 

bobalias, to. very stupid fellow, dolt. 

bobalicbn.; bobazo, to. great blockhead ; 
stupid ; simpleton. 

bObamente, adv. foolishly, stupidly ; with- 
out trouble or care. 

bobarr6n, na, a. big fool. 

bobatel, to. simpleton. V. bobo. 
bOb&tiCO, ca, a. silly, foolish, stupid. 
bobear, va. to act or talk foolishly ; to dally, 

boberia,/. foolish speech or action ; foolery, 
folly, foolishness. — pi. idle conceits. 

b6billS, adv. de bobilir. bobilis, without pail 
or merit. 

bobillo. ilia, ItO, ita, to. &/. dim. little dolt 
or fool. 

bobillo, TO. big-bcHied jug with one handle ; 
modesty-piece, a frill or lace formerly worn 
by women around the tucker. 

bobina,/. bobbin. 

bobisimamente, adv. most foolishly. 

bobo, ba, to. & /. dunce, dolt, fool, simple^ 
ton, ninny ; easily cheated ; ruff formerly 
worn by women; (orn.) booby: 4 bobas, 

bOb6ll, na, to. & /. aug. big dolt, great fool. 

bobote, TO. aug. great idiot or simpleton. 

boca,/. mouth : entrance, opening, hole, noz- 
zle ; muzzle;' bung-hole ; pincers of cray- 
fish ; cutting part of edge-tools ; taste, fla- 
vour, relish : instrumento de boca, wind-in- 
strument: boca del estomago, pit of the 
stomach : boca de fuego, fire-arm : andar de 
boca en boca, to be the talk of the town : 4 
boca de jarro, drinking without measure ; 
very near : bablar por boca de ganso, to say 
what any other person has suggested : n« 
decir esta boca es mia, to keep a profound 
silence: panto en boca, mum, not a word: 
boca arriba, reversed, on one's back : boca 
abajo, face downward : & boca llena, per- 
spicuously, openly : h. pedir de boca, accord- 
ing to one's desire : de manos & boca, unex- 

bocabarra,/. (naut.) bar-hole in a capstan. 

bocacalle,/. entry, end or opening of a street. 

bocacaz, m. opening left in a dam, sluice, or 

bocaci, bocacin, to, fine glazed buckram. 

bocadear, va. to divide into bits or morsels. 

bOCadiCO, illO, itO, to. dim. morsel, bit. 

bOCadillO, to. thin, middling sort of linen ; 
narrow ribbon or tape, gimp; morning 
luncheon given to labourers in the field; 
guava paste wrapped in banana leaves. 

bocado, TO. morsel, mouthful, gobbet, bite, 
bit; modicum; bitof a bridle : con el bocado 
en la boca, immediatelj' after eating : no tener 
para an bocado, to be in extreme distress.^ 
pi. slices of quinces, apples, pumpkins, etc., 
made up into conserves. 

bocal, TO. narrow-mouthed pitcher; mouth« 
piece ; (naut) narrows of a harbour. 

bocamanga, /. part of a sleeve near th« 

bocanada,/. mouthful of liquor; whifF,puft 
of smoke: bocanada de gente, crowd, 7ush 
jam : bocanada de viento, sudden blast oi 

bOcarOn, to. wind-chest of an organ ; wind- 

bocarte, w. ore-crusher, stamp-mill. 

bocatela,/. front tile of each line of tiling; 

bocatljera,/. socket for a carriage pole. 

bocaza,/. aug. large, wide mouth. 

bocazo, TO. fizzle in blasting. 

bocear, va. (vet.) v. bocezar. 

bocel Ibo-thei'] TO. (arch.) bowtel, solid cylin- 
drical moulding ; tool for making bowtels : 
caarto bocel, astragal : medio bocel, torus. 

bocelar, va. to make cvlindrical mouldings. 

bocelete, to. dim. small moulding-plane. 

bOCel6n, to. dug. large moulding-plane. 

bocera, /. whatever, sticks to the lip after 
eating or drinking. 

boceto, TO. sketch, delineation, cartoon. 

bocezar (bo-thay-thar'l, va. (vet.) to move the 
lips from one side to another (as horses). 

a M In far ; e in eh I ; 1 in police : • in tor ; n in boll ; « (before e, i) and 8 u th in thick ; b and d, aoft j 

BOC 73 

bocin [bo-theen'l, m. round piece of bass mat 
put about the nave of a cart, as a cap of de- 
fence ; feed-pipe of an overshot wheel. 

bOCina [bo-thee'-nah], /. large trumpet, bugle- 
horn, megaphone, fog-horn, huntsman's 
horn ; (naut.) speaking-trumpet, hearing- 
trumpet ; kind of shell ; constellation called 
Ursa Minor ; (mech.) bushing, wheel-hoop. 

bocinar, va. to sound the trumpet, bugle- 
horn, or huntsman's horn. 

bOCinero, m. trumpeter, horn-blower. 

bOC6n, m. wide-mouthed person, braggart. 

bOCOy, m. hogshead.— p^. bocoyes abatidos, 
shocks of hogsheads. 

bocudo, da, a. large-mouthed, 

bocba, /. bowl, wooden ball for playing at 
bowls ; fold or bag in misfit clothes. 

bocbar, va. to dislodge a ball, in bowling. 

bochazo, m. stroke of one bowl against an- 

bOChe, m. cherry-pit or chuck-hole ; disap- 

bOChin, m. (obs.^ hangman. 

bOCMnclie, m. (Amer.) tumult, uproar, up- 

bochincbero, ra, a. (Amer.) disturber of 
peace and order. 

bocbista, m. good bowler. 

bocbomo, m. hot, sultry weather, scorching 
heat; rush of blood to the head; blush, 

bochornOSO, sa, a. shameful, reproachful ; 

boda, /. marriage, nuptials, wedding : boda 
de negroB, said of a boisterous feast. 

bodaquera ibo-dau-kay'-rau], /. blow-gun in 
South America. 

bode, m. (zool.) buck. 

bodega, /. wine-vault, cellar ; abundant vin- 
tage; store-room, warehouse; retail grocery; 
(naut.) hold of a ship. 

bodeg6n, w. mean chop-house, eating-house ; 
tippliug-house ; painting representing still 
life, principally edibles. 

bodegoncillo, m. dim. low chop-house. 

bodegonear, %^a. to run from one tippling- 
house to another. 

bodegonero, ra, m. &/. one who keeps a low 
chop-house or tippling-house. 

bodeguero, ra, m. & /. butler, one who has 
the care of a cellar ; (Cuba) retail grocer. 

bodeguilla, /. dim. small cellar or vault. 

bOdlgO, m. manchet, presented as an oflfering 
in tne church. 

bodijo, m. unequal match, hedge-marriage 
with little ceremony. 

bodocal, a. kind of black grapes. 

bodocazo, m. stroke of a pellet shot from a 

bodoUo, m. pruning-knife, pruning-hook. 

bodoque (bo-do'-kayl, m. pellet, ball of clay 
shot from a cross-bow ; dunce, idiot. 

bodoquera [bo-do-kay'-rahj, /. mould for clay 
pellets; cradle of a cross-bow ; pea-shooter. 

bodoquUIO [bo-<iokeei'-iyo], w. dim. clay pellet. 

bodorrio, m. v. bodijo. 

bodrio, m. soup of broken meat and garden- 
stuff; hodge-podge ; mixture of hog's blood 
and onions for sausages. 

boezuelO, m. stalking-ox, which serves to 
screen fowlers. 

bofe, m. lung, lights : echar el bofe or los bofes, 
to labour very hardly. 

bbfeta, /. thin, stiff cotton stuft. 

bofetada, /. slap, buffet, box, blow on the 
face with the hand. 

bofet6n, m. cuff or violent blow with the 
hand upon the face ; revolving door trick. 

. BOL 

bofetoncillo, m. dim. slight box dr slap oil 
the face. 

boga, /. (zool.) ox-eyed cackerel, mendole: 
act of rowing ; stroke ; small two-edged 
knife. — m. rower : eitar en boga alguna cosa, 
to be fashionable ; to be commonly used. 

bogada, /. rowing-stroke ; bucking of clothes 
with lye. 

bogador, m. rower. 

bogante, pa. rower ; rowing. 

bogar, vn. {pret. BOGUifi: subj. bogue) to 

bogavante, m. (naut.) strokesman; large 

bogotano, na, a. of Bogota. 

bonardilla,/. v. buhardilla. 

bobemlano, na, mio, mia, mo, ma, a. Bo- 

b0b6miC0, ca, a. belonging to Bohemia. 

bobemio, m. short cloak fonnerly worn by 
the guard of archers. V. gitano. 

bobena, bobefla,/. pork sausages. 

bobio, m. (Sp. Am.) Indian hut, hovel, cabin. 

bobordar, va. to throw wands, called bohor> 
dos, in tournaments. 

bobordo, in. blade of flag, water-plant ; short 
spear ; dart used in tournaments ; (bot, ) 

boil, m. ox-3tall. V. boyera. 

bolna, /. flat, round woollen cap generally 
worn in Navarre and Biscay. 

boj, m. box-tree, box-wood ; shoemaker's box- 
wood tool. 

boja,/. southern-wood. V. abrotano. 

bOjar or bojear, va. (naut.) to sail round 
and measure an island or cape ; scrape off 
the stains of leather. — vn. to measure 
around ; contain. 

bojedal, m. plantation of box-trees. 

bojeo, bOJO, m. (naut.) sailing round and 
measuring an island or head-land. 

bojeta [bo-hay'-tah], /. kind of herring. 

bOliganga, .f. company of strolling players. 

bol, m. punch-bowl ; Armenian bole, red earth. 

bola, /. ball, globe, pellet; marble, bolus; 
game of bowling; (coll.) lie, falsehood, 
humbug, hoax, fib ; (naut.) truck, ball for 
signals; blacking for shoes; billiard ball: 
ruede la bola, let well enough alone: bola 
de Jab6n, wash-ball : bacer bola, to play 

bolada,/. stroke in billiards. 

bOladO, m. V. AZUCARILLO. 

bolazo, m. violent blow with a bowl : de bo- 
lazo, a. hurriedly. 

bolear, vn. to play, practise games at bil- 
liards ; to bowl ;' to boast, lie, fib. — va. to 
dart, launch. 

boleo, m. bowling ; bowling-green, place 
where balls are thrown. 

bolera, /. bowling-alley ; dancer of bolero. 

bolero, m. Andalusian dance ; the person 
who dances it on the sta^e. 

bolero, ra, a. truant, fibbing, lying. 

boleta, /. admission ticket ; lodging billet ; 
pay order ; small package of tobacco. 

boletar, va. to put up packages of tobacco. 

boletero, m. ticket-agent. 

boletin, m. pay warrant ; pay-bill ; lodging 
billet : admission-ticket ; bulletin, of news ; 
(com.) price-list; price-current. 

bolicbada, /. game of bollche ; fish caught in 
a net: de una bolichada, by chance at one 

bollcbe, m. jack; small ball for bowling, 
small drag-net ; small fish caught in a drag- 
net near the shore : juego de bollche, pigeon- 
holes, old game ; troll-madam : bolichet, 

g (before e, i) and J as b in hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; ft, n; in canyon ; r (initial) and rr triUed ; ■, biased 

BOL 74 

(naut.) fore-top bowlines aud top-gallant 
bowlines ; furnace for lead-smelting ; toy 
called cup aud ball. 

bolichero, ra, «»• & f. one who keeps a 
pigeon-hole or troll-madam table. 

bolidO, m. fiery meteor, shooting-star. 

bolilla!,/. dim. small ball. 

bolillO, m. bobbin for lace-making ; iron pin 
in the game of trucks • mould for stiffening 
lace cuffs; bone joined to skull of horses. — 
pi. paste-nuts ; starched lace cuffs. 

bOlin, TO. jack ; small bowl : de bolin, de bol4n, 
at random, taoughtlessly. 

bolines, (Amer.) mould-shot. 

boUna,/- sounding-line ; punishment on ship- 
board ; noise, turmoil; (naut.) bow-line: 
navegar de bolina, to sail with bowlines 
hauled: cchar de bolina, (met.) to make idle 

bolinear, va. to haul up the bowline. 

bolisa, /. embers, hot cinders. 

bolivar, m. silver coin of Venezuela. 

boliviano, m. silver coin of Bolivia, — a. of or 
pertaining to Bolivia. 

bolo, TO. one of the nine-pins ; cushion for 
lace-making; axis or core of a winding 
staircase ; idiot, stupid ; bolus, large pill ; 
game of nine-pins or ten-pins ; large knife, 
like a machete, used in the Philippines. 

bolones, (naut.) square bolts or mor- 
tar-bed pintles. 

bolonio, TO. ignorant, rattle-brained fellow. 

bOlOfl.6s, esa, a. Bolognese ; of Bologna, 

bolsa, /. purse, money, exchange. V. lonja ; 
pouch, game-bag, hair-bag, foot-bag ; in a 
gold-mine, pocket; (med.) morbid swelling 
full of matter; (anat.) scrotum: bolsa de 
pastor, (hot.) shepherd' s-purse. 

bolsear, vn. to purse up, pucker. 

bolsera, /. hair-bag or net for ladies. 

bolseria, /. place where purses or bags are 
made or sold. 

bolsero, to. manufacturer or seller of purses. 

bolsica, ita, Ula, /. dim. small purse. 

bolsico, TO. poke, pocket. 

bolslllO, TO. dim. purse, pocket ; money. 

bolsin, TO. gathering of brokers out of ex- 
change hours. 

bolsista, TO. stock-broker, speculator. 

bolso, m. purse of money, money-bag. 

bolsdn, m. aug. of bolso ; large purse ; large 
iron ring to hold braces of arches ; in oil- 
mills, board lining of the oil-reservoir. 

bolla,/. duty on woollens and silks formerly 
levied in Catalonia; tax on the manufac- 
ture of nlaying-caras ; in South America, 
great ricnness of an ore. 

bolladura,/. v. abolladura. 

bollar, va. to put a leaden seal on cloths to 
indicate their manufactory ; to emboss, 
raise figures. 

bOlleria,/. bakerv, pastry-shop. 

bollero, ra, to. & /. pastry-cook, seller of 
sweet cakes. 

bolllCO, itO, TO. dim. small loaf or roll. 

bOllO,TO. small loaf or roll, penny loaf; small 
biscuit or cake; puff in dress ; tuft in uji- 
holstery ; bruise made in metal : bollo mai- 
m6n cake filled with sweetmeats ; morbid 
swelling; lump; in Peru, bars of silver: 
bollos de relieve, embossed or raised work. 

boll6n, TO. brass-headed nail ; button or bud 
on a plant, vine-bud j button ear-ring. 

bollonado, da, a. having brass-headed nails. 

bolluelo, TO. dim. of bollo. 

bomba, /. pump, pumping-engine, fire-en- 
gine : bomba alimenticia, l^ed-pQmp : bomba 
aspirante, suction-pump : bomba impelente. 


force-pump : bomba centrifuga, centrifugal 
pump : bomba rotatorio, rotary pump : bomba 
deguimbalete, (naut.) common pump : bomba 
de carena, bilge-pump: cargar la bomba, to 
fetch the pump : dar k la bomba, to pump 
ship ; shell, bomb-shell ; carcass : bomba 
marina, water-spout ; piece of wind-instru- 
ments ; lamp globe ; earthen jar or firkin for 
skimming oil from water : ; bomba 1 listen ! 
calling attention to a toast. 

bombacbO, a. pantal6n bombacho, wide, bal- 
loon trousers. 

bombarda,/. bombard, ancient thick piece 
of ordnance; (naut.) bomb-ketch or bomlj- 
vessel ; ancient wind-instrument; stop of a 

bombardear, va. to bombard. 

bombardeo, to. bombardment. 

bombardero, to. bombardier. 

bombasi, m. bombazine, dimity. 

bOIUbazo, m. report of a bursting bomb. 

bomb^, TO. light two-wheeled carriage open 
in front. 

bombear, va. v. bombardear. 

bombero, to. fireman ; pumper ; howitzer. 

bombilla, /. (Amer.) small tube for drink- 
ing the mate ; (naut.) hand-lantern. 

bombillO, to. lamp chimney ; water-closet 
trap ; small pump ; sample or thief-tube. 

bombo, TO. large drum ; player on bass-drum ; 
(naut.) barge or lighter; leather pouch in 
billiards, for numbered balls. 

bombo, ba, a. astonished; (Amer.) tepid. 

bombdn, to. bonbon, candy ; vase or cup 
made of cane in the Philippines ; carboy. 

bombonaje, to. screw-pine. 

bombonera, /. box for bonbons. 

bonachbn, na, a. good-natured, kind. 

bonaerense, a. of Buenos Ayres. 

bonancible, «. moderate, calm, fair, serene. 

bonanza, /. fair weather ; prosperity, suc- 
cess : ir en bonanza, to be prosperous. 

bonaparbismo, to. Bonapartism. 

bonapartista, a. Bonapartist. 

bonazo, za, a. good-natured, kind-hearted. 

bondad, /. goodness, excellence, kindne.s8, 
kindliness, goodwill, graciousness, clemen- 
cy, frankness, courtesy, suavity. 

bondadOSO, sa, a. kind, generous, bounti- 

boudoso, sa, a. v. bondadoso. 

bonetas,/. pi. (naut.) bonnets. 

bonetada, /. salutation made by taking «f{ 
the hat. 

bonete, to. bonnet, college cap; secular 
clergyman ; bonnet of a fortress ; preserve 
jar; reticulum, of ruminants. 

boneteria, /. bonnet or factory shop. 

bonetero, ra, to. &/. one who makes or sells 
bonnets; (hot.) prick-wood, gatheridge. 

bonetillo, to. small cap or bonnet ; ornament 
which women wear over their head-dress. 

bonga,/. palm in the Philippines. V. aeeca. 

bongo, HI. canoe used in Central America. 

boniatO (bunlato or moniato), m. sweet potato. 

bonicamente, adv. prettily, neatly, slyly. 

bonico, ca, a. dim. of BUENO. 

bonificacibn, /. (com.) allowance, discount, 

bonificar, ra. {pret. B0NIFIQU6: siihj. BONI- 
fique) to credit ; to meliorate ; to improve. 

bonina,/. (hot.) ox-eye chamomile. 

bonisimo, ma, a. sup. of bueno, very good. 

bonitalo, to. v. bonito, a fish. 

bonitamente, orfr., prettily, neatly. 

bonitillO, iUa, «. dim. somewhat pretty. 

bonito, TO. sea-fish, striped tunny. 

bonito, ta, a. dim. of BLENO, "pretty good. 

« u la far ; e in <)h I ; 1 in police ; o in for ; U in ball ; C (before c, i) and z as tb in thick ; b aud d. 



passable ; pretty, graceful, minion, elegant, 

i>eat, nice, dainty. 
l)Onizal, m. corn-lield. 
"bonJZO, m. corn grown wild in Asturias. 
bono, m. (com.) bond, certificate, due-bill. 
bonote, m. cocoanut fibre; (naut. ) coir. 
bonzo, m. bonze, a priest of Buddha. 
bOlLlga, /. cow-dung, casings. 
bOfilgar, rt. kind ot round white fig. 
bOOtes, m. Bootes, a northern constellation. 

bOqueada [bo-kay-aU'-aah], /. gasp, gasping. 

boquear [bo-kay-ar'i, vn. to gape, gasp; to 
brea*.he one's last; to expire; (met.) to 
end, terminate. — va. to pronounce ; to utter. 

boquera [bo-kay'iahl, /. sluice made in a canal 
for irrigating lands ; door of hayloft ; open- 
ing in inclosures for cattle ; cesspool ; ex- 
coriation of the angles of the lips ; ulcer in 
the mouth of beasts. 

boqiier6n [bo kay-rone'l, TO. wide opening, large 
h«le ; (icht.) anchovy. 

boquete [bo-kay'-tay], TO. gap, narrow entrance. 

lX>4Ulabiert0, ta [bo-ke-ah-b«-err-toj, a. with 
open mouth ; gaping. 

boquiancb.0, cna Ibo-ke-ahn'-cUo], a. wide- 

boquiangosto, ta [bo-ke-«n-go8'-to], a. narrow- 

bOqUiCOnOJUHO, na [bo-ke-co-nay-hoo'-Ho], a. 
rabbit-mouthed; hare-lipped (as horses). 

boquiduro, ra [bo-ke-doo'-ro], a. hard-mouthed. 

boquifresco, ca [bo-ko-fies'-co', a. fresh- 
mouthed (horses); frank, outspoken. 

boquifnmcido,da[bo-ke-froon-thee'-do], a. puck- 
ered mouth. 

bOqUlhendidO, da [bo-ke-en-dee'-do], a. large- 
mouthed, Hewed. 

bOqulIlUndidO, da [bo-ke-oon-dee'-do], a. having 
a sunken mouth. 

boquilla [bo-keer-iyah], /. divi. little mouth ; 
opening of breeches at the knees ; opening 
in a canal for irrigating lands ; chisel for 
mortising ; mouth-piece of a wind-instru- 
ment ; cigar-holder; (mas.) verge, course; 
(mech.) bushing, bush; bomb-hole; gas- 
burner ; mouth of a scabbard. 

boquimuelle [bo-ke-moo-ei'-iyay], a. tender- 
mouthed ; unwary, easily imposed upon. 

boquin [i)o-keen'], ni. coarse sort of baize. 

boqulnatural [bo-ke-nah-too-rahr], a. well- 

boquinegro, gra [bo-ke-iiay'-gro\ a. black- 
mouthed. — TO. &f. blackish sort of snail. 

bOqUirraSgadO, da [bo-keer-ras-gah'-do], a. deep- 

boquirroto, ta [bo-keer-ro'-to\ a. loquacious, 

bOquirrUbiO, bia [bo-keer-roo'-be-o], a. simple, 
artless ; conceited youth. 

boquiseCO, ca [bo-ke-say'-c^], a. dry-mouthed. 

bOqUlSUmidO, da [bo-ke-soo-mee -do], a. V. BO- 

boqilita [bo-kee'-tah], /. dim. small mouth. 

boquitorcldo, da, boquituerto, ta [bo-ke- 

toi-thee'-do, bo-ke-too-err'-to], a. wry-mouthed, 

having a crooked mouth. 

boraclco, ca, a. boraclc. V. b6rico. 

borato, m. borate. 

b6rax, m. borax ; sodium biborate. 

borbollar, borbollonear, vn. to bubble out, 
gush out. 

borboll6n, borbotdn, to. bubbling, gushing 
up of water ; flash : (met. ) k borbollones, im- 

borbdniCO, ca, a. relating to the Bourbons. 

borborigmo, to. rumbling in the bowels. 

borbotar, vn. to gush out with violence ; to 
boil over. 

75 BOB 

bOrcegUi [bor-thay-gee'l, TO. buskin, half-boot ,' 
laced shoe. 

bOrCegrUlneria [bor-thay-gee-nay-ree-ali], /. shop 

where laced shoes are made or sold. 

bOrCegUlnerO, ra [bor-thay-gee-nay'-i-o], m. &.J. 

maker or retailer of laced shoes. 

borcellar [bor-thei-iyar'], TO. brim of a vessel. 

borda, /. hut, cottage; (naut.) gunwale. 

bordada, /. (naut.) board, tack: dar una 
bordada, to tack ; (met.) to promenade. 

bordadlllO, to. double-flowered tatfeta. 

bordado, to. embroidery.— pp. of bordar. 

bordador, ra, to. &/. embroiderer. 

bordadura, /. embroidery ; (her.) border of 
an escutcheon. 

bordaje, m. (naut.) side planks of a ship. 

bordar, va. to embroider ; to perform a thing 
prettily and artistically : bordar & tambor, 
to tambour. 

borde, w. border, outer edge, margin, verge, 
fringe, ledge • hem of a garment ; brim of a 
vessel ; board, the side of a ship : k borde, 
on the brink ; on the eve. — a. wild, savage, 
uncultivated ; bastard. 

bordear, vn. (naut.) to ply to windward. 

bordel^S, sa, a. of Bordeaux. 

bordo, m. board, the side of a ship ; border, 
outer ^dge ; tack : 4 bordo, on board ship : al 
bordo, alongside the ship : de alto bordo, large 
sea-going vessel : dar bordos, to tack : rendir 
el bordo en, to arrive at. 

borddn, to. Jacob's staff, pilgrim's staft"; bass- 
string ; bass of an organ ; vicious repetition 
of words • refrain, burden of a song ; (met. ) 
staflf, guide, or support of another : bordones, 
(naut.) shores, out-riggers. 

bordoncico, illo, to. dim. small staflf, 

bordoneado, da.i>i>. &a. (her.) pommelled. 

bordonear, vn. to try the ground with a staff 
or stick ; to beat, club, cudgel ; to rove or 
wander about. 

bordoneria,/. wandering idly about, on pre- 
tence of devotion. 

bordonero, ra, to. & /. vagrant, vagabond, 

bordura,/. (her.) V. bordadura. 

boreal, a. boreal, northern. 

b6reas, to. boreas, the north wind. 

borgOfi.a, to. Burgundy wine. 

borgOfiiin, na, a. of Burgundy. 

borgO&Ota, /. sort of ancient helmet: i la 
borgoBota, in the Burgundy fashion. 

bbllCO, ca, a. boric. 

Borinquen, /. applied to the island of Port* 

borinque&o, fla, a. of or belonging to the 
island of Porto Rico. 

borla, /. tassel, tuft, lock, flaunt ; in univer- 
sities, doctor's bonnet, doctorship : tomarla 
borla, to graduate. 

borllca, ilia, ita,/. dim. small tassel. 

borlilla,/. (bot.) anther. 

borldn, m. aug. large tassel ; napped stuff, 
made of thread and cotton yarn. 

borne, to. end of a lance; (bot.) cytissus ; 
binding-i>ost of an electrical apparatus. 

bomeadero, m. (naut.) berth of a ship at 
anchor ; swinging berth. 

bomeadizo, za, a. pliant, easily warped. 

bomear, va. to bend, turn, twist; (arch.) to 
model and cut pillars all round ; to hoist, 
move, and set down building blocks, etc. — 
vn. to edge, sidle, warp, turn; (naut.) to 
swing round the anchor. 

bomeo, to. turning or winding a thing; 
swinging motion in dancing ; (naut. ) swing- 
ing round the anchor. 

bornera, a. blackish mill-stone. 

% (before e, i) and J as h la hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; ft, ny In canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; s, 




bornero, ra, «• ground by a bomera. 

borni, m. (om.) lanuer, kiud of falcon. 

boro, tn. boron, one of the chemical elements. 

borona, /. grain resembling Indian corn ; 
bread made from this grain. 

boronia, /. dish of apples, jpumpjcins, and 
green pepper. V. alboronia. 

borra, /. yearling ewe ; thick wool, goat's 
hair ; nap ; floss, burl ; tax on sheep ; lees, 
sediment, waste ; idle talk ; borax : borra de 
lana, flock wool : borra de seda, floss silk. 

borracba, /. (coll.) leather bottle for wine. 

borrachear, vn. to be often drunk. 

borrachera, borracberia, /. drunkenness ; 
hard-drinking, carousal, revelry, drunken 
feast; (met.) madness, great folly. 

borracbero, m. shrub of South America : the 
seed ingested causes delirium. 

borrachez, /. intoxication ; perturbation of 
the judgment or reason. 

borracbO, Cba, a. drunk, intoxicated; (met.) 
inflamed by passion ; applied to fruits and 
flowers of a violet colour : sopa borracLa, 
wine cake. 

borracb6n, borracbonazo, m. aug. great 

drunkard, tippler. 
borrachuela, /. (bot.) bearded darnel, 
borrachuelo, la, w. &/. dim. little tippler. 
borrador, m. rough draft ; blotter. 
borradura,/. erasure, scratch. 
borra^, m. v. atincar and borax. 
borraja,/. (bot.) borage. 
borrajear, vn. to scribole, scrawl. 
borrajo, m. V. rescoldo. 
borrar, va. to cross out, strike out; scratch, 

blot, efface, erase, rub out, obliterate ; (met.) 

to cloud, darken, obscure. 
borrasca, /. storm, tempest, squall ; barren 

rock ; (met.) hazard, danger, obstruction. 
borrascOSO, sa, a. stormy, boisterous, gusty, 

bOrrasqUerO, ra [bor-ras-kay'-ro], a. reveller. 
borregada, /. large flock of sheep or lambs. 
borrego, ga, tn. A/, lamb not yet a year old ; 

(met.) simpleton. 
borreguero [bor-ray-gay'-roj, m. shepherd who 

tends lambs. 
bOrregHltO [bor-ray-gee'-to], m. dim. little lamb. 
borr6n, vi. saddle-tree. 
borrica, /. she-ass ; ignorant woman, 
borricada, /. drove of asses ; cavalcade on 

asses ; silly or foolish word or action. 
borriCO, m. ass, jument ; fool ; (carp.) trestle- 
borrlc6n, borrlCOte, m. aug. large jackass ; 

plodder, laborious man ; sawyer's horse. 
borrllla, /. downy matter enveloping fruits. 
bOrXlque&O, fta [bor-re-kay'-nyol, a. asinine. 

borriquero [bor-re-kay'-roj, m. One who keeps 

or tends asses. 
boiTiquete [bor-re-kay'-tay], m. (carp.) trestle- 

horse : (naut.) de proa, foretop-mast. 
bOrriquillO, ilia, itO, ita [bor-re-keer-lyo], m. 

&/. dim. little ass. 
borrlqulllos [bor-re-keer-iyoe], m. pi. cross-bars 

of a table-frame. 
borro, TO. wether not two years old ; (coll. ) 

dolt ; duty on sheep, 
borrdn, to. blot of ink, blur; rough draft; 

first sketch ; blemish, stigma. 
borronazo, m. aug. great blot or blur. 
borroncillo, to. dim. small blot or stain. 
borronear, va. to sketch ; to waste paper by 

scribbling on it. 
borroso, sa, a. full of dre^, thick, muddy : 

letra borrosa, illegible writing, 
borrufalla,/. empty sounds or words. 
bomunbada,/. v. barrumbada. 

boruca,/. noise, hubbub, uproar. 

borujO, m. pack, bundle ; bagasse of olive* 
pits ; oil-cake. 

boruj6n, m. V. buruj«5n. 

borusca, /. withered leaf. V. seroja. 

boscaje [bos-cah'-hay], TO. boscage, cluster of 
trees, grove ; (pict.) boscage, landscape. 

b6sforO, TO. Bosphorus, channel by which two 
seas communicate. 

bosque Ibos'-kay], TO. wood, forest, grove. 

bOSquecillO [bos-kay-theer-lyo], m. dim. small 
wood, coppice, grove. 

bosquejar iboa-kay-har'j, va. to make a sketch of 
a painting ; to plan, draw, design or project ; 
to explain a thought or idea in a rather ob- 
scure manner ; to make a rough model of a 
figure, or bas-relief. 

bOSI^ejO [bo8-kay'-ho], TO. sketch of a painting ; 
any unfinished work, writing or composi- 
tion : en hoiqucjo, in an unfinished state. 

bosquete [bos-kay'-tay], TO. artificial grove. 

bOSta,/. dung, manure. 

bostezador, ra, to. &/. & a. gaper, yawner. 

bOStezante, pa. gaping, yawning. 

bOStezar [boa-tay-thar'], vn. {pret. BOSTECi : 

subj. bostece) to yawn, gape. 

bostezo [bos-tay'-thol, m. yawn, yawning. 

bOta, /. small leather wine-bag ; butt or pipe 
for wine or other liquids; liquid measure 
equal to about 125 gallons ; boot : bota de 
montar, riding boot ; (naut.) water-cask. 

botabala,/. kind of ramrod. 

botador, m. thrower, pitcher ; punch, instru- 
ment for driving out nails ; nail set ; dent- 
ist's crow's bill or pelican ; (naut.) starting- 
pole, boat-hook; (mech.) furnace-bar, fire- 
iron; bolt-driver; (med.) refractor. 

botafuego, TO. linstock, match-staff; irri- 
table, quick-tempered person. 

botague&a [bo-taii-gay'-nyah], /. sausage made 
of pigs' haslets. 

bOtalbll, TO. (naut.) boom: botal6n del foqne, 

botamen, to. (naut.) all the water-casks on 
board a ship ; all the pots and jars in a drug- 

botana, /. plug to stop up a hole in wine 
leather bag or cask; plaster on a wound; 

botanica, /. botany. 

botanico, ca, «. botanic, botanical. 

botanico, botanista, to. botanist. 

bOtanomancia, /. botanomancy, supersti- 
tious divination by herbs. 

botantes, (naut.) shores, out-riggers. 

botar, va. to cast, pitch, throw, fling, launch ; 
to bound, rebound ; (Amer.) to squander, 
misspend ; (naut.) to shift the helm : botar 
al agua, (naut.) to launch a ship. 

botaratada,/. rash, thoughtless action. 

botarate, a. & m. (coll. ) madcap, thoughtless, 
blustering person. 

botarel, to. (areh.) buttress, abutment, spur, 
counter pillar. 

botarga, /. loose breeches, galligaskins ; mot- 
ley dress ; harlequin, buffoon ; kind of large 
sausages. V. dominguillo. 

botaslua,/. (mil.) bugle signal for the cav- 
alry to saddle. 

botavante, m. (naut.) boarding pike. 

bOtavara, /. (naut. ) small boom or pole, gaff, 
sprit ; boat-hook : botavara de cangreja, gaff- 
sail boom. 

b0t6, m. l|irust with a pike, lance, or spear; 
rebound of a ball ; frolicsome bound of a 
horse ; gallipot ; toilet-box ; pot or jar ; 
chuck-farthing : bote de tabaco, snuff-canis- 
ter ; (naut.) boat: bote de la«tre, bailast- 

a u la far ; e in eh t ; i in police ; o In for ; a la ball ; c (before e, i) and i as tli in thick : b and d, aoA i 

BOT 17 

lighter : estar de bote en bote, to be full of 
people : de bote yvoleo, instantly. 

bOteciCO, illO, itO, m. dim. canister ; skiff. 

botella, /. bottle, tiask ; also the liquor con- 
tained in a bottle. 

Iiotellazo, m, blow with a bottle. 

1301611611, m. demijohn. 

bOteqUin [bo-tay-Ueen'J, OT. (naut.) COg, SCUll. 

boteria, /• in ships, collection of casks of 

botero, m. one who makes leather bags and 

bottles for wine; boatman, wherryman. 
botica, /. apothecary's shop ; medicine in 

boticaria,/. apothecary's wife, 
boticario, m. apothecary. 
bOtiga, /. (prov. ) shop. 
botiguero, m. (prov.) shopkeeper. 

bOtigU.ilia[bo-te-{,'eer-lyali),/. dim. of BOTIGA. 

botlja, /. earthen round, short-necked jug; 
fat person. 

botijero, m. one who makes or sells jars. 

bOtyilla, juela,/. dim. small jar. 

bOtijO [bo-tee'-iio), m. round earthen jar with a 
spout and a handle ; plump little child. 

botiibn, m. aug. large earthen jar ; fat child. 

bOtUla, /. dim. small wine-bag; woman's 

botiller, m. V. botillero. 

botilleria, /. ice-cream saloon ; (naut.) stew- 
ard's room and stores. 

botillero, m. one who prepares or sells ice- 
cream and refreshments. 

botillo, m. dim. small leather wine-bag. 

bOtln, TO. buskin, half-boot; spatterdash, 
leggings ; booty, spoils of war. 

botina,/. modem gaiter ; woman's boot. 

botinero, m. cattle having black feet ; shoe- 
maker ; soldier who takes care of and sells 
the booty. 

bOtlniCO, illO, itO, m. dim. little gaiter or 

botlquln [bo-te-keeii'], TO. travelling medicine- 

botito, TO. gaiter with elastics or buttons. 

bOtiVOleO) m,. recovering a ball at the re- 

boto, ta, a. blunt ; dull of understanding. — 
TO. wine-skin ; large gut fillegl with butter. 

b0t6n, TO. sprout, bud, gem; button; (feu.) 
tip of a foil ; knob of doors or windows ; an- 
nulet of balusters, and of keys ; piece of 
wood which fastens a fowling-net; crank- 
pin ; dowel ; handle : boton de fuego, cautery 
in the form of a button : bot6n de oro, (bot.) 
creeping double-flowered crow-foot 

botonadura,/. set of buttons. 

botouazo, TO. (fen.) thrust given with a foil. 

botoncito, to. dim. small button. 

botoneria, /. button-maker's shop. 

botonero, ra, m. &f. button-maker ; button- 

bototo, TO. gourd or calabash to carry water. 

botuto, TO. stem of the papaw fruit; war- 
trumpet of the Orinoco Indians. 

bou, TO. joint casting of a net by two boats. 

bovage, bovd.tl00, to. ancient duty on 
horned cattle. 

bbveda, /. arch or vault ; cave or cavern ; 
vault for the dead in churches. 

bovedllla, /. (arch.) small vault, cove.— pi. 
(naut.) counters : subirse & las bovediUas, to 
be nettled. 

bovino, na, a. belonging to cattle. 

box, TO. (bot.) V. BOJ. 

boya, /. (naut.) beacon; buoy; net-float. 

boyada, /. drove of oxen. 

boyal, a. relating to cattle. 


boy ante, pa. buoyant, floating. — a. (naut.) 
light, sailing well ; prosperous, successful. 

boy ar, vn. (naut. ) to buoy ; to float. 

boyazo, m. aug. large ox.' 

boy era, boyeriza, /. ox-stall, cow-house. 

boyero, to. oxherd, ox-driver, cowherd. 

boyezuelO, to. dim. young or small ox. 

boytino, na, a. bovine. 

boza, /. (naut.) rope with one end fast in a 
bolt-ring: bozas, (naut.) stoppers. 

bozal, TO. muzzle ; bells on a harness. 

bOZal, a. applied to negroes lately imported ; 
novice, inexperienced, greenhorn ; stupid, 
foolish ; wild, not broken in, untamed. 

bozalejo, to. small muzzle. 

bozo, TO. down, which precedes the' beard; 
mouth around the lips ; head-stall of k horse. 

brabante, to. Brabant or Flemish linen. 

brabanzbn, a. native of Brabant. 

braceada, /. violent extension of the arms. 

braceaje [Uiah-thay-ah'-hay], TO. coinage ; beat- 
ing the metal for coining in the mint; 
(naut.) bracing of the yards; depth of 

bracear [braU-thay-ar'], vn. to move or swing 
the arms. — va. (naut.) to brace ; to measure 
by fathoms. 

braceo, to. repeated swinging of the arms. 

braCerO [brah-tlmy'-ro], TO. one who Oft'crs his 
arm to a lady : ir de bracero, to walk arm in 
arm; day-labourer; strong-armed man. — a. 
said of weapons thrown, as a dart. 

bracete adv. de bracete, arm in arm. 

braciUo, itO, to. dim. little arm. 

bracillO [braii-theer-iyo], TO., branch of the 
mouth-bit of a horse's bridle. 

bracnid.n, to. Brahmin, Hindu priest. 

braco, ca, a. perro braco, pointer dog ; pug- 

brictea,/. (bot.) bract. 

bract6ola, /. bractlet. 

bradipepsia, /. slow digestion. 

brafonera, /. rerebrace ; brassart. 

braga, /. breeches, knickerbockers ; child's 
clout, diaper ; hoisting-rope ; (mil.) breech- 
ing, lashing-rope. 

bragada, /. flat of the thigh in beasts, from 
the flank to the hough. 

bragadO, da, a. having the flanks of a dif- 
ferent colour from the rest of the body ; 
(met.) ill-disposed, of depraved senti- 
ments ; energetic, firm. 

bragadura,/. part of the body where it be- 
gins to fork, crotch ; fork of a pair of 
breeches ; flat of the thigh in beasts. 

bragazas,/.p;. aug. wide breeches. — m. (met.) 
man easily ruled ; hen-pecked. 

braguero [braii-gay'-ro], TO. truss, bandage for a 
rupture, brace: braguero de can6n, (arti.) 
breeching of a gun ; (Peru) martingale. 

bragueta Ibrah-gay'-tah],/. front Opening or flap 
of Dreeches. 

braguetero [brah-gay-tay'-ro], TO. (low) lecher. 
— a. lecherous. 

bragUillaS [brah-geer-lyasl, /. pi. dim. little 
breeches ; child breeched for the first time ; 
ugly, dwarfish person. 

Brama,/. Brahma, deity of the Hindus. 

brahman or bramin = bracman. 

brahmanismo, to,. Brahminism. 

brabbn, m. fold which, in ancient apparel^ 
surrounded the upper part of the arm. 

brama,/. rut, the season of copulation of 
deer and other wild animals. 

bramadera./. rattle; call or horn used by 
shepherds and keepers of plantations. 

bramadero, to. rutting-place of deer and 
other wild amimals. 

g(b«foree.l)andJ as b ia hot; h. silent; U in brilliant: fi. ny in can^'on ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; •, Mssed. 

BRA 78 

bramador, ra, m. &f. roarer, brawler. 

bramante, m. pack-thread, hemp-cord, 
twine ; bramant linen,— pa. roaring. 

bramar, vn. to roar, groan, bellow, storm, 
bluster ; (met.) to fret, rage, cry. 

bramidO, m. cry uttered by wild beasts ; 
howl ; tempestuous roaring of the elements. 

bramil, m. chalk-line used by sawyers. 

bramin, m. v. bracman. 

bramona, /. soltar la bramona, to use foul 

bran de Inglaterra, m. ancient Spanish 

branca, /. point of a horn. 

brancada, /. drag-net or sweep-net. 

brancauTsina, /. (bot.) bear's-breech. 

brancbas,/. pi. gills of a fish. 

brandales, m. pi. (naut.) back-stays, lad- 

brandis, m. great-coat used formerly. 

branque, m. (naut.) stem. 

branqUia Ibrahn'-kee-ah],/. gill of a fish. 

branquiado, da [bran-ke-au'-do], a. branchiate. 

branquial bran-ke-ahi'], a. branchial. 

branqulfero, ra, a. gill-bearing. 

brafla,/. summer pasture ; brushwood. 

braqulal, a. brachial, belonging to the arm. 

brasa, f. live coal ; red-hot coal or wood : 
estar hecho anas brasas, to be red-faced : es- 
tar en brasas, to be on pins and needles. 

braseritO, m. dim. small pan to hold coals. 

brasero, m. brazier, pan to hold coals ; fire- 

Ean ; place where criminals were burnt ; 
earth, fire-place (Mex.). 

brasil, m. (bot.) braziletto: palo brasil. Bra- 
zil-wood ; rouge, used by ladies. 

brasiladO, da, a. of a red or Brazil-wood 
colour ; ruddy. 

brasilefLO, lla, a. Brazilian. 

brasilete, m. Jamaica-wood, braziletto. 

brasilina, ./■. braziliu. 

brasmologla, /. science which treats of the 

brayamente, adv. bravely, gallantly ; cruel- 
ly, barbarously ; finely, extremely well ; 
plentifully, copiously. 

bravata, /' bravado, boast, brag. 

braveador, ra, m. &f. bully, hector. 

bravear, vn. to bully, hector, menace. 

bravera, /. vent or chimney of ovens. 

braveza,./". bravery, valour, vigour, ferocity ; 
lurv of the elements. 

bravillo, ilia, o. dim. rather wild, not yet 

bravio, via, a. ferocious, savage, wild, un- 
laraed ; not cultivated, coarse, unpolished. 

DraviO, m. fierceness or savageness of wild 

Dravo, va, a. brave, valiant, strenuous, man- 
lui. hardy, fearless; bullying,hectoring; sav- 
age, wild, fierce; severe, untr actable ; rude, 
unpolished, uncivilized ; sumptuous, expen- 
sive ; excellent, fine : i bravo I interj. bravo ! 

bravonel, m. brave ; hector, braggart. 

bravosidad, /■ v. gali.ardia. 

bravucbn, na, o. boastful, braggart. 

bravura, /. ferocity, fierceness ; courage, 
manliness ; bravado, boast, brag. 

braza li>rair-thaii], /. fathom, measure of six 
feet; (naut.) brace. 

brazada, /. uplifting of the arms ; armful, 

brazadO, m. an armful. 

brazaje [bmh-thah'-hay], m. (naut.) depth of 

water. V. braceajr. 
brazal, m. bracer, brassart ; bracelet ; ditch 

from a river or canal, to irrigate lands ; 
; scoop-like . armlet for playing balloons ; 

(naut.) rail, 


brazalete, m. armlet, bracelet. V. Manilla, 
PULSERA.^)/. (naut.) brace pendants. 

brazazo, m. aug. large or long arm. 

brazo, m. the arm ; by extension, arm of a 
lever, of a balance beam ; each half of a 
yard, etc.: fore leg of a quadruped ; branch 
of a chandelier • arm of a chair ; bough of a 
tree; (met.) valour, strength, power: brazo 
de mar, arm of the sea : & brazo partido, with- 
out weapons ; arm to arm : hecho un brazo d6 
mar, gorgeously attired. 

brazolas,/.^}/. (naut.) coamings of the hatch- 

brazuelO, m. dim. small arm ; shoulder o^ 
fore thigh of beasts ; branch of the mouth 
bit of a bridle. 

brea, /. pitch, tar ; coarse canvas ; sackcloth. 

brear, va. to pitch, tar ; vex, plague, thwart; 
(met.) to cast a joke upon one. 

brebaje, m. -beverage, potion, draught, medi 
cine; (naut.) grog. 

breca, /. bleak or blay ; river fish. V. albur. 

br6coi, m. brecolera,/. (bot.) broccoli 

brecha, /. breach, opening; (met.) impres- 
sion made upon the mind : batir en brecha, 
(fort.) to batter a breach ; to persecute. 

brega, /. strife, contest, affray ; (met.) pun> 
jest, or trick : dar brega, to play a trick : 
andar i, la brega, to work arduously. 

bregar, vn. {pret. breguk: subj. bregue) 
to contend, struggle; (met.) to struggle 
with difficulties. — va. to work dough with a 

bren, m. bran. V. salvado. 

brenca, /. (bot.) maiden-hair; sluice-post. 

brenga,/. nlament, one of the three cristated 
anthers of saffron. 

brefia, /. breflal, breflar, m. craggy and 

brambled ground. 
bre&OSO, sa, a. craggy and brambled. 
breqae [bray'-kay], TO. small river fish, bleak, 
bresca,/. honeycomb. 
brescar, va. (pret. bresqu^: subj. bresque) 

to extract honeycombs from a bee-hive. 
bretador, m. call, whistle, or pipe to call birds, 
bretaiia, /. fine linen made in Brittany ; 

(bot.) hyacinth, 
brete, m. fetters, shackles ; perplexity, diffi- 
culties : estar en un brete, to be hard put to . 

(Philip.) a food made of leaves of betel. 
bret6n, m. Briton; (bot.) borecole, kale, 
breva,/, early fruit of a fig-tree ; early largfe 

acorn ; choice cigar, rather flat; (coll.) any 

valuable thing obtained easily. 
breval, m. (bot.) early fig-tree. 
breve, m. apostolic brief.—/, breve, longest 

note in music, 
breve, a. brief, short, concise, laconic, com 

pact, compendious, close : en breve, shortly 

in a little time. 
brevedad, /. brevity, briefness, shortness 

conciseness, compendiousness. 
brevemente, adv. briefly, concisely, shortly 
brevete. m. v. membrete. 
breviariO, m. breviary ; abridgment, epit 

ome ; brevier, small size of type. 
brezai, m. heath, place planted with heathfS. 
breZO [bray'-thaw], TO. (bot. ) heath, heather, 
briaga,/. rope made of bass-weed, 
brial, m. rich silken skirt. 
briba,/. truantship, idleness. 
bribar, t>n. to lead a vagabond life. 
brlbia, /. beggar's tale of woe : echar la brJ 

bia, to go a-T^gging. 
bribdn, na, m. A..f. & a. vagrant, impostoi 

knave, scoundrel, rascal. 
brlbonada, /. knavery, petty villainy, mi» 

chievous trick or practice. 

* AS in far : e in eh I ■ i in police ■ o in for ; n in ball ; o (before e, i) and e as th in thick ; b and d, soft ; 




bribonazo, m. aug. great cheat, impudent 
impostor, big rascal. 

briboncillO, m. dim. little gull, young im- 
postor, little rascal. 

brlbonear, vn. to loiter about ; to loaf. 

briboneria, /. life of a vagrant or vaga- 

bribonzuelo, m. dim. v. briboncillo. 

brlcho, m. spangle, used in embroidery. 

brlda, /. bridle of a horse ; reins of a bridle ; 
horsemanship ; curb, restraint, check ; rail 
coupling ; tisn-plate ; flange ; clamp, staple 

bridecu, m. v. biricC, sword-belt. 

bridda, m. horseman ridiug a bur-raddle ; 
horse accoutred with a bur-saddle ; small 
bridle ; (poet. ) fine horse. 

brigada, /. brigade ; a certain number of 
soldiers ; beasts of burden for an army. 

brigadero, m. man who tends beasts of bur- 
den in the army. 

brigadier, m. (mil.) brigadier or general of 
brigade ; otficer of the navy, who commands 
a division of a fleet. 

brigola,/. (mil.) battering-ram. 

5rijd.Il, m. saber a&s que BrJij&n, to be very 
wise and cautious. 

brillador, ra, a. brilliant, sparkling, radi- 
ant, glittering. 

brillante, a. brilliant, bright, shining, spark- 
ling, radiant, fulgent ; glossy, resplendent, 
golden, lustrous, light, lucid, glittering, 
gaudy, gorgeous, gay, grand. — m. brilliant, 
a diamond cut in triangular faces. 

brillantemente, adv. brilliantly, brightly, 
resplendently, splendidly. 

brillantez,/. brilliance. V. BRILLO. 

brillar, vn. to shine, sparkle, glisten, glitter, 
gleam, flare, ^lare ; (met.) to outshine in 
talents or merits. 

brillO, m. brilliancy, brilliantness, bright- 
ness, luminousness, lustre, splendour, glit- 
ter, resplendence. 

brin, m. (prov. ) fragments of the stamens of 
sSaff"ron ; sail-cloth. 

brincador, ra, m. & f. leaper, jumper, 

brincar, vn. {pret. brinque: subj. brinque) 
to leap, jump, frisk, skip, gambol, hop, 
bounce ; (met.) to step over others in point 
of promotion ; omit a subject on purpose 
and pass to another; fling, flounder, flounce; 
to fret ; to fly into a passion. 

brincho, m. mode of playing at a game of 
cards called reversi. 

brinco, m. leap, jump, frisk, hop, jerk, 
bounce, bound ; small jewel fastened to a 
spring, worn by ladies in their head-dress. 

brindar, vn. to drink one's health ; to toast, 
offer cheerfully, invite, allure, entice. 

brindls, m. drinking the health of another ; 
a toast. 

brinqu^ {irr. from brincar). 

brinquillo, brinquiflo, m. gewgaw, small 
trinket ; sweetmeat from Portugal. 

brinza,/. blade, slip, sprig, shoot. 

brio, m. strength, force, vigour, manliness, 
spirit, resolution, courage, mettle. 

brlol, m. (naut.) bunt-line. 

briolin, n*. (naut.) slab-line. 

brionia,/. (hot.) briony. 

bri6s, i voto & bri6« ! interj. by the Almighty ! 
briosamente, adv. spiritedly, courageously, 
vigorously, lively. 

briOSO, sa, a. vigorous, spirited, high-mind- 
ed, courageous, lively. 
brisa, /. hreeze, light wind ; bagasse of 

l>ressed grapes. V. orujo. 
brisca, /. game at cards. 

briscado, da, a. mixed with silk ; appliec] 
to gold and silver twist.— pp. of briscar. 

briscar, va. to embroider with gold or silver 

brisera, /. brisero, m,. glass screen for the 

britltnica, /. (bot.) great water-dock. 

britano, na, a. Briton. 

brizar, va. to rock the cradle. 

brizna,/. fragment, filament, splinter, chip. 

briznoso, sa, a. full of fragments or scraps. 

briZO, m. cradle which is rocked. 

broa, /. biscuit or cracker used in the Philip^ 
pines; (naut.) cove of shallow depth. 

broca,/. reel for twist, silk, or thread ; drill 
for boring holes in iron ; shoemaker's tack. 

brocadillo, m. brocade of inferior quality. 

brocado, m. gold or silver brocade. — a. em- 
broidered, like brocade. 

brocal, m. curb-stone of a well ; metal ring 
of the scabbard of a sword : brocal de bota, 
mouth-piece of a leathern wine-bottle. 

brocamantdn, m. diamond brooch worn by 

brocatel, m. stuff made of hemp and silk ; 
Spanish marble with white veins. 

broculi, m. broccoli, a sort of cabbage. 

brocha,/. painter's brush ; cogged dice used 
by gamblers : de brocha gorda, painting poor- 
ly done ; painter of doors and windows. 

brochada, /. each stroke of the brush made 
in painting. 

broc^ado, da, «. relating to brocade. 

brocbadura, /. set of hooks and eyes. 

brochazo, m. v. brochada. 

broche, m. clasps ; hooks and eyes ; locket ; 
hasp; brooch. 

brocueta,/. (cook.) skewer. 

brocbdn, m. aug. large brush, whitewash- 

brochuela,/. dim. small brush. 

brodio, m. v. bodrio. 

brodista, m. poor student who comes for his 
portion of bodrio or hotch-potch. 

broma, /. gaiety, jollity, merriment ; noisy 
gathering ; jest ; ship-worm ; oatmeal- 
gruel ; (mas.) riprap. 

bromado, da,i>p. & «. worm-eaten bottom. 

bromar, va. to gnaw, like the ship-worm 
called wood-borer. 

bromato, w. (chem. ) bromate. 

bromico, a. (chem.) bromic. 

bromear, vn. to droll, joke, make fun, jest. 

bromista, m. merry fellow; practical joker. 

bromo, m. bromine, one of the elements ; 
( bot. ) brome grass. 

bromuro, w. (chem.) bromide. 

bronca,/. practical joke ; wrangle, quarrel. 

broncamente, adv. peevishly, morosely. 

bronce [bron'-thay], m. bronze, brass; (poet.) 
trumpet, bell, or cannon ; anything strong 
and hard. 

bronceado, m. brassiness ; bronzing. 

bronceado, da, pp. &a. brass-paved, brazen. 

bronceadura, /. v. bronceado. 

broncear, va. to bronze ; to adorn with brass. 

bronceria, /. collection of bronze or brass 

broncineo, a, m. &f. resembling bronze. 

broncista, m. worker in bronze. 

bronco, ca, a. rough, coarse, unpolished ; 

J fcrusty ; sturdy; morose, crabbed; rude ; 
hard ; abrupt, harsh ; hoarse. 

broncotomia, /. (surg.) bronchotomy. 

broncba, /. short poniard ; jewel ; white- 
washing brush. 

bronquedad, /. harshness, roughness, rude- 
ness ; brittleness. 

g (before e, anU J aa h in hot ; h, silent ; 11 Id brlUiant ; n, ny In canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; ■. 

BEO 80 

bronC[Uial [bron-ke-ahri, a. (anat.) bronchial. 

'broiiq.uina [bron-kee'-uah], /. dispute, conten- 
tion, quarrel. 

bronquiO [bron'-ke-o], OT. (anat.) bronchus. 

bronquitiS [bron-kee'-ti*!, /. bronchitis, 

broquel [broker], m. shield or buckler ; (met.) 
support, protection. 

broquelazo [bro-kay-iah'-tho], m. stroke with a 
shield or buckler; (aug.) large shield or 

broquelero [bro-kay-iay'-ro]. m. one who makes 
or wears shields or bucklers : wrangler, dis- 

broquelete, m. dim. small buckler. 

brOqUelillO Ibro-kay-leel-lyo], m. dim. small 
shield ; small ear-rings. 

broqueta [bro-kay'-tahj, /, skew. V. BROCHETA. 

brosqull Lbro«-keei'], TO. sheep-fold, sheep-cote. 
brota, /. vine-bud. V. brote. 

brotadura, /. budding. 

brbtano, m. (hot.) southern-wood. 

brotar, vn. to bud, germinate, put forth 
shoots or germs ; come out, gush, flow or 
rush out ; issue, break out, appear. 

brote, broto, m. germ of vines ; bud of trees ; 
fragment, crumb, bit. 

brot6ll, m. lar^e clasp ; shoot, tender twig. 

broza. /. remains of leaves ; thicket, brush- 
wood ; chaflf, rubbish, farrago; (print.) 

brozar, va. (print.) to brush the types. 

brOZOSO, sa, a. full of rubbish. 

brucero [broo-thay'-ro], TO. brush and broom 
maker or seller, 

bruces [broo'-thes], adv. k braces or de bruces, 
with the mouth downward : caer de bruces, 
to fall headlong. 

brucita,/. fmiu.) brucite, 

go, m. vine-grub, plant-louse, 
la,/, witch, hag, sorceress; owl. 
jear, vn. to practise witchcraft. 

jeria[broo-hay-ree'-ah], /. witchcraft, hagship. 

jldor [broo-he-dor'], TO. glaziers' nippers, 
jidura, /. bewitching, casting spells. 
_ Jir [broo-heer'], v(u to pare off the corners 
and edges of panes of glass. 

brujO [broo'-ho], TO. sorcerer, conjurer, wizard. 

brUjUla [broo'-hoo-iah], /. magnetic needle ; 
(naut.) sea-compass; sight, small hole to 
point a gun, peep-hole, 

brujulear [broo-hoo-uy-ar"], va. at cards, to ex- 
amine one's hand by the top of cards ; 
(met.) to discover by conjectures. 

brnjuleo [broo-hoo-uy'-o], TO. examining one's 
hand by the top of cards; close examina- 
tion ; guess, conjecture. 

brulote, to. (naut.) fire-ship; warlike ma- 
chine of the ancients, 

bruma, /. mist rising from the sea, haziness. 

brumador, ra, a. v. abrumador, 

brumal, a. brumal, foggy. 

brumamiento, to. weariness, lassitude. 

brumar, va. V. abrumar. 

brumazdn, to. thick fog or mist at sea. 

bnuno, m. refined wax, for polishing tapers. 

brumoso, sa, a. foggy, hazy, misty, 

bruno, na, a. dark brown, blackish. 

brnno, m. black plum ; plum-tree. 

bruflido, TO. polish, burnish.— p/). of bruSir. 

bniflidor, ra, a. burnisher, polisher. — m. 
burnisher: (shoe.) collish. 

bruflimlento, m. polishing or burnishing ; 

bru&ir, va. to burnish, polish ; (coll.) to put 
on rouge ; to fard. 

brusca,/. (naut.) bevel, sweep, or rounding 
of masts ; brushwood. 

bruscamente, adv. abruptly, peevishly. 


bruscate, m. hash made of milt and lambs' 

bmsco, TO. (hot.) kneeholly, butchers's* 
broom ; trifling remains ; retuse shearings. 

bruSCO, ca, a. rude, peevish, forward, rough. 

brusela,/. (hot.) lesser periwinkle. 

brutal, a. brutal, brutish, churlish, currish, 
savage, ferocious. — »/i. brute. 

brutalldad,/. brutality, savageness, brutish- 
ness- brutal action ; roughness, hcggishness. 

brutalmente, adv. brutally, churlLshly, bru- 
tishly, ferociously. 

brutesco, ca, a. grotesque. 

bruteza, /. roughness, want of polish ; bru- 

brutO; TO. brute, beast ; (met. ) ignorant, rude, 
and immoral person. 

brutO, ta, a. coarse, beastly, brutish, gross, 
unpolished, rough : en bruto, in a rough 
state : diamante en bruto, rough diamond : 
peso bruto, gross weight. 

bruza, /. horse-brush ; stove-brush ; scrub- 
bing-brush ; printer's brush. 

bruzar, va. to orush with a bruza. 

bu, TO. word used to frighten children. 

bua,/. pustule. V. BUBA. 

buaro, buarillO, m. (orn.) buzzard. 

buba,/. pustule, small tumour.— p/. buboes. 

bubalO, TO. bubaliS, African antelope. 

bub&tlco, ca, «. having buboes or glandular 

bubilla, /. dim. small pustule, pimple. 

bubdn, TO. morbid tumour, full of matter. 

bubbniCO, ca, a. bubonic. 

bubOSO, sa, a. afflicted with pustules or bu- 

bucal, a. relating to the mouth, buccal. 

bucaral, m. plantation of bncares. 

bUCardJl, m. buckram. V. bocaci. 

bucare, to. tree iniVenezuela planted to shade 
coffee and cocoa plants. 

bucarlto, to. dim. small earthen vessel of 
odoriferous earth. 

bticaro, to. vessel made of an odoriferous 
earth of the same name. 

buccino, to. buccinum, whelk. 

bucear [boo-thay-ar'], vn. to dive, to go unde* 
water in search of anything. 

buc^falo, [boo-tiiay'-faii-io], to. bucephalus i 
(met.) stupid, dull man. 

buceo [boo-thay'-o], TO. diving ; searching under 

bucero, ra [boo-thay'-roi, a. black-nosed (ap* 
plied to a dog). 

bucle, m. rin^et, curl, lock of hair. 

bUCO, TO. opening, aperture, gap; (zool.) buck. 

bucbllca,/. bucolic, pastoral poetry ; food. 

bUC611C0, ca, a. bucolic, relating to pastoral 

bUChada,/. mouthful, v. bocanada. 

bucbe, m. craw or crop ; maw ; stomach ; 
mouthful of a fluid ; young sucking ass, 
foal ; purse, wrinkle, or pucker in clothes ; 
bosom, the place where secrets are pretendeq 
to be kept. 

buchete, to. cheek puffed with wind. 

budare, to. (Venez.) large baking-pan. 

budiCO, ca, a. Buddhic, Buddhistic 

budln, to. pudding. 

budibn, m. (icht. ) peacock-fish. 

budismo, to. Buddhism. 

budista. TO. &f. Buddhist. 

buega, /. landmark. 

buen, a. contr. of bueno, good ; used only be^ 
fore a substantive masculine, as buen hombre, 
good man, and )>efore a verb in the infini- 
tive, used as a substantive, as el buen decir, 
the correct way of si>eaking. 

• MiDiar; ftlnehl; iln police ; o in for ; n in bull ; e (before «. 1) and s m tb In thick : b and d, soli; 




buenaboya, m. seaman who volunteered to 
serve on board a galley. 

buenamente, adv. freely, spontaneously ; 
conveuieutly, easily, commodiously. 

buenandanza, /. v. bienandanza. 

buenaventura, /. fortune, good luck ; pre- 
diction of fortune-tellers. 

bueno, na, «. good, kind ; upright ; virtuous ; 
simple ; fair ; plain ; fit or proper for some- 
thing ; useful, serviceable ; sociable, agree- 
able, pleasant, loving, gracious ; great, 
strong, violent ; sound, healthy ; savoury, 
palatable, delicious: bnenos dias, good-day, 
good-morning: buenas tardea, good-after- 
noon or evening : buenas noches, good-night : 
j, & donde bueno ? where are you going? ide 
donde bueno 7 where do you come from ? de 
buenas & primeras, suddenly : & buenas, will- 

dueno, adv. enough, sufficiently. 

buenparecer [boo-en-pah-ray'-therr], m. pleasing 

buenpasar, m. independent situation, com- 
fortable subsistence. 

buera, /. pustule or pimple in the mouth. 

buey, m. ox, bullock : buey marine, sea-calf : 
buey de caza, stalking-ox. 

bueyazO, m. aug. big ox. 

bueyecillo, bueyezuelo, m. dim. little ox. 

bueyuno, na, «. belonging to neat cattle. 

bufado, da, a. blown, applied to glass drops 
blown extremely ihm.— pp. of bufar. 

bufalino, na, «. belonging to buffaloes. 

bufalO, m. buffalo. 

bufanaa,/. muffler, comforter. 

bufar, vn. to puff and blow with anger ; to 

bufete, m. desk or writing-table; lawyer's 
office ; bureau ; side-board. 

bufetillo, m. dim. small desk or writing-table. 

bufi, m. kind of watered camlet. 

bufido, m. bellow, roar, snort. 

bufO, fa, a. comic, farcical : opera bnfa, comic 
opera. — m. &/. comic singer. 

bufbn, m. peddler, street vender; buffoon, 
harlequin, merry-andrew, mimic, fool, 
clown, jester. 

buf6n, na, «. funny, comical. 

bufonada,/. buffoonery, waggery, jest, mim- 
icry, raillery. 

bufonazo, m. aug. great bliffoon. 

bufoncillo, m. dim. little merry-andrew. 

bufonearse, vr. to jest ; to turn into ridicule. 

bufoneria, / V. bufonada. 

bugada,/. v. bogada. 

bugalla,/. gall-nut growing on oak leaves. 

buglosa, /. (bot.) alkanet ; bugloss. 

bllharda, /. dormer-window ; garret. 

buhardllla,/. dim. small garret. 

bubarro, m. (om.) eagle-owl. 

buhedera,/. embrasure, loop-hole. 

buhedo, m. marl, kind of calcareous earth. 

bubero, m. owl-keeper. 

bnblo, m. V. boh!o. 

buho, m. (orn.) owl ; (met.) unsocial man. 

buhoneria, /. peddler's box ; peddlery. 

buhonero, m. peddler, hawker. 

buir, va. to polish, burnish. 

buitre, m. vulture. 

buitrera, /. place to catch vultures. 

buitrero, m. vulture-fowler. 

buitrero, ra, a. vulturine. 

buitr6n, m. osier basket to catch fish ; par- 
tridge-net; furnace where silver ores are 
smelted ; snare for game. 

buja [boo'-hah], /. chuck (in watch-making), 

bularasol, m. fig of reddish pulp, 

bujarrdn, w. (vul.) V. sodomita. 

bujC) "i- axle-box, bush-box, iron ring ; pit 

bnjeda, /. bnjedal, bujedo, m. plantation 
of box-trees. 

bnjeria,/. gewgaw, bauble, toy, knick-knack. 

bujeta, /. box made of box-wood ; perfume- 
box ; case for smelling-bottle. 

bulla [boo-iiee'-ah], /. wax-candle ; stearine can- 
dle ; candlestick. 

bujieria, /. office at court where wax-candles 
are kept. 

bula, /. papal bull. 

bulailo, TO. collection of papal bulls, 

bulbo, TO. (bot.) bulb. 

bulboso, sa, a. bulbous. 

bulero, to. one charged with distributing 
bulls of crusades. 

buleto, TO. brief granted by the Pope, or by 
his legate. 

bulgaro, raj a. Bulgarian, 

bull, TO, (Philip.) palm-tree. V. burL 

bulimia,/, (med.) voracious appetite. 

bultltO, TO. dim. little lump ; small bundle. 

bulto, TO. bulk, anything which appears 
bulky ; any oDject not clearly seen ; pro- 
tuberance ; tumour, swelling ; massiness ; 
bust ; bundle, parcel, package ; pillow-case j 
flgura 6 imagen de bulto, figure or image in 
sculpture ; high-relief: & bulto, indistinctly, 
at guess-work : escurrir el bulto, to run away. 

bululu, TO. strolling comedian. 

bulla, /. noise, bustle, fuss, clatter, shout ; 
noisy stir, crowd, mob : meterlo k bulla, to 
carry off the matter with a joke : meter bu- 
lla, to make noise. 

bullaje, TO. noisy crowd. 

bullanga,/. tumult, riot. 

bullangUerO, ra [bool-lyan-gay'-ro], TO. & f. 
rioter, turbulent person. 

bullar, va. V. bollar. 

bullebulle, to. busybody, bustler, hu?tler. 

bulllcio [booi-iyee'-the-o], TO. bustle, noise, tu- 
mult, uproar ; sedition ; heat. 

bulllclosamente; adv. noisily, tumultuous- 
ly, merrily. 

blQllclOSO, sa [booi-iye-the-oh'-8o], a. lively, rest- 
less, merry, playful, noisy, clamorous, busy; 
seditious, turbulent, boisterous (the sea), 

bullldor, ra, a. v. bullicioso. 

bullir, vn. to boil, bubble up ; move about, 
bustle, hustle, fluster. — va. to move, stir. 

bull6n, TO. dye bubbling up in a boiler; 
metallic ornament for large books ; puff in 

bunetO, m. (om.) hedge-sparrow. 

bungo, TO. Nicaraguan flatboat, 

buniato, to. v. boniato. 

bunio, m. sort of earth-nut or pig-nut. 

buftolada, /. platter of bans or waffles*, 
botch work. 

buAoleria, /. bun-shop. 

buflolero, ra, to. &/. maker or seller of crul- 
lers or waffles. 

bufluelo, TO. fritter, pancake, bus, cruller, 
waffle ; anything poorly done or spoiled ; a 

buque [boo'-Uay], w. (naut.) bulk, capacity, or 
burden of a ship ; hull of a ship ; vessel, 
ship : buque de guerra, man-of-war. 

burato, m. Canton crape ; cyprus, worn for 

■ if of light silk, 

burba, /. African coin of small value. 

mourning ; tran.sparent veil 

burbuja,/. bubble, bleb. 

burbujear, vn. to bubble. 

burbujita,/. dim. small bubble. 

burcbaca,/. v. burjaca. 

burche, m. tower (fort). 

burcbo, TO. (naut.) large sloop or barge. 

B (before e, 1) and J as h In hot ; h, silent ; 11 In brilliant ; ft, ny In canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; «, 


m. (^Philip.) palm-tree. 
I, a. reddish, dark red. 


burdas, /. pi. (naut.) back-stays. 
burd^gano, »». hinny, mule. 
burdel, m. brothel, brothel-house. 

burdinalla,/. (naut.) sprit-top-sail-stay. 
burdo, da, «• coarse, common, ordinary, 
burel, m. (her.) bar, the ninth part of a 

shield; (naut.) tid, marline-spike.—/)/. 

(uaut.) pointed wooden rollers. 
burengue, w*. mulatto slave. 
bureo, »«. court of justice ; entertainment, 

amusement, diversion, spree. 
bureta,/. burette, drop-measurer. 
burga, / spa, hot springs. 
burgal6s, m. native of Burgos ; ancient coin 

made at Burgos. 
burgu6s, sa [i)oor-Kes8'], a. burgess, citizen of 

a town of the middle class. 

bUrgUeSia Ibooi-Kay-see'-ah], /. burgess-ship ; 

buri, m. 


buriel, m. kersey, coarse cloth ; rope-walk. 

buril, in. burin, engraver's tool ; graver. 

burllada,/. line or stroke of a burin ; silver 
taken by "an assayer for testing. 

buriladura, /. engraving with a burin. 

burilar, va. to engrave with a graver. 

iDUTJaca,/. pilgrim's leather bag. 

buria, /. scoff, flout, mockery, fling, sneer ; 
jest, fun, trick; jeer, gibe, hoax; deceit, 
cheat: burla pesada, biting jest: burl* bur- 
lando, in an easy way, without effort : burlas 
aparte, joking aside : de burlas, in jest. 

burladero, m. narrow doorway in the bull- 
ring, for escape of the fighter." 

burlador, ra, m. & /. wag, jester, scoffer, 
mocker, jeerer, practical joker ; libertine, 
seducer ; conjurer's cup. 

burlar, va. to ridicule, mock, scoff, hoax, 
gibe, abuse, deceive, frustrate, disappoint, 
evade. — rr. to jest, laugh at, make fun of, 
gibe, dally, chaff, banter, take off. 

burleria,.'. fun, pun, artifice ; drolling; fish- 
story, yarn, fairy-tale; deceit, illusion ; de- 
rision, reproach ; chaff, banter, ridicule. 

burlescamente, adv. comically, ludicrously. 

burlesco, ca, «. burlesque, jocular, ludicrous, 
comical, funny. 

burleta, /. dim. little trick, fun, or joke. 

burlete, m. weather-strip. 

burldn, na, a. banterer, jester, scoffer, 

buro, »t. (prov.) chalk, marl. 

buro, w. bureau, writing-desk. 

burooracia, /. bureaucracy ; political influ- 

burocr^tlCO, a. bureaucratic. 

burra, /. she-ass ; dirty, ignorant, and un- 
teachable woman ; laborious woman of much 

burrada, /. drove of asses ; stupid or foolish 
action or saying; play contrary to rule in 
the game of burro. 

burrajO, m. dry stable-dung for fuel. 

burrazo, za, m. &/. aug. large or big ass. 

burrero, »*. ass- keeper, who sells asses' 

burrillo, m. (coll.) V. aSalejo. 

burrito, >«. dim. little ass. 

burro, m. ass, jument ; a stupid, ignorant 
being ; sawyer's jack or horse ; wheel of a 
reel ; game at cards ; windlass : burros de la 
mesana, (naut.) mizzen-bowlines. 

burrumbada, ./■ v. b.vrrumbada. 
bursktil, «. relating to the c- ex- 
burujo, w». lump of pressed wool or other 

2 CA 

matter ; parcel, package ; bagasse frojB 
olives, grapes, etc. 

burujbll, in. lump in the head caused by « 
blow ; badly made parcel. 

burujoncillb, //*. dim. little lump or bundle. 

busardas, /. pi. (naut.) breast-hooks, com« 

bUSCa, /. search, research ; pursuit; terrier j 
hunting-party.—/*/, perquisites. 

buscada,.f'. search, research. 

buscador, ra, «. searcher, investigator. — m. 
fiuder, an optical appliance. 

buscapl^, "I. (met.) hint dropped in conver- 
sation or in writing to lead to a research. 

bUSCapi^B, m. sing, squib-cracker; serpent 

buscar, va. {pref. BUSQUK: subj. busque) to 
seek, search, look after, look fbr, look out. 
hunt after : buscar tres pies al gato, to pick a 
quarrel. — r?: to bring upon one's self. 

buscarruidos, m. &f. (coll. ) restless, quarrel- 
some ]>ersou. 

buscavidas, m. & f. busybody, gossip-mon- 
ger ; hustler ; thrifty person. 

bUSCO, m. threshold of a sluice-gate. 

buscbn, na, m. &/. searcher •, cheat ; pilferer, 
filcher, petty robber. 

bUSlliS, m. (coll.) question, knotty point, 
riddle : dar en el busllls, to hit the mark. 

busqud {irr. from buscar). 

busqueda, /. search. V. blscada. 

bUStO, m. (art) bust. 

bustrbfedon, m. method of writing contin- 
uously from left to right, and back vice 
versa, and so on, like the trail of oxen 

butaca, /. arm-chair, easy-chair, orchestra- 
chair in a theatre. 

butifarra, /. sort of sausage made in Cata- 
lonia ; gaskins, gallikins ; in Peru, ham 

butifarrero, TSl. a. maker and seller of bati- 

butiondO, a. fetid, goatish, lustful. 

butiriceo, cea, '■. butyraceous. 

butirico, ca, «. butyric. 

butrino, butr6n, m. fowling-net. 

butUCO, in. thick, stumpy plantain. 

buyador, m. brazier. F. latonero. 

buyo, m. (Philip.) compound of bonga-fruit, 
betel-leaves, and lime, for chewing. 

buz, m. kiss of respect and reverent regard: 
hacer el buz, to do homage or pay respect. 

buzamientO, m. (geol.) dip of a stratum. 

buzano, m. diver ; kind of culverin. a 

buzar, ra. (geol.) to dip downward. 

buzardas, /. p/. (naut.) breast-hooks, fore- 

bUZCOrona,/. blow on the head in fun while 
kissing the hand. 

bUZO [boo'-tiioi, m. diver ; ancient kind of shin 

buzdn [i>oo-thone'\ m. (arch.) conduit, canal- 
letter-drop, letter-box, drop-box ; lid or 
cover of cisterns, ponds, jars, etc. ; in 
foundries, hooks to take off the lids of 
melting-pots; sluice of a mill. 

buzonera,/. drain or gutter in a courtyard. 

C [thay], third letter of the alphabet ; before ► 
and i has the sound of the English th it. 
thick ; before a, o, m, /, and r it sounds like 
A ; it is also a numeral, as C, 100 ; Ij, 500 ; 
and CIo, 1,000. 

ca, conj. (obs.) because, for. 

-^aainftur; e\nehl: iin police ; o In for : n In boll ; e (before e, i) ana B as th In thick ; b snd d, m0 ; 




( C& ! inferj. oh, no I no, indeed ! V. \ quia ! 

cabal, a. just, exact ; perfect, complete, ac- 
complished, full, faultless, consummate, 
clever: por bus cabales, exactly, perfectly, 
according to rule aud order. 

Cd.bala, /. cabala, superstitious divination ; 
secret science of the Hebrew rabbins; ca- 
bal, intrigue, complot, combination, con- 
federacy, junta. 

cabaJgada, /. foray, cavalcade ; booty. 

Cabalgadero, "i. mounting-block. 

cabalgador, m. rider, horseman in proces- 
siou ; horse-block. 

cabalgadura, /■ sumpter, beast of burden. 

Cabalgar, vn. {pret. cabalguk: subj. CA- 
balgue) to horse ; to get on horseback ; to 
mount on horseback ; to ride ; to parade on 
horseback ; to go in a cavalcade. — ua. to 
cover a mare. 

cabalgata, /. cavalcade. 

cabamuste, »«. ancient saddle with high 
semicircular pommel and cantle. 

Cabalista, m. eabalist. 

CabalistiCO, ca, a. cabalistic. 

cabalmente, adv. exactly, completely, per- 
fectly, fully, precisely. 

caballa, /. horse-mackerel. 

caballaje, m. place where mares and she- 
asses are served by stallions or jackasses ; 
money paid for that service. 

caballar, a. belonging to or resembling 
horses, equine. 

caballear, va. to ride horseback often. 

caballejO, m. dim. little horse, nag; (farr.) 

caballerato, m. ecclesiastical benefice 
granted by the Pope to a married layman ; 
privilege of gentleman or esquire, in Cata- 

caballerear, vn. to set up for a gentleman. 

caballerescamente, adv. knightly, cavalier- 
ly, gentlemanly. 

caballeresco, ca, a. knightly, chivalrous ; 
belonging to or having the appearance of a 

Caballerete, m, dim. (coll.) spruce young 

S^alleria, /. riding beast : caballeria mayor, 
saddle-horse or mule : caballeria menor, ass ; 
cavalry, horse-troops ; art of riding, horse- 
manship ; chivalry, order of knights, mili- 
tary order, knighthood, martialism ; share 
of spoils given to a knight ; (Cuba) tract of 
land about thirty-three and one-third acres : 
libros de caballeria, books of knight-errant- 
ry : caballeria andante, knight-errantry. 

CaballeritO, m. dim. young gentleman. 

Caballeriza, /. stable ; number of horses, 
mules, etc., standing in a stable ; stud of 
horses; staff of grooms, hostlers, etc. 

caballeriZO, m. head groom of a stable : 
caballerizo del rey, equerry to the king : caba- 
Uerizo mayor del rey, master of the horse to 
the king. 

caballero, m. knight, cavalier, nobleman, 
gentleman ; rider, horseman ; a sort of for- 
tification ; old Spanish dance; (orn.) red- 
legged horseman, gambet : caballero andan- 
te, knight-errant : caballero de indnstria, a 
defrauder, a knave. 
«aballero, ra, n. riding. 

Caballerosamente, adv. generously, nobly, 
in a gentl(Muan-like manner, knightly. 

taballerosidad, m. & f. condition, quality 
of a gentleman, nobleness, honourable be- 
haviour, generosity. 

Caballeroso, sa, a' noble, generous, gentle- 
man-like, urbane, polished. 

caballerote, m. (coll.) graceless, unpolished 

caballeta,/. (ent.) field cricket. 

caballete, m. ridge of a gable-roof; carpen- 
ter's horse, trestle-horse, bench, trestle ; 
horse, an instrument of torture ; brake, for 
dressing hemp and flax ; ridge between fur- 
rows ; cap of a chimney ; bridge of the nose ; 
gallows of a printing-press : caballete de ase- 
rrar, saw-buck, saw-horse : caballete de col. 
char cabos, (naut.) rope-laying truss, a 
stake-head ; (art) painter's easel. 

caballiCO, itO, m. dim. little horse, pony ; 
hobby-horse, rocking-horse. 

caballista, m. horseman, connoisseur oi 
horses, good rider. 

caballo, m. horse : caballo padre, stallion : 
caballo de montar or de silla, saddle-horse: ca- 
ballo de carga, pack-horse : caballo castrado 
or capado, gelding : caballo frison, draught- 
horse : caballo de guerra, charger : caballo de 
albada or de regalo, sumpter or state horse : 
caballo de batalla, battle horse, charger* 
hobby, a favourite idea ; special accomplish- 
n^ient ; leading topic : caballo de caza, hunt 
er : caballo de carrera or corredor, race-horse : 
caballo rabon, docked horse : caballo de es- 
cuela, horse well broken in at the man&ge : 
caballo de vara, shaft-horse : caballo agui- 
lilla, (Sp. Amer.) a very swift horse : caba- 
llo de alquiler, hack, hackney : caballo de 
tiro, draught-horse : caballo de mano, led 
horse : caballo de posta, post-horse : caballo 
espantadizo'ormedroBo, skittish horse : caballo 
bayo, bay horse : caballo bayo castafio, chest- 
nut bay horse : caballo bayo dorado, bright bay 
horse : caballo picazo, pied horse : caballo 
moro, piebald horse : caballo mcio rodado, 
dapple gray horse : caballo tordo rodado, dap- 
ple bay horse : caballo pardo, gray horse : 
caballo alaz&n, sorrel horse : caballo alaz&n 
toBtado, dark sorrel horse : caballo overo, 
white and red spotted horse : caballo rubi- 
c&n, speckled white horse : caballo retinto, 
shining black horse : caballo matado, a galled 
horse : caballp deBbocado, runaway horse : 
ik caballo, on horseback : caballo ke frisia, 
(mil.) chevaux-de-frise, hersillon : caballo 
de palo, any vessel fit for sea ; rack for crim- 
inals ; (tannery) tanner's beam : caballo 
marino, river-horse ; pipe-fish, sea-horse : 
caballo de vapor, horse-power ; figure on 
horseback, equivalent to the queen, in a 
Spanish pack of cards ; trestle, for masons 
and plasterers ; knight in the game of chesB. 
—pi. caballoB, horse, cavalry ; bubo, tumour 
in the groin. 

caballdn, m. large, clumsy horse ; ridge be- 
tween two furrows. 

CaballuelO, m. dim. little horse. 

caballuno, na, a. belonging to a horse. 

caba&a, /. shepherd's hut, cottage, cot, cabin, 
hole, hovel, mean habitation ; flock of ewe» 
or breeding sheep ; drove of mules for car- 
rying grain ; balk-line in billiards. 

caoa&aJ, a. applied to the road for flocks of 
travelling sheep and droves of cattle ; a vil- 
lage of huts. 

cabafLeria, /. rations for a week allowed to 

Cabailero, ra, a. belonging to a cabana, in any 
of its acceptations. — m. a keeper of a cabafta. 

Cabafiil, a. belonging to a shepherd's hut. — 
m. man in charge of a cabafia of mules. 

Cabafluela, /. dim. small hut or cottage ; 
weather prognostication made in Au^ist 
for the following year : cabafinelas, festival 
of the Jews of Toledo. 

[ (befure e, i) auU J as h in hot; h, silent; 11 in brilliant ; n, ny in canyon; r (initial) and rr trilled; 8. hissed. 

CAB 84 

cabe, rn. stroke given by balls, in the game of 
argoUa: dar «n cabe al boliiUo, (met.) to 
hurt one in his business, fortune, etc. 

cabe, p^ep. (poet.) near, nigh, by. 

cabeceafniento, m. v. cabeceo. 

cabecear, vn. to nod in sleep; to nod in as- 
sent ; to shake the head in disapprobation ; 
to raise or lower the head, applied to horses ; 
to incline to one side, to hang over, applied 
to a load , (naut.) to pitch ; to lurch, used 
of carriages. — va. in writing, to give the let- 
ters a thick loop ; among bookbinders, to 
put the head-band to a book ; to bind cloth 
or rugs ; to cauterize a vein ; to head wine. 

cabeceo, m. nod of the head; (naut.) pitch- 

CabeCera [cah-bay-thay'-rahl /. beginning Or 

principal part of something; upper end; 
nead or head-board of a bed ; seat of hon- 
our ; head-waters ; capital of a province, 
district, or nation ; fortified point of a 
bridge ; head-piece or vignette ; each ex- 
tremity of the back of a book ; pillow or 

cabeciancbo, clia, a. broad-headed. 

cabecica, ita, /. dim. small head. 

cabecilla !cah-ba.v-theer-iy«h], m. wrong-headed 
person ; leader of rebels ; ringleader. 

cabellar, vn. to hair ; to put on false hair. 

cabellejO [cah-bei-iyay'-hoe], TO. di7n. little hair. 

cabellera, /. long hair ; switch of hair ; tail 
of a comet. 

CabellO, m. hair of the head : aiirse de nn 
cabello, to adopt the slightest pretext.— pZ. 
large sinews in mutton ; corn-silk : cabe'ioi 
de 4ngel, sweetmeat made with cidracayote : 
traer alguna cosa por los cabellos, to say 
something inappropriate or illogical. 

CabelludO, da, a. hairy ; fibrous. 

cabelluelo, m. dim. thin and short hair. 

caber, wi. {ind. quepo, cabe, cabemos : pre/. 
CUPE ; subj. QUEPA^ QUEPAMOS) to be able 
or capable to contain, or to be contained ; to 
fit ; to have room, or right of admission ; to 
be entitled to a thing ; to fall to one's share : 
no caber de gozo, to be overjoyed : no caber de 
piea, to have no room to stand : no caber en 
tl, to be very conceited : todo cabe, it is all 
possible : todo cabe en falano, he is capable 
of anything: no cabe m&s, nothing more to 
be desired. — va. to contain ; comprise, in- 

cabero, m, maker of handles for tools. 

cabestraje, m. halter ; fee paid to a drover. 

cabestrante, ■w. v. cabrestante. 

cabestrar, va. to halter. — vn. to fowl with a 

cabestrear, vn. to follow one who leads by a 
halter, applied to beasts. 

cabestreria, /. shop where halters and col- 
lars are made and sold. 

cabestrero, m. halter and collar-maker or 
seller. — a. so tame as to be led by a halter. 

cabestrlllo, m. sling: gold or silver chain. 

cabestro, m. halter ; oell-ox. 

cabeza icah -bay'-thah], /. head, extensively ap- 
plied also to persons ; chief, leader ; under- 
standing, mind, judgment ; talents ; begin- 
ning; extremity: topor upper part of many 
things ; principal town of a province, dis- 
trict, etc. ; head of cattle : cabeza mayor, 
head of neat cattle : cabesa menor, head of 
sheep, goats, etc. ; (naut.) head of a ship. — 
pi. cabezai, principal parts of a vessel ; an 
equestrian game : hacer cabeaa, to be the 
leader: levantar cabeza, to retrieve one's 
health or fortune: no tener piea ni cabeza 
algnna cota, to have neither head nor tail : 


perder la cabeza, to lose one's senses ; to be 
rattled : poner las cosai piet con cabeza, to 
jumble things together , to put them topsy- 
turvy r de cabeza, from memory ; headlong. 

cabezada./. headshake ; stroke or butt given 
with the head, or received upon it ; nod ; 
halter, collar ; head-stall of a bridle ; pitch- 
ing of a ship ; head-band of a book : instep 
of a boot : dar cabezadas, to nod in sleep. 

cabezai, m. small pillow ; compress used by 
surgeons ; long round bolster ; post of • 
door ; fore part of a carriage ; narrow maU 
tress used by labourers. 

cabezalejo, ico, illo, ito, m. dim. little piW 
low or bolster ; small compress. 

cabezalero, ra, a. executor of a will. 

cabezazo, m. stroke with the head. 

cabezo, to. summit of a mountain, hill ; reef > 
shirt-collar or falling-band. 

Cabez6n, na, a. big-headed ; obstinate. — m, 
tax-list or register ; collar of a shirt ; open- 
ing of a carmen t for the head ; cavesson or 
nose-band, used in breaking in a horse. 

cabezorro, m. aug. large disproportioned 

Cabezota, m. & /. nug. (coll.) big-headed, 
club-headed, obstinate person. 

cabezudO, to. (icht.) chub, mullet. 

cabezudo, da, a. large-headed ; headstrong, 
obstinate, stubborn. 

Cabezuela, /. dim. small head ; coarse flour ; 
rose-bud from which rose-water is distilled ; 
hare-brained fellow, simpleton : (hot.) ervp.- 
go, ragwort^leaved centaury. 

caibezuelo, m. dim. of CABEZO, little head or 
top of anything. 

Cabida,/. content, space, capacity ; influence, 

cabidO, TO. landmark.— pp. of CABE»t. 

cabildada,/. hasty, ill-advised prf»ceeding oJ 
a corporation. 

Cablldear, vn. to lobby ; to influence or win 
votes in a corf>oration. 

cabildeo, m. lobbying. 

cabildero, a. lobbyist. 

cabildo, m. chapter of a cathedral or col- 
legiate church ; meeting of a chapter ; place 
where the meeting is held ; corporation of m 

cabilla, /. (naut.) dowel; tree-nail; belays 

cabUleJO, to. dim. (hot.) partial flower stalk. 

cabillO, TO. (hot.) flower-stalk ; fruit-stem.— 
dim. small end of a rope. 

cabimlento, to. right of claiming a com- 
mandery in the order of Malta. V\ cabida. 

cablO, TO. flooring joist ; breastsummer of a 

cabio, TO. top and bottom pieces of a window 
or door frame ; kind of rafter. 

cabitO, TO. dim. the small end of a candle or 
butt of a cigar. V. cabo, cabillo. 

cablzbajo, ja, a. crestfallen ; thoughtful, 
pensive ; melancholy. 

cable, TO. cable; cable's length, measure of 
120 fathoms. 

cablear, c&blegrafiar, va. (neo.) to cable. 

cablejgrafiCO, ca, a. pertaining to the aub- 
marine telegraph ; cablegrammic. 

cablegrama, to. (neo.) cablegram. 

cabo, m. extreme, extremity ; tip ; bit ; stub,, 
stump; cape, headland, foreland; handle,, 
haft, holder ; rope, cord ; thread ; lowest 
card in the game called revertno ; chief, 
head, commander ; end, termination, fin- 
ish ; at the custom-house, a parcel or packagt 
smaller than a bale.— p/. tail and mane oi 
horses ; loose pieces of apparel, as stockings,, 
shoes, nats, etc. ; divisions of a discourse .- 

« OS In far ; e In eh I ; 1 ia police ; o In for ; a In ball ; c (before e, I) an>l z •■ th In tbick ; b »oJ d. soft.* 




j»bo de afio, annirersary funeral : cabo de 
escnadra, (mil.) corporal: cabo de presa, 
prize-master : segnndo cabo, second military 
chief of a province . cabo de maestranza, fore- 
man of a workmen's brigade : atar cabos, to 
collect and examine together di ' ers circum- 
stances bearing on a case : cabos negros, black 
hair, eyes, and eye-brows of a woman : al 
cabo, at last : dar cabo 4 alguna cosa, to fin- 
ish a thing : de cabo 4 rabo, from head to 
tail : cstar al cabo de, to be thoroughly con- 
versant with, or well-informed. 

cabotaje, '«. (naot.) coasting-trade; pilotage. 

cabra,/. goat ; engiue formerly used to throw 
stones : cabra monies, wild goat.— pi. small 
white clouds . piel de cabra, goat-skin. 

Cabrahigadura, r. eaprificatlon. 

cabranigal, cabraMgar, m. grove or plan- 
tation of wild fig-trees. 

cabrahigar, va. to caprificate. 

cabrablgO, m. the male wild fig-tree ; its 

cabreria, /. herd of goats ; goat's milk dairy. 

cabreriza, /. hut for goatherds ; goatherd- 

cabreriZO, za, a. goatish, hircine. — m. goat- 

cabrero, ra, m. goatherd.—/, goatherdess. 

cabrestante, m. (naut. ) capstan. 

cabria, '■. crane, wheel and axle, winch, wind- 
lass, hoist; axle-tree; (naut.) sheers. 

cabrllla, /. </'/». little goat; (zooi.) a fish; 
saw horse ; saw-huc'iv.^u/. (ast. ) Pleiades, a 
constellation ; marks on the legs, produced 
by being coutiiuially too near the fire ; 
(naut.) whitecaps ou the water. 

cabrlllear, v«. to form whitecaps. 

cabrilleo, m. the lapping of the waves form- 
ing whitecaps. 

CabriO, m. (carp.) bridging-joist. 

cabrio, a. goatish, hircine. — m. herd of 
goats : macho cabrio, buck. 

cabriOla, f. caper ; nimble leap, hop, jump, 
gambol, skip. 

cabriolar, cabriolear, vn. to caper or cut 

capers : to jump, curvet, frisk. 

cabriole, m. kind of cloak, without sleeves ; 
cabriolet, a kind of open carriage. 

cabrita, y. dim. little she-kid. 

cabritero, «*. dealer in kids. 

cabritilla, /. dressed lamb or kid-skin. 

cabritillo, »*. -/' ". kid. 

cabritO, m. kid, kidling, not one year old. 

cabrituno, na, of the goat kind. 

sabrbn, '". buck, he-goat ; cuckold. 

cabronada, . (low) mfamous action which 
a man peniiis iigainst his own honour ; 
great aiinoya ■ > luisance. 

cabronazo, '. a -k no wledged cuckold. 

cabronciUo, aelO, m. dim. easy hus- 

band ; fetid li 

cabruno, na, ■■■■ - '-b, goat-like, hircine. 

Cabruilar, «. i" • );»rpeu a scythe by ham- 
mering the edge. 

cabmfi.0, m. sharpening the scythe. 

cabu16n, m. rough, unpolished ruby. 

Cabnila,/'. (hot.) cotuinun American agave ; 
aloe-plant ; sisal lu'uip ; cord or rope made 
of hemp : dar cabt^lla, to tie, to bind. 

cabullero, m. (Amer.) ship-chandler. 

cabulleria, /. (Amer.) ship-chandlery. 

caca, .'". excrements of a child ; word used by 
children who wish to go to stool ; fault ; de- 
fect ; vice ; scandal ; dishonesty. 

Cacabual, cacaotal, m. cacao plantation. 

cacahuate, cacabu^, cacahuete. or caca- 

buey, m. (bot.) peanut. V. man!. 
Cacalote, m. (Mex.) raven. 

cacao, TO. (hot.) cacao-tree; cacao-nut, ch(v 

colate-nut : manteca de cacao, cocoa-butter, 
cacaotal, m. cacao orchard. 
cacarafi.a, /. pit caused by the small-pox. 
cacarailado, da, a. pock-marked, pitted. 
cacareador, ra, m. & /. cackler ; cock tha* 

crows ; hen that cackles ; boaster, braggart. 
cacarear, vn. crow, cackle ; brag, 
cacareo, m. crowing, cackling; boast, brag, 
cacarizo, za, a. (Mex.) pock-marked, 
cacatua,/. (om.) cockatoo. 
cacaxtle [kat-kacs'-tiay], TO. (Mex.) crate to 

carry fruit. 
CacaXtlerO [kah -kacs-tlay'-ro], TO. (Mex.) Indian 

who carries a cacaxtle on his shoulders. 
uacear, va. to stir with a dipper or ladle. 
cacera, /. irrigating canal ; channel, conduit* 

Caceria [cah-thay-ree -ah], /. hunting party. 

cacerilla, /. dim. small drain or canal. 

cacerina, /. cartridge-box or pouch. 

cacerola [cah-thay'-ro-uh], /. stew-pan, sauce- 

Caceta, /. dim. small pan used by apothe- 

cacica [cah-thee'-cah], /, wife Or daughter of a 

CacicatO or cacicazgO, m. dignity of a chief 
or cacique and his territory. 

cacillo, itO, /". dim. small dipper or ladle. 

cacimba, /. hole dug on the sea-shore for 
drinking water. 

cacique icah-tiiee'-kayi, TO. cacique, Indian chief; 
political leader or " boss."' 

CaCiqUismO [cah-tWe-keys'-ino], m. political boss- 

cacle, TO. (Mex.) leather sandals worn by 
friars, Indians, and soldiers. 

caco, TO. pickpocket ; coward ; poltroon. 

cac6fag(^ ga, a. cacophagous. 

cacofOQla, /. cacophony, harsh sound. 

cacofbnico, ca, a. having a harsh sound. 

cacografia, /. bad spelling. 

cacomite, to, Mexican plant which produc(*< 
handsome flowers. 

cacomixtle, TO. (Mex.) cacomistle. 

CaCOqUimia [cah-co-kee'-me-ah], /. cacochymy. 
CaCOqUimiCO, ca [cah-co-kee'-me-col, a. CacC 

CaCOqUiZnlO [cah-co-kee'-me-ol, TO. he who sufFerji 

melancholy ; a cacochymic. 
C^CteO, ea, a. cactaceous, relating to cactL • 
cactO, TO. (bot.) cactus. « 
cacumen, to. top, height ; head, understand- 
ing, acumen. 
cacha, /. each of the two leaves of a razor 

or knife handle : hasta las cachas, up to the 

cachada, /. stroke of one top against another, 

when boys play at tops. 
cacbalOte, to. the sperm whale.^ 
cachamarin, to. v. cachemarik. 
cacbapa,/. (Venez.) corn-bread with sugar, 
cacbar, va. to break in pieces ; to divide a 

plank in two lengthwise by a saw or axe. 
cacbarpari, to. (Peru) farewell supper. 
cacharreria, /. crockery-store; collection ol 

earthen pots. 
cacbarrero, ra, to. & f. maker or seller of 

cacbarro, to. coarse earthen pot ; also a piece 

of it ; useless, worthless thing, 
cachava, /. children's sport resembling 

hockey or golf ; stick for driving the ball. 
cacbavazo, to. stroke of the cachava in drivi 

ing the ball. 
cachaza, /. slowness, tardiness ; forbear. 

ance; (Amer.) rum; first froth on can©« 

juice when boiled to make sugar. 

' fbefore e. i) and J as h ia hot ; h. silent ; 11 ia brilliant ; i., ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr triUed ; s, his* a 




cachazudO, da, a. slow, calm, phlegmatic. 
cachemarin, m. v. qi;echemarin. 
cachemlr, m. cachemira,/. cashmere. 
cacheo, »«. search for arms and Aveapons in 

cacliera,/. coarse shagged cloth or baize. 
cachetas, /. pi. teeth or wards in a lock. 
cachete, m- olow on the face with the palm 

of the hand ; fat cheek. 
cachetero, >«. short poniard ; bull-fighter 

who kills the bulls with the poniard. 
cachetina, /. hand-to-hand tight. 
cachetudo, da, «. plump-cheeked, fleshy. 
cadncamo, m. (Amer. ) armadillo. 
cacMc^, m. overseer of a farm; smart, 

clever man. 
cachlcuerno, na, a. having a handle or haft 

of horn. 
cachidiablo, m. hobgoblin ; one disguised in 

a devil's mask. 
cachifoUar, va. (coll.) to disappoint, vex, 

humble, banter, sit upon. 

cachigordete, eta, ito, ita, a. squat, thick, 

and plump. 

cacMllada,/. litter. V. lechigada. 

caclilmba, /. cacMmbo, m. (Amer.) smok- 
iug-pipe : chupar cachimba, (Venez.) to 
smoke a pipe ; to suck one's thumb. 

cacMpolla, /. (ent.) day-fly or May-fly. 

cachiporra, /. cachiporro, m. stick with a 
big knob ; club, cudgel. 

cacMporrazo, m. blow with a club. 

cacMnilO, m. earthen, glass, or tin pot for 
preserving brandy or other liquors •, head 
ornament formerly worn by women ; (Mex.) 
lining of cloth or chamois placed in the seat 
and legs of trousers for riding ; small three- 
masted vessel. 

Cacllivaclie, m. pot, ut«nsil ; stuff, trash j 
broken crockery ; trumpery ; worthless fel- 

CacMzO, a. madero cacMzo, log. 

cacho, m. slice, piece ; game at cards ; (icht.) 
surmullet; (Amer.) horn. 

cacho, Cha, a. bent, crooked, inflected. 

cacholas, /. ;.»/. (naut.) cheeks of the masts. 

cacll6ll, ni. a breaker ; small waterfall. 

cachondez, /. sexual appetite. 

cachondo, da, o. ruled by sexual appetite ; 
in heat, rutting. 

Cachones, 7/1. pi. breakers fwaves). 

CacllOpO, m. (naut. )»gulf ; dry trunk, stump. 

cachorrenas, /. pi. (prov.) sort of soap, 

made of oil, orange, bread, and salt, 
cachorrillo, ito, m. dim. little cub or whelp ; 

pocket pistol. 
cacliorro, ra, m. & f. whelp or puppy, cub ; 

pocket pistol, 
cachu, 711. catechu, cutch, V. cato. 
cachaa, /. Indian dance in Peru, Bolivia, etc. 
cachucha, f. row-boat ; man's cloth or fur 

cap ; Spanish dance in triple measure. 
cacnuchero, ra, a. maker or seller of caps ; 

maker or seller of pin or needle cases. 
cachncllO, m. oil-mea:, containing the 

sixth part of a p^nnd ; pin or needle case ; earthen pot. 
cachuela, / fricassee oi rabbits' livers and 

lights ; gizzard. 
cacnuelO, m. (icht., small river fish resem- 
bling an anchovy 
cactiulera, /. cavern .'Jing-place. 
cachumbo, m. har^ shei.. of cocoanut and 

other fruit. 
cachunde,/. aromatic pasTf. munched by the 

Chinese ; cachou, cachunde. 
caclllipin, «». Spaniard who settles in Mexico 

or South America. V. gachupin. 

C&ddi, pron. every, every one, each : cada unp 
or cada cual, every one, each : cada vez, 
every time : cada vez que, every time that: 
cada y cuando, whenever, as soon as. 

cadahalso, m. shed, cabin, shanty. 

cadalecho, m. bed made of branches of trees. 

cadalSO, m. j)latform, stage, stand ; scatt'old 
for capital punishment. 

cadaflal, fiego, ga, flero, ra, a. annual : mu. 

jer cadanera, woman who bears every year. 

cadarzo, rn. coarse, entangled silk, which 
can not be spun ; cover of the cocoon • nar- 
row silk ribbon. 

Cildava,/. burnt stump of furze. 

cadavai, m. place where many c4davas re« 
main standing. 

cadaver, m. corpse, cadaver. 

cadav^riCO, ca, a. cadaverous, cadaveric. 

cadejO, m. entangled hair ; small skein :. 
threads put together to make tassels. 

cadena,/. chain, series of joined links ; bond • 
tie; fetters; series of events ; number of 
malefactors chained together to be con- 
ducted to the galleys ; imprisonment for 
life ; (arch.) buttress : cadena de rocas, ledge 
or ridge of rocks : cadena de puerto, boom of 
a harbour: cadena de montaiias, range of 
hills : balas de cadena, chain-shot. 

cadencla, /. cadence ; fall of the voice ; 
rhythm ; measure ; flow of verses or periods ; 
in dancing, harmony of motion and music , 
(mus.) cadenza. 

CadenclOSO, sa, a. rhythmical. 

cadeneta,/. lace or needle-work wrought iu 
form of a chain ; chain-stitch ; work put 
upon the heads of books for security of the 

cadenilla, ita, /. dim. small chain ; pearls ol 
a certain size. 

cadente, a. decaying, declining; going to 
ruin ; rhythmical. 

cadera, /. hip, the joint of the thigh. 

caderillas,/. i^/. bustle. 

cadetada, /• injudicious, thoughtless action 

cadete, m. (mil.) cadet. 

cadi, m. cadi, magistrate among the Turks 
and Moors. 

cadillar, m. place where bur-parsley grows. 

cadillo, m. (bot.) great bur-parsley ; prickly 
bur-weed ; common burdock. 

cadillOS, pi. m. thrum ; warp-ends. 

cadmia,/. calamine, V. calamina ; tutty 

cadmio, m. (chem.) cadmium. 

cado, m. ferret-hole. V. huronera. 

cadoce, m. (icht. prov.) gudgeon. 

cadOSO, cadOZO, m. deep place in a river 

caducamente, adv. weakly, feebly. 

caducante, pa. doting, one who dotes. 

caducar, vn. to dote ; to be worn out by serv' 
ice ; to fall into disuse ; to become super- 
annuated ; extinct ; (com.) to lapse. 

cadnceador, m. king at arms, who proclaims 
war and peace. 

caduceo or caduceo, m. caduceus or caduce, 

caducidad, /. (law) caducity, decrepitude. 

caduco, ca, a. worn out : senile ; enfeebled by 
age ; decrepit ; perishable ; frail. 

caduquez [caii-doo-ketii'],/. caducity, senilitv. 

caedizo, za, a. ready to fall; (bot.) deciiJu- 

caedlira, /. loose threads dropping from the 

caer, m. Hnd. CAIGO : pret. ^1 cay6 : mbj. 
caiga) to fall, drop, tumble down ; lighten ; 
fall off; hang down, droop; fitj become; 
lose one's situation, fortune, or influence, 
fall into an error or danger ; deviate from 
the right path ; fall due ; decrease, decline ; 

as iu far : • in eh I ; i la police , ' for ; n in bnll ; c (before e, i) and z aa th in thick ; b and d. soft : 




fall to one's lot ; befall, happen to ; come to 
pass; die; (mil.) to fall, yield, surrender: 
caer k esta parte, to be situated on this side : 
las yentanas caen al rio, the windows over- 
look the river: caer el plazo, to arrive (the 
fixed time) : caer en la cuenta, to bethink 
one's self; to see the point : caer bien, to fit, 
to suit, to become : caer de la gracia de al- 
gtino, to lose one's favour : caer ea cama or 
caer enfermo, to become sick : caer en alguna 
cosa, to remember or understand a thing : 
caer en falta, to fail in the performance of 
one's engagements : caer en gracia, to please, 
lio be agreeable : al caer de la hoja, at the 
fall of the leaf. — vr. {h,^ all the meanings of 
the active form) cadfsele k uno la cara de 
vergiienza, to blush deeply with shame : 
caerse uno redondo, to fall senseless : caerse 
muerto de risa, de sueno, etc., to shake with 
laughter ; to be very sleepy : caerse (una 
cosa) de su peso, to be evident. 

caS6 [cah-fay'], m. cofifee (tree, berry, and bev- 
erage) ; coffee-house, cafe. 

cafeina,/. caffeiu. 

caferia,/. village, 

cafetal, m. plantation of coffee-trees. 

cafetera, /. coffee-pot ; woman who gathers 
coffee-berries ; woman who makes andserves 

cafetero, m. one who makes or sells coffee ; 
(bot.) coffee-tree. 

cafetin, m. small cafe. 

cafeto, m. coffee-tree. 

cafetucho, m. small and untidy cafe. 

cafila, m. multitude of people, animals, or 
things ; caravan. 

cafre, a. savage, inhuman, belonging or relat- 
ing to the Caffres : clownish, rude, uncivil. 

cagaaceite, m. little bird whose excrements 
are oily. 

cagachin, m. small reddish mosquito. 

cagada,/. excrement; ridiculous action. 

cagadero, m. public water-closet : latrine. 

cagadillo, m. dim. sorry little fellow. 

cagado, a. mean-spirited, chicken-hearted 
fellow : cagado, da., pp. of cagar. 

cagafierro, m. scoria, dross of irbn. 

cagaj6n [cahgaii-hone'], TO. horse-dung ; dung 
of mules or asses. 

cagalaolla, m. masquerader who dances in 

cagalar, TO. F. tripa; (anat.) csecum. 

cagalera,/. looseness of the body, diarrhoea. 

cagar, va. (prel. CAGUE : subj. cague) to go 
to stool ; to soil, stain, defile ; make a botch 
of a thing. 

cagarrache, to. one who washes the olive- 
pits in an oil-mill ; bird. I', cagaaceite. 

cagarria, /. edible mushroom, called St. 
George's agaric. 

cagarropa, m. V. cagachin. 

cagarruta, /. dung of sheep, goats, and mice. 

cagatinta, m. pettifogger ; nickname given 
in contempt to attorneys' clerks. 

cagatorlo, to. v. cagadero. 

cagdn, na, to. & f. person afflicted with 
diarrhcea ; cowardly, timorous person. 

cahiz, TO. nominal measure of twelve bushels. 

Cahizada,/. land suflScient for one cahiz of 

Caida, f. fall ; falling ; tumble ; downfall ; 
lapse ; drop ; falling off ; droop • diminu- 
tion ; declination ; declension ; dedivity ; 
descent ; (geol.) dip ; landslip ; interior gal- 
lery iii houses of Manila, with views upon 
the court yard : (naut.) caida de una vela, 
aepth or crop of r sail : Ir or andar de capa 
"aida. to deo.lne in icrtune and credit : i. 

la caida de la tarde, at the close of the even- 
ing : k la caida del sol, at sunset.— y/. coars« 
wool cut off the skirts of a fleece ; witty re> 
marks ; repartee ;' (sew) re vers. 

caido, da, pp- &■ a. languid ; downfallen. 

caidOS, arrears of taxes or rents ; s,\o\r 
ing lines to show the proper slant In writ* 

caigo, caiga (*>?•. from caer). 

caiman, m. cayman, alligator, American croc- 
odile ; cunning man. 

caimientO, m. fall, drop; droop, lowness of 
spirits, languidness. 

caique [cah'-ee-kay], TO. (naut.) skiff, small boat. 

cairel, to. false hair or wig worn by wome» 
to embellish their head-dress ; fringe trim 
ming of a dress ; silk threads to which wi| • 
makers fasten the hair of wigs. 

cairelado, da, a. fringed.— pjj. of cairelar. 

cairelar, va. to fringe. 

caja,/. box or case ; coflSin. V. ataud ; chest, 
cash-box or safe ; (com.) cash, funds ; cash- 
ier's otfice ; sheath ; socket ; frame ; drum : 
printer's case ; portable writing-desk ; well 
or cavity in which a staircase is raised; 
wooden case of an organ : caja alta, caja 
baja, (typ. ) upper case, lower case : caja de 
ahorros, savings-bank : cajas en ternos, nest 
of boxes : caja de escopeta, stock of a fire- 
lock : caja de brasero, wooden stand for the 
brasier : caja de coche, body of a coach : caja 
de agua, (naut.) manger of a ship: caja de 
balas, shot-locker : libro de caja, cash-book : 
caja del cuerpo, thorax : echar con cajas des- 
templadas, to turn away in a harsh manner: 
no estar en caja, to feel out of sorts. 

cajel, a. naranja cajel, blood orange. 

cajeras,/. pi. cavities in blocks which contain 
the sheaves. 

cajero, to. box-maker ; cashier, treasurer, 
cash-keeper ; reservoir in irrigation canals. 

cajeta, /. little box ; poor-box : cajetas, 
(naut.) caburns; (Mex.) box of jelly. 

cajetazo, to. blow with a cajete. 

cajete, to. (Mex.) flat earthen pulque bowl. 

cajetiila,/. package of cigarettes. 

cajetin, to. dim. very small box; (typ.) 
fount-case, letter-case. 

cajilla, ita, /. dim. small box ; (bot.) capsule. 

cajiga, /. cajigal, to. v. quejigo, quejigau 

cajista, to, compositor (in printing). 

cajo, TO. bookbinder's groove. 

Caj6n, TO. box, case, chest, drawer, till, locker, 
money-drawer ; mould for casting ; space 
between the shelves of a bookcase ; wooden 
stand or shed for selling provisions ; (Mex. } 
dry-goods store ; crib, caisson : ser de cajon, 
to be a matter of course : cajon de sastre,. 
confused mass ; odds and ends. 

cajonada,/. (naut.) lockers. 

cajoncito, to. dim. small box or drawer. 

cajonera, /. chest of drawers in a vestry. 

cajoneria, /. set of drawers in a. piece of fur- 
niture, tall-boy or chiffonier. 

Ca^Uela,/, dim. small box. 

cal,/. lime : cal viva, quick or unslaked lime r 
pared de cal y canto, wall of rough stone and 
mortar : ser de cal y canto, (met.) to be very 
strongly built : cal hidriulica, cement. 

cala, /. cove, small bay ; lishing-ground ; 
small piece cut out of a melon or other fruit 
to try its flavour ; hole made in a wall to try 
its thickness; (med.) suppository; (naut.)- 
hold of a ship ; (bot.) calla-lily. 

calaba, to. calaba-tree. V. calambuco. 

calabacera, /. (hot.) pumpkin or gourd- 
plant. V. CALABAZA. 

calabacero, w. retailer of pumpkins. 

''befor. M)an * as ii hot; h, -^t: 11 in brilliant; fi, ny in canyon - r (initial) and rr trilled ; s, hisseii 




^al&bacica, ilia, ita,/. dim. small pumpkin. 
C&labacllla, /. core of gourd-shaped tassel ; 

ear-ring made of pearls in the shape of a 

CSdabacin, m. small, young, tender pump- 
kin ; dolt, silly person, 
calabacinate, m. fried pumpkins, 
-calabacino, m. dry gourd, calabash bottle. 
-ealabaza. /. (bot.) pumpkin, squash, gourd ; 

^met.) a stupid, ignorant person: ealabaza 

vinatera, bottle gourd or calabash : dar cala- 

bazas, to reprove, in examination ; also to 

give the mitten. 
Ciuabazada, f. knock with the head against 

something: darse de calabazadas, (met.) to 

labour in vain to ascertain something. 
Calabazar, m. pumpkin orchard. 
calabazate, m, preserved pumpkin candied ; 

piece of a pumpkin steeped in honey. 
ralabazazo, m. blow with a pumpkin. 
2alabaz6n, m. aug. large winter pumpkin. 
ealabobOS, m. drizzle ; mizzle. 
Salabocero, m. jailer I warden, 
calabozaje, m. fee paid by prisoners to the 

calabOZO, m. dungeon ; cell ; calaboose ; 

jail ; pruning-hook or knife. 
Calabr^S, sa, a. Calabrian. 
calabrlada, /. mixture of different things ; 

mixture of white and red wine ; balderdash. 
calabrote, »i. (naut. ) stream-cable. 
<:alacanto, wt. (bot.) flea-baue. 
<ialacuerda, /. beat of drums summoning to 

attack the enemy resolutely. 
Oalada, f. soaking ; wetting through ; rapid 

flight of birds of prey : reprimand. 
CaladiO, m. (hot.) caladium. 
calado, m. open work in metal, stone, wood, 

or linen; fretwork; (naut.) draught of a 

vessel: calados, lace. — ^/>. ofcALAR. 
\;alador, m. perforator ; borer ; one who 

makes open-work; (naut.) calking-iron ; 

surgeon's otfice. 
caladre,/. bird of the family of larks, 
calafate, calafateador, m. calker. 
calafateadura, /. calking. 
calafatear, calafetear, to. (naut.) to calk. 

Calafateo, m. calking. 
calaf ateria, /. the act of calking, 
calafetin, m. calker' s boy or mate, 
calafraga,/. (bot.) saxifrage. 

calagOZO, m. bill or hedging-hook. 

calagra&a, /. table grape, not fit for wine. 

calaguala,/. (Peru, botj calaguala. 

calanorra, /. public office where bread is 
distributed in times of scarcity. 

calaita, /. turquoise. 

calaie, m. chest, trunk, or coffer. 

calaluz, m. (naut. Philip.) kind of vessel. 

calamaco, m. calamanco, woollen stuff. 

calamar, m. calamary, squid, or sea-sleeve. 

calambac, m. (hot.) calamba; eagle-wood. 

calambre, m.. spasm, cramp. 

calambuco, m. (bot.) calaba-tree. — a. (Cu- 
ba) Pharisaical, hypocritical. 

calamento, m. calamlnta, /. (bot.) moun- 
tain balm or calamint. 

Calamidad,/. misfortune, calamity, misery, 

calamillera, /. pot-hook «f a crane. 

calamina or pi«dra calamlnar, /. cala- 

calamita, /. loadstone ; magnetic needle. 

calamlte, m. the little green tree-frog. 

calamitosamente, adv. unfortunately, dis- 

CalamltOBO, sa, a. calamitous, unfortunate, 

•- M In far ; • in •& t ; i in police : o in for ; a in bull ; o (bei»re e, i) and s u th in thick ; b and AjtiOtx 

cUamo, m. (bot.) sweet-flag; (poet.) pen; 
ancient flute. 

calamocano, a. fuddled ; tipsy ; unsteady. 

calamoco, m. icicle. 

calambn, m. (orn. ) purple water-hen or gal« 
linule; round-headed nail ; stay which sup* 
ports the beam of an oil-mill. 

calamorra, /. (coll.) the head. 

calamorrada, /. butt of horned cattle. 

calamorrar, va. to butt. 

calandraca,./. (naut.) mess of hard-taek. 

calandrajo, in- rag hanging from a garment; 

calandrla, /. (orn.) bunting, calendar lark ; 
calender ; clothier's press ; oeetle mill ; roll- 
ing-press ; mangle. 

C&lanis, m. (bot.) sweet-flag. 

CSllafi.a, /. pattern ; sample ; model, form ; 
character ; quality. 

calaa.6s, G. native of Calanas ; sombrero cala< 
n^B, Andalusian hat. 

cMao, m. large bird with serrated bill in the 
Philippines : feeds on small birds. 

calapatillO, m. (zool.) weevil, or its grub. 

calar, va. to penetrate, soak through, perme- 
ate, drench ; go through, pierce, perforate, 
plug; (met.) to discover a design, compre- 
hend ; make open-work in metal, wood, 
linen, or paper ; (mech.) to wedge : calar el 
melon or la sandia, to tap (or plug) a water- 
melon to try its flavour : calar el puente, to 
let down a drawbridge : calar la bayoneta, 
(mil.) to fix the bayonet: calar el sombrero, 
to press the hat down : calar tantos pies, 
(naut.) to draw so many feet.— rr. to enter, 
introduce one's self, insinuate one's self 
into ; to be wet through, soak, imbibe ; 
stoop ; dart down on prey. 

calar, a. calcareous. 

calato, ta, a. (Peru) nude, naked. 

calavera,/. skull; madcap, hot-brained fel- 

calaverada, /. ridiculous, foolish, or ill- 
judged action ; tomfoolery, 

calaverear, vn. to act foolishly, and without 
judgment or prudence. 

calaverillii, ita, /. dim. little skull.— «i. 
youth who sows his wild oats. 

calaverdn, m. aug. a dissipated man, a d&> 

calcado, m. counter-drawing, tracing. 

calcamar, m. sea-fowl on the coast of BraziL 

calcaflal, calca&ar, m. heel, heel-bone. 

calckneo, m. (anat.) calcaneum. 

calca&uelo, m. disease of bees. 

calcar, va. {pret. CALQu6 : subj. calque) to 
counter-draw, trace ; trample on. 

calckreo, rea, a. calcareous. 

calce, m. tire of a wheel ; piece of iron or 
steel added to the coulter of a plough, when 
it is worn ; wedge ; wheel-shoe, form of 
brake; (^naut.) top. 

calcedoma, /. chalcedony. 

calces, m. (naut.) mast-head. 

calceta, /. hose, stocking; (met.) fetters 
worn by criminals : hacer calceta, to knit. 

calceteria, /. hosier's shop and trade ; hO' 

calcetero, ra, m. &f. one who makes, mends, 
or sells thread stockings ; hosier. 

CalCetin [cal-thay-teen'], WJ. half-hose, SOck. 

calcet6n [c«i-tha.v-tone'], m. aug. cloth stocking 

worn under boots. 
CklCiCO, ca, a. belonging to calcium, 
calcina rai-the«'-niih ,/. mortar. 
calcinacidn, /. (chem.) calcination. 
Calcinar, va. & vr. to calcine. 
calCinatoriO, a. calciuatory. 



calciO (cahi'-the-o], m. calcium. 

calCO, m. counter-drawing ; a tracing. 

calCOgrafla, /. chalcography ; place where 
engravings are engraved. 

Calc6graf0, m. engraver. 

calcomania, /. decalcomania. 

calculable, a. calculable. 

calculaci6ll,/. calculation, estimation, com- 

calculador, m. calculator, accountant. 

-calcular, va. to calculate, reckon, compute, 
count, estimate. 

calcullsta, m.. schemer ; rapid accountant. 

C&lCUlO, m. calculation, computation, esti- 
mate, count, account; conjecture j (med.) 
calculus, gravel, stone. 

calCUlOSO, sa, a. calculose, calculous. 

calda,/. act of warming or heating: caldas, 
natural hot mineral-water baths. 

caldaico, ca, a. v. caldeo. 

caldaria, /. ley caldarla, water ordeal. 

caldear, va. to warm, heat; to weld. iron. 

caldeo, a, a. Chaldaic. 

Caldera,/. caldron, boiler, sugar-kettle : cal- 
dera de vapor, steam boiler : caldera tubular, 
tubular boiler ; brass shell of a kettle-drum. 

calderada, /. caidronful. 

caldereria, /. brazier's shop and trade. 

calderero, m. brazier ; coppersmith ; boiler- 
maker ; tinker. 

Calderetar/- dim. small caldron, kettle, pot ; 
holy-water pot ; stew of fish ; lamb stew ; 
(Mex.) chocolate-pot; (C. Amer.) thunder- 

calderico, ica, illo, ilia, m. &/. dim. small 

calderilla,/. holy-waterpot; any copper coin. 

caldero, m. semi-spherical caldron or boiler ; 
a copper ; a caidronful. 

calderdn, m. copper, large caldron or kettle ; 
mark of a thousand 3 ; (print. ) paragraph ^ ; 
(mus. ) a sign (T) denoting a pause ; hold. 

calderuela, /. dim. small kettle ; dark-lan- 
tern, used by sportsmen to drive partridges 
into the net. 

caldillo, caldito, m. sauce of a ragout or 
fricassee ; light broth. 

caldo, m. broth ; beef-tea ; bouillon ; salad 
dressing ; sauce ; gravy : caldo de came, con- 
somme : caldos, (com.) wine, oil, and all 
spirituous liquors. 

caldOSO, sa, a. having plenty of broth, thin. 

Calducho, m. ill-seasoned broth ; hog-wash. 

calecer, va. to become heated, 

caleciCO, m. dim. small chalice. 

calefaciente, a. (med.) heating. 

calefaccibn, /. calefaction, heating. 

calefactorio, m, place in convents for warm- 

calenda, /. part of the martyrology which 
treats of the acts of the saints of the day : 
calendas, calends : calendas griegas, never. 

salendario, m. almanac; calendar: hacer 
calendarioB, (met.) to muse. 

Cal6ndula,/. (hot.) marigold. 

isalentador, m. heater ; warming-pan ; (coll.) 
large, clumsy watch. 

CalentamientO, to. calefaction, warming, 
heating ; disease incidental to horses. 

Oalentar, va. {ind. caliento : sub). CALIEN- 
TE) to warm, heat, glow, calefy ; to roll 
and heat a ball in one's hand before it is 
played ; to urge ; press forward ; despatch 
speedily. — vr. to be in heat, rut ; to mow- 
burn ; to grow hot ; become angry ; dispute 

ealentdn, m. darge un calent6n, to taks a bit 
of a warming. 


calentura,/. fever. 

calenturiento, ta, a. feverish. 

calenturilla, /. dim. slight fever. 

calenturbn, m. aug. violeilt fever. 

calenturoso, sa, a. feverish. 

calepino, m. (coll.) Latin dictionary. 

calera, /. lime-kiln ; lime-pit ; fishing smack^ 
iu Biscay. 

caleria,/. house or place where lime is burnt 
and sold. 

calero, ra, a. calcareous. — m. lime-burner, 
lime-maker, or seller. 

calesa, /. two-wheeled calash, chaise. 

calesera,/. bolero-jacket. 

calesero, to. driver of a calash. 

calesin, m. light chaise. 

calesinero, to. owner or driver of a calesin. 

caleta, /. (naut.) cove, creek, small bay o» 
inlet; (Venez. ) trade of carriers. 

caletero, TO. (Venez. ) a carrier. 

caletre, to. understanding, judgment, dis- 
cernment, acumen. 

call, TO. (chem. ) V. Ilcali, 

calibeado, da, a. (med.) chalybean ; chaly- 

calibrar, va. to examine the calibre of a ball 
or fire-arm ; to gauge, size. 

calibrador, to. calibre-gauge. 

calibre, to. calibre, capacity ; quality, sort. 

callcantO, to. (bot.) allspice. 

calicata,/. (min.) trial-pit 

calic6, TO. V. PERCAL. 

caliCUd, caliCUt, /. silk stuff from India. 

caliche, to. pebble burnt in a brick ; crust ot 
lime which flakes from a wall ; (Peru and 
Chile) native saltpetre. 

calidad, /. (juality, condition, character; 
kind or particular nature ; nobility ; rank ; 
stipulation ; requisite.— p/. calidades, condi- 
tions in playing a game ; personal qualifica- 
tions; "'"- '■■- 


crafty, artful. 
calidoscopio, m. kaleidoscope. 
callente, a. warm, hot, calid, scalding ; fiery: 

feverish ; vehement : hierro callente, red-hoi 

iron : en callente, piping hot ; immediately; 

estar callente, to be in heat, rut. 

caliento, yo caliente (from oalentar). 

califa, TO. caliph. 

califatO, to. caliphate. 

calificable, m. &/. qualifiable. 

calificaci6n, /. qualification; judgment, 
censure; proof; habilitation. 

calificado, da, a. qualified, authorized, com- 
petent.— pp. of CALIFICAR. 

calificador, to. qualifier ; censor. 

calificar, va. {pret. CALIFIQU^ : subj. califi- 
que) to qualify; discriminate; determine 
the quality of a person or thing ; authorize ; 
empower; certify, attest; illustrate, en- 
noble. — vr. to prove one's noble birth and. 
descent according to law. 

califlcatiVO, va, a. (gram.) qualifying. 

calif6riliC0, ca, a. relating to California. 

californio, ia, a. native of California. 

ckliga,/. sandals worn by Roman soldiers^ 

caligine, /. mist, obscurity, darkness. 

caliginoso, sa, a. caliginous ; dark ; dinu 

Caligrafia, /. caligraphy, penmanship. 

caligrd,fiC0, ca, a. relating to caligraphy. 

caligrafO, to. expert penman. 

calilla,/. dim. a slight suppository. 

calima, calina, /» thick vapour; ligh* 

mist,, haze, 
calinda,/. (Cuba) a popular creole dance. 
calinOSO, sa, a. vapoury, misty, hazy, 
calio, m. kalium or potassium. 

gifts, parts. 

da, a. warm ; hot ; piquant ; calid ; 

g (before «, I J and J as h In hot : h, sUent ; 11 in brilliant ; fi, ny In canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled : S, hU**»«. 




calipedes, w. slow-paced animal. 

calisaya,/. (bot.) calisaya. 

C^liZ, in- chalice ; communion cup ; bitter cup 
of grief and afttfction ; (bot.) calyx. 

callza, /. calcium carbonate. 

caliZO, za, «• calcareous ; limy ; calc (spar). 

calma, /. (naut.) a calm ; calmness, tran- 
quility ; composure ; slowness ; tardiness ; 
stillness ; suspension of business ; cessation 
of pain : calma chicha, (naut.) dead calm. 

^almadamente, a^v. quietly, calmly. 

calmado, da, «. quiet, calm.— pp. of calmar. 

calmante, pa. & m. & f. mitigating, miti- 

gaut; (med.) narcotic, anodyne, sedative. 

calmar, va. to calm, quiet, compose, pacify, 
still, hush ; alleviate, allay, mitigate, lull, 
moderate, soothe, soften. — rn. to mil calm ; 
to be tnecalmed. — vr. to be pacified. 

;aIino, ma, a. uncultivated, untilled; tree- 

. less ; barren. 

calmOSO, sa, a. calm ; slow ; tardy ; tran- 
quil ; soothing. 

caimuco, m- kalmuck. 

oal6, m. cant, slang of gipsies and ruflBans. 

calOC6falO, la, a. liaviug a beautiful head. 

calofilo, la, a. having handsome leaves. 

calofriado, da, a. chilly, shivering with 

cold.— pp. of CALOFRIARSE. 

calofriarse, calosfrlarse, vr. to shiver with 
cold ; to feel a chill. 

calofrio, calosfrio, m. chill, shiver. 

calomel or calomelanos, m.pi. (med.) calo- 

'ialofla,/. fine or damages for slander. 

3al6ptero. ra, a. handsome-winged. 

calor, m. heat, hotness, calidity, glow ; ex- 
candescence, warmth, ardour, fervour, fieri- 
ness ; fever, excitement, feeling; brunt of a 
battle ; favour, kind reception. 

caloria, /. unit of heat, calory. 

calbrico, m. (chem.) caloric. 

calorifero, ra, a. giving heat. 

calorifero, m. stove, heater, furnace : calori- 
fero de aire, hot-air register: calorifero de 
vapor, steam radiator. 

calorlficacidn, /. calorification. 

CalOriflCO, ca, a. calorific. 

calorimetria, /. calorimetry. 

calorimetrico, ca, a. calorimetric. 

caJorimetro, m. (chem.) calorimeter. 

calorosamente, adv. v. calurosamentk 

caloroso, sa, a. v. caluroso. 

CalOStro, >n. colostrum. 

caloyo, m. unborn Iamb or kid. 

calpamulO, la, a. (Mex.) half-breed. 

calplsque, calpixque, or calpizque [cai- 
iK-ftii -kiiv!, m. (Mex. ) rent-gatherer, a steward. 

calseco, ca, a. cured with lime. 

calta,.'' caltha, marsh marigold. 

calumbarse, vr. to plunge, dive. 

calumbO, m. plunge, divmg. 

calumnia, /. calumny, slander. 

calumniador, ra, m. &/. calumniator, slan- 

calumniax, ra. to caluminate, slander. 

calumnlosamente, adv. calumniously, slan- 

calumniOSO, sa, a. calumnious, slanderous. 

calurosamente, adv. warmly, ardently, 
hotly ; excitedly, pa.ssionately. 

caluroso, sa, a. warm, hot; heating, ardor- 
ous, excited ; vehement, enthusiastic. 

oalva, /. bald crown of the head, bald pate ; 
game among country people ; bare spot in a 
grove : calva de alme'te, crest of a helmet. 

calvar, va. to hit a stone in the game of calva. 

calyarlo, m. Calvary, Golgotha ; debts ; tally ; 

calvatrueno, m. baldness of the whole head ; 

a wild jierson. 
calvaza, /. aug. large bald pate. 
caJverizo, za, a. having many barren or bare 


calvero, calvljar, calvitar, m. barreu 

ground among fruitful lauds ; bare spot in a 

caJvete, m. dim. little bald pate, when only 

part of the head is bald. 
CalveZ, CalViCie [cal-vetir, cal-vee'-thie-eh], /. 


calvliar, m. v. calvero. 

calvllla, /. dim. little baldness. 

calvinismo, m. Calvinism. 

calvinista, m. Calvinist. 

calvo, va, a. bald, without hair ; barren, un- 
cultivated ; threadbare. 

calza, /. long, loose breeches, trousers ; hose, 
stockings ; garter or ribbon tied on some 
animals ; wedge.— pZ. fetters : calza de arena, 
sand-bag : calzas acuchilladas, slashed trou- 
sers : medias calzaa, stockings reaching to the 
knees : tomar las calzas de Villadiego, to make 
a precipitate flight or escape. 

calzacaJzbn, m. galligaskins. 

calzada, /. causeway ; paved highway, high- 
road, avenue. 

calzadera, /. hempen cord ; net twine. 

caJzadillO, itO, m. dim,, small shoe. 

calzado, da, pp. & a. calceated, shod. 

calzado [cai-tiiah'-<io], m. footwear of all kinds ; 
horse with four white feet. 

calzador, m. shoeing leather ; shoe-horn. 

calzadnra, /. act of putting on the shoes ; tip 
for this service ; felloe of a cart-wheel. 

CalZar [cal-thar'], va. (pret. CALCE : subj. cal- 
ce) to put on shoes ; to put, on gloves, spurs, 
etc. ; to strengthen with iron or wood ; to 
scot or scotch a wheel : to carry a ball of a 
determined size, applied to lire-arms ; to 
wedge, chock, key ; (typ.) to overlay, raise, 
underlay : calzar las berramientas, to put a 
steel edge to iron tools : calzar el ancla, 
(naut. ) to shoe the anchor. 

calZO, m. V. CALCE ; (typ.) frisket-sheet, over- 
lay ; (r. w.) block, brake-shoe; (mech.^ 
wedge, quoin; shoe of a felloe; (naut.) 
skid, chock, bed, shoe. 

Calz6n [cai-thone'i, m. ombre, a game of cards ; 
(Mex.) disease of the sugar-cane from lack 
of irrigation.—^/, breeches, trousers; (naut.) 

awse-wings ; calzon corto, knee-breeches, 
zonazos, m. aug. big pair of breeches : e» 
un calzonazos, (met.) he is a weak, soft fellow. 

CalZOnclllOS[cal-thon-theel'-lyoB], drawers, 

calzoneras, /. /»/. (Mex.) trousers buttoned 
down both sides. 

calzorras, m. v. calzonazos. 

Callada, /. dish of tripe ; silence, employed 
only in certain phrases : k las calladas of de 
dallada, privately, on the quiet : dar la ca- 
llada por respuesta, to answer by silence. 

calladamente, adv. silently, tacitly, secret- 
ly, privately. 

callado, da, a. silent, reserved, noiseless ; 
discreet.— pp. of callar. 

callandiCO, itO, adv. in a low voice, silently, 
without noise, slyly, softly. 

callar, m. & vr. to'keep silence ; to be silent ; 
to omit speaking of a thing, conceal, hush; 
to cease talking, plaving, or singing ; to dis- 
semble ; (poet.) to abate, become moderate ; 
grow calm : callar su pIco, to hold one's 
tongue : qnien calla otorga, silence implies 

calle, /■ street, paved way, lane, alley ; walk 

A as tn far ; • Id ell t ; 1 In police ; O in for ; U in boll ; c (befbre e, i) knd % as tb in tblck ; b and <l. «oft : 


in a garden : calle hita, from house to 
hoase : dejar k uno en la calle, to leave one 
destitute : hacer calle, to clear the passage : 
rondar la calle, to flirt on the street. — interj. 
strange ! wonderful ! also make way 1 

callear, ra. to clear the walks in a vineyard. 

calleja, /. v. callejuela. 

callejear, vn. to walk or loiter about the 
streets ; to gad ; to ramble. 

Callejero, ra, «. loiterer, gadder. 

CallejO, calleyO, m. pit into which game 
falls when pursued. 

calleibn, m. narrow long lane between two 
walls ; narrow pass. 

callejoncillO, m. dim. little narrow passage 
or lane. 

callejuela,/. dim. small street, lane, or nar- 
row passage ; shift, subterfuge, evasion. 

callejuca, /. dim. small, narrow street. 

callialto, ta, «. horse-shoes having- swelling 
welts or borders. 

callista, m. &/. corn-doctor, chiropodist. 

callizo, m. V. CALLEJoN and callejuela. 

callO, m. corn, callousness on the feet ; wen ; 
(surg. ) callus ; extremity of a horse-shoe. — 
m. &f. pi. tripes. 

callosidad, /. callosity, callousness. 

callOSO, sa, a. callous ; corny, corneous, 

cama, /. bed ; couch ; bedstead ; bed hang- 
ings and furniture : seat or couch of wild 
animals ; floor or body of a cart ; part of a 

E lough which connects the share with the 
eam, the sheath: part of a melon which 
touches the ground ; litter, straw laid under 
animals or on plants ; slice of meat put upon 
another when cooking ; felloe of a wheel ; 
check of a bridle ; V-shaped piece in a cloak ; 
garden-bed ; (mech.) cam ; cog; catch; 
tooth; bed-plate; base; (geol.) layer, stra- 
tum : hacer cama, to be confined to one's 
bed : haeer la cama, to make up the bed : ha- 
cerle la cama & alguno, to injure a person 

camada, /. brood of young animals, a litter ; 
band of thieves. 

camafeo, m. cameo. 

caxnal, m. hempen halter ; camail. 

Camale6n, m. chameleon ; person who 
changes his opinions to suit his interest. 

Camalote, m. river plant in S. Amer. resem- 
bling a floating island. 

camama,/. (coll.) sham, humbug. 

camamila, camomila, /. (bot.) common 
chamomile. V. manzanilla. 

camandula, /. chaplet or rosary of one or 
three decades : tener muchas cam&ndnlas, to 
be very tricky. 

Camandulense, a. belonging to the religious 
order of Camandula or reformed Benedic- 

Camanduleria,/. hypocrisy, insincerity, dis- 

camandulero, ra, a. & n. full of tricks and 

artifices, dissembling, hypocritical. 

C&mara, /. hall ; parlour ; chamber ; each of 
the two houses of a legislative body : c&mara 
alta, senate, House of Lords, upper house : 
ciimara baja, Houseof Commons, lower house, 
chamber of deputies : cikmara de comercio, 
chamber of commerce ; chamber of a fire- 
arm ; chamber in a mine ; cabin of a ship ; 
granary ; mow ; stool ; evacuation by stool ; 
laxity ; photographic camera : c&mara ple- 
gadiza, folding camera. 

Camarada, m. comrade ; partner ; compan- 
ion ; fellow ; crony, chum. 

Camaraje, m. rmt for a granary. 

§2 CAM 

camarancli6n, m. garret ; attic. 

camarera, / head waiting-maid in great 
houses; keeper of the queen's wardrobe: 
chamber-maid ; waitress in hotels and 

camareria, /. place and employment of a 
waiting-maid ; ancient perquisite of the 
lord chamberlain. 

camarero, m. chamberlain ; steward or 
keeper of stores ; waiter; valet. 

camareta,/. dim. (naut.) small cabin ; deck- 
cabin ; midshipmen's cabin. 

camarleutO, ta, a. troubled with diarrhoea. 

camarilla, /. dim. small room ; coterie of 
private advisers of the king ; coterie or ring 
of influential persons. 

camarin, m. place behind an altar where the 
images are dressed, and the ornaments des- 
tined for that purpose are kept; closet; 
dressing-room in a theatre. 

camarista, m, member of the supreme coun- 
cil ; (Mex.) valet in a hotel.—/, maid of 
honour to the queen and the infantas of 

camarita, /. dim. small chamber, room, or 

camarlengO, m. lord of the bed-chamber of 
the kings of Arag6n ; cardinal who presides 
over the Apostolic Council at Rome. 

Ckmaro and camardn, m. common prawn, 
shrimp-like crustacean. 

camaronera, /. woman who sells prawns. 

camaronero, m. man who sells prawns. 

camarote, m. (naut.) stateroom ; berth. 

camasquince, m. meddlesome person. 

camastro, m. poor, miserable bed. 

caiuastr6n, m. sly, artful, cunning fellow. 

camastronazo, m. aug. great impostor, hyp- 
ocrite or dissembler. 

camastroneria, /. cunning, artifice. 

camatones, m. pi. (naut.) iron fastenings of 
the shrouds. 

camba,/. check of a bridle ; felloe; V-shaped 
piece in garments. 

cambalache, m. (coll.) barter. 

cambalachear, va. to barter. 

Cambalachero, m. barterer. 

cambaleo, m. strolling troupe of players. 

cambaro, m. crab, a crustacean. 

cambiable, a. fit to be bartered or ex- 

cambiador, m. barterer ; money-changer. 

cambial, m.. bill of exchange. 

cambiamano, /. railroad switch. 

cambiamientO, m. change, alteration. 

cambiante, a. bartering, exchanging.— wfc. 
banker, exchanger ; iridescence ; fabrics 
changeable in hues under the light. 

camblar, va. to barter, commute, exchange ; 
change, alter, remove, transfer, replace ;, ti/ 
give or take money on bills ; negotiate bills 
and exchange them for money ; (naut.) to 
change the course. — vn. to shift, change. 

C^mb^a, /. reservoir, basin of water. 

cambio, m. barter ; commutation ; exchange ; 
giving or taking of bills of exchange ; pre- 
mium paid or received for negotiating bills ; 
relative value of money in different coun- 
tries ; rise and fall of the course of ex- 
change ; public or private bank ; alteration, 
change ; return of a favour ; recompense : 
libre cambio, free trade : cambio minuto. 
small change : en cambio, in lieu of; instead. 

Camblsta, m. banker, money-broker. 

cambray, m. cambric, fine linen. 

cambrayadO, da, a. resembling cambric. 

cambraybn, m. coarse cambric. 

cambrdn, m. (hot.) buckthorn ; bramble. 

C (before e, i) and J as h In hot ; h, eilent ; 11 in brilliant ; &, ny in canyon ; v (initial) a)ici rr trilled ; ». blisetV 


.■^»>— ^^ 

CSUnbronal, m. thicket of briers, brambles, 
and thorns. 

cambronera, /. (bot.) box-thorn. 

cambuj [cam-booh'], m. child's Cap tied close to 
its head to keep it straight ; mask. 

cambuiO, ja, a. Indian mestizo; half-breed. 

cainbull6n, m. (Peru) imposition, swindle. 

oambur, m. one of the family of banana-trees 
and its fruit: cambur amarillo or criollo, 
yellow or Johnson banana : cambur higo or 
titiaro, very small and tine variety of ba- 
nana : cambur manzano, small and fine ba- 
nana with apple flavour : cambur morado, red 
banana. V. banana, guineo, and platano. 

cambuy, m. American myrtle-tree. 

<5amedame,/. (bot.) dwarf-bay. 

camedrlo and camedris, m. (hot.) wall 

camelar, va. to flirt ; pay attentions, court, 
woo : seduce, deceive. 

cameiea, /. (hot.) widow-wail, a shrub. 

camelete, m. (obs.) kind of great gun. 

camella,/. (bot.) camellia. 

camelo, m. flirtation, gallantry, courtship; 
joke, jest; disappointment; deceit. 

camelote, m. camlet ; (hot.) tropical weed. 

camelotillos, camelloncillos, m. light or 
thin camlets. 

camella, /. she-camel ; ridge in ploughed 
land; milk-pail; yoke. 

camellejO, m. dim. small camel. 

camelleria, /. stable or stand for camels; 
employment of a camel-driver. 

camellero, m. keeper or driver of camels. 

camellO, m. camel; ancient cannon ; engine 
for setting ships afloat in shoal water: ca- 
mello pardal, V. girafa. 

'Camellbn, m. ridge turned up by the plough 
or spade ; drinking-t rough for cattle ; car- 
penter's horse ; bed of flowers; camlet. 

-camero, m. upholsterer ; one who lets beds 
on hire. — a. belonging to a double bed. 

Camilla) /• dim. small bed, pallet, cot ; lit- 
ter, stretcher; clothes-horse; cloth-shear- 
er's frame. 

caminada,/. (obs.) V. jornada. 

•caminador, m. good walker. 

oamlnante, m,. traveller, walker. 

camlliar, vn. to travel, walk, go, march, 
move along ; act : caminar con pies de plomo, 
to act with prudence: caminar derecho, to 
act uprightly. 

caminata, /. long walk for exercise ; prome- 
nade ; excursion, jaunt, outing. 

•camino, m,. beaten road, high-road, way, 
path, pass ; passage, trip, journey ; profes- 
sion, station, calling ; manner or method of 
doing a thing; (min.) drift, gait; (naut.) 
ship's way, rate of sailing : camino cnbierto, 
(mil. ) covert-way : camino de heiradnra, 
path, bridle-road : camino carretero, road for 
carriages and wagons : camino vecinal, coun- 
try road : camino real, high-road, highway : 
camino de hierro, railway : ponerse en ca- 
mino, to set out, start off. 

^aml6n, m,. dray, truck. 

'Camlsa, /. shirt, shift, chemise ; thin skin of 
almonds and other fruit ; coat of whitewash ; 
slough of a serpent; (mil.) chemise; (obs.) 
catamenia ; jacket, case, casing, in steam- 
engines ; internal lining of a furnace : ca- 
mlsa alquitranada, embreada or de fuego, 
(naut.) fire-chemise: camlsa de fuerza, 
strait-jacket: camlsa de una vela, (naut.) 
body of a sail : meterse en camlsa de once 
varas, to interfere in other people's affairs : 
no Uegarle 4 uno la camlsa al cuerpo, to be 
frightened ; to be anxious. 

2 CAM 

camiseria, /. shirt-store, haberdashery. 

camlsero, shirt-maker, haberdasher. 

camiseta, /. undershirt. V. ELASTICA ; shor* 
shirt or shift with wide sleeves ; chemisette. 

Camisilla,/. dim. small shirt. 

CamlSOla, /. ruffled shirt ; dicky. 

camisolin, m. shirt-front ; tucker ; wimple. 

camls6ll, m. aug. long and wide shirt : night< 
shirt ; (Amer. ) gown ; (Cuba) chemise. 

camiSOte, w. ancient hauberk. 

camita, /. dim. small bed, pallet, cot. 

camomila, /. v. manzanilla, chamomile. - 

Cam6ll, «4. aug. large bed ; portable throne j 
glass partition ; oriel window.— ^p/. round 
pieces forming the frame of a water-wheel ; 
oak tires of cart-wheels ; lath frame of au 

camonclllo, m. seat in a drawing-room. 

camorra, /. quarrel, dispute, wrangle. 

camorrear, vn. to dispute often. 

Camorrista, com. noisy, quarrelsome person. 

camote, m. (hot. Mex.) variety of sweet po- 

campal, a. belonging to the field and encamp' 
ments : batalla campal, pitched battle. 

campamento, m. encampment ; camp. 

campana, f. bell ; anything bell-shaped • 
(met.) parish church, parish ; bottom of a 
well shaped as a bell ; (arch.) drum, corbel . 
campana de chlmenea, mantel of a chimney : 
campana de buzo, diving-bell : campana de 
rebato, alarm-bell : olr campanas y no saber 
donde, to have heard of a fact, but not to be 
well informed of its true nature. 

campanada,/. stroke of a l)ell ; (met.) scan- 

, dal ; sensational report. 

campanario, m. belfry ; noddle, head ; rack 
in looms. 

campanear, va. to ring the bell frequently ; 
chime ; divulge ; noise about. 

campanela, /. fancy step in dancing. 

campaneo, m. bell-ringing ; chime. V. con- 
ton eo. 

campanero, m. bell-founder ; bellman ; bird 
of Venezuela. 

campaneta,/. dim. small bell. 

campanil, m. small belfry. — c. metal campa- 
nll, bell-metal. 

campanula, /. dim. small bell ; hand-bell ; 
small bubble; (anat.) uvula; little tassel 
for ladies' gowns ; (naut.) cabin-bell ; (bot.) 

campanillazo, m. violent ringing of a bell ; 
sitciiul <riven with a bell. 

campanillear, va. to ring a small bell often. 

campanillero, m. bellman ; public crier. 

campante, ;>a. excelling, surpassing ; buoy- 
ant, cheerful, contented. 

campanudo, da, a. puffed up ; bell-shaped ; 
(bot.) campanulate ; pompous, lofty, high- 

campa,nula, /. (hot.) bell-flower. 

campanulado, da, a. (hot.) campanulate. 

campa&a,/. campaign ; level country ; cam- 
paign of au army: campafta naval, (naut.) 
cruise: vlveres de campana, (naut.) sea pro- 
visions, stores : batlr or correr la campafia, . 
to reconnoitre. 

campafiola, /. water-rat. 

campar, ru. to excel in ability, talent, or posi- 
tion ; to surpass ; to encamp ; to be en- 

campeador, m. surpassing in valour. 

campear, wt. to be in the field; pasture* 
frisK about ; to crop out ; grow ; to b€ 
eminent ; excel. 

CampeciCO, illO, ItO, m. dim. small field. 

•• M in far ; e in eh t ; i in police : O In for : « in bull ; c (before e, i) and z as th in thick ; b and d, soA ; 




caBipechano, na, a. frank ; hearty ; cheer- 
ful ; generous ; native of or belonging to 

campeclie, m. Campeehe-wood, logwood. 

uampedn, m. champion ; combatant ; defend- 
er ; hero. 

fampero, ra, a. exposed to the weather 
in the open field ; (Mex.) having a gait like 
gentle trotting, pacing. — m. friar who super- 
intends a farm ; field-guard. 

campesino, na, campestre, a. rural ; 
campestral ; rustic. — m. & f. countryman ; 

Campil^U, m. long, straight sabre used in the 
Philippines, broadening toward the point. 

campillo, m. dim. small field. 

Cainpifi.a, /. flat tract of arable land, field ; 
country ; landscape. 

kiampo, m. country ; any tract of flat and 
even country ; field ; space ; range of things ; 
crops ; trees, plantations ; ground of silks 
and other stuffs ; camp, ground on which 
an army is drawn up ; ground of a painting : 
campo santo, burial-ground, cemetery : cam- 
po abicrto, plain, an open country : batir or 
descnbrir el campo, to reconnoitre the enemy's 
camp ; to investigate : k campo raso, in the 
open field, outdoors : hombre del campo, a 
countryman : ir i campo travieso, to make 
a short cut : dar campo 4 la fantasia, to give 
free range to one's fancy : quedar en el cam- 
po, to be killed : salir al campo, to go out to 
fight a duel : campo i. campo, (mil.) force to 

camuesa,/. pippin, an apple. 

camueso, m. (bot.) pippin-tree; dunce, fool. 

camunas,/. pi. all seeds, except wheat, bar- 
ley, and rye. 

camuza, /. chamois goat. V. gamuza. 

camuzdn, m. aug. large chamois-skin. 

can, m. dog ; (arch.) bracket ; shoulder ; mo- 
dillion ; corbel; (ast. ) dog-star. V. cani- 
CULA ; trigger of guns, etc. ; ancient piece of 

Cana,/. gray hair; long measure, about two 

■ ells : peinar canas, to be old : echar nna cana 
al aire, to drive dull care away. 

'.anadlense, a. Canadian. 

canal, m. channel, canal, any artificial wa- 
terway ; inlet, strait.—/, natural waterway 
under earth ; long and narrow dell ; gutter, 
conduit, duct, leader, pantile ; any duct of 
the human body ; body of an animal killed 
and dressed for food ; comb of the loom ; 
hemp once hackled ; front edge of a book ; 
drinking-trough ; crease, slot in metal- 
work ; bed of a hot-press; (tel.) copper 
pole : abrir en canal, to cut from top to bot- 
tom : canal de la Mancha, British Channel. 

<lanalado, da, a. v. acanalado. 

canaleja, /. dim. small drinking-trough ; 
mill-spout ; priest's hat. 

canalera, /. gutter, leader. 

canalete, m. single or double bladed pad- 
dle for canoeing. 

canalita, /. dim. small channel or gutter. 

canalizaci6n, /. canalization. 

canalizar, va. to construct channels or ca- 
nals ; to canalize. 

canalizo, m. narrow channel between two 
islands or sand-banks. 

canal6n, m. aug. big gutter, leader, or spout ; 

Canalla,/. mob, rabble. — m. a scoundrel. 

caname&O, m. travelling hammock (Cent. 

canana, /. cartridge-belt. 

canap6, m. couch ; settee ; lounge. 

canaria, /. female canary-bird. 
canariense, a. canario, ria, m. &, /. of oi 

belonging to the Canary Islands. 

canario, m. canary-bird ; dance introduced 
into Spain by natives of the Canaries,* 
(naut.) barge used in the Canary Islands; 
1 canario I interj. zounds ! 

canasta,/, basket, hamper ; (com.) crater; 

canastero, ra, m. &f. basket-maker. 

canastilla, /. dim. small basket ; gift to 
ladies of the court; an infant's basket; 
wardrobe for a baby. 

canastillO, m. small tray; pannier; smaU 
basket ; maund, a hand-basket. 

canastO, canastro, m. large basket: ica- 
n&atoB I inierj. denoting surprise or annoy- 

C^ncamO, m. rare gum, resembling myrrh; 
(naut.) bolt-ring : c&neamos de argolla, ring- 
bolts : c4ncamoB de gancho, hook-bolts : c&n- 
camos de ojo, eye-bolts. 

cancanmrria, /. (coll.) sadness, melancholy. 

cancamusa, /. (coll.) trick to deceive. 

Cancana,/. cricket, penance ; stool for boys ; 
kind of spider. 

c^ncano, w. (coll.) louse. 

cancel, w. wooden screen ; glass-case in cha- 
pel for the king. 

cancela, /. front-door grating or screen in 
Spanish houses. 

cancelacidn, canceladura,/. cancellation, 
expunging, obliteration, closing up. 

cancelar [can-tkeiiiar'], va. to cancel or annul 
a writing ; to efface from the memory. 

cancelaria, canceleria, /. papal chancery. 

cancelario, m. chancellor in universities who 
grants degrees. 

Cancer [caim'-ther], m. cancer, virulent ulcer ; 
one of the signs of the zodiac. 

cancerarse, vr. to be afflicted with a can- 
cer ; to cancerate or become a cancer. 

CancerberO; m. (myth.) Cerberus; (met.) 
severe and incorruptible guard. 

canceroso, sa, a. cancerous. 

cancilla,/. wicker-door or wicker-gate. 

CanCiller [kahn-tliiel-lyerr'], vi. chancellor. 

cancilleresco, ca, a. belonging to the writ- 
ing characters used in chancery business. 

CanCllleria [can-theel-lyeh-ree'-ah], /. oflice of a 

canci6n [kahn-thie-ohn'], /. song, lyric poem, a 
lay, ballad. 

cancioncica, iUa, ita,/. dim. canzonet, lit- 
tle song. 

cancionero, m. song-book ; song-writer. 

cancioneta,/. dim. little song, canzonet. 

cancionlsta, m. author or singer of sungs, 
songster, ballad-singer. 

cancriforme, a. cancriform. 

cancrinita,/. cancrinite. 

cancro, m. V. cancer ; (bot.) sore in trees, 

cancr6fagO, ga, a. crab-eating. 

cancroldeo, ea, a. cancroid, cancriform. 

cancha, /. roasted corn or beans, in South 
America ; cock-pit ; ball-grounds. 

canchal, m. bouldery ground. 

canchalagua, canchelagua, canchila- 
gua,/. (bot. Peru) medicinal herb. 

cancho, m. big boulder or rock. 

candadiCO, iUO, itO, m. dim. small padlock. 

candadO, m. padlock ; pendant ; ear-ring. ^> 
pi. candados, cavities around the frog of 
norses' feet. 

Candamo, m. ancient rustic dance. 

candar, ?w. to lock, shut. 

C^ndara,./"- sifting screen, sieve. 

cande, «. "sugar-candy. 

9 fbnfora n. i) and J u h in hot ; h, atlent ; U in brilliant ; fi, nj in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled : s, hiaaad. 


eandeal, a. trlgo candeal, white wheat, sum- 
mer wheat : pan candeal, bread made of the 
white wheat. 

jandela, /. candle, taper; flower or blossom 
of the chestnut-tree ; inclination of the 
balance-needle to the thing weighed ; (coll. ) 
light, fire: arrimarse i, la candela, (prov.) to 
draw near the fire : en candela, (naut.) in a 
vertical position, said of masts. 

vandelabro, m. candelabrum ; bracket. 

candelada, /. v. hoguera. 

candelaria, /. Candlemas; (bot.) mullein. 


candelecho, m. hut built on piles for watch- 
ing a vineyard. 

candelerazo. m. blow with a candlestick. 

candelero, m. candlestick ; student's lamp ; 
fishing-torch: estar en candelero, (met.) to be 
high in office ; to hold an exalted station. — 
pi. candeleros, (naut.) stanchions or crotches. 

caudelica, ilia, ita,/. dim. small candle. 

candelUla,/'. (surg.) bougie, catheter; blos- 
som of poplars and other trees ; catkin, 
anient: le hacen candelillas los ojos, (coll.) 
his eyes sparkle with the fumes of wine. 

candelizas,/. jp/. (naut.) brails. 

candelizo, m. (coll.) r. carambano. 

candencia,/. incandescence, white-heat. 

candente, «. incandescent, red-hot : caesti6n 
candente, burning question. 

candi, a. aztcar candi, sugar-candy, rock- 

candial, a. v. candea/,. 

c^ndidamente, adv. candidly. 

candldato, m. candidate. 

candidatura, /. candidacy ; list of candi- 
dates ; (U. S. pol.) slate. 

candidez, /. whiteness ; candour, sincerity, 
candidness, ingenuousness, simplicity. 

C^ndldO, da, a. white, snowy ; candid, guile- 
less, simple. 

candiel, m. sweetmeat of white wine, eggs, 
sugar, etc. 

uandil, m. kitchen or stable oil-lamp • Greek 
lamp; (coll.) cock of a hat; (coll.) long 
irregular fold in petticoats; (Mex.) chan- 
delier ; top of a stag's horn : baile de candil, 
a ball by the light of a poor lamp : puede 
arder en an candil, said of a strong wine, or 
of a smart person or saying. 

candilada,/. (^coll.) oil spilt from a lamp. 

candllazo, »i. blow with a kitchen lamp. 

candileja, /. oil receptacle of a lamp.— ^/. 
foot^lights of a theatre ; (bot.) willow-herb, 
deadly carrot. 

candilejo, m. dim. small kitchen la^np ; (bot. ) 


candilera,/. (hot.) lamp-wick. 

candUbn, m. aug. large open lamp. 

candiOta, »i. &. f. of or belonging to the is- 
lan<i of Candia.— /. barrel or keg for carry- 
ing wine ; large earthen jar for wine. 

candiotera, /. wine-cellar ; storage place of 
casks, tuns, etc. 

candiotero, m. cooper who makes candiotas. 

candonga, /. (coll.) artful flattery or caress 
intended to deceive ; (coll.) merry, playful 
trick; practical joke ; draught-mule. 

CandongO, ga, a. (coll.) cunning, fawning 

candonguear, vn. (coll.) to jeer, sneer, tease ; 
to play practical jokes ; (coll.) to shirk work. 

candOB^guero, ra, a. (coll.) a deceiver by 
fatter/ ; a practical joker. 

candor, m. supreme whiteness ; candour, 
purity of mind, ingenuousness, sincerity, 

vandorosamente, adv. candidly. 

fc u in ttJt ; • in eh I 

94 CAN 

candorOSO, sa, a. candid, ingenuous, frank. 
can6, m. low game of chance at cards, 
caneca,/. glazed stone bottle for gin and cor. 

canecillo, m. (arch. ) corbel, modillion, truss, 

cantilever ; console. 
can6fora,/. canei)hore. 
canela,/. (hot.) cinnamon; (coll.) anything 

exquisitely fine, 

canelado, da, a. v. acanelado. 

canelo, m. (bot.) cinnamon-tree or cinnamon 

laurel. — a. cinnamon-hued. 
caiiel6ll, m. gargoyle. V. canal6n ; icicle ; 

tubular fringe ; cinnamon candy. -^Z. caue- 

lones, end of a cat of nine-tails, thicker and 

more twisted than the rest. 
canequt, m. V. caniqui. 
canestl, m. corset-cover ; yoke of a shirt 
caney, m. log-cabin ; (Cuban) bend of 9 

river ; a bight. 
cangllon, m. earthen jar or pitcher ; meta; 

tankard for wine ; bucket of a water-wheel ; 

each fold of a frilled collar. 
Can^^reja, a. vela cangreja, (naut.) boom-sail, 

brig-sail, or gaflF-sail. 
cangrejal, m. (Amer.) spot frequented by 

crabs or cray-fishes. 
Cangrejero, ra, a. one who sells cray-fish or 

cangrejo [can greh'-ho], TO. (zool.) fresh-water 

lobster or craw-fish : cangrejo de mar, crab, 

V. cambaro. 
CangrejuelO, m. dim. small craw-fish, 
caugrena, /. gangrene. V. GANGRENA. 
cangrenarse, vr. to be afflicted with gan- 
grene or mortification. V. gangrekarse. 
cangreuoso, sa,' a. gangrenous, mortified. 

V. gangrenoso. 
canguelO, »i. (coll.) fear: tener cangnelo, to 

show the white feather. 
cangueso, m. (zool.) sea fish, 
canguro, to. (zool.) kangaroo, 
cania,/. (bot.) small nettle. 
canibal, to. cannibal, a man-eater, 
canlbalismo, m. cannibalism. 
canlcle [ca-nee'-the-ayl,/. whiteness of the hair. 

canicular, belonging to the 



caniculares, to. pi. dog-days. 
caniculario, m. beadle who drags dogs out 

canicula, /. (ast.) dog-star; dog days. 
a. canicula 

)S, TO. pi. d 
,0, TO. bead 
of church. 

canido, to. kind of parrot. 

caniio, ja, a. (coll.) weak, infirm, sickly. 

canu, TO. coarse bread, dog's bread. 

canilla,/. long bone of eitner extremity : ca- 
nilla de la pierna, shin-bone : canilla del bra- 
zo, anu-bone ; any of the principal bones of 
the wing of a fowl ; stop-cock, faucet, spig- 
ot ; reel, bobbin, spool ; unevenness of the 
woof, in thickness or colour. 

canillado, da, a. v. acanillado. 

canillalre, to. v. canillero. 

canillera,/ ancient armour ; jambes ; wom- 
an who makes reels. 

canillero, to., small tap in a cask or vat; 
weaver's quill-winder. 

canina, /. excrement of dogs. 

caninamente, adv. in a passionate, snarling 

CaninerO, m. one who gathers canina for the 
use of tan-yards. 

caninez, /. inordinate appetite. 

CaninO, na, a. canine : hambre canina, canine 
appetite, inordinate hunger : dientes caninoa, 
eye-teeth or canine-teeth. 

caniqui [ca-ne-uee'], III. cauuequin, Indian fine 

i In police ; o in for : n in buU ; c (before e, 1) and z as til in tUck ; b and d, soft ,- 




Cftnje. t». (mil., dip]., com. and journ.) ex- 

canjeable, m. &f. that can be exchanged. 

Canjeax, va. to exchange prisoners of war, 
treaties, credentials, or newspapers. 

cano, na, «. hoary, hoar, frosty, gray- 
haired ; old ; ancient; (poet.) white. 

canoa,/. canoe, Indian boat. 

canoero, w. one who conducts a canoe. 

canoi, '». (Amer.) basket used by Indians on 
a fishing party. 

cauoita, m. dim. small canoe. 

canon, m. canon, rule, precept ; catalogue of 
the books which compose the Holy Scrip- 
tures ; catalogue, list ; part of the mass ; 
(law) fee paid in acknowledgment of supe- 
riority in a higher lord ; (mus. ) canon ; 
f print.) canon, large sort of type.— pi. cano- 
nea, canons or canonical law, 

canonesa,.^- canoness. 

canbnica, f. canonic life in a convent. 

canonical, a. canonical, relating to canons. 

Can6nicamente, adv. canonically. 

canonicato, m. V. canonjIa. 

canbnico, ca, a. canonical, canonic. 

can6niga,/. (^coll.) siesta or nap taken be- 
fore dining. 

canbnigO, m. canon or prebendary. 

canonista, m. canonist. 

canonizable, a. worthy of canonization. 

CanOniZaCibn [ca-no-ne-thah-the-on], /. canoniza- 
tion, consecration. 

canonizar, va. to canonize ; consecrate ; 
(met.) to applaud or praise. 

canonjia, /. canonry, canonship, canonicate. 

canoro, ra, a. canorous, musical, melodious. 

^anoso, sa, a. hoary, hoar, frosty, gray- 

cansadamente, adv. importunely, trouble- 

cansado, da, a. weary, wearied, exhausted, 
tired, spent ; worn out ; tedious, tiresome, 
troublesome. — m. a bore.— p^. ofCANSAR. 

cansancio, m. weariness, lassitude, fatigue. 

cansar, va. to weary, tire, fatigne, over- 
come ; to tease, harass, molest, bore ; (agr.) 
to exhaust land. — vr. to tire one's self; be 
fatigued ; grow weary. 

cansera,/. (coll.) fatigue, weariness. 

cansino, na, a. worn by work, said of beasts. 

cantable, a. tunable ; that may be sung ; 
(mus.) to be sung slowly. — m. (mus.) a 
song with a slow tempo. 

cantabrico, ca, c&ntabro, bra, a. Canta- 

brian, of Cantabria. 

cantada, /. cantata, musical composition. 

cantador, m. & /. singer of popular Anda- 
lusian songs. 

cantal, m. block of stone. 

cantaleta, /. charivari; tin-pan serenade: 
dar cantaleta, (coll.) to deride; laugh at; 
turn into ridicule. 

cantante, m. & f. singer. 

cantar, ?«. song set to music : Cantar de Iob 
cantares, Canticles or Song of Solomon : can- 
tares de gesta, old legendary romances. 

cantar, va. to sing ; (poet.) to compose or re- 
cite ; (coll.) to creak, make a harsh, grind- 
ing noise; (coll.) to divulge a secret; at 
cards, to announce the trump : cantar de 
piano, to make a full confession. 

C&ntara, /. large, narrow-mouthed pitcher. 
V. CANTAROj wine measure (32 pints). 

cantarcico, illo, ito, m. dim. little song. 

•cantarera, /. shelf for jars, pitchers, etc. 

cantareria, /. shop where cintaros arc sold. 

cantarero, ra, m. &/. dealer in earthen jars, 
pitchers, pans, etc. 

cantlirida, /. cantharis, Spanish-fly; blis4ei> 
ing plaster made with the blLstering fly 
blister, raised by the blistering plaster. 

cantarlllo, »«. dim. small jar or pitcher y 
(bot.) oval-leaved androsace. 

cantarin, ^i. (coll.) songster; professionil 

cantarina, /. songstress. 

cantaro, //'. large, narrow-mouthed pitcher, 
and the liquid contained in it ; wine meas- 
ure ; vessel into which votes are put : Hover 
& cAntaros, to rain by bucketfuls, to pour. 

cantata,/, cantata. 

cantatriz,/. v. cantarina. 

cantazo, m. wound given by flinging a stone. 

canteles, m. pi. (naut.) ends of old ropes put 
under casks to keep them steady. 

cantera, /. quarry ; talents or genius. 

canteria, /. art of hewing stone ; building 
made of hewn stone ; parcel of hewn stone. 

cantero, m. stone-cutter; extremity of & 
hard substance which can be easily sep- 
arated from the rest : cantero de pan, crust 
of bread : cantero de heredad, piece of ground. 

canticio, m. (coll.) constant or frequent sing- 

C&ntiCO, m. canticle. 

cantidad, /. quantity ; amount ; measure ;; 
number ; (gram.) time used in pronouncing, 
a syllable ; sum of money ; large portion ; 
cantidad continua, continued quantity : can- 
tidad discreta, distinct or separate quantity^ 

cantiga,./*. poetical composition for a song. 

cantil, m. steep rock. 

cantilena,/, v. cantinela. 

cantiinplora,/. siphon ; water-cool«r. 

cantina, /. wine-cellar ; canteen ; case used 
to cool wine on a journey. 

cantinela, .f. ballad ; irksome repetition of a 

cantinera,/. yivandifire. 

cantinero, m. butler ; sutler. 

cantifla,/. (coll.) popular song. 

cantizal, m. stony ground, place full of 

canto, m. singing; short poem, of heroic 
type ; canto, division of a long poem ; chant 
or canticle: al canto del gallo, (coll.) at the 
break of day; end, edge, border ; extremity, 
point ; crust (of a loaf) ; thickness of any- 
thing ; back of a kniie ; front edge of a 
book ; dimension less than square : i. canto, 
very near : al canto, by the side of : de canto, 
on edge ; stone, pebble ; game of throwing 
the stone (duck on a rock); quarry-stone> 
block, dressed ashlar: canto rodado, bould' 
er : con nn canto k los pechos, with pleasure, 
with alacrity. 

cant6n, m. corner ; canton, region. 

cantonada, /. corner : dar cantonada, to dis- 
appoint or evade a person. 

cantonal, a. cantonal. 

Cantonalismo, m. (pol.) cantonalism. 

cantonar, va. V. acantonar. 

cantonearse, vr. v. contonearse. 

cantoneo, m. v. contoneo. 

cantonera, /. plate nailed to the corners of « 
chest, etc. ; corner-plate, clip; angle-iron, 
corner bracket ; wench, a street-walker. 

cantonero, ra, a. loafer. 

cantor, ra, m. & /. singer ; minstrel ; on& 
who composes hymns or psalms ; small sing>- 

cantorcillo, m. dim. petty, worthless singer 

cantorral, m. stony ground. 

CantOSO, sa, a. stony ground. 

cantuariense, a. of or belonging to Catit«i> 

g (before e, l) itv^ J an h in hot ; h, silent ; in brilliant ; ft. ny in canyon : r (initial) and rr triUed ; s. 




cantueso, "'. (bot.) French lavender, spike. 

canturia, /. vocal music ; musical composi- 
tion ; monotonous singing ; method of per- 
forming musical compositions. 

canturrear, canturriar, vii. to hum, sing in 

a low voice. 

C&nula, /• (med.) canula. 

canutero, m. v. canutero. 

canutillo, m. v. caSutillo. 

canuto, m. V. caSuto. 

cafla, /. cane, reed, bamboo ; stem, stalk: 
walking-sticK, cane : cana comun, cultivated 
reed : cana dulce or de azucar, sugar-cane ; 
bone of arm or leg ; subterraneous passage 
in mines ; shaft of a column or pillar ; mar- 
row ; (naut.) helm, tiller : i la cana & babor I 
f»ort the helm ! lever drill ; ratchet drill ; 
ong and narrow tumbler for manzanilla 
wine ; Andalusian song ; flaw in a sword's 
blade; glass-blower's pipe; (carp.) shank; 
reed of wind-instruments : cana de la media, 
leg of a stocking : caila de pescar, fishing- 
rod : cana de un cafion, chase of a gun : canaa 
de cebadera, (naut.) sprit-sail sheet-blocks: 
canas, haber or correr ca&as, equestrian ex- 
ercises with reed spears. 

ca&ada, /. glen or dale between mountains ; 
glade, dell ; sheep-walk for flocks ; measure 
of wine ; (Amer.) rivulet, brook. 

cafladllla, /. edible mollusk, variety of pur- 
ple murex. 

cafiafistula, /. cassia fistula. 

CaflaflStTllO[can-iiyah-fee8'-toolo], TO. (bot.) purg- 
ing cassia-tree ; cassia fistula. 

ca&aheja, cailaheria, cafLajelga, /. (bot.) 

common fennel-giant. 

cailahuate, m. species of lignum-vitae which 
grows in Colombia. 

CS^al, m. cane or reed plantation ; weir or 
wear for fishing, made of canes or reeds ; 
small sluice or channel, for catching fish. 

C&fiama, /. assessment of taxes. 

ca&amar, m. hemp-field. 

ca&ainazo, m. coarse canvas ; canvas for em- 
broidery ; embroidered canvas ; burlap. 

caflamelar, m. plantation of f ugar-cane. 

caflameno, fla, a. hempen, made of hemp. 

■caflamiel, /. (bot.) sugar-cane. 

CallamiZa [cah-nyah-mee'-thah], / bagasse Of 

hemp ; bun. V. argramiza. 
CdjQ.aniO, TO. (bot.) hemp; cloth made of 

hemp : cinamo en rama, undressed hemp. 
caiLamdn, to. hemp-seed. 
caflar, to. v. caSal. 
ca&areja, /. v. caSaheja. 

cailarlegO, ga, a. pellcjoa caaarlegos, skins of 
sheep that die on the road. 

cailarroya, /. (bot.) pellitory, wall-wort. 

ca&avera, /. (bot. ) common reed-grass. 

-ca&averal, m. plantation of canes or reeds. 

cafLaverear, va. V. acaSaverear. 

'Caflayereria, /. place where reed-grass or 
reeds are sold. 

oa&averero, m. retailer of canes or reeds. 

caCazO, m. blow with a cane : dar cailazo, to 
confound one; rum (Peru). 

ca&edo, m. v. caSavkral. 

<ia&eria, /. aqueduct, water-pipe; water- 

Cafiero, m. conduit-maker, director of water- 
works ; angler. 

€afi.ete, in. dim. small tube. 

cafiilavado, da, a. small-limbed. 

cafUlla, Ita, /. dim. small cane or reed. 

caflillera, /. ancient armour for the shin- 
bone, jambes. 

tafliza,/. coarse linen. 

caflizal, cafllzar, m. v. Canaveral. 

cafllZO, m. hurdle, frame for rearing silk- 
worms ; hurdle, used by hatters for shear- 
ing hats ; (naut.) flake. 

cafi.0, TO. tube, pipe ; common sewer, gutter ; 
spring, spout, conduit ; cellar or otner pla(.-e 
for cooling water ; tubes or pipes of an or- 
gan ; (naut. ) channel at the entrance to sea- 

Cail6n, to. cylindrical tube or pipe ; tube or 
pipe for blowing glass ; quill ; down or soft 
feathers ; leg or sleeve of a garment ; part 
of the beard next to the root ; cannon, gun ; 
(min. ) gallery ; (mech. ) socket ; gorge, ra- 
vine, canyon. V. caSada ; bit of a bridle : 
canon de chimenea, flue of a chimney : cafi6& 
de escalera, well of a staircase. 

cafionazo, m. cannon-shot ; report of a gun. 

cafLonciCO, illO, itO, m. dim. small cannon ; 
small tube or pipe. 

cafloiiear, va. to cannonade. — vr. to cannon- 
ade each other. 

cafLoneO, m. cannonade. 

cailonera, /. embrasure for cannon ; large 
tent; holster; (naut.) gunboat. 

ca&oneria, /. collection of organ-pipes ; (mil. ) 
number of cannons collectively. 

cafLonero, ra, a. (naut.) mounting cannon. 
— TO. gunboat. 

caflota,/. (bot.) panicled sorghum. 

caiLucela,/. slender cane or reed. 

cafluela, /. dim. small reed; (bot.) fescue- 

ca&utazo [cah-nyoo-tah'-thaw], TO. (coU.) infor- 
mation, gossip, tale. 

ca&uteria,/. collection of organ-pipes. 

cafLutillO, m. dim. small tube or pipe ; bugle 
for fringes, tassels, etc.; quill of gold or sil- 
ver twist for embroidery ; mode of graft- 

CaiiutO, tn. part of a cane, internode ; small 
pipe or tuoe ; informer, tale-bearer : ca&n- 
tos beladoB, (Mex.) small ice-cream cylin- 

caoba, caobana, /. (bot.) mahogany-tree, 
mahogany wood. 

caobo, m. (^bot.) mahogany-tree. 

caolin, to. kaolin, china-clay. 

caOS [kah'-o88', TO. chaos ; confusion. 

ca6tiC0, ca, a. chaotic ; in disorder and con- 

capa, /. cloak, mantle, cape; layer, strata, 
lamina; cover* (met.) cloak, pretence, 
mask, cover ; colour of the skin of beasts ; 
hider, harbourer; property; fortune; (com.) 
primage; an American rodent; the spotted 
cavy. V. PACA ; third mould used in cast- 
ing bells ; coat of paint ; bed, stratum, vein, 
seam, ledge; (mas.) bed, course; wrapper 
for tobacco: capa del cielo, canopy of heaven : 
capa magna, pontifical cope worn by oflftciat- 
ing bishops : capa pluvial, pluvial or choir- 
cope : capa del tim6n, (naut.) rudder-coat: 
capa de fogonaduras, (naut.) mast-coat: ca- 
pa rota, (met.) secret emissary: andar or ir 
de capa caida, to be down in the mouth, 
seedy, crestfallen : defender k capa y eipada, 
to defend with all one's might : echar la ca- 
pa al toro, (met. ) to risk all on a last effort : 
ik la capa, (naut.) lying to : de capa y gorra. 
unceremoniously, informally. 

cap&, m. capa, tree in Cuba and Porto Rico, 
much used in building vessels. 

capacete, to. helmet, casque. 

capacidad [cah-i)ah-tiiie-<jahd'], /. capacity, ex- 
tent, opportunity^ means, talent, genius, 
ability, capability ; (naut.) bulk or burdex 
of a ship. 

capacba), /. frail, hamper. V. capacho. 

• M tn far ; e iu eh I ; 1 in police ; o In for ; n in boll : o Cbefore e, i) And S m til in tUok : b and d, son 

CAP 97 

Capachazo, m. blow given with a basket. 

capachero, m. he who carries things in bas- 

capachO, m. frail, hamper, large basket : ca- 
pacho de albafiil, bricklayer's nod ; hempen 
pressing-bags in oil-mills; (orn.) common 
owl, barn-owl. 

capada, /. (coll.) anything car^ried in a per- 
son's cloak ; a cloakful. 

capador, m. gelder, castrator ; whistle used 
by gelders. 

capadura,/. castration ; scar which remains 
after castration ; leaf of tobacco of the sec- 
ond cutting, used for tilling or wrappers. 

capar, va. to geld, castrate ; (coll.) to curtail, 
diminish one's authority, income, etc. 

caparazbn^ m. caparison, saddle-cover, dil- 
cToth carriage cover, piano cover ; hempen 
feed-bag, nose-bag ; carcass of a fowl ; shell 
of insects and crustaceans. 

caparra,/. sheep-louse. V. garrapata, 

caparriUa, /. dim. small tick, which molests 

caparrbs, m. (prov.) r. caparrosa, 

caparrosa,/. copperas. 

capataz, m. overseer, foreman, superintend- 
ent, steward, warden, conductor; (eng.) 
assistant; (met.) leader. 

Capaz, a. capacious, ample, spacious, roomy, 
large, wide ; fit, apt, suitable, competent ; 
learned, ingenious, capable, clever. 

capaza,/. (prov.) v. capacho. 

capazmente, adv. capaciously, amply. 

capazo, m. large frail, hempen basket; es- 
parto mat ; blow with a cloak. 

Capaz6ll, m. aug. very large esparto frail. 

capciosamente, adv. insidiously, captiously, 
artfully, cunningly. 

capciOSO, sa, a. captious, insidious, artful, 

capeador, m. bull-fighter who challenges the 
bull with his cloak ; cloak-stealer. 

Capear, va. to strip or rob one of a cloak in 
an inhabited place ; to challenge a bull with 
a cloak ; (naut.) to try or lay to. 

Capeja,/. («m. of depreciation, small shabby 
cloak or cape. 

capelina,/. (surg.) capeline. 

Capelo, m. dues received in ancient times by 
bishops from their clergy ; cardinal's hat ; 
cardinalate ; (Amer.) glass bell. 

capellada, /. toe-piece of a shoe. 

Capellan, m. chaplain, clergyman : capellin 
castrenae, chaplain of the army : capell&n de 
navio, chaplain of the navy : capellin de al- 
tar, priest who assists at the mass : capellin 
de honor, the king's private chaplain : cape- 
llin mayor de loa eJ6rcitos, vicar-general of 
the army. 

capellanla, /. chaplaincy, 

Japellar, m. Moorish cloak. 

oapellina,/. head-piece of a helmet or casque ; 
hood worn by country people ; trooper armed 
with a helmet; (surg.) capeline. 

Capeo, TO. challenging a bull with a cloak. 

Cape6n, m. young bull challenged with a 

capero, m. priest who carries the cope, or 
pluvial, in churches ; cloak-rack. 

caperuceta, ilia,/, dhn. small hood. 

caperuza, /. hood or cap ending in a point ; 
ulster-cap : caperuza de chimenea, covering 
of the top of a chimney : dar en caperuza, 
(coll.) to frustrate one's views and designs. 

Caperuz6n, m. aug. large hood. 

Capeta, /. short cape. 

Capialzado, a. (arch.) arched cap-piece; 
back arch. 


I. capillary blood- 

caplbara, m. capybara, large S. Americaa 

capichOla, /. ribbed silk stuff. 

capicholado, da, a. resembling capichola. 

capideugue, m. small cloak worn by la- 

capigorrista or capigorrdn, m. (coll.) vag- 
abond ; sloven fellow ; student who never 
takes a high degree. 

capilar, a. capillary.- 

capilaridad,/. capillarity, capillary attrac- 

capilla, /. hood- cowl of a monk or friar; 
chapel ; small church ; priests and others- 
employed in chapel service ; band of nnisi- 
cians of a church ; chapter or assembly of 
collegians- (print.) author's proof-sheets; 
portable chapel for military corps : caja de 
capilla, (naut.) chest for chapel ornaments j 
capilla ardiente, lighted room where a dead 
body lies in state : estar en capilla, to pre- 
pare for death, spoken of criminals ; (coll.] 
to await with impatience the issue of an afv 

capillada, /. hoodful of anything ; blow 
given with a hood. 

capilleja, ita,/. dim. small chapel. 

capillejO, m. dim. small hood ; skein of sew- 

capiller, capillero, m. clerk or sexton of a 
cnapel ; churchwarden. 

capilleta, ita, /. dim. small chapel ; chap» 
let ; shrine ; niche. 

capillO, TO. child's cap ; christening fee ; bap- 
tismal cap ; ancient hood for women ; bud 
of a rose ; toe-piece lining ; cap of distaff. 
V. ROCADERO ; net for catching rabbits ; 
colander for wax ; silk cocoon. V. capu- 
LLO ; cloth which covered offering to the 
church ; the prepuce. 

capilludO, da, a. resembling the hood or 
cowl of a monk. 

Capirotada, /. sort of batter made of herbs, 
eggs, etc. 

capirotazo, to. blow on the nose with the 
finger ; a fillip. 

capUrote, a. said of cattle having the head 
of a different colour. — m. hood ; half-gown 
worn by collegians ; sharp-pointed cap worn 
in processions ; hood of a hawk : tonto de 
capirote, blockhead, ignorant fool : capirote 
de colmena, cover of a bee-hive. 

capirotero, a. accustomed to carry a hood, 
applied to a hawk. 

capiruclio, TO. (coll.) F. capirote. 

capisayo, to. garment worn as a cloak ; vest- 
ure proper to bishops. 

capiscol, TO. the precentor ; sub-chanter. 

capiscolia, /. office and dignity of a precen- 

capita,/, dim. small cloak. 

capitacibn,/. poll-tax, head-money. 

capital, TO. capital ; money put at interest \ 
K>rtune of a husband at his marriage ; (com.) 
capital stock ; (mil.) capital of a oastion. — 
/. capital city. 

capital, a. capital, relating to the head; 
principal; leading; essential; great; ex- 
cellent ; unsurpassed : enemigo capital, mor- 
tal enemy : pecado capital, deadly sin : pena. 
capital, capital punishment. 

capitalidad, /. condition of a city being a 

capitalista, eom. capitalist. 

capitalizacibn, /. capitalization. 

capitalizar, va. {pret. capitalic6 : sxibj. ca- 
pitalice) to capitalize ; to add interest or 

g (betore e, 1) «nd J as li in hot; h, eUent; II 5n brilliant; ft, nv in caUTon : r (Initial) «^ rr trilled; «. hissed 




dividends to the capital stock, in order to 
obtain increased interest. 

capltalmente, adv. capitally, mortally. 

capitan, m. (mil.) captain; ringleader of a 
band of robbers ; leader ; commander of a 
ship of war or merchant vessel : capitin de 
baadera, (naut. ) captain of the admiral's 
ship: capitin de fragata, navy officer rank- 
ing as lieiitenant^colonel : capit4n de navio, 
navy officer ranking as a colonel : capitin 
general de eJ6rcito, field-marshal : capit&n 
general de previncia, commander-in-chief of 
a military district : capitin del puerto, 
(naiit.) port-captain; harbour-master. 

Papitana,/. admiral's ship ; captain's wife. 

capitanear, tvi. to have the command of an 
armed corps ; to head a troop of people. 

capltania, /. captainship, captainry ; (mil.) 
company commanded by a captain • tax 
paid to the port-captain by ships anchored 
in the harbour : capitania general, rank of a 
captain-general ; residence and oflSce of a 

capitel, m. (arch.) capital of a column or 
pilaster ; spire over the dome of a church. 

capitolino, na, a. belonging to the capitol. 

capitOliO, m. capitol ; any lofty or majestic 
public building. 

capitdn, m. (zool.) pollard, chub. 

capitlQa,/. part of the prayers read at divine 

Capltulaci6n, /. capitulation, stipulation, 
agreement : capitalacion de matrimonlo, ar- 
ticles of marriage ; (mil.) capitulation, sur- 
render of a place. 

sapltulante, pa. capitulator. 

capitular, m. capitular, member of a chap- 
ter.— a. capitulary, belonging to a chapter. 

capitular, vn. to conclude an agreement; 
draw up the articles of a contract ; com- 
pound ; sing prayers at divine service ; 
(mil.) to capitulate. — va. (law) to impeach. 

capitulariO, m. book of prayers for divine 

capitularmente, adv. capitulary, according 
to the rules of a chapter. 

capitulO, wi. chapter of a cathedral ; meeting 
of the prelates of religious orders, and place 
where they meet ; meeting of a secular com- 
munity or corporation ; chapter of a book 
or other writing ; charge, reproof, repri- 
mand : capitnlos matrimoniales, articles of 

capolado, pp. & m. hash, minced meat. 

capolar, va. to hash, mince, or chop meat ; to 
behead, decapitate. 

capdn, a. castrated, gelded.— »i. eunuch ; 
gelding ; capon ; (coll. ) fillip on the head ; 
fagot, bundle of brushwood; (naut.) an- 
chor-stopper at the cathead. 

Capona, /. epaulet without fringe ; shoulder- 
knot: Have capona, key worn by a lord of 
the bed-chamb?r. 

caponado, da, a. tied together, as branches 
of vines. — pp. ofc.\PONAR. 

.faponar, va. to tie up the branches of vines. 

caponera,/. coop, inclosure to fatten poultry; 
(coll.) place where one lives well at other 
people's expense; (coll.) a jail; (mil.) ca- 
jKjnier. V. yegua caponera. 

<;apOTal, m. chief, ringleader ; (Mex. ) keeper 
of horned cattle. 

'Capota. /• head of the teasel or fuller's thistle ; 
light bonnet for women's wear ; leather top 
of some vehicles ; cape without a hood. 

tapote, m. sort of raglan or cloak with sleeves 
to keep off rain ; short cloak of bright col- 
our, used by bull-fighters ; (met.) browbeat- 

ing ; (coll. ) thick cloud or mi&t over a moun- 
tain : dar capote, to leave a guest without 
dinner, for coming late ; to win all the tricks 
at cards : dije para mi capote, I said to my- 

capotear, va. to trick a bull with a capote ; to 
wheedle, bamboozle ; to evade cleverly diffi- 
culties and promises. 

capotero, m. one who makes or sells cloaks. 

capotillo, rn. cape, mantelet : capotillo de dot 
faldas, short, loose jacket. 

capotin. m. dim. small cloak or capote. 

capotudo, da, a. frowning. V. cknudo. 

caprariO, ria, a. belonging to the goat. 

capricoruio, m. (ast.) Capricorn. 

caprichO, m. caprice, whim, fancy, mood- 
humour, conceit ; great desire ; (mus. ) irreg» 
ular but pleasing composition ; (art) inven 
tion or design of a painting. 

caprichosamente, adv. fancifully, humor- 

o'usly, moodily, whimsically. 

■ jnoso, sa, a. capricious, 



caprichudo, da, a. obstinate, stubborn, ca- 

caprino, na, a. (poet.) goatish, v. cabruno. 

Cd.psula, /. metal cap on bottles; (mil.) 
cartridge-shell; (bot., anat., .chem., ana 
pharm. ) capsule. 

capsular, a. capsular, capsulary. 

captar, va. to captivate, attract, win. 

captura,/. (law) capture, seizure. 

capturar, va. (law) to apprehend ; to arrest. 

capuana,/. (coil.) a spanking. 

capucha, /. hood of a woman's cloak ; cow.' 
or hood of a friar ; (print. ) circumflex ( ^ ). 
an accent. 

capucMna, /. Capuchin nun ; (bot.) nastur 
tium : capuchinas, (naut.) crotches anti 
knees; small lamp with extinguisher •, con- 
fection of yolk of egg. 

capucMnO, m. Capuchin monk. 

capucllino, na, a. relating to Capuchin friars 
or nuns. 

capucho, «). cowl or hood. 

Capucll6n, «t. aug. ofcAPUCHO; lady's cloak 
with hood, short domino. 

capuli, (Mex.) capulin, m. (bot.) American 
fruit resembling a cherry. 

capullitO, m. dim. small pod of a silk-worm ; 
small bud. 

capullo, m. cocoon of a silk- worm; flax 
knotted at the end ; (com.) bunch of boiled 
flax ; germ or bud of flowers ; coarse stuff 
or spun silk : seda de capnllos, ferret-siiik, 
grogram yarn ; cup of an acorn ; bur of i 
chestnut ; prepuce. 

capuz, m. act of ducking a person. V. cha- 
puz ; old-fashioned hooded cloak. 

Capuzar, va. capnzar tin bajel, (naut.) to sink 
a ship by the head. V. chapuzar. 

CaC[U6ctiC0, Ca [cah-cake'-tea-co], a. cachectical, 

caquexia [cah-cake'-8ea-rthl, /. (med.) cachexia. 

car, m. (naut.) larger end of the mizzen- 
yard and mizzen. 

cara, /. face, visage, mien, countenance; 
base of a sugar-loaf; fac^ade, front, surface, 
facing: buena cara, cheerful mien: mala 
cara, frown : cara de Pascua, smiling face : 
cara de acelga, pale, sallow face : cara de pocoa 
amigoB, churlish look, froward countenance : 
cara de vaqueta or de bronce, brazen face • 
cara de viernes, sad, lean, meagre face ; cara 
de cart6n, wrinkled face : cara empedrada, 
apedreada, face pitted by the small-pox : A 
cara deicubierta, openly, plainly : cara 4 cara, 
face to face : de cara, opposite, facing: dar k 

» M IB far * • In eh t ; i in poUee ; • in fov ; U in bull : c (before e. \) &nd < as th In thick ; b knd d, Mft; 




alguno con las pnertas en la cara, to shut the 
door in one's face : jugar a cara 6 cmz, to toss 
up a coin : dar en cara, to reproach, upbraid : 
dar el aol de cara, to have the sun in one's face : 
decirselo en su cara, to tell one to his face : 
hacer cara, to face danger: hombre de dos 
carai, double-dealer, insidious, artful fel- 
low : lavar la cara 4 algnno, to flatter : gnar- 
dar la cara, to hide ; to evade : sacar la cara 
por otro, to sustain or defend another : no 
volver la cara atr&s, not to flinch. 

Ciraba, /. (naut.) vessel used in the Archi- 

carabae, vi. gray buflFalo used as a draught- 
beast in the Philippines. 

O^abe, m. amber. 

carabela, /. (naut.) carvel or caravel ; large 
basket or tray for provisions. 

Carabel6n, m. (naut.) brig or brigantine. 

carabina, /. fowling-piece ; carbine or cara- 
bine : carabina rayada, rifle carabine : la ca- 
rabina de Ambresio, a harmless weapon ; a 
worthless thing. 

carabinazo, m. report of a carabine ; effect of 
a carabine-shot. 

carabinero, m. carabineer ; internal revenue 

carabo, m. small Moorish vessel ; (zool.) sort 
of a crab or cockle ; (orn. ) large horned owl. 


carabu, m. handsome tree of India. 

caracoa, /. (Philip.) small row-barge. 

caracol, m. (zool.) snail : caracol marine, peri- 
winkle ; winding staircase ; prancing of a 
horse ; night-dress used by women in Mex- 
ico ; cochlea of the ear. 

caracola,/. small snail with a whitish shell ; 
conch-shell used as a horn. 

caracolear, vn. to caracole. 

caracolejo, m. dim. small snail or snail-shell. 

caracoleo, m. the act of caracoling. 

caracolero, ra, m. & /. one who gathers or 
sells snails. 

i caracoles ! inteij. V. caramba. 

caracolllla, /. dim. small snail-shell. 

caracolillO, m. dim. small snail ; (hot.) snail- 
flowered kidney bean ; veined mahogany : 
caf6 caracolillo, pea-bean coffee. — -pi. cara- 
colillos, trimming on the edgings of clothes. 

caracolitO, m. dim. small snail. 

caracter, m. written sign, mark, letter, 
handwriting, character, type ; brand on 
cattle; character, personal qualities, hu- 
mour, manners, temper, nature, disposi- 
tion ; loftiness of soul, firmness, energy ; 
style of speaking or writing.— ^p/. caracteres 
de imprenta, printing types. 

caracteristlca, /. c-haracteristic : (math.) 
logarithmic number preceding the period 
that divides the decimal fraction ; actress 
who plavs the parts of old ladies. 

Caracteristlcamente, adv. characteristi- 

CaracteristiCO, ca, a. characteristic, typi- 

caracterizado, da, pp. & a. characterized, 
distinguished ; apt, competent. 

caracterizar, ra. {pret. caracteric:^ : subj. 
caracterice) to characterize, distinguish 
by peculiar qualities ; to confer a distin- 
guished employment, dignity, or oflBce ; to 
mark, point out ; to act a part properly. 

Caracba,/. or earache, m. itch, mange, scab 
of the llamas. 

Carado, da, a. faced ; this adjective is always 
joined to the adverbs bien or mal — e. g., 
biencarado, pleasant, cheerful : malcarado, 
frowning, harsh. 

caraguata, /. kind of hemp in Paraguav. 
caraja, /. sail used by fishermen at Vera 

Caramanchel, m. fixed or movable shed 

over the hatchways of ships. 
caraniancli6n, m. garret. V. camarax- 

i caramba! interj. (coll.) hah, strange!—/, 

ancient head-gear for women. 
carambano, m. icicle, a shoot of ice. 
carambanado, da, a. forming icicles, 
carambillo, «<. (bot.) salt- wort, 
carambola, /. carom, in billiards ; method 

of playing the game at cards called revesiao ; 

(coll.) device or trick to cheat or deceive ; 

(bot.) fruit of the carambola-tree: por ca- 
rambola, (coll.) indirectly. 
carambolO, m. (hot.) carambola-tree. 
carambolear, va. to carom. 

carambolero, m. player at carambola. 

carambu, m. (bot.) willow herb. 

caramel, m. (icht.) kind of pilchard or sar- 

caramelizaci6n, /. reduction of sugar to 
candy by heat. 

caramelo, m. caramel ; in the Philippines, 
azncarillo, q. v. 

caramente, adv. dearly ; exceedingly, high- 
ly ; (law) rigorously. 

caramlellO, m. kind' of hat worn by women 
in the Asturias and Leon. 

caramillar, vn. salt-wort plantation. 

caramilleras,/. pi. pot-hooks. 

caramlllO, m. flageolet; small flute; (bot) 
salt-wort ; confused heap of things ; deceit ; 
trick ; gossip ; tale-carrying. 

caramuzal, m. vessel used by the Moors. 

carangue, m. caranga, ./i (Amer.) kind of 

flat-fish in the West Indies. 
carantamaula, /. (coll.) hideous mask or 
visor ; ugly, hard-featured person. 

carantOfia, /. (coll.) old ugly woman, who 
soft words and acts of endearment to whee- 

paints and dresses in 

. — pi. caresses, 

die or coax a person. 

carantoflera, /. coquette. 

caranto&ero, m. flatterer, wheedler, cajoler. 

carafi.a, /. kind of resinous American gum. 

car^Ota,.^. (Venez.) bean. 

carapa, /. oil of an American nut. said tc 
cure the gout. 

carapacbo, m. carapace, shell, as of turtles, 
crustaceans, etc. 

caraquefiO, fLa, a. of or relating to Caracas. 

carasol, m. sunny place ; sun gallery. 

caratula, /. pasteboard or wire mask ; title- 
page of a book ; (met. ) the histrionic art. 

caratulerOim. one who makes or sells masks. 

carava,.f. holiday meeting of country people 

caravana^. caravan ; company of'traders, 
pilgrims, etc ; camel-train m the desert. 

caray,TO. tortoise-shell. V. carey ; (Amer.) 
interj. V. caramba. 

caraza,/. avg. broad large face. 

C^basO, m. kind of fine flax ; (poet.) sail of 
a ship ; ancient tunic. 

Carb621,m. carbon, coal, charcoal, fuel, cinder : 
carbon de piedra, coal or pit-coal : carbon vege- 
tal, charcoal : carbon de arranque, root char- 
coal ; crayon ; carbon-pencil ; wheat-rust ; 
black-rust. V. carboncillo. 

carbonada, /. coal charge into a furnace: 
broiled chop or steak ; grillades ; kind of 

carbonariO, m. individual of a secret society 
formed to destroy absolutism. 

carbonatadO, da, a. carbonated, 

carbonato, m. (chem.) carbonate. 

^ Cbeiore e, 1) an<f J as kin hot: b, Bllent; 11 In brilliant: ft. nr In c&syon; r (initial) ani* rr trilled; B, hiMe<L 



carboncillO, m. dim. small coal ; black ci ay- 
ou ; carbon-pencil, 

carbonear, va. to make charcoal. 

carboneo, m. carbonization ; charring. 

carbonera, /. wood prepared for burning 
into charcoal ; place where charcoal is 
made : coal-house, coal-hole, coal-cellar, 
coal-bin; coal-pit, colliery, coal-mine; wom- 
an who sells charcoal. 

carboneria, /. coal-yard, coal-shed; coal- 

Carbonero, ra, a. relating to coal or char- 
coal. — m. charcoal-maker ; collier, coal-man, 
coal-miner; coal-merchant; (naut.) coal- 
ship, collier. 

carb6nlC0, ca, a. (chem.) carbonic. 

carbonifero, ra, a. carboniferous. 

CarbOniZaCibn [car-bo-nee-thah-thle-on'j, /. car- 

carbonizado, da, pp. & a. carbonized. 

CarbOniZar [car-bo-nee-thar'], va. {pret. CARBO- 

Nicfe: subj. carbonice) to carbonize; char. 

carbono, m. (chem.) carbon. 

carbonoso, sa, a. carbonaceous, carbonous, 
coaly, charry. 

Carbuncal, a. resembling a carbuncle. 

carbunclo, carbunco, m, carbuncle ; pre- 
cious stone ; gangrenous tumour. V. rubL 

carbuncoso, sa, a. of the nature of a car- 

carbunculo, m. V. rubI. 

carburo, wi. (chem.) carburet or carbide. 

carcaj, m. v. carcax. 

carcajada [car-ca-hah'-dah], /. loud laughter, 
hearty laughter, cachinnation. 

carcamal, m. (coll.) nickname given to an 
old decrepit person. 

carcaman, m. tub ; a heavy, big, unsea- 
worthy vessel. 

C&rcamo, m. (Amer.) riffle, a cleated trough., carcaflar, m. heel-bone, calca- 
neum. V. calcaSar. 

CdJCava,/. gully made by torrents of water ; 
(mil. ) inclosure ; mound ; hedge ; ditch ; 
pit or grave for the dead. 

carcavina,/. v. cIrcava. 

C&rcavo, m. hollow in which a water-wheel 

carcavbn, m. large and deep ditch. 

carcavuezo, m. deep pit. 

carcax, m. carcaza,/. <juiver ; sash with a 
case in which the cross is borne in a proces- 
sion ; (Amer. ) leathern case for a rifle at the 
saddle-bow ; Moorish anklet. V. ajorca. 

C&rcel, /. prison, jail ; groove of a sluice- 

Sate ; (carp. ) clamp, clasp, cramp ; (mech. ) 
older; cheek; collar; (print.) cheek of a 
f)rinting-press ; (weav.) cog-reeds of a 

carcelaje, carceraje, m. jailel^ fees. 

carcelario, ria, «. relating to a prison. 

Carceleria, /. imprisonment ; bail given for 
the appearance of a prisoner. 

carcelero, ra, a. v. carcelario : fiador car- 
celero, one who is bail or surety for a pris- 
oner.— »j. jailer, warden. 

CdJTCOla,/. treadle of a loom. 

carcoma, /. wood-borer ; woodlouse ; wood- 
tick ; gribble ; dust made by the wood- 
borer ; grief, anxious concern ; a spend- 
thrift ; a prodigal ; (med.) caries of bone. 

CarCOmer, va. to gnaw ; corrode, applied to 
the wood-borer ; to consume a thing by de- 
grees ; to impair gradually health, virtue, 
etc. — vr. to decay, decline ; to be corroded. 

Carcomldo, da, pp. & a. worm-eaten, con- 
sumed ; decayed, declined ; impaired. 

carda,/- act of carding ; teasel ; card ; hat- 

ter's jack; severe reprimand or censure; 

(naut.) small vessel like a galley. 
cardador, ra, a. carder, comber; (ent.) ii 

Cardadura, /. carding, combing wool, 
cardaxnoino, m. (hot.) cardamomum. 
cardar, va. to card or comb wool ; to raist 

the nap on cloth with a teasel. 
cardelina,/. (orn.) goldfinch, thistle-finch. 
cardenal, m. cardinal; (orn.) Virginian 

nightingale, cardinal-bird, redbird; wale 

raised by flogging. 
cardenalato, m. cardinalate, cardinalship. 
cardenaliclO, Cia, a. belonging to a cardi- 
cardencba, /. (hot.) teasel: cardencha carda' 

dora, fuller's teasel : cardencha Bilvestre, 

wild teasel ; card or comb, 
cardencbal, m. place where teasels grow. 
Cardenillo, m. verdigris ; (painting) verdi- 

ter ; Paris green. 
cardeno, na, a. livid, 
carderia, /. cardery. 
cardero, m. card-maker, 
cardiaca,/. (hot.) common mother-wort. 
cardiaco, ca, a. (med.) cardiac ; cardiacal; 

cardialgia, /. (med.) cardialgia, heart-bum. 
cardialgico, ca, a. belonging to cardialgy. 
cardias, m. the upper or cardiac orifice of the 

cardico, illo, ito, m. dim. small thistle. 
cardiUo, m. (hot.) golden thistle. « 

cardinal, a. principal, fundamental. 
cardi6pata, m. & f. (med.) person affected 

with heart disease. 
carditis,/, (med.) carditis. 
cardizal, m. land covered with thistles and 

CardO, m. (hot. ) thistle : cardo silvestre or bo- 

rrlqnefio, (hot.) spear-plume thistle: caido 

aljonjero, stemless, carhne thistle : cardo hor- 

tense, cardo arrocife, or cardo de coiner, car- 

doon artichoke : cardo alcachofero, garden 

artichoke : cardo corredor or setero, sea-holly, 

field eringo : cardo bendito or santo, blessed 

thistle, centaury, holy thistle : cardo hn»o, 

woolly carthamus : cardo lecbero or mariano, 

milk thistle. 
carddn, m. (hot. ) V. cardencha ; act and 

effect of carding. 
Cardona, m. mis llsto qne Cardona, said of a 

very smart, clever fellow, 
cardoncillo, m. (hot.) mountain carthamus. 
carducba,/. large iron comb for wool, 
cardume. cardumen, m. shoal of fishes, 
carduzador, m. carder. V. cardador. 
carduzal, m. V. cardizal. 
carduzar, va. {pret. carduc6 : subj. cardu* 

ce) to card or comb wool. 
carear, va. (law) to confront criminals ; 

(coll.) to compare ; to tend a drove of cattle 

or flock of sheep. — vr. to assemble or meet 

for business ; to meet face to face. 
Carecer, vn. (ind. carezco: subj. carezca) 

to want ; to be in need ; to lack. 
carena, /. (naut.) careenine or repairing •! 

a ship : media carena, boot-nose topping : ca*. 

rena mayor, thorough repair; (poet.) sliip; 

dar carena, (coll.) to reprimand in a jocula; 

way ; to banter. 
carenar, va. to careen a ship ; to pay a ship's 

bottOQi : aparejo de carenar, careening gear. 
Carencia (cah-ren'-the-ahl, /. waat, need, lack, 

carenero, m. careerf!ng-place. 
careo.TO. (law) confrontation of criminals or 

witnesses ; comparison ; act of placing or 

• as Id far ; e in eh I ; 1 In police : o in for ; U la bnll ; e (before e, 1) and x as th ia thick ; b and d, soN 




meeting face to face ; (fort.) front of a bas 
tiou or fortress. 

caxero, ra, a. (coll.) selling things dear. 

carestia, /. scarcitj^, want, famine, famish- 
ment ; dearness, high price. 

careta,/. mask of pasteboard ; wire cover or 
face-guard worn by bee-keepers, fencers, 
etc. : quitarle k uno la careta, to unmask, ex- 

Careto, ta, a. having the forehead marked 
with a white spot or stripe (horses), 

carey, m. (zool. ) tortoise-shell turtle or hawk- 
bill ; tortoise-shell. 

careeco, carezca {irr. from carecer). 

Oarga, /. load, burden, freight, lading, car- 
go ; the lading of a ship ; charge of a cannon 
©r other fire-arm, and the nozzle of the flask 
which measures the powder of such charge ; 
corn measure containing four fanegas or 
bushels ; medical preparation for curing 
sprains and inflammation in horses and 
mules ; impost, duty, toll, tax ; obliga- 
tion • burden of the mind, heaviness ; load, 
weight, hinde ran c«, "pressure, cumbrance ; 
encumbrance : bestla de carga, beast of bur- 
den ; (mil. ) charge^ attack upon the enemy : 
carga concejil, municipal obligatory service : 
echar la carga & otro, to throw the blame 
upon another: volver & la carga, to insist 
upon a thing ; harp on a subject : & cargas, 
abundantly, in great plenty. 

cargadas, /. pi. game at cards. 

cargadera,/. (naut.) down-hauls, brails. 

cargadero, m. place where goods are loaded 
or unloaded. 

cargadilla, /. (coll. ) increase of a debt newly 

cargado, m. Spanish step in dancing. 

cargado, da, pp. & a. loaded, full ; fraught : 
cargado de espaldas, round-shouldered, stoop- 
ing : cargado de vino, full, tipsy, 

cargador, m. shipper, merchant, freighter, 
express-man, carrier, loader, porter ; ram- 
mer, ramrod ; large pitchfork for straw ; 
(arch.) post put in a doorway or window. — 
pi. (naut.) tackles, V. palanquines ; plates 
usea in gilding, 

cargamento, m, (naut,) carge. 

cargar, va. & vn. ( pret. CARGu6 : subj. car- 
GUE) to load, burden, freight ; to carry a 
load ; to charge ; to attack the enemy ; to 
ship goods for foreign markets ; to load or 
charge a gun ; to overload or overburden ; 
to clog ; to lay in an abundant stock ; to 
charge in account ; to book ; to impose or 
lay taxes ; to impute, charge, arraign, im- 
peach ; to incline with the whole body to- 
ward a point or place ; to rest, lean upon, 
recline for support; to take a charge, a 
duty, or any trust ; to crowd ; (coll,) to 
vex, molest, annoy, pester, bore ; in cards, 
to take a card by playing one higher ; 
(gram. ) to put more stress or inflection on 
one letter or syllable : cargar la mano, to 
pursue a thing with eagerness ; to reproach 
with severity ; to extort. — vr. to recline, 
rest, lean against anything : el viento se ha 
cargado al norte, the wind has veered to the 
north ; to charge one's own account with 
the sums received ; to maintain, support, or 
take a new duty upon one's self, 

cargareme, m. receipt, voucher. 

Cargaz6n, /. cargo of a ship : cargaz6ii de cabe- 
za, heaviness of the head : cargaz6n de tlem- 
po, cloudy, thick weather. 

cargo, m. act of loading; burden, load, 
weight ; load of stones which weighs forty 
arrobas ; number of baskets piled one on the 

other and put in the oil-press ; load of pressed 
grapes to be re-pressed ; total amount of 
what has beea received, in a general ac- 
count ; employment, dignity, office, honour ; 
ministry : cargo concejil, municipal office ; 
charge, keeping, care ; duty or obligatio* 
to perform something; command or man- 
agement ; fault or deficiency in the per- 
formance of one's duty; charge, accusation ; 
(law) count: cargo de conciencia, remorse, 
sense of guilt : cargo y data, (com.) creditor 
and debtor (Cr. and Dr.): hacer cargo 4 al- 
guno de una cosa, to charge one with a fault, 
to hold him responsible ; to accuse, to im- 
peach : bacerse cargo de alguna cosa, to take 
into consideration ; to make one's self ac- 
quainted with a thing. 

carguiO, m. cargo of merchandise ; a load. 

cariacontecido, da, a. sad, mournful, ex- 
pressive of grief. 

cariacuchillado, da, a. having the face 
marked with cuts or gashes. 

cariado, da, pp. & a. carious, rotten, 

cariaguileflo, fla, a. (coll,) long-visaged, 
with an aquiline or hooked nose, 

carialegre, a. smiling, cheerful, 

cariampollado, da, or cariampollar, a. 
round-faced, plump-cheeked. 

carlancllO, cna, a. broad-faced, chubby, 
chub-faced, bull-faced, 

cariarse, vr. (med,) to grow carious. 

caxiktide,/, (arch.) caryatides. 

caribal, a. V. canIbal. 

carlbe, m. cannibal, man-eater, a savage.— 
pi. Caribs, Indians of the Antilles. 

caribito, m. river fish of the bream species. 

caribobO, toa, a. having a stupid look. 

carica, /. sort of spotted kidney beans. 

caricatura, /, caricature, 

caricaturar, va. to caricature. 

caricaturesco, ca, a. caricaturish, carica- 

caricaturista, m. caricaturist. 

caricia,/. caress ; petting ; endearing expres- 

cariciosamente, adv. in a fondling or en- 
dearing manner. 

cariciOSO, sa, a. fondling, endearing, caress- 

caricuerdo, da, a. having a serene or com- 
posed mien, 

caridad,/, charity, charitableness, kindness, 
goodwill, benevolence, alms ; refreshment 
given to travellers at the church-door : la 
caridad empieza por uno mismo, charity begins 
at home. 

caridelantero, ra, a. (coll,) brazen-faced, 

caridoliente, a. having a mournful counte- 

caries,/, caries, ulceration of bone, 

carlfmncido, da, a. (coll.) having a face 
contracted into wrinkles, 

carlgordo, da, «, (coll.) full-faced, 

carlnarto, ta, a. round-faced, 

carilargo, ga, a. long-visaged, 

cariluciO, Cia, a. (coll.) having a shining or 
glossy face, 

carilla, /. dim. little or small face; face- 
guard. V. CARETA ; silver coin in Aragon 
worth eighteen dineros, or deniers ; page, 
V. LLANA and pIgina, 

carilleno, na, a. (coll.) plump-faced. 

carillo, 11a, a. dim. rather dear, high-priced. 

carimba,/. (Peru) brand on slaves. 

carincbo, m. (S. Amer.) dish resembling 
chile con came. 

carlnegro, gra, a. of a swarthy complexioH. 

% (before e, 1) and J as h in hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant : fi, ny In canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilicd v s, hiiT M, 




carifLana,/- ancient head-dress like a nun's 

cariflO, m. lore, fondness, tenderness, affec- 
tion, kindness, concern ; soft or endearing 
expression ; a pet. 

cariAOSamente, adu. fondly, affectionately, 

cariflOSO, sa, «. affable, affectionate, endear- 
ing, loving, benevolent, kind, good. 

cariparejo, ja, a. (coll.) having an impassive 

carirraidO, da, a. (coll.) brazen-faced, impu- 

carixredondo, da, a- round-faced. 

carisma, m. (dlvin.) divine gift or favour. 

carita,/. dim. little or small face. 

carlt^, III- ( Philip. ) gatherer of tuba. 

carltativamente, adv. charitably. 

caritatiVO, va, a. charitable, hospitable. 

cariucllO, tn. (Ecuador) Indian national dish. 

cariz [caii-reetii'j, m. appearance of the sky ; 
aspect of the atmosphere or of the horizon, 
or of a business 

carl^, m. person having certain rights and 
jurisdiction of a district. 

carlanca, /. mastiff's collar : tener macbas 
carlancas, to be very cunning or crafty. 

carlancdn, m. (coll.) person very subtle and 

carlania,/. dignity and district of a carlin 
in Aragon. 

carlear, V7i. to pant. v. jadear. 

carlin, m. ancient silver coin. 

carlina,/. (bot.) carline thistle. 

carllnga,/. (naut.) step of a mast. 

carllsmo, m. Carl ism. 

carlista, m. Carlist. 

carlovingio, gia, a. Carlovingian. 

carmelita, m. & /. Carmelite.—/, flower of 
the great Indian cress. 

carmelitano, na, a. belonging to the Car- 
melite order. 

carmen, m. country-house and garden ; a 
villa ; Carmelite order ; verse ; a poem. 

carmenador, m. teaser or teaseller ; teasel- 

carmenadura, /. act of teasing or scratching 
cloth, teaselling. 

carmenar, va. to prick or card wool or silk ; 
to teasel ; to comb tbf> hair ; (coll.) to pull 
the hair. V. repelar ; to win another's 
money at play. 

carmes, m. kermes, the cochineal insect. 

carmesi, m. cochineal powder. — m. & a. crim- 
son , bright red/ 

carmin, »». colouring matter of cochineal ; 
carmine-colour : carmin bajo, pale rose- 
colour ; (bot.) pokeweed, Phytolacca. 

carminativo, m. (med. ) carminative, reliev- 
ing wind. 

carnada,/. bait. 

camale, m. salt beef. 

carnal, a carnal, fleshv, sensual, lustful, 
worldly, earthly; united by kindred : primo 
carnal, cousin-german. — m. time of the year 
in which meat may be eaten, opposed to 
Lent and other fast-days. 

carnalldad,/. carnality, lustfulness. 

carnalmente, adv. carnally, sensually. 

carnaval, m. carnival, feast held before 
Shrovetide. V. carnestolendas. 

carnavalesco, ca, a. belonging to or resem- 
bling carnival. 

camaza, /. fleshy side of a hide or skin ; 
(coll. ) abundance of meat. 

carne, /. flesh, meat or flesh-meat; pap, the 
pulp of fruit ; material part of man, as dis- 
tinguished from the spiritual ; flesh, one of 

the evil temptations ; kin ; boyish play with 
a hollow bone : carne ahogadiza, meat of » 
drowned animal : carne cediza, tainted 
meat : carne de membrillo, preserved 
quinces: carne de pelo, flesh of small quau- 
rupeds. hares, rabbits, etc. : carne de pluma, 
flesh of fowls : carne de gallina, (met.) goose* 
flesh, goose-skin: carne momia, (toll.) 
choice meat without bouos : carne asada en 
homo, baked meat: carne asada en parrillas, 
broiled meat: carne fiambre, cold meat: 
carne moUar or carne magra, lean : carne sin 
hueso, (met.) much profit and little trouble : 
carne y sangre, flesh and blood, near kin-" 
dred : carne viva, quick flesh in a wound : 
carne trifa, meat cut by a Hebrew butcher : 
echar carnes, (coll.) to grow fat : ni es carne 
ni pescado, (met.) he is neither fish nor flesh, 
an insipid fellow : ser una y carne, (met.) to 
be hand and glove, to be intimate or fa- 
miliar : ser carne y hueso de alguno, to be 
flesh and blood of any one, to be part and 
parcel of the same thing : en carnes, naked : 
envuelto en carnes, fleshy, plump, buxom. 

carneceria, carnesceria, /. (obs.) F. car 

carnecilla [rar-neh-theer-iyahi, /. Small excres- 
cence in some part of the body ; caruncle. 

carnerada, f. flock of sheep. 

carneraje, »*. tax or duty on sheep. 

carnerario, m. (prov.) charnel-house. 

camereamiento, m. poundage, penalty for 
the trespass of sheep. 

camerear,va. to fine the proprietor of shjep 
for damage done. 

camerero, m. shepherd. V. PASTOR. 

cameril, m. sheep-walk, pasture for sheep. 

camero, »rt. sheep, mutton, flesh of sheep 
dressed for food ; sheep-skin dressed or 
tanned ; family vault, burying-place ; char- 
nel-house : carnero manso para guia, bell- 
wether : carnero de simiente, ram kept for 
breeding : carnero cicl4n, ridgil or ridgeling: 
carnero marine, seal : no hay tales carneros^ 
(coll.) there is no such thing. 

carneruno, na, «. resembling or belonging 
to sheep. 

carnestolendas, /. vl. three carnival days 
before Ash-Wednesday. 

Carnet, m. bank-book ; memorandum-book. 

carniceria,/. meat^market, slaughter-house, 
butcher's shop ; carnage, havoc, slaughter. 

carnlcero, m. butcher. 

carnicero, ra, «. carnivorous, applied to ani- 
mals ; bloodthirsty, sanguinary ; applied to 
pasture-grounds for cattle to be slaughtered ; 
(coll.) applied to a person who eats much 
meat ; belonging to shambles. 

carnlcol, »». hoot of cloven-footed animals. 


carnlficaclbn,/. carnification. 

carnlficarse, rr. to camify ; to breed flesh. 

CamiVOrO, ra, a. carnivorous. 

carniza, /. (coll.) refuse of meat; cats' or 
dogs' meat ; decayed flesh. 

carnosidad, /. carnosity,» proud flesh ; fat- 
ness, fleshiness. 

camoso, sa, a. fleshy, carnous, fleshed ; fuU 
of marrow ; pulpous, applied to fruit. 

carundo, da, a. r. carnoso. 

carnuza, /. abundance of meat, producing 

caro, ra, a. dear, high-priced, costly ; dearj 

beloved, affectionate : lo barato es caro, cheap 

things are dearest. • 
caro, adv. dearly, at a High price; at too great 

a price. 
caroca,/. decoration in public festivities ; far- 

a u In far ■ • la eh I : i in police ; o in for ; u in bull ; C (before e, i) and t as th in thick ; b ami d, soft. 




cical piece ; (coll.) caress, endearing action 
or expression made with a sellish purpose. 

carocha,/. v. carrocha. 

•carochar, va. v. carrochar. 

C^rolUS, III. ancient Flemish coin. 

caromomia, /. the dry flesh of a mummy. 

carona, /. padding of the saddle, which 
touches the animars back ; part of the ani- 
mal's back on which the saddle lies : esquilar 
la carona, to shear the back of a mule, a cus- 
tom in Spain : blando de carona, (coil.) ap- 
plied to a person very feeble or lazy, or who 
falls in love easily. 

caro&OSO, sa, a. old, galled, and cast off, ap- 
plied to beasts of burden. 

caroquero, ra [ca-ro-ueh'-io], a. wheedler, flat- 
terer ; caressing ; honey-worded. 

carbtida,/. (anat.) the carotid artery. 

carOZO, m. core of an apple, pear, etc. ; cob of 

carpa, /. (icht.) carp, fresh-water fish ; part 
of a bunch of grapes which is torn off; 
(Peru) canvas teut. 

carpanel, «i. (arch.) basket-handle arch. 

carpanta,/. (coll.) keen appetite, hunger. 

carpe, m. (hot.) common horn-beam tree, 

oarpedal, in. plantation of common horn- 
beam trees. 

carpelO, m. (bot.) carpel. 

sarpeta, /. table-cover ; portfolio, letter-file, 
case or envelope for filing documents; 
docket- writing-desk; small curtain or 
screen oefore the door of a tavern. 

-•tarpetazo, m. blow or stroke with a carpeta : 
dar carpetazo, to lay by ; to lay on the table ; 
to j)igeou-hole. 

carpintear, V7i. to do carpenter's work. 

carpinteria, /. carpentry, carpenter-shop. 

carpintero, m. carpenter, joiner: carpintero 
de bianco, joiner : carpintero de prieto or de 
carretas, cartwright, wheelwright : carpin- 
tero de obras de afuera, carpenter who timbers 
or roofs houses : carpintero de ribera or de 
navio, ship-carpenter, shipwright : maestro 
carpintero de remos, master oar-raaker: se- 
gundo carpintero, carpenter's mate : p^aro 
carpintero, (orn.) woodpecker: carpintero 
real, ivory-billed woodpecker. 

carpir, vn. to quarrel, wrangle ; scrape, 

carpo, m. (anat.) carpus, wrist. 

carpob^lsamo, m. carpobalsamum. 

carquesa [rat-keh'-sah], /. in glass-houses, the 
annealing furnace. 

CarqUeXla [car-kek'-se-ah], /. (bot.) specieS of 

carraca, /. carack, large and slow-sailing 
ship of burden ; rattle ; ratchet brace ; the 
navy-yard in Cadiz. 

carraco, ca, a. old, withered, decrepit. 

carral, m. barrel, butt, vat ; pipe for trans- 
porting wine in carts and wagons. 

carraleja, /. black beetle with yellow stripes ; 
oil-heetle, meloe ; Spanish blistering beetle. 

carralero, »». cooper. 

carra6n, m. short-stemmed wheat. 

carranque [car-raim'-kehj, m. Peruvian bird re- 
sembling a crane. 

carrasca, /. carrasco, m. (bot.) pin-oak, 
swamp-oak. V. cx)sco.ta. 

carrascal, carrascalejo, m. pin-oak plan- 

carrascdn, m. aug. large pin-oak. 

.carraspada, /. negus, beverage made of red 
wine, noney, and spice. 

carraspera, /. (coll.) hoarseness; frog-in- 
the-throat ; sore throat. 

carraspique, 7/i. (bot.) candytuft. 

carrasque&o, fla [car-ia»-keh -nyo], a. belong* 
ing to the pin-oak ; harsh, sharp- 

carrera, / run, sprint, race, course ; race- 
track ; high-road ; in Madrid, broad and 
long street ; row of things, ranged in a line ; 
range of iron teeth in combing-cards ; line, 
parting of the hair ; girder, in a floor ■ 
broken stitch in a stocking ; course aad du- 
ration of life ; career, profession ; course, 
method of life ; conduct, mode of action ; 
course of a pageant or procession ; route of 
a line of steamers ; coach or stage line ; 
Spanish step in dancing. V. carrerilla : 
carrera de Indias, trade from Spain to South 
America : carrera del imbolo, stroke of the 
piston : carrera de v&lvula, travel of a valve : 
poner & uno en carrera, to provide one with 
an employment : no poder hacer carrera con 
algnno, not to be able to bring one to rea- 
son : & carrera abierta, at full speed : de ca- 
rrera, swiftly, inconsiderately, rashly : ca- 
rrera de baquetas, gantlet, a military punish- 
ment : partir de carrera, (met. ) to act in a 
rash and inconsiderate manner. 

carrerilla, ta,/. dim. small race, sprint or 
course ; rapid motion in a Spanish dance ; 
(mus.) rise or fall of an octave. 

carrero, m. v. carretero. 

carreta, /. long narrow cart. 

carretada, /. cartful, cart-load; fMex.) 
measure for lime, equivalent to 3,000 pounds. 
—pi. great quantity: k carretadas, (coll.) 
copiously, in abundance. 

carretaje, in. cartage ; trade with carts. 

carretal, m. rough, ragged ashlar. ^ 

carrete, m. spool, bobbin, reel ; small reed 
for winding silk or gold and silver twist ; 
reel of a fishing-rod; (elec.) bobbin, wire- 

carretear, va. to cart, to convey in a cart ; 
to drive a cart. — vr. to draw unevenly, ap- 
plied to oxen or mules. 

carretel, m. spool, reel, bobbin ; fishing-reel, 
line-reel ; (uaut. ) log-reel ; spunyaru winch ; 
rope-walk reel : carretel de carpintero, car- 
penter's marking-line. 

carretela,/. caleche, calash. 

carretera,/. high-road. 

carreteria, /. number of carts ; trade of a 
carman ; cartwright's yard ; wheelwright's 

carretero, m. cartwright ; carman, carrier, 
carter, ox-cart driver, truckman. 

carretil, o. belonging to a cart. 

carretllla, /. dim. small cart ; wheel-barrow, 
push-cart, trolley cart, hand-cart; (r. w.) 
truck : carretilla de equipaje, baggage truck; 
go-cart ; squib, fire-cracker ; small wheel : 
saber de carretilla, (coll.) to know by heart. 

carretdn, m. cart ; go-cart : carreton de lim- 
para, pulley for raising or lowering lamps. 

carretonciilo, m. dim. small go-cart. 

carretonero, m. drayman, truckman. 

carriCOChe, m. ancient cart with a box like 
a coach ; old-fashioned coach, wagonette ; 
muck-cart, dung-cart. 

carricurefla, /. (mil.) carriage of a light 

carriegO, m. osier fishing-basket ; rough 
basket for bleaching flax-yarn. 

carril, m. rut, cart-way, cart-rut; narrow 
road ; furrow ; rail of a railway. 

carrillada, /. oily or medullar substance of 
a hog. 

carrillera, /. the jaw ; chin-stay, chin-strap. 

carrillO, m. dim. small cart; cheek ; (naut.) 
hoisting tackle. 

R (before e, i) and J as h lu hot; h, silent; 11 in brilliant; fi, ay iu canyon; r (initial) ana rr trilled ; B, 




e&rrillTUlO, da, a. plump or round cheeked. 

C&rriOla, /. trundle-bed ; small chariot, cur- 

canixal, m. land which is full of reed-grass. 

carriXO, »n. (hot.) common reed-grass. 

caiTO, w». cart ; car • running gear of a car- 
riage without the Dody ; (ast.) the Greater 
Bear, the Dipper ; (naut.) manufactory for 
cables and other ship cordage ; measure for 
wood ; a cart-load ; bed of a printing-press : 
utar el carro, (met.) to bribe, to wheedle : 
carro nrbaito or tranria, street car : carro de 
riego, sprinkling car: carro de Tolteo, tip 
car, tilt car, dump car. 

earroceria, /. shop where carriages are 
made, repaired, or sold. 

carrocilla [car-nvthw-iyml, /. dim. small coach. 

caXTOCin, m. chaise, curricle. 

eaiTOClia, /. seminad substance in bees and 
other insects ; eggs. 

carrochar, m. to lay eggs, applied to bees 
and other insects. 

carromatero, m. carter; charioteer; car- 

CarromatO, m. long, narrow cart with two 
wheels and tilt, for transporting goods, etc. 

carronada, /. (arti) short gun of large 

carro&a, /. carrion, putrid flesh. 

carro&ar. ra. to infect sheep with the scab. 

carrofiO, fla, a. putrefied, putrid, rotten. 

carroza,/. large coach ; superb state coach ; 
caroche; (nauL) awning. 

eaznu^e [e«r^«o-iUi'-ii«h], m. ail sorts of Tehicles 
gsthered for a trip ; any kind of a rehicle. 

camiajero ftaM^scMifc-beh'-roj, m. carrier, cart- 
er, wagoner, driver, coach-driver. 

carruco, w». small cart used in mountains. 

carrucha./. v. garrucha. 

carrajado, da [car-nm-hah'-do}, a. corrugated, 
wrinkled. T. excarrujado. 

carta, /. letter, epistle ; (com.) favour; royal 
ordinance; map, chart; card for playing; 
written constitution, charter : carta de na- 
r«ar, sea-chairt : carta blanca, carie-blanche, 
fall powers given to one : carta eertillcada, 
registered letter: carta cveata, bill or ac- 
count of sale : carta credeacial or de creen- 
cia, credentials : carta de crMlto, letter of 
credit : carta de dote, articles of marriage : 
carta de eaeomlenda, letter of safe-conduct : 
carta de esyera or moratoria, (law) letter of 
respite given t« a debtor : carta de ftetamea- 
t«, (com. ) (barter-party : carta de gxda, pass- 
port : carta de ezaBen,'license granted to a 
person to exercise his trade or profession : 
carta de horro, letters of enfranchisement : 
carta de libre, (law) guardian's discharge: 
carta de aatvralesa, letters of naturalization : 
carta d« pago, acquittance, receipt, discharge 
in fall : carta ordea, mandatory letter : carta 
de preMBtacite, letter of introduction : carta 
de legvrldad, safeguard, protection : carta 
de uoidad, bill of health : carta de venta, bill 
of sale : carta de vaelta, dead-letter : carta 
•B llsta, letter " to be kept till called for " ; 
general delivery letter : carta receptorla, 
warrant, voucher : carta de veclndad, bur^h- 
er-brief : carta re^aisltoria, letters requisi- 
torial : pecar por carta de mis 6 de menoe, 
to have either too much or too little : carta 
caata, it may be proved by written docu- 
ments: easeftar las cartas, to show one's 
game or purpose. 

eutabto, m. carpenter's square ; rule ; shoe- 
maker's slide, size-stick ; quadrant, gun- 
ner's square. 

carta^enero, ra, a. of Carthagena. 

cartaginense, a. Carthaginian ; of Carthage 

cartama./. cirtamo, m. (bot.) r. alazor. 

cartapaclO, m. memorandum-book; stu, 
dent's note-book ; book-satchel. 

cartapel, m. memorandum tilled with usei 
less matter. 

cartazo, »«. (coU.) letter or paper containing 
a severe reprehension. 

carteado, da, a. said of a card game when 
tricks are taken up. 

cartear, rn. to play low cards in order tfi try 
how the game stands. — ra. (naut.) to steer 
bv the sea-chart. — vr. to correspond by let- 

cartel, m. placard, hand-bill, poster; cartel, 
written agreement made by belligerent 
powers relative to the exchange of prison- 
ers ; challenge sent in writing. 

cartela, /. slip of paper, piece of wood, oi 
other materials on which a memorandum 
is made; (arch.) modillion, console, brack- 
et ; iron stay, which supports a balcony. 

cartelera, /. bill-board. 

carteldn, m. aug. long edict ; show-bill. 

carteo, m. frequent intercourse by letters. 

cartera, /• portfolio : writing-case ; pocket- 
book ; note-book ; letter-case, letter-box ; 
portfolio, the ofl5ce of a cabinet minister ; 
pocket flap of a coat. 

carteria, /. employment of letter-carrier ; 
distributing-room in a post-oflice. 

carterista, m. pick-pocket. 

cartero, m. letter-carrier, postman. 

carteta,/. game at cards. V. parar. 

cartica, ita,/. dim. small letter or note. 

cartila^ineo, a, a. (zool.) cartilaginous. 

Cartilaginoso, sa, a. relating to a cartilage. 

cartilagO, m. (anat.) cartilage, gristle, 
parchment. V. tersilla. 

Cartilla,/. dim. small or short letter or note ; 
first book of children, primer ; certificatt 
of a clergyinan duly ordained : leerle 4 aa* 
la cartilla, (met.) to give one a lecture: ne 
saber la cartilla, (met.) to be extremely ig- 
norant. V. aSalejo. 

carto^afia, /. chartography, art of ma{^ 

cartOgrafiCO, ca, a. chartographic. 

cartdgrafO, m. chartographer. 

cartomancia, /■ fortune-telling by cards 

cart6n, m. pasteboard ; binders' board ; met 
al ornament, imitating the leaves of plant- 
cartoon, painting, or drawing on stroii 
paper: carton piedra, (art) staff; papier- 

cartonera, /. paper-making wasp; social 
wasp. — pi. pasteboard oases for filing papers. 

cartonero, m. one who makes pasteboard. 

cartucliera, /. cartridge-box or pouch. 

cartnchO, m. cartouch ; cartridge ; metallic 
cartridge ; roll of coins ; (Sp. Amer.) paper 

cartnja, /. Carthusian order. 

cartnjano, na, a. Carthusian. 

cart^}0, m. Carthusian monk ; (coU.) a taci- 
turn man, a recluse. 

cartulariO, m. archives or registry ; archi- 
vist ; coucher, register-book in monasteries. 

cartlllina, /. bristol-board, card^)oard : car- 
talina coman, millboard : cartnlina en hojae, 
sheet-card : cartnlina de porcelana, enamelled 

cartmcula, /■ caruncle: carAacnla lagrlaaal, 
lachrvmal caruncle. 

carvajal. carrallar, or carvalledo, m. 

place where oaks grow. 
caxvajO or carvallO, m. (hot.) common Brit* 
ish oak. 

M IB &r : e Ui ek I ; 1 la police : o in for ; « im tall ; • (befon e. ii end a as th in tkiek ; b ead d, Mft: 




eaxvi, w. (bot.) common caraway ; caraway- 

easa, /• house, edifice, building, dwelling ; 
home, private dwelling, household ; family 
residing in a house; line or branch of a 
family ; checkers, or squares of a chess or 
draught-board : casa de campo or dc placer, 
country-house : ca«a de socorro, emergency 
hospital : casa de tocame Roqne, a house 
where many live, not well directed, and in 
consequent disorder : ca>a de vecindad, tene- 
ment : casa de locos, mad-house ; noisy 
bouse : casa de moneda, mint : casa de posada, 
cata de huespedes, or casa de pupilos, lodg- 
ing-house, or lodging and boarding-house: 
casa de beneficencia, asylum, poor-house : casa 
de banca, banking house : casa de vacas, 
dairy : easa real, royal palace : caaa aolarie- 
ga, manor, ancient mansion-house of a fam- 
ily : no tener casa ni hegar, to have neither 
house nor home : poner casa, to begin 
housekeeping: levantar casa, to break up 

casabe, m. cassava. V. cazabe. 

casaca, /. coat, dress-coat; (coll.) marriage, 
wedding : Tolver casaca, to become a turn- 

Casaci6n,/. (law) cassation, abrogation, re- 

casacbn, m. great-coat ; cassock. 

casadero, ra, a. marriageable, fit for mar- 

casalicio, m. house, edifice. 

casamata.,/. (mil.) casemate. 

oasamentero, ra, »». &/. match or marriage- 
maker, marriage-broker. 

casamiento, »<. marriage, marriage con- 
tract ; matrimony, match, wedding. 

casamuro, »i. (mil.) single wall without a 

casapuerta, /. porch, entrance of a house. 

casaqnUla,/. kind of sho t jacket, 

casar, «». & vr. to marry — va. to marry, to 
join in wedlock, to cour ^e, to unite in mar- 
riage ; (met. ) to match things or colours, to 
mate, to suit ; (law) to repeal, abrogate, an- 
nul ; (paint.) to blend ; (typ.) to impose. 

casar. //*. hamlet, small village. 

casaron, »». aug. large old house. 

casatienda, /. tradesman's shop and dwell- 
ing combined. 

casea,/. skins of grapes after the wine has 
been pressed out ; bark for tanning leather ; 
kind of fruit-cake. 

^scabel, wj. hawk-bell, sleigh-bell, jingle; 
knob at the eud of the breech of a cannon, 
eascabel ; rattle of a rattlesnake : poner el 
cascabel al gato, to undertake a riskr thing : 
ser un cascabel, to be a rattle-brained fellow. 

cascabelada, /. jingling with small bells ; 
(^coll. > iuconsiderate speech or action. 

Cascabelear, va, to feed one with vain hopes ; 
to bamboozle. — m. to act with levity, or 
little forecast and prudence. 

Cascabeleo, »*. jingling of hawk-bells or 

cascabelero, ra, a. light-wi'tted. 

cascabelUlO, //>. dim. small black plum. 

cascabillO, m. hawk's bell. V. cascabel ; 
glume of cereals, chaff, husk ; cup of an 

cascaciruelas, m. (colK) mean, despicable 

cascada, /. cascade, water-fall. 

cascado, da, a. broken, burst, decayed, in- 
firm ; crazy.— pp. of cascar. 

Cascadura, /. act of bursting or breaking 

cascaJa^ or cascajar, m. place full of grave 
and pebbles ; place in which the husks oi 
grapes are thrown. 

cascajo, m. gravel ; fragments of broken ves> 
sels ; rubbish ; (coll. ) old and useless fur- 
niture ; dry fruit : estar liecho on caaci^e, to 
be very old and infirm. 

cascaJOSO, sa, a. gravelly. 

cascamajar [cas-cab-ma-bar'!, t^. to break, 

crush, or pound a thing slightly. 
cascamientO, m. breaking or bruising, 
cascanueces m. nut-cracker. 

CaSCapiflOneS ;cas-cah-pe-nyo'-ne«], m. one who 

shells hot pine-nuts and cleans the seed ; 
pine-nut cracker. 

cascar, ra. (pret. CASQCfi : subf. casque) to 
crack, burst, break into pieces ; to crunch ; 
(coll.) to lick, beat, strike; (coll.) to talk 
much. — rr. to be broken open. 

C^cara, /. rind, peel, shell, hull, ©r husk 
of various fruits, etc. ; egg-shell ; bark of 
trees ; lansquenet, game of cards : ciscara 
sagrada, (med.) bark of the Californian 
buckthorn : ser de la cascara amarga, to be 
sportive, gay, full of mischieC 

i Cascaras ! interj. gadzooks ! 

cascarela, /■ lansquenet, game at cards. 

cascarilla, cascarlta, /. dim. small thin 
shell ; Peruvian bark, Jesuit's bark ; thin 
metal shell ; powdered egg-shell for cos- 

cascarillero, m. gatherer of Peruvian bark. 

Caacarbn, »«. aug. egg-shell of a fowl or bird ; 
(arch.) arch or vault ; calotte ; niche for the 
sacrament in churches ; trick in lansque- 
net ; (Mex.) egg-shell filled with confettL 

cascarrablas, com. (coll.) testy, irritable 
person. I', paparrabias. 

cascarr6n, na, a. (coll.) rou^h, harsh, rude. 

cascanidO, da, a, hully, having a thick rind 
or shell. 

cascaruleta, /. (coll.) noise made by the 
teeth when chucked under the chin. 

casco, m. skull, cranium ; potshei^, frag- 
ments of an earthen vessel ; quarter of an 
orange, lemon, or pomegranate ; coat or teg- 
ument of an onion ; crown of a hat ; helmet, 
casque, head-piece of ancient armour ; tree 
of a saddle ; (com.) cask, pipe, vat, or other 
wooden vessel in which wine is preserved : 
casco de on navio, (naut) hull or bulk of a 
ship : casco y qnilla, bottomry • printer's ink- 
ing-ball ; sheep-skin stripped of the wool ; 
hoof of a horse : casco or tapa d« nn barril, 
the head of a cask.^p/. cascos, heads of 
sheep or bullocks without the tongues and 
brains : ligero 6 alegre de cascos, feather- 
brained person. 

cascol, m. resin of a tree of Guayaquil. 

cascolote, m. (Mex.) thick bark of oaks, etc. 

cascote, m. rubbish, rubble, ruins of build- 

cascudo, da, a. large-hoofed. 

caseacidn, /. coagulation of milk to form 

caseina,/. casein. 

caseoso, sa, a. caseous, cheesy. 

casera,/. housekeeper. 

caseraznente, adv. homely, informally. 

caseria,/. manor's lodge; out-building for 

caseriO, m. series of bouses ; village, settle- 

casema./. (mil.) casem; barracks. 

casero, ra, m. A /. landlord ; house agent : 

casero, ra, a. domestic, homelv, home-made 
home-bred ; familiar ; housekeeping : b»U« 

g (before e, i) and J as h in hot; h, sUeat; 11 in brilliant; &, ny in canyon; r OniUat) aad rr mUed; i. lUnad 




eater*, family-dance : mujer casera, good 
housewife : remedio casero, domestic medi- 
cine : pan caBero, home-made bread ; lienzo 
casero, home-spun linen. 

caserbn. »«. aug. large, ill-proportioned 

caseta, f. dim. small house, cottage, hut : 
caseta de bafios, bathing-house. 

casi, adv. almost, nearly, somewhat more or 
less ; just : casi que or casi casi, very nearly. 

casia,/. (bot.) bastard cinnamon, cassia. 

casica, Ilia, ita,/. dim. small house, cabin. 

caslcontrato, m. (law) V. cuasicontrato. 

casllla, /. ticket-otiice ; hut of a railway 
guard or flagman ; keeper's lodge.— p/. pi- 
geon-holes ; ruled columns in accounts ; 
points of a backgammon table ; checkers of 

' a chess-board : sacarle & ono de sus casillas, 
(coll.) to make one change his habits: to 
vex one beyond patience : salir de sus casi- 
llas, to forget one's self. 

caslller, m. in the royal palace, servant who 
empties the close-stools. 

caslllero, m. desk or board with pigeon-holes. 

casillO, m. dim. trifling or slight case. 

casimbas, /. pi. (naut.) buckets for baling. 

casimlr, m. casimira,/. or casimiro, cassi- 
mere, kerseymere. 

casino, m. casino, dancing-hall, public resort, 
club-house ; social or political club. 

casiopea, /. (ast.) Cassiopeia, northern con- 

casiterlta,/. cassiterite, oxide of tin. 

caso, m. event, case, occurrence, contingency, 
ca.sualty, accident; occasion, opportunity; 
case stated to lawyers, physicians, etc. ; 
(gram.) case : en tal caso, in such a case : en 
todo caso, at all events : hacer caso de una 
persona, to esteem or respect a person : hacer 
caso de una cosa, to take notice : esto no bace 
or no viene al caso, this is irrelevant: no 
hacer caso, not to mind : vamos al caso, let us 
come to the point : pongo por caso, let us as- 
sume, for example : caso que, in case that : 
dado caso or demos caso, supposing that : de 
caso pensado, deliberately. 

cas6n, m. aug. large house. 

casoiio, 771. (coll.) inconsiderate marriage ; 
informal wedding. 

caspa,/. dandruff, scurf. 

caspera,/. fine comb for dandruff. 

caspla, /. core of an apple. 

caspiO, "la, a. Caspian. 

i Capita ! interj. wonderful ! 

casposo, sa, a. full of dandruff; lentiginous. 

CasqUetaZO [cas-keh-tah'-thaw], m. blow given 
with the head. 

Casquete [cns-keh'-teiil, m. helmet, casque, 
skull-cap, cap ; skull, wig, periwig ; (mech. ) 
cap; (arch.) calotte; helmet shell; cata^ 
plasm to take off the scurf, 

CaSG[UiaCOpadO, da Icahs-key-ah-co-pah'-doh], O. 
cup-hoofed (horses). 

CaSqUiblandO, da [cas-keh-blahn'-dob], a. soft- 

CaSCLUidOrramadO, da [cas-ke-der-rab-mah'-doh], 
a. wide-hoofed. 

casquljo [c«»-kee'-hoe], m. gravel ; ballast-ma- 

casquilla [ca« keei-yah], /. cell of the queen- 

casqilillo [cas-keei'-iyo], m. dim. little helm ; 
tip, cap ; ferrule, socket ; iron arrow-head ; 
(Amer. ) horse-shoe. 

CasqUiinUlellO, lla [c«»-ke-moo-leh'-nyo], a. nar- 
row-hoofed like mules, applied to horses. 

casquivano, na [cas ke-v«h -no], a. feather- 
brained ; foolishly conceited. 

casta, /. cast, race, generation ; lineage, par* 
ticular breed, clan; offspring, kindred; 
kind or quality of a thing : hacer casta, t« 
get a particular breed of horses or other ani. 
mals : cruzar las castas, to cross breeds. 

Cast^idas,/. pi. surname of the Muses. 

castallO, lia, a. belonging or relating to Casi 

castamente, adv. chastely. 

castafla, /. (bot.) chestnut; bottle, jug; jar, 
in the shape of a chestnut; club ot haii, 
chignon; abandoned mine; (Mex. ) valise, 
satchel : castana pilonga or apilada, driej 
chestnut: castana regoldana, wild or hors«>. 
chestnut: dar k uno la castafta, to play 4 
trick on one. 

castaaal, castaflar, m. grove or plautatiow 
of chestnut-trees. 

castafiazo, m. blow from a chestnut. 

castafieda, castaHedo, m. chestnut-grove. 

castafiera, /. woman who sells chestnuts { 
country abounding with chestnut-trees. 

castafiero, m. dealer in chestnuts. 

casta&eta, /. snapping of the fingers ; casta/ 
net. V. castaSuela. 

CaStafi.etaZO [cas-ta-nyay-tah'-thaw], vi. blow with 

a Castanet ; sound of a chestnut bursting in 
the fire ; cracking of the joints. 

castaiLete, m. dim. small chestnut-tree. 

castafieteado, ^. <& m. sound of castanets. 

casta&etear, vn. to rattle the castanets ; to- 
clutter the teeth ; to crackle, clack the knees ; 
to cry, applied to partridges. 

castailO, m. (bot.) common chestnut-tree; 
chestnut^wood : castano de Indias, horse-^ 
chestnut-tree : castano regoldano, wild chest- 
nut-tree : pasar de castano oscuro, (coll.) to 
be beyond reason or endurance. 

castafLO, lla, «. hazel, hazelly. 

castafi.Ola,/. large Mediterranean sea fish. 

castafluela, /. castanet; (bot.) round tuber- 
ous-rooted cyperus : estar como unas casta- 
nuelas, (coll.) to be very gay: castanuelas, 
(naut.) cleats fastened to the'yard-arnis. 

castafLuelO, la, «. dim. of a light chestnut 
colour, applied to horses. 

castellan, m. castellan, governor or warden 
of a castle. 

castellana, /. mistress of a castle ; stanza in 
old Spanish poetry. 

castellania, /. castellany, district belonging 
to u cattle. 

Castellanizar [cas-tel-Iyah-ne-thar'], I'flf. to Castil- 

castellano [ca8-tei-lyaJi'-no\ m. the Castilian or 
Spanish language ; ancient Spanish coin, fif- 
tieth part of a gold mark ; castellan, lord, or 
warden of a castle. 

castellano, na^ a. castilian, applied to a 
mule got by a jackass and a mare : 4 la cas- 
tellana, adv. in the Castilian fashion. 

castellar, vi. (hot.) St. John's wort, tutsan, 

castidad, f. chastity^ continence, honour. 

Castigaci6n, /. castigation, punishment ; re- 
vision and correction of a written work. 

castigadera, /. strap or rope for tying the- 
clapper of a wether's bell ; small cord with 
which the ring of a stirrup is tied to the- 

castif ador, ra, vi. &. f. punisher, chastlser. 

castigar, va. {pret. CASTIGU6: sitbj.CK%T\- 
GUE) to chastise, punish, castigate; to 
scourge, afflict, put to pain, grieve; to re- 
vise and correct proof-sheets or writings. 

Castillo, m. chastisement, punishment, cor- 
rection, penalty, penance ; censure, auimad- 

% •■ in far ; e in eh I ; 1 in poHce ; e in for ; n in bull ; c (before e. i) and z as th in thick ; b and d, •otti 




version, reproach ; alteration or correction 
made in a work : castigo de Dios, God's judg- 
ment : castigo ejemplar, exemplary punish- 

Castilla, /. Castile: ancha Castilla, (coll.) as 
you please ; without hinderance. 

castillaje, m. castle-toll. V. castillerI a. 

castillejo, m. dim. small castle ; go-cart ; 

castilleria, /. transit toll over castle prop- 

Castillo, m. castle, fort ; wooden tower on 
the back of an elephant ; mounting of a 
velvet^loom ; cell of the queen-bee : castiUo 
de proa, (naut.) forecastle: castillo roquero, 
castle built on a rock : hacer castillos en el 
aire, (met.) to build castles in the air ; cas- 
tillo de naipes, a flimsy structure ; castles in 
the air : castillo de fuego, fireworks. 

castllluelO, m. dim. castlet, small castle. 

castina,/. (chem. and metal) flux, 

castiZO, za, a. of a noble descent ; of a good 
breed ; pure-blooded ; pure, applied to lan- 
guage : caballo castizo, blood-horse : estilo 
castizo, a chaste, pure style. 

castO, ta, a. pure, chaste, honest, modest, 
continent, clean. 

castor, m. (zool.) castor, a beaver; beaver, 
overcoating ; (Mex. ) fine red baize. 

Castor, w. (ast.) a star in the constellation 
Gemini: CAstor y Polux, (naut.) corposant; 
St. Elmo's fire. 

CastOrcillO [cas-tor-tbeer-ljo], m. kind of rough 
serge like cloth. 

castorefi.0, fla, o. made of beaver: sombrero 
castoreno, beaver hat. 

castoreo, m. castoreum. 

castra, /. act of pruning trees or plants ; 
pruning season. 

castracion,/. castration, gelding, spaying. 

castradera, /. iron instrument with which 
honey is taken from a hive. 

castrado, m. eunuch. 

castrador, m. gelder, castrator. 

castradura, /. castration ; scar which re- 
mains after castration. 

castrametacidn,/. encamping. 

castrapuercas, m. sow-gelder's whistle. 

Castrar, va. to geld, castrate, spay ; to cut 
away the proud flesh about a wound ; to 
prune trees or plants ; to cut the honey- 
combs from bee-hives. 

castrazbn,/. act of cutting honey-combs out 
of hives; season when it is done. 

castrense, a. belonging to the military pro- 

castro, m. game played by boys ; act of tak- 
ing honey-combs out of hives ; headland ; 
hilltop with castle in ruins. 

Castr6n, m. castrated goat. 

casual, a. casual, accidental, contingent, 
fortuitous, occasional. 

casualidad, /. chance, casualty, hazard, 
contingency, accident, coincidence. 

casualmente, ndv. casually, accidentally, 
contingently, haply. 

CasuarlO, »j." (zool.) cassowary. 

casuca, casucha, /. (cgll. ) miserable hut or 
cottage ; crib. 

casucho, m. V. CASUCHA. 

casuista, vi. casuist. 

casuistica, /. casuistry. 

casuistico, ca, a. casuistical. 

Casulla, /. chasuble, vestment worn by 

3asullero, m. one who makes chasubles and 
other vestments for priests. 

casus belli, (Lat.) cause for war. 

cata, /. act of trying a thing by the taste; 
sample, trial ; plummet for measuring 

cata, adv. (coll.) mark, beware, lo and be- 
hold I— imp. of CATAR. 

catabre, m. (naut.) sheep-shank. 

catacaldos, m. taster of wine, liquors, soup, 
etc. ; sampler. 

Catacllsmo, m. cataclysm, deluge, inunda- 
tion, upheaval, catastrophe, appalling dis- 
aster ; great social or political turmoil. 

catacresis,/. (rhet.) catachresis. 

catacumbas, /. pi. catacombs. 

catacustica,/. catacoustics. 

catadi6ptriC0, ca, a. catadioptric. 

catador, m. taster, sampler. 

catadura, /. act of tasting; (coll.) gesture, 
face, countenance : mala catadura, repulsive 

catafalCO, m. temporary cenotaph, cata- 

Catalan, na, a. Catalan, of or belonging to 
Catalonia. — m. the language of Catalonia. 

catal6ctico, ca, catalecto, ta, a. (poet.: 

catalejO [cau-tah-ieh'-ho], m. telescope. 

catalepsia,/. catalepsy, trance. 

catal6ptiC0, ca, a. (med.) cataleptic. 

catalic6ll, m. (pharm.) catholicon, universa 

catalina,/. r. rueda catalina. 

catalogar, va. to catalogue, list. 

catalogo, m. catalogue, inventory, table, 
list, schedule, roll, file. 

catalpa,/. (hot.) catalpa. 

catalufa,/. kind of floor-carpet. 

catdn, m. Indian sabre or cutlass! 

catante, pa. one who tastes or looks. 

cataplasma,/. cataplasm, poultice. 

catapulta,/. catapult, military engine. 

catar, va. to taste, sample, try by the taste : 

• to view, inspect, inquire, investigate, ex- 
amine ; to judge, form an opinion ; to esteem, 
respect ; to bear in mind ; to cut the combs 
out of bee-hives. 

catara&a,/. (orn.) sheldrake. 

catarata, /. cataract, water-fall, cascade ; 
cataract of the eye : abrirse las cataratas del 
cielo, to rain heavily, to pour : batir la cata- 
rata, (surg.) to couch a cataract: tener ca- 
taratas, (coll.) not to understand clearly. 

catarral, a. catarrhal. 

catarribera, m. falconer; (joe.) lawyer ap- 
pointed to examine into the proceedings ol 
magistrates. . 

catarro, m. catarrh: catarro epidimico, in- 

catarroso, sa, a. catarrhal ; subject to or 
troubled with a cold. 

catartiCO, ca, a- (med.) cathartic, purging. 

catastral, a. relating to the census. 

catastro, m. reyal tax formerly imposed on 
real estate ; census or list of real property 
of a county or state. 

cat&strofe, /. catastrophe; denouement of a 

catavientO, m. (naut.) dog-vane; weather- 

catavlno, m. small jug or cup for tasting 
wine ; small hole at the top of wine-vesseis 
for tasting the wine. — p/. tipplers who run 
from tavern to tavern to drink. 

catavlnOS, m. wine-ta.«!ter, expert sampler. 
V. catacaldos. 

cate, m. a weight, common in the Philippine 
Islands, equivalent to 1 lb. 6 oz. Spanish, or 
gm. 6.32.60. 

CateClsmO [calMeh-thees'-nio], »». catechism. 

•; (betore e, i) aud J as h in hot; h, eileut: ^' in brilliant; n, ny in canyon; r (initial) and rr trilled: s, hissed 




eatec^, m. catechu. V. CATO. 

catecum^nit o, ca, a. catechumenical, 

catecumeno, na, m. & f. catechumen. 

Cktedra, /. seat or chair of a professor ; pro- 
fessorship, professorate ; branch of study- 
taught by a professor; lecture-room in a 
university : c&tedra del Espiritu Santo, pul- 
pit : c4tedra de San Pedro, the Holy See. 

Catedral, a. &/. cathedral. 

catedralidad, /. dignity of a cathedral 

catedr&tiCO, m. professor in a university, or 
any other literary establishment ; contribu- 
tion paid to bishops and prelates. 

catedrllla, /. dim. small or poor professor's 
chair ; in some universities, lecture by an 
aspirant to a professorship. 

categorema, /. (log.) the quality by which 
an object is classified in a certain category. 

categoria, /. (phil.) predicament or cate- 
gory ; class, condition ; character of a per- 
son : hombre de categoria, a man of rank. 

categdricamente, adv. categorically. 

categ6riC0, ca, a. categorical, categoric. 

catenaria, a. festooned curve. 

cateauesis [cah-teh-keh'-sis], /. brief and simple 
explanation of a doctrine. 

catequismo [cah-teh-kees'-mo], TO. catechizing, 
instruction in religious doctrine; art of 
teaching by questions and answers. 

CateqUista'[cah-teh-kee8'-tah], TO. catechist. 

catequistico, ca[cah-teh-kee8'-te-co], a. catechet- 
ical, catechetic, catechistical. 

catequizante [cah-teh-ke-thahn'-teh], pa. cate- 
chiser, catechist. 

CateqUizar [cah-teh-ke-thar'l, va. {prei. CATE- 

QUicE : subj. catequice) to catechise ; to 

instruct in the Christian faith ; to persuade, 

cater6tiC0, ca, a. (med.) erosive, catheretic. 
oaterva, /. multitude of persons or things ; a 

swarm, a throng, a crowd. 
cat6ter, TO. (surg.) catheter. 
cateterismo, to. catheterism. 
cateterizar, va. to catheterize. 
catetO, TO. (arch.) cathetus ; (geom.) each of 

the sides of a right-angled triangle. 
catet6metro, to. cathetometer. 
catUinaria, /. said of Cicero's -orations 

against Catiline, and, by extension, of any 

severe censure. 
catite, TO. loaf of the best refined sugar. 
cato, TO. Japan earth. V. CATECtr. V. cachiJ. 
catOChe, to. (Mex. coll.) bad humour. 
catdllcamente, adv. in a catholic manner, 
catoliclsmo, TO. Catholicism ; orthodox faith 

of the Catholic church. 
cat611C0, ca, a. catholic, general or univer- 

.sal ; true, infallible : no eitar muy catolico, 

(coll.) to feel under the weather. 
cat61iC0, ca, m. & f. a Roman Catholic. — 

m. (chem.) chemical furnace. 
catollcdn, to. catholicon ; a panacea, 
catdn, TO. reading-book for children ; (met.) 

a severe censor, 
catonlano, na, a. Catonian, relating to Cato. 
cat6ptrica,/. catoptrics. 
cat6ptrico, ca, a. catoptrical. 
catorce, a. fourteen ; fourteenth, 
catorcena, /. the conjunction of fourteen 

catorceno, na, a. fourteenth. V. paSo. 
catorzavo, va, a. one of the fourteen parts 

->f a unit, a fourteenth. 
Catre, TO. small bedstead, cot: catre de mar, 

hammock or cot : catre de tijera, field-bed. 
CatriCOfre, to. press-bed which shuts up ; a 

folding-bed, bed-lounge. 

cauc^ide, TO. (bot.) v. cadillo. 

cauc&seo, ea, cauc&sico, ca, a. Caucasian. 

cauce, TO. bed of a river ; trench for convey- 
ing water to fields, gardens, etc. 

Cauci6n,/. caution, warning, precaution, pre- 
vention, care ; security or pledge given for 
the performance of an agreement ; gage, 
surety, guarantee; (law) bailbond : cauciba 
Juratoria, parole. 

caucionar, va. (law) to guard against an 
evil or loss ; to bail. 

cauchil,TO. small basin or reservoir ot water, 

caucho, TO. caoutchouc, gum elastic, India-- 

Cauda,/, train or tail of a bishop's robe. 

caudal, m. property, fortune, wealth, means, 
fund; capital or principal sum, stock; 
plenty, abundance: hacer caudal de algnna 
cosa, to hold a thing in high estimation. 

caudal, a. (zool.) caudal : ignila caudal, re<^ 
tailed eagle. 

caudalejO, to. dim. middling fortune. 

caudalosamente, adv. copiously, abundant, 
ly, opulently. 

caudalOSO, sa, a. carrying much water; co- 
pious, abundant ; rich, wealthy. 

caudatariO, m. clergyman who carries the 
train of an officiating bishop's robe. 

caudatO, ta, a. having a tail, applied to a 
comet ; bearded, hairy. 

Caudatr6mula, /. (orn.) the wagtail. 

caudillO, TO. commander of an armed troop; 
chief, leader, director, head man. 

caud6n, to. bird of prey. V. alcaud6n. 

caulicolo, cauliculO, to. (arch.) ornament 
of the capital of columns. 

Cauro, TO. northwest wind. 

causa, /. cause, occasion, consideration, mo- 
tive, causality ; cause, side, party ; affair in 
which one takes an interest ; lawsuit, trial, 
case ; criminal cause or information : cania 
pnblica, public weal : 4 cauia de, consider- 
ing, owing to. 

causador, ra, m. & /. occasioner, causator, 

causal, a. causal, ground on which some«- 
thing is done. 

causalidad,/. causality. 

causante.^a. &to. occasioner, causer ; (law) 
the person from whom a right is derived ; 
constituent, principal. 

causar, va. to cause, produce, generate, cre» 
ate, gender, make ; bring about ; to sue, en- 
ter an action ; to occasion, originate. 

causidiCO, to. advocate, counsellor. 

causidlco, ca, a. (law) causidical, forensic 

caus6n, to. burning fever of short duration. 

C&UStlCO, TO. (med. ) caustic. 

ckustico, ca, a. caustic, caustical, burning, 
biting, aggressive. 

cautamente, adv. cautiously. 

cautela,.f. caution, care, prudence, foresight, 
prevention, precaution, reserve; heed i 
guard ; artfulness, craft, cunning. 

cautelar, va. to take the necessary precau- 
tion, to proceed with prudence. 

cautelosamente, adv. cautiously, warily, 

cautelOSO, sa, a. cautious, heedful, wary. 

cauteriO to. (med.) cautery : cauterio actual, 
actual cautery, burning with hot iron : cau» 
terio potencial, potential cautery procured 
by chemicals. 

caiiterizacidn, /. cauterization, cauterizing. 

cauterizador, m. he who or that which cau- 

cauterizante, pa. cauterizing. 

cauterizar, va. {pret. cauteric6: s^ibj. cai> | 

M In ff : • to ah t : J in ooU«* i o in for ; n in buU : c (before •, i) aad s m th in thick ; b uid d, acttf 




terice) to cauterize ; to correct or reproach 
with severity ; to reproach ; to blame. 

cautivax, va. to make prisoners of war ; to 
imprison ; to captivate, charm, subdue. 

cautiverio, m. cautividad,/. captivity, con- 

OautiVO, va, m. &f. captive among infidels ; 
captive, one charmed oy beauty. 

cautO,ta, n. cautious, wary, prudent, heedful. 

cava,/, digging and earthing of vines; wine 
cellar in the royal palace. 

cavacote, m. mound made with the hoe. 

cavadiza, a. dugout of a pit (as sand). 

cavador, m. digger. 

cavadura,/. digging. 

cav&n, m. measure used in the Philippine 
Islands equivalent to seventy-five quarts. 

cavar, va. to dig, excavate; to paw, applied 
to horses. — vn. to penetrate far into a thing ; 
to think intensely or profoundly. 

Cavatina, /. (mus.) cavatina. 

cavaz6n, /. digging. 

caverna, /. cavern, cave ; hollow or depth of 

cavernilla, /. dim. small cavern. 

Cavernoso, sa, a. cavernous, caverned. 

Cavi, m. Peruvian root, called oca. 

Cavia, /. circular excavation at the foot of a 
tree to collect water. 

cavial or caviar, m. caviar, roe of the stur- 

cavldad,/. cavity, excavation. 

cavllacibn,/. cavilling. 

cavilar, va. to cavil ; t-hink deeply ; find 

cavilosamente, adv. cavillously. 

cavUosidad, /. captiousness, cavilling. 

cavllOSO, sa, a. captious, cavillous. 

cayada, /. cayado, m. shepherd's hook, 
crook ; crozier of a bishop ; walking-staff'. 

cayan, m. v. tapanco ; awning of matting 
in some Philippine boats. 

cayente,iJa. from caer, falling. 

Cayeputi, m. cajuput-tree : cajuput-oil. 

cayo, m. rock, shoal, islet; key. 

cayote, m. (hot.) v. cidracayote. 

cajruco, m. (naut.) small fishing-boat used 
in Venezuela. 

caz [cathj, TO. canal, trench, ditch, near rivers 
for irrigation ; mill-race, conduit. 

Caza [cah'-thAii], /. chase, hunting, fowling, 
field-sports; game; (naut.) chase, pursuit 
of a vessel at sea : casa mayor, hunting wild- 
boars, stags, wolves, etc. : caza menor, shoot- 
ing or fowling ; chasing hares, rabbits, par- 
tridges, etc. : andar & caza de alguna cosa, 
(met.) to go in pursuit of a thing : alborotar 
or levantar la caza, to start the game : dar 
caza, to pursue; (naut.) to ^ive chase to a 
vessel : trompa de caza, hunting-horn : par- 
tida de caza, hunting party. 

Sazabe, m. (hot.) manioc, cassava; flour of 
the cassava-plant ; the bread made with it. 

cazadero, m. chase ; hunting-grounds. 

Cazador, m. hunter, huntsman, sportsman, 
cha.ser : cazador de alforja, one who sports 
with dogs, snares, and other devices. 

Cazadora,/. huntress; hunting-jacket. 

cazamoscas, TO. (orn.) fly-catcher. 

Cazar, va. {pret. CACE : subj. cace) to chase, 
hunt, fowl ; (coll.) to attain a difficult ob- 
ject by dexterity and skill ; (coll.) to charm 
and captivate by caresses and deceitful 
tricks; (naut.) to chase a ship: cazar una 
vela, (naut.) to tally a sail: haul the sheet 

cazcalear, vn. (coll.) to fidget and fuss. 

cazcarria,/. splashings of mud on clothes. 

cazcarrlento, ta, a. (coll.) splashed, b©- 


Cazo, m. dipper, ladle ; founders' scoop; size- 
kettle ; glue-pot ; melting-pan. 

CaZOleja, eta [cah-thawleli'-hah', /. dim. small 
saucepan ; pan of a musket-lock ; perfum- 

cazolero, wi. (coll.) man who does women's 
work in the kitchen. V. cominero. 

Cazoleta, /. pan of a musket-lock ; boss or 
defence of a shield ; hand-guard or languet 
of a sword ; kind ol perfume. 

cazol6n, m. aug. large earthen pot or stew- 

cazbn, m. (icht.) dog-fish or small shark. 

cazonal, m. fishing-tackle for the shark-fish- 

cazonete.m. (naut.) toggle. 

cazudo, da, a. having a thick back, spoken 
of knives. 

cazuela, /. earthen pan to dress meat in ; 
ste wing-pan, crock ; meat dressed in an 
earthen pan ; the gallery of play-houses in 
Spain reserved for women. 

cazumbrar, va. to join staves with hempen 

cazumbre [cah-thoom'-breh], TO. hempen cord to 
join staves. 

cazumbrbn, m. cooper. 

cazurro, ra, a. (coll.) taciturn, sulky, sul- 

CaZUZ [cah-thooth'], TO. (bot.) ivy. 

ce [theh], /. name of the third letter of the al- 
phabet : I ce 1 intei-j. hark, here, come hither : 
ce por be or ce por ce, minutely, circumstan- 
tially : por ce 6 por be, somehow or other. 

cea [theh'-ah], /. thigh-bone. V. cf A. 

Ce&,tica [theh-ah'-te-cah], /. (med.) sciatica. 

ce&tiCO, ca, a. (med. ) sciatical. V. ciatico. 

ceba [theh'-bahl, /. the fattening of fowls or 
other domestic animals. 

Cebada [theh-baU'-dah], /. (bot. ) barley : cebada 
perlada, i>earl barley. 

cebadal, m. field sown with barley. 

CebadaZO, Za [theh-bah-dah'-tbaw], a. belonging 
to barley. 

cebadera, /. nose-bag, barley-bin ; (naut.) 
sprit-sail; (metal) furnace-charger. 

cebaderia,/. barley-market. 

cebadero, m. place where game or fowls are 
fed ; breeder and feeder of aawks ; mule car- 
rying the feed ; bell-mule : (metal) mouth 
for feeding a furnace ; dealer in barley. 

cebadilla, /. (hot.) Indian caustic barley; 
(bot.) sneeze-wort; (bot. prov.) prickly ox- 
eye : hellebore powdered and used as snufF. 

CebadO,pjo. &a. (her.) ravening. 

cebador, m. one who fattens animals ; prim- 
ing-horn, powder-horn. 

cebadura,/. act of feeding or fattening do- 
mestic animals. 

cebar [theh-bar'], va. &. vTi. to fatten animals ; 
to stuff", cram ; to feed a furnace, a fire, a 
lamp ; to prime a fire-arm ; to start a ma^ 
chine or apparatus by hand ; to light » 
rocket or pyrotechnic piece ; to remagnetize 
a needle ; to excite and cherish a passion or 
desire ; to bait a fish-hook. — vn. to pene- 
trate; take hold of; stick fast. — vr. to be 
firmly bent upon a thing; to prey upon; 
gloat over a victim. 

cebelllna,/. (zool.) sable; sable-fur. 

cebO, m. food given to animals, fodder ; fat- 
tening of fowls and other animals ; bait for 
wolves and birds of prey ; incentive ; kind 
of monkey. V. cefo : cebo de pescar, fish- 
ing-bait, bob ; (arti.) priming of guns: cebo 
fulminante, percussion-cap. 

ft (before e, 1) and J as li In hot; h. silent; 11 in brilliant; &, ny In canyon; r (initial) and rr trilled; I, hisaeA 




Cebolla [thay-bor-iyah],/. (bot.) onion ; bulb of 
the oniou ; every kind of bulbous root; 
round part of a lamp into which oil is put : 
ceboUa albarrana, (bot.) squill : ccbolla asca- 
lonia, (bot.) shallot garlic. 

CebOUana [tliay-bol-lyah'-nah], /. (bot.) threc- 

toothed globularia ; chives. 

CebOUar ithay-bol-lyar'J, VI. patch of Onions. 

ceboUero, ra, m. &f. onion-seller. 

CeboUeta,/. dim. tender onion. 

ceboUino [timy-boi-iyee'-no], m. young onion fit 

to be transplanted; onion's seeds; (bot.) 

chive or cive. 
Ceboll6ll ftiiay-boi-iyone'], TO. aug. large onion. 

CebOlludO, da [thay-bol-lyoo'-doh], a. bulboUS, 

having a big bulb. 
Ceb6ll, TO. fattened bullock or hog. 

CebOUCillO [tliay -bon-tlieer-lyo], TO. dim. fatling. 

cebra,/. (zool.) zebra. 

cebrado, da, a. having stripes resembling 
the zebra. 

cebratana,/. v. cerbatana. 

Cebruno, na, a. having the colour of deer. 

CebUrrO .tliay-boor'-rol, a. V. CANDEAL. 

ceca,/. mint for the coining of money. — m. 
.name of the mosque whicn the Arabs had 
in Cordova, the most venerated after Mecca : 
de Ceca en Meca or de la Ceca 4 la Meca, to and 
fro, hither and thither. 

Cecear [thaytiiay-ar'], vn. to pronounce the s as 
c ; to call one by the word ce-ce ! to lisp. 

ceceo [thay-tiiay'-o], TO. lisping, lisp ; act of call- 
ing any one by the word ce-ce, which corre- 
sponds to / say. 

CeCeOSO, Sa [thay-thay-o'-so], to. & f. lisper. — O. 

Cecial itiiay-the-ahr], TO. hake, haddock, or other 
like fish cured and dried. 

cecina [Uiay-thie'-nahj, /. comed beef, dried 
beef, jerked beef, hung beef. V. tasajo. 

CeCinar [tliay-thie-nar'], va. (obs.) V. ACECINAR. 

ceda,/. last letter of the alphabet. V. zeda. 

Cedaceria [tlmy-dali-thay-ree'-ah], /. shop where 

sieves or cribs are made or sold. 
cedacero [thay-dah-thay'-ro], m. maker or seller 

of sieves, cribs, etc. 
CedaCillO, itO [th«y-<lah-theel'-lyo], TO. dim. Small 

cedazo [thay-dah'-thaw], TO. hair sieve or 
strainer, tamis, flour-sieve, bolting-cloth. 

CedaZUelO [thay-dah-thoo-eh'-lo], TO. dim. small 

hair sieve or strainer. 

cedente, pa. ceding, granting. — m. conveyer, 
assigner, transferrer. 

ceder, va. to grant, transfer, assign, cede, re- 
sign, yield, deliver up, make over, give up. 
— vn. to yield or yield to, submit, comply, 

five out, give over, give way, come in, go 
ack ; (mech. ) to sag, slacken ; to happen, 
turn out ill or well ; to abate, grow less. 

cedilla [thaydeel'-lyah],/. cedilla. V. ZEDILLA. 

cediza [timy-dee'-thah], a. tainted meat. 

cedoarla,/. (herb.) zedoary. 

Cedras, /. pi. saddle-bags of skin. 

cedria, /. cedrium, r^sin from the cedar. 

c6drlde, cedrio, m. fruit of the cedar-tree. 

cedrino, na, a. cedrine, cedarn. 

cedro, m. (bot.) cedar; Spanish juniper: 
cedro del Libano, cedar of I^ebanon : cedro de 
la India, deodar : cedro de las AntiUai, Span- 
ish cedar. 

c6dlQa Ithay'-doo-lah], /. slip of parchment or 

Saper written or to write upon ; order, bill, 
ecree ; cedule, a scroll or writing ; lot ; 
schedule, warrant, share, scrip : cidula de 
adoana, permit : c^dala de abono, order to re- 
mit a tax: cMola personal or de.vecindad, 
oficial document declaring the name, oc- 

cupation, domicile, etc., of the bearer, and 
to serve for identification : cedula ante diem, 
secretary's summons of meeting to the mem- 
bers of a society : echar cidulas, to draw or 
cast lots. 

cedulaje [timy-doo-iaii'-heii], TO. fees or dues paid 
for a cedula. 

cedulilla, ita, /. dim. small slip of pai>er. 

cedulon, m. aug. large bill ; long edict ; proc- 
lamation ; public notice. 

cefalalffla(timy-fah-iahi'-he-ah],/. (med.) cephal- 
algia, headache. 

cefalea, /. violent headache, migraine. 

Cef&,li60, ca, a. cephalic. 

C6fal0, //*. (zool.) mullet, a kind of perch. 

cefalbpodo, m. (zool.) cephalopod. 

cefalotomla,/. cephalotomy. 

cefeo, TO. Cepheus, a constellation. 

C6fir0, TO. zephyr. 

cefO, TO. large African monkey. 

cegajo [thay-ffah'-ho], TO. he-goat, two years old 

CegajOSO, sa [thay-gah-ho'-soj, a. blear-eyed. 

Cegar [Umy-garJ, vn. {ind. CIEGO : prei. CEOUfil 
subj. ciegue) to grow blind. — va. to blind • 
to make blind : to darken the light of 
reason ; to obfuscate ; to wall up a door or 
window ; to close up a well ; to stop up chan- 
nels, passages, or roads : cegar una via d» 
agua, (naut.) to fother a leak. 

cegarra, a. coll. for cegato. 

cegarrita, to. (coll.) one who contracts the 
eye to see at a distance : k ojos cegarritas, 
having the eyes half-shut. 

cegato, ta, a. (coll.) short-sighted. 

cegatoso, sa, a. v. cegajoso. 

CegUeCillO, CegUeZUelO [thay-Kay-tI.eer-lyo, 

thay-gay-tiioo-a>-'-io], TO. di7n. little blind fellow. 

ceguedad [tii«y-gay'-dahdl, /. blindness, igno- 
rance, intellectual darkness ; obfuscation. 

ceguera Ithay-gay'-rah], /. disorder iu the eye > 
absolute blindness ; obfuscation. 

ceiba [tiiay'-e-bah], /. (bot.) god-tree, West In- 
dies ; silk-cotton-tree ; sea-moss, alga. 

ceja fthay-hah], /. eye-brow : edging of clothes ; 
projecting part, as in the binding of books i 
bridge of stringed instruments ; summit of 
a mountain ; circle of clouds round a hill ; 
cloud-cap; (arch.) weather-moulding; rim ; 
(carp.) rabbet; (naut.) opening in the 
clouds : dar entre c^a y ceja, to tell one tO' 
his face unpleasant truths : hasta las c^as, 
to the utmost, to the extreme : tener k una 
entre ceja y ceja, to take a dislike to any one ; 
quemarse las c^jas, (met. ) to study with in- 
tense application. 

CejaderO [thay-haU-Uay'-ro], TO. hold-back Strap 

of a harness. 

cejar [ti»ay-har'], vn. to retrograde, go back- 
ward ; hold back ; to slacken, relax. 

cejljunto, ta [tiiay-iie-hoon'-to], a. having eye- 
brows that meet. 

cejo [tiiay'-hoi, TO. fog which rises from rivers ; 
cord tied around a bundle of esparto-grass, 
made of the same. 

cejudo, da [thay-hoo'-doh], a. having heavy and 
long eye-brows. 

Celuela [thay-hoo-eh'-lah], /. dim. Small eve-brow. 

Celada, /. sallet ; helmet : celada borgonota, 
helmet without visor ; ambuscade, ambush ; 
snare ; lurch ; artful trick ; part of the key 
of the cross-bow ; horse-soldier with helmet. 

Celadilla [thay-iaii-<k>er-iyah:, /. dim. Small hel- 

celador, ra [thay-uh-dor", TO. & f. one who 
watches, caretaker ; curator ; monitor in a 
school ; warden. 

celaje |tii«y-iaii'-hi-h' m. aspect of the sky with 
clouds of varied hues ; cloud scenery ; cloud 

» M In far : • in eh I ; 1 )d ooUce ; o in for ; a la boll ; C (before e, 1) «nd k as th in thick ; b and A, soft; 




effect ; painting that represents the rays of 
the sun brealcing through clouds ; presage, 
prognostic ; sky-light ; sky of a picture : 
celaje*. light, swiftly moving clouds ; scud. 

celandes, sa, o. of or belonging to New Zea- 

^elar, va. k va. to fulfil the duties of an office 
with care ; to watch any person's motions 
from fear ; to cover, conceal. V. recelar ; 
to engrave ; to carve. 

fcelda, /. cell in a convent ; cell in bee-hives ; 

{ eldica, ilia, ita, /. dim. cellule. 

celdilla [thei-deer-iyah], /. cell in bee-hives ; 
( bot. ) cell ; capsule. 

celeb^rrimo ina, a. sup. most celebrated. 

Celebracidn Ithay-Iay-brali-thie-on'], /. celebra- 
tion, solemn performance; praise, ap- 
plause, acclamation. 
celebrador, ra, w. &, f. applauder, praiser ; 

celebrante, m. celebrator; priest celebrating 

the mass. 
<!elebrar, m. to celebrate : celebrar misa, to 
say mass ; to celebrate, praise, applaud, com- 
mend ; to revere, respect, venerate. 
celebre, a. celebrated, famous, renowned, 

noted ; (coll.) gay, facetious, witty. 
C61ebreniente, adv. celebriously,with celeb- 
rity ; facetiously, merrily. 
celebridad, /. celebrity, celebriousness, re- 
nown, fame ; pomp, magnificence, ostenta- 
tion ; public demonstration, celebration, 
eelebro, m. skull ; brain. V. cerebro ; fan- 
cy, imagination ; prudence. 
oelemin, m. dry measure, about an English 
peck ; quantity of grain contained in a cele- 
celeminada, /. quantity of grain contained 

in a celemin. 
c61©re, «. quick, rapid. — m. one of the select 
three hundred knights of ancient Reman 
Seleridad, /. celerity, velocity, 
celeste, a. celestial, heavenly ; sky-blue, 
celestial, «. celestial, heavenly, perfect ; 
agreeable, delightful, excellent; (iron.) silly, 
sottish: musica celestial, (coll.) nonsense; 
Celestialmente, adv. celestially, heavenly, 

celestina,/. (min.) celestite; a procuress. 
celfO, m. V. CEFO. 

celia/. beverage made of wheat ; a beer, 
celiaca,/. (med.) celiac artery; coeliac pas- 
Celiaco, ca, n. (med.) coeliac, relating to the 
celiac pussion ; afflicted with the coeliac 
iellbatO, rn. celibacy; (coll.) bachelor, sin- 
gle man. 
3elibe, »*. bachelor, unmarried person. 
Calico, ca, a. celestial, heavenly, 
celidonia,/. (bot.) common celandine, swal- 
<:elindrate„ m. ragout made with coriander- 
Celo, m zeal, ardour, fervour, piousness, de- 
votion ; heat, rut.— pZ. jealousy ; suspicions : 
iar celoB, to excite suspicions : pedlr celos, to 
be jealous. 
celosamentt;, adv. with zeal ; jealously. 
Celosla, /. lattice of a window ; Venetian 

blind ; jealousy. 
CelOSO, sa, a. zealous ; jealous ; suspicious ; 

(naut.) light and swift-sailing. 
celotipia,/. jealousy. 

celsitud, /. cekitude, elevation, grandeur; 
(obs.) highness, a title, now expressed by 

celta, com. Celt, Celtic— m. the Celtic lan- 

celtib^rico, ca, celtiberio, ria, celtibero, 
ra, a. Celtiberian. 

celtlCismo, m. Celticism. 

C^ltiCO, ca, a. Celtic. 

celtista, com. Celtist. 

C61ula, /. small cell or cavity; (med.) cel- 

celiilar w celulario, la, a. (med.) cellular ; 
system of isolation in prisons. 

Celulilla,/. dim. very small cell or cavity. 

celuloide, m. (chem.) celluloid. 

celulosa,/. cellulose, woody fibre. 

celulOSO, sa, a. cellulose, containing cells. 

cellenco, ca, a. (coll.) decrepit. 

cellisca, /. v. ventisca ; fine rain or snow, 
sleet, driven by a heavy wind. 

Cellisquear [thel-Iyeeg-keh-ar'l, vn. to sleCt, to 

be squally with fine snow or rain. 

cello, TO. hoop used in cooperage. 

CementaCi6n [thay-men-tah-thie-on'],/. cementa- 

cementar, va. (metal) to cement ; convert ; 
to subject to the process of cementation. 

cementeriO.TO. cemetery, churchyard, grave- 

cementO,TO. cement, mastic; (metal) cement, 
substance used in converting metals ; (min. ) 
cement, binding substance in rocks. 

cena,/. supper ; by extension, the Lord's last 

cenaaoscuras, to. &/. a recluse; a miser. 

cenkculo, to. the cenacle. 

cenacho, to. basket or hamper for fruit and 

cenadero, to. supper-room ; summer-house 
in a garden. 

cenador, to. one fond of suppers, or who sups 
to excess ; summer-house in a garden ; ar- 
bor, bower ; open gallery around a court in 
Spanish houses. 

Cenagal, to. slough, quagmire ; arduous, un- 
pleasant affair. 

cenagOSO, sa, a. muddy, miry, marshy. 

cenar, va. to sup. 

cencefLO, fla, a. lean, thin, slender : pan cen- 
cefio, unleavened bread. V. azimo. 

cencerra,/. v. cencerro. 

cencerrada, /. charivari; tin-pan serenade. 

cencerrear [thane-ther-reh-ar'i, vn. to jingle con- 
tinually, applied to wether, mule, or cow 
bells ; to play on an untuned guitar ; to 
make a din or rattliug noise. 

cencerreo [thane-tuer-reh'-o], TO. noise made by 
mule or cow bells. 

cencerro [thane-ther'-ro], TO. bell worn by the 
leading wether or cow ; ill-tuned guitar ; 
(orn.) wood-crow: & ceccerros tapados, pri- 
vately, by stealth. 

Cencerr6n, to. small bunch of grapes which 
remains ungathered. 

cencido, da, a. unfilled, uncultivated. 

cencro, to. a serpent of Brazil. 

cendal, to. light thin stuff made of silk or 
thread ; gauze ; scarf used by priests in con- 
secrating the host ; barbs of a feather : cen- 
dalei, cotton for an inkstand. 

cendea, /. (prov.) in Navarre, municipal bor- 
ough composed of several villages. 

cendra or cendrada,/. bone-dust paste used 

for cupels : ser una cendra, (met. ) to be live- 
ly as a cricket. 
cenefa, /. border ; band or stripe on the edge 
of a stuff; middle piece of a priest's chas- 

f (before e, 1) and J aa h in hot ; h, ailest : U 5n brilliant ; fi, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; a, hisaed 




uble ; rim, hangings, valance, flounce, trim- 
ming; (naut.) top rim; paddle-box rim; 
cent, m. fine brass or bronze. 

CenlCerO [thay-ne-theh'-roj, TO. ash-hole, ash-pit, 


CenlCientO, ta [thay-ne-thie-en'-tol, a. ash-col- 
oured, cinereous. 

CenlCilla [thay-ne-theer-lyahl, /. V. OIDIUM. 

Cenit [tliay-neef], TO. (ast.) zenith. 

cenltal, a. vertical, relating to the zenith. 

ceniza [timy-nee-thah), /. ashes, cinders. V. 
CERNADA ; ashes, the remains of the dead : 
cenizas azules, blue paint ; lapis lazuli : ce- 
nizas de estafio, putty : cenizas de vegetales, 
potash : cenizas graveladas, weed-ashes. 

cenizal [thay-ne-tiiahr], TO. heap of ashes. 

cenizo, TO. (hot.) white goose-foot. 

CenlZO, Za [thay-iiee'-thaw], a. V. CENICIENTO. 
CeniZOSO, Sa [ttiay-nee-thaw'-eo], a, ashy; COVCred 

with ashes, cineritious. 
cenoblta, to. Cenobite, a monk. 
cenobitiCO, ca, a. cenobitical. 

CenOJil [thay-m>-iieel'], TO. garter. 

cenopeglas [thay-no-peh'-iie-a8],/.jpZ. the feast of 
tabernacles among the Jews. 

cenotafiO, m. cenotaph, a monument. 

cenote, m. deposit of water found in America, 
generally at a great depth in the centre of a 

Censal, m. &f. &a. v. censo and censual. 

censallsta, to. v. censualista. 

censatario, censero, to. one who pays an 
annuity out of his estate ; lessee. 

censo [thane'-so], to. agreement for settling an 
annuity upon a person ; annual ground 
rent ; lease ; rental ; income ; census ; poll- 
tax among the Romans : censo al quitar or 
redimible, quit-rent or annuity which can 
be paid at once by a certain sum : censo de por 
vida, life annuity : censo de agua, water-tax. 

CenSOntll, CenSOntle [tlien-sou'tlee, then-son'- 
tiay], TO. (Mex.j mocking-bird. 

censor [tJiane-sor'j, TO. censor, critic ; censorious 

censoriO, ria, «• censorian. 

censual [thane-soo aiiri, a. belonging to a lease, 
annuity, or rent ; rental ; belonging to law- 
ful interest. 

censualista [thane-8oo-<ih-iee8'-tah], TO. lessor, an- 

Censura [thane-soo'-rah], /. censorship, the office 
of a censor, and the act of passing upon 
books and periodicals before publication ; 
critical review of literary productions ; cen- 
sure, blame, reproach, reprimand, reprehen- 
sion ; gossiping ; censure, spiritual punish- 
ment inflicted by an ecclesiastical judge. 

censurable, a. censurable. 

censurador, to. censurer, fault-finder. 

censurante, pa. censurer, censuring. 

censurar timne-soo-rar'], vo. to review, criti- 
cise, judge; to censure, blame; to accuse, 
note, reprehend ; correct, reprove. 

centaura, centaurea, /. (hot.) centaury: 
centaurea mayor, great centaury : centanrea 
menor, common erythrsea, 

centauro, m. (myth.) centaur; (ast.) Cen- 
taur, southern constellation. 

Centavo (thane-taii'-voj, to. hundredth part of 
anything; a cent, as the hundredth of a 
peso (dollar). 

Centella [thane-teyr-lyah],/. lightning ; flash of 
a flint struck with steel, flake of fire; re- 
mainiiifif spark of passion or discord. 

Centellador, ra, a. brilliant, fla.shing. 

Centellante [tlmne-tel-ly«»>n'-teh], pa. Sparkling, 

centellar, centellear [thane-tei-iyar' thari«'-t«». 

lyeh-ar'], vn. to Sparkle, flash, twinkle. 

centelleo [thane-tei-iyeh'-o], TO. sparkle, scintil- 

centellica, ita,/. dlvi. small flash or spark. 

centellbn, m. aug. large spark or flash. 

centen, to. Spanish gold coin worth twenty- 
pesetas (100 reals). 

centenaittiane-teh'-iiaii], /. hundred, centenary. 

Centenadas, adv. k centenadas, by hundreds. 

centenal, »i. a rye field ; centenary. 

centenar [timne-teh-nar'j, TO. hundred, cente- 
nary; rye field : & centenares, by hundreds. 

centenario, ria ithane-teii-imu'-re-oj, a. cente- 
nary ; secular. — m. centennial. 

CentenaZO, za [ttiane-teh-nair-tlmw], a. belonging 
to rye : paja ceutenaza, rye-straw. 

centeno ttiiane-teh'-no], to. (bot.) common rye. 

Centeno, na, a. numeral adjective whick 
signifies hundred. 

centenoso, sa, a. mixed with rye. 

cent6simo, ma [thaue-teb'-se-moj, a. centesimal, 

centl&rea [tiiane-te-ar'-eh-ah], /. centiare. Square 

centigrade, da [thane-tee'-grah-do], a. centi- 

centigramo [thane-te-grah'-mo],7n. centigramme, 
about one-sixth of a grain. 

centilitro [tiiane-te-iee'-tro], in. centUitre. 

centiloquio [th«ne-te-io'-ke-oi. VI. a work divided 
into a hundred parts or chapters. 

centimano, na ithane-tee'-niai.-no], a. (poet.) 
having a hundred hands. 

centimetro [tiiane-tee'-may-troi, TO. Centimetre, 
about four-tenths of an inch. 

C6ntini0 [thane'-te-moi, TO. copper coin, centime ; 
the one one-hundredth part of a monetary 
unit, whether real, peseta, escudo, or peso. 
— a. the one-hundredth. 

CeHtinela [thane-te-neh'-iaiil, com. (mil.) sentry 
or sentinel ; person on watch : centinela de 
vista, prisoner's guard : centinela avanzada, 
advanced guard : centinela i. caballo, vi- 
dette, sentinel on horseback : centinela per- 
xlida, forlorn hope : hacer centinela or estay 
de centineJa, to stand sentry, to be on guard. 

Centinodia, /. (bot.) knot-grass, persicaria. 

centiplicado, da, a. centuple, a hundred- 

centola, centOlla, /. centre-fish, marine crab 
with spotted scales. 

centdn, to. crazy-quilt; coarse covering o* 
warlike machines in ancient times ; cento, 
literary composition. 

centrado, da, a. (her.) globe placed on the 

central [thane-trahr], a. central, centric. 

centralismo, w. centralism. 

centralista, to. &/. centralist. ^ _ 

centralizacidn [thane-trah-ie-tiia-thie-oii'i,/. cen* I 

tralization. ". 

centralizar, va. (prei. centralic£: subj. to centralize. 

centralmente, adv. centrally. 

c6ntrlC0, ca, a. central, focal. 

centrifuge, ga, a. centrifugal.—/, centrifugal 

centripeto, ta, a. centripetal. " 

centre [timne'-trol, TO. centre, middle, midst ; 
innermost part, core; nucleus, origin; -j 
(geom.) centre; (mil.) centre of an army; 
height and depth of a thing; main office, , 
headquarters ; political party whose repre- 
sentatives sit in' the centre of the house ; , 
principal object of desire and exertion ; so- j 
ciai circle in which a person moves ; (bot.) 
disk of flowers ; short flannel dress which ] 

ftMinftt; •laclil; lln police ; o in for ; a In boll ; c (before e, i) and s m til la thick ; b and 4, toftf 




/ndian women and half-breeds use in Ecua- 
dor : estar en su centro, (met.) to be satisfied 
with one's fate. 

centrobarico, ca, a. centrobaric. 

IJentunviratO, m. centumvirate. 

centunviro, m. centumvir. 

centun viral, m, &f. centum viral. 

oentupllcar [timue-too-pie-car'j, va. to centupli- 

i6ntuplo, pla, a. centuple. 

centuria ttimue-too'-re-ah], /. century ; among 
the Romans, one hundred soldiers. 

i;eilturi6n, m. centurion. 

centurionazgo, m. office of a centurion. 

cenzalino, na, «. pertaining to a cinzalo. 

TenZalO Ithane'-tha-lo], m. (CUt.) mOSquitO. 

?efl.idO, daitiiay-nyee'-do], a. moderate in pleas- 
ure or expense ; narroTt-waisted ; beelike- 
waisted.— p». of cenir. 

CefLldor, m. belt, girdle, cest, sash. 

ceMdura, /. act &f girding. 

cefiiglo, in. (bot.) white goose-foot, summer- 
cypress. [tliay-nyeer'], va. {ind. CiSo : suhj. CINA) 

to gird, surround, circle, girdle ; to environ, 
hem in ; to reduce, abbreviate, contract : 
cenir espada, to wear a sword : ce&ir el viento, 
(naut. ) to haul the wind. — it. to reduce one's 
expenses ; to confine one's self to. 

ceilO [thay'-nyo], m. frown ; browbeating ; su- 
percilious look; ring, hoop, band; (farr.) 
circle round the upper part of a horse's 
hoof; (poet.) gloomy aspect, as of the sea, 
clouds, etc. 

Ce&OSO, sa, a. hoof surrounded with rings. 


ce&udo, da [thay-nyoo'-do], a. frowning ; brow- 
beating; supercilious; grim, gruff". 

ceo, TO. (zool.) doree or dory. 

cepa,/. Dutt-end of a tree-stem, underground ; 
stump, stub ; vine-stock ; stock or origin of 
a family ; bud or root of the horns and tails 
of animals; (arch.) pier of an arch; (agr.) 
sole of a plough ; (car. ) tongue of a pole. 

CepacaballO, m. (bot. ) cardoon. 

cepeda [thay-peh'-daii] or cepcra, /. land over- 
grown with heath. 

Cepej6n [timy-peh-hon'i, TO. butt-end of a branch 
torn from the trunk. 

Cepell6n, to. earth left around the roots of a 
plant for transplanting. 

cepilladura,/. v. acepilladura. 

cepillar, va. v. acepillar. 

cepillO [thay-peei'-iyoi, TO. dim. charity-box ; 
(carp.) plane: cepillo bocel, fluting-plane ; 
modelling-plane ; brush : cepillo para ropa, 
clothes-brush : cepillo para la cabeza, hair- 
brush : cepillo de dienteg, tooth-brush. 

Cepo, TO. bough or branch off' a tree ; stock of 
an anvil; stocks, for punishment; (naut.) 
bilboes ; reel for winding silk ; trap, snare ; 
charity-box; (mil.) stocks of a gun-carriage; 
(mech.) block, socket, clasp, olamp, joining- 
press ; shoemaker's horse ; (zool.) F. cefo : 
cepo del ancla, (naut.) anchor-stock : cepo An 
maniguetes, (naut.) cross-piece ot the kevel: 
cepo de molinete, (naut.) knighthead of the 
windlass.— pZ. cepog, notched cleats : cepos 
quedos, (coll.) hands off"; stop. 

€ep6n, TO. aug. large stub of a tree or vine- 

Ceporro, to. old vine pulled up for fuel. 

cequi [thay-kee'], TO. ancient gold coin. 

Cera [thay'-rah], /. wax, beeswax ; wax-tapers 
and candles. — ^l. ceras, honey-comb : cera 
aleda, propolis, bee-glue : cera virgen, virgin 
wax : cera de higos, drum of figs : cera de 
dorar, gold-size : cera de los oidoi, ear-wax, 

cerumen : no hay m&s cera que la que arde, 
there is nothing more than what you see: 
ser una cera, or como una cera, to be of a pliant 
or gentle disposition : melar las ceras, to fill 
the combs with honey. 

Ceraceo, ea [timy-rah'-tiiay-o], a. of the consist- 
ency of wax. 

ceraci6n [thay-rah-tiiie-on'],/. ceration. 

CeraChateS [tlmy-rah-cJmli'-tfs],/. pi. wax-stones. 

CerafOliO,TO. (bot.) common chervil. V. peri- 


ceramica,/. ceramic art; ceramics. 
ceramiCO, ca, a. ceramic, relating to pottery. 
cerapez [thay-rah-petii'j,/. cerate, plaster of wax 
and pitch. 

cerasina,/. cerasin. 

cerasta, /. ceraste, cerastes, m. horned 


cerastio de granada, TO. (bot.) white mouse- 
ear chickweed. 

cerato [tiiay-raii'-toh], TO. (pharm.) cerate. 

cerbatana, /. blow-gun, popgun, pea-shoot- 
er : acoustic trumpet for the deaf; small 

certoero, to. v. cancerbero. 

cerca [therr'-cah], /. inclosure, hedge. 

cerca, adv. near, at hand, not far off", close 
by, nigh ; preceding a noun or pronoun, it 
demands the preposition de : aqui cerca or 
cerca de aqui, just by : cerca de, close to, near 
to, about : cerca de un millon, about a mil- 
lion : tocar de cerca, to strike home : embaja- 
dor cerca de Su Majestad Catolica, ambassador 
to His Catholic Majesty. 

cercado, m. garden or field fenced in. ; inclos- 
ure ; lock : cercado, da, a. inclosed, fenced 
in, walled in.— pp. of cercar. 

cercador, to. hed^er, fencer, inclosurer; 
iron graver ; marking-iron ; blunt chisel for 
repousse work. 

cercanamente, adv. nigh, nighly, nearly. 

cercania, /. proximity, neighbourhood, vi- 
cinity, environment, surroundings. 

Cercano, na [ther-cah'-noj, a. near, close by, 
neighbouring, adjoining, approximate. 

cercar, fa. (^reZ. cerque: «M6y. cerque) to 
inclose, environ, hem, circle, compass, gird ; 
to fence in, hedge in, wall in ; pale ; (mil.) 
to invest a town, lay siege to; to crowd 
about a person. 

Cerc6ll [ttier-tiiane'] adv. k cerc6n, at the roof. 

cercenadamente, adv. in a clipping manner, 
with retrenchment. 

cercenadera,/. clipping-knife used by wax- 

cercenador, to. clipper. 

cercenadura, /. clipping, retrenchment.— 
pi. cuttings. 

cercenar [tiier-thay-narM, va. to pare, retrench, 
clip ; to lop off the ends or extremities ; to 
lessen, reauce expenses ; to curtail, cut 
away, abridge. 

cercera, /. air-tube of a vault. 

cerceta,/. (orn.) widgeon, garganey, species 
of duck.— pZ. first growth of a deer's antlers. 

cerclllo [ther-theei'-iyo], to. tendril of a vine. 


cerciorar [ther-thie-o-rar'i, va. to assure, affirm. 
— vr. to ascertain, make sure. 

cerco, TO. inclosure, that which encompasses ; 
hoop or ring ; rim, border, edge ; halo ; (mil.) 
blockade of a place ; circular motion ; circle 
of people ; frame or case of a door or win- 
dow : poner cerco, to lay siege, blockade; 
alzar or levantar el cerco, to raise a block* 

Cercha [tuerr'-chah], /. flexible wooden rule for 
measuring convex or concave objects ; 

% (bafore e, i) and J m h in hot; h, silent; 11 In brilliant: &. ny In canyon ; r (Initial) and rr triUed; a, hissed. 




(arch.) skeleton pattern or frame for build- 
ing vaults or arches; (carp.) each segment 
of a rim. 

cerchar, va. v. acodar. 

cerch^n, m. v. cimbria. 

cerda, /■ horse's hair, bristle; (zool.)sow; 
new-mown cereals ; bundle of flax broken 
but not yet hackled : cerda de puerco, hog's 
bristle : ganado de cerda, herd of swine : cer- 
das, snares for birds. 

Cerdamen, m. bristles prepared for making 

cerdear, vn. to be weak in the fore-quarter ; 
to emit a harsh and inharmonious sound, 
applied to stringed instruments; (coll.) to 
decline a request or demand. 

cerditO, m. dim. little pig. 

cerdO, m. hog or pig : cerdo de muerte, pig lit 
to be killed : cerdo de vida, pig not old enough 
to be killed. 

cerdoso, sa, cerdudo, da, a. bristly, applied 

also to men whose breasts are hairy, 
cereal [tim.v-iehaiiri, a. cereal. — cereals. 
cerebelO, m. (anat.) cerebellum. 
cerebral [tuay-reh-brahr), a. cerebral. 
cerebro, m. cerebrum ; brain ; head ; talent, 
cereceda, /. v. cerezal. 
cerecilla, /. dim. v. guindilla. 
cerecita ithay-r«h-thee'-tah],/. dim. small cherry. 

Ceremonia [thay-reh-mo'-ne-ali], /. ceremony, 

outward rite, solemnity, pomp, outward 
show, display ; formality ; ceremonious- 
ness ; course ; compliment : gnardar ceremo- 
nia, to stick to ancient ceremonies and es- 
tablished customs : do ceremonia, with . all 
ceremony or pomp: por ceremonia, out of 

ceremonial [thay-rehmo-ne-aiii'], TO. book of cer- 
emonies for public occasions. — a. ceremo- 
nial, ceremonious. 

ceremonialmente, adv. with all ceremony. 

ceremoni^ticamente, adv. ceremoniously. 

ceremoniatico, ca, a. ceremonious. 

ceremoniosamente, ailv. ceremoniously. 

ceremonloso, sa, a. ceremonious, polite, 

C6re0, TO. (hot.) torch-thistle. 

cereollta,/. soft, waxy-looking lava. 

Cereria, /. wax-chand'er's shop ; chandlery 
in the royal palace. 

cerero, m. wax-chandler : cerero mayor, royal 

Cereza [thay-reh'-tiiah], /. cherry : cereza garra- 
fal, large white-heart cherry, bigaroon. 

cerezal, m. cherry orchard. 

cerezo [thay-reir-tho], TO. (bot.) cherry-tree ; 
cherry-wood: cerezo BllveBtre, dog-cherry 

cergazo, m. (hot.) rock-rose, cistus. 

C^riCO, ca, a. eerie, relating to cerium. 

Cerlflor, /. (hot.) honey-wort, honey-flower. 

cerllla [thayr-eeryaui, /. wax tapers in rolls ; 
wax match ; kind of cosmetic, cold-cream ; 
wax tablet ; wax of the ear. 

cerillera,/. lamp-lighter with a taper. 

CerillO, »». (Mex.) wax match. 

cerina [timy-ree'-nahi. /. a variety of wax (or 
wax-like material) extracted from the cork- 

cerinto, m. (bot.) wax flower, honey-wort. 

cerio, cererlo, m. (chem.) cerium or cere- 

cerita,/. (min.) cerite. 

cerme&a,/. small early pear : muscadine. 

cerme&O, m. (bot.) muscadine pear-tree. 

cemada, /. cinder ; leached ashes ; size on 
canvas for painting; (farr.) plaster of ashes 
and other ingredients 

cemadero, m. coarse linen strainer for the 

lye to buck clothes with ; thread aud silk 

stuff formerly used for collars. 
Cernedero, m. apron worn in sifting flour: 

place for sifting flour. 
cernedor, m. sifter. 
uerneja, /. fetlock of a horse. 
cernejudo, da, a. having large fetlocks. 
cerner, va. {ind. cierno: subj. cierxa) t9 

sift ;. to bolt. — vn. to bud and blossom ; to 

drizzle ; to mizzle. — vr. to waggle, wiggle, 

waddle ; to soar. 
cemicalo, m. (om.) kestrel, sparrow-hawk, 

wind-hover; person of scanty abilities: 

coger or pillar un cemicalo, (coll.) to be 

fuddled, tipsy. 
cemldillo, /«. mizzle, drizzle ; short and 

waddling gait. 
cernido, pp. & to. sifting ; the flour sifted. 
cernidura,/. sifting. 
cernir, va. v. cerner. 

CerO, TO. zero ; cipher ; naught : ser un cero or 

un cero 4 la izquierda, to be a mere cipher. 
ceroferario, m. acolyte who carries the 

cerografia, /. cerography. 
ceroUo, Ua, «. reaped when green and soft. 
ceromancia,/. ceromancy. 
cerbn, m. dross of wax. 
cerote. m. shoemaker's wax ; shoe-blacking^ 

(coll.) panic; fear. 
ceroto, m. (pharm.) soft cerate of oil aud 

cerquillo [ther-keer-iyo], m. dim. Small circle 

or hoop ; seam or welt of a shoe ; ring ol 

hair or tonsure ; hair bangs. 
cerC[Uita [ther-kee'-taiil,/. dim. small inclosure. 

— adv. at a small distance ; very near in 

point of time or place : aqui cerquita, just by. 
Cerrada, /. hide or skin which covers the 

cerradera, /. cerradero, m. bolt staple; 

catch of a lock ; catch, clasp; purse-strings. 
cerradero, ra, a- applied to the place lockedi 

and to the thing with which it is locked: 

echar la cerradera, to lend a deaf ear ; to re* 

fuse point-blank. 

CerraaiZO, Za Itlier-rah-dee'-thaw], a. that which 

may be locked or fastened. 

cerrado, m. v. cercado. 

cerrado, da, a. incomprehensible, obscure, 
occult; close, reserved; dissembling; se- 
creted, concealed; obstinate; inflexible, 
cloudy, overcast ; thick, dense ; barba cerra- 
da, heavy, thick beard : k ojos cerradof, 
without examination : k puerta cerrada, pri- 
vately, secretly.— />!/). of cerrar. 

Cerrador, m. shutter ; locker ; lock ; any con 
trivance that shuts or locks. 

Cerradnra [tlier-rah-<loo'-rah), /. (.losure; act of , 
shutting or locking up ; lock : cerradura ds 
golpe or de muelle, spring-lock : cerradura 
embutida, mortise-lock. j 

Cerraja, /. lock of a door ; bolt ; (bot.) com- 
mon sow-thistle : agua de cerrajas, worthless, 
useless thing ; shucks. 

cerrajear, vn. to carry on the trade of a 

cerraleria (tiier-rah-heh-ree'-«h],/, trade of a lock- 
sraitn ; locksmith's shop or forge. 

CerrajerO [tlier-rah-lieti'-ro', TO. locksmith. 

Cerraj6n, m. steep, craggy cliff. 

cerramiento, to. closure, occlusion ; act ol 
shuttingor locking up ; costiveness ; inclos- 
ure ; (arch. ) roof of a building ; (mas. ) par- 

cerrar, va. A vn. {ind. ciERRO : subj. cikrre) 
to close, occlude, shut up, shut, fasten, lock ; 

% • in far ; e in eli 1 ; 1 In police ; O in for ; n in boll : c (before e, l) and z as tli In thick : b and d, eoft; 




to stop up ; obstruct ; block up ; blind ; in- 
close, include, contain; fence in; to ter- 
minate, finish a thing; to prohibit, forbid, 
interdict: cerrar la carta, to fold or seal a 
letter : cerrar la cuenta, to close an account : 
cerrar la boca, to be silent : cerrar las oidos, 
aot to listen to one's proposals : cerrar la 
yuerta, (met. ) to give a flat denial : cerrar los 
ojoB, to die ; to sleep ; to overlook, not no- 
tice : al cerrar del dia, at the close of day, at 
nightfall.— rr. to remain firm in one's opin- 
ion ; to be shut or locked up ; to be cica- 
trized ; to grow cloudy and overcast ; to 
close up, applied to the ranks and files of 
troops : cerrirsele k uno todaa las puertas, to 
find all avenues closed. 

terraz6n [tiier-rah-tuone'], /. dark and cloudy 
weather preceding tempests. 

Berrej6ii, m. hillock. 

Cerrero, ra, a. running wild : caballo cerrero, 
unbroken horse. 

eerreta, /. (naut.) spar; rough tree. V. 


serril, a. mountainous ; rough, uneven ; wild, 
untamed, unbroken : puente cerril, small 
narrow bridge for cattle; (coll.) rude, un- 
polished, unmannerly. 

cerrilla, f. die for milling. 

cerrillar, va. to mill coined metal. 
\ eerrillo, m. dim. little eminence.— p^. cerri- 
II08, dies for milling. 

cerridn, m. icicle. 

cerro, m. hill or high land ; neck of an ani- 
mal ; backbone ; hackled and cleaned flax or 
hemp : cerro enriscado, steep, rugged hill : 

• en cerro, nakedly, barely : por los cerros de 
Ubeda, (coll.) foreign to the purpose ; totally 
I different. 

I cerrojillo [ther-ro-heer-iyo], m. (om.) a wagtail, 
warbler.— ^im. small bolt or latch. 

CerrojO [tiier-ro'-Uol, m. bolt, latch : tentar cerro- 
jos, (met.) to try all ways and means to suc- 
I ceed. 

oerrbn, m. kind of coarse fabric made in Ga- 

cerruma, /. weak or defective quarter in 

Certamen, m. literary controversy ; disputa- 
tion ; competition ; (obs.) duel, battle. 

certero, ra, m. & f. sharpshooter. — a. well- 
aimed ; sure, certain, knowing. 

certeza [ther-tei»'-thahj, /. •certainty, certitude, 

certidumbre,/. v. certeza. 

Certificaddn [ther-f^fe-cah-thie-on'l, /. certifi- 
cate, athdavit. 
certlficado, pp. & m. ceiiifieate, attestation, 

testimonial. V. certificaci6n. 
Certificador, ra, m. &f. certifier. 
Certificar, va. {pret. certifiqu^: subj. CER- 
j tifique) to assure, affirm, certify, attest: 
1 ' certificar una carta, to register a letter ; 
I (law) to prove by a public instrument, 
CertiflcatoriO, ria, a. that which certifies or 

serves to certify, 
Jertisimo, a. sup. of cierto ; most certain. 
Ceruleo. lea, a. cerulean, sky-blue, 
cenima,/. (vet.) F. CERRUMA. 
cerumen, m. ear-wax, cerumen. 
Cerusa,/. ceruse, white-lead. 
Cerval, «. l>elonging to a deer : miedo cerval, 
great timidity. 

cervantesco, ca, cervS,ntico, a. in the 

style of Cervantes. 
, Cervantista, a. admiring Cervantes. 

cervario, rla, 't. v. cerval. 

eervatica,/. v. lasgost6n. 
. tervatico, illo, /«. dim. small deer. 

cervato, m. a fawn. 

Cerveceria [ther-veh-theli-ree'-ati], /. brewhous^ 

brewery ; ale-house, beer-saloon. 

cervecero [tiier-veh-their-roj, in. brewer; beer- 

cerveza [ther-veh'-thah], /. beer or ale, malt 

cervicabra, ./". gazelle. 

cervical, a. (anat.) cervical. 

cervlgudo, da, a. high or thick-necked. 

cerviguillo [tiier-ve-gu'-iyo:, m. thick nape ol 
the neck. 

cervillera, /. helmet, 

cervino, na, a. resembling a deer, 

cerviz Ither-veeth'i,/. cervix, nape of the neck : 
ser de dura cerviz, to be incorrigible : doblar 
or bajar la cerviz, to humble one's self: le- 
vantar la cerviz, to be elated, to grow proud. 

cervuno, na, a. resembling or belonging to % 
deer ; of the colour of a deer. 

cesaci6n,/. cesamiento, m. ['], 
cessation, discontiuuance, stopping, pause: 
cesacion & divinis, suspension from religious 

cesante m. dismissed public officer, in some 
cases with pension ; retired official.^^o. 

cesantia,/. the state of being a cesante, and 
the pension he receives. 

cesar, vn. to cease, stop, discontinue, end ; to 

C^sar [theh'-sari, TO. Csesar. 

Cesd.reO, rea, a. imperial : operaci6n ces&rea, 
(surg.) Cesarean operation. 

cesariano, na, a. relating to the Caesar. 

cesarismo, m. Csesarism, despotism. 

cese itiieh'-sayi, TO. cease ; stop of pension. 

cesible, a. (law) that which may be ceded. 

Cesi6n [theii-se-on'], /. cession, transfer, con- 
veyance, assignment ; resignation ; conces- 
sion : cesion de bienes, surrender of propertv. 

cesionario, cesonarlo, ria, m.&f. cession- 
ary, grantee, assignee, tra,nsferree. 

ceslonista m. transferrer, assigner, grantor. 

C6sped, c6spede, to. turf, sod, clod, sward, 
grass ; grass plot, lawn ; rind of a vine 
where it has been pruned. 

cespedera, /. field where green sods are cut. 

cespitar, vn. to hesitate. 

cesta., /. basket, pannier, hamper ; scoop or 
racket fastened to the arm for playing pelota. 

cestada,/. a basketful. 

cesteria, /. basket factory or shop. 

cestero, m. basket maker or seller. 

cestica, ilia, ita, /. dim. of cesta ; small 
basket, hand-basket. 

cestiCO, illo, itO, to. dim. of cesto; little 

cestiaro, m. Koman pi^ilist who fought with 
the cestus. 

CestO, TO. hand-basket, maund, hutch ; ces- 
tus used by Eoman boxers : estar hecho 
un cesto, (coll. ). to be overcome by sleep or 
liquor : quien hace un cesto har& ciento, he 
that steals a pin will steal a pound : ser al- 
guno un cesto, (coll.) to be ignorant and 
rude : coger agua en cesto, to labour in 

cestbn, m. aug. large pannier or basket; 
(mil.) gabion.— pZ. corbeils. 

cestonada,/. range of gabions. 

cesura,/. caesura, pause in poetry. 

cet^ceo, cea [theh-taii'-tiieu-o], a. cetaceous, of 
the whale kind. 

cetis, TO. old Portuguese coin. 

cetra, /. leather shield formerly used by 

cetre, >n. assistant acolyte. 

, y(b«fi>ree, t)andj as h in hot; h, silent ; 11 ir brilliant ; fi ny in canyon; r (initial) and rr trilled; s. hiase4 




eetreria,/. falconry, hawking ; fowling with 

cetrero, m. verger, falconer, sportsman. 

cetrino, na, a. citrine, lemon - coloured ; 
(met.) jaundiced, melancholy; belonging 
to citron. 

cetro, m. sceptre ; reign of a prince ; verge 
borne by dignified canons on solemn occa^ 
aions ; wand or staff borne by the deputies 
of confraternities ; perch or roost for Dirds. 

Ceugma,/. (rhet.) zeugma, 

Cia,/. hip-bone, huckle-bone. 

Ciaboga,/ (naut.) putting a row-galley about 
with the oars: hacer ciaboga, to turn the 
back, to flee. 

Cianita,/. (rain.) cyanite. 

ciandgeno, m. cyanogen. 

ClanOSiS,/. cyanosis. 

Clanuro, m. (chem.) cyanid. 

Ciar, va. to back up, retrograde; (naut.) to 
hold water^ to back off, to go astern ; (met.) 
to slacken in the pursuij of an affair. 

Cl&tlca,/. (med.) sciatica. 

Ci&tlCO, ca, a. sciatic, sciatical. 

ClatO, m. (bot.) tree-fern of tropical regions. 

CibaxlO, ria, a. cibarious, relating to lood. 

Cib61eo, lea, a. (poet.) belonging to the god- 
dess Cybele. 

Cibera,/. quantity of wheat put at once in 
the hopper ; all seeds or grains fit for animal 
subsistence; bagasse of grain and fruit, 
husks, etc. ; hopper in a corn-mill. 

Cibica, /• clout ; hurter of a wooden axle- 
tree ; (naut.) staple, cramp. 

ClblCdn, m. large kind of clout. 

CibOlO, la, m. & f, Mexican bull, apparently 
the bison. 

Clbrtl, m. Peruvian name of the cedar-tree. 

Clcatear, vn. (coll.) to be sordidly parsimo- 

Cicateria,/. nigardliness, parsimony. 

ClcaterillO, 11a, m. & a. dim. sordid or avari- 
cious little person. 

Clcatero, ra, a. niggardly, sordid, parsimo- 

CicateruelO, m. dim. an avaricious or nig- 
gardly little fellow ; little miser ; a curmud- 

ClCatrlCera [thie-cah-tree-theU'-rahi, /. a woman 

who used to follow troops and care for 

Clcatrlcilla [thie-cah-tre-theel'-lyah],/. dim. Small 
cicatrice or scar. 

Cicatrlz Itiiie-cahtreeth'], /. cicatrice or cica- 
trix, scar, gash, mark of a wound, 

CiCatriZaClOn [thie-tah-tree-thah-thle-on'],/. cica- 

Cicatrizal, a. belonging to a cicatrice or scar, 
cicatrizante, pa. cicatrisaut. 

CiCatriZar Ithle-cah-tree-thar], ra. {pret. CICA- 
TRICE: subj. CICATRICE) to cicatrize; to heal. 

cicatrizativo, va, a. cicatrisive. 

clc6rcula, clcercha,/. v. almorta. 

Cicero [thie'-Uieh-roi, m. (print.) pica; (print.) 
unit of measurement tor type bodies, equiv- 
alent to 12 points. 

ciceronlano, na [thie-theh-ro-ne-ah'-no], a.Cicero- 
nian, applied to style. 

Clclamor, m. an ornamental tree. 

Cicl&n, m. ridgel, having only one testicle ; 

Ciclat6n, m. tunic once used by women. 

Cicllco, ca, a. cyclical, belonging to a cycle. 

CicUsmO, m. wheeling as a sport. 

Clcllsta, m. &/. cyclist, rider on a bicycle. 

CicliO, m. cycle, round of time. 

Ciclodiatomla, /. (arti.) calculation of the 
direction of a projectile. 

cicloidal, a. cycloidal. 

Cicloide,/. (math.) cycloid. 

ciclometria,/. cyclometry. 

ciclometrico, csi, a. cyclometric. 

Ciclometro, m. cyclometer. 

Cicl6n [thie-cione'l OT. hurricane, cyclone. 

Ciclope, m. Cyclops. 

Cicl^peo, ea, a. Cyclopean. 

Ciclorama, m. cyclorama, 

Cicuta (bot.) cicuta; water-hemlock ; spotted 

Cid [tiieed], 771. word taken from the Arabic 
signifying chief: el Cid, surname of the 
Spanish hero Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar. 

Cidra,/. (bot.) citron. 

Cidracayote, /. (bot.) American gourd OT 

cidrada, /. preserve made of citrons. 

CldraJ, m. plantation of citron-trees. 

cidria, m. v. cedria. 

Cidro, ni. (bot.) citron-tree. 

cidronela,/. (bot.) common balm. 

ciegamente, adv. blindly. 

CiegO, ga, a. blind ; obfuscated ; swayed bj 
violent passion : ciego de Ira, blind with 
passion ; choked or shut up, applied to a 
passage : k ciegas, blindly, in the dark ; 
thoughtlessly. — m. & /. blind person. 

ciego, m. (anat.) caecum or blind gut ; large 
black-pudding. V. morc6n. 

Ciego, ciegue («r. from cegar). 

cieguecico, ica ; illo, ilia ; ito, ita ; cie^ 
guezuelO, ela, a.&m.& /. dim. little blind 

CielitO, TO. tune and dance of South America j 
endearing term to a child or sweetheart. 

CielO, TO. sky, firmament, heaven (s) ; atmos- 
phere, climate ; heaven, the habitation of 
God ; the supreme power, the sovereign of 
heaven ; roof, ceiling; glory, felicity, para- 
dise : cielo raso, flat roof or ceiling : el cielo 
de la cama, tester or cover of a bed : el cielo 
de la boca, the roof of the palate : Uovido del 
cielo, agodsend: dormir&cielora8o,tosleep in 
the open air : escnpir al cielo, bad deeds turn 
against those who commit them : estar hecho 
un cielo, to be splendid, brilliant : tomar el 
cielo con las manos, (met.) to be transported 
with joy, grief, or passion : venirse el cielo 
abajo, to pour, to deluge : ver el cielo abier- 

to, to find an unforeseen opportunity. 

V. CIENTOPlfe ; 

poor literary work. 

Ciempi^S, m. centipede. 

Cien [thie-en'], a. one hundred, used before 
nouns instead of ciento, as, cien hombrei, a 
hundred men : cien mnjeres, a hundred 
women. V. ciento. 

Ci^naga, /. marsh, moor, a miry place, r. 


Ciencia [thie-en'-thie-ahl, /. science ; knowledge ; 
certainty : gaya ciencia, art of poetry : cien- 
eias exactas, the mathematics : k ciencia y 
paciencia, by one's knowledge and permis- 
sion : i ciencii cierta, with certainty, know- 

cienmil^simo, ma, a. the hundred thou« 

cienmilmiUcn^simo, ma, a. the hundred 
thousand millionth. 

Cienmillon^simo, ma, a. the hundred mil* 

Cieno, TO. mud, mire, slime ; slough, bog. 

cientiflcamente, adv. scientifically. 

CientificO, ca, a. scientific. 

ciento, a. one hundred ; hundredth : call* 
ciento, One Hundredth Street. V. cien. — m. 
a hundred : un ciento de huevos, a hundred 
eggs; a hundred-we4ght. V. quintal. — pi. 

fta*i«ter; einelll: iin poliM ; o in tor ; n in boll ; c (before e, i) and s as th In tbick : b and d. soft ■ 11 




tax assessed at so much per cent. ; piquet, a 
game at cards. 

cientopi^s, m. (zool.) centipede. 

Cierna, /. the staminate blossom of vines, 
corn, and some other plants. 

Cierne : en cleme, in blossom : estar en cierne, 
(coll.) to be in its infancy. 

cierno, cleme (irr. from cerner). 

i Cierra Espaila ! interj. war-ciy of the an- 
cient Spaniards. 

Cierre, m. act and mode of closing some 
things, as a letter or fan ; shutting, locking, 
fastening ; snap, clasp, plug of a valve. 

Cierro, wi. inclosure : cierro de cristales, glass- 
covered balcony or veranda. 

cierro, cierre (irr. from cerrar). 

Ciertamente, adv. certainly, forsooth, surely. 

MertO, ta, a. certain, doubtless, evident, 
sure, positive ; when used in an indeter- 

' minate sense, as clerto Ingar, certain place, 
it always precedes the substantive : por 
clerto or de cierto, certainly, surely ; in 
truth. — adv. V. ciertamente. 

Cierva,/. hind, female stag. 

Ciervo, m. deer, hart, stag. 

ciervo volante, m. stag-beetle. 

Cierzo [thie-ef'-thaw], m. cold northerly wind, 

Cifra, /. a numerical character ; a figure, a 
number ; cipher, code, cryptography, cryp- 
togram ; monogram, device, emblem ; sum 
total ; contraction, abbreviation ; music 
written with numbers : en cifra, secretly, 
mysteriously, briefly, shortly. 

CiA:ar, va. to write in ciphers ; to abridge : 
cifrar en, to place ; to make a thing depend 
on another. 

Cigarra,/. (ent.) cicada, harvest-fly. 

Cigarral, m. in Toledo, orchard or fruit- 

cigarrera,/. woman cigarette-makerorseller; 
cigar-cabinet or show-case ; pocket cigar- 

cigarrero, ra, m. &f. cigar-maker or seller, 

cigarreria, /. cigar-shop. 

cigarrillo, m. cigarette. 

Cigarrista, m. person who smokes many 

Cigarro, m. cigar : cigarro de papel, cigarette : 
cigarro puro, cigar. 

Cigarr6n, m. aug. of cigarra; large cicada. 

CigomatiCO, ca, a. zygomatic. 

cigofial, m. well-sweep. 

CigOfLiUO, m. (orn.) young stork. 

CigOiiuela, /. (orn.) small bird resembling a 

Cigua, /. (hot.) tropical tree. 

ciguatarse, w. v. aciguatarse. 

ciguatera, /. (Mex.) kind of jaundice, from 
eating diseased fish. 

Ciguato, ta, a. sufiering from ciguatera. 

CigUefia thie-gweh'-nyahi, /. (orn.) white stork, 
crane ; bell-crank ; (mach.) crank, winch. 

cigiieflal, m. v. cigoSal. 

CigiieflUela 'thiegway-nyway'-lalil, /. dim. Small 
crank or winch : cignefinela de la cana del 
timon, (naut.) goose-neck of the tiller. 

Cigiiete, /. variety of white grape. 

Cija, /. building for sheltering sheep ; dun- 
geon ; granary. 

Cilanco, m. pool left by a river on the shore. 

Cilantro, m. (hot.) coriander. V. culantro. 

ciliado, da, a. ciliated. 

Ciliar, «. ciliary. 

Cilicio (thie-iee'-thie-o], m. cilice or clllclum ; 
(mil.) hair-cloth. F. cent6n. 

CilindradO, pp. of cilindrar ; rolled ; cal- 

Cilindrar, va. to roll ; calender ; bore. 

Cilindrico, ca, a. cylindrio or cylindrical, 

Cilindro, m. cylinder , roller, press-roll ; 

Cilia [theei'-lyah],/. granary; tithe. 

CillazgO [theei-iyath'-go], m. store-house fec8 
paid on tithes. 

Cillerero, m. cellarist or butler of a mon- 

CilleriZa[theel-lyay-ree'-thah],/. nun who directs 

the domestic affairs of the convent. 

CilleriZO [theel-lyay-ree'-tlio], TO. keeper of a 

Cillero, m. keeper of a granary or store- 
house for tithes ; granary ; vault ; cellar ; 

Cima, /. summit, height, crest, peak ; top of 
trees ; apex, cap, head ; finish, completion ; 
heart and tender sprouts of cardoons : por 
cima, at the uppermost part, at the very 
top : dar cima, to conclude happily. 

CimaciO [tine-mah'-tiiie-o], TO. (arch.) cymatium, 
gola, ogee. 

Cimarrbn, na, a. (Amer.) wild, unruly. — m. 
&/. runaway slave ; maroon. 

cimbalaria, /. (bot.) ivy-wort, 

Cimbalillo, to. dim. small bell. 

CimbalO, m. small bell ; cymbal. 

cimbanillo, to. v. cimbalillo. 

cimbara,/. a large sickle. 

Cimbel, m. decoy-pigeon ; rope to tie decoy- 

cimborio, cimborrlo, to. (arch.) dome. V. 


Cimbra, /. (carp.) cradling; (naut.) cmrva- 

ture ; bending of a board. 
Cimbrado, to. quick movement in a Spanish, 

dance. — cimbrado, da, ^p. of cimbrar. 

cimbrar, cimbrear, va. to brandish ; shake, 
sway, bend; (carp.) to place cradlings; 
(arch.) to arch : cimbrar & algnno, (coll.) to 
give one a drubbing. — vr. to bend ; vibrate. 

cmibre, to. subterranean gallery or passage, 

ciinbrefi.0, fla, o. pliant, flexible. 

Cimbreo, m. act of bending, brandishing, 
swaying, vibrating. 

cimbrico, «. Cimbric. 

Ciinbro, bra, a. Cimbriau. 

cimbronazo, w. stroke with the flat of a 
sword. V. cintarazo. 

Ciinentaci6n,/. laying of a foundation. 

CimentadO, pp. &. m. refinement of gold. 

Cimentador, to. he who lays the foundatiou 
of a thing. 

cimentar, va. (ind. cimiento: subj. ci- 
miente) to lay the foundation of a build- 
ing ; to found ; to ground ; to establish the 
fundamental principles of religion, moral*, 
and science ; to refine metals. 

cimenterio, m. v. cementerio. 

CimentO, to. cement. V. cemento. 

Cimera, /. crest of a helmet, or coat oi 

CimeriO, ria, a. Cimmerian. 

cimero, ra, a. placed at the height of some 
elevated spot ; apical. 

cimiento, to. foundation of a building; 
ground-work, bed ; basis ; base, root, origin : 
cimiento real, royal cement : abrir los c^ 
mlentoB, to make the trenches for laying 

cimiento, cimiente (irr. from cimentar). 

Cimillo, TO. flexible twig on which a decoy* 
pigeon is tied. 

cimitarra,/. cimeter, falchion. 

cimbfana,/. cymofane, cat's-eye. 

Cimorra,/. (farr.) glanders, 

Cinabrio, to. cinnabar, vermilion. 

Cin&miCO, a. (chem.) eynamic. 

? (heforee. OandJ ar h In hot; h, silent; 11 In brilliant ; ft, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled; ■, 




Cinamo/no, m. (bot.) the bead-tree; (Philip- 
pines) privet. 

CillC [think], TO. zinc. 

Cinca, /. any infraction of the rules of the 
game of nine-pins (ten-pins). 

Cincel [thin-ther], m. chisel j engraver ; scorper ; 
burin ; drove. 

Cincelador, m. engraver ; sculptor ; stone- 

dncelar [twn-thay-iar'], va. to chisel, engrave, 
emboss, carve, chase, sculpture, cut. 

CillC6litO, Tti. dim. small chisel. 

Cinco [theen'-co], TO. & a. five ; fifth : el cinco 
de mayo, the fifth of May ; five-spotted card ; 
(Venez.) five-stringed guitar: decir cuintas 
■on cinco, to threaten with reproof or pun- 
ishment : no Babe cu&ntas son cinco, (coll.) he 
does not know beans.— p/. /. las cinco, five 

dnccenrama./. (bot.) common cinquefoil. 

Clncografla, /. zincography. 

cincomesino, na, a. five months old. 

Cincuenta, m. & a. fifty ; fiftieth : calle cin- 
cuenta, liftieth Street. 

CincuentavO, a. the one-fiftieth part. 

Clncueaten, to. piece of timber, fifty palms 
iu leogth (50 X 3 X 2). 

Cincuentena, /. fifty things of a kind. 

cincuenteno, na, a. fiftieth. 

cincuent6n, na, a. fifty years old. 

Cincha, /. girth, cinch. 

Cinchadura, /. cinching, girthing. 

dnchar, va. to girt, cinch up. 

Clnchera, /. girth-place ; (farr.) soreness of 
the part where mules are girted. 

CinchO, m. belt, girdle, sash or belly-band ; 
iron hoop ; tire of a wheel ; cheese-mould ; 
(Mex. ) cinch ; (arch. ) transverse rib ; (farr.) 
disorder in the hoofs of horses. 

Cinchdn, m. aug. broad cinch ©r girth, 

Cinchuela, /• dim. small cinch or girth ; nar- 
row ribbon. 

Clneg^tica,/. cynegetics, art of hunting with 

Cineg6tiC0, ca, a. cyne^etic. 

cinemiitica, /. kinematics. 

cinematdgrafo, to. kinetoscope. 

clneraci6n, v. incinekaci6n. 

Clnerarlo, ia, a. V. cin6reo ; cinerary. 

cin6reo, cinericio, cia, a. ashy. v. cbni- 


Cingal68, sa, a. of or belonging to Ceylon. 

dngaro, ra, to. &/. gipsy, v. gitano. 

Cingleta, /. rope with a cork to buoy up a 

CinglllO, TO. cingulum, girdle, cordon ; an- 
cient military badge. 

Cinicamente, adv. cynically. 

Cinlco, ca, a. cyiiic, cynical ; satirical ; impu- 
dent, barefaced. — m. a cynic. 

Cinife, TO. mosquito. 

Cinismo, TO. cynicism ; shamelessness, bare- 
facedness, impudence, ribaldry. 

Cinoc^falO, m. kind of monkey or baboon. 

Clnoglosa,/. (bot) hound's-tongue. 

cinosura, /. (ast.) Cynosure, the Lesser 

Cinqu6n, to. ancient Spanish coin. 

clnqueflo, cinauillo, m. game of ombre, 
played among five persons. 

Cinta,/. ribbon, tape, band, strip, sash : cinta 
de seda, ribbon : cinta de hilo or algod6n, 
thread or cotton tape: cinta de hiladillo, 
ferret ribbon ; strong net used iu the tunny- 
fishery ; lowest part of the pastern of a 
horse; (arch.) fillet, belt; first course of 
floor tiles ; (top.) measuring tape : cintai de 
navio, (naut.) wales: cintas galimas, bow- 

wales or harpings : en cinta, under su1:j»a 

tion : estar en cinta, to be pregnant. 
Cintadero, to. part of a cross-bow to whicK 

tlie string is fastened. 
Cintagoroa,/. coarse net for the tunny-fisii. 

CintaJOS, to. pi. knot or bunch of tumbled 

ribbons ; tawdrv ornaments in female dress. 
Cintarazo, to. slap with a sword or some- 
thing flat. 
Clntarear, va. (coll.) to slap with a sword. 
CinteadO, da, a. adorned with ribbons. 
Cinteria, /. trade in ribbons ; shop where rib- 
bons are sold ; collection or heap of ribbons. 
Cintero, to. one who weaves or sells ribboMS ; 

belt, girdle, truss ; hoisting rope. 
Cintilla Ithin-teei-iyah], /. dim. small ribbon, 

narrow tape. 
CintillO, TO. hat-band ; ring set with precious 

Cinto, TO. belt, girdle. V. cintura and cIn- 

GULO, waist. 
Cintrel, to. (arch.) guide-rule or line for 

cintura, /. waist, girdle, or belt ; throat of 8 

chimney: meter en cintura, (coll.) to keep 

one in a state of subjection. 
cinturica, ilia, ita, /. dim. gmal) girdie; 

small or delicate waist. 
Clntur6n, to. aug. large waist ; broadsword 

belt, girdle, cest; that which encircles or 

CiflO, Ciila, Clfl6, CilLera {irr. from CESfiR). 
CipaJlSO, m. (poet.) cypress. 
Cicayo, to. sepoy. 
CipO, TO. cippus, short stone pillar. 
Cipr6s, TO. ( Dot. ) cypress-tree : baya del cipris, 

cypress nut or berry. 
Cipresal, m. cypress grove. 
Cipresino, na, a. resembling or belonging to 

ciprino, na, oiprio, ia, a. Cyprian. 

CiCIUiricata::hie-key-re-cah'-tah],/. (coU.) caress, 


Circasiano, na, a. Circassian. 

Circense, a. circensial or circensian. 

Circo, w. circus; amphitheatre; (orn.) the 

Circ6n, to. zircon. 

circonio, to. zirconium. 

Circulcidn, /. act of surrounding or encir- 

Circulr, va. {ind. ciRCUYO': subj. circuya^ 
to surround, compass, encircle. 

CircuitO, to. circuit, circle ; extent ; circum- 
ference, compass. 

CirCUlaCibn [theei-coo-lah-tlUe-on'], /. circula 
tion; currency: trafllc; movement. 

Circulante, i>a. &a. circulatory, circling, cir- 

circular [theernjoo-iar'], vn. to circulat-c, travel 
round, move on, pass around, go about. 

circular, a. circular, circulatory, circling: 
carta circular, circular letter. 

circularmente. adv. circularlv. 

CirCUlatOriO, ria, a. circulatory. 

CirculO [theer'-coo-io], 7?i. circle, orb, circlet • 
compass, circumference ; ring ; circuit, dis- 
trict ; social circle, club, casino : circulo vi- 
cioBo, (log. ) argument in a circle. 

Circumambiente, a. circumambient, sur- 

Circumcirca, adv. (Lat.) about, thereabout ^ 

Circumpolar, a. circumpolar, near the pole. 

circuncidante, to. &pa. circumciser. 

circuncidar, va. (pp. circunciso) to circum* 
cise ; to diminish, curtail, clip, modify. 

a a« iu fai : e in eh I ; i in police ; o in for : u in bull : C (before e. i) and 8 as th In thick ■ b and d. aoft; 




CirC11IlCiSi6ll [theer-coon-thle-Be-ou'], /. circum- 

cision, religious festival celebrated on New 
Year's day. 

circunciso, sa, pp. irr. of circuncidar ; cir- 

Circundar, va. to surround, circle, compass, 

CirCUnferencia [theer-coon-feh-ren'-thle-ah],/. cir- 

Circunferenclal, a. circumferential, circu- 
lar, surrounding 
circunferencialiaeiite, adv. in a circular 


ClrcunflejO, la, a. acento circanflejo, circum- 
flex accent ( ^ )- 

CirCUnlOCUCidn [tlieer-coon-lo-coo-thle-on'], /. cir- 
cumlocution, periphrasis, roundabout ex- 

CirCUnlOquiO [theer-coon-lo'-ke-o], m. circumlo- 
cution, circle. 

Circunnavegacidn, /. circumnavigation. 

circunnavegar, va. to circumnavigate, sail 
round the world. 

circunscribir, va. {pp. circunscripto and 
ciRCUNSCRiTO) to circumscribe, inclose, en- 

Circunscripci6n, /. circumscription. 

CircunscriptiVO, va, a. circumscriptive, in- 
closing a superficies. 

Circunscripto, ta, circunscrito, ta {irr. 

CUnspeCCidn [theer-coons-pec-thle-on'], /. cir- 
cumspection, prudence, watchfulness, atten- 
tion, decorousness. 

circunspectamente, adv. circumspectly. 

circunspecto, ta, a. circumspect, cautious, 
judicious, grave. 

CirCUnstanCia [th««er-coo»v8-tahn'-tWe-ah], /. cir- 
cumstance, incident, event ; position, con- 
dition ; state of affairs, particulars, details. 

circunstanciadamente, adv. circumstan- 
tially, minutely. 

CircunstanciadO, da, a. circtvmstantiated ; 
with all minute details.— pp. of circunstan- 


Circunstancial, m. &/. circumstantial. 
Circunstante, a. circumstant, surrounding ; 

present, actually attending, 
circunstantes, m. pi. bystanders, persons 


CirClinvalaCibn [theer-coon-vah-lah-thle-on'], /. 

circumvallation ; surrounding a place. 
Circimvalar.ta. to surround, encircle; (mil.) 
to circumvallate, surround with trenches. 

CirCUnVeCinO, lia [theer-coon-vay-thle'-no], a. 

neighbouring, adjacent, contiguous. 
CirCUnVOlUCidn [theer-coon-vo-loo-thle-on'], /. cir- 

Cirial, m. processional candle-holder. 

cirigafia, /. flattery. 

cirineo, m. (coll.) mate, assistant. 

CiriO, m. thick and long wax candle: cirlo 

pascual, paschal candle. 
ClXOlerO, m. plum-tree. 

Cirro, m. (med.) schirrus ; (hot.) short root- 
lets of creepers; (meteor.) cirrus. 
! Cirrosis, /. cirrhosis. 

Cirroso, sa, «. scirrhous, fibrous, cirrhose. 
Cimela, /. plum, prune: cirnela paia, dried 
plum, a prune : cimela verdal, green-gage : 
cimela de fraile, long green plum : cimela de 
yema, yellow plum. 
I Cimelar, m. large plantation of plum-trees. 
: ciruelica, ilia, ita, /. dim. small plum. 
' CimieliCO, illO, itO, m. dim. dwarf plum-tree, 
i CiruelO, m. (hot.) plum-tree. 
' Cinigia,/. surgery, chirurgery. 
! Cimjano, m. surgeon, chirurgeon. 

Cisalpino, na, a. cisalpine. 

Cisca, /. reed for roofing huts and cottage^ 


Ciscar, va. {pre(. ciSQufi : subj. cisque) (coll.) 
to besmear, to dirty. — vr. to ease nature. 

Cisco, m. coal-dust, culm, slack; breeze; 
(coll.) noisy wrangle, hubbub, hue and cry. 

Cisi6n, /. incision. V. cisura or incisi6n. 

Cisma, m. schism ; disturbance in a comma* 
nity ; discord. 

cismAtico^ ca, a. schismatic ; applied to the 
author of disturbances in a community. 

Cismontano, na, a. living on this s5de of the 

Cisne, m. (orn.) swan; (ast.) Cygnus, the 
Swan, a constellation ; good poet or musi- 

Cisoria, a. arte ciBoria, art of cutting open- 
work in paper. 

Cispadano, na, a. situated between Rome 
and the river Po. 

cisoLuero [tiiies-kay'ro], m. coal-dust seller; 

Cistel, clster, m. Cistercian order of St. Ber- 

Cisterciense, a. Cistercian. 

Cistema,/. cistern, reservoir, water-tank. 

CistiCO, a, (surg.) cystic. 

CiStitiS, /. cystitis. 

CistO, m. (bot.) cistus, rock-rose. 

Cistotomia, /. (surg.) cystotomy. V. lito- 


cisura,/. incisure, incision. 

cita, /. appointment, engagement, summons, 
assignation, rendezvous; citation, quota 

citable, a. worthy of being cited, quotable. 

Citaci6n[thie-tah-thie-on'J,/. citation, quotation; 
summons, judicial notice. 

citador, ra, m. & /. citer. 

citano, aa, m. &/. (coll.) v. zutano. 

Citar, va. to make a business appointment ; 
to convoke, convene, cite ; to quote ; to sum- 
mon before a judge ; to give judicial notice : 
citar i junta, to call a meeting. 

citar a, /. zither or cithern, musical instru- 
ment; (mas.) partition-wall of the thick- 
ness of a brick. 

Citarilla, /. dim. small zither; (mas.) thin 

Citarista, m. & /. player of the cithern. 

CitatoriO, ria, a. (law) citatory, applied to 
a summons. 

Citerior, a. hither, nearer, toward this part • 
Espafia citerior, the higher or northeastern 
part of Spain. 

CitiSO, m. (bot.) shrub-trefoil, cytisus. 

CitOla,/. in corn-mills, clack or clapper. 

Citote, TO. (coll.) summons, citation. 

citramontano, na, a. on this side the moun- 

CitratO, «. (chem.) citrate. 

CitriCO, ca, a. (chem.) citric. 

Ciudad, /. city, town ; civic body. 

ciudadania,/. citizenship. 

Cindadano, na, a. of or belonging to a city 
civil ; city-like. — /«. citizen, freeman, in 
habitant of a city. 

Ciudadela,/. (mil.) citadel, fortress; (Amer.) 

civeta, /. civet-cat. V. gato de algaua. 

CivetO, TO. civet, the perfume. 

civico, ca, «. civic, v. dom^stico. 

civil, a. civil, polite, courteous, gentleman- 
like ; civil, not military or ecclesiastical ; 
(law) civil, not criminal. 

Civilidad, /. civility, politeness, urbanity, 

C (before e, I) and J as h In hot : h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; ft, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; ■, blaaed < 




Sivllista, m. attorney skilled in the civil 
law, especially the Roman law; (Amer.) 
partisan of civil government, opponent of 

CiVlllZaCidll [thie-ve-Ie-thalitlne-on'], /. civiliZEr 

tion, culture, enlightenment. 
CiVllizar [thie-ve-le-thar], va. {pret. CIVILICi : 

siibj. civilice) to civilize. 

■Civmnente, adv. civilly, courteously, po- 
litely ; according to the common law. 

Civismo, m. patriotism, zeal for one's coun- 

Cizalla [tiue-tiiahr-iyah],/. shears, clipper, plate- 
shears ; tilings, metal clippings. 

Cizallar, va. to shear metal. 

OizafLa Itine-thah'-nyah], /. (bot.) darnel; cor- 
rupting vice ; discord, disagreement ; pollu- 

Cizafiador, ra, a. one who sows discord or 

cizallar, va. to sow discord, to provoke en- 

Ciza&ero, ra, a. one who habitually sows 

Clac, rii. opera-hat. 

damar, ra. to utter loud outcries ; to whine ; 
to clamour, vociferate ; to want, require, 

Clilinide, /. short cape, the chlamys of the 

clamor, m. clamour, outcry, scream, shriek, 
cry, whine, plaint; toll of bells, knell. 

•Olamoreada, /. outcry, shriek, clamour, 
whine, plaint. 

clamorear, va. to clamour ; implore assist- 
ance!, appeal. — vn. to toll the passing-bell. 

Olamoreo, m. repeated or prolonged clam- 
our ; knell ; (coll.) importunate appeal. 

clamorosamente, adv. clamorously. 

Clamoroso, sa, a. clamorous, loud, noisy. 


clandestinamente, adv. clandestinely, se- 

clandestinidad, /. clandestinity, privacy, 

Clandestino, na, a. clandestine, secret, pri- 

olanga, /. v. planga. 

clangor, m. (poet.) sound of a trumpet. 

Clara,/, white of an egg; piece of ill-woven 
cloth ; bald spot ; (coll. ) short interval of 
fair weather on a rainy day. 

Claraboya, /. sky-light; bull's-eye; t»-:.a- 

Claraxnente, adv. clearly, openly, mani- 
festly, conspicuously, obviously, fairly. 

clarar, va. v. aclarar. 

clarea,/. mulled wine, rambooze, mulse. 

Clarear, va. to give light. — vn. to dawn, to 
grow light, to clear up. — vr. to be transpar- 
ent, translucent ; to give one's self away. 

Clarecer, vn. {subj. clarezca) to dawn, to 
grow light. 

Clarete, m. claret. — a. vino clarete, claret 

Claridad, /. clarity, brightness, splendour, 
light ; clearness, distinctness ; glory of the 
blessed ; celebrity, fame.— ;>/. piece of one's 

Clarificaci6ll,/. clarification, refining. 

Clarificar, va. (pret. clarifiqu6 : subj. CLA- 
rifiql'e) to brighten, to illuminate; to 
clarify, purify, retine. 

Clarificativo, va, a. purificative or purifi- 

Clarilla,/. lye of ashes. 

clarlxnente, m. ancient lotion used by ladies. 

Clarin, m. bugle, clarion ; organ-stop ; bu- 

gler ; fine cambric; (orn.) American song 

Clarinada, /. (coll.) uncalled for, tart re- 

Clarlnado, da, a. (her.) applied to animals 
with bells. 

clarinero, m. bugler. 

clarlnete, m. clarinet ; clarinet-player. 

Clari6n, m. white crayon, chalk. 

Clarlsa, /. Clare, nun of the order of St. 

Clarisimo, ma, a. sup. of claro; most illus- 

Claro, ra, a. clear, bright, transparent, light, 
nitid ; neat; pellucid, crystalline, limpid, 
clear, thin ; rare, sparse ; cloudless, serene, 
fair ; light, not deeply tinged : azul claro, 
light blue ; clear, perspicuous, intelligible ; 
obvious, explicit, evident, manifest, indis- 
putable, apparent : una verdad clara, an un- 
deniable truth; open, frank, ingenuous; 
celebrated, illustrious ; sagacious, quick of 

claro, m. sky-light ; break in a discourse ; 
gap, lacune, void, interval ; bald spot ; 
glade ; light spot : claro otcuro, chiaroscuro 
or claro-obscuro ; (arch.) space between col- 
umns ; (naut.) clear spot in the sky : poner 
or sacar en claro, to make plain and clear : 
pasar la noche de claro en claro, to have not a 
wink of sleep all night : de claro en claro, 
evidently, manifestly : por lo claro, clearly, 
manifestly, conspicuously : claro esti, in- 
deed; evidently. 

claro, adv. V. CLARAMENTE. 

claror, m. V. resplandor. 

Claroscuro, m. combination of fine and 
heavy strokes in penmanship ; monochrome, 
a painting in one colour ; chiaroscuro, light 
and shade. 

Clarucho, Cha, a. (coll.) too watery, too 

clase, /. class, rank, caste ; class in school ; 
lecture ; order ; classis ; kind, kin ; generical 
class ; set of beings or tnings ; division, cate- 
gory, species, family ; (com.) sort, descrip- 
tion, line, quality, rate. 

cl^sicamente, adv. classically. 

Clasicismo, m. classic style, classicism. fj^j 

Clasico, ca. a. classical, classic; principal; 
remarkable : error cl&aico, a gross error : 
autores clisicos, classics. 

Claslficaci6n, /. classification. 

Clasificar, va. {pret. CLASiFiQufi : subj. CLASI- 
FiQUE) to classify, to arrange, to class. 

Claudlcacibn, /. claudication, halting or 
limping, crookedness. 

Claudicante, a. &pa. claudicant, claudicat- 
ing, halting, limping. 

Claudicar, vn. {pret. CLAUDlQui : subj. CLAU- 
dique) to claudicate, halt, limp ; to proceed 
in a bungling manner, without rule or order. 

Claustral, a. claustral. 

Claustro, m. cloister ; piazza ; gallery around 
the court of a convent ; faculty of a univer- 
sity ; monastic state. 

Cl&USIlla, /. (gram.) period, sentence ; clause 
of a discourse ; (law) clause, condition, arti- 
cle, stipulation, proviso. 

Clausulado, da, «. (rhet.) written jn short 

Clausular, va. to close a period, terminate a 

Clausillilla, /. dim. short or little clause. 

clausura, /. cloister, inner recess of a cotfc* 
vent, sanctum ; clausure, confinement, re- 
tirement ; clotwre, closure : vivir en claaiora, 
to lead a monastic or retired life. 

a M in far : • in eh I ; 1 In polio* ; o In for ; tt in btill ; c (before e, i) and b *■ th la thick ; b aoa d, soft: 




clava,/. club, cudgel ; (naut. ) scupper. 

^lavado, da, a. nailed, adorned with nails, 
hobnailed ; exact, precise : venlr clavada una 
cosa a otra, to tit exactly.— jap. of clavar. 

Clavador, m. nail-driver. 

Clavadura, /. nailing, driving a nail to the 
quick in horse-shoeing. 

clavar, w. to nail, to fasten with nails; to 
fasten in, drive in, stick in, force in ; to 
stick, prick, gore, pin, pierce; to set in gold 
or silver ; (coll. ) to cheat, to deceive : clavar 
ik un caballo, to prick a horse in shoeing : 
clavar la artilleria, to spike, to nail up guns : 
clavar los ojos or la vista, to stare, to look 
with fixed eyes; (mil.) to ground: clavar 
las armas, to ground the arms, 

clavaria,/. v. clavera. 

clavario, m. V. clavero. 

Clavaz6n, /. set of nails. 

clave, m. clavichord.—/, key or code ; (arch.) 
keystone of an arch ; in music, clef: echar 
la clave, to close a speech, an affair. 

Clavel, m. (bot. ) pink, carnation. 

ClavelitO, m. dim. (hot.) plant which bears a 
small variety of pink. 

Clavel6n, m. aug. (bot.) marigold. 

Clavellina,/. (hot.) the pink, carnation : the 
name comprises several varieties; (mil.) 
vent stopple. 

Claveque [ciah-veh'-keh], m. rock crystal, cut 
like a diamond. 

clavera,/. nail-mould; heading stamp ; nail- 
hole ; nail-bore ; screw-hole ; boundary 
where landmarks are set up. 

Claveria, /. office and dignity of the key- 
bearer in military orders ; (Mex.) treasury 
of a cathedral. 

Clavero, ra, m. &/. keeper of the keys, treas- 
urer, cashier : key-bearer of some military 
orders; (bot.) aromatic clove-tree. 

Clavete, m. dim. tack, small nail. 

Clavetear, va. to nail ; to garnish with nails ; 
to point or tag a lace. 

ClavicordiO, m. clavichord, harpsichord. 

Clavicula,/. (anat.) clavicle, collar-bone. 

clavicular, c. (anat.) clavicular. 

Clavija [ciah-vee'-hahi,/. pin, peg, tree-nail, nog, 
pintle, tack ; peg of a stringed instrument : 
clavija maestra, the fore axle-tree pintle : 
apretar & uno las clavijas, to push home an 
argument ; put on the screws. 

Clavijera,/. water-hole in walls. 

Clavijero, m. bridge of a clavichord. 

Clavillo, ito, m. dim. small nail, spill, brad, 
tack, pin : clavillo de hebilla, rivet of a 
buckle : clavillos, cloves. 

clavi6r^ailO, m. clarichord, instrument hav- 
ing strings and pipes. 

Clavo, m. nail, spike : clavo de herradura, hob- 
nail : clavo trabadero, keyed bolt ; corn, 
hard and painful excrescence on the feet ; 
(surg. ) lint for wounds or sores ; tent : clavo 
de especia, clove ; (naut.) rudder of a ship ; 
severe grief or pain ; (farr. ) tumour between 
the hair and the hoof of a horse; (min.^ 
bunch of rich ore: clavo romano, (Amer.) 
curtain knob, picture nail : dar en el clavo, 
to hit the mark : an clavo saca otro clavo, 
one excess cures another. 

ClenUltide, /. (bot.) traveller's-joy, virgin's- 
bower, clematis. 

clemencia icieh-men'-twe-ah], /. clemency, mer- 
cy, forbearance. 

Clemente, «. clement, merciful. 

clementemente, adv. mercifully, clemently. 

Clementina, /. canons of Pope Clement V. 

clementisimo, ma, a. sup. of clemente. 

Clepsidra,/. clepsydra, water-clock. 

ClereCia [eleh-reh-thie'-ah], /. clergy. 

clerical, a. clerical. 

Clericalmente, adv. in a clerical manner. 

ClericatO, m. state and dignity of a clergy- 

cleric atur a, /. clergy, ecclesiastical state. 

Cl6rigO, m. clergyman, a cleric, a clerk : cl«- 
rigo de misa, a presbyter : clirigo de misa j 
olla, an unlearned priest. 

Cleri^illO [cieh-re-geer-iyo], m. dim. petty cler- 
gyman, term of contempt. 

Clerizbn [cleh-re-thone'l, m. chorister. 
CleriZOnte [cleh-re-thon'-teh], TO. layman who 

wears a clerical dress ; ill-dressed or ill- 
mannered clergyman. 
Clero, m. clergy. 

Cleuasmo, »". (rhet.) prosopopoeia. 
cliente, m. &f. client. 
Clienteia, /. protection or patronage ; a fol'. 

lowing, clientele, clientship ; condition of a 

Clima, m. climate, clime. 
Climat^rico, ca, a. climacteric, climacter- 

ical ; (coll.) ill-humoured. 
ClimatOlOgia, /. climatology. 
ClimatOl6giCO, ca, a. climatological. 
climax, m. (rhet.) climax. 
Clin, /. V. cRiN. 

Clinica,/. clinic I clinic wards of hospitals. 
Clinico, ca, a. clinic, clinical, 
clinico, m. (eccl.) clinic. 
clinom6trico, ca, a. clinometric. 
clindmetro, m. clinometer. 
ClinopodiO, m. (bot.) calamint. 
Cliper, TO. (naut.) clipper. 
Clisado, 7n. stereotyping. 
Clisar, va. to stereotype ; to make a cliche or 

stereotype plate. 
Clis6, TO. stereotype plate, cliche; (print.) 

clistel, clister, m. clyster. V. ayuda. 
clitoris, TO. (anat.) clitoris. 
Clivoso, sa, a. (poet.) declivous, sloping. 
ClO, ClO, TO. cackle of a hen. 
cloaca, /. sewer ; large intestine of fowls. 
clocar, va. to cluck. V. cloquear. 
Cloque [cio'-kay], TO. (naut. ) grapnel, grappling* 

iron ; harpoon, 
cloquear [cio-kay-ar'], vn. to cluck, cackle. — VOa 

to angle. 
cloqueo [cio-kay'-o], TO. cluck, chuck, cackle. 
ClOquera [clo-kay'-rah], /. State of hatching in 

Cloquero [cio-kay'-ro], TO. harpooner in thv 

Cloral, m. chloral, 
clorato, TO. chlorate. 

ClorllidratO.TO. hvdrochlorate, chlorhydrate. 
ClorMdriCO, to. chlorhydric, hydrochloric. 
ClbricO, a. chloric, 
cloris,/. (orn.) greenfinch. 
Clorita,/ (min.) chlorite. 
Cloro, TO. chlorin or chlorine. 
Clordfila, /. chlorophyll, green colouringw 

matter of plants. 
CloroflliCO, ca, a. chlorophyllaceous, chloro- 

Clorofdrmico, ca, a. chloroform ic. 
Cl0r0f0rmiZaCi6n [clo-ro-for-me-thah-thie on*], /. 

ClOrOfOrmiZar [clo-ro-for-me-tliar'l, va. {pret. 


Cloroformo. to. chloroform. 
Clorosis,/. (med.) chlorosis, green-sickness. 
clordtico, ca, a. chlorotic. 
Cloruro, to. cnloride. 
club, TO. club ; social or political association. 

t (before e, i) and J u h In hot ; h, silent; U In brilliant ; fi, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; ■, bi«e*4i 




Clueco, ca, a. broody ; (coll.) decrepit ; worn 
out with age.—/, brooding hen. 

COa, /. sharp stick used by Indians to till the 
land ; (Mex. ) a kind of hoe. 

COaccibn [co-ac-twe-on'], /. coaction ; compul- 

coacervar [co-ah-ther-var'j, va. to coacervatc, 
heap together. 

COactivO, va, a. coactive, coercive, compul- 

coacusar, va. (for.) to accuse jointly with 
another or others. 

coadjutor ico-ad-hoo-tor'l, TO. coadjutor, assist- 
ant, associate, coworker. 

coadjutora, /. coadjutrix. 

coadjutoria [co-ad-hoo-to-ree'-aii],/. coadjuvancy , 
help, assistance ; coadjutorship. 

coadministrador, m. coadministrator. 

COadunaclon, /. coadunition. 

coadunamieato, to. v. coadunaci6n. 

COadtmar, va. to join things closely together. 

coadyutor, w. V. coadjutor. 

Goadyutorio, ria, a. co-operative, coadju- 

COadyuvador, to. fellow-helper, assistant. 

coadyuvante, a. & pa. coadjuvaut, helper, 
assistant, co-operative, auxiliary. 

coadyuvar, va. to help, assist, aid, co-operate. 

coagente ico-ah-hen-teh), TO. coageut, associate. 

coagulable, a. coagulable. 

coagulaci6n, /. coagulation. 

coagulador, ra, a. coagulatory, coagulator, 

coagulante, pa. coagulant. 

COagUlar, va. to coagulate, to curd. — vr. to 
coagulate, condense, clod, curdle. 

COagUlatiVO, va, a. coagulative. 

CO&gUlO, TO. coagulum, coagulated blood, 
clot, coagulation ; body formed by coagula- 

C0alr6ll, TO. piece of timber. 

C0allCi6n [co-ah-ie-thie-on'j, /. coalition, confed- 

COalla, /. (orn.) woodcock. V. chocha. 

COap6stol, TO. co-apostle. 

C0aptaci6n, /. (surg.) coaptation. 

COarmador, to. part-owner of a vessel. 

COarrendador, to, joint-partner in renting 

COartacidn, /. limitation, restriction ; (law) 
obligation to be ordained within a certain 

COartada, /. alibi : probar la coartada, to 
prove an alibi. 

COartadO, da, a. slave who has paid his mas- 
ter a partial sum to obtain freedom. 

COartar, va. to coarct, limit, restrain. 

coate, ta, «. (Mex.) v. cuate. 

COautor, ra, to. &/. co-author, joint author. 

COba, /. (coll.) funny yarn. 

CObaltifero, ra, a. cobalt-bearing, cobaltif- 

CObaltO, TO. cobalt. 

CObarde, a. coward; timid, fearful, faint- 

CObardear, vn. to be a coward ; to be timid 
or fcurful. 

cobaxdemente, adv. cowardly. 

CObardia, /. cowardice, dastardy, dastard- 
ness, abjectness. 

GObertera, /. cover, pot-lid ; bawd ; procur- 
ess ; white water-lily. V. nenCfar.— pi. 
coberteras, the two middle feathers of a 
hawk's tail. 

CObertlzo lc«-ber-tee'-thaw], TO. shed-roof, shed, 

CObertor, to. coverlet, bed-«pread, comforter, 
quilt, counterpane. 

CObertura,/. cover, wrapper, covering, corer- 
let : act of a grandee of Spain covering him- 
sell the first time he is presented to the king. 

CObija [co-be'-hah], /. imbrex-tile ; short man- 
tilla: fine feather; cover; (Mex.) shawl,— 
pi. (Mex.) bed-clothes. 

CObilador, ra, a. covering, protective. 

cobijamiento, cobijo, to. act of covering ; 

CObijar (co-be-iiar'], va. to cover, overspread, 
shelter, protect, lodge. 

cobra, /. rope for yoking oxen ; a number ol 
mares (not less than rtve) for treading out 
the corn. 

cobrable, a. collectable. 

CObradero, ra, a. that which may be recov- 
ered or collected. 

cobrado, da, a. & pp. of cobrar. 

CObrador, ra. collector, receiviag teller ; con- 
ductor (r, w,) : perro cobrador, retriever 



CObranza, /. recovery or collection of money ; 
retrieval of game. 

CObrar, va. to recover, collect, receive what is 
due, recover what is lost ; to retrieve, recu- 
perate, regain ; to feel, gain ; to pull, draw 
in ; to win, obtain : cobrar 4nimo or corazbn, 
to take courage : cobrar fuerzas, to gather 
strength : cobrar carnes, to become fat. — vr. 
to recover ; to return to one's self. 

CObratoriO, ia, a. belonging to collection of 
money ; collectible. 

CObre, to. copper ; kitchen brass utensils ; 
(mus.) the brass instruments of an orches- 
tra : cobre de cecial, pair of dried hake 01 
haddock: batir el cobre, (coll.) to pursue 
with spirit and vigour. 

CObre&O, fla, a. made of copper. 

CObrlzO, za [co-bree-thaw' j, a. coppery, cupreous, 

CObro, TO. V. COBRANZA ; receptacle ; place of 

coca, /. (hot.) coca; coca leaves; juice from 
the same : coca de Levante, moonseed yield- 
ing the India fish-berries ; (prov.) bugbear. 
V. TARASCA ; (naut.) sort of small vessel; 
side-hair of women put back from forehead ; 
(coll.) head; (coll.) rap with the knuckles 
on the head ; cake. 

COCador, ra, a. wheedling, coaxing, flatter- 

cocaina,/. cocaine, 

COCal, TO, coconut grove. 

COCar, va. (coll. ) to coax ; to gain by wheed- 
ling and nattering ; to flirt. 

COOiUl, TO. (Peru) breast of a fowl. 

COCarar, va. to gather coca-leaves. 

coccineo, nea tcoc-tiiie'-neii-o], a, of a purple 

C0CCl6ll [coc-tlile-on'1, /. COCtion. 
CdCClX [cok'-thicksi, m. (anat.) the coccyx. 
coceador, ra ['i, to. &/. kicker. ^ 
coceadura, /. coceamiento, w. kicking. 
COCear (co-theh-ar' i, va. to kick, fling out. V, 

ACOCEAR ; (coll.) to repugn, resist. 
COCederO, ra, a. easily boiled. 
cocedero, to. place where anything is cooked 

or baked, 
COCediZO, za [co-theh'-dee-thawl, a. V. COCEDERO. 

COcedor, to, boiler of must and new wine; 

COCedura,/. act of boiling ; coctios, 

COCer [co-therr'), va. {ind. CUEZO : subj. CUEZA) 

to boil, cook, dress victuals ; to bate bricks, 
tiles, earthenware; to digest. — vn. to boil, 
cook, ferment; to seethe, ferment, without 
fire, as wine. — it, to suffer intense and con« 
tinned pain. 

» as in far ■ e in eh I ; 1 in police ; • lu for ; a ia bull ; e (before e, i) aud B as th in thick : b and d, aott ,' 

COG 123 


COCidO, da [co-thee'-doh], a. & pp. of COCER ; 

boiled, baked, cooked : came bien cocida, 
meat well done ; skilled, experienced. — m. 
Spanish dish of boiled meat and vegetables. 

COCiente, m, quotient. V. cuociENTE. 

COClmientO, m. coction, decoction ; bath or 
mordant for dyeing, 

COCina [co-thie'-nah], /. kitchen, cookerv ; pot- 
tage of greens : cocina econ6mica, cooking- 

COCiuar, va. to cook or dress victuals ; (coll.) 
to meddle in other people's affairs. 

cocinero, ra [co-tiiie-neh'-ro], m. &/. cook, chef. 

COCinilla, ita, /. diin. small kitchen ; cook- 
ing-stove ; fire-place. 

Cbclea, /. ancient machine for raising water ; 
endless screw. 

COClearia, /. (bot.) common scurvy-grass. 

COCO, m. (bot.) coconut-tree; coconut; coco- 
nut-shell ; vessel made of coconut-shell : 
agua de coco, coconut^milk : coco nacido, 
sprout : coco vano, dry : coco zarazo, rot : 
coco de embarqae, select : coco pequeno, cull : 
worm or grub bred in seeds and fruit ; coc- 
cus ; scale insect ; coccus, a bacterium of 
spherical form ; bugbear for frightening 
children ; phantasm ; cocos, India berries 
from which rosaries are made ; gesture, 
grimace ; flattering gesture : hacer cocob, 
(coll.) to flatter, wheedle, gain one's affec- 
tions ; to flirt, coquet. 

COCObOlO, VI. (bot.) hardwood-tree ; cocobolo. 

COCOdrilO, m. crocodile. 

COCOliste, m. in Mexico, an epidemic fever. 

c6cora, m. &f. an impertinent and annoying 
person, a bore. 

COCOSO, sa, a. worm-eaten ; gnawed by grubs. 

COCOtal, m. clump of coconut-trees. 

COCOte, m. occiput. V. cogote. 

COCOtero, m. (bot.) coconut-tree. V. coco. 

COCUyO or cucuyo, m. glow-worm of the West 

COClia, /. in mines, small reservoir of water. 

COChambre, m. (coll.) greasy, dirty, stink- 
ing thing. 

cochambreria, /. (coll.) heap of filthy 


cochambrero, ra, cocbambroso, sa, a. 

(coll.) nasty, filthy, stinking. 

COCbaiTO, m. wooden or stone dish, cup, or 

COCbastrO, m. little sucking wild boar. 

COCbe, m. coach, carriage : coche de alqniler 
or coche Biin6n, hack or hackney-coach : coche 
de plaza or de punto, hack licensed at a cus- 
tomary stand : coche de tranvia, street car : 
coche salon, parlour car ; coche dormitorio, 
sleeping car : coche parado, balcony over a 
street full of persons. 

COChear, vn. to drive a coach. 

COCbera, /. coach-house ; coachman's wife : 
paerta cochera, carriage-door. 

COCberil, a. (coll.) relating to coachmen. 

COCbero, m. coachman. — a. easily boiled. 

C0Cber6n, m. aug. large coach-house ; engine- 
house ; round-house. 

cocbevira,/. lard. 

COcbevis, m. the crested shore-lark. 

COCbifrito, m. fricassee of lamb, mutton, etc. 

COCbigatO,m. bird of Mexico. 

cocbina, /. sow. 

COCbinada,/. herd of swine ; (coll.) hoggish- 
ness ; any mean, dirty action. 

cocbinamente, adv. foully, hoggishly, filth- 
ily, nastily, meanly, basely. 

COChinata,/. (naut.) rider. 

COCbineria, /. dirtiness, foulness, filthiness, 
nastiness, meanness, niggardliness. 

COCbinero, ra, «. used of fruits poor in qual* 

ity, given to hogs. 
COCblnllla, /. woodlouse, small insect ; coclw 

ineal, insect of commercial value. 
COCbinillO, ilia, m. & /. dim. sucking pigt 

cochinillo de Indias, guinea-pig. 
COCbino, na, m. & /. dirty, nasty, filthy, 

mean ; vile person. 
cocbino, m. pig. v. puERco, 
cocbiquera [co-chi-keh'-rah], /. (coll.) hog-sty; 

small and filthy room. 
cocbite hervite, (coll.) helter-skelter. 
COCbltrll, m. (coll.) pig-sty ; filthy room. 
COCbura, /. coction; boiling; dough for a 

batch of bread. 
coda, /. tail. V. COLA ; (mus.) coda, ending, 

COdadura,/. layer of an old vine. 
COdal, m. elbow-piece of ancient armour; 

short and thick wax candle ; shoot of vine ; 

frame of a hand-saw : codales, carpenter's 

square ; prop, shore, stay, strut ; stay-bolt. 
COdal, a. cubital, one cubit long : palo codal, 

stick hung round the neck as a penance. 
COdaste, m. (naut.) stern-post. 
COdazo, m. blow with the elbow ; a hunch, 
codear, vn. to elbow. 
COdeina, f. codeia, codein. 
COdelincuencia, /. association in crime. 
COdellncuente, m. & /. associate, partner in 

crime, pal. 
COdera, /. itch or scabbiness on the elbow ; 

piece re-enforcing the elbows of jackets ; 

elbow-rail ; (naut.) breastfast. 
COdesera, /. spot grown over with hairy 

COdesO, m. (bot.) hairy cytisus. 
C6dlce, m. old manuscript ; codex. 
COdicia [co-dee'-thie-ah], /. covetousness, cupidi- 
ty, greediness, ardent desire of good things. 
codlclable, a. covetable. 
codiciador, m. coveter. 
codiciante, pa. coveting, 
codiciar, va. to covet. 
COdicilar, a. pertaining to a codicil. 

COdicilO [co-de-ttiee'-lo], m. COdicil. 

codiciosamente, adv. covetously, greedily. 

COdiciOSO, sa [co-<ie-thte-o'-8o], a. greedy, covet* 
ous, avaricious, grasping ; (coll. ) diligent ; 
laborious ; thrifty. 

COdificar, va. {pret. codifiquk: suhj. CODI- 
fique) to codify laws ; to digest. 

C6dig0, m. code of laws, digest : codigo Jniti- 
niano, code of Justinian : codigo civil, civil 
laws : c6digo penal, criminal laws : codigo de 
honor, code of honour. 

COdillera, /. (farr. ) tumour on the knee of 

COdillO, m. knee of quadrupeds ; bend ; el- 
bow ; knee ; breech ; angle ; codille, a term 
at ombre ; part of a branch of a tree which 
joins the trunk ; foot-rule ; stirrup of a sad- 
dle : Jng&rsela k nno de codillo, (coll.) to 
trick or outwit a person : codillos, file used 
by silversmiths. 

COao, m. elbow, cubit; (mech.) angle, elbow, 
knee, breech ; foot-rule : codo real, royal 
cubit : alzar or levantar el codo, to drink too 
much wine : comerse los codos It, hambre, to 
be starved with hunger : dar de codo, to el- 
bow ; to treat with contempt : hablar por lok 
codos, to chatter, to prattle. 

C0d6n, m. leather dock of a horse's tail. 

COdomlz,/. (orn.) quail. 

coeducacidn,/. coeducation. 

coeducar, va. to coeducate. 

coeficiencia,/. coefficiency. 

COeficiente, a. coeflicient. 

( (before e, 1) and J as h in hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; ft, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr tillled : s, hifwe^ 




COepisCOpO, VI. contemporary bishop. 

COerCer Lc»-er-tlierr'], va. {ind. COEKZO : subj. 
coerza) to coerce, check, restrain. 

COercibilidad, /. coercibility, liability to re- 

coercible, «. coercible, subject to check. 

C0erci6n [co-cr-thie-on'], /. coercion, restraint, 

COercitivo, va, a. coercive, restraining. 

COet^neo, nea, a. coetaneous, contemporary. 

COetemo, na, «. coeternal. 

COevO, va, «• coeval. 

COeXiStencla [co-ek-sis-ten'-thle-ah], /. coexist- 

coexistente, pa. coexistent. 

COeXiStir co ek-sls-tecr'J, vn. tO COCxist. 

coextenderse, vr. to coextend. 
COfa,/. (nam.) top of the lower masts, 
COfla,/. hair-uet, cowl, head-dress, head-gear, 

coif ; die-case in coining. 
COfiezuela, /. dim. small hair-net or coif. 
COfm, m. small basket for fruit ; fruit-box. 
COfrade, da, m. &f. confrier, member of any 

confraternity or brotherhood. 
COfradia, /. confraternity, brotherhood, or 

sisterhood ; trades union ; association of 

persons for any purpose. 
COfre, m. trunk for clothes; (mil.) coffer; 

(print.) coffin of the imposing-stone. 
COrreclCO, illO, itO, m. dim. small trunk, 
COfrero, m. trunk-maker or seller. 
cofto, ta, a. V. copTo. 
COgedera [co-heh-deh'-rah], /. rod for gathering 

frass-hemp; box for catching swarming 
ees ; pole for gathering fruit. 

COgedero, ra, m. &/. ready to be gathered ; 
handle, haft. 

COgediZO, Za [co-heh-dee'-thaw], a. that which 
can be easily collected or gathered. 

COgedor, m. collector, gatherer ; dust-box or 
dust-pan ; coal or ash shovel ; box for the 
woven velvet 

COgedura, /. act of gathering or collecting. 

COger [co-herr'], va. {ind. COJO : subj. coja) to 
catch, seiz^, grasp, hold ; fetch, gather, col- 
lect, take ; to imoibe, soak ; to have room 
or capacity; to occupy, take up; to find, 
procure; to surprise, attack unexpectedly, 
catch ; to intercept, obstruct. — vn. to fit, 
have room, reach. 

COgida, /. (coll.) gathering or harvesting of 
fruits; (coll.) yield of fruits; (coll.) act of 
the bull's catching the bull-fighter ; (fish) 

COgldO, da, a. pp. of COGER. — m. fold in 
women's clothing, curtains, etc. 

cogitabundo, da, a. pensive, thoughtful, 

C0gitaci6n [ocvhe-tah-twe-on'], /. (obs.) reflec- 
tion, meditation, cogitation. 

COgitativo, va, a. cogitative ; given to medi- 

C0gnaci6n, /. cognation ; kindred, relation- 

COgnado, da, a. cognate ; related by consan- 

COgnaticiO, la, a. cognatic, 

cognlcldn,/, V. conocimiento. 

COgnomentO, m. cognomination, surname. 

cognosclble, a. v. conocible. 

COgnOSCltlVO, va, a. cognitive. 

COgOlliCO, itO, m. dim. small heart of garden 

COgOllO, m. heart of garden plants ; shoot of 
a plant ; top, summit. 

cogombro, m. v. cohombro. 

C0g6n, m. (bot.) bamboo used in the Philip- 
pines for thatching. 

COgOnal, m. cogon plantation. 

COgOtazo, m. slap on the back of the neck. 

COgOte, TO. occiput, back of the neck ; crest 

at the back of the helmet : ser tieso de cogote, 

(coll.) to be haughty, conceited. 
COgUCllO, ni. sugar of coarse quality. 
COgUJada,/. (oru.) crested lark. 
COgUjbn, m. corner of a mattress or bolster. 
COgUjonerO, ra [c<>-Ko<>-ho-neii'-io\ a. pointed, as 

the corners of mattresses or bolsters. 
COgulla,/. cowl, monk's habit. 

coguUada, /. v. papada de puerco. 

conabltaci6n [co-ah-be-tau-thie-on';, /, cohabita- 

COhabitar, vn. to cohabit, live together, 

CObecha [co-a'-chah], /, (agr.) last tillage be- 
fore sowing the crop. 

CObechador, m. briber, suborner. 

CObecbar [co-a-char'i, va. to bribe, suborn, 
hire, daub, fee; (agr.) to plough the last 
time before sowing. 

CObecbO [co-a'-cho], m. bribery; (agr.) season 
for ploughing the ground. 

C0b6ll [co-en], m. & f. soothsayer ; procurer, 

COberedera, /. coheiress, joint-heiress. 

COberederO, m. coheir, fellow-heir, joint- 

COberencia [co-a-ren'-tiiie-air, /. coherence, con- 
nection, adhesion of molecules. 

COberente (c<>-a-ren'-teh], o. coherent, consist- 
ent, cohesive. 

coberentemente, adv. cohesively. 

cobesibn [coa-ae-on'], /. cohesion, 

cobesivo, va, a. cohesive. 

CObete [co-a'-tehl, m. rocket or sky-rocket. 

CObeteria,/. fire-works shop. 

CObetero, m. maker or seller of fire-works. 

CObibicibn [co-«-be-thie-oii'], /. prohibition, re- 

CObibir [co-e-Wrr*], va. to cohibit, prohibit, re- 

CObObacibn,/. (ehem.) cohobation. 

CObobar, va. to redistil, cohobate. 

cobombral [co-om-braiii'j, m. cucumber-bed. 

CObombrillO, m. dim. gherkin. 

CObombro [co-om'-bro', VI. cucumber; fritter 
cut into pieces like a cucumber. 

CObonestar [co-o-nes-tar'J, va. to give an honest 
appearance to an action. 

COborte [coor'-teii],/. cohort. 

COlma, /. perquisite received by the keeper of 
a gaming-taole. 

COime, COimerO, m. keeper of a gaming- 
table ; scorer at billiards. 

COinCidenCia [co-ln-tlile-den'-tliie-ali], /. coinci- 
dence, concurrence. 

COincidente, pa. coincident, concurrent, 

COincidir [co-in-tuie-dirr'], vn. to concur, coin- 

COinqUlnarSe [co-ln-key-nar'-Beh], vr. to be 
stained. V. mancharsk. 

cointeresado, da, a. jointly interested. 

COitO, TO. coition, carnal coi)ulation. 

cola [co' -hah], /. (ooll.) lewd wouiau. 

COiear [co-hehar'], r?i. to liiup, halt, hobble ; to 
deviate from virtue. 

COjcra Ico-heh'-rah], /. lameness, halt, hobble, 

COJijO [co-hee'-ho\ to. complaint of some slight 
injury ; grub or insect. 

COJijOSO, sa [co-he-ho'-so', a. peevish, irritable. 

COjin[ot>-heen'l,j;i. cushion, pillow, saddle pad. 

COJlnete, COjinlUo,' wj. dim. cushionet, small 
cushion, small pillow, pad; rail chair; 
(niech. ) journal bearing ; shaft bearing ; pil- 
low block. 

* •• 1 tax ; e in eb I ; 1 In police ; o in for ; u in ball ; c (before e, 1) and z as tli In thick ; b and d, loit ; 




COJitranco, ca, «. nickname for evil-dis- 
posed lame persons. 

COJO, ja [co'-hoj, n. & a. lame, cripple, halt. 

coi 6n [co-hone'], m. (low) testicle. F. testiculo. 

coi udo, da, a. entire, not gelt or castrated. 

COmelO, ela, a. dim. a small cripple. 

cok, m. coke. V. coque. 

col, /. cabbage : this name is given to several 

cola, /. tail, cue ; tail end ; hind portion of 
anything ; extremity ; trail of a comet ; ap- 
pendage ; tail of a kite ; line of people await- 
ing turn ; end seat in a row ; lowest place 
ia a school class ; (arch.) inside joint : cola 
de milano, (carp.) swallow-tail, fan-tail: 
cola de golondrina, (fort. ) horn-work ; (mus. ) 
prolonged note at end of a song : cola de ca- 
ballo, (bot.) horse-tail : cola de rata, (mech.) 
rat-tail file: tener or traer cola, (coll.) to be 
followed by serious consequences ; (sew. ) 
train of a gown. 

<:Ola>, /. glue; cola clara, transparent glue: 
cola de pescado, isinglass: cola de retazo or 
ratal, size used by painters : cola de boca, 
lip glue. 

COlaboracibn, /. collaboration, working to- 

COlaborador, ra, m. & /. fellow-labourer, 
collaborator, coworker. 

colaborar, va. to collaborate. 

COlacidn [co-iah-thie-on'i, /. collation, critical 
comparison ; act of bestowing an ecclesias- 
tical benefice, or conferring degrees in uni- 
versities ; conference on spiritual affairs ; 
slight repast, luncheon ; sweetmeats given 
to servants on Christmas eve ; precinct or 
district of a parish : sacar 4 colacion, to 
make mention of a person or thing : traer & 
colaci6n, (coll.) to produce proofs or reasons ; 
to introduce, in conversation, something ir- 

colacionar, va. to collate. 

colact^neo, nea, m. & /. foster brother or 

COlada,/. wash, buck, bucking; common, an 
open ground ; road for cattle over a com- 
non ; (met.) tap of a furnace; (coll.) a 
good sword. 

COladera, /. strainer, colander; wax-chan- 
dler's sieve ; (Mex.) perforated sink cover. 

COladero, m. colander, strainer, drainer, fil- 
tering bag; narrow passage; (min.) hole 
for dumping ore. 

COlador, m. colander. V. coladero ; col- 
lator ; (print. ) leach-tub. 

COladora, /. woman who bucks clothes. 

COladura, /. eolation, straining, filtration : 
coladuras, wax dregs. 

COlaire, m. place through which a current of 
air passes. 

colambre, /. (tan.) v. corambre. 

COlanilla,/. small sliding-bolt ; sash-bolt. 

COla&a, /. low partition in stairs or grana- 
ries ; joist about twenty palms long and six 
inches broad. 

colapez, colaplscis, /. isinglass, v. cola 


COlapsO, m. (raed.) collapse, prostration. 

COlar, va. & vn. (ind. CUELO : subj. cuele) to 
strain, drain, pass through, percolate, filter ; 
to bleach clothing after washing ; to collate ; 
(coll. ) to spread false news ; to pass counter- 
feit money ; to pass through a strait place ; 
(coll.) to drink wine. — vr. to strain, be fil- 
tered; to steal into a place; (coll.) to be 
displeased with a jest. 

COlateral, a. collateral. 

colateralmente, adv. collaterally. 

COlativO, va, «. collative ; that which can 
strain or filter. 

C0lc6tar, m. (chem.) colcothar ; rouge ; jew- 
ellers' red, 

COlcha,/. coverlet, quilt, counterpane. 

COlchadura, /. quilting ; (naut.) laying or 
twisting ropes. 

COlchar, va. to quilt. V. ACOLCHAR : colchar 
cabos, (naut. ) to lay or twist ropes : carro de 
colchar, rope-maker's sledge. 

COlchero, m. quilt-maker. 

c61chlC0, m. (bot.) colchicum, meadow saf- 

C0lcll6ll, m. mattress : colchon de pluma, 
feather-bed : colchon de muelles, spring-mat- 
tress : colchon de viento, air cushion, air-bed. 

COlchonciCO, illO, itO, m. dim. small mat- 

COlcllOIiero, ra, m,. & f. mattress-maker, 
feather-bed-maker : agnja colchonera, tufting 

COlchoneta, /. quilted covering for a lounge. 

COleada, /. wag of the tail; (Sp. Amer.) act 
of felling a bull by a twist of the tail. 

COleadura, /. wagging of the tail, wriggling. 

COleador, m. (Sp. Amer.) man who fells a 
bull by twisting its tail. 

COlear, V7i. to wag the tail, wriggle, to wig- 
gle-waggle. — va. (Mex.) in bull-fights, to 
take the Dull by the tail, while on horseback, 
and, by suddenly starting the horse, to 
overturn him ; (S. Amer.) to fell a bull by 
twisting his tail. 

C0lecci6ll,/. collection, aggregation, accumu- 
lation ; set ; suit ; array ; gathering. 

COlecta, /. ass<?ssment ; collect, a prayer ; col- 
lection of voluntary offerings. 

C0lectaci6n, /. levy ; collecting rents, taxes, 
or other dues. V. recaudaci6n. 

COlectar, va. to collect taxes. V. recaudar. 

colectivamente, adv. collectively. 

COlectivldad, /. collectivity ; mass of people. 

COlectiVO, va, a. aggregated ; (gram.) collec- 

COlector, m. collector, gatherer ; tax or rent 
gatherer ; water conduit. 

COlecturia,/. collectorship ; oflSice of the col- 
lector ; tax office. 

COlega, m. colleague, compeer : said by one 
journal of another. 

colegatario, ra, m. & /. collegatary, colega- 

colegiado, a. collegiate. 

COleglal, m. collegian, collegiate.— or. colle- 
gial : iglesia colegial, colle^ate church. 

COlegiala,/. woman collegian. 

COlegiamente, adv. in a collegial manner. 

COlegiarse, vn to unite in a college those of 
the same profession or class. 

COlegiata,/. collegiate church. 

COlegiatura, /. fellowship or establishment 
in a college. 

COleglO [co-ieh'-he-o], TO. college, house in which 
collegians reside, seminary, educational in- 
stitution ; body of associates or colleagues. 

COlegir, va. (ind. COI.IJO : p7'€L el coligio: 
subj. colija) to collect or gather ; to deduce, 

COlegislador, ra, a. co-legislative (body). 


COle6ptero, ra, a. coleopterous. — m. p:. the 

Cblera,/. choler, bile, anger, fury, rage, pas- 
sion : montar en c61era, to fly into a passion. 
— m. colera morbo, cholera morbus : colera 
a8i4tico, Asiatic cholera. 

colera [co-ieh'-rah], /. Ornament for the tail of 
a horse. 

g (before e, 1) and J as h Jn hot ; h, silent ; U In brilliant ; fi, ny In canyon ; r (Initial) and rr triUed ; s, hiaaed. 




COl^ricamente, adv. fumingly, passicm- 

C0l6riC0, ca, a. choleric, angry, irascible, 

coleriforme, a. choleriform. 

COlerina,/- choleriae. 

COleta, /. cue or queue of the hair; (coll.) 
short addition to a discourse or writing, 
postscript : cortarse la coleta, to quit the pro- 
fession of bull-fighter. 

COletero, m. maker or seller of buff doublets 
and breeches. 

COletilla, /. dim. small cue. 

'C0le1iill&, m. dim. small butf doublet. 

^OletO, nu buff doublet or jacket; (coll.) 
body of A man ; interior of a person : dlje 
para ai c»leto, I said to myself: echarse al 
coleto, (coll.) to read through; to eat or 
drink something. . 

^Igadero, m. hook or peg to hang things 
upon ; hat or coat rack ; hanger. 

colgadero, ra, a. fit to be hung up. 

COlgadlzO, m. shed ; shed-roof ; brick-bake. 

COlgadlzO, za, a. pendent, suspended. 

COlgadO, da, a. suspended; (coll.) disap- 
pointed, left.— p^. of COLGAR. 

COlgador, m. (prmt.) peel-hanger, y-linteL 

COlgadura, /. tapestry, hanging or drapery ; 
bunting : colgadora de cama, bed-hangings. 

COlgaJO, m. tatter or rag hanging from 
clothes ; bunch of grapes or fruit hung up 
to be preserved:— p^. the fleshy tissues left in 
some amputations. 

colgandero, ra, a. V. colgante. 

fCOlgante, pa. hanging, pending, clinging; 
'- -^ V (jj-op^ pendent; (mech.) hanger; 


(carp.) king-post. 

olgar, - ' " — 

4>0lgar, va. {ind. CUELGO : pret. coLGufi : stibj. 
cuelgue) to hang up, suspend, hoist; to 
adorn with hangings ; (coll.) to kill by hang- 
ing. — vn. to hang from, to be suspended; 
dangle ; flag, hover, droop : colgar loi li4bi- 
toi, to doff the cassock. 

^Oliblanca, /. (orn.) an eagle of South 

<COliblail<^, ca, a. white-tailed. 

COlibre, COlibri, m. (om.) colibri, humming- 

•cblica,/. colic. 

tsolicano, na, a. having gray hair in the tail. 

CdliCO, ca, a. (med.) belonging to the colon. 

€61iC0, m. (med.) colic, griping, a disease. 

C0liCliacl6n,/. colliquation. 

COliCUante, pa. colliquant ; colliquative. 

COllCuar, va. to colliquate, melt, dissolve. — 
IT. to colliquate ; to become liquid. 

colicuativo, va, a. colliquative. 

eolicuecer, va. {ind. colicuezco : subj. coLi- 
cuezca) to fuse or melt. 

COliflor, /. (hot.) cauliflower. 

COllgacibn, /. colligation ; binding of things 
together ; connection, union, alliance. 

COUgadO, da, m. & f. leaguer, covenanter. — 
a. agreed and associated.— pp. of coligarse. 

coligadura, /. coligamiento, m. v. ooli- 

COllg-arse, vr. to colligate, colleague, confed- 

€0U10, coUla, 61 coligld (Jrr. from colegir). 
COmla, /. ttim. small tail ; stub of a cigar or 

COlulerO, ra, a. person who gathers cigar 

stubs for a trade, 
■COlln, a. short-tailed horse. 
COlina, /. height ; hill, hillock, hummock ; 

seed of cabbage. V. colino. 
COlinabO, m. (bot.) turnip. 
■COllndante, a. contiguous, adjacent. 

COXIadaBr;. vn-.. to be-eoutiguoue^.tb'be-aiKgesntL 
COMuOr "'- sniadl cabbage not taiaoa«>*" t«dL 
COlirlO, '«. GoUyrium^, eye-wash, 
COlisabr/- (aotL..) swivel gun. 
COliseo,."^. theatre, oppTa-house,.plaiy-hou8e-> 
COlislbn, /. ooUision, jrush, clash;, bnujae. 

ehaie, soneuess isow cubbing.; oppositiony 

claah oi' ideas, 
COliti^^ante,. m. op* ^ carries- on. a^ la.w»uit 

with another.. 
COlmadamenter adv. abundantly,, plentit- 

COlmado^ <*a,. a^. &Ued,. heaped.r— m^. fine {pM>^ 

eery. — *» oicotM^AR. 
COlxaa" a. tO' iMsujf. upv fill to ' the- boimi;, to- 

fulfil jJteup.. V. iA.KS^^^•, tobest-owlib. 

colmena, /. bee-hive. 
COlmenar, /. apiary, 
colmenero, m. bee-keeper,, bee^uastes :: oso- 

colmmero, hooey-eating, bean. 
COlmenilla, /. (sot.) morel or mocil,. edfibls 

COlmillada, /. injury made by an eye«4i(»otlu 
COlmillar, a., belnioging to the eye-tootlu 

COlmillaZO [colrn»eel-ly«h'-thaw], m. augt. larga 

eye-touth ;. woaud mode by aUi eye-tooih or 

COlnullejO, m... dim. saiaXi eye-t400th^ £aJi^ oc 

ColndBo,,™. eye-tooth, caoine-tootli,. fang^ 
l(Hig tusk : eBonpir por eL oomillo,. ^colL ) to> 
bragr bea&t : mostrar los colmiUoB,. (coll. ) toi 
showspixil; and resolution: tenat aalmUlos^ 
(colL) to. be- qjuick-sighted, not easily im.- 
posed upon. 

COlmilludOr dx a. bavimg eye-teeth, fajig^ 
or tusks ; sagacious, quick-sighted. 

COlmOy m. heajfk,. complement ; finishing, cenif- 
pletion, cro-wii ; overraiea.sure ; fill ; thatchedl 
roof^ height: llegar k. eolmo,. to reach per- 
fection : ^.ealsio, abundantly,, pfentifully. 

COlmo,. ma^ «- heaping full. 

COlOcacidn,./. employmient, pl>a«e, office. sit»- 
ation, position ]. locatiotk,. placement ;, olstiri* 
bution of parts. 

COlOCar, ta. {pret. cOLOQufi.: subj. coloque) 
to arrange, put in due place or ordev ; to 
place, provide one with a situation or em* 
ployment ; to collocate, locate, lay. 

COlOCasia,/, (hot.) Egyptian bean. 

colocutor, ra, m. &f. collocutor. 

COlodl6n, 7n. collodion. 

COlodra, /. milk-pail ; a kit ; a pailftil ; wood- 
en can for measuring wine ; drinking can 
with a handle ; drinking horn with a cork 
bottom ; whetstone ease : mf vna colodra. 
(coll.) to be a toper or tippler. 

COlodrazgO, m. tax on wine sold in small 

colodrillo, m. occiput, hind part of the bead. 

COlof6n, m. (print.) colophon. 

COlOfonia, /. colophony ; resin. 

COlofonita, /. garnet of a light-green or rosy- 
red colour. 

COlombiano, na, a. of or belonging to Co- 

COlomblno, na, a. pertaining to Columbus or 
his family. 

colon, m. colon, the largest of the intestines ; 
(gram.) principal part or member of a 
period; (gram, and print.) colon (:): colon 
imperfecto, semicolon (;) ; a gold coin in C. 

COlonatO, m. system of colonization. 

COlonche, "). (Mex.) intoxicating drink from 
the sap of the cactus and sugar. 

COlonia, /. colony, colonized country ; a plan- 

« as iQ far ; e in eh 1 ; i in police ; O In for ; n in boll ; C (before e, 1) and z as th in thick ; b and d, aill| 




tation ; silk riLbou two fingers wide: meiia 
colonia. silk ribbon one finger wide. 

colonial, a. colonial. 

colonizacibn, /. colonization. 

colonizador, ra, «. colonizer. 

colonlzar, va. {pret. cx)i.0Nic]6: subj. COLO- 
NICE) to colonize, settle. 

COlono, m. color ist, settler, planter, farmer. 

COlofiO, m. load of wood which a person car- 
ries on his back. 

COloquintida, /. (bot.) colocynth or colo- 
quintida ; bitter apple or gourd. 

COloquiO [co-io'-ke-o], w. colloquy, conversa- 
tion, talk. 

color, m. colour, hue ; dye, paint, rouge ; pre- 
text, pretence, false show or appearance ; 
colouring, tint, complexion ; flush, blush, 
aspect : color vivo, bright colour : color muer- 
to or quebrado, wan or faded colour : sacarle 
los eolorcB i. una persona, to make a person 
blush : 80 color, on pretence, under pretext : 
de color, coloured : colores nacionales, na- 
tional flag. 

(;Oloracl6ll,/. colouring, coloration, painting. 

Colorado, da, a. ruddy, florid, red; indeli- 
cate, smutty ; coloured, specious : ponerse 
Colorado, to blush with shame : poner k al- 
guno Colorado, to put one to the blush.— ^. 


COlorante, pa. colouring. 

COlorar, va. to dye, paint, stain, tint, tinge, 
colour, lay on colours. 

COloratiVO, va, a. colorific, tingeing. 

COlorear, va. to make plausible, palliate, ex- 
cuse. — vn. to redden, grow red. 

COlorete, m. rouge. 

COlorido, m. colouring or colour ; pretext, 

COlorido, da, a. colorate.— pp. of colorik. 

coloridor, ra, m. & f. v. coix>rista. 

OOlorin, m. (om.) linnet ; bright, vivid, loud 

' colour. 

COlorlr, va. to colour artistically ; to make 
plausible, V. colorear. 

COlorista, m. colourist. 

COlOSal, a. colossal, huge, gigantic. 

COloSO, m. colossus, a great man ; a mammoth 

COlpa, /. whitish sort of copperas ; a flux. 

c61quiC0 [coi'-ke-co], m. colchicum, meadow 

COlumbino, na, a. dove-like, innocent, can- 

COlumbrar, va. to spy, perceive, discern at a 
distance, to see afar oft ; to trace a thing by 

columelar, m. incisor. 

COllunna /. column, round pillar, support ; 
supp>orter, protector • pile of things ; column 
of air or water ; body of soldiers ; newspa- 
per column; (arith.) row: colnmna milia- 
ria, milestone : eolumna vertebral, spine : co- 
lumna salombnica, twisted column. 

COlmnnariO, ria, a. columnar, applied to the 
money coined in Spanish America, with the 
impressions of two columns. 

columnata, /. colonnade. 

COlumpiar,va. to swing. — vr. to swing; (coll.) 
to waddle. 

COlumpiO, m. a swing ; meritot. 

coluna, /. V. column a. 

COlunita, /. dim. small column. 

COlurlbn, m. (orn.) lesser butcher-bird, 

COlurO, m. (ast.) colure. 
colusidn,/. collusion. 

COlusoriamente, adv. collasively, fraudu- 

COlUSOriO, ria, a. collusory, collusive. 

COlutoriO, TO. (pharm.) gargle. 

COluvle, /. gang of rascals ; sewer, sink. 

colza, /. (bot.) colza, summer rape. 

COlzal,/. cole wort-seed. 

COlla, /. collet, piece of ancient armour; 

(Philip.) continuous squalls preceding the 

monsoons ; a channel of an auger ; last 

oakum placed in a seam. 
collaci6n,/. v. colaci6n. 
COUadO, m. height, fell, hillock, 
collar, TO. necklace ; chain or cord from 

■which hang certain insignia of honour^ 

collar, collet. 
COllarcitO, m. dim. small necklace. 
COllaxejO, to. dim. small collar or necklace. 
COllarin, m. black neck-stock edged with 

white, worn by the Roman Catholic clergy. 

V. ALZACUELLO ; collar of a coat. 
COllarlnO, m. (arch.) half round, torus. V. 


COllazO [coi-lyah'-thaw], w. ploughman, farm- 
hand, hired man. 

COlleja[«^ol-lyeh'-hah], /. (bot.) lamb'S-lcttuCC OF 

corn-salad : coUejas, slender nerves in a 
sheep's neck. 

COllera, /. collar, breast^harness for draught- 
cattle ; horse-collar ; (naut.) stay of the 

C0ller6ll, m. harness collar, hame. 

COlleta, (bot.) small kind of cabbage. 

C0ll6n, TO. (coll.) coward, a poltroon, meair 

coUonada/. (coll.) cowardliness. 

colloneria, /. (coll.) cowardice. 

coma, /. comma ( , ) ; (mus.) each of the parts' 
into which a tone is divided. 

coma, TO. (med.)coma, profound insensibility. 

COmadre, /. midwife ; godmother ; (coll. ) a 

comaorear, vn. to gossip, tattle. 

comadreja,/. weasel. 

comadrero, ra, a. one who gossips from 
house to house. 

C0madr6n, to. man-midwife, accoucheur. 

COmal, TO. (Mex.) flat earthenware pan for 
cooking maize cake. 

comalia, comalicidn, /. epizootic disease 
among sheep. 

comandado, da, pp. & a. (mil. ) officered. 

COmandancla,/. command; office of a com. 
mander ; province or district of a com- 
mander : comandancia militar, military com- 
mand : Comandancia general de Marina, The 
High Court of Admiralty. 

COmandanta, /. commander's wife. 

COmanda.nte, to. & pa. commander, chief, 
commandant, leader ; (mil.) officer of rank 
equivalent to the Anglo-Saxon major. 

COmandar, va. (mil.) to command, govern. 

COmandita, /. (com.) silent partnership; ir 
Louisiana called partnership in commen* 

COmanditariO, a, a. (com.) belonging or re- 
lating to a silent partnership. 

COmanditariO, to. (com.) silent partner; ii» 
Louisiana, partner in commendam. 

COmandO, to. (mil.) command. V. mando. 

COmarca,/. territory, district ; border, boun 
dary, limit. 

comarcano, na, a. neighbouring, near, bor 
dering upon. 

comarcar, va. {pret. comarqu^: subj. CO" 
marque) to plant trees in a straight line, sc 
as to form walks. — vn. to border, to confin* 

COmatOSO, sa, a. (med.t comatose. 

COmba,/. curvature, warp, bend, bulge, bilge, 

t (be<ere e, 1) and J as h iv hot ; h, silent ; U in brilliant ; ft, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr triUed ; ■, hissed. 




convexity ; play of jumping or skipping 
rope ; the skippiug-rope itsell'. 

COnibadura, /. curvature, convexity, warp- 
ing, bending, bulging, belly. 

COmbar, va. to bend, to curve. — vr. to warp, 
bulge, sag, jut. 

COmbate, m. combat, conflict, engagement, 
fray, fight, battle; agitation of the mind ; 

combatible, a. combatable, conquerable. 

COmbatidor, m. combatant, champion. 

COmbatiente, m. &pa. combatant, lighter. 

COmbatir, va. & vn. to combat ; fight, battle ; 
to contend, contest ; to attack, dash, en- 
gage ; to contradict, oppose ; to agitate the 
mind ; to struggle. 

COmbatividad,/. (phren.) combativeness. 

COmbeneflciadO, m. prebendary of the same 
church as another. 

combos, m. open space; (uaut.) waist of a 
ship, upper deck. 

COmbinable, a. combinable. 

COmbinacidn, /. combination ; aggregate of 
words beginning with the same syllable ; 
concurrence; (cnem.) a compound. 

Combinar, va. to combine, join, unite, con- 
nect; (chem.) to compound. 

COmbiliatoriO, rla, a. combining, uniting, 

COmbleza,/. concubine of a married man. 

COmblezO, m. one who lives in concubinage 
with a married woman. 

combo, ba, a- bent, crooked, warped. 

combo, ni. stand or frame for casks. 

COmburente, a. producing coTubustion. 

COmbustibilidad, /. combustibility. 

combustible, a. combustible.— ;«. fuel. 

30mblistl6ll, /. combustion, burning. 

combusto, ta, a. burnt. V. abrasado. 

comedero, raL a. eatable, edible. — m. feed- 
ing-trough ; dining-room, eating-place. 

<jomedia,/. comedy, play ; laughable incident 
in real life : comedia de capa y espada, cos- 
tume play of the seventeeuth century : co- 
media de earedo, play with a complicated 
plot : comedia de coBtambres, modern society 
play : comedia togada, ancient Latin play. 

COmedianta, /. K actkiz; comedienne. 

COmediante, m. player, actor, comedian : co- 
mediante de la legua, strolling player. 

COmediar, va. to divide into equal shares, 

comedidamente, adr. gently, courteously, 
civilly, with moderation. 

COmedldO, da, a. civil, polite, gentle, courte- 
ous, kind, obsequious, obliging, moderate. 

—pp. of COMEDIR.SB. 

COmedimientO, m. civility, politeness, urban- 
ity, kindness, obsequiousnes.s, moderation. 

COmediO, m. centre of a realm or place ; in- 
tcrinediate time between epochs. 

COmedion, m. long and tedious comedy. 

COmedlrse, vr. {ind. me COMIDO: subj. me 
oomida) to govern one's self; to be mod- 
erate, civil, obliging, kind. 

COmedor, ra, m. & /. eater, feeder. — m. din- 

COmeJ^n [co-meh-hen'], m. kind of white ant, 
very destructive to houses and their con- 
tents la tropical America ; sort of wood- 
borer which pierces pipe-staves. 

COmejonera, /. nest of comejia; (Venez.) 
resort of bad characters. 

COmendador, m. knight commander of a 
military order ; prefect of religious houses. 

COmendadora, /. superior of a nunnery, 

COmendatarlO, m. commendator, commen- 

COmendaticio, Cia, a. commendatory letters 
giveu by prelates. 

comeudatorio, ria, «. relating to letters of 
introduction or recommendation. 

COmenderO, «*. a beneficiary of the crown. 

COmensal, /«. &/. commensal; member of a 
household ; table companion. 

COmensalia, /. fellowship of house and table. 

COmentador, ra, m. & f. commentator, ex- 
positor, annotator, expounder, glosser. 

COmentar, va. to comment, explain, expound, 

COmentariO, m. commentary. 

comentarista, m. & /. commentator. 

COmentO, m. comment, exposition, explana- 

COmenzante, pa. beginning, beginner. 

COmenzar [co-men-thar'J, va. &vn. {ind. COMIEN- 

zo : pi-ei. COMENC^ : subj. comien'ce) to 
commence, begin. 

comer, vn. to eat, to feed, to dine. — va. to eat 
food ; to have an income ; to spend, waste, 
exhaust ; to itch, corrode, consume, gnaw, 
bore ; to take a piece or checker in a game. 
— vr. to suppress some letter or syllable in 
the pronunciation of words: comer 4 dos 
carrilloB, to enjoy two places or benefices at 
the same time : comer de mogollon, to live at 
other people's expense : comerse los codos de 
hambre, (coll.) to be starved with hunger: 
comerse unos k otroB, to be constantly at 
drawn daggers : comerse 4 nno con los ojos, 
to look daggers at any one : tener que comer, 
to have a competence : ganar de comer, to 
earn a livelihood : comer como un sabanon, 
(coll.) to eat excessively. 

comer, m. eating. V. comida. 

comerciable, a. merchantable, marketable ; 
sociable, social, affable. 

comercial [co-mer-thie-ahrj, a. commercial, 

comer cialmente, adv. commercially. 

COmerCiante [co-mer-thie-Rhu'-tehl, m. & pa. 

trader, merchant, trafficker. 
comerciar ico-m8r-thie-ar'],m. to trade, to traf- 
fic ; to commerce ; have intercourse with. 
COmerciO [co-merr'-thie-o], TO. trade, commerce, 

traffic, mart; communication, intercourse; 

unlawful connection between the sexes ; 

body of merchants ; business fection of a 

town ; store, shop ; game at cards. 
comestible, a. eatable, comestible.—/)/, all 

sorts of provisions and food. 
cometa, m. (ast.) comet.—/, kite; game at 

cometedor, ra, «. offender, a criminal. 
COmeter, va. to commit, charge, intrust ; to 

commit some criminal act or error ; (com. ) 

to order, 
cometido, m. commission, charge, trust, 
comezon,/. itch or itching ; longing desire. 
c6micamente, adv. comically, 
comicial.a. comitial. 

COmiClOS [co-mee'-thie-oal, m. pi. COmitla ; (pol. ) 

primaries, district assemblies. 
CbmiCO, ca, a. comic, dramatic, relating to 

the stage ; comical, ludicrous, funny. — m. 

player, actor, comedian. V. comediante; 

writer of comedies.—/, actress. 
comida, ./". eating ; food, dressed victuals ; 

dinner, meal, fare ; feed ; the board. 
COmidilla, /. dim. slight repast ; peculiar 

fancy, fad, or favourite amusement. 
COmidO, da, «. satiate, full to satiety : comido 

por servido, meat for work, signifying the 

small value of any employ. — pp. of comer. 

oomido (me), me comida {irr. from come- 

ft M in fftr ; • In eh t ; 1 in police ; O in for ; a in ball ; c (before e, i) and i as th in thick ; b and d, soft ; 




COmienzO [co-me-«n'-thaw], wi. origin, beginning, 
initiation, commencement, start. 

comienzo, comience {irr. from comenzar). 

comilitdn, m. parasite. V. conmilit6n, 

comilitona, comllona, /. (coll.) splendid 
and plentiful repast. 

comil(6n, na, m. &f. great eater, glutton. 

COmilla, /. dim. from coma.— ^^. quotation- 
marks (" "). 

cominear, vn. (coll.) to meddle in trifles or 
occupations belonging to women, 

comlnero, a. meddlesome, officious. — n. cot- 

cominillo, m. darnel. V. joyo. 

COminO, m. (bot.) cumin-plant, cumin-seed: 
no vale un comino, it is not worth a rush. 

COmisar, va. to confiscate, sequestrate, attach. 

COmisaria,/. COmisaxlatO, m. commissary- 
ship, commissariat. 

COmisariO, m. commissary, delegate, deputy, 
manager : comisario de entradas, in hospitals, 
the person who keeps an account of the 
patients who enter: comisario de guerra, 
(mil. ) reviewing officer : comlBario ordenador, 
(mil.) assistant quartermaster : comisario de 
cnartel or de barrio, justice of the peace of a 

COmisidn, /. trust, commission ; mandate, 
charge, precept, order; ministration, min- 
istry ; commission, perpetration. 

comlsionado, da, a. & pp. of comisionar, 
commissional or commissionary ; commis- 
sioned, deputed, empowered. — m. &f. com- 
missioner; (com.) agent, proaty, attorney. 

comisionar, va, to commission, depute, em- 
power, appoint. 

COmlsionista, m. commissioner ; commission 
merchant, commission agent. 

COmiso, m. (law) confiscation of prohibited 
goods ; the goods when confiscated; (com.) 
seizure, attachment. 

comisorio, ria, a. obligatory for a time or 
valid for a fixed day. 

comistiOn,/. V. coNMii5Ti6N. 

comlstrajo, m. (coll.) hod^e-podge, mess. 

comisura, /. (anat.) commissure; suture. 

comital, a. V. condal. 

coinitente,pa. constituent. 

comitiva, /. suite, retinue, followers. 

Cbmitre, m. (naut.) boatswain on board a 
galley ; sea-captain under orders of the ad- 
miral of the fleet. 

COmiza,/. (icht.) kind of barbel. 

COmo, adv. how, in what manner, to what de- 
gree ; as, in a sense of comparison ; why ? 
in such a manner; in what manner; if, 
like, in the same manner, in the same man- 
ner as ; so that, such as, that, inasmuch as. — 
interj. \ como I why, is it possible ! i cdmo no ? 
why not? 

C6ni0da, /. chest of drawers ; bureau. 

comodable, a. that which can be lent or bor- 

'^dmodamente, adv. conveniently, commo- 
diously, comfortably. 

comodante, m. (for.) one who lends gratui- 
tously for a limited time. 

COmodatariO, m. (law) borrower; pawn- 

COmodatO, m. (law) loan ; contract of loan 
and restitution. 

comodidad, /. comfort, convenience, accom- 
modation ; ease, freedom from want ; leis- 
ure ; opportunity ; profit, interest, advan- 

COmodln, m. (coll.) something of general 
utility ; in cards, a card that has different 

CdmodO, m. utility, profit, convenience. 

Cbmodo, da, a. convenient, commodious, 
suitable, comfortable. 

COmodoro, ?w. (naut.) commodore. 

compacto, ta, a. compact, close, dense. 

compadecer, va. & vr. {ind. compadezco: 
suhj. compadezca) to pity, condole, sym- 
pathize with ; to agree with each other, con- 
cur, concord, accord, tally, conform. 

COmpadraje, m. mutual admiration or co^ 
operation society, generally used in bad 

COmpadrar, vn. to become a godfather or 
mother ; to contract a spiritual affinity. 

COmpadraZgO [com-pah-drath'-go' m. gossipred 
or compaternity ; spiritual affinity. 

COmpadre, godfather, protector, benefactor, 
friend, used when casually addressing a 

COmpadreria, /. friendly intercourse be- 
tween godfathers, friends, or companions. 

C0mpaginaCi6n [com-pali-he-nah-thie-on'j, /. COm- 

pagination, union, structure. 

compaginador, m. one who joins, unites, or 

COmpaginar [com-pah-he-nar'], va. to arrange in 
order, join, unite, couple, compact, com- 

companage, compango, m. cold lunch, cold 


COmpa&a,/. (obs.) family; company. 

compa&erismo, m. harmony, good-fellow- 

COmpafLerO, ra, m. & /. companion, friend, 
fellow, mate, consort: companero de cuarto, 
chamber-fellow ; chum, comrade, colleague, 
fellow-member, condisciple, partner, asso- 
ciate, coadjutor, follower ; one thing suited 
to another ; one of a pair. 

compa&ia, /. company, society, assembly, 
meeting ; partnership, fellowship ; copart- 
nership, company ; (mil. ) company, troop, 
body of soldiers ; theatrical company : com- 
pania de la legna, strolling company of play- 
ers ; society ; conversation of a companion ; 
compafiia de Jesus, order of Jesuits. 

COnipafl.611 [com-pah-nyon'], TO. (coll.) testicle. 

comparable, a. comparable. 

comparaci6n, /. comparison, conference ; 
collation, conferring. 

comparador, m. comparing-rule. 

comparar, va. to compare, estimate, con' 
front, confer, collate. 

comparativamente, adv. comparatively. 

comparativo, va, a. comparative. 

comparecencia,/. appearance before a judge, 

comparecer, vn. (ind. comparezco : subj. 
comparezca) to appear before a judge. 

compare cienie, pa. of comparecer. 

COmparendO, m. summons, citation, a^uo- 
nition to appear. 

comparicibu,/. (law) appearance. 

comparsa, /. retinue of personages repre- 
sented on the stage ; masquerade in carni- 
val. — m. &f. figurant on the stage. 

COmpartem. &/. (law) joint party or accom- 
plice in a civil or criminal cause. 

COmpartimientO, m. compartment; division 
of a whole into proportionate parts ; inclo&- 
ure, department. 

COmpariir, va. to compart or divide into 
equal parts. 

compos, m. pair of compasses, callipers ; ter- 
ritory and district assigned to a monastery ; 
(mus.) measure, time : llevar el comp4s, to 
beat time : k compis, in right musical time ; 
motion of the baton of a conductor ; space 
upon the staff between two bars ; size, com- 

g (before e, 1) ani^ aahln bot: h, silent; 11 in brilliant; ft, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr triUed; s, liiseed. 




pass ; rule of life, standard, pattern ; springs 
of a coach-roof: compJis de mar, mariner's 
compass. V. brCjula and BiricoRA. 

COmpasadamente, adv. by rule and measure. 

COmpasar, va. to measure with a rule and 
compass ; to regulate things in due propor- 
tion ; (mus.) to divide a score into equal 
part« : compasar una carta de marear, (naut.) 
to prick the chart. 

COmpasible, a. lamentable, deserving pity ; 

COmpasillO, m. (mus. ) quadruple, or | meas- 

C0inpasi6n, /. compassion, pity, commisera- 
tion, .sympathy, mercifulness. 

compasivamente, adv. compassionately. 

COmpasivo, va, «. compassionate, merciful, 
tender-hearted, humane. 

compaternidad, /. V. compadrazgo. 

compatibilidad, /. compatibility, consist- 
ency, conjuncture. 

COmpati'ble, a. compatible, suitable to, fit 
for, consistent with. 

COmpatrlclO or COmpatrlOta, m. &f. coun- 
tryman or countrywoman, compatriot, fel- 

compatrdn, m. v. compatrono. 

COmpatronatO, m. common right of patron- 

compatrono, na, rn. & f. fellow-patron or 
patroness, joint-patron. 

compeler, va. {pp. compulso) to compel, 
oblige, force, constrain. 

COmpendiador, m. epitomizer, abridger. 

compendiar, va. to epitomize, shorten, 
abridge, reduce, extract, contract, cut 

compendiaiiamente, adv. V. compendiosa- 


compendio, m. compendium, epitome, 
abridgment, summary, abstract. 

compendiosamente, adv. briefly, compendia 
ou.slv, ;oncisely. 

COmpendiOSO, "sa, a. brief, abridged, com- 
j)endioii.s ; laconical; compact. 

compendizar, ra. v. compendiar. 

compenetracidn, /. compenetration. 

compenetrarse, vr. to compenetrate, per- 
vade, intermix. 

compensable, a. compensable. 

compensaci6n, /. compensation, recom- 
f)ense, e<juivalent. 

compensador, m. compensator ; compensat- 
ing pendulum. 

COmpensar, va. & vn. to compensate, recom- 
pense ; to counterbalance, countervail ; to 
make amends, make up, indemnify. 

COmpetencia, /. competition, rivalry, con- 
test, contention ; competence ; cognizance ; 
aptitude, titness : k competencla, contenti- 
ously, contestingly. 

COmpetente, a. competent, apt, able, capa- 
ble, sutficient, fit for ; consistent with, ap- 
plicable to; adequate. 

competentemente, adv. competently. 

competer, vn. to be one's due ; to belong to, 
appertain, concern. 

COmpeticibn Icom-peh-te-thle-on'], /. competi- 
tion, eorrivalship. V. COmpetencia. 

competldor, ra m. & f. competitor, rival, 
opponent, contender ; competitrix. 

COmpetir, vn. (ind. COMPITO : nibj. compita) 
to vie, contest, contend, strive, compete, 
race, rival, cope ; to be on a level or par 
with another. 

Compilaci6n, /. compilation, compilement. 

compilador, ra, m. & /. compiler, compila- 
tor, collector. 

compilar, va. to compile. 

COmpinclie, m. (coll.) bosom-friend, com- 
rade, contidaut, chum, crony. 

COmpitO, compita {irr. from COMPETIR). 

complacedero, ra, a. V. complaciente. 

complacencia [com-puh-thane -thie ahi, f. pleas- 
ure, satisfaction, gratification, complacency, 
compliance, condescence. 

COmplaCer [lom-iUali-therr'], va. {ind. COMPLAZ- 

co : subj. complazca) to please, humour, 
content, accommodate. — vr. to be pleased 
with or take delight in a thing. 
complaciente, pa. pleasing, accommodat- 

complazco, complazca {irr. from COMPLA- 

complejo, ja, a. complex. V. complexo. 

complementarlo. la, a. complementary; 
completing ; perfecting. 

COmplementO, m. complement ; perfection ; 
accomplishment, completion. 

completamente, adv. completely, perfectly, 
entirely, finally. 

COmpletar, va. to complete, perfect, finish, 
accomplish, crown, consummate, make up. 

COmpletas,/. p/. completory, compline. 

completlvamente, adv. V. completivo. 

completive, va, a. completive, completory, 

complete, ta, a. complete, perfect, finished, 
concluded, full, absolute. 

complexi6n [coiii-i)iek-Ree-on'i, /. constitution, 
temperament of the body, habit, nature. 

COmplexionadO, da, a. constituted : Wen t 
mal complexionado, of a good or bad consti* 

COmpleXlOnal fcom-plek-se-o-nahl'], O. COnstitu- 
tional, temperamental. 

complexo [coni-]>iek'-8o], a. arduous, difficult, 
complicated, complex, not simple; (anat.) 
applied to one of the muscles of the head.— 
m. a complex. 

C0mpllCaCi6n [com-ple-cah-thle-on*],/. complica- 
tion, complexure. 

complicadamente, adv. v. complicado. 

complicado, da, pp &a. complicate. 

COmplicar, va. {pret. complique: subj. COiX' 
plique) to complicate, jumble things to- 

c6mpllce, com. accomplice, co-operator, as- 
sociate, complice, abetter, accessory. 

COmpliCidad [com-i)lea-thie-dahd'), /. accCSSOri- 
ness, complicity. 

COmplot, m, plot, conspiracy. 

componedor , ra, m. & /. composer, writer, 
author, contriver, mender, repairer, arbi- 
trator. — m. (print.) composing-stick. 

COmponenda, /. fees paid for bulls and li- 
censes ; arbitration, compromise. 

COmponente, pa. component. 

componer, va. (/jp.compuesto: inrf.coMPON- 
Go : pret. COMPUSE : subj. componga) to com- 
pose ; to compound ; to construct ; to sum up, 
amount to ; to frame, devise ; to invent ; to 
mend, repair, heal, restore ; to strengthen, 
fortify ; to furnish, trim, fit up, garnish ; to 
compose, reconcile, accommodate, adjust ; ar- 
bitrate, compromise, settle, compose differ- 
ences ; to ward off a danger ; (mus.) to com- 
pose ; to compile a book ; to write verses ; 
(print. ) to compose tyj>es : componer el wm- 
blante, to put on a calm or sedate appear- 
ance : componer tanto de renta, to have so 
much a year. — vr. to clothe one's self; to 
compose, calm, quiet one's self: componirse- 
la», to shift for ones self: componte, secret 
order by which an obnoxious person is done 
away with. 

ft M in far : e in eh t : i In police ; o in for ; » In bull ; e (^fore e, l) and 8 as th in thick ; b and 'd, aolt; 




eomponlble, «. •eoaiii;pouiMla:bi<e, suocommoda^ 
ble, meodable. 

GOXnporta, /- large basket for grapes during 
the vintagie. 

COmportable, «- supporta-ble^ tolerable. 

COmportajnientO, ni. behaviour. 

COmportax, va. to suffer, tolerate. — vr. to 
comport, behave one's selfc 

COmporte, m. proceeding, behaviour, con- 
duct, air, niaDDer, carriage. 

comporteria, /. trade and shop of the com- 

comportero, ra, m. &,/. maker or seller of 

comportilla,/. dim. small basket. 

COnipOSlCi6ll [com-po-«e-ttiie-on'], /. composition, 

act of composing, repair, mending, making 
up, compromise, adjustment, agreement, 
compact ; literary, scientific, or musical 
work ; (print, ) composition ; (met. ) com- 
posure : calm, modest, or sedate appearance. 

COmpOSltiVO, va, a. compositive, synthetic. 

COnipositor, m. composer of musical compo- 

eompostura, /- composition, composure ; 
mending or repairing ; cleanliness, neatness 
of dress ; composition of a difference ; ac- 
commodation, adjustment, agreement, com- 
pact, compromise ; modesty, circumspec- 

' tion, sedateness ; mixture with which some- 
thing is adulterated. 

COmpota, /. preserves, sweetmeats. 

compotera, /. com po tier. 

COmpra,/. purchase, marketing, act of buy- 
ing ; the article bought. 

comprable, compradero, ra, compradi- 

ZO, za, a. purchasable. 
comprado, compradillo, m. play in the 

game of ombre. 
comprador, ra, m. &f. buyer, purchaser; 

comprante, pa. buyer, purchaser. 
comprar, va. to buy, purchase, shop, market, 


compraventa, v. contrato de compba- 


comprehenslvo, va, a. comprehensive. 

comprendedor, ra, m. & f. one who com- 
prehends or understands. 

comprender, va. {pp. comprendido and 
COMPRENSO) to emorace, encircle, compre- 
hend ; to comprise, include, contain ; to 
comprehend, understand, conceive, know. 

C0inprensl1)ilidad, /. comprehensibleness, 

COmprenslble, a. comprehensible, conceiv- 

COmprensidn, /. comprehension, comprisal, 
conceiving, conception, comprehensiveness ; 
act of comprising or containing. 

COmprensiVO, va, a. comprehensive ; capar- 
ble of understanding ; comprising, contain- 

comprenso, i?p. irr. of comprender. 

comprensor, ra, m. & /. one that under- 
stands, attains, or embraces a thing; 
(theol. ) the blessed. 

compresa, /, (surg.) compress. 

compresbitero, m. a fellow-presbyter or 

compresibilidad, /. compressibility. 

COmpreslble, a. compressible, 

Compresidn, /, compression, pressing to- 
gether, compressure ; (gram.) F, sin6resis. 

compresivamente, adv. compressibly, con- 

COmpresivo, va, a. compressive, compress- 
ing, reducing. 

compreso, sa, pp. irr. of comprimir. 

comprimente, pa. oppressing, constraliH 

comprimible, a. compressible, repressible. 

comprimir, va. (pp. comprimido and comi 
preso) to compress, constrain, constringe, 
condense ; to repress, restrain ; to keep in 
awe. — vr. to subdue one's passion. 

COmprobaci6n, /. comprobation, attestation, 
comparison ; verification of printer's proof 
corrections, • 

comprobante, pa, proving ; one who proves ; 
voucher, schedule, document. 

comprobar, va. {ind. compruebo: subj, 
compruebe) to verify, confirm by compari- 
son; to comprobate, compare; to prove, 
give evidence. 

COmprofesor, m. colleague, member of the 
same profession. 

comprometedor, ra, a. compromising. — m. 
& /. jeoparder. 

COmprometer, va. to compromise, arbitrate ; 
to engage, bind ; to render one accountable 
or answerable ; to expose, jeopard, jeopard- 
ize, endanger, — vr. to commit one's self; to 
become liable; to bind one's self; to com- 
promise one's self; to become engaged, be- 

comprometimiento, m. compromise, com- 
pact, adjustment, jeopardy, embarrassment, 

COmpromlsariO, m. arbitrator, umpire, com- 
promiser, referee ; presidential elector. 

compromise, m. compromise, arbitration 
bond, obligation contracted ; commitment ; 
jeopardy, difliculty, embarrassment, prei 
dicament ; engagement, betrothal, 

compropietano, ia m. & /. & a. joint* 
owner. V. copropietario, 

comprovincial, a. comprovincial, of the 
same metropolitan church, 

compruebo, compruebe {irr. from com- 

COmpuerta, /. hatch or half-door ; lock or 

sluice, flood-gate ; door curtain of an old-. 

fashioned coach ; piece of cloth bearing « 

knight's badge : compnerta de marea, (naut.) 

tide-gate, tide-race. 
COmpuestamente, adv. regularly, orderly. 
COmpuestO, m. compound, commixture, com- 

COmpuestO, ta, «. &pp. of componer; com- 
posed, compound, complex, made up ; fresh ; 

repaired : orden compnesto, the composite 

order in architecture : (gram.) palabra com- 

puesta, compound word. 
COmpulsa, /. (law) authentic or attested 

copy of some instrument or writing duly 

COmpulsar, va. (law) to make an authentic 

copy or transcript ; to compare, collate, 
compulsion, /. (law) compulsion, forcing, 

compulsive, va, a. compulsive. 
compulse, S&,pp. irr. of compeler. 
COmpulsoriO, ria, a. compulsory decree of a 

court, ordering an authentic copy to be 

C0mpunci6n, /, compunction, repentance, 

compungido, da, pp. & a. compunctious, 
compungirse, vr. (ind. compunjo: subj. 

compunja) to feel compunction ; to be 

pierced with remorse, 
compungivo, va, a. compunctive, pricking, 

compurgacl6n, /, compurgation. 
COmpurgador, m. compurgator. 

I (bffore e, 1) and J ae li <fr bot ; h, ellent ; 11 in brilliant ; fi, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr triilecT ; ■, hies*' 




COmpurgax, va. to prove one's veracity or 
innocence by the oath of another. 

COmputacldn, /. computation, calculation. 

computador, ra, m. &f. computer. 

computar, («. to compute, estimate, calcu- 
late, tigure up. 

COmpuuSta, m. computist, computer, ac- 

CdmputO, m. computation, calculation, ac- 
count, estimate. 

C0mulacl6n, /. c«n»ulation. V. acumula- 


COmulgar, va. {pret. comulgue: subj. co- 
3fULGUE) to administer the holy Eucharist. 
— vn. to commune, communicate ; to receive 
the sacrament. 

COmulgatoriO, m. communion-altar. 

comun, a. common, public: pastos comnnes, 
common fields ; common, usual, general, 
customary, ordinary, familiar ; generally 
received, much used, frequent, current, ha- 
bitual ; vulgar, mean, low : por lo coman, in 
general, generally : en coman, in common : 
com&n de dos, (gram.) that applies to both 
genders : comun de tres, that applies to mas- 
culine, feminine, and neuter. 

comun, m. community ; public water-closet : 
el coman de las gentes, the masses. 

COmuna, /. main water-pipe. 

COmunal, m. commonalty, common people. 
— a. common, commonable. 

COmimero, ra, a. popular, common, pleasing 
to the people ; commoner, one of the common 
people, as distinguished from the nobility. 

COmunerO, m. joint holder of a tenure of 
lands ; individual of the party that upheld 
Spanish liberty against the encroachments 
of Charles V. 

Comunicabflldad, /. communicability. 

COmunicable, a. communicable, sociable,- 

COmunlcacibn, /. communication, inter- 
course, converse : junction or union of one 
thing with another ; official despatch.— p/. 
means of communication, as railroads, mail, 
telegraph, etc. 

COmunicadO, m. article of a personal nature 
sent to a periodical for publication. 

COmunicailte, pa. communicant. 

comunicar, va. {pret. comuniqu6 : subj. co- 
MUNiQUE) to communicate, impart, extend, 
discover or make known; to have inter- 
course by word or writing ; to advise, in- 
form, announce; to consult or confer upon 
a subject. — vr. to be joined, united, or con- 
tiguous to each other : comanlcarse entre si, 
to interchange sentimen,ts or ideas. 

COmunicatiVO, va, a. communicative, lib- 
eral, open-hearted ; not reserved, approach- 
able, accessible. 

COmunidad, /. commonness ; commonalty, 
the common people; community, corpora- 
tion, guildj society : de comanidad, conjoint- 
ly, collectively.— p/. the cities of Castile, 
which rose in support of Spanish liberty 
against the government of Charles V. 

SOmunidn, /. communion, fellowship, com- 
mon possession ; familiar intercourse ; act 
of receiving the blessed sacrament ; congre- 
gation ; political party. 

comunismo, m. communism. 

COmunista, m. communist. 

comunmente, adv. commonlv, customarily, 
usually, generally ; frequently, often. 

COniUfl.{L /. mixed wheat and rye, mashlim, 
or meslin ; in Asturias, equal share of the 
produce of lands : comafias, seeds. V. ca- 


con, prej). with (when expressing company, 
association, or relations of intimate connec- 
tion, with various motions or emotions of 
combined or mutual activity ; also the rela- 
tions of means, instrument, and cause) ; by 
(when i : is followed by a verb in the infini- 
tive, i. e. : con declarar se ezimio del tormentc, 
by confessing he freed himself from the tor- 
ture ; in some cases it means although, i. e. : 
con ser tan listo, le enganaron, although he is 
so smart they deceived him) ; in (con empena^ 
in earnest: esti con dolor, he is in pain) * 
toward (galante con las damas, gallant toward 
the ladies : caritativo con los pobres, chari- 
table toward the poor) ; and (in some cases, 
as pan con manteqailla, bread and butter: 
caf* con leche, coffee and milk) ; it is used a? 
a prefix, the n changing to m before b and 
p, i. e. : contrato, contract : combate, com- 
bat : composicibn, composition : when it com- 
bines with the pers. pronouns mi, ti, si, these 
last are modified and join the preposition, 
forming the words conmigo, contigo, conrigo : 
con tal que, etc., provided that: con qne, 
then, so then: con todo, nevertheless, not- 

COnatO, m. endeavour, effort, exertion ; (law) 
crime attempted but not executed: conato 
de robo, attempt at robbery. 

concadenar, va. to concatenate ; to chain or 
link together. 

concamoio, m. exchange. V. cambjo. 

COncanbnigO, m. fellow-canon. 

concatedralidad, /. union of two cathedral 

COncatenaciOn, /. concatenation. 

COncausa, /. concause, joint cause. 

c6ncava, concavidad, /. concavity, hollow . 
ness, hollow. 

cdncavo, va, a. concave, hollow. 

Cbncavo, m. concavity. V. CONCAVIDAD. 

concebi'ble, a. conceivable. 

COncebir, va. & vn. {ind. CONCIBO : subj. CON- 
ciba) to conceive, to become pregnant; to 
imagine, have an idea of; to comprehend, 
think, understand ; to express an idea. 

concedente, pa. conceding; one who con- 

conceder ['], va. to give, grant, be- 
stow, concede, allow, admit. 

concedido, da, a. & pp. of conckder ; con- 
ceded, granted. 

•concejal [con-theh-iwhr], m. member of a coun- 
cil or board. 

COncejil, a. relating to the municipal council ; 
common, public, belonging to the public; 
foundling (littl. us.). 

COnceJO [con-tiieii'-hol, m. civic body of a small 
town ; municipal council ; town-hall ; in 
Asturias, a district composed of several par- 
ishes with one common jurisdiction ; found- 

COncentO, m. concert of voices, harmony. 

C0ncentraci6n [con-thane-trah-tliie-on'l, /. con- 

COncentrado, da, a. concentred, concentrate. 

—pp. of CONCENTRAR. 

concentrar [con-thane-trai-'i, va. to concentrate, 
concentre. — vr. V. reconcentbarse. 

COnc^ntrico, ca, a. concentric, concentri- 

concepcl6n[cou-thei>-tiiie-on'i,/. conception, act 
of conceiving ; idea, comprehension, con- 
ceit, fancy ; among Catholics, the immacu- 
late conception of uie Holy Virgin ; religious 
feast on Dec. 8 ; picture representing the 
Holy Virgin : la Concepcl6n de Morillo, Mu- 
rillo's Madonna. 

% as :d far ; • In eh I ; i tn police ; O in for ; a ta boll ; e (before e, 1) and z as th In thlr.lL ; b and d, soft ; 




COnceptear, m. to give smart repartees. 

COnceptible, «. couceivable, that may be 

^Onceptlsmo, m. literary style abounding 
in witty sentences and epigrams. 

COnceptista, m. a wit, epigrammatizer. 

eoncepto, m. conceit, thought, idea, or con- 
ception expressed in words ; sentiment ; 
pithy sentence, epigram, flash of wit, pun, 
judgment, opinion, estimation, favourable 

COnceptualismo, m. conceptualism. 

•COnceptualista, «. conceptualist. 

COnceptuar, va. to conceive, judge, tbuiK, 
form an opinion. 

couceptuosamente, ado. ingeniously, wit- 
tily, pithily expressed. 

COnceptuoso, sa, a. witty, sententious, epi- 

COncernencia, /. concernment, relation, in- 

COnCemiente [con-ther-ne-en'-teh], pa. concern- 

COncemir, v. def. {ind. ello CONCIERNE : subj. 
ello co»^cierna) to regard, concern, belong 
or appertain to. V. ataner. 

COncertadamente, adv. regularly, orderly, 
methodically, concertedly ; by agreement 
or appointment. 

COncertador, m. regulator, adjuster, expe- 

COncertante, a. (mus.) concerted, arranged 
for two or more voices or instruments. 

COnCertar [con-ther-tar], va. {ind. CONCIERTO : 

subj. concierte) to concert, arrange by 
agreement, adjust, harmonize, accord ; to 
settle the price of things ; to bargain, cove- 
nant, conclude an agreement, close a deal ; 
■(mus.) to harmonize musical instruments ; 
to compare, estimate the relative qualities 
of things ; to beat about the bush ; start or 
rouse the game. — vn. to agree, accord, suit 
one another. — vr. to go hand in hand ; to 
concert, covenant, contrive, design. 

COncertista, m. &/. person who manages or 
performs in concerts. 

50ncesi6n [con-tiieh-se-on'], /. concession, grant, 

COncesionariO, m. (law) grantee, conces- 

COncia,/. prohibited part of a forest. 

concibo, conclba {irr. from concebir). 

conclencla [con-tiue-en'-twe-Rh], /. conscience, 
scrupulosity, conscientiousness, conscious- 
ness : k conciencia, conscientiously : en con- 
clencla, in good earnest, in truth : ancho de 
conclencla, not overscrupulous, not too con- 
scientious : eatrecho de conciencia, overscru- 
pulous, narrow-minded. 

concienzudamente, adv. conscientiously, 


COncienzudO, da [con-thle-en-thoo'-doh], a. con- 
scientious, scrupulous, exactly just ; assidu- 

COnciertO [con-thie-err'-toh], m. good order and 
arrangement of things ; concert ; bargain ; 
agreement ; contract, accommodation ; act 
of beating the wood with hounds to start 
the game ; musical concert ; concerto, a 
musical composition : de conclerto, by agree- 

concierto, concierte (irr. from concer- 

COnclliable, a. reconcilable, capable of con- 

COnclllAbulO, m. conventicle ; unlawful as- 
sembly or meeting. 

C0IlCiliaCl6n [con-thie-le-ah-tliie-on'], /. concilia- 

tion ; act of settling disputes ; affinity ; act 
of obtaining esteem, friendship, or favour. 

COnciliador, ra, m. & /. conciliator, peace- 
maker, iiRconciler. 

COncillar, va. to conciliate or compose differ- 
ences ; to conciliate, gain, win the affection 
or esteem of others ; reconcile ; to accord ; 
reconcile two or more doctrines or proposi- 
tions seemingly contraries : conclliar el sueno, 
to induce sleep : conclliar las amlstades, to 
make friends. 

conclliar, a. conclliar, relating to councils. — 
m. member of a council. 

COnciliativO, va, a. conciliatory. 

COnciliO, m. council, meeting, congress ; as- 
sembly of bishops ; collection of decrees. 

COncisamente, adv. concisely, briefly, short- 
ly, laconically. 

COncisibn, /. conciseness, brevity, terseness. 

COnciSO, sa, a. concise, brief, short, laconic. 

COnCitaCibn [con-tliie-tah-thie-on'],/. COncitation, 
act of stirring up. 

COncitador, m. instigator, inciter. 

COncitar, va. to excite ; to stir up commo- 

COncitatiVO, va, a. inciting; stirring up 

conciudadano, m. fellow-citizen, townsman, 

conclave or c6nclave, m. conclave ; place in 
which the cardinals meet to elect a pope ; 
meeting held by the cardinals ; close meet- 
ing or assembly. 

COnclavista, m. conclavist; domestic of a 

concluir, va. (pp. concluido and concluso: 
ind. CONCLUYO: subj. cx)NCLuya) to con- 
clude, end, terminate, finish, close, com- 
plete, make up, despatch ; to convince with 
reason, make evident, silence by argument ; 
to decide finally, determine ; to infer, de- 
duce; to close judicial proceedings; to sub- 
mit to a final decision ; (fenc.) to disarm an 
adversary by engaging the guard of his 

COnclUSidn,/. conclusion, end ; close or clos- 
ure ; date ; issue ; conclusion of the proceed- 
ings in a lawsuit ; conclusion, inference, de- 
duction, consequence ; thesis in schools : en 
conclusion, finally. 

COnclUSiVO, va, a. conclusional, conclusive, 

COnclUSO, sa, a. concluded, closed, termi- 
nated.— p^. irr. of CONCLUIR. 

COncluyente, pa. concluding, concludent, 
conclusive, conclusional. 

concluyentemente, adv. conclusively. 

concluyo, concluya (irr. from concluir). 

COncofrade, m. he who belongs to the same 
brotherhood with another. 

COncoideo, a, a. conchoidal, resembling a 

COncolega, m. fellow-collegian. 

concomerse, vr. (coll.) to shrug the shoul- 

concomimiento, concomido, m. (coll.) 
shrugging of the shoulders. 

COncomitancia, /. concomitance, circum- 
stantial evidence. 

COncomitante, pa. concomitant, concurrent- 
acoom))anying, accessory. 

COncordable, a. concordant, conformable, 
agreeable, accommodable, consistent with. 

COncordacibn, /. co-ordination, combina- 
tion, conformation, conformity. 

COncordador, m. conciliator,' peacemaker, 

COncordancia, /. concordance, concord, 

f (before e, 1) and J as h in hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; fi, ny iu canyon ; r (liMtUl) and rr triUed ; I, Ufi-seO. 




agreement, conformity ; harmony, concord 
of sounds ; concordance of text or words ; 
grammatical concord.— p/. index. 

COncordante, pa. concordant, agreeing. 

COncordar, va. Mnd. concuerdo : subj. CON- 
cuerde) to accord, regulate ; to make agree, 
compromise. — vn. to accord, agree, comport, 
conform, comply, tally, concord ; to be con- 
genial, be in accord. 

concordata, /. concordato, m. concordat, 
covenant made by a government with the 

Concorde, a. concordant, agreeable, agreeing, 

ccncordemente, adv. with one accord. 

Concordia, /• concord, conformity, union, 
narmouy ; agreement, settlement out of 
court : de concordia, jointly, by common con- 

concorpdreo, rea, «. concorporeal, of the 
same body. 

concreci6n, /. concretion. 

concreclonar, vn. to fonn concretions. 

OOnCreSCenCia [con-cres-thane'-thle-ah],/. (phys. ) 

concretamente, adv. concretely. 

COncretar, va. to combine, unite, concrete. — 
rr. to be reduced to speaking or treating of 
one subject only. 

COncretO, ta, a. (logic) concrete, not ab- 
stracted. — m. concrete, formed by concre- 

concubina, /. concubine, mistress. 

concubinaiio, m. one who keeps a mistress. 

concubinato, m. concubinage. 

COncubitO, m. coition. 

concuerdo, concuerde {irr. from concor- 


conculcar, va. {pret. conculquk: subj. con- 
culque) to trample under foot. 

COncu&adO, da, m. & /. brother or sister-in- 
law, term confined to persons who are mar- 
riea to two brothers or sisters. 

COnCUplSCenCia [con-coo-pis-thane'-thle-ahlj/. con- 
cupiscence, lust, cupidity ; avarice, inordi- 
nate desire. 

concuplscible, a. concupiscible, impressing 

COncurrencia, /. convention or assembly of 
persons ; concurrence, coincidence ; compe- 
tition in trade. 

COncurrente, pa. concurrent, coincident. 

COncurrir, vn. to concur; to meet in one 
point, time, or place ; assist, attend ; to con- 
tribute ; to coincide, agree with or agree to- 
gether ; to compete in trade. 

COncursar, va. (law) to lay an injunction on 
the goods and chattels of an insolvent debtor. 

COncursO, nu concourse, confluence of per- 
sons; conflux, crowd, congregation, assem- 
bly; aid, assistance ; competitive contest be- 
tween candidates for a professorship, curacy, 
etc. : concorio de acreedores, meeting of cred- 

COncusidn, /. concussion, shaking, shock ; 
exaction, extortion, blackmailing: concuil6n 
violenta, concussation. 

COncusionariO, ia, a. concussive, shaking ; 
extortioner, blackmailer. 

concha, /. shell, case, carapace ; a mollusk, 
shell-fish, oyster ; tortoise-shell ; any object 
that has the shape of a shell ; prompter's 
box • bay in the shape of a horse-shoe ; basin ; 
fixed grindstone in mills ; ancient copper 
coin, worth about three farthings: concha 
de nicar, mother-of-pearl shell ; (arch.) vol- 
ute ; conch ; the external ear ; shell of a 
dagger or cutlass ; shell-shaped covering of 

the spike of Indian corn : concha de cabrei- 
tante, (naut.) socket of the capstan: con- 
chas de escobenes, (naut.) navel-woods or na- 
vel-hoods : tener muchas conchas, to be very 
reserved, artful, cunning : meterse en sn con- 
cha, to become a recluse. 

concnabanza [con-cimh-bahn'-thah], /. manner 
of making one's self easy and comfortable ; 
(coll. ) plotting, conspiracy. 

COnchabar, va. to join, unite, meet ; to mix 
inferior wool with the superior at shearing- 
time. — vr. to unite for some evil purpose ; to 
plot, conspire. 

conchado, da, a. scaly, crustaceous, shelly. 

concbal, a. v. seda conchal. 

conchil, m. rock-shell ; murex. 

conchilla, ita, /. dim. small shell. 

COnchudO, da, a. shelly, scaly, crustaceous, 
ostraceous ; cunning, crafty, close, reserved. 

conchuela,/. dim. v. conchilla. 

COndadO, m. earldom, county ; dignity of a 
count or earl. 

COndal, «. relating to the dignity of an earl 
or count. 

conde, m. earl, count ; overseer ; elected head 
or chief of the gipsies. 

condecente, a. convenient, fit, proper. 

COndecoraci6n, /. decoration, embellishing 
or decorating ; jewelled insignia of knight- 
hood, medal, badge. 

COndecorar, va. to ornament, adorn, embeK 
lish ; to honour, reward ; to bestow a medal 
or insignia ; to knight. 

COndena, /. the clerk of the court's attesta- 
tion of the sentence of a condemned crimi- 
nal ; sentence, term of imprisonment, pen- 

COndenable, a. condemnable, blamable, cul- 
pable, damnable. 

C0ndenaci6n, /. condemnation, sentence to 
nunishmeut ; punishment, mulct, fine ; eter- 
nal damnation. 

condenado, da, m. & /. one condemned to 
eternal punishment. 

condenado, da, a. & pp. of condenar ; con 
demned, damned, sentenced. 

COndenador, ra, m. &/. cocdemner, blamex 

COndenar, va, to sentence, pronounce judg 
ment; to damn, to condemn, censure, blame, 
to refute, disapprove ; to nail or wall up a 
door, window, or passage ; to condemn a 
structure as unsafe. — vr. to condemn one's 
self, acknowledge one's fault; to incur eter- 
nal punishment. 

COndenatoriO, ria, a. condemnatory, dam- 

COndensabUldad, /. the quality of being 

condensable, a. condensable. 

C0ndensaci6n,/. condensation, compression. 

COndensador, ra, »». & f. condenser, air- 
compressor : condensador de faerzaa, accumu- 
lator : condensador eUctrico, storage batt«ry. 

COndensante, i>a. condensing, compressing. 

COndensar, va. to thicken, condense, com- 
press.— cr. to be condensed ; to gather. 

condensativo, va, a. condensative. 

COndensidad, /. condensity, condensation. 

COndesa, ./". countess, heiress to an earldom. 

COndeSCendencia [con-des-tliaue-den'-thle-aJi), /. 

condescendence, condescension, condescend- 
ing, compliance, complacency. 

C0ndeBCender[con-<le8-then-deiT'], va. {ind. CON- 

descienuo : xubj. cokdescienda) to conde- 
scend, yield, submit, comply. 

condescendiente, ». &pa. complacent, com- 
pliant, acquiescent, condescending. 

• u tu far : e in eb ' ; i in police ; O in for ; n in bull ; C (before e, i) and 2 m th in thick ; b and A, soft} 




eondesciendo, condescienda {irr, from 

COndesita, /. dim. little or young countess. 

condesito, m. dim. little earl ; little count. 

COndesil, a. (coll.) belonging to a count or 
countess. V. condal. 

COndestable, m. constable, lord high consta- 
ble ; (naut.) master gunner. 

eondestablia, /. constableship. 

COndicidn'J,/. condition, quality, 
state ; footing ; habit, disposition, temper ; 
constitution ; quality, rank, class; fashion ; 
clause, stipulation, specification. 

COndicionadO, da, a. conditioned. V. COK- 


COndicional, a. conditional, not absolute. 

COndicionalmente, adv. conditionally ; hy- 

COndicionar, vn. to agree, accord, condition. 

eondiciOZLCilla, ita, /. dim. hasty temper ; 
small clause or stipulation. 

COndlgnamente, arfv.condignly, deservedly. 

condigno, na, a. condign, suitable, deserved, 

C6ndll0, m. (anat.) condyle. 

COndimentar, va. to dress or season victuals. 

COndimentO.m. condiment, seasoning, sauce. 

COndiscipulO, m. con disciple, school-fellow, 
fellow-scholar or fellow-student, 

SOndOlerse, vr. {ind. conduelo : subj. CON- 
duela) to condole, to be sorry for, to sym- 
pathize with, to regret 

COndominiO, m. joint-ownership. 

COndbmino, m. joint-owner. 

COndonacidU,/. condonation, pardoning, for- 

£Ondonar, va. to pardon, forgive, remit. 

COndonante, pa. condoning, forgiving, re- 

S6lldor, m. (om.) condor; Chilean and Co- 
lombian gold coin worth ten dollars. 

JOndrila, /. (hot.) common gum-succory. 

lOndrin, m. weight for precious metals in the 
Philippines = 0.3768 gramme, or about one- 
fourth a pennyweight. 

SOndrografia,/. description of cartilages. 

condrograflco, ca, a. chondrographic. 

COndroIOgia,/. chondrology. 

C0Ilducci6n [con-dooc-thie-on'], /. conveyance ; 
carriage ; cartage, transportation, transmis- 
sion ; act of conveying or conducting, lead- 
ing, guiding ; conduct ; stipulated rate or 
charge for transportation. 

COndUCencia, /. conducing to or promoting 
any end ; conducement. 

conducente, a. &pa. conducive, conducent, 
conducible ; official. 

COndUClr [con-doo-theer'l, va. & vn. (ind. CON- 
Duzco : pret. conduje : subj. conduzca) to 
convey, carry, conduct ; guide, direct, show 
the way, lead along ; to direct, manage, con- 
duct ; adjust any affair or business. — n, to 
conduce, contribute, favour; be fitted for; 
lead to.— vr. to behave, act, conduct one's 

COndUCta, /. transportation, conveyance ; 
conduct, convoy ; property convoyed ; gov- 
ernment, command, direction ; conduct, 
management, course, manner of proceed- 
ing ; behaviour, comportment, conduct ; 
party of recruits conducted to the regiment ; 
contract made by a town or village with a 
physician to attend their sick. 

COnductero, m. one in charge of a convoy. 

COndUCtibllidad [con-dooc-te-be-le-dalid'], /. COn- 

conductible, a. conveyable, conductible. 
conduct! Vidad,/. conductivity. 

Bjito, m. dim. little rabbit. 

BjO, a. alambre conejo, rabbit-wire, copper^ 

COnductiVO, va, a. conductive. 

COnductO, m. duct, conduit, sewer, drain, 
sink, spout, water-main, steam-pipe; chan- 
nel through which any business is conduct- 
ed or managed ; mediator ; person through 
whom anything is accomplished : salvo-con- 
ducto, safe-conduct. 

conductor, m. conductor, leader, usher, con- 
duct, guide, conveyer, any conducting me- 
dium : conductor eUctrico, electric-rod. 

COnductora,/. conductress, directress ; mov- 

conduelo, conduela {irr. from condoler). 

COnduefi.0, m. (com.) joint-owner. 

COndumiO, m. (coll. ) meat dressed to be eaten 
with bread ; plenty of food. 

C0nduplicaci6n, /. (rhet.) reduplication. 

COndutal, m. (mas.) leader, gutter. V, ca- 

conduzco, conduzca ("t. from conducir). 

COnectar, va. (mech.^ to connect, couple up. 

COneja, /. female raboit. 

COnejal, COn^ar, m. rabbit-warren. 

COUeJera, /. warren for breeding rabbits; 
burrow; brothel; (coll.) den or cavern in- 
habited by poor people or frequented by 
bad characters. 

COnejerO, m. warrener, keeper of a rabbit- 
warren. — a. that which hunts rabbits, com- 
monly applied to a dog. 



conejo, Ja, m. &f. (zool.) rabbit. 

COnejuna, /. rabbit down or fur. 

COnejuno, na, a. relating to the rabbit kind. 

COneXidadeS [co-nek-se-dah'-des], /. pi. rights an~ 

nexed to the principal. 

COnexidn [co-nek-se-on'],/. connection, conjunc- 
tion, union, conjuncture, cohesion, close- 
ness, coherence. 

COnexiVO, va [co-nek-sep'-vo], a. connective. 

COnexo, xa [co-uek'-so], a. connected, united. 

C0nfabulaci6n, /. confabulation, easy con- 
versation, chat; leaguing, conspiracy, plot, 

confabulador, ra, m. & /. story-teller, gos- 
sijx schemet-. 

COniabular, vn. to confabulate ; talk easily 
together, chat. — vr. to league, enter into 

COnfalbn, m,. gonfalon, standard, ensign. 

confalonler, confaloniero, m. gonfalonier, 
chief standard-bearer. 

confarreacidn [con-far-ray-ah-thie-on'],/. confar- 

C0nfecci6n [con-fec-thie-on'], /. any handwork, 
fancy work, ready-made article; (phami.) 
confection, compound remedy, electuary. 

confecclonador, ra, m. & f. one who makea 
up articles of dress or any handwork. 

COnfeCCiOnar [con-fec-thie-o-nar'], va. to make, 
prepare, put together, complete, make hand- 
work, elaborate ; to confect, compound, put 
up medicaments or prescriptions. 

COnfederacldn,/. confederacy, league, union, 
confederation, federation, coalition ; inter- 
national treaty or convention. 

confederado, da, a. & m. & /. confederate, 
allied, federate, covenanter, federary, con- 
sociate.— ^j9. of confederar. 

COnfederar, va. & vr. to confederate, join in- 
a league. 

COnferenCia [con-feh-ren'-tUie-ah], /. conference, 
meeting, conversation, interview, coUocu- 
tion, congress ; daily lecture in universi- 
ties ; public lecture. 

conferenciante,i>a. public lecturer. 

ti (before e, 1) and J as h in bot ; b, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; &, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; ■, biased. 




COnferenclax, va. to confer, consult together, 
take counsel, hold an interview ; to give a 
public lecture. 

COnferir, va. {ind. confiero : subj. CONFIE- 
ra) to confer ; to compare, deliberate, com- 
mune ; to give, bestow, confer, award. 

COnfesa, /. nun who was a widow. 

confesado, da, a. & pp. of confesar ; con- 
fessed. — m. &f. (coll.) penitent. 

confesante, pa. he who confesses before a 

confesar, va. {pp. confesado and confeso : 

. ind. confieso : stibj. confiese) to manifest 
or assert one's opinion ; to confess, ac- 
knowledge, own, avow, grant ; to confess, 
hear or receive confessions ; to confess to 
the priest : confesar de piano, to confess 
plainly or openly. — vr. to confess or make 
confession ; to shrive. 

C0llfesi6n, /. confession, avowal, acknowl- 
edgment ; confession to a priest; plea of 
guilty or not guilty by a defendant. 

C(mfesionariO, m. treatise with rules for con- 
fessing ; confessional. 

confeslonera or confesionariera, /. nun 
having the care and keys of confession- 

confesionista, m. a Lutheran. 

confeso, sa, m. &/. (law) one who confesses 
a crime ; converted Jew. — m. lay-brother. — 
pp. irr. of confesar. 

COnfesonariO, m. confessional. 

COnfesor, m. father confessor* title given to 
holy men by the Roman Catholic Church. 

COnfiable, a. trusty. 

COnfiadamente, adv. confidently, safely. 

COnfiadO, da, a. confident, secure, unsus- 

f)icious, trusting; presumptuous, arrogant, 
brward.— ^. of confiar. 

COnflador, m. (law) joint-surety, fellow- 

COnfianza, /. confidence, trust, reliance, firm 
belief, faith ; courage, honest boldness, 
firmness of opinion ; presumptuousness, for- 
wardness, assurance ; familiarity, intimacy: 
en conflanza, privately, secretly, confiden- 
tially : de conflanza, informally, unceremo- 

confiar, vn. to hope, to feed with hope ; to 
confide, to trust in. — va. to confide, intrust, 
credit ; commit to the care of another. 

COnfidencla, /. trust, confidence. V. con- 
fxanza ; secret information. 

confidencial, a. confidential. 

confidenclalmente, adv. confidentially. 

confidence, m. confident, intimate, counsel- 
lor ; detective, informer, secret agent, spy ; 
settee for two persons, t6te-d-t6te. — a. true, 
faithful, trusty. 

confidentemente, adv. confidently, fiducial- 
ly, faithfully. 

confiero, confiera (irr. from conferir). 

confieso, confiese {irr. from confesar). 

C0nfiguraci6n,/. configuration. 

configurado, da, pp. & a. configurated. 

COnfigurar, va. to configure, conform ; to 

COnfLn, m. limit, boundary, confine, border. 

COnfin, COnfinante, a. bordering upon, con- 
terminous, limitaneous. — conflnante, pa. of 


COnfinar, va. & vn. to banish, exile ; to con- 
fine, imprison oi> immure ; to border upon, 

COnflnglr, va. {ind. CONFINJO: subj. CON- 
finja) (pharm. ) to mix ingredients into one 

C0nfirmaci6n, /. confirmation, corrobora- 

tion, attestation, evidence, additional proof; 
(eccl.) confirmation, a sacrament. 

COnfirmadamente, adv. firmly, safely, as- 

conflrmador, ra, m. & f. confirmator, at- 
tester, confirmer. 

COnfirmante, pa. confirmer. 

COnfirmar, va. to confirm, corroborate, for- 
tify, verify ; to strengthen, support, ratify ; 
to confirm, as a Christian, by tne solemn im- 
position of hands. 

confirmativamente, adv. confirmingly. 

COnfinnatOriO, ria, a. confirmatory, con- 

confiscable, «. confiscable, forfeitable. 

C0nfiscaci6n,/. confiscation, forfeiture. 

COnfiscadO, da, a. & pp. of confiscar ; con- 
fiscate, confiscated. 

confiscar, va. {pret. cONFlSQui: sulyj. CON- 
FisQUE) to confiscate. 

COnfitar, va. to confect, candy with melted 
sugar ; to make up into sweetmeats, to make 
preserves ; (met.) to dulcify, to sweeten. 

COnfite, m. comfit, sugar-plum : morder en nn 
confite, to be hand and glove, to be intimate 
and familiar : confitei, dainties, sugar- 
plums, bonbons. 

confitente, a. v. confeso. 

confitera, /. vessel for comfits, box for can- 

COnfiteria, /. confectionery ; confectioner^s 

confitero, ra, m. & /. confectioner ; tray for 

COnfitiCO, illO, itO, m. dim. small comfit; 
caraway comfit.— p/. ornaments in the shape 
of comfits wrought on coverlets. 

confitura, /. confiture, confection, sweet- 
meats, candied fruit, preswve. 

C0nflaci6n, /. fusion, melting metal?, smelt- 

COnnagracibn, /. conflagration ; sudden and 
violent perturbation of towns and nations. 

COnfiitil, a. fusible. 

COnflictO, m. conflict, struggle, strife, combat 
or contest ; (met.) struggle, agony, pang. 

COnfiuencla, /. confluence, conflux, nux. 

confiuente, pa. confluent. 

COnfiuir, vn. {ind. 61 CONFLUYE : prel. CON- 
FLUY6 : subj. confluya) to join or meet, ap- 

Slied to rivers and sea currents ; to assem- 
le in one place. 

conformacibn, /. conformation. 

COnformador, m. shaper ; hat conformator ; 
boot crimper. 

COnformar, va. to conform, adjust, fit.— tn. 
to suit, fit, conform, cohere, level. — vr. to 
comply with, to agree, to yield, submit, re^ 
sign one's self. 

COnfonne, a. alike, corresponding, coaform- 
able, correspondent, suitable, congruent, 
consonant, convenient, accordant ; eonsit^t^ 
ent, similar ; compliant, resigned : conforme 
A, consistent with, agreeable to. 

conforme, adv. in due proportion ; agreeably, 
according to. 

COnformemente, adv. conformably, unani- 
mously, ct)rrectly, agreeably. 

COnformidad, /. similitude, resemblance, 
likeness, conformity ; agreement, consist- 
ence, consonance, congruence; union, con- 
cord, concordance ; symmetry ; close at- 
tachment of one person'to another ; affinity ; 
submission, acquiescence, patience, resigna- 
tion : de conformldad, by common consent ; 
correctly : en conformldad. agreeably, suita- 
bly, according to. 

COnfermlsta, m. conformist. 

a M In far ; e in eh t ; i in police ; e In for ; n in bull ; c (before e, t) and z m th in tUck ; b and d, soft ; 




€Onfortacl6n, /. comfort, consolation, en- 

confortador, ra, m. &f. comforter, consoler, 

OOnfortamientO, m. comfort, consolation, 

COnfortante, pa. comforting, soothing.— -m. 
calmative, stomachic— pZ. mitts. 

COnfortar, va. to comfort, strengthen, en- 
liven, invigorate; to encourage, console, 
cheer, solace. 

eonfortatlVO, va, «. comfortable, corrob- 
orative, cordial; encouraging, cheering, 

conforte, m. v. confoktaci6n. 

COnfraccion,/. fraction, breaking. 

COnfraternidad, /. confraternity, brother- 

COnfricacldn,/. rubbing, friction. 

confricar, va. to rub, 

COnfrontaclbn, /. confrontation, confront- 
ment ; comparing one thing with another ; 
sympathy, natural conformity. 

COnfrontante,i>a. confronting; confronted 

COnfrontar, va. to confer, collate, confront ; 
to compare one thing with another. — vn. to 
agree in sentiments and opinion ; to border 

confundlr, va. {pp. confundido and con- 
Fuso) to confound, jumble ; to perplex, con- 
fuse, darken, throw into disorder; to con- 
fute by argument ; to abase, humiliate. — vr. 
to be bewildered, perplexed, confounded, 
rattled, mixed up ; to be ashamed and 

COnfasamente, adv. confusedly, mingledly, 

COnfuslbn, /. confusion, tumult, disorder, 
misrule ; perplexity, perturbation, entan- 
glement, confusedness ; obscurity ; humilia- 
tien, shame, ignominy, reproach. 

COnfUSO, sa, a. confused, mixed, confounded, 
jumbled together; obscure, doubtful, un- 
intelligible ; blurred, indistinct ; fearful, 
timorous, perplexed: en confaso, confused- 

COnfutaclbn,/. confutation, disproof. 

COnfatar, va. to confute, disprove, falsify, 

congelable, a. congealable. 

C0ngelaci6n, /. congelation, freezing, con- 
gealing; couglaciation, congealment. 

OOngelador, m. freezer. 

congelamiento, m. v. congelaci6n. 

COngelar, va. & vr. to congeal, to freeze. 

COngelatiVO, va, a. having the power of con- 

cong6nere, congen6rico, ca, a. congeneric, 
of like kind. 

congenial, «. congenial, analogous. 

congenlar, vn. to be congenial, to sympa- 

COng^nitO, a. congenital, connate. 

COngerie,/. congeries, heap, mass. 

COngestibn, /. (med.) congestion. 

COngiariO, wi. congiary. 

COngiO, m. ancient Roman liquid measure. 

C0ngl0baci6n, /. conglobation, acquired 
sphericity ; mixture and union of immate- 
rial things ; (rhet.) accumulation of proofs. 

COnglObar, va. to conglobate, heap together. 

COnglomeracibn, /. conglomeration, hetero- 
geneous mixture, 

conglomerado, da, pp. & a. conglomerate. 

COnglomerar, va. to conglomerate. 

COnglutinacibn, /. conglutination, glutina- 
tion ; gluing together. 

conglutinado, da, pp. & a. conglutinate. 

COnglutlnar, va. to conglutinate, cement, re- 
unite. — vr. to conglutinate. 

conglutinatlvo, va, conglutinoso, sa, a. 

viscous, glutinous. 
COngOJa,/. anguish, dismay, anxiety of mind. 
COngOjar, va. to oppress, afflict. V. acongo- 


COngOJOSamente, adv. anxiously, painfully. 

COngOJOBO, sa, a. afflictive, painful, torment- 
ing, distressing, afflicted. 

COngolefiO, fla, «. of or relating to the Congo. 

COUgOStO, m. narrow pass, canyon. 

COngraciador, ra, m. &f. flatterer, fawner, 
wheedler, congratulator. 

congraciamlento, m. flattery, false praise, 
mean obsequiousness. 

COngraciar, va. to ingratiate, flatter.— t-r. to 
get into one's good graces. 

C0ngnratulacl6n, /. congratulation, gratular- 
tion, felicitation. 

COngratular, va. to congratulate, compli- 
ment, greet. — vr. to congratulate one's self, 

congratulatorio, ria, a. congratulatory, 


C0ngfegaci6n, /. congregation, meeting, as- 
sembly ; fraternity, brotherhood ; assembly 
met to .worship God: congregacion de los 
fleles, the catholic or universal church. 

COngregacionalismo, m. Congregational- 

COngregacionalista, com. Congregational- 

COngregante, ta, m. &f. member of a con- 
gregation, fraternity, or brotherhood. 

COngregar, va. (pret. congregue : subj. CON- 
GREGUE) to assemble, meet together, con- 
gregate, collect, gather. 

COngresO, m. congress, consistory, conven- 
tion, assembly ; carnal union of man and 
woman : Congreso de los Diputados, in Spain 
and some Spanish American republics, the 
House of Representatives. 

COngfllO, m. (zool.) conger-eel or sea-eel. 

COngma,/. competent sustenance to one who 
is to be ordained a priest. 

COngruamente, adv. conveniently ; becom- 

COngfuencia, /. convenience ; fitness ; con- 

COngruente, a. congruent, agreeing, corre- 

COngruentemente, adv. suitably, congru- 

COngruismo, m. congmism, a religious doc- 

COngrulsta, m. supporter of congruism. 

COngruo, ua, a. congruous, apt, fit, suitable. 

con£orte, m. v. conforte. 

COnicidad,/. conicity. 

c6niC0, ca, a. conical or conic. 

COniferO, ra, a. (hot. ) coniferous. 

COniforme, a. conical, coniform. 

COnivalVO, va, a. (zool.) having a conical 

COniza [co-nee-tiiaii'], /. (bot.) great flea-bane. 


COnjetnra,/. conjecture, surmise, guess. 
COnjetlirable, a. conjecturable. 
conjeturador, ra, m. & /. conjecturer, 

COnJetural, a. conjectural. 
COnjeturalmente, adv. conjecturally, guess- 

conjeturar, va. to conjecture, to guess. 
conjuez [coTi-iioo-eth'i, m. a cojudge. 

C0n]UgaCi6n [con-hoo-gah-thie-onj, /. conjuga- 

g (before e, i) and J as h in bot; h, silent ; U In brilliant ; ft, ny \a canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled; 




COnJUgadO, da [oon-hoo-gah'-do], a. & pp. of 
CONJUGAR ; conjugated, inflected, connect- 
ed; germinate: nerrioB conjugadoi, (anat. ) 
conjugate nerves: eje conjagado, conjugate 
or minor axis of an ellipse. 

CODjUgar [cou-hoo-gar'], va, {pret. CONJUGUE : 

subj. conjugue) (gram.) to conjugate or 
inflect verbs. 

COnJunCidn. [con-hoon-thie-on'l, /. conjunction, 
union, association, league ; couju^atiou ; 
copulation ; act of coupling or joining to- 
gether; consolidation ; (gram.) conjunction, 
a part of speech ; (ast.) conjunction of two 

COnjuntamente, adv. conjunctly, jointly. 

COSjuntiva, /. conjunctiva, mucous mem- 
brane of the eye. 

conjuntivo, va, a. conjunctive, copulative, 

COnjuntivitiS, /. (med.) conjunctivitis. 

CODJuntO, ta, a. to conjunct; united, con- 
nected, conjunctive, contiguous ; allied by 
kindred or friendship ; mixed or incorpo- 
rated with another thing. — m. the whole, 
aggregate, entirety, ensemble. 

CO^jUra, COnJUraCidn [con-hoo-rah-tWe-on'], /. 
conspiracy, conjuration, plot, complot, 

conjiirado, da, m. &/. conspirator, leaguer, 
covenanter. — pp. of conjurar. 

COBJurador, m. conspirator ; conjurer, exor- 

conloramen'Uu:, va. to take au oath to an- 
other. — vr. to bind one's self by an oath. V. 


COnlliraitte, pa. conjuring ; conspiring. 

conjurar fcon-hoo-rar'], vn. to conjure ; con- 
spire, plot ; to hatch or concert treason ; to 
join in a conspiracy. — va. to exorcise ; to 
conjure: to entreat, implore; avert, ward 

COnJuro, in. conjuration ; exorcism, incanta- 
tion ; entreaty. 

conllevador, m. helper, assistant. 

COnllevar, va. to aid or assist another in his 
labours ; to bear with any one. 

COnineinoraci6n,/. remembrance, commem- 
oration ; anniversary. 

conmemorar. va. to commemorate. 

coninemoratiyo, va, a. commemorative. 

conmemoratorio, ria, a. commemoratory. 

COnmensal, m. messmate, fellow-boarder. 

conmensalia, /. commensality. 

eonmensurabilldad, /. commensurability. 

conmensurable, a. commensurable. 

COnmensuracibn,/. commensuration. 

conmensurar. va. to commensurate. 

COnmensurativO, va, a. commensurable. 

COnmic^O, pron. pers. with me, with myself. 

conmilitdn, m. comrade, fellow-soldier. 

COnmlnacldn, /. commination, threat. 

COnminar, fa. to threaten ; (law) to de- 
nounce punishment. 

conminatorlo, ria, a. comminatory, denun- 
ciatory, threatening. 

conminuta, a. (surg.) comminuted. V. 


conmiseraclbn,/. commiseration, pity, sym- 
pathy, compassion. 
conmlBtibn, conmlstura,/. commixion. 
conmisto, ta, or conmixto, ta, a. mixed, 

mingled, incorporated. 

COmnocion [con-mo-thie-on'], /. commotion, ex- 
citement, stirring up, flurry, fretting, tu- 
mult, disturbance, convu-lsion. 

COnmonitoriO, m. written narration of an 
event; (law) reminder from a superior to 
an inferior judge. 

COnmovedor, m. disturber, fretter; affect* 
ing, harrowing. 

conmover, va. (inrf. conmuevo: subj. cox- 
mueva) to commove, disturb, affect. 

conmutabilidad, /. commutability. 

COnmutable, «. commutable. 

C0nmutaci6n,/. commutation, exchange. 

COnmutador, yn. commuter, electric switch, 
telegraph key, cut-out, commutator. 

COnmutar, va. to commute, exchange, barter. 

COnmutatiVO, va, a. commutative. 

connatural, a. connatural, inborn. 

C0nnaturalizaci6n, /. naturalization, ac- 
commodation to new conditions, acclimati- 

connaturalizarse, vr. to accustom one's 
self to labour, climate, or food; to inuk^j 
to become acclimated. 

COnnaturalmente, adv. connaturally. 

connivencia [ton-ne-i-n'-thie-aii],/. connivance, 
act of plotting. 

COnnotacidn, /. connotation, distant rela- 

COnnotadO, pp. & m. relationship, kindred. 

COnnotante, pa. connotative. 

COnnotar, va. to connote, imply. 

COnnotatiVO, va, a. (gram.) connotative 01 

COnnOViciO, Cia, m. & f. fellow-novice. 

connubial, a. connubial, matrimonial, con- 

COnnubiO, m. (poet.) matrimony, marriage, 

connumerar, va. to enumerate, include in a 

cono, m. (geom.) cone; (bot.) cone, fruit of 
the pine family. 

COnocedor, ra, m. &f. connoisseur, judge or 
critic in matters of taste, expert ; chief 

COnocer, va. {ind. CONOZCO : subj. conozca) 
to know ; to experience, observe, perceive, 
comprehend ; to be acquainted with ; to 
conjecture, sui-mise ; to know carnally: 
(law) conocer de nna causa or pleito, to try a 
cause, applied to a judge. — vr. to know each 
other ; to appreciate one's ow^n good or bad 

conocible, a. cognoscible, knowable. 

COnOCldamente, adv. knowingly, evidently, 

conocido, da, m. &/. acquaintance. —a. emi- 
nent, well known.— pp. of conocer. 

COnOCimientO, m. knowledge, understand- 
ing, skill, cognition, cognizance, compre- 
hension, notice, experience, expertness, ac- 
quaintance, person with whom we are ac- 
quainted ; slight friendship ; (com. ) bill of 
lading ; note of identification, voucher ; 
(Amer.) a check for baggage.— pi. accom- 
plishments, science: venir en conocialento 
de una co»a, to learn of something. 

COnOidal, a. conoidal, conoidical. 

conoide, /. conoid. 

COnopial, COnopiO, m. (arch.) ogee arch. 

conozco, conozca (irr. from conocer). 

COnque [con-keh'], coni. so then ; now, then ; 
well, then. — m. (coll.) wherewithal. 

COnqUifOrme [con-ke-for'-meh], a. conchifomi. 

COnqulliOlOgria [con-key-leoh-lo-he-ah], /. (zool.) 

COnquista [con-UeeB'-tah], /. conquest, subjec- 
tion, acquisition by victory ; the thing 
gained : act of winning another's affections. 

COnqulstable [con-kee«-tah'-biehJ, a. conquera- 
ble, attainable, accessible. 

conquistador, ra [con-kee«»-uii-dor'], a. con- 

a *■ (q far : e la eh I ; 1 in police ; «.1d for ; « In to«U ; C (b«for« e, l) and s as th in thick ; b and d, soft.; 




COnquistaxrcon-kees-tar'JiVa. to conquer, over- 
come, subdue; to acquire, win another's 

COnrear, va. in manufactories, to grease 
wool ; (agr.) to hoe the soil. V. bixar. 

COnregnaute, «. reigning with another. 

COnreUiar, m. to reign with another. 

COnsabldO, da, a. already known, alluded 
to, in question, before mentioned, afore- 
said.— -po. of CONSABKK. 

COnsabldor, ra, m. & /. one who possesses 
knowledge jointly with others. 

COnsagracibn, /. consecration. 

consagrado, da, a. &, pp. of consagrak; 
consecrate, consecrated, sacred, devoted. 

COnsagrante, m. &pa. consecrator. 

COnsagrrar, va. to consecrate, hallow, make 
sacred : among the Romans, to deify their 
emperors ; to consecrate, devote, dedicate ; 
to erect a monument. 

consanguineo.uea, a. consanguineous, cog- 
nate, kindred. 

GOnsangUlnidad [con-san-gee-ne-daUd'], /, con- 

consclente [cons-thie-en'-teh], a. conscious ; of 
sound mind ; compos mentis. 

conscientemente, adv. consciously. 

eonscriptO, a. padre conscripto, conscript 
father ; a Roman senator. 

COnsectariO, m. corollary. — a. consectary, 

consecucidn [con-seh-coo-thie-on'], /. attainment 
of a desirable object. 

COnSeCUencla [con-seh-coo-en'-thle-ah], /. conse- 
quence, conclusion, inference: en conse- 
cuencia, consequently, therefore, in conse- 
quence of: por consecuencia, therefore; re- 
sult or effect of a cause, issue ; consistence, 
firmness, coherence : guardar consecuencia, 
to be consistent ; consequence, importance, 
moment, concern, matter, consideration, 
note : ser de consecuencia, to be very impor- 

COnsecuente, m.' (logic and math.) effect, 
issue, consequent, consequence. — a. conse- 
quent, following, consistent, coherent. 

consecuentemente, adv. consequently, by 
consequence, necessarily, inevitably. 

consecutlvamente, adv. consecutively. 

COnsecutiVO, va, a. consecutive, consequen- 

CQnsegUiinieiltO [con-seh-gee-me-en'-to], m. at- 
tainment, obtainment. V. consecuci6n. 

COnSegUir Icou-seh-geer'], Va. {ind. CONSIGO : 

subj. consiga) to attain, get, gain, obtain, 

COnseja, /. story, fairy-tale, fable. 

consejera, /. counsellor's wife ; woman who 
gives advice. 

COnseJero, m. counsellor, member of a coun- 
cil, adviser ; anything which may give warn- 
ing : conseJero de la corona, crown minister. 

COnsejO [con-seh'-ho], TO. counsel, advice, opin- 
ion, monition; council, court, assembly of 
magistrates, advisory board, consulting 
body ; council-house : conseJo de ministros, 
in Spain, cabinet of ministers: presidente 
del conseJo, prim* minister: conseJo de 
guerra, court-martial; council of war. 

COnsenciente, />a. consenting; conniver. 

COnsenso, m. general assent; agreement of 
opinion, consensus. 

consensual, a. (law) consensual. 

COnsentidO, «. applied to a spoiled child ; ap- 
plied to a cuckold by his own consent.^-con- 
sentido, da, pp. of COXSENTIR. , 

OOnsentidor, ra, m. &/. compiler, conniver. 

COnsentimientO, ««. consent, connivance, 

compliance, acquiescence, concurrence, con- 
senting, acknowledgment; (med.) consent. 

consentix, va. {ind. consiento: subj. con- 
sienta) to consent, agree, allow, permit, 
tolerate, comply, acquiesce, accede, conde- 
scend ; to believe for certain, rely, depend, 
accept, admit, suffer; to concur; to coddle, 
spoil, overindulge children or servants. — 
V7i. (mech. ) to flag, give way, relax, weaken, 
become loose. — vr. to spring, crack, begin to 

conserje, m. keeper or warden of a royal 
palace, castle, or public building; janitor. 

COnserjeria, /. wardenship of a royal palace 
or castle ; warden's dwelling, janitor's office. 

COnserva,/. conserve, preserve, jam, marma- 
lade ; pickles ; fleet of merchantmen under 
convoy of a ship of war: navegar en con- 
serva, to sail under convoy.—^/, conservas 
alimenticias, canned goods. 

C0nservaci6n, /. conservation. 

COnseryador, to. conservator, preserver, cu- 
rator : juez conservador, person appointed to 
defend the rights of a community : partido 
conservador, conservative party. 

conservadora,/. conservatrix. 

conservaduria, /. dignity in the order of 

COnservante, pa. conserving, conserver. 

COnservar, va. to conserve, maintain, pre- 
serve, keep, hold, take care of; to guard, 
observe, continue; to preserve or pickle 
fruit ; to can goods. 

conservativo, va, a. conservative, preserva- 

COnservatoria, /. place and office of a Juez 
conservador ; grant to communities to choose 
their own conservators : conservatorias let- 
ters patent granted by conservatory judges. 

COnservatoriO, m. conservatory ; place for 
instruction in the fine arts. 

COnservatoriO, rla, a. conservatory ; having 
a preservative quality. 

conservero, ra, m. &/. conserver, a preparer 
of conserves. 

considerable, a. considerable, great, large, 

considerablemente, adv. considerably. 

COnsideracidn, /. consideration, regard, no- 
tice, sake, account; reflection, contempla- 
tion, meditation ; importance, claim to no- 
tice, worthiness of regard ; urbanity, re- 
spect: ser de consideraci6n, to be of great 
moment: en consideracidn, considering, in 
consideration, in proportion. 

consideradamente, adv. considerately, 


COnsideradO, pp. & a. prudent, considerate ; 
esteemed, respected, distinguished. 

COnsiderador, ra, w. & f. considerer, con- 

COnsiderante, pa. considering. 

COnsiderar, va. to consider, meditate, cogi- 
tate, think over ; to treat with urbanity, re- 
spect, consideration. 

consciento, conscienta {irr. from consen- 

COnslervO, m. fellow-slave. 

COnsigna,/. (mil.) watch-word, countersign. 

C0nsignacl6n, /. consignation, assignationf 
apportionment; (com.) consignment, cargo 
of goods. 

COnsignador, TO. (com.) consignor. 

COnsignar, va. to consign, assign, make 
over ; to set apart, devote ; to yield, intrust, 
lay to ; to state in writing ; to lay by, to de- 
posit; (com.) to consign goods or merchan- 
aise ; (law) to deposit in trust. 

<hCl>efore e, i) and J a? b la hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilliant ; ft, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; 8, hissed. 




COnslgnatariO, m. trustee; (law) mortga- 
gee, who enjoys the property mortgaged un- 
til the debt 'be paid out of the proceeds ; 
(com.) consignee. 

COnslgO, pro. pers. with one's self, with him- 
selfTnerself, themselves, yourself, or your- 
selves : consigo mismo, consigo propio, or 
conaigo »olo, alone, by one's self. 

consigo, conslga {irr. from conseguir). 

COnSigUlente Icon-se-Kee-en'-telil, 7ft. (log.) COn- 

sequeuce, result. — a. consequent, consecu- 
tive, consequential : de consigaiente, por con- 
■iguiente, or por el consigiiiente, consequent- 
ly, by consequence, pursuantly : aer consi- 
guiente, to be consistent. 

consiguientemente, adv. consequently. 

COnsinariO, /». counsellor ; assistant to head 
of a corporation. V. consejero. 

COnsintiente, pa. consenting, agreeing. 

COnsistencia, /. consistence, consistency ; 
stability ; duration ; coherence ; conformi- 
ty ; firmness, solidity. 

COnsistente, a. consistent, firm, solid. 

COnsistir, vn. to consist, subsist, continue 
fixed ; lie ; to be comprised, contained ; to 
be made of, composed of: conslatir en, to 
consist in. 

COnslstorial, a. consistorial, belonging or 
relating to an ecclesiastical court : casa con- 
sistorial, senate-house, guildhall, town-hall, 

COnsiStOrialxnente, adv. in or by a consis- 

COnslstoriO, m. consistory, ecclesiastical 
court ; pontifical senate ; in some Spanish 
towns the municipal council, and the town- 
house or town-hall : consistorio divlno, the 
tribunal of God. 

COnsOCiO, m. partner, associate, companion, 

COnsol, m. (Peru) V. consola. 

COnsola,/. console pier-table; bracket-shelf. 

COnsolable fpon-so-iah'-biehj, a. cousolable, re- 
lievable, comfortable. 

COnsolablemente, adv. consolably, comfort- 

COnsolaci6n,/. consolation, comfort; in some 
card games, a forfeit. 

COnsoladO, da, pp. & a. consoled, comforted. 

COnsolador, ra, m. & /. consolator, com- 
forter, soother. 

COnsolante, pa. comforting, consoling, com- 
fortable, soothing. 

COnsolar, va. {ind. CONSUELO : snbj. CON- 
SUELE) to console, comfort, cheer, soothe. 

consolatlvo, va, consolatoiio, ria, a. con- 
solatory, comfortable. 

C0ns611aa,/. (bot.) V. consuelda: consollda 
real, larkspur. 

consolidaci6n, /. consolidation. 

consolidado, da, p/». & a. consolidated.— p/. 
consolidated annuities, consols, government 

COnsOlldar, va. to consolidate, compact, close, 
harden, strengthen. — vi\ to consolidate, grow 
firm, hard, or solid ; (law) to unite the in- 
terest with the principal. 

COnsolidatiVO, va, a. consolldant, consoli- 

COnsonancla, /. consonance, harmony, ac- 
cord of .sound, rhyme ; consistency, congru- 
ence, consent ; conformity. 

COnsonante, ««. word that rhymes with an- 
other ; (mu.s.) consonous or corresjwndiug 
sound.—/, (gram.) a consonant. 

COnsonante, pa. & a. consonant, agreeable, 
consistent, concordant, conformable: letras 
consonantes, the consonants. 

COnsonantemente, adv. consonantly, agree- 

consonar, m. (ind. consuexo : subj. coN> 
SUENE) (mus.) to make harmonious sounds ; 
(poet.) to rhyme; to agree, resemble, har- 

c6nsones, m. pi. (mus.) concordant sounds^ 

c6nsono, na, a. consonous, harmonious, con- 

COnsorciO, m. consortion, partnership, so- 
ciety ; marital union ; friendly intercourse ; 
mutual affection. 

COnsorte, com. consort, companion, partner,, 
mate ; one who enters or defends an action 
jointly with another. 

COnsplbuo, CUa, «. conspicuous, obvious, evi- 
dent, visible, notorious ; eminent, famous^ 

Conspiraci6n, /. conspiracy, plot, complot, 
conjuration, conspiration. 

consplrado, pp. & m. V. conspirador. 

COnsplrador, m. conspirator, complotter, 

COnsplrante, ^a. conspiring: faerzas conspi- 
rantes, conspiring powers. 

COnspirar, m. to conspire, plot, complot ; to 
agree together, co-operate, combine. 

constancla, /. constancy, steadiness, imrnu- 

COnstante, a. constant, firm, unalterable, im- 
mutable; loyal, constant, manifest, appar- 
ent, clear. — m. & f. one who is constant. — 
pa. composed of, consisting in. 

constantemente, adv. constantly, firmly, 
unalterably ; evidently, undoubtedly. 

constantinbpolitano, na, a. of or belonging 
to Constantinople. 

COnstar, v. imp. to be clear, evident, certain ; 
to be recorded, entered, registered ; to be 
composed of, to consist in ; of verses, to have 
the proper measure and accent. 

C0nstelacl6n, /. constellation, cluster of 
fi.ved stars ; climate, temperature : corre tin* 
constelacion, an epidemic prevails. 

C0nsternaci6n, /. consternation, amaze. 
nuMit, liorrur, distress, panic. 

COnsternar, ra. to terrify, strike with horroj 
or amazement ; to cause a panic. 

C0nstlpaci6n, /. a cold : constlpaclon de Tien- 
tre, constipation, costiveuess. 

constipado, pp. & m. a cold.- 

constipar, ra. to cause a cold ; to obstruct 
the perspiration. — vr. to catch cold : consti- 
parse el vientre, to be costive. 

constipativo, va, a. constrictive. 

C0nstltuci6n [conH-te-too-tiiie--oti!, /. constitu- 
tion, corporeal frame, temper ; established 
form of government ; system of laws and 
customs; particular law or established usagf; 
rules and by-laws of a corporation ; statute. 

COnstitUCional, m. constitutionalist, consti- 
tutionist. — (I. constitutional. 

constitucionalidad,/. constitutionality. 

constitucionalismo, //*. constitutionalism. 

COnstitUCionalmente, o<lr. lonstitutionally. 

COnstituir, va. (ind. CONSTITUYO : suhj. 
coNSTiTrvA) to constitute, produce; to 
erect^ establish, make, create, ordain ; to 
appoint, depute. — rr. constituirse en oblifta- 
ci6n de algnna cosa, to bind one's self to per- 
form anything. 

COnstitUtlVO, va, a. constitutive, essential, 
productive, formal, hyix>statical.— /«. A /. 

cojistituyente, m. constituent, i'. <omi- 
TENTK. — a. con.stituent ; that which makes 
a thing what it is.— pa. of constitlir. 

a u in for ; e in eh I ; i in police ; « i« fw; a ia bull ; c (before e, I) «nrt s as tk ia tUck ; b mad d, soft; 




constrefLidamente, adv. compulsirely. 

COnstrefiimientO, m. constraint or compul- 

constrefiir, va. {ind. constrino : subj. cons- 
trina) to constrain, compel, force, con- 
strict ; (med.) to bind or make costive, ap- 
plied to food. 

COnstrlCCidn [cons-tric-tiiie-otr], /. constriction, 

COnstrictivO, va, a. binding, astringent, 

constrictor, m. &. a. constrictor. 

COnstringente [cong-tiin-heu'-teii], a. &pa. con- 
stringent, constrictor. 

constrino, constrifLa (*>/•. from constre- 


C0nstrucci6n [cons-trooc-thie-<>n'', /. construc- 
tion ; act and art of constructing ; archi- 
tecture ; building ; fabrication : construc- 
cion de buqnes, ship-building, naval archi- 
tecture ; (gram.) syntax. 

<iOnstructor, ra, a. builder, framer, fabri- 
cator, maker: (naut.) constructor de buques, 
'onstruir, va. {ind. CONSTRUYO : subj. CONS- 
truya) to form, build, construct, fabricate, 
frame; to translate literally; (^ram.) to 
construe, to range words in their natural 

"^Onstuprador, m. debaucher, defller, cor- 

bonstuprar, va. to constuprate, defile, de- 

:0nSUbStanCiaCi6n [con-soobs-tan-thie-ah-thle- 
on'], /. consubstantiation. 

consubstancial, a. (theol.) consubstantial. 

COnSUb StanCialidad [con-goobs-tau-thle-ah-le- 

dahrt'T, /. (theol.) consubstantiality. 

-COnsuegrar, vn. to become joint fathei^ or 

SOnsuegrO, gra, m. &f. the fathers or moth- 
ers who marry their children together. 

consuelda, /. (bot.) comfrey. 

COnsiielO, m. consolation, comfort, relief, 
comfortableness; joy, merriment: (coll.) 
sin consuelo, out of rule or measure, to ex- 

consuelo, consuele, irr. from coNsoLAR. 

consueno, consuene, irr. from consonar. 

'JOnsueta, m. & /. stage prompter; (prov.) 
directory for divine service.^p^. consuetas, 
short prayers. 

COnsuetudinariO, ria, a. customary, gen- 
erally practised; (theol.) in the habit of 

Cdnsill, m. consul. 

COnsilladO, m. consulate, consulship ; term 
of office as consul ; tribunal of commerce. 

consular, a. consular. 

COnsulta, /. question proposed, or the answer 
given in writing ; consultation, conference, 
meeting for deliberation ; report made and 
advice given to the king in council. 

COnsnltable, a. worthy or necessary to be 
deliberated upon. 

COnsultacibn, /. consultation, conference, 

consultants, pa. consulting; consulter : 
ministro consultante, minister who lays 
before the king the opinion of his council. 

COnsultar, ra. to consult, ask, or take an- 
other's advice ; to advise.^ to deliberate, 
take counsel together. 

COnsultiVO, va, a. consultative, oonciliary, 

COnsultor, ra, m. & /. consulter, adviser, 
counsel, counsellor. 

C0n8Umacl6n, /. consummation, perfection, 

end, completion, finishing, accomplish- 
ment; destruction, suppression, total extinc- 
tion : consumacion de los siglos, the end of the 

consumadamente, adv. perfectly, com- 
pletely, consummately. 

consumado, da, pp. & a. consummate, com- 
plete, perfect, accomplished, exquisite. 

consumado, m. jelly-broth, consomme. 

COnsumador, ra, m. &f. finisher ; one who 
consummates, perfects, or finishes. 

COnsumar, va. to consummate, finish, per- 
fect, complete. 

COnsumativO, va, a. consummate ; that 
which consummates or completes, applied 
to the sacrament. 

consuniici6n, /. (com.) F. consumo. 

COnsumidO, da., pp. & a. (coll.) lean, meagre, 
exhausted, spent, easily afflicted. 

COnsumldor, ra, m. & /. consumer ; de- 

COnsumlmientO, m. consumption. 

consumir, va. (pp. consumido and consun- 
TO) to consume, destroy, waste, spend, 
squander, wear out, eat up, burn out, ex- 
haust, extinguish, extirpate, obliterate, 
melt ; in the sacrifice of the mass, to swal- 
low tne elements of bread and wine in the 
Eucharist. — vr. to be spent, exhausted ; to 
fret; to be uneasy, vexed; to wear away, 
waste away, pine, languish, consume, linger, 

consume, m. consumption of provisions and 
merchandise.—/;'/, consumos, excise tax. 

C0nsunci6n,/. consumption, wast«, decline ; 
(med.) consumption, phthisis. 

consuno (de) adv. v. juntamente. 

COnsuntiVO, va, a. having consumptive 

consunto, ta, pp. irr. of CONSUMIR. 

C0nSUStanciaCl6n [con-sooe-tan-thie-ah-thie-on'], 

/. V. c•o^'suBsTA^•cIACI6^;. 

consustancial, a. v. consubstancial. 

COntabilidad,/. caleulability ; book-keeping, 
art of keeping accounts. 

COntactO, m. contact, touch, union; tan- 
gency, impact ; soft iron guard for bar-mag- 
nets ; intersection of two lines. 

COntadero, ra, a. countable, numerable. — m. 
narrow passage where sheep or cattle are 
counted : salir or entrar por contadero, to go 
in or out through a narrow passage. 

COntadO, da, a. scarce, rare, uncommon, in- 
frequent: de contado, instantly, immedi- 
ately ; in hand : al contado, with ready 
money, for cash : por de contado, of course. — 

pp. of CONTAR. 

COntador, ra, m. & f. purser, paymaster, 
cashier ; computer, reckoner, accountant ; 
numberer, numerator, ^vutomatic counter ; 
tell-tale ; meter for gas, water, or electric- 
ity ; cash-register, counter ; table or bench 
in a business office, desk ; (law) auditor, re- 

COntaduria, /. accountant's or auditor's 
office at the exchequer ; auditorship ; office 
of a cashier, paymaster, or treasurer ; box- 
office, in a theatre. 

COntagiar, va. to infect, communicate dis- 
ease, spread by contagion ; to corrupt one's 
morals, pervert. 

COntagiO, m. infection, contagion, any infec- 
tious disease ; corruption of morals. 

COntagidn, /. progressive malignity of a dis« 
ease, as cancer ; propagation of vice and evil 

COntagiOSO, sa, a. contagious, malign, in- 
fectious ; perverting. 

g (before e, i) and J as h in hot ; h, silent ; U in brilU«nt , ft, ny in canyon ; r (Initial) and rr triUeU : n, biased. 




COntal, m. string of beads for counting or 

contaminacidn,/. contamination, pollution, 

detilenient, stain, blot. 

contaminado, da, a. & pp. of contaminar ; 
contaminated, corrupted, polluted. 

COntamlnar, va. to contaminate, defile, pol- 
lute, pervert, corrupt, stain ; to infect by 
contagion ; to corrupt, vitiate, or destroy the 
integrity of a text or original ; to profane, 
violate anything sacred. 

COntante, m. ready money, cash : contante y 
sonante, ready cash in coin. 

COntar, va. {ind. CUENTO : subj. cuentk) to 
count, reckon, number, enumeratej calcu- 
late, to compute ; to relate, mention ; to 
book ; to place to account ; to class, to range ; 
to rate ; to consider, look upon ; to depend, 

C01lteinperante,i>a. tempering, moderator. 

contemperar, va. to temper, moderate. V. 


contemplacidn, /. contemplation, medita- 
tion ; compliance, complaisance, 
contemplador, m. contemplator, 
contemplar, va. to contemplate, examine, 
study ; to view, behold, look upon ; to med- 
itate, muse : to be lenient or condescending. 

contempla-tiyamente, adv. attentively, 


contemplativo, va, a. contemplative, stu- 
dious ; lenient ; condescending : vida con- 
templativa, life spent in study. — m. contem- 
plator ; pious devotee. 

contemporaneamente, adv. at the same 
time, contemporaneously. 

contempor^eo, nea, a. contemporary, co- 
etaneous, coeval. 

COntemporizaci6n,/. temporizing, compli- 

contemporizador, m. compiler. V. tempo- 


contemporlzar, vn. {pret. contemporic^ : 
subj. contemporice) to temporize, comply 
with the will and opinion of another. 

COntencibn, /. contention ; emulation ; con- 
test, dispute, striie, struggle. 

contencioso, sa, a. contentious, concerta- 
tive, contradictious, quarrelsome, disputa- 
tious ; (law) being tne object of strife or dis- 
pute, contestable, litigious. 

contendedor, m. V. contendor. 

contender, vn. (ind. contiendo : s^ibj. cx)n- 
tienda) to fight, combat, contend, strive, 
struggle, contest, conflict, debate, litigate, 
dispute ; to argue, discuss, expostulate. 

COntendiente, pa. fighter, disputant, liti- 

contendor, m. fighter, contender, antago- 
nist, opponent. 

contenedor, ra, m. & f. holder, a tenant. 

contenencia, /. suspension in the flight of 
birds ; peculiar movement in the Spanish 
dance ; (law) demurrer. 

contener, va. {ind. contengo: pret, CON- 
TUVE: sufyj. CONTENGA) to contain, com- 
prise, hold, embrace, inclose, comprehend ; 
to refrain, curb, restrain, coerce ; to repress, 
check, stop, detain. — vr. to keep one's tem- 
per, refrain, hold. 

Contenido, da, a. moderate, prudent, tem- 
perate, modest.— p/>. of contener. 

contenido, m. tenor, contents, context ; in- 

conteniente, pa. containing, comprising. 

COntenta, /. (com.) indorsement. V. endo- 
so ; satisfactory treat or present; (mil.) 
certificate of good conduct. 

COntentadiZO, Za, a. blen contentadizo, easily 
contented : mal contentadizo, hard to please. 

contentamlento, m. contentment, joy, sati*. 
faction, content. 

COntentar, ta. to content, satisfy, gratify, 
please, fill ; (com.) to indorse. V. endosar. 
— vr. to be contented, pleased, or satisfied : 
ser de buen 6 mal contentar, to be easUy 
pleased, or difiicult to be pleased. 

COntentible, a. contemptible. 

COntentiVO, va, a. containing, comprising. 

COntentO, ta, a. glad, pleased, full of joy, 
mirthful ; contented, satisfied, content. 

COntentO, m. contentment, joy, satisfaction^ 
content, mirth; (law) release, discharge: 
4 contento, to one's satisfaction : no caber d« 
contento, to be overjoyed. 

COntera, /. ferrule of a cane or umbrella: 
chape of a scabbard ; button of the cascabel 
of a gun ; refrain of a song : por contera, ul- 
timately, finally. 

Cont6rmino, na, a. contiguous, bordering 

conterraneo, nea, m. & f. countryman, 

contertiiliano, na, or oontertulio, lia, a. 

belonging to the same social circle, of the 
same set. 

contestable, a. contestable, disputable, con- 

COntestacidn, /. answer, reply; contestation, 
the act of contesting, debate, strife, alterca- 
tion, disputation, contention. 

COntestar, va. to answer, to reply ; to con- 
firm the deposition of another; to prove; 
to attest ; to plead to an action. — vn. to 
agree, to accord. 

COnteste, a. (law) confirming the evidence 
of another. 

COntextO, m. intertexture ; context of a dis- 

contextura, /. contexture ; context ; frame 
and structure of the human body. 

COnticlniO, m. dead of the night. 

COntlenda, /. contest, dispute, debate, ex- 
postulation, conflict, contention, clashing, 
strife, fray, struggle, battle, fight, jarring. 

contiendo, contienda (irr. from conten- 

C0ntignaci6n,/. (arch.) contignation. 

COniigO, pron. vers, with thee. 

contiguamente, adv. contiguously, closely. 

contigUidad [con-te-goo-e-dadj, /. contiguity, 

COntigUO, gua, a. contiguous, close. 

contlnencia, /. continence, self-command ; 
abstinence from carnal pleasures ; modera- 
tion in lawful pleasures ; graceful bow in a 
dance ; act of containing : contlnencia de la 
causa, (law) unity which should exist in 
every judgment or sentence. 

continental, a. continental. 

COntinente, m. continent; that '^jhich con- 
tains anything ; countenance, air, mien, 
gait ; continent, large extent of land, main- 
land. — a. continent, chaste, abstinent, mod- 
erate in pleasures, abstemious. 

contineniemente, adv. moderately, abste- 
miously, chastely. 

contingencia, /. contingence or contingency, 
possibility, risk. 

contingente, a. contingent, fortuitous, a<!ci- 

contingente, to. contingent, a proportion 
that falls to any person upon a division. 

contingentemente, adv. casually, acciden- 
tally, contingently. 

COntingible, a. that may happen, possible. 

a M in far ; e in eh I : i in police ; o in for ; a lu bull ; c (before e, i) and z as tb iu tbick ; b and d, 




C01lt}llliaci6ll, /. continuation, protraction, 
prolongation, lengtiiening, continuity, con- 
tinuance, stay. 

continuadamente, adv. continuedly. 

COntinuador, m. continuer, eontinuator. 

COntinuamente, adv. continually. 

COntinuar, va. & vn. to continue, pursue, 
protract, carry on ; to remain in the same 
state, hold ; to last, endure ; to prolong. 

COntixiuativo, va, a. continuative. 

COntlnuidad, /. continuity, cohesion, con- 

eontinuo, nua, a. continuous, uninter- 
rupted, prolonged, continual, constant, 
lasting ; assiduous, steady, persevering ; 
(mech. ) endless : & la continaa or de conti- 
nno, continually : papel continuo, printing 
paper in rolls : movimlento continao, per- 
petual motion. 

^Ontlnuo, in. a whole, composed of united 
parts ; yeoman of the crown, 

0Ontonearse, vr. to walk with an affected air 
or manner, to strut. 

^30ntoneo, m. affected gait or manner of 
walking, strut. 

eontorcerse, vr. {ind. contuerzo: suhj. 
coxtuerza) to distort, twist or writhe one's 

eOntOrCidn [con-tor-thie-on'], /, V. RETORCl- 

COntomadO, a. (her.) applied to the heads 
of animals ; turned toward the sinister side 
of the shield. — contomado, da, pp. of CON- 


contomar, contornear, va. to go around ; 
to trace the contour or outline of a figure. 

contorneo, m. v. rodeo. 

COntomo, m. environs or vicinity of a place ; 
contour, outline : en contorno, round about. 

COntOrslbn,/. contorsion, twist, wry motion, 
grotesque gesture. 

contra, prep, against, across, athwart, in op- 
position to, counter, contrary to, opposite 
to ; used as a prefix in many words given 
below : en contra, against or in opposition 
to another thing. 

contra, m. opposite sense, as in el pro y el 
contra, the pro and the con ; (mus.) pedal of 
an organ.—/?/, (mus.) organ pipes forming 
the lowest bass.—/, difficulty, obstacle ; 
counter, in fencing ; (Amer.) a trifling 
thing or article given to the buyer for his 
custom. V. NAPA. 

contraabertura,/. (surg.) contrafissure. 

contra^bside, m. & f. western absis. 

COntraaletas, /. p/. (naut.) counter-fashion 

contraalmirante or contralmirante, m. 


contraamantillos, /. p^. (naut.) preventer- 
lifts, counter-braces. 

contraamura, /. (naut.) preventer-tack. 

contraaproches, m. pi. (fort.) counter-ap- 

contraarmlilos, m. pi. (her.) black field and 
white spots. 

tOntraataqueS [con-tran-ah-tah'-kes], m. pi. 
(mil.) counter attacks. 

COntrabajO [con-trah-bah'-ho], m. (mus.) contra- 
bass ; contrabass viol ; contrabassist, contra- 

contrabalancear, va. to counterbalance, 

contrabalanza, /. v. contrapeso and con- 

Contrabanda, /. (her.) hand divided into 
Iwo of different metals, one coloured ; bend 

COntrabandista.wi. smuggler, contrabandist 
COntrabandO, m. prohibited commodity; 
contraband trade, smuggling ; any unlawful 
action : Ir or venir de contrabaado, to go or 
come by stealth : contrabando de guerra, con- 
traband of war. 

contrabarrado, da, a. (her.) shield counter- 

contrabarrera,/. second or inner barrier iu 

a bull-ring. 
contrabasa, /. (arch.) V. pedestal. 
contrabateria, /. counter-batter v. 
COntrabatlr, va. to fire upon the enemy's 

contrabitas, (naut.) standards of the 

COntrabOlina, /. (naut. ) preventer-bowline. 
contrabovedilla, /. (naut.) second counter, 

upper counter. 
contrabracear, va. (naut.) to counter-brace, 
contrabraceo, m. (naut. ) counter-bracing. 
COntrabranque, m. (naut.) stemson, apron. 
COntrabraza,/. (naut.) preventer-brace. 
contrabrazola,/. (naut.) head-ledge. 
contracambiada, /. changing of the for* 

foot by a horse. 
contracambio, m. (com.) re-exchange; 

(met.) V. equivalente. 
contracanal, m. counter-channel. 
COntracarril, m. check-rail, guard-rail, 

safety-rail, wing-rail, 
contraccibn [con-trac-thie-on'], /. contraction, 

shrinking, shrivelling, contractedness. - 

constriction ; corrugation ; abbreviation 7' 

contracebadera, /. (naut.) sprit-top-sail. 
oontrac6dula,/. counter-decree, 
contracifra, /. countercipher. 
COntraclave, /. (arch.) voussoir next to the 

contracodaste interior, m. (naut.) innev 

stern-post: contracodaste exterior,' (naut.) 
back of the stern-post. 

contracorriente, /. (naut.) counter-current, 

COntracosta, /. coast opposite to another. 

COntr^Ctil, a. contractile, contractible. 

COntractilidad, /. contractility, contracti- 

contract©, ta, pp. i'T. of contkaer ; con- 

COntractura,./". (med.) contracture. 

Qontracuartelado, da, a. (her.) having the 

quarters opposed in metal or colour. 

COntracuerdas,/. p/. (naut.) outward deck- 
planks or platforms. 

contradancista, m. leader of a cotillon. 

contradanza, /. quadrille, cotillon. 

contradecir, va. {pp. contradicho: ind. 
contradigo : pret. contradije : fut. CON- 
tradir:^ : subj. contrajiga) to contradict, 

C0ntradiCCi6n [con-trah-dlc-thie-on'], /. contra- 
diction, opposition, gainsaying; contro- 
versy, clashing, hostile resistance; inconsist- 
ency, incongruity : espiritu de contradiccion, 
contradictory temper. 

contradicbo, ch.K, jyp. irr. of contradecir. 

contradictor, ra, m. &f. contradictor, gain- 

contradictoria, /. (log.) contradictory. 

contradictoriamente, adv. contradictorily, 


contradictorio, ria, a. contradictory. 

contradigo, contradije, contradiga {irr. 
from contradecir). 

contradique [con-trah-dee'-keu], m. counter- 
dock, counter-dike. 

g (before e, 1) and J as b in hot ; h, silent ; II in brilliant ; ft, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; 1, hissed. 




COntradrlza, /. (naut.) second halliard. 
contradiirmente, contradurmiente, m. 

(naut.) clamp. 
COntraeje [cdu trau-eii' Uohj, m. counter-shaft, 
contraemboscada,.^. counter-ambuscade. 

COntraemergente Icon-trali-eli-nier-lieu'-tehj, a. 

(her.) counter-salient. 

contraempufLadura , /. (naut.) preventer 

contraendosar, va. to reindorse, indorse 

contraer, va. & vn. {pp. contraido and coN- 
TRACTO : ind. contraigo : prei. COXTRAJE : 
subi. contraiga) to contract, tighten, join, 
unite ; to incur, acquire ; to reduce. — vr. to 
contract, diminish ; to shrink up, as nerves, 
etc. ; to reduce a discourse to an idea or 
phrase : contraer deudas, to run in debt : 
contraer enfermedad, to contract a disease : 
contraer matrimonio, to marry. 

contraescarpa, /. (mil.) counterscarp. 

COntraescota, /. (naut.) preventer-sheet. 

COntraescotin, m. (naut.) preventer top-sail 

contraescritura, /. counter-deed. 

COntraestay, m. (naut.) preventer-stay. 

contrafajaao, da, a. (her.) shield having 
faces opposed in metal or colour. 

COntrafallar, va. at cards, to trump after an- 

COntrafallo, m. trumping after another, at 

COntrafaz, /. the reverse of every face. 

contrafianza, /. indemnity-bond. 

COntraifigura, /. person or dummy which 
imitates a personage in the theatre. 

COntrafilO, m. (arm.) back edge (near the 

COntraflrma, /. (law) inhibition of an an- 
terior decree. 

contrafirmante, pa. (law) party who ob- 
tains an inhibition or injunction. 

COntraflnnar, va. (law) to obtain a counter- 
manding decree or inhibition. 

COntrafloradO, da, a, (her. ) having flowers 
opposed in colour and metal. 

contrafoque [oon-tr«h-fo'-keh], m. (naut.) fore- 
top stay-sail. 

COnvrafOSO, m. (fort.) avantfosse or outer 

COntrafuero, m. infringement or violation of 
a charter or privilege. 

■^ontrafuerte, m. strap of leather to secure 
the girths on a saddle-tree ; stiffener of a 
shoe; (fort.) counter-fort; (arch.) abut- 
ment, buttress, spur. 

{ontragolpe, m. (med.) counter-stroke (con- 

contraguardia, /. (fort.) counter-guard. 

COntragUia [coii-trah-eee'-ahl, /. in a team, the 
near or left-hand animal. 

COntrahacedor, ra, vi. & f. imitator, coun- 

contraJiacer, va. {pp. contrahecho: ind. 


trahaga) to counterfeit, falsify, forge ; to 
imitate, copy ; to pirate the works of an 
author ; to mimic. 

contrahaz, m, wrong side of cloth and other 

contrahecho, Cha, a. humpbacked, de- 
formed ; counterfeit, counterfeited, spuri- 
ous, fictitious.— pp. of CONTRAHACER. 

contrahierha, /. (bot) Dorstenia contra- 
yerva, South American medicinal plant; 

COntrahllera, /. second line formed to de- 
fend another. 

COntrahilO, m. 4 contrahllo, cross grain. 
COntrahoradar, va. to bore on the opposite 

COntrahuella, ./'. (arch.) riser of a stair. 

contralgo, contraje, contraiga {irr. from 


contraindicaci6n, /. (med.) contra-indica- 

COntralndicante,m. (med.) contra-indicant. 
contraindlcar, va. (prei. contraindiqi i : 

subi. contraixdique) (med.) to contra- 

COntralechO, m. k contralecho, (arch.) cros^ 

COntralizo, m. (weav.) back leash. 
COntralor, m. comptroller, inspector, 
contraloria, /. comptroUership. 
contralto, m. contralto. 
COntraluz,/. counterlight. 
COntramaestre, m. overseer, foreman > 

(naut.) boatswain. 

contramalla, contramalladura, /. double 

net for catching fish. 
COntramallar, va. to make nets with double 

COntramandar, va. to countermand, 
contraman^as, /. pi. oversleeves, 
contramaniobra, /. counter-manoeuvre, 
contramarca, /. countermark ; duty to be 

paid on goods which have no custom-house 


contramarcar, va. {pret. contramarqu6 « 

subj. contramarque) to countermark. 

COntramarco, m. (carp. ) counter-frame. 

COntramarcha, /. countermarch, retroces-r 
sion ; partof a weaver's loom. 1'. vi.^dera ; 
(rail, and naut.) evolution. 

COntramarchar, va. to countermarch. 

contraroarea, /. (naut.) counter-tide. 

contramesana, /. (naut.) mizzen-mast. 

COntramina, /. countermine; (min.) drift- 
way, heading. 

COntramlnar, va, to countermine, to coun- 

COntramolde, m. counter-mould. 

COntramotivo, ?». (mus. ) counter-subject. 

COntramufelle, m. (mech. ) duplicate spring. 

contramuralla, /. contramuro, m. (mil.) 
countermure, low rampart. 

COntranatural, a. counternatural, contra- 
natural, utinatural. 

contraorden,/. countermand. 

contrapalanquin, /n. (naut. ) preventerclew- 

COntrapares, m. pi. (arch.) counter-rafters 

COntraparte,/. counterpart, duplicate copy 
of a deed. 

COntrapks, m. step in dancing. 

contrapasamlento, m. act and eflfect of pass- 
ing to the opposite side or party. 

COntrapasar, vn. to join the opposite party. 

COntrapaso, m. back step; (mu.s.) counter- 

COntrapelO (i), adv. against the grain. 

COntrapesar,va. to counterbalance; tocouu^. 
tervail, offset. 

COntrapesO, m. counter-weight, counterpoise, 
equiponderance, counterbalance, counter- 
vail ; plummet, balance-weight ; poy, rope- 
dancer's pole ; equipollence, equivallence of 
power; addition of inferior quality thrown 
to complete the weight of meat, fish, etc. 

COntrapeste, m. remedy against pestilence. 

COntrapilastra, /. (arch.) counterpilaster ; 
(carp. ) door-strip. ■ 

contraponedor, m. he who compares on* 
thing with another. 

contraponer, va. {pp. contrapuksto : imL 

• M in far ; « in efc I ; t In police ; o In for ; U in bull ; c (before e, i) and z as th tn tbick ; b and d, aoft' 





contraponga) to compare ; to oppose. 

COntraposici6n,/. contra-position ; counter- 
view ; contrast. 

COntrapozo, v/i. (fort.) counter-blast. 

C0ntrapresi6n, /. counter-pressure, back- 

centraprineipio, m. assertion contrary to a 
principle known as such. 

coiitrapro<lucente,«. or contraproduc6n- 
tem, (Lat.) thing alleged contrary to what 
it is designed to prove. 

COntraprop08ici6n, /. counter-proposition. 

contraprueba, /. (print.) counterproof; 

COntrapuerta, /. inner large door after the 
street door. 

contrapuesto, ta, a. «& pp. irr. of contra- 
PONER ; compared. 

contrapuntante, m. he who sings in coun- 

OOntrapuntear, va. (mus. ) to sing in coun- 
terpoint ; to taunt ; to revile. — vi: to treat 
one another with abusive language ; to 
wrangle, dispute. 

contrapuntista, m. (mus.) contrapuntist, 
one skilled in counterpoint. 

COntrapuntO, m. (mus.) counterpoint, har- 

C0ntrapunz6n, m. puncheon for driving in 
a nail ; counterpunch ; gunsmith's counter- 
mark on guns. 

contraquerella, /. cross-complaint. 

contraquilla :coii-trah-keei'-iyah],/. (naut. ) false 

COntrariamente, adv. contrarily, contrari- 

COntr'ariar, ra. to contradict, oppose, coun- 
teract, thwart, run counter, counter-work ; 
to disappoint, vex, upset. 

COntrariedad, /. contrariety, repugnance, 
opposition, contradiction, disappointment, 
inconvenience, impediment, obstacle. 

COntrariO, m. opponent, antagonist, com- 
petitor, rival. 

tSOntrariO, rla, a. contrary, repugnant,, op- 
posite, dissimilar, contriadictory, contrari- 
ous ; loath, adverse, abhorrent, cross ; un- 
favourable, antagonistic; hurtful; mischiev- 
ous: tiempo contrario, (naut.) foul weather : 
al contrario or por el contrario, on the con- 
trary : en contrario, against, in opposition 
to: llevar la contraria, to contradict, go 

«OntrarregistrO [con-trar-reh-hees'-tro], m. con- 
trol ; regi.ster. 

COntrarregUera [con-tmr-reh-geh'-rah], /. lateral 

contrarr^plica, /. rejoinder, reply to an 
answer ; rebutter. 

contrarrestar, va. to resist, oppose, check, 
counter-oheck, counter-work ; to strike 
back a ball, to counter-buflF. 

tontrarresto, m. check, opposition, contra- 
diction ; player who is to strike back the 

COntrarreV0lUCi6n [con-trar-reU-vo-loo-tWe-on'], 
/. counter-revolution. 

contrarrevolucionarlo, ria, m. & f. & a. 

counter-revolutionist, belonging to a coun- 

contrarroda, /. (naut.) stemson, 

contrarronda, /. (mil.) counter-round. 

contrarrotura, /. (farr.) pla.ster or poultice 
applied to fractures or wounds. 

contrasalida,/. counter-sally. 

COntrasalva, /. (mil.) counter-salute. 

COntrasellar, va. to counter-seal. 

COntrasentldO, m. counter-sense, opposed 
meaning ; deduction opposed to the logical 

COntrase&a, /. countersign or counter-mark ; 
(mil.) watchword. 

COntrasol, m. sunshade. 

COntrastable, a. contrastable. 

COntrastar, va. to contrast, place in opposi- 
tion, oppose ; to resist ; contradict ; to assay 
and stamp metals ; to examine measures 
and weights. — vn. to contrast, be different. 

COntraste, m. counterview, contrast ; oppo- 
sition and strife between persons and 
things; contrast, opposition, and dissimili- 
tude of figures ; assayer of the mint ; as- 
sayer's office ; assay ; mark of assay ; assayer 
of weights and measures ; public office 
where raw silk is weighed ; (naut.) sudden 
change of the wind, by which it becomes 
foul or contrary. 

COntrata,/. contract; deed in which the 
terms of a contract, bargain, or agreement 
are set forth. 

COntratacibn, /. trade, commerce, traffic; 
enterprise, undertaking ; business transac- 

COntratante, pa. contracting; contractor, 
one of the parties to a contract. 

COntratar, va. to trade, traffic ; to deal ; to 
contract or bargain ; to stipulate ; cove- 

COntratela, /. among hunters, second inclos- 
ure of canvas to shut up game. 

COntratiempo, m. disappointment ; misfor-i- 
tune, mishap, calamity. 

COntratista, m. contractor ; lessee ; paten- 
tee ; grantee ; covenanter. 

COntratO, m. contract ; convention ; mutual 
agreement, pact ; stipulation ; covenant ; 
(law) indenture setting forth the tenns of a 
contract : contrato 4 la gruesa or & riesgo 
maritimo, respondentia : contrato aleatorio, 
aleatory contract : contrato de compraventa 
or de compra y venta, contract of bargain 
and sale : contrato de locacion y conduccion, 
agreement to let one enjoy the use of prop- 
erty for a price or service : contrato de retro- 
vendendo, reversion clause of bargain and 
sale : contrato enfltiutlco, emphyteusis. 

COntratrancaniles, m. pi. (naut.) inner wa- 

contratreta,/. counterplot. 

contratrinchera, /. (mil.) counter-trench. 

COntravalacidn, /. (mil.) contravallation. 

COntravalar, va. to form a line of contraval- 

COntravalor, m. (com.) counter-value, equiv- 

C0Iltravenci6ll, /. contravention, violation 
of a law. 

COntraveneno, m. countor-poison, antidote ; 
precaution taken to avoid some infamy or 

COntravenir, va. (Ind. contra vengo: prel. 
CONTRA VINE : subj. contravenga) to con- 
travene, transgress, violate a law ; to oi>- 
pose, obstruct, baffle, countermine. 

contraventana, /. window-shutter, outside 

COntraTentor, ra, m. & f. transgressor, of- 
fender ; contravener, he who opposes an- 

contra vidrlera,./'. second glass window, to 
keep off cold or heat. 

COntravlrar, va. to turn in the opposite di- 

contra VOluta, /. (arch.) inner volute. 

COntray, m. sort of fine cloth. 

g (before e, i) and j as h in hot ; h. illent ; 11 In brilliant ; fl, ny In 

p (inltlaO and rr trilled; ■, 




COntrayente, pa. contracting, used of mat- 
rimony only. 

COntrechO, Cha, a- crippled, maimed. 

COntrete, m. (naut.) breast-shore; crochet; 
angle-iron ; stay ; gusset ; face wheel in 

COntribUCibn [con-tree-boo-thle-on'l, /. contribu- 
tion ; tax, impost : contribucion territorial, 
land tax. 

contrlbuidor, ra, m. &/. contributor. 

contribuir, va. {ind. contribuyo : subj. 
coxtribuya) to contribute ; to pay tax ; to 
give, furnish, supply in aid of some object ; 
to bear a share of expenses, or in eflFecting a 

contribulado, da, a. grieved, afflicted. 

COntributariO, m. contributor, tax-payer. 

COntribuyente, pa. contributing ; contribu- 
tor ; co-operative ; contributory. 

COntrlcibn, /. contrition, penitence, com- 

COntrin, m. weight used in the Philippines, 
0.39 gramme, about six and a half grains. 

COntlincante, m. competitor, rival, oppo- 

COntristar, va. to afflict, to sadden. 

COntritO, ta, a. contrite, compunctious, peni- 

controversial/, controversy, debate. 

COntroverslsta, w. controversialist, dispu- 
tant, coutrovertcr. 

controvertible, «. controvertible, disput- 
able, litigious. 

controvertir, va. {ind. controvierto : subj. 
CONTROVIERTA^ to coutrovcrt, dispute, dis- 
cuss, argue against. 

COntubemiO, m. cohabitation, rooming to- 
gether, concubinage. 

contumaciam/, obstinacy, perverseness, stub- 
bornness ; (law) contumacy, non-appear- 
ance, contempt of court ; default. 

COntuinaz [con-too-math'], a. obstinate, stub- 
born, perverse ; contumacious, disobedient. 

COntumazmente, adv. contumaciously, ob- 

contumelia, /. contumely, reproach, contu- 
meliousnesif, jiersonal abuse. 

contumeliosamente, adv. contumeliously, 

contumelioso, sa, a. contumelious, reproach- 
ful, sarcastic 

COntundente, pa. producing a contusion, ap- 

Slied to weapons ; impressing the mind 
eeply : argumeato contundente, clinching ar- 
contundir, va. {pp. contuso) to contuse, 

contund, bruise, pound, 
conturbacidn, /. perturbation, uneasiness 

of mind. 
COnturbadO, da, a., turbulent, troublesome. 

—pp. of CONTURBAR. 

COnturbador, w». perturber, disturber. 

conturbar, va, to perturb, disquiet, disturb, 

conturbativo, va,a. that which perturbs or 
disquiets, troublesome. 

COntU8i6n,/. contusion, bruise. 

contuso, sa, a. bruised.—^, irr. of contun- 

contutor, m. assistant tutor, fellow-tutor. 

COnuCO or cimuCO, m. (Amer.) patch of 
ground given to slav&s ; maize-field. 

convalecencia, /. convalescence, recovery 

convalecer, vn, {ind. convalezco : subj. 
convalezca) to recover from sickness; to 
recover lost prosperity and power. 

convaleciente, pa, convalescent. 

COnvalidar, ra. (law) to confirm. 
COnvecinO, na, a. neighbouring. 
convelerse, vr. (med. ) to twitch ; to be eon* 

convencedor, ra, m. &/. conviucer. 

COnvencer [con-ven-therr'], va. {pp. CX)NVEN- 

ciDO and convicto: tnrf. convenzo: subj. 
convenza) to convince, convict, demon- 
strate. — IT. to be assured. 

COnvencible, «. convincible, convictible. 

convencido, da, pp. & a. convinced. 

convencimiento, m. conviction. 

convencibn [con-ven-thie-on'], /. convention, 
contract, agreement, pact, composition ; 
convenience, conformity ; convention, con- 
gress, assembly. 

convencional [con-ven-thie-o-naw], a. conven- 
tional, couventionary. 

convencionalmente, adv. conventionally. 

convengo, convenga {irr. from convenir). 

COnvenible, «. docile, tractable, compliant. 

convenido, da, a. & pp. of convenir ; set- 
tled by consent, agreed, done. 

COnveniencia, /. conformity, congruity, con- 
sistence ; utility, profit, advantage, comfort ; 
Xement, convention, adjustment; em- 
. , service ; a servant's place ia a house 
or family ; convenience, ease, commodious- 
ness, accommodation, commodity ; fitness, 
expedience.— p^. conveniencias, emoluments, 
perquisites ; income, property. 

COnveniente, a. useful, profitable, advanta- 
geous, good ; accordant^ conformable ; fi,t, 
suitable, agreeable ; convenient, expedient, 
correspondent, opportune ; commodious ; 
timely ; decent, discreet. 

convenientemente, adv. conveniently, fitly, 
suitably, expediently. 

COnveniO, m. convention, contract, agree- 
ment, pact, concert, consent ; contrivance. 

convenir, vn. {ind. convengo: pret. con- 
vine : subj. convenga) to agree, coincide, 
cohere ; to agree, fit, harmonize, comport, 
suit ; to correspond, belong to ; to assemble, 
convene. — v. imp. to suit, to be to the pur- 
pose, to be meet. — vr. to compound, agree. 
close, make a deal, suit one's interests : con* 
viene & saber, that is, to wit. 

COnventazO, m. aug. large convent or mon- 

conventico, illo, ito, m. dim. (coll.) tene- 
ment inhabited by persons of ill repute. 

conventicula,/. conventiculo, m. conven- 

COnventO, m. convent of monks or nuns, 
monastery, nunnery ; community of relig- 
ious men or women. 

conventual, a. conventual, monastic. — m. 
conventual, a monk; member of landed 
Franciscan order. 

COnventualidad, /. state of living in a con- 
vent or monastery ; assignment of a monk 
to a determined convent. 

conventualmente, adv. monastically, re- 


convenzo, convenza {irr. from conven- 

convergencia [con-ver-hen'-the-«h], /. conver- 

convergente, a. convergent, converging. 

converger, convergir [con-ver-heer'j, vn. to 
converge ; to agree in opinions. 

conversable, a. conversable, sociable, tract- 

Conversaci6n fcon-ver-«ah-the-on'i, /. conversa- 
tion, easy talk, chat, converse, conference, 
communication, colloquy ; commerce, inter- 
course, society, company ; illicit intercourse. 

ft M In for ; • in ch t ; 1 in police ; o in for ; a in ball ; e (before e, i) pnd s m tli in tlUck ; b and d, aeA; 




COnversar, vn. to converse, discourse famil- 
iarly, commune, talk together ; to live to- 
gether in the company of others ; to have so- 
cial intercourse; (mil.) to change front, 

COnversibn, /. conversion, change, transfor- 
mation, reform ; (rhet.) apostrophe; (mil.) 
wheel, wheeling: cuarto de conTersion, quar- 

COnversiVO, va, a. having the power of con- 
verting or changing one thing into another, 

converse, m. convert ; lay-brother.— ^j). in: 


convertibilidad, /. convertibility. 

convertible, a. convertible ; movable, trans- 

convertido, da, a. & pp. of convertir ; con- 
verted, changed, transformed. 

Convertir, va. {pp. convertido and con- 
verso : i?ld. CONVIERTO : subj. convierta) 
to convert, change into another substance, 
transform ; permute ; to change from one 
religion or opinion to another ; to reform 
from a bad to a good life ; to apply things to 
a use fior which they were not intended ; to 
direct ; appropriate. — vr. to be converted, 

COnVeXldad [con-vek-se-dahd'], /. COnvexity. 

COnvexO, xa [con-rek'-so!, a. convex, convexed. 

convlccibn [con-vic-the-on'i, /. conviction, con- 

convicto, ta, pp. irr. of convencer; (law) 
convicted, guilty. 

COnvlctor, m. (prov.) boarder; pensioner in 
a college. 

COnvlctorio, m. among the Jesuits, college of 

Convidada, /. invitation to drink, treat. 

COnvidante, m. &f. one who invites; host. 

COnvldadO, da, a. & pp. of convidar; in- 
vited. — m. invited guest. 

tjonvldador, ra, m. &f. inviter. 

convidar, va. to invite, bid, treat ; to stand 
treat ; to allure, entice, offer, induce. — vr. 
to offer one's services spontaneously. 

convierto, convierta (from convertir). 

COnvincente, a. convincing, convincible. 

convincentemente, adv. convincingly, con- 

COnvite, m. invitation ; feast to which per- 
sons are invited ; treat. 

convivencia, /. act of living together. 

conviviente, a. living together. 

C0nV0Caci6n, /. convocation. 

COnvocador, ra, m. &/. convener, convoker. 

COnvOCar, va. {pret. convoquk: gubj. CON- 
voque) to convene, convoke, call together, 
summon, congregate ; to shout in triumph 
or exultation. 

convocatoria, /. letter of convocation, edict, 
summons; notice of meeting. 

convocatorio, ria, a. that which convokes. 

C0nv61ut0. ta, a. convolute. 

COnvolvulaceO, cea, a. convolvulaceous. 

COnvblvnlO, m. vine-inchworm ; (hot.) con- 

convoy, m. convoy, conduct, escort or 
guard ; property under convoy ; (coll.) reti- 
nue ; railway train. 

convoy ante, ija. convoying. 

convoy ar, va. to convoy, escort, guard. 

COnvulsibn, /. convulsion. 

convulsivamente, adv. convulsively. 

COnvulsivo, va, a. convulsive. 

COnvulsO, sa, n. convulsed. 

COnyugal, >i. cocjugal, connubial. 

COnyugalmente, adv. conjugally, matri- 

C6nyuge8, m. pi. married couple, husband 
and wife. 

cooperaci6n [c<vo-i)eh-rah-thie-on'], /. co-opera- 
tion, coetiiciency. 

cooperador, ra,'^. &f. co-operator. 

COOperante, pa. & a. co-operating ; co-oper« 
ator ; co-operative ; coactive, contributive. 

COOperar, va. to co-operate, labour jointly, 

cooperario, m. V. cooperador. 

cooperativamente, adv. coefficiently. 

cooperative, va, a. co-operative. 

COOpositor, m. he who is a candidate with 
another for a professorship, etc., to be ob- 
tained by competition. 

COOrdenado, da, a. (math.) co-ordinates. 

coordinaci6n, /. co-ordination, classifica- 
tion, collateralness. 

coordinadamente, adv. co-ordinately. 

COOrdinadO, da, pp. & a. co-ordinate. 

coordinamiento, m. v. coordinaci6n. 

COOrdinar, ta. to co-ordinate, arrange, ad- 
just, class, classify. 

COpa, /. goblet, wine-glass, vase, cup ; liquid 
contained in a glass ; branches and foliage 
of a tree ; a bower ; crown of a hat ; brasier, 
fire-pan ; roof or vault of an oven or fur- 
nace ; gill, liquid measure, teacupful ; each 
of the cards with a heart. — pi. hearts, one of 
the four suits at cards ; bosses of a bridle. 

copada,/. v. cogujada. 

copado, da, a. tufted, copped, abundant in 
foliage.-^j9. of COPAR. 

copaiba,/, (hot.) copaiba-tree; balsam copai- 

copal, TO. copal, transparent resin. 

COpaljOCOl [co-pai-ho-cohi'i, m. (bot.) tree in 
Mexico resembling a cherry-tree. 

copanete, c6pano, m. small boat 

COpar, va. in monte, to put on a card a sum 
equal to what there is"in the bank; (coll.) 
to corner; (mil.) to surprise, cut off the re- 
treat of a military force, making it pris- 
oner : to corner, to grab. 

COpariicipe, m. &f. participant, copartner. 

COpaza, J. nug. large cup or glass with a 

COpazo, TO. aug. large fleece of wool; large 
flake of snow. 

COpela, /. cupel or coppel. 

COpelacidn, /. cupellation, act of refining 

COpelar, va. to refine or purify metals. 

COpera, /. cupboard, side-board, closet for 

COperillO, to. dim. little cup-bearer. 

COpernicano, a. Copernican. 

copero, TO. cup-bearer ; side-board, buffet, 

COpeta, /. dim. small cup or drinking vessei. 

COpete, TO. toupee, tuft, 'jiompadour, aigret, 
plumicorn ; forelock of a horse ; crown- 
work of a piece of furniture ; top of the 
shoe which rises over the buckle ; top, 
summit ; projecting top or cop of sherbets 
or ice-creams : hombre de copete, man of re- 
spectability and character : tener macho co- 
pete, to be lofty and haughty : asir la ocasidn 
por el copete, to profit by tlie opportunity. 

COpetudO, da, a. copped, tufted ; rising to a 
top or head ; high, lofty. 

COpey, TO. American tree of excellent wood 
K)r engravinij ; bitumen found in Ecuador. 

COpia,/. copiiiusness, plenty, abundance, ful- 
ness ; fertility; copy, transcript, counter- 
part, duplicate, imitation ; taking up ; re- 
production ; copy of a picture ; rate or val- 
uirtion of tithe; (gram.) list of nouns and 

g (before e, i) aud J as h ia hot ; h, sileut ; 11 ia brilliant ; fi, ny in canyon ; r Claltial) and rr trilled^' s, hissed 




verbs, and the cases they govern; (poet.) 

COpiador, m. copyist, copier, transcriber ; 
(com. ) libro copiador, letter-boolc. 

COpiante, rii. copyist, copier, imitator. 

COpiar, va. to copy, duplicate, reproduce, 
transcribe, exemplify ; to imitate, draw 
after life ; take up ; ape ; (poet.) to describe, 
depict : copiar del natural, to copy from life. 

COpUador, »«■• compiler, collector. V. com- 


copllar, va. to compile, to collect. V. com- 


copilla,/. dim. of CO pa; ci^ar-lighter. 

COpin, m. in Asturias, a grain measure equal 
to half a celemin. 

copina,/. (Mex.) skin taken off whole. 

COpinar, va. to remove a skin entire. 

copiosamente, adv. copiously, abundantly, 
plentifully, largely. 

copioso, sa, a. copious, abundant, full, fruit- 
mi, plentiful, fluent, large. 

COplsta, m. copyist, transcriber ; copying- 

COpita, /. dim. small glass or drinking vessel. 

COpito, m. dim, small fleece or flake. 

COpla, /. couplet ; popular song, ballad, stan- 
za ; sarcastic hint or remark ; lampoon. 

COplear, vn. to compose or sing ballads. 

COpleja, /. dim. little ballad. 

coplero, ra, a. ballad-seller. — m. poetaster. 

copllca, iUa, ita,/. dim. little ballad. 

coplista, m. V. COPLERO. 

C0pl6n, m. aug. low, vile poetry; generally 
used in pi. coplones. 

COpo, m. small bundle of cotton, hemp, flax, 
or silk, put on the distaff to be spun ; snow- 
flake ; lx)ttom of a purse-seine ; nauling 
with a purse-seine ; cornering, surprise ; 

C0p6n, m. ang. large cup or drinking vessel ; 
cibary, ciborium. 

COPOSO, sa, a. V. COPADO. 

copra, /. dried kernel of the coconut, copra. 

COpropietariO, la, a. joint-owner, coproprie- 

c6ptlco, ca, a. Coptic. 

copto, m. Coptic, the language of the Copts. 

COpudO, da, a. tufted, bushy, thick-topped 

C6pula, /. joining, coupling two things to- 
gether ; connection ; copulation, carnal un- 
ion ; (arch.) cupola. V. cCpula; (log.) co- 

copularse, vr. to copulate. 

copulativamente, adv. jointly. 

copulative, va, a. joining or uniting togeth- 
er ; (gram.) copulative. 

coque ico'-keh], m. coke. 

COquera [co-keu'-rahi, /. head or handle of a top ; 
small concavity in a stone ; coke-scuttle. 

coquero, m. dealer in coconuts. 

COqueta[co-keh'-tah],/. coquette, flirt ; feruling 
or blow with a ferule on the hand by school- 
masters ; small loaf or roll. 

COqUetear [co-keh-teli-arr'], vn. to COquet, to 

coqueteo, w. coquetting, flirting. 

COqueteria [ro-keh-teh-ree'-ah], /. coquetry, flir- 
tation, aflectation. 

C0quet6n, m. male flirt, lady-killer. 

COquimbO, m. (S. Amer.) burrowing owl. 

COqulna fco-kee'-nahi,/. cockle, edible bivalve ; 
the shell of a cockle ; soft shelly stone. 

coquinero, ra [co-ke-neh'-ro], a. cockle-seller. 

COquitO [co-kee'-to', m. dim. small coconut ; 
grimace to amuse children ; turtle-dove of 
Mexico ; tall Chilean palm-trae. 

coriceo, cea, a. v. coriIceo. 

coracero, »«. cuirassier; (coll.) poor cigar. 

COraciUa,/. dim. small coat of mail. 

COracina,/. small breast-plate. 

coracora, /. (Philip.) coasting vessel. 

coracha, /. leather bag. 

COrachin, m. dim. small leather bag. 

COra]e [co-rah'-ueh], m. couragc, bravery, forti* 
tude, mettle ; anger, passion. 

COra^UdO, da, a. angry, passionate. 

coral, m. coral; (Veuez.) poisonous snake. — 
pi. corales, strings of corals. — a. choral, be- 
longing to the choir : gota coral, epilepsy. 

COralerO, m. worker or dealer in corals. 

COralifero, ra, a. coral-bearing. 

COrallllO, m. venomous coral-coloured snake. 

COralina, /. coral insect, sea-corallina; any 
sea^animal resembling coral. 

corallno, na, <4. of or resembling coral ; cor' 

corambre, /. hides, skins, dressed or un- 
dressed ; pelts. 

corambrero, m. dealer in hides and skins. 

Cor^n, TO. Koran. V. alcorIn. 

coranvobis. m. (coll.) a corpulent person, 
strutting about with affected gravity. 

coraza, /. cuirass, armour-plating ; shell or 
carapace of a turtle, etc. 

COrazuada [co-rath-nah'-<iaiii, /. pith of a pine- 
tree ; fricassee of the hearts of animals. 

COrazdn [co-raii-thone'j, m. heart, core, pith; 
love, benevolence, affection, spirit, courage, 
will, mind ; middle or centre of anything ; 
in a loom, cam : corazon de un cabo, (naut.) 
heart-strand : de coraz6n, adv. heartily, sin- 
cerely : decir or anunciar el corazon, to have 
a presentiment. 

corazonada,/. courage^ impulse of the heart, 
presentiment, foreboding; (coll.) entrails. 

COraZOnaZO [co-raU-thaw-nah'-thaw], m. aug, 
great heart. 

COraZOnciCO, lllO, itO tco-rah-thon-thle'-co], n\ 

dim. little heart ; a faint-hearted person. 

COraZOnclllO [co-rah-tlion-thler-lyo], m. (bot.) 
perforated St. John's-wort. 

COrbachada, /. lash with a corbacho. 

COrbacbO, m. cowhide, whip. 

COrbata, /. cravat, necktie, scarf, neckcloth ; 
sash or ribbon badge tied to banners ; ril 
bon, insignia of an order. — m. magistrat 
not brought up to the law. 

COrbatin, m. cravat, tie ; stock. 

COrbatO, m. cooler, worm-tub of a still. 

COrbatdn, m. (naut.) small knee, bracket. 

COrbe, m. ancient measure for baskets. 

COrbeta, /. (naut.) corvette: corbeta de ga*« 
rra, sloop of war. 

corcel [cor-thei'l, TO. steady horse, charger. 

COrcesca,/. ancient barbed spear. 

COrcinO, to. small deer. 

corcova,/. hump, crooked back, hunch, pro- 
tuberance, curvature. 

corcovado, da, a. humpbacked, gibbous, 
crooked.— pp. of coroovar. 

corcovar, va. to crook. 

corcovear, vn. to curvet, cut capers. 

COrcoveta, /. dim. small hump ; (colL ) crook- 
backed person. 

COrcovo, TO. spring, curvet, made by a horse 
on the point of leaping ; (coll. ) crookedness, 
wrong step, unfair proceeding. 

COrcusidO, da, a. clumsily mended or sewed 
on.— pp. of coRCi'siR. 

COrcuSU:, va. (coll.) to dam clumsily. 

COrcba, /. cork-bark ; wine-cooler ; (naut.) 
laying of a rope. 

COrchax, va. (naut.) to lay strands of ropes. 

COrcbe, m. cork-soled sandal or clog. 

a aH in far ; e in eh I ; i in police ; o in for ; u In bull ; c (before e, () and z as th In thick ; b and d, soft ; 




UOrchea,/. (mus.) quaver, an eighth note. 

COrchear, ixi. among curriers, to grain leather 
with a cork. 

•JOrchera, /• wine-cooler made of cork. 

COrclieta, /. eye of a hook or clasp ; (carp. ) 
rabbet in a door or window-frame. 

;orcliete, m. clasp, hook, hook and eye {pi. 
corchetes, hooks and eyes) ; crotch ; snap- 
lock, catch ; (coll.) constable ; brace to con- 
nect lines in writing or printing ( }- ); (carp. ) 

SOrchO, m. cork ; bark of the cork-tree ; wine- 
cooler. V. CORCHERA ; bee-hive. V. col- 
MENA ; cork, stopple of a bottle, flask, or jar ; 
box made of cork, for carrying eatables ; 
cork mat ; cork-soled sandal or clog ; float of 
a fishing-line ; (mil.) guntompion. 

DOrchOSO, sa, a. cork-like. 

COrda[cor'-(iahi,/. estar i. la corda, (naut.)tobe 
close-hauled or lyin^ to. 

COrdale, m. (oaut.) rigging, cordage. 

COrdai, m. double-tooth ; string-bar at the 
bottom of stringed instruments: cordales, 

CordatO, ta, a. prudent, discreet, juaicious. 

COrdel, m. cord, small rope; (naut. ) aline; 
length of five steps ; superficial measure in 
Cuba equal to 22^ yards: 4 cordel, in a 
straight line : cordel de corredera, log-line : 
mozo de cordel, porter. 

eordelado, da, a. twisted silk for ribbons or 

COrdelazo, m. stroke or lash with a rope. 

COrdelejO, m. dim. small rope; fun, jest: 
dar cordelejo, to banter. 

cordeleria, /. cordage; rope-walk; (naut.) 

COrdelero, ra, a. rope-maker, cord-maker. 

COrdelltO, m. dim. small rope, cord, or line. 

COrdellate, m. grogram, sort of stuflF. 

cordera, /. ewe lamb ; meek, gentle, or mild 

Corderia, /. cordage ; place where cordage is 

COrdexlca, Ilia, ita,/. dim. little ewe lamb. 

COrderlCO, illO, itO, m. dim, young or little 

COrderillO, m. lambskin dressed with the 

corderina, /. lambskin. 

COrderino, na, a. of the lamb kind, belong- 
ing to lambs. 

COrdero, m. lamb ; dressed lambskin ; meek, 
gentle, or mild man ; our Saviour. 

30rderuela, /. dim. little ewe lamb. 

COrderuelO, m. dim. young lamb. 

COrderuna,/. lambskin. 

COrdeta, /. small bass-weed rope. 

cordezuela, /. dim. small rope. 

Gordiaco, ca, a. v. cardxaco. 

cordial, a. cordial, hearty, affectionate, sin- 
cere ; invigorating, reviving. — m. cordial ; a 

COrdialidad, /. cordiality, heartiness, sin- 

' cerity. 

COrdialmente, adv. cordially, sincerely, af- 
fectionately, heartily. 

COrdiforme, a. shaped like a heart. 

COrdlla,/. spawn of a tunny-fish. 

COrdllO, VI. amphibious animal resembling a 

COrdilla, /. guts of sheep given to cats to eat. 

Cordillera,/, chain or ridge of mountains. 

COrdob6,n, m. cordovan, Spanish leather ; 
tanned goat-skin. 

COrdObana, /. nakedness, nudity : andar & la 
cordol>ana, to go stark naked. 

COrdob6s, sa, /. of or belonging to Cordova. 

C0rd6n, w. cord, twist, round cord; girdle 
with which monks tie up their habits ; mili- 
tary cordon, formed by a line of troops; 
(naut.) strand of a cable or rope; (fort.) 
cordon; (arch.) torus moulding; string 
course, V. bocel; milled edge of coined 
metal.— «/. (mil.) aglets or aiguillettes ; har- 
ness-coras of a velvet-loom. 

COrdonazO, m. aug. large cord ; stroke with a. 
cord or rope : cordonazo de San Francisco, 
first storm in October. 

COrdonciCO, illO, itO, m. dim. small cord. 

COrdoncillO, m. twisted cord, round lace, 
lacing, braid; milling round the edge of 

COrdoneria, /. work of twisters ot lace-mak- 
ers ; lace-maker's shop. 

COrdonerO, ra, m. & f. lace-maker, lace-man 
or woman ; rope-maker. 

cordula,/. v. cordilo. 

COrdura, /. prudence, practical wisdom, 

COrea,/. dance, accompanied with a chorus j 
(med.) chorea, St. Vitus's dance. 

COrear, va. to compose chorus music : music* 
coreada, chorus music. 

COreciCO, illO, m. dim. of cuero ; V. CORK- 


coreo, m. foot in Latin verse ; a trochee ; con- 
nected harmony of a chorus. 

COreOgfrafia, /. art of dancing ; choreogra- 
phy, writing dance-music. 

COreogrd,fiCO, ca, «. choreographic. 

COrebgrafO, m. choreograph. 

COrezuelO, m. dim. small hide ; sucking pig; 
small roasted pig. 

COri, m. Montpellier cons, St. John's-wort. 

COrikceO, cea, a. coriaceous, leathery. 

COri^mblCO, ca, a. Latin verses written witl" 

COriambO, m. coriambic, a foot of prosody. 

COriandro, m. (hot.) coriander. 

COribante, m. Corybantes, priests of Cybele. 

COribantismo, m. kind of frenzy accompa- 
nied by many contortions. 

Corifeo, m. Corypheus, leader of the ancienf 
dramatic chorus ; leader of a sect or party. 

COrimbC, m. (bot.) corymb. 

C0rind6n, m. corundum. 

COrintiO, tia, a. Corinthian. 

COrion, m. (anat. ) chorion. 

COrista, m. &/. chorister, chorus singer. 

COritO, a. naked ; timid, pusillanimous. — m, 
workman who treads grapes in the wine- 

COriza [co-ree'-thaii], /. leather sandal worn by 
peasants in some parts of Spaiu ; coryza. 
V. romadizo. 

corladura, /. gold-vamlsh. 

COrlar, COrlear, va. to put on gold-varnish. 

COrma,/. the stocks ; trouble, unejisiness. 

COrnaC or COmaca, m. keeper of domesti. 
cated elephants. 

COrnada,/. thrust with ahora ; upward thrusi 
with a foil, in fencing. 

COmadillO, m. dim. small coin. 

COmadO, m. old copper coin, mixed with a 
little silver : no vale tin cornado, not worth 
a farthing. 

cornadura,/. horns. 

COrnal, m. strap or thong with which oxen 
are tied to the yoke by the horns. 

COmalina, /. (miu.) cornelian. 

COmaxaenta, /. homs of auy animal. 

COmamusa, ./". cornemuse.'sort of bagpipe ; 
(mus.) sort of brass horn; (naut.) belaying 

COmatillO, m. kint of olive. 

t (befora e, i) and j as h in hot; h. sUent ; 11 in brilliant ; &, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilled ; k. hteaed. 




Cdmea, /• (anat.) cornea: cornea opaca, the 

COmeador, ra, m. &/. butting animal, 
comear, va. to butt v. acorneak. 
COmeclCO, illo, ito, m. dim. cornicle, small 

COrneja,/. (orn.) crow; fetlock; dow. 
COrnejal, m. collection of dogwood-trees. 

■COmejalejO [cor-neU-hah-leU'-hoJ, m. kind of pod 

in which is contained some seed or fruit. 

comejo [cor-neh'-ho], 7/1. (bot.) hound-tree or 
cornel-tree, dogwood. 

comelina or cornerina, /. V. cornalina. 

c6rneo, ea, a. horny, corny, callous. 

COmerO, ?». corner© de pan, crust of bread. 

COmeta,/. bugle ; horn used by swine-herds : 
cornet, ensign of horse ; banderole carried 
by horse troops; troop of horse; (naut.) 
broad pennant ; rear-admiral's flag : come- 
ta de posta, post's horn : corneta de monte, 
ijuntsman's horn : corneta de Haves, cornet. 
—m. bugler. 

COmete, m. dim. small bugle-horn. 

COrnetlUa,/. dirn. plmlento de cornetiUa, chili. 

COmetin, m. dim. cornet ; cornettist. 

COrnezuelO, m. dim. ergot of rye ; (farr.) in- 
strument for bleeding horses ; (bot.) V. 


COmlablertO, ta, a. having wide-spread 

COmlal, a. in the shape of a horn. 

eorniapretado, da, a. having horns close- 

COrnlca'bra, /. (bot. ) turpentine-tree, pista- 
chio-tree, wild fig-tree; sort of crescent 

COmiforme, a. horn-shaped. 

COmlgachO, Cha, a. having the horns 
turned slightly downward. 

COmigero, ra, a. (poet.) horned, comiger- 

COrnlJa, /. (arch.) cornice. 

COrnljal, m.. angle or corner of a mattress, 
building, etc. * 

cornyamento, comljamlento, m. (arch.) 


C0mij6n, cornis6n, m. (arch.) entablature; 

street corner of a building. 
'Cornil, w. V. coRNAL. 

COmiOla, /. V. CORNALINA. 

•COrnisa,/. (arch.) cornice, 
cornisamento, comisamiento, m. (arch.) 


comlsica, ilia, ita, /. dim. small cornice. 

corniveleto, ta, a. having horns turned 
strongly upward. 

cornizo, corno, m. v. cornejo. 

cornucopia,/, cornucopia, sconce, pier-glass. 

cornudico, illo, ito, m. dim. little cuckold. 

COrnudO, da, a. horned. — m. cuckold. 

corntipeta, a. (poet.) attacking with the 

COro, m. choir ; chorus in old tragedy ; sing- 
ing chorus ; assembly unanimous in senti- 
ment ; choir-loft ; choir of angels ; memory : 
de coro, from memory, by rote : hablar 4 
coroB, to speak alternately. 

COrocna, /. vine-fretter or vine-grub ; ancient 
loose coat. 

COrOgrafLa,/. chorography. 

corogr^flcamente, ddv. choro^aphically. 

corogr&fico, ca, «. chorographical. 

C0r6graf0, m. chorographer. 

coroideo, a, «. choroid. 

coroides,/. the choroid coat of the eye. 

corojo, m.'tropical palm bearing an oily nut ; 
the nut itself. 

COrola,/. (bot.) corolla. 

COrolariO, m. corollary, inference, dedao» 

corona, /. crown, diadem, wreath, garland 
for the head ; halo ; aureola of saints ; coro- 
net ; top of the head ; clerical tonsure : old 
Spanish gold and silver coin ; crown, Eng- 
lish silver coin ; Portuguese coin ; crown, 
regal power, royalty, sovereignty ; king- 
dom, monarchy ; reward, distinction, hon- 
our ; splendour, ornament, decoration ; end 
of a work ; glory, triumph ; rosary of seven 
decades; (asi.) corona; (naut.) pendant; 
(bot.) corona, crown; (mil.) crown-work; 
(arch.) corona, crown; (geora.) crown; 
(farr.) pastern of horses: corona de ft-aile, 
(hot.) three-toothed globularia. V. cabo- 
llana: corona de rey, (bot.) common meli- 
lot trefoil: corona real, (bot.) annual sun- 

coronaci6n [co-ro-nah-thie-on'], /. coronation J 
end of any work ; (arch.) crown. 

COronadO, pp. & m. Roman Catholic clergy- 
man who has received the tonsure. 

COronador, ra, m. & f. crowner, finisher. 

coronal, m. &f.&a. (anat.) frontal bon^, 
belonging to the frontal bone. 

COronamientO, m. end of a work : (arch.) 
top ornament, capping; (naut.) talFrail. 

COronar, va. to crown • to cap, to top ; to 
complete, perfect ; to decorate the top of % 
builaing ; to crowd on a roof or on the ton 
of a hill. 

coronaria,/. crown-wheel of a watch. 

COronariO, ria, a. coronary; (bot.) coro- 
nary ; extremely refined gold. 

corondel, m. (print.) column-rule; reglet; 
water-mark in paper. 

COronel, m. colonel; top-mouldiag ; (her.) 

coronela, /. colonel's wife. — a. applied to the 
company, flag, etc. , supposed to belong to the 
colonel of a regiment. 

coronelia,/. coionelship. v. regimiento. 

COronilla, /. dim. small crown ; top of the 

head ; coxcomb ; cap ; chaplet ; ear of a bell ; 

(bot.) coronilla: coronilla joncal, rush coro- 

nilla : coronilla de rey, niue-leaved coronilla : 

coronilla de ftaile, French daisy. 
coroza, /. cone-hood of pasteboard worn as 

a mark of infamy ; straw cape used by 

C0rpancll6n, COrpazo, m. mtg. very big 

body or carcass : corpanchbn de ave, carcass 

of a fowl. 

corpecico, illo, ito, corpezuelo, m. dim. 

little or small body, or carcass; under- 
doublet ; waist • corset-cover. 

COrpi&O, COrpineJO, m. dim. small body; 
under-doublet ; waist ; corset-cover. 

COrporacibn, /. corporation, guild; com- 

corporal, a. corporal, belonging to the body : 
castigo corporal, corporal punishment. — m. 
(eccl.) corporal-cloth. 

corporalidad, /. corporality ; any corporeai 

corporalniente, adv. corporally, bodily. 

corporativo, va, «. corporate. 

corpbreo, rea, «. corporeal, corporeotis. 

corps, m. {Ft.) corps: guardias ae corps, life- 
guards : samiller de corps, lord chamberlain. 

COrpudO, da, a. corpulent, bulky. 

COrpulencia, /. corpulenc*, corpulency, 

COrpulentO, ta, «. corpulent, fleshy, fat. 

Corpus, //I. Corpus Christi, ^religious festival 
and j)roc'ession. 

corpuscular, «. corpuscular. 

COrpuscullsta, m. atomist. 

» M tn far ; e In eh 1 ; 1 In police ; o in for ; a in bull ; C (before e, i) and Z as th In thick ; b and d, son , 




COrpilSCUlO, m,- corpuscle, atom, molecule. 

corral, m. corral, yard, iuclosure ; poultry- 
yard, pen, fold, stock-yard ; lish-pond ; an- 
cient play-house ; blank left by students in 
writing the lectures : corral de madera, tim- 
ber-yard : hacer corrales, to play hooky. 

COrridera, /. Andalusian song and dance; 
brazen-faced, impudent woman. 

COrralerO, m. keeper of a dung-yard, 

COrralillO, itO, m. dim. small yard. 

corraliza, /. yard, court. 

COrralbn, m. aug. large yard. 

COrrea, /. leather strap ; tether, leash ; flexi- 
ble toughness of some things; (mech.) 
leather belting ; hand-strap.— jj/, correas, 
duster made of straps: correa de zapatos, 
shoe-string, lace, latchet: besar la correa, 
(coll.) to be obliged to humble one's self to 
another: tener correa, to bear wit or rail- 
lery without irritation ; to be strong and 

COrreaJe, m. heap of leather straps or thongs. 

correal, m. dressed deer-skin, reddish. 

COrrear, va. to draw out wool and prepare it 
for use. 

COrreazO [cor-reh-ah'-thaw], m. blow with a leath- 
er strap or thong. 

C0rrecci6n [coi-rec-thie-on'], /. correction, repre- 
hension, lecture, amendment ; emendation, 
correctness, proper demeanour. 

correcclonal [coi^rec-tiiie-o-naiii'], a. correction- 
al, corrective. 

correccionalmente, adv. correctively. 

correctamente, adv. correctly. 

corrective, va, a. corrective. — m. corrective. 

COrrectO, ta, a. exact, correct, conformable 
to the rules.— pp. irr. of corregir. 

corrector, m. corrector, amender ; (print.) 
proof-reader ; superior, or abbot, in the con- 
vent of St. Francis de Paula. 

corredentor, ra, rn. & f. one who redeems 
from captivity, jointly with another. 

COrredera, /. race-ground ; small wicket or 
back-door ; runner or upper grinding-stone 
in a corn-mill ; street ; procuress ; (naut. ) 
log or log-line : echar la corredera, to heave 
the lead ; roller, metal cylinder for rolling 
plate-glass : cockroach. V. cucakacha ; 
• (St. -engine) slide-valve; (print.) track, 
slide, rail ; (mech.) tongue, rail, guide, run- 
ner ; (mint) milling-machine. 

COrredlzo, za [cor-reh-<iee'-thaw], a. running ; 
easy to be untied, like a running knot. 

COrredor, ra, m. & /. runner ; race-horse ; 
applied to birds like the ostrich ; corridor, 
gallery; (fort.) covert-way; (mil.) scout, 
forerunner ; broker : corredor de cambios or 
de oreja, exchange-broker ; (coll.) tale-bear- 
er ; procurer, procuress. 

<COrredorclllO, m. dim. small corridor ; petty 

Borredura,/. overflowing. 

COrreduria, /. broker's oflice, brokerage. 

COrreeria [cor-ren-eh-ree'-ah], /. trade and shop 
of a strap-maker. 

COrreero [coi^reh-eh'-ro], m. strap-maker or 

COrregenCia [cor-reh-hen'-thie-ah],/. CO-regency. 

corregente [cor-reh-hen'-tehi, m. co-regent. 
corregibilidad, /. correctibleness. 

COrreglble ico-reh-hee'-blehl, a. corrigible. 
COrregidor [cor-reh-he-dor'], m. corrector ; cor- 

regidor, Spanish magistrate ; mayor of a 

COrregidora, /.wife of a corregldor.- 
corregimlento [cor-reh-ne-me-eu'-to], w. office, 

and district of a corregldor. 
corregir [cor-reli-lieer'l, va. {pp. CORREGIDO and 

CORRECTO: tnrf. CORRTJO: 5«6;'. corrija) tc 

correct, amend, mend, rectify, set straight? 

to remove, destroy ; remedy ; to reprehend 

admonish ; to punish ; to temper, mitigate ; 

corregir praebas, (print.) to read proofs • 

corregir el cnerpo, (coll.) to go to stool. — vtt 

to mend. 
corregiiela or correhiiela, /. dim. small 

strap ; child's play with stick and strap ; 

(bot.) bindweed. 
COrreinante, a. reigning jointly with air 

correlel, m. sole leather. 

COrrelacidn [cor-reh-lah-tWe-on'], correlation 

COrrelativamente, a4v. correlatively. 

COrrelativO, va, a. correlative. 

correligionario, ia, a. of the same religion, 
fellow-believer ; of the same politics. 

correncia [cor-ren'-thie-ah], /. (coll. ) looseness, 

correndilla,/. (coll.) short run. 

COrrentia, /. artificial irrigation of stubble- 

COrrentiar, va. to irrigate stubble-ground. 

COrrentiO, tia, a. current' running; (coll.) 
light, free, unerabarrassea. 

COrrentdn, na, a. gadder, man about town j 
gay, pleasant, cheerful. 

COrreO, m. post, poster, express or courier;, 
letter-carrier ; the mails ; post-office : corre* 
maritime, packet-boat ; (law) accomplice. 

COrredn, m. aug. large leather strap. 

COrreOSO, sa, a. ductile, flexible, easily bent, 

COrrer, vn. to run, to race, sprint, speed ; IQ 
flow, stream, glide ; to blow ; to pass away ; 
to hasten ; to take the proper course ; to 
extend, expand ; to arrive ; become due ; to 
go on, continue ; to flourish, prevail for the 
time ; to pass, be accepted or admitted, be 
current ; to be said, be common talk ; fol- 
lowed by con, to cnarge one's self wi^h a 
matter, take care of. — va, to cause to run or 
move swiftly ; to race a horse ; to pursue ; 
to move, push, draw aside, draw ; to meet 
with ; to go over, travel ; to sell at auction ; 
(coll.) to snatch away ; to disconcert, rattle, 
make a person blush. — vr. to file right or 
left ; to slide, go through easily ; to spread 
itself; to melt, run out, run over ; ^eoll.) to 
be very generous : corrcr nn velo, to draw a 
veil over : correr la cortina, to draw the cur- 
tain : to discover anything ; to conceal, 
quasn : correr k rieada suelta, to ride full 
speed ; to give loose reign to passion : corre 
la voz, it is reported, it is said : correr monte, 
to go hunting : correr baquetas, to run the 
gantlet : & m&s correr, k todo correr, as swift- 
ly as possible : correrla, to go on a spree : 
correr mando, to travel . correr el gallo, 
(Mex.) to pass the night carousing in the 

COrreria,/. hostile incursion, foray ; pleasure 
trip, excursion ; leather strap.— f»A youthful 
escapades; travels. 

COrrespondencia, /. correspondence, rela- 
tion, fitness, agreement; commerce, inter- 
course ; mail ; friendship, interchange, re- 
quital ; proportion, symmetry, congruity ; 
consentaneousness, consent. 

COrresponder, va. & vn. to return a favour ; 
to correspond, answer, fit, suit, belong to, 
regard, concern ; to agree. — vr. to corre- 
spond, keep up intercourse by mail ; to re- 
spect or esteem each.other. 

COrrespondiente, «. correspondent, con- 
formable, agreeable, suitable. — to. corre- 
spondent. V. CORRESPONSAL. 

( (belore e, i) and J as h in hot ; h, eilent ; 11 in brilliant ; ii, ny in canyon ; r (initial) aad XT trilled ; ■, blsaad. 




M^rrespondientemente, adv. correspond- 

COrresponsal, m. correspondent, agent, cor- 
respouding clerk. 

corretaje [cor-reh-t«ii'-heh], m. brokerage. 

corretear, va. lo walk the streets, rove, ram- 
ble, jaunt, gad, flirt. 

corretora,/. mm who directs the choir. 

correvedile, correveldile, m. (coll.) tale- 
bearer, mischief-maker, procurer, go-be- 

j9rreyerd,S, m. spring or mechanical toy. 

corrida, /. course, run, sprint, race ; career : 
corrida de toros, bull-baiting : de corrida, at 
full speed, swiftly, in haste. 

corridamente, adv. currently, easily, plain- 

oorrido, da, «. exceeding in weight or meas- 
ure, expert, experienced, artful ; abashed, 
ashamed.^L>/>. of correr. 

COrriente,/>a. runner, running. — a. current, 
present month or year, instant : plain, easy ; 
generally received, admitted, uncontra- 
dicted; ordinary, regular, common, general; 
fluent, applied to style ; marketable, mer- 
chantable : moneda corriente, currency : 
cuenta corriente, account current: precios 
corrientes, price current : gineros de consumo 
corriente, staple commodities.—/, course of 
rivers, current, flow, running stream, tend- 
ency, course, progression : corriente de aire, 
air-draught : corriente elictrica, electric cur- 
rent : corriente del Golfo, Gulf Stream.— p^. 
sea currents. — adv. corriente, all right. 

corrientemente, adv. currently. 

corrijo, corriia {irr. from corregir). 

corrigendo, da, a. person serving a term in 
a reformatory. 

COrrillerO, m. idler, lounger, loafer. 

COrrillO, m. group of loungers or gossipers. 

COrrimientO, m. act of running, melting ; 
(med.) running sore ; landslide; shyness. 

COrrinchO, w. meeting of low, vulgar people. 

corrivacidn, /. diversion of brooks and stor- 
ing their water in a reservoir. 

COrro, '«. group of gossipers or spectators ; 
circular space : hacer corro, to clear the way. 

COrroboraci6n, /. corroboration. 

COrroborante, m. & pa. corroborative, cor- 

corroborar, va. to corroborate, strengthen, 
fortify, confirm. 

corroborative, va, a. corroborative. 

corrobra, /. treat to close a bargain. 

corroer, va. to corrode. 

corrompedor, ra, m. & f. corrupter. 

corromper, va. {pp. corrompido and co- 
RRUPTO) to corrupt, vitiate, mar ; to seduce 
a woraau ; to bribe. — vn. to stink. — vr. to 
rot, become putrid ; to l)eeome immoral. 

corrompidamente, adv. corruptly. 

corrompido, da, a. corrupt, spoiled, un- 
sound. — pp. of CORROMPER. 

COrrOBible, a. corrosible. 

C0rrosi6n, /. corrosion, exulceration. 

corrosive, va, a. corrosive, acrid, corrodent, 

COrroyente, pa. corroding, corrodent. 

COrroyera, /. kind of sumac which is em- 
ployed in tanning. 

COrrUgaCibn [cor-roo-Kah-thle-on'], /. corruga- 
tion, contraction into wrinkles. 

COrrugador, m. (anat.) corrugater. 

COrruUa, /. (naut.) room under deck in a 

COrrumpente, a. corrupting, vitiating; 
(coll.) teasing, vexatious, wayward. 

COrmpcibn Icor-roop-twe-on'],/. corruption, pu- 

trefaction, corruptness, pollution, filth ; sob- 
rious alteration in a nook or writing ; "de- 
pravity ; perversion of manners or princi- 
ples ; complete disorganization of any sub- 
stance ; stench. 

COrruptamente, adv. corruptly, viciously. 

COrruptela, /. corruptiouj depravation, cor- 
ruptness ; (law) baa habit or practice con- 
trary to law ; abuse, 

corruptibilidad, /. corruptibility. 

corruptible, a. corruptible. 

corruptive, va, a. corruptive. 

COrruptO, ta, a. &pp. irr. of CORROMPER. 

corrupter, m. corrupter, misleader ; one who 
taints or vitiates. 

corrusco, m. (coll.) broken bread. V. men- 


corsario, ria, a. privateer authorized t» 
cruise against the enemy. — m. corsair, pri- 
vateer, pirate. 

cers6, corset, stays for women. 

corsear, va. to cruise against the enemy. 

corsetera, /. woman who makes or sells cor- 

corse, m. cruise, cruising, privateering. 

corse, sa, «. Corsican. 

COrta,/. felling of wood ; said also of reeds. 

cortabolsas, m. (coll. ) pickpocket, filcher. 

COrtadera, /. chisel for cutting hot iron; 
knife used by bee-keepers. 

COrtadere, ra, a. cutting readily ; easily cut. 

COrtadillO, m. small drinking-glass, tumbler ; 
liquid measure, about a gill ; clipped piece 
of money : echar cortadlUos, to speak in an 
affected manner ; to drink wine. 

certado, da, pp. of cortar.— a. adapted, 
proportioned, accommodated, fit, exact ; 
(her.) parted in the middle; confounded, 
abashed ; written in short sentences. — m. 
(danc.) caper, cabriole. 

cortader, ra, m. & f. cutter ; that which 
cuts ; splitter. — m. butcher. V. carnicero ; 
slicing-machine, cutter j (tel.) interrupter; 
(zool.) scissor-bill. — pi. incisor teeth. 

cortadora,/. cutting-ooard in a velvet loom. 

COrtadura, /. cut, cutting, abscission, inci- 
sion, tissure, slit, slash ; (fort.) parapet with 
embrasures and merlons ; work raised in 
narrow passes.— «/. cortadnras, shreds. 

COrtafriO, vi. cold-chisel ; cutting-iron. 

COrtafuegO, m. (agr.) clear space to prevent 
tire from spreading; (arch.) fire-wall. 

COrtal^piz, m. pencil-sharpener. 

COrtamente, adv. sparingly, frugally, scant- 
ily ; curtly. 

certante,prt. cutting, edged, sharp, biting. — 
m. butcher. • 

cortapapel, m. paper-cutter, paper-knife. 

COrtapies, m. (coll.) thrust made at the legs 
in fencing. 

certapisa, /. obstacle, hindrance, impedi- 
ment ; elegance and grace in speaking ; re- 
striction with which a thing is given. 

COrtaplumas, m. penknife, pocket-knife. 

cortar, va. to cut, cut up, cut off. cut out, 
curtail ; to disjoin, separate, hew, sever, 
cleave, chop, hack, carve, fell, whittle ; to 
dock ; pare, prune ; (mil.) to cut off part of 
the enemy's army ; to cut in card-playing ; 
to interrupt, stop progress, cut snort; to 
abridge ; to take a short cut ; to suspend, 
restrain, keep back ; to shape by cutting, as 
a garment ; to pronounce or enunciate ; to 
read poetry ; to cut or trim a quill, make a 
pen ; t© arbitrate or decide : cortar la co- 
rriente, (elec.) to break contact: aire qne 
corta, cutting, piercing, or nipping wind ; 
cortar 4 algnno, (met.) to put one to the 

ft M lo far : e in eh ! ; 1 in police ; o in for ; n in boll ; c (before e, 1) and Z as th in thick ; b and d, ■'Vt ; 




blush. — IT. to be daunted, ashamed, con- 
founded ; abash ; to curdle ; to chap ; to 
fret ; to fray ; (geom.) to cross, intersect, 

tsortavapor, m. cut-olr of a steam-engine. 

eortayldriOS; m. glazier's diamond. 

eorte, m. cutting edge ; exsection, abscission, 
act of cutting ; cut, effect of a cutting in- 
strument ; felling of trees ; arbitration, com- 
promise, settlement; measure, expedient, 
step taken in an affair ; notch, hack, slot ; 
in tailoring, cut, fit, also the stuff necessary 
lor a garment, as an corte de cbaleco, a vest 
pattern : un corte de pantalon, the stuff re- 

?uired for a pair of trousers ; edge of a book ; 
inin.) shaft; cross opening; (arch.) sec- 
tional view of a building.—/, place where 
the sovereign resides ; a monarch's retinue ; 
levee ; retinue, suite ; yard ; courtship ; art 
of pleasing, civility : corte celestial, heaven : 
hacer la corte, to court, to woo ; to pay court 
in palace ; stable for cattle ; sheep-fold ; 
ancient tribunal of chancery. — pi. f, senate 
and congress of deputies of Spain. 

AiOrtedad, /. smallness, littleness, minute- 
ness ; dulness, stupidity, want of intellect 
or instruction ; pusillanimity, timidity, dif- 
fidence, bashfulness : cortedad de medios, 
poverty, indigence. 

cortelador, ni. wooer, 

COrtejante, pa. courting ; courtier, gallant, 

COrtejar [cor-teh-har'l, va. to accompany, escort, 
attend ; to court, woo, make love : cort«jar 
una dama, to pay one's addresses to a lady. 

COrtejO [coi^teh'-ho], m. court ; homage paid to 
another, courtship ; gift, present ; gallant, 
beau, lover, sweetneart ; paramour. 

COrt^S, a. courteous, gentle, mild, civil, com- 
plaisant, complacent, gracious, courtly, 
mannerly, genteel, polite. 

cortesanamente, adv. courteously, politely. 

COrtesanazo, za, a. aug. awkwardly or ful- 
somely polite. 

COrtesania, /. courtesy, civility, politeness, 
complaisance, good manners. 

COrtesanO, na, a. courtier, court-like, cour- 
teous, gentle, mild, obliging, courtly : dama 
cortesana, courtesan. — m. courtier. 

COrtesia, /. courtesy, civility, obeisance, 
courteousness, good manners ; compliment ; 
attention ; gift, present ; days of grace for 
payment ; mercy, favour : hacer una corte- 
sia, to courtesy. 

COrt^smente, adv. courteously, civilly, gen- 
teely, politely, obligingly. 

COrteza [cor-t«h-thaiii, /.bark of a tree; peel, 
skin, rind, crust of bread, pies, etc. ; wild 
fowl of the family of widgeons ; outward ap- 
pearance of things ; rusticity, want of po- 
liteness, crustiness. 

COrtezdn, m. aug. thick bark, rind, or crust, 

COrtezudO, da, a. corticose, barky ; rustic, 
unmannerly, unpolished. 

COrtezuela, /. dim. thin bark, skin, or rind. 

cortical, a. cortical. 

cortijada fcor-te-hah'-dah],/. collection of houses 
about a grange. 

COrtyo [cor-tee'-hoi, TO. farm-house, grange, 
manse : alborotar el cortijo, (coll. ) to cause 

COrtil, m. V. CORRAL. 

COrtina, /. curtain, shade, screen, portiere ; 
(fort.] curtain ; bot.) cortina. 

COrtinale, m. set o. curtains for a house. 

COrtinal, to. inclosure near a village or farm- 

COrtinllla, /. small screen, shade ; carriage 

COrtindn, to. aug. large heavy curtain. 

COrtifLa [cor-tee'-nyahj, /. garden plot. 

COrtO, ta, a. short, scanty, narrow, curt, 
small, little, brief; dull, stupid, weak of in- 
tellect ; timid, pusillanimous, shy, bashful, 
backward, laconic, concise ; imperfect, de- 
fective : corto de vista, short-sighted : corto 
de oido, hard of hearing : corto de alcances, 
stupid : corto de genio, of a diffident char- 
acter : & la corta 6 i la larga, sooner or later, 

COrtdn, m. mantis, an orthopterous insect. 

corulla, /. in galleys, place for the stoppers 
of cables. 

corundo, w. V. corind6n. 

COrufL^S, sa, a. of or belonging to Coruun»- 

COniacacibn,/. coruscation, brilliancy, flash- 

coruscante, corusco, ca, a. (poet.) corus- 
cant, glittering, brilliant. 

COmscar, va. (poet.) to shine. 

COrva,/. bend of the knee, ham, hock ; (farr,) 

COrvadura, /. curvature, crookedness, in- 
flexion, gibbousness; (arch.) bend of an 
arch or vault. 

COrval, a. applied to long olives. 

COrvatO, to. young crow or rook. 

COrvaza,/. (farr.) curb, 

COrvecitO [cor-veh-thie'-to], TO, dim. young little 
crow or rook, 

C0rvej6n [cor-veh-hone'], to, gambrel, hock ; 
spur of a cock ; (zool,) cormorant. 

COrVeJOS [cor-veh'-hos], to, pi. hock-joint of 


COrveta, /. curvet, corvetto ; leap or bound 
of a horse, 

corvetear, vn. to curvet, bound, leap, 

COrvillO,TO, hooked bill; pruning-knife ; shoe- 
maker's paring-knife; small sickle in velvet 
looms : miircoles corvillo, Ash-Wednesday, 

COrvilia, /, variety of conger-eel in the Medi- 
terranean ; white sea-bass of California. 

COrvlno, na, a. rook-like, belonging to a 

COrvo, va, a. bent, crooked, arched ; stingy, 

COrvO, TO. (zool.) variety of mullet; pot- 

COrzo, za, to. & /. roe-deer, fallow-deer. 

COrzuelO [cor-thoo-eh'-io], TO. wheat left in the 
husks by the thrashers. 

COsa,/. thing, substance, object, article : cosa 
de entidad, an important thing : cosa de rlsa 
or cosa ridicula, laughing-stock : cosa de ver, 
a thing worth seeing : cosa de oir, a thing 
worth hearing: es faerte cosa, it is very 
hard : no es cosa, it does not matter, it is a 
trifle : no hay tal cosa, no such thing : no 
vale cosa, it is not worth a rush : cosa del 
otro Jueves, (coll.) a mi/vellous thing or 
something out of date: ique cosa? (coll.) 
what's the matter? poqaita cosa, (coll.) a 
pusillanimous person. 

cosa de, adv. aoout, nearly, little more or 
less : cosa de media legna, half a league, mori 
or less. 

COSaco, ca, a. Cossack. 

cosario, to. carrier, expressman ; huntsman 
by profession. 

cosario, ria, a. belonging or relating to car- 
riers ; frequented, applied to roads. 

COSCarana, /. (prov.) cracknel, crisp cake. 

coscarse, vr. (coll.) v. concomersk. 

COSCOja [co8-co'-hah],/. (bot.) kermes or scarlet- 
oak ; dry leaves of the kermes oak ; ring or 
knob on the cross-bit of a bridle. 

COSCOJal, COSCOjar, m. plantation of kerme» 
or scarlet-oaks. 

g (belore e, 1) and J as h In hot; h, slleat; II in brilliant; ft, ny In canyon; r (initial) and rr trilled; ■, 




tOSCOJO [coH-co'-ho], w. kerraes herry.— pi. co»- 
cojos, chain of a horse's bridle. 

.^OSCOn, na, a. crafty, sly. 

coscorron, m. contusion ; bump on the head. 

cosecante, m. (geom.) co-secant. 

90Seclia, /. harvest, crop, yield ; harvest- 
time ; harvest gathering ; reaping ; collec- 
tion of immaterial things, as virtues, vices, 
etc. : cosecha de vino, vintage : de sn cosecha, 
of one's own invention. 

COsechar, va. to crop, reap, gather the har- 

COSechero, m. owner of the crop or harvest, 

COSelete, m. corselet, ancient coat of armour ; 
pikeman ; thorax of insects. 

COSeno w. (math.) cosine: coseno verso, co- 
versed sine. 

COSer, va. to sew, to stitch, join and unite 
things ; (naut. ) to lash, nail, fix, frap, seize : 
coser un moton, (naut.) to lash or seize a 
block : coserse con la pared, to stick close to 
a wall : coser & pu&aladas, (coll.) to stab re- 
peatedly : coser y cantar, to otfer no difficul- 
ties : coserse la boca, not to speak a word. 

fOSera,/. piece of ground which can be irri- 
gated at once. 

COSetada, /. race, quick run, sprint. 

COSlble, a. that which may be sewed. 

COSita, /. dim. small thing, trifle; (Cuba) 

eosicosa,/. v. quisicosa. 

COSidO, T(n. needlework ; action of sewing : 
cosido de cama, quilt and blankets stitched 
together : cosido, da, pp. of coser, and o. 
devoted to ; wedded to. 

«osiduras, /. p^. (naut.) lashings. 

DOSm^tiCO, m. cosmetic. 

c6siniC0, ca, a. cosmic. 

liosmogonia,/. cosmogony. 

COsmog6nlco, ca, a. cosmogonic. 

aosmografia, /. cosmography. 

BOSmOgrafiCO, ca, a. cosmographicaL 

COSm6grafO, m. cosmographer. 

COSmolOgia, /. cosmology. 

0O3inol6glCO, ca, a. cosmological. 

COSmopolita, com. cosmopolite. 

COSmorama, m. cosmorama. 

cosmos, m. the universe. 

COSO, m. place or square for bull -fights 
or other public entertainments ; timber 

" worm. 

fiOSpeL m. coin blank, in the mint. 

COSpillO, »i. bagasse of the olive. 

COSqUilLaS [cos-keel'-lyas], /. pi. tickling, titil- 
lation : hacer cosquiUas algana cosa, to be 
tickled by anything ; to excite desire, curi- 
osity, or suspicion : bnscarle k uno las cos- 
quillas, (coll.) to tease and irritate a per- 
son : tener malas cosquiUas, (coll.) to be 
easily offended ; to be ill-tempered. * 

tiiOSquille)as, /. pi. dim. little tickling. 

COsquilleo [cos-keei-iyeh'-o], m. sensation of 

^OSquillOSO, Sa [coe-keel-lyo'-so], a. ticklish ; 
susceptible, easily offended. 

eosta,/. cost, price paid for a thing, charge ; 
expense, expensiveness ; labour, expense, 
fatigue : k costa de, at the expense of : itoda 
costa, at all hazards, at all events : k mi 
costa, at my expense ; coast, shore, beach, 
strand ; heel-shiner ; sole-polisher.— p/. costa 
of a lawsuit : condenar en costa, to sentence 

a party to pay the costs. 
OStadO, m. side. V. lad( 
a body of troops ; side of a ship.— p/. costa- 

); (mil. 
a ship.- 

) flank of 

dos, race, lineage, succession of ancestors. 
tfOStal, m. sack or large bag ; brace of frame 

for making adobe walls. — a. costal, belong* 
ing to the ribs. 

costalada, /. costalazo, m. fall flat on the 

COStalejO, w. dim. small sack. 

COStalero, w. porter, who carries goods. 

COStalitO, m. dim. small sack. 

COStanera,/. slope.— pi. (carp.) rafters. 

COStanero, ra, a. belonging to a coast ; de- 
clivous, sloping: buqne costanero, coasteri 
navegacion costanera, coasting trade. 

COStanllla, /. dim. gentle slope j steep street 

COStar, vn. (ind. cuesto : subj. cueste) to 
cost, to be had at a price ; to cause or occa- 
sion detriment or loss : costar la torta un pan, 
(coll.) to pay dear for one's whistle. 

costarriquefio, fla [cos-tar-re-keh -nyo], a. Costa 
Rican ; of Costa Rica. 

COSte, m. cost, expense, price paid for a 
thing : k coste y costas, at cost, without 

COstear, va. to pay the cost, to bear all 
charges. — vr. to pay ; to produce sufficient 
to repay its cost ; (naut.) to coast. 

COSte&O, a. barco costefio, small coasting boat. 

COStera, .f. side of a bale of goods ; time of 
fishing for surmullets ; outside quire of a 
ream ; slope of a hill. 

COStero, m. first plank cut from a pine-tree. 

COStero, ra, a. belonging to the coast ; out- 
ward : papel costero, outside quires. 

COStezuela, /. dim. slight declivity or slope. 

COStilla, /. rib : costilla falsa, false or floating 
rib J chop, cutlet ; (coll.) a wife ; rung of a 
chair : staveof a barrel ; (carp.) fur ; (arch./ 
rib or a cupola, springer; (coll.) property, 
support, wealth; (bot.) rib of a leaf.— p/. 
(coll.) shoulders, back; (agr.) wooaea 
strips to which horses are tied in plough- 
ing; (mech.) cramp-irons, chimney ties: 
medirle k uno las costlllas, to cudgel Slim: 
costillas de un navio, (naut. ) ribs of a ship. 

costlllaje, costillar, m. the whole of the 
ribs, and their place in the body ; (naut.) 
frame of a ship. 

COStllludO, da, a. (coll.) broad-shouldered. 

COStino, na, a. belonging to the costus-root. 

COStO, m. cost, price ; charges, expense ; la 
hour, fatigue; (bot.) sweet and bitter cos 
tus ; costus-root : k costo y costas, at cost. 

COStosamente, adv. costly, expensively, ex 

COstoso, sa, «. costly, dear, expensive ; diffi- 
cult to be obtained ; sad, grievous. 

COStra, /. crust, scab ; broken biscuit ; In- 
crusted part of a wick ; crust of casting. 

COstrada,/. candied seed-cake. 

COStrOSO, sa, a. crusty, covered with crust 
or scab. 

COStumbre,/. custom, habit, habitude, usa^e, 
fashion, conventional manner ; catamenia, 
courses.— pZ. customs, characteristic man- 
ners and habits of a nation or a person. 

COStura,/. sewing, needlework, seam, stitch- 
ing; (surg.) suture ; (mech.) cease, ridge, 
joint; (naut.) splicing of a rope; (carp.) 

COSturera,/. seamstress, dressmaker. 

COSturero, m. lady's work-box or work-table. 

COSturdn, m. aug. big seam ; coarse suture ; 
large scar. , 

COta, /. coat of mail, coat of arms, t&bard- 
coat ; (top. ) number indicating the height of 
a point above a level ; quota, share ; back and 
callous part of a boar's h'de. 

COtana, /. mortise, morti e-hole. 

cotangente, /. (geom.) jo-tangent. 

COtanza,/. sort of linen, medium fineness. 

a aa in far ; e ia eb I ; 1 lu police ; o in for ; n In bull l C (before «. i) and S as tb in tbick. ; b and d, soft; 


<50tarrera, /. (coll.) gadding woman. 

uotarro, m. charity-nut to shelter beggars ; 
side of a pit : andar de cotarro en cotarro, to 
go sauntering about : alborotar el cotarro, to 
cause disturbance. 

COtejax [co-teh-har'], vu. to compare, confront, 

COtejO [co-teh'-ho], m, comparison, collation, 

COtense, m. (Mex.) coarse brown linen wrap- 

COti, m. ticking for mattresses. 

cotldianamente, adv. daily. 

COtidiano, na, a. daily, each day ; quoti- 

^*)0tiled6n, m. (bot.) cotyledon, seed-leaf. 

cotlled6neo, ea, a. cotyledonous. 

COtilla,/. stays, corsets. 

COtillero, ra, a. stay-maker. 

COtillO, m. face or flat surface of a hammer. 

C0till6n, m. cotillon, 

COtin, m. back stroke given in the air to a 

COtiza [co-tee'-thah], /. (her.) cotise ; (mech.) 
dents for the warp ; (S. Am.) Indian sandal. 

COtizable, a. quotable ; valued at. 

C0tlzaci6n [co-te-thah-thie-on'], /. (com.) quota- 
tion ; price-current, price-list. 

COtlzadO, da, a. (com.) quoted, listed ; (her.) 

COtlZar [co-tee-thar'], va. {pret. coTicfi : stibj. 
cotice) to quote prices ; to cry out the cur- 
rent prices in the exchange. 

COtO, m. inclosure of pasture-grounds ; land- 
mark, boundary, territory ; combination 
among merchants ; measure of a hand- 
breadth ; billiard contest; fine or mulct; 
chub; rate or price limitation; (med.) 
goitre. V, papera : poner coto i. una coBa, 
to put a stop to a thing. 

COtObelO, m. opening in the branch of a 

C0t6n, m. printed cotton. 

COtona, /. (Mex.) chamois jacket. 

COtonada, /. cottonade ; calico, prints. 

COtOnCillO [co-ton-theel'-Iyo], m. button of a 
maul-stick or painter's staff. 

COtonia, /. dimity, fine fustian. 

COtorra, /• parrot, magpie; (coll.) loqua- 
cious woman. 

COtorrear, vn. to chatter, to gabble. 

COtorreo, m. chattering, gossiping. 

COtorrera, /. hen-parrot; (coll.) prattling 

(COtral, m. old worn-out ox, set to graze. 

COtufa, /. (bot,j Jerusalem artichoke; tid- 
bits ; delicate rood : pedir cotnfas en el golfo, 
to require impossibilities. 

COtuferO, ra, a. producing tid-bits or deli- 
cate food. 

COtuntO, m. (Cuba) night-bird. 

COturnO, m. cothurnus, buskin. 

COVacha, /. small cave or hollow under 
ground ; grot or grotto. 

COvaclmela. /. dim. small cave or grot; 
(coll.) office of a crown minister, formerly 
in the vaulted corridors of the royal palace. 

covachuelista or covacliuelo, m. (coll.) 

clerk in one of the covachuelas. 
COVadera, /. (Peru) guano-bed. 
covanilla, /. covanillo, m. dim. basket for 

gathering grapes, 
COVeZUela [co-ve-thweh'-lah], /. dim. small cave. 
COXalgia [coc-sahi'-he-ah], /. hip-joint disease, 

COXCOjilla, ita Icox-co-heel'-lyah], /. childr«»^'s 

play, hop-scotch. 
COXCOJ {k) or COXCOJita (&) [ah oox-coh Ol ah 

155 CEE 

cocs-co-hee'-tah], adv. lamely, haltingly, hip* 

COXiS [coc'-sees], m, (anat.) the coccyx. 

coy [co'-e], m, (naut,) hammock, cot, a sailor's 
bed : afuera coys, all hammocks up. 

coya, /. (Peru) queen, wife, and sister of the 

coyote, a. (Amer.) native, domestic: as cldra- 
coyote, indio coyote, — m. (Mex.) coyote; 
(coll.) curbstone broker. 

COyimda, /. strap for yoking oxen ; shoe- 
string ; dominion ; matrimonial union. 

COyimtura, /. joint articulation ; occasion, 
conjuncture, juncture; nick of time; oppor- 

COZ, /. kick ; drawback ; recoil of a gun ; 
flowing back of a flood ; back of a pistol. 
V, CULATA ; (coll.) churlishness, un- 
provoked brusqueness: coz de mast^ero^ 
(naut.) heel of a mast. 

cozcojllla, /. V. COXCOJILLA. 

crabrdn, m. hornet. 

crameria, /. krameria, rhatany. , 

cran, m. (print.) nick of a type. 

craneo, w. skull, cranium. 

craneolOgia,/. craniology, phrenology. 

CraneosCOpia, /. cranioscopy. 

Cr^pula, /. inebriation, intoxication, cTapu- 

CrapulOSO, sa, a. drunken ; gluttonous*, sur- 
feited ; dissolute, dissipated. 

crasamente, adv. grossly, rudely. 

crascitar, vn. to crow ; to croak. 

crasiento, ta* a. greasy. V. grasiekto. 

crasitud, /. latness, corpulency, cra?6itude, 
obesity ; ignorance, stupidity, dulnejs. 

craso, sa, a. fat, greasy, oily, un^uous; 
thick, gross, crass: ignorancia craaa, gross 
ignorance : error craso, gross error. 

crater, m. crater of a volcano. 

cratiCUla, /• small wicket through which 
nuns receive the communion. 

Crea, /. linen stuff. 

creaole, a. creative, creatable. 

creaci6n [creh-ah-thie-on'], /. creation. 

creado, da, pp. &a. created, begotten, made. 

Creador, m. the Creator, God. 

creador, ra, a. one who produces oi' «stalv 

crear, va. to create, make, cause to er^st ; to 
institute, establish ; to compose; to appoint. 

cr6bol, m. (bot. ) holly-tree. V. acefo. 

crecedero, ra, «• able to grow, increasable. 

Crecer [creh-therr'], vn. {ind. CREZCO : subj. 

crezca) to grow ; to bud forth ; to become 
larger or taller ; to increase ; to swell ; to 
augment the extrinsic value of money. — vr. 
to swell with pride or with authority. 

creces [creh'-thes], /. pi. .augmentation, in- 
crease, excess ; additional quantity of corn 
by a farmer to a public granary, be- 

sides what he borrowed from it. 

CreCida [creh-thle-dah],/. freshet. V. AVENIDA. 

crecidamente, adv. plentifully, copiously, 

crecldltO, ta, a. dim. somewhat grown. 

crecldo, da [creh-thie'-<iohi, a. grown, in- 
creased; grave, important; large, great, 
swollen.— pp. of crecer, 

crecidOS, m. pi. widening stitches in knit- 

creclente [creh-thle-en'-teh], pa. growing, in- 
creasing, crescent ; susceptible of increase ; 
(her.) half-moon with points upward,—/, 
swell, freshet of waters ; leaven ; crescent, 
the moon in her state of increase : credent* 
de la marea, (naut.) flood-tide, flow, flowing. 

crecimlento [creh-thie-me-en'-to], m. increase or 

C (before e, 1) and J as li la hot ; h, silent ; 11 in brilUMUt ; &, &y in canyon ; r (initial) and rr trilied ; B, hissed 




increment, growing, growth : crecimiento de 
la marejada, (naut. ) swell of the sea; in- 
crease of the value of money. 

Credencia,/. side-board of an altar. 

credencial [creh-den-thie-aiir], /. credential, ac- 
creditation.— p/. credenciales, credentials. 

credibilidad,/. credibility. 

«r6ditO, rn. acquiescence, assent ; credit, 
money accredited ; credence, belief, faith ; 
reputation, character, name, trust, confi- 
dence, esteem ; note, bill, order for pay- 
ment : cr^ditos activoa, assets : creditos pasi- 
voB, liabilities : dar cridito, to believe ; to 
give credit : dar k cridito, to loan on credit. 

SredO, m. creed, articles of faith : credo poli- 
tico, political creed, platform : cada credo, 
every moment : en un credo, in a trice. 

credijldad, /. credulity-. V. creencia. 

cr^dulo, la, «. credulous. 

creedero, ra, a. credible : tener buenas cree- 
deras, to be easy of belief. 

creedor, ra, a. credulous. 

creencia [creh-en'-thie-ah], /. credence, belief, 
credit ; creed, persuasion. 

creer, va. {pret. 61 CREY6) to believe; to 
give faith and credit to a thing ; to credit ; 
to receive a thing as probable : ver y creer, 
to believe only what we see : ya lo creo, 
(coll.) of course, undoubtedly. 

crehuela,/. sort of linen, osnaburgs. 

creible, a. credible, likely. 

creiblemente, adv. credibly. 

crema, /. cream of milk ; custard ; diaere- 
sis ; cream, select society ; cold-cream ; cos- 

3remaci6n, /. cremation, incineration of 
dead bodies. 

cremallera,/. ratch, rack ; toothed bar. 

cremar, va. to cremate. 

crematistica, /. science of acquiring and 
preserving wealth. 

crematologo, m. political economist. 

urematologia, /. political economy. 

Crematoldgico, ca, a. economical, relating 
to political economy. 

cremon^S, sa, «. of or relating to Cremona. 

cr6nior, m. cr^mor t&rtaro, cream of tartar. 

crencha, /. parting of the hair into two 
parts ; each of these parts. 

creosota, creosoto, /. & m. creosote. 

crepitacibn,/. crepitation, crackling; (surg.) 
crepitus of fractures. 

crepitante, pa. crackling, crepitant. 

crepitar, m. to crackle, crepitate. 

crepuscular, a. crepuscular. 

crepusculino, na, a. crepuscular. 

Crepusculo, m. crepuscule, twilight ; dawn ; 

cresa, /. egg or larva of the queen-bee ; fly- 
blow, egg of a fly; maggot. 

crespilla, /. an agaric. V. cagarkia. 

crespina,/. hair-net. 

crespo. pa, «. crisp, curly, crispy; (bot.) 
crisp-leaved ; obscure and bombastic, ap- 
plied to style; (Amer.) a curl ; angry, dis- 
pleased, vexed. 

Cresp6n, m. crape. 

cresta, /. comb, cock's-comb, aigrette, tuft ; 
crest of birds ; crest of a helmet; wave-crest ; 
top, brow, crest or summit of lofty moun- 
tains ; (min.) crop; (mill.) cramp iron: 
cresta de la explanada, (fort.) crest of the 
glacis : alzar or levantar la cresta, to be 
elated with pride. 

crestado, da, a. crested. 

cresteria,/. (arch.) cresting; (fort.) battle- 

crestomatia, /. chrestomathy. 

crestdn, m. aug. large crest; crest of a het 
met ; (min. ) outcropping of a vein. 

creta, /. chalk. 

cretd,ceo, cea, o. cretaceous, chalky, 
cretense or cr6tico, ca, a. Cretan. 
Cr6tiC0, )n. verse of three syllables, 
cretinismo, m. cretinism. 
cretino, na, n. cretin. 
cretona, /. cotton fabric, cretonne. 
OTBy&nte, pa. believing, a believer. 
crey6n, w*. (Fr.) crayon; charcoal pencil; 

black chalk. 
crezneja [creth-neh-han], /. braid of hair} 

streak of bleached bass-weed. 
cria, /. act of nursing; brood of animals* 

suckling; (coll.) child reared by a nurse. 
criada, /. female servant, maid or maid- 
servant: criada de mano, (Cuba) house-maid; 

criadero, m. plantation of young trees : place 

for breeding animals ; fish-hatchery; (min.) 

seam ; cocoon-bed. 
criadero, ra, a. fruitful, prolific. 
criadilla, /. testicle of an animal • lamb-fry, 

mountain oyster ; small loaf or roll ; potato ; 

(bot.) truffle. 
criado, m. servant, menial, groom, valet. 
criado, da a. educated, instructed, bred.— 

pp. of CRIAR. -i^ 

criador, ra, m. &f. rearer, raiser, breeder.— 
m. the Creator.—/, wet-nurse. 

criadora, a. fruitful, fertile, fecund. 

criaduelo, la, a. dim. little or young servant. 

criamiento, m. renovation and preservation 
of something. 

criandera,/. (Amer.) wet-nurse. 

crianza [cre-ahn'-tiiau], /. nursing ; lactation .; 
breeding, manners, education ; nursery . 
dar crianza, to breed, educate, bring up. 

criar, va. to create, to breed, procreate, pro- 
duce ; to rear, nurse, nourish ; to rear or fat- 
ten animals ; to breed, educate : criar cames, 
to grow fat : criar moUeja, to grow lazy. 

criatlira, /. creature, foetus, baby, infant, 
child, being, man : es una criatura, he is but 
an infant, or like an infant. 

Criba, /. cribble, sieve, crib, riddle, screen. 

CribadO, da, a. sifted, screened. 

cribador, ra, m. &f. sifter. 

cribar, va. to sift, sieve, screen, riddle. 

cribo, m. V. cRiBA. 

eric, m. jackscrew, lifting-jack. V. gato. 

erica, /. trench, fissure; (med.) the female 

crimen, m. crime, misdemeanour, offence, 
guilt; (theol.) mortal sin : sala del crimen, 
crimiual tribunal. 

criminaci6n, /. incrimination. 

criminal, a. criminal. 

criminalidad,/. criminality, guiltiness. 

criminallsta, m. criminalist. 

criminalmente, adv. criminally, guiltily. 

criminar, ra. to accuse, incriminate. 

criminoso, sa [cre-me-no'-so], m. & f. delin- 
quent, criminal. — a. criminal, guilty. 

crimno, m. coarse flour-meal. 

crin, /. mane, horse-hair. 

crinado, da, crinito, ta, a. crinite, maned, 
having long hair: cometa crinito, long-beard< 
ed comet. 

crinifero, ra, a. mane-bearing. 

crinolina, /. crinoline. 

crio, m. nursing baby. 

criollo, 11a, a. &.n. Creole. — a. indigenous, 

cripta, /. crypt. 

cript6gamo, ma, a. (bot.) cryptogamous. 

criptOgrafla,/. cryptography. 

a M in far ; * in eh I ; i In police ; o la for ; n In bull ; c (before e, i) and s as th lo thick : b sph d. sor < 




cris, m. Malayan dagger, creese, or kris. 

crisilida, /. (ent.) pupa, chrysalis. 

crisantemo, m. (bot.) chrysanthemum. 

crisis, /. crisis ; judgment passed after ma- 
ture deliberation ; criterion ; decisive mo- 
ment: criais ministerial, impending change 
of cabinet. 

crisma, m. chrism.—/, (coll.) the head : rom- 
per la crisma, to break the head. 

crismera, /. chrismatory. 

crisneja, /. v. crizneja. 

criSOberilO, m. chrysoberyl. 

criSOCOla,/. gold solder, gold size. 

criSOl, m. crucible ; croslet or crosslet ; cruset ; 
hearth of a furnace. 

crisolada, /. charge of a crucible. 

criSdlitO, m. (min.) chrysolite: crisdlito orien- 
tal, yedlow topaz. 

crisopacio, m. v. crisopkasa. 

crisopeya,/. alchemy. 

crisoprasa, /. (min.) chrysoprase. 

crispamientO, m. contraction, twitching. 


crispar, va. to cause muscles to contract con- 
vulsively. — vn. to twitch. 

crispatnra, /. (med.) crispation, spasmodic 

crispir, va. to marble, marbleize. 

crista,/, (her.) crest. 

cristal, m. (min. and chem.) crystal; flint- 
glass ; looking-glass ; (poet. ) water ; fine 
shining woollen stuff': cristal de roca, rock 
crystal : cristal tirtaro, cream of tartar. 

cristaleria, /. glassware ; glass-store. 

cristalino, na, a. crystalline, crystal, trans- 
parent, glassy, pellucid, bright; (anat.) crys- 
talline lens of the eye. 

cristalizable, a. crystallizable. 

CriStalizaci6n [crls-tah-le-tliah-tlne-on'], /, crys- 

cristalizador, m. (chem.) vessel in which 
crystals are made. 

CristaliZar [cnstah-le-tliar'], va. & vr. (pret. 
CRiSTALici: subj. CRISTALICE) to Crystal- 

cristalografla, /. crystallography. 

criStalOgraflCO, ca, a. crystallographical. 

cristel, ?/*. clyster. V. clister. 

cristianamente, adv. Christianly. 

Cristianar, va. (coll.) to baptize, to christen. 

cristlandad, /. Christianity, Christendom ; 
observance of the law of Christ ; mission- 
ary's flock. 

cristianesco, ca, a. applied to Moorish forms 
which imitate the Christian manner. 

cristianillO, ilia, m. & /. dim. little Chris- 
tian : nickname given to the Spaniards by 
the Moors. 

Cristianisimo, m. sup. very Christian ; appel- 
lation given to the kings of France. 

cristianismo, m. Christianity ; the body of 
Christians ; christening. V. bautizo. 

oristianizar, va. {pret. cristianice: subj. 
cristianice) to Christianize. 

cristiano, na, a. Christian. — m. A/, a Chris- 
tian ; (coll.) the Spanish language, opposed 
to Arabic or other foreign tongues; (coll.) 
a living soul, a person ; (coll.) watered wine. 
\ cristino, na, a. supporting the Queen Regent 
Maria Cristina against the pretender Don 
i Carlos. 

' CristO, m. Christ, Messiah, our blessed Sav- 
iour ; image of Christ crucified : mi por un 
Cristo, by no means, not for the world : ha- 
ber la de Dios es Oristo, to have a grand dis- 
pute or quarrel. 

Cri8t0fu6, w. (Venez.) a bird. 

cristus, m. cross printed at the beginning of 

the alphabet ; the alphabet : no saber el cris- 
tas, to be very ignorant : estar en el cristas, 
to be in the rudiments of anything. 

crisnela, /. dripping-pan of a lamp. 

criterio, m. criterion ; judgment, discern- 

critica, /. criticism, critique, critical exam- 
ination ; censure. 

criticable, a. that can be criticised. 

criticador, ra, a. critic, censurer. 

criticar, va. {pret. critique: subj. critique) 
to criticise ; to judge ; to censure, blame, 
find fault with. 

criticastro, m. animadverter, criticaster. 

Crlticismo, m. critical philosophy. 

critiCO, m. critic, criticiser; (coll.) affected 
refiner of style and language ; censurer. 

CritiCO, ca, a critical, critic, decisive ; hyper- 
critical, nicely judicious ; (med.) critical. 

critio6n, m. V. criticastro. 

critiquizar [cre-te-ke-thar'!, va. {co'A.) to criti- 
cise, censure, find fault ; to abuse. 

crizneja [critii-neir-hahl, /. braid of hair ; trace 
or rope of osiers or rushes. 

croar, vn. to croak like a frog. 

croata, a. Croatian. 

crocante, m. almond or peanut brittle. 

crocino, na, a. of crocus, saffron. 

crocitar, vn. to crow. 

crocodilo, m. crocodile. V. cocodrilo. 

crom^tico, ca, a. (mus. and opt.) chromatic. 

cromatismo, m. chromatic aberration. 

cromato, m. chromate. 

crdmiCO, ca, a. chromic. 

cromo, m. chromium ; chromo, a chromo- 

cromolitOgrafla, /. chromolithograph, col- 
oured lithograph ; chromolithography. 

cromolitografiar, va. to chromolithograph. 

cromolitOgr^fiCO, ca, a. chromolithogra- 
phic ; lithographed in colours. 

CromolitbgrafO, fa, m. & /. chromolithog- 

cromoso, sa, d. chrome, chromous. 

cromotipia, /. colour-printing. 

Cromotipografla, /. chromotypography. 

Cr6nica, /. chronicle. 

cr6niC0, ca, a. (med.) chronic. 

cronic6n, m. brief chronicle. 

cronista, m. chronicler, annalist. 

cronografia, /. chronography. 

cronbgrafO, m. annalist. 

cronograma, /. chronogram. 

CronolOgia, f. chronology. 

CronOl6gicanient.e, ndr. chronologically. 

cronolbgiCO, ca, a. chuonological, chrono- 

CronolOgista, cronblOgO, m. chronologist, 

cronometria, /. chronometry. 

crononi6tricO, ca, a. cLronometric, ehro- 

cronometrista, w. chronometer-maker. 

cron6nietro, m. chronometer. 

croqueta [cro-keii'-uii', /. croquette, fritter. 

croquis icro'-kees;, m. light sketch, rough draft 

croscitar, m. to crow. r. cra.scita*. 

Cr6tal0, m. Castanet ; rattlesnake (crotalus). 

Crotorar, V7i. to cry like a crane or stork. 

cruce [croo'-thehl, m. crossing, cross-roads: 
crnce de nna via, railroad crossing. 

cnicera (croo-tiieir-raii', ./■. withers of a horse.— 
pi. crnceras, bolting pins. 

cmceria [ci-oo-theh-ree'-ahi, /. Gothic architec- 

cmcero fcroo-uieii'-rol, a. arco cracero, (arch.) 
diagonal rib. — 7». cross-bearer, in a proces- 
sion ; crossing of two streets or roads ; rail- 

g (before e, 1) and J as h in 

h, Bilent; 11 in brilliant; ft, ny in canyon : r (initial) ar<i *r trilled; s, hisHed. 




way crossing; (arch.) transept; (print.) 
cross-bar of a chase; (carp.) cross-piece; 
binding-beam; (naut.) cruising station; 
cruiser; (ast.) Cross, constellation. 
Cruceta [croo-theh'-tau], /. cross-piece : head- 
stick; cross-head, cross-tail; (naut.) cross- 
tree ; trellis-work. 

CmClata [cn.o-thle-a:i'-tah], /. (bot.) crOSS-WOrt. 

cmciferariO, rn. cross-bearer. 

crucifero [croo-tiiie'-feh-ro], m. (poet.) cross- 
bearer ; crutched friar. 

crucifero, ra, a. cruciferous ; cross-shaped ; 
bearing a cross ; (bot.) cruciate. 

cruciferas, /. /)/. (bot.) cruciferae, mustard 

crucificado, da, pp. of ckucificar ; cruci- 
fied. — m. El Crucificado, Jesus Christ. 

CrUClflCar [croo-thie-ree-car'l, va. {pret. CRUCIFI- 

Qu6 : subj. crucifique) to crucify ; to mo- 
lest, vex, torment. 

CmCifljO [croo-thie-fee'-ho], TO. crucifix. 
CrUCifiXibn [croo-thle-flk-se-on'], /. crucifixion. 

cruciforme [croo-thie-for'-meh], a. cruciform. 

crucigero, ra [croo-twe'-heh-ro], a. cruciferous. 

crucillo Lcrao-thiei'-iyo], TO. push-pin, a play. 

crudamente, adv. rudely, crudely. 

crudelislmo, ma, a. superl. most cruel, 

crudeza [ci-oo-deu'-tuah], / crudity, crudeness, 
unrii>eness, rawness ; rudeness, severity, 
cruelty; (coll.) vapour, vain boasting.— pZ. 
crudez»8 del estomago, crudities or indiges- 
tions of the stomach. 

crudo, da, a. raw, crude ; green, unripe ; 
rude, cruel, pitiless, grievous; rough, un- 
finished, immature; hard of digestion; 
blustering, hectoring person; (med.) un- 
ripe, not mature : agua cmda, hard water : 
lienzo crado, unbleached linen : tiempo cru- 
do, bleak, raw weather : punto crudo, criti- 
cal moment or juncture. 

liniel, a. cruel, hard-hearted, intolerable, in- 
sufferable ; hard, oppressive, bloody, vio- 
lent, murderous, merciless, fierce, fiend- 
like : un frio cruel, an intense cold : dolores 
crueles, severe pains. 

Crueldad, /. cruelty, inhumanity, savage- 
ness, mercilessness, ferociousness ; hardness, 
oppression ; barbarous action, outrage. 

Cruelmente, adv. cruelly, mercilessly. 

cruentamente, adv. bloodily, with effusion 
of blood. 

cruentO, ta, «. bloody, cruel, inhuman. 

crujia [croo-hee'-ah], /. (naut.) midship gang- 
way of a galley ; large open hall, corridor 
or passage in a building, with rooms at 
either sidfe ; great hall of a hospital ; aisle 
of a ward ; in cathedrals, passage between 
rails from choir to altar : crnjia de plezaa, 
fligkt of rooms one after another: pasar 
cr^ia, to run the gantlet ; to suffer great 

Cru^ldero, ra, a. creaking, crackling, rus- 

crujldo [croo-hee'-do], m. crack, creak, clash, 
crackling, rustle; (metal) flaw in a blade. 

crujldor, to. glass-trimmer. 

crujiente, pa. of crujir ; cracking, creak- 
ing, rustling. 

cruju: (oroo-heer'l, vn. to crackle, rustle, cr«ak. 

cruor, TO. cruor, gore, congealed blood ; col- 
ouring-matter of the blood ; biood-globules. 

crudrico, ca, a. bloody. 

crup, TO. (med.) croup, membranous or true 

crupaJ, a. (med.) croupal, croupous. 

cmraJL, a. crural, belonging to the leg. 

crust&ceo, cea, a. crustaceous, shelly. 

crtistula, f. V. cortezuela. 

cruz [crooth],/. cross, emblem of Christianity; 
ancient instrument of torture ; intersection 
of two lines ; badge of honour ; trial of pa- 
tience ; toil, trouble, vexation ; tail of a 
coin ; (farr.) withers ; (print.) dagger ; obe- 
lisk : cruz de las bitai, (naut. ) cross-tree of 
the bitts: cruz y boton, (naut.) frapping ; 
(ast.) Southern Cross: en cruz, crosswise: 
cruz y raya, no more of this : de la cruz k la 
fecha, from beginning to end.—/)/, crucei, 
wings of a reel. 

cruzada [croo-thaU'-dah], /. crusade ; tribunal 
of the crusade ; cross-roads. 

Cruzado, da, pp. & a. crossed, crucial, cross- 
wise, transverse, twilled : estarse con lot 
brazos cruzados, to be idle. — to. old Spanish 
coin ; Portuguese coin ; crusader ; knight of 
some military order ; manner of playing on 
the guitar ; figure in dancing. 

cruzamen de imavela, to. (naut.) square 

or width of a sail. 

cruzamiento, to. crossing. 

CrUZar [croo-thar'], va. {pret. CRUC6 : subj, 
cruce) to cross ; to lay, place, pass, or go 
across ; to honour with a oadge ; fnaut.) to 
cruise ; to cross the breed ; to twill : cruzar 
la cara i, algnno, to hack one's face. — vr. to 
be knighted ; to cross each other. 

CU [coo], TO. name of the letter q ; ancient Mex> 
ican temple. 

Cuaderna, /. double fours, in backgammon ; 
fourth part of anything; (naut) frame; 
cuaderna maestra (naut.) miaship-frame. 

cuadernal, to. (naut.) block, tackle. 

cuademalete, to. (naut. ) short double block. 

CUadernillO, to. quire of paper ; clerical di- 

cuaderno, to. writing-book, memorandum- 
book, composition-book; (print.) four 
printed sheets placed within each other; 
chastisement of collegians ; pack of cards ; 
cuaderno de biticora, (naut.) log-book. 

Cuadra, /. large hall ; stable ; ward in hos- 
pital, barracks, or prison ; quarter of a mile : 
(Amer.) block of houses ; (naut.) quarter of 
a ship. 

cuadradamente, adv. exactly, completely. 

CUadradillO, to. dim. little cube; block of 

sugar ; quadrille paper. 
uadrado, da, a. square, qu 
without defect.—^, of cuadrar.- 

cuadrado, da, a. square, quadrate ; perfect, 

square, quadrate ; square ruler ; clock, in 
stockings ; gusset of a shirt-sleeve ; die. K 
troquel; (arith.) square number; (ast.) 
quadrate; (carp.) square ; (print.) quadrat, 
quad : de cuadrado, face to face ; perfectly. 

cuadragenario, ria, a. forty years old. 

cuadragesima, /. Lent. v. cuaresma. 

CUadragesimal [ooo-ah-drah-heh-ge-mahl'], a. 
quadragesimal, Lenten. 

CUadragdslmO, ma [coo-ah-drah-heh'-se-mo], a, 

cuadral, m. (carp.) angle-brace, truss; 

cuadrangular, a. quadrangular. 

CUandrangUlO, w. & a. quadrangle. 

CUadrantal, a. (math.) quadrantal. 

CUadrante.TO. fgeom.) quadrant; (ast.) quad- 
rant ; sun-dial ; clock face ; face of a watch ; 
(law) fourth part of an inheritance ; ancient 
copper coin.-— pa. of cuadrar; squaring. 

cuadrar, va. & vn. to square ; to form into or 
reduce to a square ; to square timbers ; 
Tarith.) to multiply a number by itself; 
(pict. ) V. cUADRlcui AR ; to square, fit, tally, 
suit, regulate, adjust ; to please, accommo- 
date. — vr. (mil.) to salute ; (coU.) to assume 
a very serious attitude. 

a as in far ; e in eh I ; 1 in p«lice : o In for : n in bull : c Cbefor* «, i) and z as th in thick : b «nd d. soft' 




CUadratin, m. (print.) quadrat. 

Cuadratura, /. squaring, square; quadia- 
ture; (ast.) quadrature. 

CUadxete, m. dim. small square. 

CUadricenal, a. done every forty years. 

CUadriCUla, /. quadrlcle; quadrille. 

CUadriCUlar, va. (pict.) to graticulate. 

CUadricular, a. in squares. 

CUadrienal, a. quadrennial, comprising four 

cuadrienio, m. time and space of four years. 

cuadriforme, a. four-faced. 

Suadriga,/. quadriga. 

CUadril, m. haunch-bone in beasts. 

CUadrll^tero, ra, a. quadrilateral. 

Cuadlillteral, a. consisting of four letters. 

CUadrilongO, ga, a. oblong.— m. right- 
angled parallelogram. 

CUadrilla, /. meeting of four or more per- 
sons ; gang ; crew ; herd ; troop ; band of 
armed men ; patrol of the Inquisition. 

CUadrillero, m. chief of a band ; patrolman 
of the Inquisition ; (Philip.) rural guard. 

CUa4rillO, m. dim. small square; Moorish 

cuadrimestre, m. space of four months. 

Cuadringent6simo, ma, c. one four-hun- 

euadrinonilo, m. (alg.) quadrinomial. 

CuadrinietO, ta, m, & /. great-grandchild. 

Cuadrlpartido, a. quadripartite, divided in 

CUadriplicadO, da, a. quadrupled. 

CUadrisilabO, ba, a. quadrisyllable. 

cuadrivio, m. a quadrivial place ; quadrivi- 
um in the Pythagorean system. 

CUadrivista, m. expert in the quadrivium. 

eUadriyUgO [coo-aU-dree'-yoo-gol, m. cart with 

four horses ; quadriga, 

cuadro, dra, a. V. cuadrado. 

CUadrO, ml square : en cuadro, squared, in a 
square form ; picture, painting ; picture- 
frame; window-frame; flower-bed; (mil.) 
square body of troops; (print.) platen; 
scene, tableau, division of a play ; touching 
or impressive spectacle ; vivid description. 

CUadruinailO, na, a. quadrumanous, four- 
handed. — m. pi. the quadrumana. 

CUadrupedal, a. quadrupedal, four-footed. 

cuadrupedante, «. (poet.) quadrupedant. 

cuadrupede, cuadrupedo, da, a. quadru- 
ped, having four feet. 

CU4,druple, a. quadruple, fourfold. 

CUadrupliCaCl6n [coo-ah-droo-ple-cah-thle-on'], /. 

cuadruplicar, va. to quadruplicate. 

CU4,druplO, pla, «. quadruple, fourfold, 
quadripartite : al ca4dniplo, quadruply. 

cuajada [co<vah-hah'-<jah], /. curd of the milk 
separated from the whey. 

CUajadillO, m. sort of silk gauze with flowers. 

CUajadO, »». sort of mince pie.— pp. & a. im- 
mobile, paralyzed with astonishment. 

CUajaleCne[coo-ah-hah-leh-cheh],/. (bot.) ycllOW 

bed-straw ; cheese rennet. 

cuajamiento, m. coagulation. 

Cuajar [coo-ah-har'i, va. to coagulate, concrete, 
curd, curdle, cake ; to ornament or decorate 
with too many ornaments. — vn. (coll.) to 
succeed, obtain, attain ; to please ; to like, 
to choose. — vr. to coagulate ; to curdle. 

cuajar, m. rennet bag, maw, stomach of a 
sucking animal ; crop of a fowl ; the fourth 
stomach, abomasum, of a ruminant. 

CUa)arej0 [coo-«h-hah-reh'-ho], m. V. CUAJAR. 

cuajarbn [coo-ah-hah-rone'i, m. grume, clot, gore. 

CnajO [coo-ah'-ho], m. rennet, runnet, maw ; 

curdling, bonny-clabber; concretion, coagu- 

lation : tencr buen cuajo, to be too dull and. 
patient : arranear de cuajo, to eradicate, to* 
tear up by the roots. 
cuakerlsmo or cuaquerismo, m. Quaker, 


ciUikero, ra, or cu&quero, ra [coo-ah-keh-ro], 
VI. &/. Quaker. 

CVLBI, pron. {pi. caales) which; when it is; 
preceded by the article in any gender or 
number, it is equivalent to who : del cnal, 
de la cnal, of whom : al cnal, i. la cual, to> 
whom ; when expressing a question or 
doubt, which ; when repeated, means some- 
one or some people : todos dieron, cnal m&s, 
cnal menos, they all gave — some more, others- 
less; in some cases it stands for such as,, 
same, like, such ; one, other, partly : cada 
cnal, each one. — adv. as. — interj. how then. 

cualesquier, pi. of cualquier, q. v. 

cualesquiera, j)^. of cualquiera, q. v. 

CUalidad,/. quality. V. CALiDAD. 

CUalltatiVO, va, a. qualitative ; (chem.) ani- 
lislB cnalitativc, qualitative analysis. 

cualquier [coo-ai-ke-eir'], pron, any or any one : 
used only before a noun, as cnalqnier hombre, 
any man. 

cualquiera [coo-ai-ke-«h'-rah], pron. any one,^ 
some one, either one or tLe other, whichso- 
ever, whoever: nn hombre cnalqniera, any 
sort of man : ser nn cnalqniera, to be of no 

CUan, adv. contr, of cuanto, how, as: used, 
only before adjectives and adverbs. 

CUandO, adv. when, in case that, if; though, 
although, even ; sometimes : de cnando en 
cnando, from time to time, now and then : 
cnando mkn or cnando mncho, at most, at 
best : cnando menos, at least : cnando qnlera, 
when you please, whensoever : i hasta cn&n- 
do? when shall I see you again? literally, 
until when ? i de cn&ndo aci ? since when ? 

CUantia^ /. amount, quantity. V. cantidad ; 
rank, distinction, importfjice, degree. 

CUantiar, va. to estimate, appraise ; to fix s 

cuantidad, /. quantity : word especially use^ 
by mathematicians. V. cantidad. 

cuantim&s, (coll.) V. cuanto mas. 

cuantiosamente, adv. copiously. 

CUantiOSO, sa, a. numerous, copious-, rich. 

CUantitatiVO, va, a. quantitative, estimable, 
according to quantity ; (ohem. ) an&UsU 
cnantitatlTO, quantitative analysis. 

cuanto, ta, a. containing quantity or relat' 
ing to it, susceptible of quantity : i cn&nto T 
how much? icnintos? howmaoy? as many 
as, as much as, the more ; correlative ot 
tanto : cnanto Vd. qnlera, as much as you 
like; all, whatever; excessive, great ia 
some way. — adv. respecting", whilst : cnanta 
antes, immediately, as soon as possible : 
cnanto mi.s, moreover, the more as : en 
cnanto 4, with regard to, as to, in the mean- 
time : por cnanto, inasmuch as. 

CUaquerismO, m. Quakerism. 

CU&querO, ra, a. Quaker, Quakeress^ 

CUarangO, m. Peruvian bark tree. 

CUarenfa, a. & m. forty, fortieth : aensar lai 
cnarenta, to give a piece of one's mind. 

CUarentavO, va, a. one-fortieth. 

cuarentena, /. space of forty days, months, 
or years ; fortieth part ; Lent. V. cuarbs- 
MA ; suspension of assent to anything ; the 
number 40 in general ; (naut. ) quarantine r 
haoer cnarentena, (naut.) to perform quar» 

cuarentdn, na, a. & m. & /. person forty 
years old. 

( (before e, i) and J ap h In hot; h, silent; 11 in brilliant; ft, ny In canyon; r (initial) and rr triUed; ■, 




•Cuaxesma,/. Lent, the forty days' fast ; col- 
lection of Lent sermons. 

CUaresmaJL, a. Lenten. 

CUarta, /. fourth, fourth part, a quarter ; 
quadrant, fourth part of a circle; (naut.) 
quarter, point of the compass ; sequence of 
four cards in the game of piquet; (fen.) 
•quart, or carte ; lineal measure, about 8 
inches ; quart, liquid measure ; (mil.) quar- 
ter of a company of soldiers ; (mus.) a 
fourth; (carp.) piece of timber square in 
section ; (prov. ) guide-mule ; (Mex. ) short 

€UartagO, m. nag, pony, hack. 

Cuartal, m. bread weighing the fourth part 
of a loaf ; quarter, dry measure, fourth part 
of a fanega. 

3Uart^, >n. grain measure (18 litres 8 cen- 
tilitres) ; oil measure (4 litres 15 centili- 

cuartana,/. quartan, an ague which returns 
every four days. 

cuartanal, «. intermittent. 

cuartanario, ria, a. labouring under a 

CUartar, va. to plough the ground the fourth 

Cuartazo [coo-ar-tah'-thaw], m. aug. large room ; 
(Mex.) blow with a whip. — pi. cuartazos, 
coarse, corpulent person. 

Oliartear, va. to quarter, to divide into four 
parts : to bid a fourth more at public sales ; 
to make a fourth person at a game ; to zig- 
zag up steep places ; (Mex.) to whip with a 
cnarta. — vr. to split, crack, rift. 

CUartel, m. quarter, fourth part ; district ; 
ward of a city ; barracks ; duty imposed on 
villages for the quartering of soldiers ; 
(coll. ) dwelling, habitation, tenement ; quar- 
ter, remission of life granted by victorious 
troops; flower-bed; (poet.) quatrain ; (her.) 
quarter; (naut.) hatch : cuartel de la salud, 

. safe place, shelter : cnartel maestre general, 
(mil.) quartermaster-general. 

CUartelar, va. (her. ) to quarter. 

cuartelero, m. (mil.) soldier who keei>s the 
ward clean. 

CUarteO, m. act of dodging ; crack, rift, fis- 

s;uartera, /. dry measure (about 70 litres) ; 
surface measure (about 36 ares) ; piece of 
square timber. 

cuarterada, /. surface measure (about 7 sq. 

cuartero, ra, a. collector of the rents of the 
grain of farms. 

cuarterola, /. quarter cask. 

Cuarter6n, m. quartern, quarter, fourth 
part ; quarter of a pound ; upper shutter of 
windows ; (carp.) door or wainscot panel. 

Cuarter6n, na, a. (Amer.) quadroon. 

CUarteta,/. (poet.) quatrain. 

GUartete, CUartetO, m. (poet.) quatrain; 
(mus.) quartet. 

CUartllla, /. fourth part of an arroba; grain 
measure (about L38 litres) ; liquid meas- 
ure (quarter of a cintara^ ; fourth part of a 
large sheet of paper ; (print. ) sheet of copy ; 
pastern of horses. 

CUartillO, m. pint, fourth part of a pottle in 
liquids ; fourth part of a peck in grain ; 
fourth part of a real. 

CuartiUudo, da, «. horse with lone pasterns. 

CUartitO, ?/*. dim. small room, hallroom. 

CUartO, ta, a- fourth, fourth part, quadrant, 
quarter.— m. habitation, chamber, dwelling, 
room, apartment, flat. V. aposento ; cop- 
per coin worth four mt /avedli ; series of 

paternal or maternal ancestors ; crack in 
horses' hoofs ; quarter of clothes ; quartet 
of animals or of criminals whose body is 
quartered ; quarter of an hour ; each of the 
moon quarters ; service in the royal palace.— 
pi. cuartoB, cash, money ; well-proportioned 
members of an animal's body : cuarto k 
caarto, in a mean, miserable manner: de 
tre« al caarto, of little moment : poner caarto, 
to take lodgings ; to furnish apartments : 
caarto principal, first floor; no tener an 
caarto, not to be worth a farthing: en caar- 
to, (print. ^ quarto. 

CUaxiog^nitO, ta, a. the fourth-bom child. 

CUartdn, m. quarter ; large joist or girder ; a 
beam sixteen feet long; oblong patch of 
farming land ; liquid measure. 

CUarzO [coo-ar'thaw], m. quartz : caarzo citrinOf 
Occidental topaz. 

cuarzoso, sa [coo-ar'-thaw-so], a. quartzose. 

CUasi, adv. almost. V. CASI. 

cuasicontrato, m. (law) quasi-contract. 

CUasimodO, m. first Sunday after Easter. 

Cuate, m. (Mex.) twin. V. gemeoo : eso no 
tiene cuate, (coll.) that has no match. 

CUaterna, /. union of four things. V. cua- 
DERNA ; four points in the game of lotto. 

cuaternario, rla, a. quaternary. 

CUaternldad, /. quaternity, quaternary. 

CUaterno, na, a. consisting of four numbers. 

Cuatezon, na, a. (Mex. ) hornless ox or sheep. 

cuatralbo, ba, a. having four white feet. — m. 
commander of four galleys. 

CUatratUO, ua, a. quadroon. 

CUatrero, m. horse thief, cattle thief. 

cuatriduano, na, a. lasting four days. 

cuatrienio, m. V. cuadrienio. 

Cuatrillo, m. game at cards, sort of treslllo, 
played by four persons. 

Cuatrimestre, a. lasting four months. — m. 
the space of four months. 

CUatrin, m. ancient small coin.— pi. caatrines, 
(coll.) cash in general. 

CUatrlnca, /. union of four persons or things ; 
four cards of a kind in the game of b&ciga. 

cuatrisilabo, ba, a. K cuADRisiLABo. 

CUatro, a. four, twice two ; fourth : el caatro 
de jaIio,the fourth of July. — to. character or 
figure 4 ; one who votes for four absent per- 
sons ; (mus.) quatuor, quartet; card with 
four marks.— pi. f. las caatro, four o'clock : 
m4B de cuatro, a great number, many. 

CUatrocientOS, tas, a. four hundred. 

cuatrodoblar, va. to quadruple. 

CUatropea, /. duty on horse-sales. 

CUatropeadO, m. step in dancing. 

cuatrotanto, m. (coll.) quadruple. 

Cuba, /. cask; big-bellied person; (coll.) 
toper, drunkard ; tub, coop, vat, back, 
guile, trough. 

cubano, na, a. Cuban. 

CUbeba,/. (bot.) cubeb or cubebs. 

CUberia,/. cooperage, cooper's shop. 

cubero, to. a cooper. 

eubertura,/. cover, covering. V. coBKRTURA. 

CUbeta,/. dim. of cuba ; small barrel or cask, 
keg, tub, pail, trough, basin, tray : cabet* 
or bib6n dende se come, (naut.) mess-bucket : 
cabeta para alqaitrAn, (naut.) tar-bucket. 

CUbetllla, ita,/. dim. small bucket. 

CUbetO, TO. dim. of CUBO ; small pail, tub, ot 
vessel, li J 

Ctlblca, /. cubica, fine worsted fabric. ■ . • 

cubicacidn, /. measurement of solids, cuba*' j 
ture ; act of cubing. . ii/>| 

ctibicamente, adv. cubically. ..ii-ftl 

CUblcar, va. (math.) to cube; to determi]lt<ii 
the contents of a solid. 

« M in far ; e in eh * ; i tn police ; o in for ; a in boll ; O (before e, 1) and z as th in thick, ; b and d. eoA; 




CUbichete, m. (naut.) water-boards or 
weather-boards ; (mil. ) ^un apron. 

C^biCO, ca, a cubical, cubic, cubiform. 

CUblculaxlO, tn. groom, valet-de-chambre. 

CUblerta, /. cover, covering, covert ; en- 
vtJlope ; book-cover; casing, coat, facing; 
roofing ; hood of a carriage ; pretext or pre- 

. tence; (naut.) deck of a ship. 

CUbiertaineute, adv. privately, secretly. 

CUbiertO, ta, pp. irr. ofcuBKiR. — a. vlnocu- 
bierto, dark-red wine. — m. cover, part of a 
table service ; roof, shed, covert, coverture, 
cover ; allcfwance of a soldier ; dinner 
course, table d'hote : ponerse 4 cuWerto, to 
shelter one's self from danger. 

CUbil, m. lair or couch of wild beastt». 

CUbilar, vn. to take shelter, V. ma.iadear. 

CUbilete, m. copper pan or mould for kitchen 
use ; pastry made on it ; dice-box, juggler's 
goblet ; tumbler, mug. 

CUblletero, m. juggler ; paste-mould. 

CUbllote, m. cupola smelting furnace, smelt- 

CUbllla, /. CUbillO, m. Spanish fly, blister- 
beetle ; water-cooler ; small box near the 
stage; (naut.) socket for flagpole: cubillos, 
buckets of a mill-wheel. 

cubital, a. cubital. 

CUbitO, m. (anat.) ulna. 

CUbO, m. (geom.) cube ; wooden pail, bucket, 
tub, vat ; mill-pond ; barrel of a watch or 
clock; fort, small tower; (math.) cube; 
nave or hub of a wheel ; bayonet socket ; 
(mas.) hodful of mixed mortar; (mech. ) 
tongue-way, socket, shaft-case; (carp.) 
stock ; (arch.) dado, die. 

CUbOide, m. (anat.) cuboid bone. 

CUbrecama, /. coverlet, counterpane. 

CUbrepdn, m. fire-shovel, used by shepherds. 

CUbriente, pa. covering, hiding. 

CUbrimientO, m. covering ; roofing. 

cubrir, va. {pp. cubierto) to cover; to 
spread over ; to face ; to coat ; to envelop ; 
to veil ; to shroud ; to screen, hide, consent, 
palliate; to disguise, mask, dissemble, cloak ; 
to hood, drape, clothe ; to box up ; to case, 
incase ; (mil. ) to cover or protect a post ; 
(arch.) to roof a building; to copulate, 
fecundate ; (com.) to meet a draft ; to cover 
ft shorta^ or expenses ; to compensate ; 
to indude, comprise : cubrir la mesa, to lay 
the table : cubrir la cnenta, to balance an ac- 
count. — vr. to insure one's self against loss ; 
to hedge; to put a place in a state of de- 
fence ; to be covered ; to put on one's hat ; 
in fencing, to be well guarded : cnbrirsele k 
uno el coraz6n, to feel deep grief. 

CUCa, /. root-tubercle of a sedge. V. chufa ; 
Peruvian plant. V. coca ; sort of cater- 
pillar. V. cuco ; (coll. ) gambling woman : 
cuca y matacin, game at cards : mala cuca, 
(coll.) a wicked person. 

cucamonas, /. pi. (coll.) V. carantonas. 

CUCafia, /. greased pole to climb for a prize ; 
the sport itself; anything acquired with lit- 
tle trouble at other people's expense. 

CUCafLero, m. (coll.) parasite, hanger-on. 

CUCaracha, /. cockroach, croton-bug ; cochi- 
neal ; hazel-coloured snuff". 

cucarda,/. v. escarapela. 

CUClillas (en), adv. in a crouching or squat- 
ting position : sentarse en cuclillas, to squat. 

CUCllllo, m. (orn.) cuckoo; (met.) cuckold. 

<UCO, ca, a. (coll.) prim, dainty; cunning, 
crafty, astute; alert for one's own conven- 
ience. — m.. sort of caterpillar ; cuckoo ; sort 
of game at cards; (coll.) gambler: reloj de 
cuco, cuckoo-clock. 

CUCUiza [coo-coo-ee'-thah], /. (Amer.) thread oi 

the agave. 
CUCUina, /. bread made in Colombia from » 

root like yucca. 
CUCUlla, /. cowl, old-fashioned hood. 
CUCUrbita, /. retort, for distilling. 
CUCUrucllO [coo-coo-roo'-cho], TO. paper cone ;. 

cucuy, cucuyo, m. V. cocuyo. 

CUClia, /. (Peru) V. LAGUNA. 

CUCliar, va. to fertilize with cueho. 

CUChar, /. spoon ; ancient corn measure, 
twelfth part of a peck ; tax or duty on 
grain : cuchar herrera, iron spoon. 

CUChara, /. spoon, ladle, dipper; (mas.) 
trowel ; (naut.) pitch-ladle ; (mil.) gunner'? 
ladle; (naut.) scoop for baling boats: cu- 
chara de draga, dredging spoon. — pi. cu- 
charas, ladle-boards of a water-wheel : media 
cuchara, person of mediocre w^it or skill. 

CUCbarada, /. spoonful, ladleful : meter su 
cucharada, to join in other people's conversa- 

cucharadita, /. teaspoonful. 

CUCharal, m. spoon-bag used by shepherds. 

cucharazo [coo-chah-rau'-thaw], m. blow with a 

CUCbarero, m. maker or seller of spoons. 

CUCbareta, /. divi. small spoon ; variety of 
wheat ; inflammation of the liver in sheep, 

CUCbaretear, vn. (coll.) to stir with a spoon ; 
to busy one's self with other p>eople's atf'airs. 

CUCbareterO, m. maker or retailer of wooden 
spoons; spoon-rack; petticoat fringe. 

CUCbarilla, /. liver disease in swine ; (surg.) 
scoop: cncharilla de barrenero, (min.) scra- 

CUCharita, ilia, /. dim. small spoon, tea- 
spoon, coffee-spoon. 

CUCbardn, m. aug. large spoon ; soup-ladle 
kitchen-ladle, dipper, 

CUCbarro, m. (naut.) harping: tablones de 
cucharros, (naut.) serving-planks; watering 
vessel made from a gourd, 

CUCbi, m. (Peru) hog. 

cucbicbear, vn. to whisper, 

CUChicbeO, m. whisper, whispering. 

CUCbicbiar, vn. to call like a partridge, 

CUCbllla, /. large choppiug-knife ; cleaver ; 
any knife ; ancient poniard ; (poet.) sword. 

CUCUUlada, /. cut or slash with a knife; 
gash, deep wound.— pZ. cuchilladas, slasb^ 
cut in cloth ; wrangles, quarrels. 

CUObillar, a. belonging or relating to a knifci 

cucbillela, cucbillejo, m. dim. small knife ; 
paring-knife (of horse-shoers). 

CUCbillera, /. knife-case or scabbard. 

CUCbilleria, /. cutler's shop, cutlery. 

cucbillero, m. cutler. 

CUCblllo, TO. knife; gore, ti 'angular piece in 
a garment; right of governing; any object 
or place ending in a point or acute angle; 
(arch.) gable frame; (naut.) cant piece; 
triangular sail; goring of a sail; (carp.) 
beam, girder : cucbillo de monte, hunter's- 
cutlass : pasar & cuchillo, to put to the sword, 
— ffl^. chief feathers in a hawk's wing. 

CUCnilldn, to. aug. large or big knife, 

CUCbipanda, /. (coll.) cheerful dinner shared 
by several persons. 

CUCbltril, TO. narrow hole or corner; very 
small room ; hut. 

CUCbO, TO. fertilizer of manure and vegetable 

cucbucbear, vn. v. cuchichear, 

CUCbufletaicoo-choo-fleh'-tah],/. joke, jest, fun. 

CUdria, /. flat woven bass-rope. 
cu6bano, v. cu^vano. 

1 (bef*re e, 1) and J as h in hot ; li, Bileut ; 11 In brilliant ; ft, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr ti iUed ; ■, hlMed 




'Cu^le'bre, m. v. drag6x. 

-CUelga, /. cluster of grapes or other fruit 
hung up for use : cnelga or riitra de ceboUai, 
bunch of onions ; (coll.) birthday present. 

CUelgacapas, m. cloak-hanger, rack. 

cuelgo; cuelgue {irr. from colgar). 

CUelmO, m. can die- wood. V. tea. 

CUelllCOrtC, ta, a. short-necked. 

■CUelliergUidO, da [coo-el-lyee-er-gee'-do], a. Stiff- 
necked ; elated with pride. 

cuellilargo, ga, «. long-necked. 

CUellO, m. neck, throat ; collar of garments ; 
neck of a bottle : neck-stock ; small end of a 
wax candle ; thinnest part of a mast, pole, 
cane, etc. ; collar of a beam in oil-mills : le- 
vantar el cuello, to be prosperous. 

ciielo, cuele {irr. from colar). 

cuenca, /. wooden bowl ; socket of the eye ; 
basin of a river ; deep valley. 

CUenco, m. earthen bowl ; sifting basket. 

vClienda, /. end of pack-thread ; tie of a skein ; 
end of a skein : madeja sin cnenda, an en- 
tangled affair. 

Cuenta, / computation, calculation, count, 
reckoning; account, bill, note; statement, 
narrative, report; obligation, care, duty; 
a bead of a rosary : cuentas de iimbar, amber 
beads ; answerableness, reason, satisfaction : 
consideration, merit, importance: ca&a de 
cuentas, (bot.) common Indian-shot or In- 
dian-reed : cuenta corriente, (com.) account 
current: cuenta de venta, (com.) account 
sales : cuenta simulada, pro forma account : 
por cuenta y mitad, joint account : k buena 
cuenta or 4 cuenta, on account, in part pay- 
ment : de cuenta y riesgo de, for account and 
risk of : 4 esa cuenta, at that rate : dar cuenta, 
to answer, report, give account : dar cuenta 
de algo, (coll. iron.) to waste or destroy 
anything : cuentas del Oran Capit4n, account 
overcharged : hacer cuentas alegres, to feed 
one's self with vain hopes of success: la 
cuenta es cuenta, business is business : tribu- 
nal de cuentas, exchequer : tener en cuenta, 
to take a thing in consideration : tener cuenta 
alguna cosa, to answer ; to be profitable or 
advantageous : tomar por su cuenta, to take 
anything upon one's self: vamos 4 cuentas or 
estemos 4 cuentas, let us attend to this : en 
resumidas cuentas, (coll.) in short; in a word. 
— interj. \ cuenta I take care, look out ! 

•CUentadante, m. one who renders an account 
of moneys received. 

<;'uentaliilos, m. thread counter; linen- 
prover ; weaver's glass. 

•cuentapasos, vi. odometer. 

<;uentero, ra, m. &f. & a. V. cuentista 

•Cuentezuela, /. dim. small account. 

-cuentista, m. tale-bearer, informer. 

CUentO, m. relation of an event, tale, story ; 
product of one hundred thousand multi- 

f>lied by ten, a million ; a million of mil- 
ions ; fable, fairy-tale : cuento de vlejas, old 
women's stories, idle story ; variance, dis- 
agreement between friends : andar en cuen- 
tos, to fall to loggerheads ; to carry tales ; 
to breed quarrels ; articulation of the wing ; 
account ; number : venir 4 cuento, to the pur- 
pose, seasonably, opportunely ; ferrule of a 
pike, cane, or tool ; prop, shore, support. 

-cuento, cuente {irr. from contar). 

cuent6n, na, a. story-teller, tale-bearer. 

-cuera,/. leather jacket. 

CUerdSL, /. cord, rope, halter, string ; (fishing) 
line ; string for musical instruments ; com- 
pass of a voice; (geom.) chord; match for 
firing a gun ; chain of a watch or clock ; 
surface measure in the Antilles ; number 

of galley-slaves tied together. — ^/. human 
nerves : cuerdas vocales, vocal chords : cuer- 
das de las cubiertas, (naut.) deck-streaks or 
strakes : por debajo de cuerda or bajo cuerda, 
underhand, privately, 
cuerdamente, adv. prudently, advisedly, 

cuerdecica, ilia, ita, cuerdezuela,/. dim. 

funiele, a small cord. 
Cuerdo, da, a. prudent, discreet, sensible, 

judicious ; in his senses, not mad. 
cuerecico, ItO, m. dim. small hide or skin, 
cuerezuelo, m. sucking pig. V. coREzuE< 


cuerna, /. horn vessel ; stag's or deer's horn ; 
sportsman's horn. 

CUemeciCO, illO, itO, m. dim. cornicle. 

CUernezuelO, m. dim. cornicle, small horn ; 
farrier's paring-knife. 

CUerno, m. horn ; feeler, antenna of insects ; 
pointed end of the moon ; button of a manu- 
script roll; huntsman's horn; (bot.) spur 
or outgrowth resembling a horn; (naut.) 
outrigger; (farr. ) disease of horses; cal- 
losity : cuerno de ciervo, hart's-horn : obra 4 
cnerno, (mil.) horn-work: cuerno de abun- 
dancia, horn of plenty. 

CUerO, m. pelt, fell, raw-hide ; also a tanned 
skin, leather; goat -skin dressed entire, 
which serves as a bag to carry wine or oil ; 
toper, a great drinker: cuero cabelludo, scalp : 
cuero exterior, cuticle : cuero interior, skin : 
cuero de suela, sole-leather : cueros al pelo, 
raw hides, undressed hides : de cuero, leath- 
ern : en cueros or en cueros vivos, stark naked : 
entre cuero y came, between skin and flesh. 
— pi. cueros, hangings or drapery of gilded 
or painted leather. 

cuerpecico, illo, ito, cuerpezuelo, m. 

dim. small body ; small carcass. 

cuerpo, m. body, matter, opposed to spirit ; 
body of an animal ; also more narrowly, the 
trunk ; figure and build of a person ; corpse ; 
corporation, guild; (geom.) body, a solid; 
size, thickness; (arch.) entire part of a 
building up to a cornice or entablature ; 
volume, book, whole of a book, except pref- 
ace and index; (law) body, collection of 
laws ; degree of thickness of silks, woollens, 
or cottons ; strength, thickness of liquids : 
vino de mucbo cuerpo, strou g-bodied wine ; col- 
lective mass; body, in several other senses, 
as a body of a musical instrument, of ore, oi 
scientific or diplomatic persons, etc. : cuerpo 
de ejercito, main body of an array : cuerpo 
de reserva, corps of reserve : cuerpo de ba- 
talla de una escuadra, the centre division of 
a fleet: cuerpo del cabrestante, (naut.) bar- 
rel of a capstan : cuerpo 4 cuerpo, hand to 
hand, in single combat: 4 cuerpo descubier- 
to, without cover or shelter ; manifestly : 
en cuerpo de camisa, in shirt-waist : en cuer- 
po, without cloak or wrap : cuerpo del delito, 
corpus delicti : cuerpo de goardia, guard- 
room : tratar 4 cuerpo de rey, to feast like a 
king : hacer del cuerpo, to go to stool : tomar 
cuerpo, to increase, enlarge : en cuerpo y 
alma, (coll), totally, wholly : estar de cuerpo 
presente, to be actually present ; also to lio 
in state : misa de cuerpo presente, mass said 
while the corpse is in the church. 

cuerria, /. circular space fenced in, wher« 
chestnuts are thrown to ripen, 

CUerva,/. (om.) crow, rook. 

cuervecico, illO,'itO, m. dim. little rook. 

CUervo, »». (orn ) raven, crow, rook : ottervc 
marine, cormorant; (ast.) a southern con- 

« as In far ; e in eli I ; 1 iu police : o in for ; u iu bull ;' c (b«fore e, i) and z as th In tUck ; b and d, soft; 




CUesCO, m. stone of pulpy fruit ; mill-stone of 
an oil-mill ; wind from behind. 

CUesOLUillO [coo-es-keei'-iyo], m. dim. small stone 
of fruit. 

CUesta, /. hill, mount, slope, grade ; petition 
or collection of money for charitable or pi- 
ou£ purposes : cueita abajo, down hill : caesta 

• arriba, up hill ; painfully, with great trouble 
and difficulty : 4 cnestas, on one's shoulders 
or back ; to one's charge or care. 

Cuestacidn, /. petition, solicitation or collec- 
tion for a charitable purpose. 

CUestero, »«. alms collector. 

CUestezuela, /. dim. easy slope, light grade. 

CUestibn, /. question, inquiry, dispute, quar- 
rel ; problem, affair, business: cuestion de 
gablnete, state atfair that may cause a 
change in the cabinet. 

CUestionable, a. questionable^ doubtful. 

Cuestionar, va. to question, dispute, argue. 

cuestionario, m. collection of questions. 

CUestor, m. questor ; solicitor of alms. 

cuesto, cueste {irr. from costar). 

cuestuarlo, ria, cuestuoso, sa, a. lucrar 
five, productive. 

CUestura, /. questorship. 

cueto, m. (fort.) lofty place, defended tor. 

CUetzale [coo-et-thah'ieh], m. (orn.) large Mexi- 
can bird of golden green plumage. V. 

CUeva,/. cave, ^otto, cellar : cueva dc ladro- 

nes, nest of thieves : cueva de fieras, den of 

wild beasts. 
CU^vano, m. basket, hamper; (min.) sump 

CUevero, m. maker of caves and grottoes. 
CUeza,/. CUezO, m. mortar-hod. 
cuezo, cueza {irr. from cooer). 
cuguiada [coo-goo-hah'-dah], /. (orn.) common 

fiela-lark, sky-lark. 

CUgUlla [coo-gool'-lyah],/. COWl. 

CUlcacoclie,/. (Mex.) song bird. 

CUida, /. in ladies' seminaries, young lady 
who takes care of another of tender age. 

CUidadO, m.. care, solicitude, attention, heed, 
heedfulness, keeping, custody, charge, trust, 
caution, fear, apprehension, anxiety, exact- 
ness, accuracy, nicety : estar de cuidado, to 
be dangerously ill : estar con cuidado, to be 
anxious, worrying about something : no 
paae Vd. cuidado, do not worry. — interj. 
i cuidado ! mind ! stop ! beware ! 

Cllidadosamente, adv. carefully, attentive- 
ly, heedfully, mindfully, cautiously, provi- 
dentlv, accurately. 

CUldadoso, sa, a. careful, solicitous, vigi- 
lant, heeaful, mindful, painstaking, curi- 
ous, observing. 

CUldante, pa. of cuidar ; caretaker. 

CUidar, va. to heed, to care ; to execute with 
care, diligence, and attention ; to keep ; to 
mind ; to look after ; to tend, attend to, as- 
sist ; to nurse a sick person. — vn. cuidar de, 
to take care of. 

CUidO, m. caretaking. 

CUita,/. care, grief, aflOiiction, trouble : contar 
SUB cuitas, to tell one's troubles. 

euitadamente, adv. slothfully, afflictedly. 

CllltadO, da; a. unfortunate, wretched, inis- 
erable, timid. 

CUitamlentO, m. bashfulness, timidity. 

cnja icoo'-hah], /. lance-bucket ; bedstead. 

CUjazo [coo-hah'-thaw], m. (Cuba) blow with a 

cuje [coo'-heh], TO. (Cuba) withe, each of three 
twigs, of which a kind of crane is made for 
suspending tobacco.— pZ. cujes, hop-poles. 

CUji) "*• (bot.) sponge-tree. 

CUilsal, TO. plantation of sponge-trees. 

culada, /. stroke with the butt-end of any* 
thing. — pi. culadas, (naut.) shocks and roll* 
ings of a ship. 

CUlantrillO, m. (hot.) maiden-hair fern. 

CUlantrO, to. (bot.) coriander. 

OUlata, /. buttock, haunch ; breech of a gun, 
butt-end ; screw-pin, which fastens the 
breech of a gun to the stock ; rear part of 

CUlatada,/. kick ; recoil of a fire-arm. 

CUlatazo, to. recoil of a gun ; blow with the 
butt-end of a fire-arm. 

CUlazo, TO, aug. large backside. 

CUlCUSidO, TO. botch-work. 

CUlebra, /. snake : trick, fun, joke, hazing. 
V. CULEBRAZO ; distil worm ; cock of a fire- 
arm ; sudden disorder in a peaceful assem- 
bly : sabe m&s que las culebras, (coll.) he is 
very crafty and cunning : culebra de casca- 
bel, rattlesnake. 

CUlebrazo, m. whipping given by jail prison- 
ers to newcomers ; hazing. 

CUlebrear, vn. to wriggle (as a snake) ; to 
wind (as a rivulet). 

CUlebrilla, /. tetter, ring-worm ; cutaneous 
disease; rocking-staflf of a loom ; fissure in 
a gun-barrel. 

ClQebrina, /. (mil.) culverin; ondulated 

culebrino, na, a. snaky. 

ClQebrdn, to. aug. crafty fellow, double 
dealer ; an intriguing woman. 

CUlera,/. stain of urine in swaddling-clothes .; 
patch on the seat of trousers. 

Clllero, TO., clout, diaper, breech-cloth ; dis* 
ease in birds. 

culero, ra, a. slothful, lazy. 

CUlinariO, ia, a. culinary. 

CUlitO, TO. dim. small breech or backside. 

CUlminaci6n,/. act of reaching the highest 
position or degree; (ast.) culmination^ 
(naut.) high tide. 

ddminar, vn. to attain the highest point or 
degree ; (ast.) to culminate. 

CUlO, TO. breech, backside, rump, buttock f 
bottom ; socket ; anus ; bottom of anything. 

CUlombiO, to. (elec. ) coulomb. 

cul6n, TO. (coll.) retired soldier. 

culpa, /. fault, offence ; negligence, failure to 
perform one's duty ; guilt ; sin. 

culpabilidad, /. culpability, guilt. 

CUlpabilisimo, ma, «. super, guilty or cul- 
pable in the highest degree. 

culpable, a. culpable, blamable, faulty, coh- 
demnable, accusable, guilty. 

culpablemente, adv. culpably. 

CUlpacibn, /. inculpation, blame. 

culpadamente, adv. culpably. 

culpado, da, n. & a. guilty.- -pp. of cuLPAR. 

culpar, va. to blame, impeacu, accuse, con- 
demn, reproach. 

CUltamente, adv. neatly, genteelly, affect- 
edly, politely ; with culture. 

CUlteaad, /."(hum.) affected elegance and 
purity of style ; fustian. 

CUlteranismO, to. high-flown style ; fustian. 

CUlterano, na, to. & /. purist with affecta- 
tion ; fustianist. — a. relating to fustian. 

CUlterO,ra, a. (hum.) using high-flown style. 

CUltiparlar, vn. to speak with affected ele- 

CUltiparlista, a. speaking much with af- 
fected elegance and purity of language. 

CUltipicaflO, lla, a. (hum.) speaking witb 
affected elegance and in a jeering manner. 

cultivable, a. cultivable, arable. 

CUltlvaclbn, /. cultivation, culture. 

7 (beiore e, i) and J as ii in hot ; h, silent ; U in brilliant ; fi, ny in canyon ; r (initial) and rr triUed; S, hisM^ 




eultivador, m. cultivator, tiller ; husband- 
man, planter ; light plough ; hand culti- 

CUltivadora, /. cultivating machine. 

CUltivar, va. to cultivate the soilj to farm, to 
husband, to till, to raise, to improve, to 
manure, to labour ; to dress a garden ; to 
nurse a plant ; to preserve ; keep up, speak- 
ing of friendship, etc. ; to exercise the mem- 
ory, etc. ; to cultivate the arts or sciences: 
tierra sin cultivar, unimproved land. 

CUltiVO, wi. cultivation, farming, tillage, im- 
proving the soil ; cultivation, improvement ; 
keeping up an acquaintance or friendship; 
culture of the mind ; elegance of manners. 

cUltO, ta, o. improved, cultivated ; nursed 
(plants) ; pure, elegant, correct (style and 
language) ; affectedly elegant ; polished, en- 
lightened, civilized. 

cultO, m. worship, adoration, act of rever- 
ence to God ; respect or veneration for su- 
perior men ; homage to loftv ideals : culto 
divino, public worship in cnurches : culto 
externo, external religious demonstrations, 
processions, sacrifices, offerings, etc. : liber- 
tad de coltoB, freedom of worship. 

CUltura, /. cultivation of the soil or of the 
mind ; urbanity, politeness, culture. 

culturar, va. to cultivate. V. CULTIVAR. 

cuma,/. (S. Amer.) godmother; crony, 

cumanagoto, ta, a. of or belonging to Cu- 
mana (Venez.). 

Ciunaru, m. Tonka bean. 

cumb6, m. dance among the negroes. 

cumbre, cTimbrera,/. top, summit, crest; 

peak 01 a mountain ; acme ; greatest height 
of favour, fortune, science, etc. ; (carp.) 
ridge-pole, tie-beam, roof-tree. 

Ciunplase, m. decree or countersign for an 
order or appointment ; term used by the 
executive of Spanish- American republics 
over his signature in approval of an act of 

CUmiueaflOS, m. birthday. 

cumplidamente, adv. completely. 

cumplidero, ra, a. that which must be ful- 
filled or executed ; convenient, fit, suit- 
able, accomplishable. 

CUmplidO. da, a. full, complete, thorough ; 
large • plentiful, ample ; fulfilled, lapsed, 
passed ; due ; polished, courteous.—^, of 
CUMPLIR. — m. compliment ; attention, cour- 
tesy • present. 

cumpiidor, m. one who executes a commis- 
sion or trust. 

CUmplimentar, va. to compliment, congrat- 
ulate, extend some courtesy, fulfil a social 
duty ; to fill or carry out orders. 

cumpltmentero, ra, a. & n. (coll.) full of 

compliments ; excessively courteous or for- 
mal : officious, ceremonious. 

CUmplimientO, m. accomplishment, com- 
pletion, perfection, performance, fulfil- 
ment, lapse, expiration ; compliment j com- 
plaisance, civility, courtesy ; expression of 
civility, formality, ceremony ; complement. 

Cumplir, va. to execute, discharge, perform, 
obey, fulfil, comply ; keep a promise: cum- 
plir a&os, to reach one's birthday : hoy cum- 
ylo veinte afiot, I am twenty years old to-day. 
— vn. to perform one's duty ; to fulfil a 
social engagement : cumplir por otro, to per- 
form a duty in the name of another : to have 
served the time reauired in the militia ; to 
mature, expire, fall due : to behoove ; to be 
fit or convenient. — vr. to be realized, verified. 

^imqnlhiiB [c(H»m-kee'-boo«), m. (Lat. coIL) 
cash ; money possessions. 

cumulador, m. v. acumulador. 

CUmular, va. to accumulate. 

cumulativamente, adv. in heaps. 

CUmulativO, va, a. cumulative. 

CUUlulO, m. heap or pile ; congeries ; throng 
of business, trouble or difficulties ; cumulus, 

CUna, /. cradle ; foundling hospital ; place of 
birth ; family, lineage ; origin, sourc«. 

CUnasiri, m. Peruvian aromatic tree. 

CUncuna,/. caterpillar of Chile. 

CimcllOS, VI. pi. indigenous int^ependent race 
in Chile. 

CUn^dO, TO. provision of oil, vinegar, and 
salt given to shepherds ; honey or cheese 
given to boys. — cundido, da, m>. of CUNDIR. 

CUndi;, *n. to spread, applied to liquids or 
news ; to yield abundantly ; to grow, ex- 
pand, propagate. 

CUnear, va. to rock a cradle. — vr. to swing ; 
to rock. 

cuneiforme, a. cuneiform, wedge-shaped. 

CUneO, TO. (mil.) triangular formation of 
troops: space between the passages in an- 
cient theatres. 

CUneO, TO, rocking motion ; (naut. ) rolling, 

cunera,/. rocher, woman appointed to rock 
the infantas ii. the royal palace. 

CimerO, ra, to. & /. foundling : dipntado cu- 
nero, (coll.) congressman who owes his elec- 
tion to the influence of the government. 

CUneta,/. (mil.) small trench; side culvert • 
gutter, road drain. 

CUfia,/. wedge, quoin ; paving stone. 

CUfladia, /. kindred by affinity. 

CUZladO, da, to. &/. brother or sister-in-law. 

cu&ar, va. V. acuSar. 

CUflete, TO. keg ; firkin. 

CUflO, TO. coin ; die for stamping money ; the 
device stamped ; mark on silver ; (mil. ) tri- 
angular formation of troops. 

CUOCiente lquo-thie-«n'-teii], m. quotient. 

cuodlibetal, cuodllb^tico, ca, a. quodii- 


CUOdlibetO, to. argument ; debatable point 
thesis; subtilty ; pungent saying. 

CUOta,/- quota, contingent, fixed share. 

cnpano, to. (Philip.) great tree, the bark 
yielding a ayestuff and the wood fit for 

CUp6, TO. coup5, cab ; banquette of a coach. 

CUpidO, TO. gallant, lover. 

CUpltel: tirar de cupitel, to throw a bowl arch- 

CUpo, TO. quota, share ; tax-rate. 

CUpbn, TO. (com.) coupon. 

cupreslno, na, a. (poet.) made of or belong- 
ing to the cypress-tree. 

CtipriCO, ca, a. cupric, belonging to copper. 

cuprifero, ra, a. cupriferous. 

CUprOSO, sa, a. like copper. 

cupnla, /. cupola, dome, vault ; turret of 9 
monitor; (bot.) cupule, cup. 

cupulifero, ra, a. cupuliferous, cup-bearing. 

CUpullnO, TO. (arch.) sky lantern. 

CU(lUillO [coo-keel'-lyo], TO. (orn.) CUCkoO. V. 

CUra, TO. parish priest, rector, curate ; any 
clergyman, priest, or parson.—/, cure, heal- 
ing ; parsonage. 

curable, a. curable, healable. 

curaca, TO. (Peru) governor, potentate ; ma* 
ter, boss. 

Ciiracl6n, /. cure, healing. 

CUradero, in- bleaching-place. 

CUradillO, to. (icht.) codfish, ling-fish. 

curado, da, w. d pp. of curar; cured, 

<^ M iu far ; e iu eh I ; i in itolice ,* o la for : u ia bull ; c (.before e, 1; ana a us tu >u tbic- ; b airl d, soft i 


165 CH 

strengthened, restored to health ; hard- 
ened, tanned, cured, salted. 

CUrador, m. overseer, caretaker : curador de 
lienzo, bleacher of linen cloth: curador de 
bacalao, cod-salter ; healer ; (law) guardian, 

. curator, administrator. 

Curadora, /. curatrix, guardianess ; female 

CUraduria,/. guardianship. 

CUrandero, m. quack, medicaster, artful and 
tricking practitioner. 

CUrar, vn. & vr. to recover from sickness ; fol- 
lowed by de, to take care of. — va. to cure, 
heal, restore to health ; to administer medi- 
cines, to prescribe for a patient ; to salt, 
cure meat or fish, preserve ; to bleach fab- 
rics ; to season timber; to soothe, subdue 

curare, m. curare or woorari. 

Curasao, m. cura^oa. 

coratela,/. (law) V. cuRAouRfA. 

CUrativo, va, a. curative. 

CUratO, m. curacy, parish. 

curbaril, m. (bot.) locust-tree; courbaril. 

curculibnido, da, «. curculionid. 

ctircuma,/- (bot.) curcuma, turmeric, 

curciun^ceo, cea, a. resembling turmeric. 

Curcumlna,/. (chem.) curcumin or turmeric 

curcusilla, /. v. rabadilla. 

CUrdO, da, o. Kurd, Kurdish. 

Curefia, /. gun-carriage ; stay of a cross-bow ; 
gun-stock in the rough : k curefia rasa, (mil. ) 
without a parapet or breastwork; (coll.) 
without shelter or defence. 

CUre&aje [coo-reh-nyaU'-heh], m. collection of 


CUresca, /. shear-wool from the cloth. 

curia, /. ecclesiastical tribunal ; bar, the 
legal profession ; care, skill, nice attention ; 
ancient Roman division of the people. 

CUrial, a. curial. — m. member of the Roman 
curia ; curialistic agent ; officer of a court ; 

curiana,/. cockroach. V. cucARACHA. 

Clirlara,/. (Sp. Amer.) long canoe. 

CUriOSamente, adv. curiously, neatly, clean- 
ly ; in a diligent, careful manner. 

«l£riOSear, vn. to pry into others' affairs. 

CUXiOSidad, /• curiosity, inquisitiveness, cu- 
riousnesa ; neatness, cleanliness ; object of 
curiosity, rarity, curio. 

CUrlOSO, Sa, a. curious, inquisitive, meddle- 
som«, prying ; neat, clean ; careful, atten- 
tive, diligent ; odd, quaint, rare. " 

curried, »«. spinning-tackle. 

CUiTO, rraj a. (coll.) showy, tawdry, loud, 
said of persons ; (coll.) a native of Cadiz. 

CUrruca,/. (om.) linnet, babbling warbler. 

CUrrutaco, ca, a. ultra-fashionabie, dudish, 
affectedly nice, exquisite. 

CUrsadO, da, a. accustomed, habituated, in- 
ured.— pp. of CURSAR. 

CUrsante, pa. frecpienting ; assiduous ; stu- 
dent, scholar. 

CUrsar, ta. to frequent a place ; to do a thing 
repeatedly ; to follow a course of lectures in 
a college ; to transmit, expedite. 

CUrsi, a. pretentious, vulgar, shoddy, shabby- 

CUrsillO, m. dim. short course of lectures in 
a university. 

snrsivo, va, a. letra cursiva, running hand ; 
(print.) cursive, script. 

CUrsO, m. course, direction, career, progress, 
progression ; turn, run, route, travel, cur- 
rent ; course of lectures in universities ; 
term of tuition in schools ; collection of the 

principal treatises used in instruction ia 
some branch ; series of methodical proce- 
dure ; lapse; succession; (com.) current 
T2ite.—pl. laxity or looseness of the body : 
cur«o de la corriente, (naut, ) current's way. 

cursor, m. (mech.) slider, slide. 

CUrtacidn,/. (ast.) curtation. 

CUrtidO, da, pp. of curtir.— a. tanned, cur- 
ried ; accustomed, expert ; weather-beaten. 
— m. leather ; tanning. 

CUrtidor, m. tanner, currier, leather-dresser. 

cnrtldOS, m. pi. tanned leather. 

CUrtiduria, /. tan-yard, tannery. 

CUrtlente, a. tanning matter. 

CUrtlmientO, m. tanning. 

curtir, va. to tan leather ; to tan the com- 
plexion, commonly used' in its reflective 
sense ; to inure to hardships, to harden : 
estar curtido, (coll.) to be habituated or in- 

CUrtO, ta, a. short, dock-tailed. 

CUru, m. (Peru) clothes moth. 

curuca, curuja,/. (orn.) eagle-owl. 

curucuctl, m. disease caused by the bite of a 
certain South American snake. 

curul, a. curule ; edile. 

curva, /. curve, curvature, bend; (naut.) 
knee : curva de bao, (naut.) spur. 

curvatbn, m. (naut.) small knee, bracket. 

curvatura, curridad, /. curvature, curva- 
tion, curvity, bend, warp, sagging. 

CUrvilineo, nea, a. (geom. ) curvilinear. 

curvo, va, a. curve, curved, crooked, bent. — 
m. inclosed pasture-ground. 

cuBCulia,/. V. coscojA. 

CUSCUrro, m. end piece of bread. 

CUSCUta, /. (bot.) common dodder. 

CUSir, va. (coll.) to sew clumsily. 

C^spide,/. cusp, apex, tip, top, summit, peak ; 
(geom.) vertex. 

CUSpideO, dea, a. (bot.) cuspidate. 

CUBtOdia, /. custody, safe-keeping, hold, 
care, guardianship ; monstrance ; custodia ; 
shrine ; guard, keeper, guardian, custodian ; 

CUStOdiar, va. to guard, take care of. 

CUStOdiO, m. guard, watchman, custodian : 
Angel custodio, guardi